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    The thrill of adventure, the glory of freedom and the opportunity for world-wide acknowledgement brought you to the Floating Opera, the airship of the Ignatio Traveling Troupe, a still small but promising traveling band of performers travelling the world of Gaia to bring joy to their public and wealth and glory to their name. Donning an elaborate mask, you will be given a new name, a new life, in this troupe of roguish jesters, learning the trade of acrobatics, acting, dancing, singing, thieving and bluffing as you learn the trade of both the entertainer and the outlaw.

    The Opera is stationed over the rooftops of Mimosa and will leave tonight, there is no time to lose!


    Set in a world of magic and wonders called Gaia, Rapscallion is set in a world halfway between Medieval Fantasy and Victorian Steampunk, where you take the role of a new member of the Ignatio Travelling Troupe. There you will learn the way of the world from this gathering of outcasts, from how to captivate to how to survive outside the law. In this world your sense of observation and your creativity will be your greatest allies and weapon as you strive to better yourself and also make sure that the world notice.

    Now, there will be some game-like elements to this, yet it is merely a way to gauge your character's abilities, not a do all, end all as even with good 'stats' can you fail, and you also can succeed impressively while barely reaching the initial requirement, so strive hard and never admit defeat! Such abilities will be separated as Shadowy and Troubadour, each with three areas of expertise of your choice so you may not be all the same as far as abilities go.

    The goal will always be to enjoy ourselves and make a good story, however, so don't agonize over the mechanics too much, it's just there to make things more realistic, that's all!

    Available Character Slots

    1 - HecateProxy (TAKEN)
    2 - LittleRedPanda (TAKEN)
    3 - Aberrant (TAKEN)
    4 - Shardbearer (TAKEN)
    5 - Asmodeus (TAKEN)
    6 - Excesmyr (TAKEN)

    Character Sheet

    Stage Name:
    Reason to Join the Troupe:

    General Style and Outward Persona:

    Life Philosophy:
    Greatest Dream:
    Greatest Fear:

    Preferred Area: (Shadowy or Troubadour)

    Prior History:
    Shadowy Skills: (Make up 3)
    Troubadour Skills: (Make up 3)
    Prized Possession:
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  2. Before I make my CS... what is the difference between Shadowy and Troubadour?
  3. Shadowy is what you will do out of the public eye, Troubadour is what you will do to attract attention and do shows.
  4. So when you ask us to pick one.... it means what exactly?
  5. World of magic/victorian steampunk at the same time - I'd probably want to be a magician as one of my troubadour skills. The question I guess I have is what kind of technology we have and whether or not we can actually use magic before I make my CS. =P
  6. I believe it was mentioned in the intro, Aberrant...

    But 'tis best to clarify with Reveuse, just in case.

    Either way, quite pleased to see this up and running. I'll have my CS up later in the day. Aiming for a troubadour.
  7. Oh, no - I understand that the setting is magical/victorian steampunk. Perhaps I worded my question poorly.

    I'm more wondering exactly what type of magic there is in this world and how deep the steampunk technology goes. =P

    I wouldn't want to make someone who practices necromancy in a world that doesn't have that kind of magic (not that I was going to go with necromancy either, mind you). Just wanted to know what kind of restrictions there are in that area.
  8. Stage Name: Wit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36 (Maybe. But would you really believe that?)
    Reason to Join the Troupe:
    Some say he is looking for someone, others swore that he was out for vengeance, but many know nothing of his reasons for joining the Ignatio Traveling Troupe. One thing is certain though; he is looking for someone. Yet, no one is sure why or what he will do to that person.

    Under the mask, Wit pretty much looks like any ordinary chap; unkempt black hair, blue eyes, somewhat gaunt with an overall amused expression on his face. Perhaps the most noticeable part about him is the fact that he is short. Despite being 36 (maybe), he stands at 5'2". He is always seen wearing black, with a tinge of white. One would hardly see any other colours on him but black. Wit believes that sticking to such a colour allows his listeners to focus more on the story than his attire; the lesser colours, the better (or so you think. Wits says many things, but he hardly sticks to one).
    Wit (normal)
    Wit (when telling a story)

    True to his nature as a storyteller (or mockery of it), Wit's mask is made out of burned pages. One would see this as embodying his love for stories into his mind (if people thought long and hard enough), or just a sick joke. It matters not to Wit; he is but a humble storyteller, nothing more. Whatever he was trying to convey through the choice of his mask remains a secret, even to the crew of the Floating Opera.
    Wit's Mask

    General Style and Outward Persona:
    Wit is a cheerful man, and perhaps a little too witty with his words for his own good. He finds pleasure in pointing out the wrongness in people in an amusing light; most would curse him for such comments, others found him both daring and intriguing for saying such things. This little habit of his extends to the crew of the Floating Opera as well. Not many take this well, and Wit is aware of this, but he finds this as the best way to filter out people.

