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  1. So, a while back on a different site I had an idea for a zombie story set in the present day. The general idea is that about 90% of the population has died and is starting to come back as terrible undead thingies. Standard stuff so far. The novel part is that instead of playing characters, you're playing as "yourself", more or less. In your bio you include whatever skills you think you have, and a level of proficiency. Obviously, there's going to be some subjectivity in ratings, and seeing as no one knows who you really are you can make things up, but we're going on the honor system here. Of course, if you really don't want to be anyone who even vaguely resembles yourself, you can always just make a "normal" character, or you can ask me for permission to be an interesting NPC.

    In regards to the story itself, I'm hoping to run it kind of like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I'll provide a general thread, but you guys fill in the rest. I can lead you along on a path, or you can go totally off the rails. You can also form separate groups in different places to keep things going when not everyone is around.

    I've actually got the opening story and introductory post all lined up, but I'm drowning in work so I won't be able to actually get it started for probably a week. In the meantime though, if anyone's interested about specifics, or has ideas of their own, feel free to pitch them here.
  2. This actually seems like it'd be kind of cool. (Though I doubt I would survive to long xD)
  3. I'll join it.

  4. And then you'll abandon it again. I'm killing you off immediately
  5. So I totally didn't find this post before I posted on your profile. Anyways I am interested, if you couldn't already tell.
  6. Well, seeing as people are interested, I guess I'll post some more info. Your profile starts out with the usual stuff, name, age, occupation, that sort of thing (feel free to make it up if you don't like giving out personal info to random internet people). From there, you'll add info about your general physical and mental capabilities and skills you have. You'll give each a letter grade. "F"-you're so terrible at this thing that an observer might seriously mistake your actions as sabotage. If we use hand to hand combat as a skill example, you're probably a quadruple amputee. "D"- You have absolutely no idea what you're doing. You've never been in a fight before, and you don't really even have much experience with manual labor. "C"- You're at least acquainted with the subject. You can't exactly be called reliable, but you can at least handle the basics. You've probably been in a couple scraps, and you know how to throw a punch. "B"- You've had a lot of training. Maybe it's your job, maybe it's a hobby that you've been fostering since you were a kid, but either way you're as good as some and better than most. If a random guy starts something, he's going home without most of his teeth nine times out of ten. "A"- You are extremely skilled, to the point where you could reasonably make a living teaching what you know. You're probably the master of a local dojo. "S"-You are competitive on the international level. Honestly, I don't expect anyone to actually be this good in anything, and if you are you're going to need to prove it. But I figured I'd throw it in because with so many members it's not totally impossible that we've got Mike Tyson or Albert Einstein hanging around somewhere. At this point, you're basically Neo from The Matrix.

    Grades can also be modified with a "+" or a "-", as a sort of halfway point between one grade and the next, or to indicate that you've got training in a similar, but different skill. So, if you used to be a semi-professional boxer, but you gave it up to start a family and haven't been in the ring 10 years, you'll probably drop to an "A-". In any case, I expect that most of you will have a skillset mostly made up of "C" and "D" ranks. To have an "F" you have to basically be actively bad, have a physical deformity, or something of that nature.

    As for the stats themselves, they're broken up into two categories, stats and skills. Stats are physical abilities. Strength (how hard you can hit, how much you can lift), toughness (how much punishment you can take), endurance (how far you can push yourself), speed (how fast you move), reflexes (how quick you react) and intelligence (how smart you are).

    Skills are what you know. These can be anything; what languages you know, what weapons you can use, how good of a driver you are, that sort of thing. Feel free to throw in random things too. I don't know if having extensive knowledge of feudal Japanese politics will come in handy, but you never know what will pop up.

    Feel free to post a general bio here if you are unsure about anything. We can critique it and give suggestions.
  7. Is there a basis you want us to use for our stats as well? Because I feel like it could vary greatly between people. I'll use endurance for example. I can run about a 14:00 minute two mile but because I am surrounded by people in real life who can do better such as 10 to 12 minute two miles I don't think I am that great. I would probably put myself at a 6.5 to 7 out of 10. Now if someone else could run a two mile in 16 minutes but all there friends and everyone they know are lazy fatasses they would probably think of themselves as a god and be a 10 out of 10. Get what I mean?
  8. Yeah, I get what you mean. From the start I figured subjectivity would be a problem, seeing as "average" is kinda hard to define. For the time being, I think it might be best just to use the stats to get a general feel for people. I haven't completely figured out how combat and skills are going to work, so I might wind up dropping stats completely and letting skills take their place (which should hopefully be a little less ambiguous).
  9. I was under the impression they were just guidelines that justified how you roleplayed?
  10. They were last time. But I read somewhere that this forum has a dice roll system, and I wanted to give that a try. If I can't get it to work, or it winds up being too much of a pain, it'll go back to just being a guide for what you can and can't reasonably do.
  11. What about putting a justification next to each stat and skill as to why you picked that rank/number or whatever. That way people can discuss whether it is the appropriate rank? That way you can get a kind of average between players or at least some kind of consensus.

