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    You're scrolling through your Facebook when you get a notification. It is an invitation to join a group of random people on a most expenses paid trip to Fiji for over half the Summer. Any other time, you would think it is a scam, but you decide to message one of the hosts and it checks out just nice. The catch is, it's a reality TV show and you may or may not get paid to participate in. Your privacy level is none. There are hidden cameras placed all through out the house. The confession box that you MUST use everyday will leak the things you say. Considering you are kinda stressed out and could use a vacation, you decide to go along for the ride. So pack your shorts and sunscreen because this Summer will be one to remember! Happy vacationing.

    Jessica & Lynnette
    Jessi and Lynn woke up at around 10 am. The two of them were really excited for the Summer that was starting today! No more school for a few months and they got to go on TV! "Sis this is going to be amazing. The whole Summer, in Fiji, and on a reality tv show? Yeah, I am so ready." Lynnette smiled as she and her sister finished packing their bags for Fiji. "I'm excited. It'll give us some more time to chill, especially with the triplets and we can work on cheer." She smiled. Jessica was the first to get to the bathroom to shower. She changed into her outfit of the day and fixed her hair. Lynnette wasn't into make-up and it only usually took her 15 minutes to get dressed into her outfit. She and all of the other people were supposed to meet their hosts at the airport at noon and they didn't wanna be late. "Come on Jess, you take forever!" Lynn groaned as the two carried their bags to the car. "I'm coming! I'm coming, God!" Jess yelled as they got into the car. "This is going to be awesome!" They said in unison as they drove to the airport.

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  2. Jennifer Walker | Late Morning | Driving to the Airport
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    Jennifer awoke to her blaring alarm clock that she had set late last night. With a large yawn, Jennifer slammed her hand on the alarm, turning it off. She sat up and rubbed her eyes like a child before swinging her legs over the side of her bed and standing up. She let out another yawn and stripped down to nothing before wrapping a towel around her body. She walked out of her room and down the long hallway before making a sudden left turn into the bathroom. She closed the door and placed the towel on the closed toilet seat before turning on the water. She waited until it was warm then stepped inside and took a quick shower to clean up and wake up. Once finished she jumped out, quickly dried off, wrapped the towel around her torso, then opened the door and bolted into her room. Flinging the towel onto the bed, she opened her closet and walked inside it, looking for a cute outfit. She wanted to look good when meeting the host of the TV show she was to be on in Fiji. She soon found a cute outfit and slipped it on. As she was closing her closet door a soft knock came from her open door. Turning her head, Jennifer saw her mother and smiled. Her mother looked at Jennifer with wide eyes then smiled happily. "You look beautiful." She told her and Jennifer felt her cheeks become hot as she blushed. "T-Thanks mom." She stuttered with a smile of her own. She grabbed her purse and flung it over one shoulder. "I should get going. It's already 10:30 and it take an hour drive to get to the airport." She told her mother then, with a kiss on her cheek, ran downstairs only to be stopped at the foot of the staircase by her father. "Remember, if any guy tries anything on you, kick him where it hurts." He said with a wink and Jennifer chuckled. "I'll make sure to remember that." She agreed then kissed him on the cheek as she ducked under his open arms and ran to the front door. She jumped down the front steps and ran to her car. She opened the driver seat door and climbed in, setting her purse in the passenger seat. Checking to make sure her luggage was in the backseat, she started the ignition then took off down the street to the Airport.

