Ravenswood Manor

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  1. Ravenswood Manor
    There is a manor that, to this day remains standing in the forest outside of a small town by the name of Pinewatch. To this day, bedtime stories circulate about the gruesome tale that took place in the very forest outside of the city. This is the story that revolves around the fight that took place over 1 thousand years ago.​
    The fog shrouded forests that surround Pinewatch have always been covered with a veil of mystery. Many that have ventured into the forest disappeared, and mothers told stories of fantastical monsters that would eat children to their young to keep them from journeying into the towering pines of the forest. And there was Ravenswood Manor, a three story mansion that had sat in the forest since the town had been established. Sometimes, when the fog was thinner, you could see the towering gate that had kept intruders from entering.​
    As far as the town was concerned, it was abandoned. They were wrong. The manor was filed with monsters hiding under the skin of a human. The manor was full of vampires. Over 50 vampires lived under the roof of Ravenswood, and the forest surrounding, was their hunting grounds. They fed on hunters, adventurers, children who had wandered out to far, and anyone stupid enough to get close to the manor. And to make matters worse, the vampires weren't the only beast that lived near Pinewatch.​
    The strange hybrid of wolf and human; Werewolves. They not only rivaled the hunting ground of the vampire, but also challenged them in power. The Werewolves found their home right under the human's nose, literally. They had an entire pack living in the caverns underneath the city.​
    Aside from a few skirmishes, the two clans hadn't fought any key battles.​
    And to complicate things further, both clans had a collective enemy, Hunters. Not animal hunters, but monster hunters. These were hybrids of man... and god knows what. Superhuman strength and agility proved that they were a real threat that was ready to fight.​
    As matters escalated, each prepared themselves for the coming battles.​
    ~ Information ~
    This role-play three different races. That being said, I'm going to need a close to equal amount of each. This is not to say that if you really, really want to be a vampire, you can't. This is just to say that if you see that 4 people have signed up for vampire and none have signed up for hunter or werewolf, you might want to help me out for signing up for one of the smaller races.​
    Also, a focal point that has not been established is that the leader of the vampires has disappeared. Most of the vampires think that the werewolves are responsible. So the vampires are a bit distraught because the leader basically gave them a home in the hostile world.​
    Also, no guns. 'Nuff said. ​
    Character Sheet​
    History: ( Minimum Length: 1 Paragraph, Tell about life before gaining supernatural status. )​
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  2. Name: Violet Acer (Goes by Vi)
    Age: 23
    Race: Human/Unknown
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: She's very independant and doesn't like groups. When Vi sets her mind to something, she's going to do it or die. She is very observative and unnaturally fast and reactive.
    History: Vi grew up as an only child. Her father was a monster hunter, and he came home every night with new tales for his little girl, but he never told his secrets. Her mother stayed mostly to herself and cared for the family. She was an excellent cook. Vi went to school and is very intelligent, one of the top in her class. Her father went missing when she turned 16, and her mother was thrown into depression. It was all Vi could do to keep her mother from suicide. At age 20, her mother died. That's when Vi realized she could be a monster hunter. Her favorite weapon is her dagger (the short blade in her right hand in the picture). She uses her sword when she feels in danger. She has a bow too.
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  3. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] Okay! I'm anxious to see how it turns out.
  4. intrigued by this one. Will have a character up tomorrow afternoon.
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    If the history isn't good enough, I will fix it! I wasn't sure if that was okay or not..
  6. Name: Marcus Venarlis
    Race: Human/Werewolf
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Very ill tempered. Fast to withdrawal if he is outnumbered or overwhelmed. A loner. Very persuasive with others. Will never stick his neck out for others.
    History: He was turned into this moon light monster on his 27th year of being a mortal. The year he had taken a young and attractive wife in the late fifteenth century. He worked as a apprentice for an up and coming blacksmith and life was good. He was stable and word got around that his wife was carrying a baby. Those days were the best for Marcus, the days before his nightmare. One night the monsters came and transformed his life forever. Trying to defend his family off from his attackers he was bitten on his left shoulder. All of this was to no use when he found his wife and unborn child murdered. Passing out from loss of blood the young man fell into a rage for everyone and one full moon became the monster he spoke so much about. From then on he has been part of the underworld of Pinewatch. Taking any odd job offered for his talents.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Sk├Âll " Sev " Z'ev
    Age: 21
    Race: Human/Werewolf
    Personality: He is quiet and understanding, he doesn't speak much and he never goes down without a fight
    History: He was born in a village in Scandinavia were he was raised under the belief of Norse mythology which is why his parents named him Skoll, He was born with this unusual white hair which none of his parents had white hair. Which made them wonder why this had happened, well that isn't the only weird thing that was going on in the area. There had been numerous attacks with reports of bodies being torn to pieces and eaten half way and the rest left in the wood. Well as he grew up he believed that there was a higher being in the world than him a higher being which was that of a murderous cretin that lived in the woods. Which that cretin would have to pay for...for taking his parents life, His parents had gone on a hunt and gathering together and they had never came back. Leaving him all alone from the age of 16, he adapted and kept living on through taking scraps from people who would help him or maybe stealing his next meal from a small bread maker shop. Which helped raise his thieving skills and his abilities to be silent when needed, But by the time he had reached his 21st birthday his fate was changing...forever. The cretins had attacked his village and were on a destructive rampage, He fought back as best as he could but he was bitten...and in fear retreated. He had changed at the next full moon showing his true power...his true new potential his new higher being.
    (i did my best for a history but lol if its not good enough ill fix it )
  11. This one is coming along well!
  12. Name: Destiny Truitt
    Age: 24
    Race: human/???
    Appearance: She wears a dark cloak and light body armor to protect against any close range attacks. Along with her bow and arrows she carries two short swords that are strapped to her lower back.
    Destiny (open)