    That's why you stay with the group Queen! :D Because if we all focus our strengths together we are stronger as a unit than individuals..
  12. Ima try this out this time, and make a conscious effort to stay active.
  13. That's a good idea derp cat. It'll be easier for me to tailor a game which suits peoples abilities that way too. Anyway, I think it's tiem for some story information.

    In March of 2012, scientists discovered a large asteroid headed towards Earth. The asteroid was almost the size of the moon and, should it hit the planet, would almost assuredly cause the end of the world. Fortunately, the asteroid was still quite far off, and the expected time of impact was more than a year away. In an effort to keep the public from panic, this information was suppressed. In the mean time, massive amounts of money were spent on proposed countermeasures, some a bit more reasonable than others.

    In September of 2012 the asteroid is close enough that some private researchers are able to spot it. While governments initially crack down to keep these stargazers quiet, word eventually gets out. This goes about as well as you'd expect.

    In an attempt to quell the ongoing chaos, the American government announces that it has a plan to stop the asteroid before it hits Earth, though the details are vague for the time being. Rumors fly about what the plan could be. The most popular were that there was going to be a mission to fly to the asteroid and plant nuclear bombs on it, doubtless inspired by sci-fi movies like Armageddon.

    In the coming weeks, the American public is informed that there will be a series of blackouts, each lasting for 4 hours, three days a week in the near future. They are still not informed why.

    December 1, 2011. At noon, the whole nation goes dark. The national guard is deployed across the country and every branch of law enforcement is on high alert, expecting that a massive wave of looting will occur. At 4 PM the lights come back on. Still no mention of why this had occurred. The process repeats every two to three days. The only information comes from foreign governments, who announce that there has been a massive atmospheric disturbance shortly after each blackout ends. On December 5, a Russian satellite captures an image of a massive structure which is hidden partially underground in the middle of Nebraska, before the satellite goes offline. Faced with these images and accusations that the US shot down a Russian satellite, the government announces that it will go public with its plans.

    The next morning came astounding news. There was footage of what appeared to be a massive explosion on the asteroid. Later in the day, the President addresses the American Public and the world. It is unveiled that the military had constructed a massive Gauss cannon. The cannon was designed to propel a projectile at relativistic speeds and strike the asteroid, destroying parts of it while altering its trajectory. And as the recent footage showed, it seemed to be working. Despite the fact that the US had just created and used a weapon that was literally able to destroy planets, the world breathed a collective sigh of relief. While the issue would need to be addressed eventually, it could be put off; for the day, the world was safe.

    Over the next few months the cannon fired continuously at the asteroid, constantly moving and chipping away at it. By February 2012, it was confirmed that the majority of the asteroid had either been destroyed or safely rerouted. There were however a number of small chunks of rock headed towards the planet; quite a few actually. Fortunately, they were expected to largely break up in the atmosphere, with the exception of one piece. There remained one rather large chunk still headed toward the planet, and it was very possible that it could destroy an entire city if it hit anywhere inhabited. Presently, it appears that this piece will land in Siberia, destroying a vast swath of land, but harming few people, though this is not certain.

    On June 2 however, these predictions changed. The last chunk of meteor, originally expected to land in Siberia, was now expected to land near the Ural mountains, in the central part of the country. This proved to be an extremely bad scenario for Russia. While the area itself was not particularly densely populated, there were a number of outlying areas that were. Now thankfully, based on satellite images, as well as impact data from the Gauss cannon strikes, it appeared that most of the remaining meteor was just rock and ice. However, there was still a remote, though existent, chance that the object would be composed of mostly iron, in which case cities as far away as Moscow could be damaged. With impact expected to occur in four days, frenzied evacuations began to take place, though everyone knew that in the worst case impact scenario, not everyone would make it out in time. Knowing this, the Russian government searched desperately for possible countermeasures. Eventually, it was decided that the only way would be to try and shoot the asteroid down. The Gauss Cannon was out of the question; the piece had been too small to reliably hit earlier, and now it was far too close to get an accurate firing solution. Instead, Russia would rely on an anti-satellite weapon, adapted to deliver a warhead instead of a simple kinetic strike. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was a desperate move. The chances of success were low. But there was simply no other choice.