    Dominick Parker | Late Morning | Driving to the Airport
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    Dominick awoke to the world shaking and someone pressing their hands down onto his chest. With a groan, he sat up and ran a hand through his hair. Looking over he saw his sister smiling softly. He smiled back and ruffled her hair with brotherly love. "Thanks Jamie." He said as he swung his legs over the side of his bed. Jamie ran out of his room and Dominick watched as she did so. Sadness flickered through his eyes as he remembered the way she was before that man scarred her. Anger seized him and Dominick had to fight the urge to break something. With success, Dominick stood up in his boxers. Looking at his watch which was fastened firmly on his wrist, Dominick decided he had better hurry if he was going to make it to the Airport in time. With a yawn, Dominick walked over to his closet and opened it. Walking inside, he looked around for an outfit which would work for a place like Fiji. After about 15 minutes he found the perfect outfit and quickly put on. Running out of his closet, he squatted down beside his bed and pulled his duffel bag out from underneath it. With it in his hand, he walked back into his closet and zipped it open. Tossing in outfit after outfit, Dominick made sure he would have enough clothes for the summer. Once he finished with that, he rushed out of his room and down the hallway before taking a sharp right and walking into the bathroom. He rummaged around, grabbing the things he thought he'd need for the summer then walked back to his room and flung them into his bag. Zipping it closed, he left his room and walked downstairs. He was stopped by his aunt by the front door as she looked at him expectedly. "Aren't you forgetting something young man?" She asked and Dominick sighed. Setting his bag down he walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and pulled out a green apple. "I'll eat this for breakfast." He told her then, closing the fridge, walked over to his aunt. He gave her a quick hug before moving on to his sister. He hugged her longer though and whispered a promise in her ear. Once that was done, he grabbed his bag, said his final goodbye's, and left the house. Running to his car, Dominick tossed his bag into the trunk, closed it, then climbed into the driver's seat. He started the ignition then, with a final look at his house, drove off to the Airport.
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  3. Elke Hennessey[​IMG]
    Elke, being the incredibly annoying morning person that she was, had awoken at six in the morning just to take the coldest shower of her entire life. She should have know that her landlord wouldn't bother to fix the boiler in the basement, which, by the way, granted the young woman with the most delectable showers around this god-forsaken hour. After she had washed up rather quickly, Elke exited the bathroom and pulled on the outfit she had already laid out the night before. You never know who you may meet on the way to Fiji so you may as well dress like you own the airport, right? She shook her head, pulling on her shirt and exiting the bathroom so she could collect the luggage she had thrown by the front door late last night. It was around noonish by the time she locked up her dingy apartment and lugged her suitcases down to a silver Jeep that wouldn't stop honking it's damn horn. "Jacob!" she growled, whipping her head from left to right to see if anyone was giving them funny looks. Her older brother, Jacobson, rolled down the passenger side window and gave his little sister a cheeky grin. She wanted to knock his pearly whites out. "Hurry up! I have to get to work and you are taking forever to put your luggage in the trunk," he chuckled, clearly amused by the fact that he was still in the driver's seat and Elke was struggling with her floral bags. She kept from cursing as she finally got everything in the trunk and slammed the back, making her way into the passenger seat with a scowl. "I hate you like 99.9% of the time." She pulled on her seatbelt and began to fidget with the radio as her brother pulled out of the lot in front of her apartment. "Nah," he said with another grin, swatting her hand away from the dial and putting on the country station. Elke just covered her ears, rolling her eyes at her brother's enjoyment regarding her misery. The faster he drove to the airport, the faster she could get on a plane to Fiji. She knew he was jealous of her luck. "Come on," he ruffled her hair, pulling into a McDonald's drive-thru, "Let's get some breakfast."

    Aaron-Joseph O'Connell[​IMG]
    AJ pushed himself out of the comforts of his queen-sized bed and rubbed the lack of sleep from his eyes. He had stayed up later than he should have finishing up an orientation video that a local teacher was paying him to make. It was for the 6th graders and was supposed to be themed, but the teacher hadn't specified what sort of theme he wanted. It had taken hours for AJ to find something appropriate for a bunch of twelve-year-olds in this day and age. He didn't get to bed until around two in the morning, which explains why he had woken up late and he was running around his dorm like a mad man. He rummaged through his small closet and threw on the first thing that he had left behind from his packing spree a day ago. The outfit made it look like he had just rolled out of bed, but was there any real reason to lie about that? Since he was about forty-five minutes late, AJ didn't bother running to the cafeteria on campus for something to eat, instead, he bid his roommate farewell and raced out of the dorm house with his luggage in hand. It wasn't much, but it would get him through the summer in Fiji. Once he was situated in his beat-up truck, the brunette started the engine and quickly pulled out of the lot--well, as quick as he could without campus police hounding him--and passed by his favorite Starbucks just to get on the highway. He sat in traffic for a moment and went over a list in his head, trying to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything important due to his lateness. After a few minutes he cursed to himself and pulled his cellphone out of his front pocket, dialing the number of his roommate. Since he was in some heavy traffic, AJ didn't think it was that big of a deal to bring one hand off the wheel, but he put Kurt, his roommate, on speakerphone anyway. "Hey dude? Yeah... I forgot to feed snakebro," he chuckled at the tone of disgust from his roommate, he knew Kurt hated feeding his python, but he certainly couldn't starve while he was away. "Just get him a rat from the pet-store and repeat the process ever two-three weeks... It's not so bad, be a man." Traffic began to thin out so AJ bid farewell to his roommate, wishing him a good summer, and made his way to the airport.

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  4. Katherine Christine Miller

    It was ten in the morning when Katherine threw open the door to her apartment and ran inside. She had just gotten home from work and she was running late. Normally, being an escort meant that she would accompany the client until sunrise, and then go home. Unfortunately, tonight's client was very zealous and kept her going from one location to the next. If it wasn't for the high pay of $100/hour, Katherine would have headed home long ago. Still, money was something she prioritized over all else.

    Katherine jumped in the shower and washed off her evening out. Her face felt so much better after all of the heavy makeup was removed and she enjoyed her few moments of solitude while she dressed. Luckily, she had planned ahead and packed her bags the night before. After drying her hair and assuring she had her passport and credit card, Katherine went downstairs and hailed a cab.

    As she arrived at the airport, she dropped off her luggage and went to the designated meeting spot. Katherine hoped this trip would be relaxing and not too dramatic. Even if it was going to be filmed as a reality show , it didn't mean that all the participants would be obnoxious. And even if they were, she couldn't imagine passing up an almost free trip to an island. She put up with difficult people every night at work, so how bad could this trip really be? If she was lucky, she might not have to interact with the others too much.
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  5. ~The Triplets~
    It was a hideous morning for the triplets. Sophia was off to a bad start, by waking up late and remembering she forgot to pack some items. Mason's bathroom had flooded some how over night and was forced to use Jason's. Though Jason had no problem with getting ready, his problem was with his car, the transmission was shot and well that meant no car for him until he could get the parts.