    short swords (open)

    Destiny is not one for small talk or leisure activities. She does enjoy some downtime, but she is always alert when in unfamiliar territory.She is not exactly cold, but she does tend to keep her emotions hidden to a point that she seems almost stoic. Her relationships are almost none existence except for the few people she keep for information and supplies. Deep down inside she has a hard time trusting other because of her past of pain from people closest to her.

    She was the child of very strict parents. They were carpenters who worked most of their lives away and blamed their children for their misery. Her mother had conceived her and her brother, Joseph, at a fairly young age and had to work very hard to keep food on the table. Their father had tendencies to drink and quite of bit of their already dwindling income went to his habit. It didn't help that he kept it secret from their mother. She blamed the children for the missing money and punished them with whippings every morning she woke with less money in their safe keep, which was everyday. Her brother was the first to talk about running away but he didn't want to. What if they got caught? There would be no ending to their suffering. He ran away without her, unable to take the abuse any longer.

    Destiny stayed two months after her brother's escape but found that the stress of his absence only made the beatings worse. The day she finally decided to leave he packed her bag and ran into the forest. She had never heard the tales associated with the forest- her parents were not the type to sit down for story time. She found out the hard way of the beings living within both the forest and manor. After two days of running for her young life in the forest she returned to the town and took refuge with a kind family that accepted her without question once hearing her situation. From the daughter of the family she heard many rumors about the civilians living there. They were mostly trivial but one did catch her attention. Apparently a former monster hunter had retired and was in the town as a carpenter.

    The only carpenters she knew of were her parents. Destiny suddenly felt guilty for having stopped her parents from living the life they had wanted. She settled to go apologize to them though she would not return to living with them. She went back to the small establishment she once knew as home and knocked on the door. A stranger came up to her and told her that they had gone into the forest to gather more wood to do their work. Her heart sank when she heard the news. There was no chance of them returning, the stranger had told her but she went back into the forest anyway. She searched until night, only to find nothing indicating anyone had been through there. No broken tree limbs, foot prints in the dirt, in the leaves. It looked the exact same as when he had been there almost a week ago.

    Destiny ended up returning to the town and living with her new family until she turned eighteen. Up until then she trained herself to use a bow and with the master hands of a blacksmith, came to appreciate the work of a short sword. She donned two strapped to her lower back along with her quiver and bow. She vowed to continue her parent's monster hunter legacy, unsure if they had one and which one had been the hunter. If they didn't have a legacy, she was determined to make one.
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  14. Name: Davis Hale
    Age: 164 ( Looks about 19 )
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Davis was an outcast as a child. His skin was pasty white, and his eyes were pink. He was an albino, a disease not known well at the time. Many thought he was the devil, and treated him like this. He was almost always alone and unhappy. He tends to stay away from humans, feeling like they will smite him. He does not like to trust others and is very protective of his vampire family.

    When he was born, he was born into a role of an outcast. He was born with pasty white skin and pink eyes. He was born an albino. He was instantly looked down upon by his parents, treated much worse than his siblings. He was constantly in trouble for the small things, and it was almost as if his family hated him, and to be honest, they did.

    He was 19 when he ventured into the forest. It was here that he was found as prey, and left to die in the forest. It was here that he transformed alone, surviving against the odds against him. His pigment condition caused his skin to change a blue tint, and his eyes to darken into a blood red.

    He was taken into Ravenswood Manor, and was welcomed as a family member despite his rash appearance. The leader of the clan cared, everyone cared. And now, because the man who changed his life has been kidnaped, he will do everything in his power to get him back.
  15. One or two more vampires and we can probably start. Invite some friends!
  16. sounds good to me. so whats the tally so far?
  17. [MENTION=2920]etondmt[/MENTION] 1 Vampire, 2 Hunters, 2 Wolves.
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