    The grim fate of Russia has done nothing to dampen your spirits however. In order to get the best possible view of the single most impressive meteor shower in Earth's history, a number of people have traveled to a small campsite in a forest in northern England. Today is the morning of June 6, and it is twelve hours before the meteor shower is expected to start.

    tl;dr Most of you have traveled to England to watch the meteor shower. It's close enough for a great view, and far enough that you won't be killed by falling meteor pieces. Hopefully. I chose not to have it set in the US because even though I live in one of the most liberal states in the country, I can't go more than three feet without tripping over a high caliber rifle and I don't want everyone going Rambo on me six posts in. Of course, this is open to debate. If you guys really want to change the setting let me know and we can mix it up. Anyway, a few things to be aware of. 1: electronics are going to become useless very early on, if not immediately. 2: You're probably going to have to scavenge for just about everything. 3: You'll eventually have to make a decision between getting to safety, or fortifiying an area and riding out the storm.

    You're also going to decide if you want the thread to start before or after the outbreak has started. If you want to jump right into things, we can go with after. If you're like me, and are somewhat irrationally annoyed at how zombie movies never show you how things got to where they were, we'll do before.
  14. I think before would probably be better, plot-wise, as well as give us a way to meet up before the outbreak. Or something of that nature. All I know is that I want to be swinging a sledgehammer in this thing.
  15. I want in. This should be interesting.
  16. I think it would be much more entertaining to start off at the very beginning of the zombie outbreak and watch as it slowly gets bigger and bigger.
  17. Well, if you guys are interested in seeing the world going to hell, we can start you off in the middle of the city. The first arc could be you escaping as the world comes apart. It'll happen pretty quickly. Also, sorry this has taken so long. School is done soon, so I'll have time to actually run this in a week or so.
  18. It's fine. I dont mind.

    Escape to safety works fine. Let's do it at the start of the zed and, well, safe zone to safe zone
  19. Yeah, I think in the middle of the city could be pretty damn cool.
  20. An update! The last real day of school for me is going to be around the 4th, so I should get things up and running around then.

    So, I've given it some thought and decided to scrap the diceroll mechanic. Instead, everyone is just going to RP their fights. To make it go more smoothly, i'm going to develop an enemy tier list. Depending on your skills and the level of the enemy, you will generally hit successfully, and I will simply determine the damage done; in the same vein, enemies will often hit you automatically, with rough damage levels simply given. A very stripped down battle might look something like this:

    Shawn (Unarmed combat rank B) is challanaged to a fistfight by Devon (Unarmed combat rank D).
    Devon: "I throw a punch at Shawn". (Because he's on a much lower tier he does not automatically hit)
    Narrator (me): The hit connects with Shawn's torso. It'll leave a bruise, but he is otherwise unimpeded.
    Shawn: "I counter with an elbow to his solar plexus" (the hit is automatic, because of skill difference)
    Narrator: The blow connects, hard. Devon doubles over with the wind knocked out of him. He'll be unable to attack in his next round.
    Devon: "I take a few staggering steps back and try to defend against the next blow"
    Shawn: "I kick him in the head"
    Narrator: Devon gets his arm in front of the kick, but the force is still enough to send him sprawling to the ground.
    At this point, the fight is basically over. Shawn can choose to administer a coup de grace, but these attacks are not assured, regardless of skill level.
    Shawn: "I prepare to curbstomp him"
    Laura (terrible timing rank S): "Nooooo! I have enough love for the both of you!" (Trolololol)

    The same type of thing occurs for a skill challenge. Two cars, driven by Bryan (driving rank B) and Jess (driving rank:Asian, err I mean D) come across a massive hold in the road
    Bryan: I stop the car before hitting the hole. (he's a good driver, so he doesn't hit this fairly obvious pitfall)
    Jess: I slam on the breaks (she sucks as a driver, so she doesn't automatically stop)
    Narrator: She doesn't stop soon enough. The car crashes into the pit. Everyone inside is fine, but the car is totaled.

    After a while it'll become apparant just what you can and can't do automatically. Until then, I'll usually point it out in an OOC post.