    Sophia sat in her room, frantically stuffing her bag with essentials, like her hair care products and perfume, body care items for her shower. "Just get in there, dammit!" She yelled at the over flowing bag. Finally after three tries, Sophia was able to stuff the items in the bag and zip it shut. "Thank you." Yawning, she turned and made her way into her closet, picking out a few items, she dressed in her arrival outfit. Grabbing her things she made her way down to her car, and looked over at her brother, Jason. "Hey, if you need a ride you can come with me in my car." She motioned him to come and got in the car, popped the trunk and allowed him to get his belongings in. When he joined her in the car, she laughed. "You forgot something." She referenced the still opened trunk. "Sorry." Jason got out of the car, slammed the trunk shut and hopped back in. "Is Mason ridding with us?" He looked up to his brothers room. "No, he is taking his car up to the airport." Sophia said as she began to drive out of the entrance to their mansion. Jason looked down to his outfit. Sophia looked over to him as she drove. "Don't worry, you look fine." She laughed. "Yeah, thanks." Jason pulled out his Iphone6 ans text his cousin Lynn. -Hey, me and Sophia are on our way, Mason is following behind us.-

    Mason pulled on his shirt, finishing his outfit. Checking himself out in the mirror, he was satisfied with himself. Walking down to the fridge, Mason made sure to grab the insulin shot he had to take every morning. Grabbing his three bags, he exited the house and went to his car. Putting his bags in the small trunk and passenger seat, he climbed in and started up his car. Leaving the drive way at great speeds, he raced his way to the airport, just in time to arrive with Sophia and Jason.

    Kai awoke to the sound of his grandmother yelling at him to get his lazy ass up. "Grams, I am up. I have been up since you started yelling at me." He said pushing his blankets down away from his face. "Don't sass me boy. I will take the taste of life out of you in a second if you wanna sass me." Kai laughed at his grandmother, who held a shoe in her hand. "No, grams I will not sass you. Now if I can get ready that would be great." Kai looked at his clock it was extremely early in the morning, pulling back the curtain he saw the sun wasn't even up yet. Yawning he went to the bathroom. Stripping of his clothes, Kai got into the shower and began to cleanse himself. Afterwards he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist and moved back to his bedroom. Putting on his clothes and accessories, he grabbed his back-pack, suitcase and duffel bag. Making his way to the kitchen, he sat down for his grams homemade pancakes. "Thanks, grams." After stuffing his face full of breakfast, he rose and looked at his grandmother. "I love you grams, but if I don't leave I'll miss my flight." Kai gave her a hug and took his stuff out to his car. Throwing his luggage in the trunk, he found his way into the drivers seat and waved to his grandmother as he drove off. It would be a three hour drive just to get to the airport. Plugging in his phone, he listened to bands like Green Day, Metallica, Def Leppard, all the way.
    Pulling up he noticed a small growing crowd around the area he was to be boarding his plane. "Those must be the other people." He said to himself, as he parked in the airports cars over night area.

    Kayla woke to the sound of her phone screaming in her ear. "Ugh, just shut up and go away." She spoke as she dismissed the alarm. Throwing the blankets off of her, she made her way to the bathroom. After showering and fixing her hair, she slipped into her pre-laid out outfit. Robbing her eyes, she began to apply her make-up, normally she would apply her make-up with a white tank top on, but today she let her shirt stay on. Walking herself out to the kitchen she noticed the absence of her friend, Eric. "Must be at work." Turning the corner, back into the living room, she was shocked to see her friend there with some going away balloons. Kayla smiled and gave him a hug. "Hey, couldn't just let you leave without saying good-by weirdo." He smiled and put the balloons down. "While I am gone, please try not to have sex with almost every guy you meet." Kayla laughed at her friends face. "I don't do that...anymore." Kayla looked at him, not believing the words that came out his mouth. "Mm-hmm. And I don't eat the rest of your Ice cream each time you buy a pint." She confessed to him and was immediately hit in the arm. "So it was you." Kayla looked at him on disbelief. "Of course it was me, who did you think it was...Casper?" Kayla shook her head and moved passed him, grabbing her suitcases, she left the small house.
    Throwing her things into the back of her [URL='[URL]'][/URL]jeep[/URL], she climbed into the drivers seat and took off towards the airport.

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  6. Alice Becker

    The bed sheets were pulled from her feet and away from her body. "Get up, Alice." An all too familiar voice rang out. "Leave me alone." She grumbled, curling into herself and hiding her face behind her hand. "You're going to miss your flight if you don't get up." Adam, her older brother, warned as he crossed his arms over his chest and waited for the blonde to get up. Their parents had left early in the morning to work. of course, they had said their good byes to their daughter and best of wishes and proceeded to leave him in charge of making sure she did everything she had to do. Adam was sort of a babysitter off some sorts. "Alice." The male hissed in annoyance. "Fine!" She yelled, exasperated. "I'm up. Go away." She rose from her laying position, pushed her brother out, and got ready. She emerged out of her room and walked over to the kitchen, served herself cereal and walked to the front where her brother was waiting. "Ready?" He questioned, which she nodded to in response. Soon, they placed her bags in the car and headed off to the airport.

    Carter Williams

    The brunette had gone to sleep at ten in the night and woke up at four in the morning. He was far too excited, that it cut into his sleep. Those extra hours he had, he spent them checking his bags for everything that he needed. Twice! He even got the opportunity to play his acoustic guitar for a while, until his mother burst through the door with a grand smile on her lips. Carter could easily tell the smile was fake. His mother wasn't exactly happy with the idea of him leaving for the summer, but fortunately she didn't oppose the idea of him going to Fiji. "Morning mum." The male greeted. "Morning. Are you ready?" She questioned softly to which Carter nodded. "Lauren! Gavin! Come help your brother with his things!" She shouted out to his siblings.
    Half an hour later, everything was packed, along with both his acoustic guitar. Unfortunately, he couldn't bring his electric guitar with him him since he required an amp for it and he didn't want to have to carry one around the airport. Before he got in the car, he turn to his siblings and gave them both a bear hug. "I'll see you munchkins in a few months. Make sure you do what mum says and don't eat my stash of chocolate. Most of it better be there when I come back." He said as he narrowed his eyes at the two, before getting in the car and driving off.
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  7. Cinderella Bianca Matthews
    |The Bratty Diva Princess|



    Cinderella, or Cindy was in her bedroom fixing her make up and hair at her Vanity. She moved her hair out of her face and she lightly applied some glossy pink lip gloss. Cindy smiled at herself in the mirror. "Perfect, like always." She hopped up out of the chair and started to walk to her bed. Placing on her heels, and getting her coat and purse she sashayed downstairs. Her family was in the front entrance, awaiting to say their goodbyes. Cindy was super excited to go to Fiji...without her annoying parents watching her 24/7. This would be her first trip not being underage for certain things, she could do way more stuff now.

    Her father was the first one to come over and hug her. "Daddy! Your going to mess up my dress, like seriously." Her father stepped back smirking, while she fixed her dress. Her siblings, the twins Courtney and Corbin ran up to her. "Cindy, we made this for you." Cindy took the makeshift heart, she smiled at it. "Thanks you two. You guys are acting like I'm leaving forever. I'll be back before the end of summer." Cindy rolled her eyes, her older brother Chris went over to her and hugged her. "Just don't end up pregnant." She pushed him. "Ewww, as if." Her mother just smiled at her, after that ordeal Cindy said her goodbyes. Her butlers put her bags in the trunk of her glittery hot pink sports car. "Bye everyone!"

    Cindy was in her car, driving to the airport. Fiji was going to be amazing and she was going to be on a TV show. She could just imagine how famous she would be after the show aired. She couldn't wait. Listening to "Style" by Taylor Swift on Sunset Boulevard, driving over the speed usual. Cindy had to make a turn to get on the street going towards the airport, she didn't wait for the light and she just took the turn, getting angry words in response. She skidded to a stop near the Over Night Parking Area, parking her car. She waited for the Baggage Handlers to come and get her bags. "Be careful with them, I have a lot of precious things in there." Putting on her shades, she started walking with them.
    Ricardo Miguel Rodriquez
    |The Latin Lover|



    Ricardo, Ricky was trying to leave his parent's apartment, but his family wouldn't let him go just yet. Ricky decided to stay over their house, since he was about to go to Fiji for most of the summer...big mistake. His family showed love like no other. His mother made his favorite food, his father let him watch any movie on the big screen, his siblings wanted him to play games with them all night. He barely had 3 hours of sleep. He only had enough time to get dressed and fix up his hair. "I love you all, but I really have to go." They all gave him one last big hug, he smiled at them and then he was off.

    Ricky was in his new car, with his luggage in the backseat. He had his long hair in a ponytail with his snapback on. Ricky couldn't believe his luck, out of all people he was going to get to go to Fiji. Like really?! Freaking Fiji! Bumping, "Want Some More" by Rae Sremmurd Ft. Nicki Minaj, Ricky was really hyped up right now. He couldn't wait to hit the waters of Fiji. He really couldn't wait to see the men of Fiji. Making it to the airport, he parked his car and the baggage handler took his bags. "Thanks Chico." He watched the guy, from the back...
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  8. _|Luke|_
    Luke was putting on one last jam with his friends before leaving. The four of them had been close for a long time now, and he knew leaving them for a while would impact the band, but they had things to do. This trip had never been about the money, it always been about finding the girl, the one. He needed someone that would complement him, that he could jam with, or just sit down and cuddle. Luke was quite and old fashioned man, as most could see, but finding an old fashion girl wasn't his style either. He needed someone who could keep up with him in a fast paced band. Smiling as they finished the last of their song, Luke smiled at his band mates before putting his guitar away. "Alright guys, I have to bounce. I'll see you soon." He said, giving each of his friends a bro hug before collecting the rest of his luggage, and heading to the car.

    Getting in the Car, Luke put his guitar on the seat next to him, and plugged in his headphones, starting up one of his favorite songs as he watched the scenery go by. England was always a dreary place, especially compared to his home, Australia. Someone was undoubtedly going to recognize him, even while he was wearing a dark sweatshirt with the hood up, a pair of jeans, glasses and some combat boots, there was no escape from his fans. Sighing, Luke started dreaming about the girl he would meet, as the car drove strait to the airport, where his fans where waiting to say goodbye.

    Dan was sitting in his room, on his bed, listening to his siblings bark about whatever they where talking about. His house was never quiet, and maybe that was a good thing that he was leaving. Maybe he could get some quiet for once. Sighing, the blond haired man got up from his bed, his boots thunking as he walked over to his luggage and grasped it firmly, walking down the stairs. "Have fun in Fiji!"" HIs youngest brother said, hugging him, which was followed by a group hug from all of his siblings. Hugging his mom, and his dad, Dan waved to all of them and walked to the car, opening the door and sliding inside.
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  9. tumblr_n4a3p2dove1rj9y8ko1_500.jpg
    JoshuaJoshua woke up in the morning and smiled. Today was the day that he'd meet everyone at the airport and go to Fiji. He kinda didn't wanna leave his friends for the whole summer and pass up the pay he'd get for teaching summer classes at the dance studio, but a free trip to Fiji was something he just couldn't pass up. He got dressed and fixed his beanie onto his head before driving to the airport. "This summer is about to be the shit." He smirked to himself.

    VeronicaRonnie woke up in the morning and yawned. She made sure she had all of her bags packed and her passport, plus anything else she wanted to bring. She looked at her phone, checking for any notifications or anything. She had a few random Facebook notifications and a few for Crossy Roads and Subway Surfers, and she had a text from her friend Alexander. -Hey did you still want a ride to the airport today? She smiled at the phone and texted "yes" back to him. Alex was her best friend and he was the only person who was there for her though everything. The rape, her mother's death, everything.

    Veronica made her way to the bathroom and showered before getting dressed in her outfit of the day. When she made her way downstairs, she was surprised to see that her father wasn't there. "Morning Addison, where's my dad?" She tried to make it sound like she cared a little bit. "He's gone. I don't know where he went though." She shrugged. "Oh, cool I guess. Alex is gonna pick me up and take me to the airport." She nodded before hearing a horn honk from outside. "Well, right on que. I'll see you guys after the summer is over." Veronica hugged her step mom and walked out of the house, throwing her bags in the back seat of her best friend's car. "Hey girl. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you're gonna be gone the whole summer! And you're gonna be on TV too!" He squealed as they drove to the airport. Veronica shrugged as she scrolled through Facebook. "I mean I guess it's cool. I don't know why I'm even going though, not like I'll talk to many people." She said nonchalantly. "But it'll still be cool. There will probably be some hot guys there. You hungry? Let's go get some food." Alex smiled and they pulled into a small diner.
  10. Looks (open)

    Wondering aimlessly around the airport waiting for the plane to arrive Alessandra, who had her ear buds in jamming to 3OH!3, walked over to a vending machine for some food. With a tap of the shoulder the red head with caramel highlights with black skinny jeans, light blue tank top and boots turned to a tall slender man. "Hello doll. Did it hurt when you feel from heaven?" He asked as she pulled out her head phones pausing her music. She smiled sweetly before she smirked. "Honey. I didn't fall from heaven. I came crashing threw the depths of hell." She then pulls her ear buds back in and walks away with her snack and soda.

    Sitting down next to her duffle bag she opens the bag of Doritos and pulls out her laptop. Her phone buzzed and she looked down only to see a message from her boss and only person like a family to her, Celty.
    I still can't believe you will spend the summer on TV in Fuji! I can't wait to watch it ever night and see what kind of things you start! Good Luck Seiren!
    She chuckled before replying and spotting a few of the others that were going on the same trip. 'I wonder just what kind of trouble I can get into?' She wonders. Turning off her laptop and placing it in the carry on bag she gets up and wonders onto the plane. Finding an empty seat in the back she sits alone.
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  11. XXΛ Ν G Ε L Ø X H E R V E A U ΧXX
    December 2 | 21 | Homosexual
    TAGGED...: N/A
    oday was pretty much another morning to be woken up in. Only this time, This very morning would make life even more interesting. Or at least to Angelo and his own life. Now, how exactly might you ask? Well--Just for kicks he surprisingly joined in on a tv show. Angelo was pretty reluctant at the fact that he was actually requested to cast in it, but he figured it was a 'YOLO' type of thing. Besides--How bad can this trip be for at least half the summer? Tssssssk.... Hopefully not to bad. In all truth, Angelo never really liked reality tv shows. But seriously--What are the odds of being offered to go on a trip to fiji? Fully paid--while also being paid to stay. The chances were near impossible really and Angelo yawned as he checked the time on his phone and laid there at peace, going through his messages to see the time of his flight and such.

    "Ugh.. Not my usual time to wake up." He muttered to himself as he then proceeded to move onto Instagram and skim through pictures lazily. The app began to load very slowly, and Angelo unplugged his phone from the charger, gesturing up from his position and sitting there as he looked around almost lost. Yesterday he had packed his things: Clothes, shoes, etc. One would say he was a total freak about being prepared and on time. The brunette dragged himself out of bed sleepily and shuffled himself to the bathroom. The sheer thought of having a companion with him came up--Preferably a dog and he sighed to himself. It'd be pretty f*cking cool to have a dog right now, but he didn't and he closed the bathroom door behind him--Getting ready to leave.

    Angelo pretty much did his thing, brushed his teeth, and then showered. The hard part as he opened the door and walked out of his bathroom with the white towel wrapped across his waist? He sighed,"What am I going to wear though..?" Angelo asked himself as he scanned the hall and walked into his room going to the closet. Seriously--he had so much clothes. To be honest, Angelo wasn't some rich guy with thousands of dollars. He was only middle class 'rich' and wore basic clothing -to which his surroundings found his style fashionable and/or stylish in some way-. Though he did have name brand too--But like said: He is a middle class man, not a rich man. And like many others, simply wished to be wealthy and can only imagine what his life would be like if he was wealthier than he is. His wardrobe was basic. His style wasn't specific. The male just knew how to dress and what to combine really. Hell, he can even make a simple plain white T-shirt look hella good. Looks? Maybe. Angelo was still shuffling through his closet which was still full but had blank spaces and areas here and there and snapped his fingers."Ah-hah!" He said to himself, walking over to one side and grabbing his clothes.

    What did he wear after all that pondering? Well, Angelo believed he wore basic stuff. A fitted navy blue long sleeved v-neck and some khakis fitted jeans, not to tight or loose. The brunette went back in the bathroom, looking at his mirror and ruffling his hair around. Eh--Who cares? He went back to his bedroom to pick up his luggage and dragged it behind him as he stood at the door and picked out his matching brown suede shoes to wear before leaving his house.

    Was the show he was soon to be on going to be famous? He swore to god if its some Jersey Shore or Kardashian type of shit--he would die. But wouldn't even doubt he would stay for the money anyways. Who knows, maybe theres fun behind the scenes. Whatever--He'll find out later anyways and the male placed his luggage in the trunk of his white luxurious BMW before preparing to leave to the airport. How did he get a BMW if he was middle class? Work hard. Not to mention, slight help from parents in the beginning--But now it was completely affordable for him.

    Traffic wasn't to bad. I mean, sure there was traffic but not the type of traffic where Angelo had to wait a whole 45 minutes. There were a few times where he had to stop upon bumping into momentary traffic for like 5 minutes, but things picked up quickly and got back on track.
  12. Screen-Shot-2014-08-18-at-11.31.08-PM.png
    Luci had been up since around 6 in the morning. She had forgotten to pack all of her clothes and other things for her trip to Fiji. She had been waiting for this forever! Her time in the limelight was finally here! She knew she'd be on TV eventually. She had grabbed all of her cute clothes and bikinis, making sure she went on this trip in style. After getting dressed and fixing up her hair and makeup, Luci made her way downstairs where her mom was making breakfast. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table. "Are you leaving soon mija?" Her mother looked up at her daughter. "Si mama. I'll be back at the end of Summer mama." Luci nodded as she sipped her juice. "I'll miss you mija. Don't get too loca. You and I both know how you get." The two of them laughed a bit. Luciana finished her juice and her mother walked her out to her car. Luce hugged her mother goodbye after putting her bags in the car. "Remember what I said about getting too loca. I don't wanna see you getting arrested for starting a fight." Luci laughed and nodded as she got in the car. "Si mama, I know. I'll be nice. But if someone jumps at me or looks at me funny, you know how I get." "Just be careful mija, but have fun. Te amo." "Te amo mama." She smiled and waved at her mother as she drove away. "This is going to be the best summer ever." She smirked.
  13. [​IMG]
    ♔G R A N T T O B I A S Y O U N G || B I - S E X U A L || || || 19♔

    rant's forehead was pressed against the airplane window, as he nervously drummed his fingers on the arm rest. He didn't particularly enjoy flying, but this was an opportunity that he wasn't about to pass up. The flight attendant was walking through the safety instructions, but Grant wasn't paying any attention --- should the plane go down in the middle of middle of the Pacific ocean, he highly doubted that he'd be alive to utilize any of the things the woman was talking about, anyway. Instead, he kept his headphones plugged in trying to ignore the butterflies that were pounding relentlessly against the inner walls of his stomach.
    God, he hoped he wouldn't be sick --- that would be awfully embarrassing.
    He skipped through his playlist, unable to settle for any one musician, before finally settling on a mellow song by Daughter --- the soothing rhythm seemed to settle some of his nerve.
    A gentle tap on his shoulder made him jump slightly in his seat, and he turned quickly to face the old gentleman that was seated next to him.
    "Yeah?" Grant tugged one headphone from his ear in order to hear what the man was saying.
    "We're to turn off all electronic devices now." The man was gesturing to Grant's iPhone.
    "But, it's on airplane," Grant replied, eying the man stubbornly.
    "That doesn't matter. They're supposed to be off for take off. Safety precautions and all."
    "Oh... Okay..." Grant turned off the phone grudgingly, and his nerves began to swell again.
    "You alright?" The man asked amiably.
    "Uh.. I've never been on a plane before, so...."
    "Ah. Don't you worry. You're completely safe."
    "Right." Grant was staring pointedly out the window, hoping that the man would stop talking --- Grant was truly beginning to feel nauseous now.
    "Puke bags are in that pouch there," the old man teased.

    Another ten minutes passed before the plane began moving, and Grant shut his eyes to avoid going into a full-blown panic.
    "Prepare for lift-off," the pilot's voice echoed over the intercom.
    Grant was careful to take slow, deliberate breaths as the plane accelerated, the momentum pushing him back into his seat. With a gentle tug, The vibration from the wheels on the asphalt disappeared, and Grant knew that they'd left the ground.
    "Look," the old man encouraged, and Grant managed to open one eye in time to see his beloved city of Portland falling away beneath him.

    No changing his mind now.

    ☪J A R E D D E S C A R T E S C O W A N || P A N S E X U A L || || || 21✯

    ared wasn't particularly excited or nervous --- but then, Jared never really was. Of course, when struck with a stroke of utmost brilliance, he was prone to feeling pleased and even self-righteous, but excitement simply wasn't something that Jared typically experienced anymore.
    Now, of course, Jay experienced pleasure, joy, pain, and grief like any other typical human being, however, he'd just learned during his short time on this planet that nerves didn't do much for any situation in which he might find himself. Being excited failed to make the event approach more quickly. Being nervous failed to make the event more desirable or any less painful. Simply put, it was a waste of emotion.
    Like any good philosopher, Jared had a valid reason for training himself to think and feel the way that he did. The most basic description was this: he saw value in the ability to live in the present. To be whimsical and spontaneous. To march forward into life unafraid of consequence. To Jared, these things reaped the greatest benefits in the persuite of the ideal human experience.
    So, that was exactly what he was doing.
    Travel was Jared's favorite pass time --- closely followed by writing and the reading of great literature. Prior to this trip, he'd spent two years abroad, experiencing first hand the culture and traditions of different people around the world. When he stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in a reality TV show, he'd been skeptical at first --- for, he wasn't much concerned much with the fame or the exposure that was sure to be involved with participating in such a production. In fact, he found most pop-culture to be sickening and horribly ignorant.
    However, he did see the merit in trying something new; stepping out of what he found to be normal and interesting, and admiring the experience for what it was --- a completely unique opportunity that many others would love to have.
    And, of course, the interpersonal interactions would be fascinating to examine and experience first hand.
    So, without further hesitation, Jared signed the contract, packed his bags, and found himself here --- seated first-class on a Jet to fiji to what was sure to be the most interesting summer he'd experienced since Beijing.
    He typed idly away on his laptop with nothing but the open ocean below to admire through the window.

    I think, therefore I am.

    This was, by far, one of his most favored philosophical quotes --- mostly because his parents had, in part, named him after the philosopher who'd conceived it. He'd spent many nights sitting alone and pondering the significance of such a statement --- just as he was doing now.

    I think, therefore I am...

    "I have convinced myself that there is nothing the world --- no sky, no earth, no minds, no bodies. Doesn't it follow that I don't exist? No, surely I must exist if it's me who is convinced of something. But there is a deceiver, supremely powerful and cunning whose aim is to see that I am always deceived. But surely I exist, if I am deceived. Let him deceive me all he can, he will never make it the case that I am nothing while I think that I am something. Thus having fully weighed every consideration, I must finally conclude that the statement "I am, I exist" must be true whenever I state it mentally or consider it. (Descartes, Meditation II)"

    So, even when nothing is left, I'm still lift with myself. Regardless of whether my beliefs are right or wrong, I am because I continue to think. To be able to doubt means that I must exist, and no deceiver can negate that fact.
    I must always keep thinking, lest I cease to exist.

    Jared looked up from his laptop, admiring the reflective surface of the ocean, where the sun danced and shimmered both above and below. His thoughts had carried him far across the Pacific, and he was surprised to hear the flight attendant request that passengers put away their electronic devices in preparation for decent.

    And so, Jared thought as he tucked the laptop delicately beneath his seat, a new chapter unfolds.
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    Isobel had spent the last week meticulously planning and packing her luggage. Her suitcase was packed to bursting point with her cute, vintage-based outfits and tasteful swimsuits. A separate bag was filled with makeup and hair products, and her carry-on bag was filled with books. Isobel loved books.

    Right, let's go, Isobel thought. She picked up her luggage and left her dorm room. Even at the ungodly hour of seven a.m., the halls of her college were bustling with life, with people throwing themselves together on the first day of summer, desperate to leave from the God-forsaken school environment. Isobel pitied them a little. She was on her way to the best summer of her life, and her classmates were heading back to their over-doting parents in their hometowns.

    Isobel caught a taxi to the airport with fifteen minutes of spare time up her sleeve. After receiving her ticket and giving her luggage to the staff, she headed to a small coffee bar and ordered a mocha. Isobel sat on a stool to wait for her flight to be called.


    Corbett, fully dressed, hair styled and makeup perfected, ran into her sister's bedroom, threw herself onto her bed and jumped on her. "KARSTAN! WAKE UP! IT'S THE DAY!"

    "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" shrieked Karstan. She pushed her sister off her and rolled out of bed. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she hissed at Corbett.

    Corbett leaped up. "Well, you wouldn't have gotten up if I hadn't have jumped on you," she said, smirking.

    "Yeah, you're probably right," admitted Karstan grudgingly.

    "Get ready!" said Corbett. "We have to be at the airport soon."

    "Get out," commanded Karstan. Corbett obliged, heading downstairs and sitting with their luggage, which was piled beside the front door. Karstan lit a cigarette and dressed in a black outfit, with tight-fitting jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. She knew they were heading to Fiji, and she should be wearing something loose or flowy, but Karstan was not one to stray from her own personal traditions.

    "Alright, let's get this shit over with," she muttered, heading downstairs to join her sister.

    Corbett and Karstan caught a taxi to the airport. Corbett purchased the two coffees while Karstan collected their tickets.
  15. ~:Diane:~
    Diane sighed as she looked around her empty ish room. She had brought hair dye, and a lot of other things that she loved doing. She wished she could sneak in some booze, but that probably wasn't going to happen. They didn't even allow water in the airport, she doubted they would let her bring a bottle of vodka. Sighing, Diane rubbed the back of her dyed hair as she picked up her stuff, putting on a hat and her large glasses. They looked so dorky on her, but she liked it that way.

    Diane walked down her stairs, luggage in hand as she walked down to where she would meet her cab. She lived alone by now, and so being with her parent's wasn't cool. Plus, her parent's weren't very nice about her whole partying at 16 thing. Sighing, Diane double checked for her gaming system, before walking out and into her cab.

  16. Jessica & Lynnette
    Jessica and Lynnette were two of the first people to get to the airport. They, along with everyone else was told to meet at the gate to go to Fiji and the host of the show would meet them there. Upon arriving, the twins saw a man holding a sign that said "Reality Getaway Conrestants." "Everyone better get here soon. I cannot wait to get to Fiji." Lynn looked over at her sister and smiled. A vacation is just the thing that she her sisters and her cousins needed. Even if it was also a TV show. They dropped their bags off then went to sit in the area by the gate. "I swear, whoever I room with better be chill as hell or I'm gonna punch a wall." "No drama Lynn, we need to keep a good rep." Jessica laughed. "I make no promises."

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  17. At the gate-Interactions: @Little_Ghost98
    Katherine Christine Miller

    Katherine approached the gate to fiji and saw two people already waiting with the man holding the sign. The girl looked like she would be an easy, going person with a fun outgoing side. The boy, or was it a girl? Katherine wasn't too sure at first. Finally, she decided that this person was, indeed, a girl. She seemed to be pretty nervous about rooming arrangements, but Katherine shared her feelings. These two looked like wealthy people, and Katherine knew how to operate around wealthy people. She figured she would be able to get along with them.

    It was her plan to not get involved with others right from the start, but it would be rude if she stood there and said nothing. She walked over to the girls and introduced herself. "Hi. I'm Katherine. I guess we're all going to be on this show together," she said, holding out her hand to them.

  18. Jessica & LynnetteLynnette was the first one out of she and her sister to notice that a girl was coming over to speak with them."Hi. I'm Katherine. I guess we're all going to be on this show together," She spoke. "Hi Katherine. I'm Lynnette and this is my sister Jessica. Yeah, I'm super excited about the show. I'm ready to make some new friends. That's really all I care about. The fact that it's on TV is just a bonus." Lynn smiled at the redhead girl in front of her.


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  19. [​IMG]
    Katherine Christine Miller

    Lynnette seemed like a perfectly nice girl. Katherine was glad her first encounter was with someone normal. "Yeah. I'm just in need of a vacation. I can kind of keep to myself at times, so if you notice me shutting people out, don't take offense. I'm just used to being alone," she shrugged, "this whole group thing is new to me." She might be over sharing a bit, but the sooner she explained that she was a loner, the better. It would reduce tension over it later. Katherine wondered how soon the others would get there. She was hoping everyone was a mellow as Lynnette seemed to be.
  20. Alessandra
    Simply looking over at girls chatting by a man with a sign the girl sighs then smirks. She walked towards them only to be interrupted by a group of men her age backing her into the wall. "A babe. Boys we have a hot piece of ass." One says. "I don't have time for you. Now if you'll excuse me." She says trying to walk away only to be pushed back. Letting out a sigh she then smiles. "Oh well playing with you guys would be fun. Join me in the bathroom." She winks. The men smirk giving her a little room in which she ducks under and walks away.

    Stretching her arms back you could her the popping of the chicks spin. One guy grabbed her and for a split second her gaze deadly just before she throws him over her shoulder. "Touch me again..." She growled "And I'll do more then throw you." With that the guys walk away and she sighs. "Why does this always happen to me." She says louder then she should have.
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