    He can be a very helpful person, if one intrigues him ("I'll help you out if you have an interesting story to share" would be his reasoning. But the "story" he speaks of is subjective to him). And if he does show interest, he would pursue it all the way, as long as that person still holds his interest.

    Life Philosophy:
    "Journey before destination."

    It fluctuates between his outward persona to a very silent one. In his quiet moments, he hardly speaks. When bothered, Wit would politely ask to be left alone, though the lack of emotion in tone is a quick reminder for most people that he was in that state (not a good idea to bother further). But when he has spent enough time in his supposed "quiet" moments, Wit will then return to his usual cheery self.

    Greatest Dream:
    (will be uncovered as the story progresses)

    Greatest Fear:
    (will be uncovered as the story progresses)

    Preferred Area: Troubadour

    Prior History:
    No one truly knows where Wit came from. Many times he has brought up the subject of his people and his title as a "Worldsinger", but beyond that, nothing more. Even his true name is a mystery. Perhaps he has forgotten it after being called "Wit" for the longest time, perhaps he has taken on so many personae in his stories that he suddenly forgot who he was, or perhaps there was a reason his true name was never discovered; who could say?

    He chanced upon the Floating Opera not too long ago, while seeking passage into a kingdom in Gaia. Seeing it as an opportunity to explore the rest of Gaia (and maybe to find that person), Wit took it upon himself to join this motley crew and lend them his skills in any way possible.

    Shadowy Skills:
    (I'm a little unsure on how to go about this one. I'll let you clarify this, then I'll start thinking on the skill sets for this)

    Troubadour Skills:
    While storyteller remains the common name for one such as he, the people of his land revered him as a 'Worldsinger': one who would tell tales of distant lands, true tales.

    Wit is quite efficient with most troubadour-like music instruments, such as the mandolin, lute, and others. His preferred instrument, however, was his flute. Being a storyteller of his kind, Wit often mixes his stories with the music he plays. People say it brings the story alive, in a way no other person would tell.

    Being a storyteller (and his namesake), glibness is part of what makes Wit "Wit". His ability to talk to others to sell or promote something to an audience or any curious passerby is probably why he decided to place himself at the forefront as a troubadour.

    Prized Possession:
    His flute. He never leaves without it.


    - - - - -

    I am unsure how Wit would fit in this story, since the intro made it sound as though the traveling troupe is only taking those who are fresh and ready for an adventure.

    However, I will leave this one here to wait for your approval. Feel free to point out any parts that require editing.​
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  9. I said to specify whether your character prefered the Shadowy or Troubadour skillset, there is no need to deprive them of any of them, just to pick which one is prefered. :)

    As for magic, it's your standard sword and sorcery fare, so youcan go ahead and I'll tell you if it fits or not, Aberrant.

    When it comes to Wit, I like him, and the only problem I see is that Gaia is in fact the planet, and not the current Kingdom. I would indeed like him to be still new to the troupe, but that can be easily overidden if you don't mind starting at the same place skill-wise as the others. Now, the Shadowy skillset is things you don't boast about, like spying, thieving, cheating or even just lying. Feel free to try out some skills and I'll tell you if they fit. ;)
  10. Stage Name: Malfoso

    Gender: Male
    Age: 26

    Reason to Join the Troupe: He had an argument with his mother. She told him if he wanted to wear fruity colours he should just run off and join the circus. Malfoso called her bluff, and is now too stubborn to return home.

    Appearance: One of the tallest in the troupe, yet painfully thin. Beneath the mask he is sharp-featured and blond-haired, his nose a little too hooked for his liking and his mouth in a downward curl that makes him seem unduly contemptuous.
    Mask: Ivory or porcelain, but always androgynous

    General Style and Outward Persona: A perfect posture and walk. He always smells fantastic and if the room he enters is shabby it certainly won't be when he leaves. His dress is immaculate and many-layered to make up for his emaciated physique.

    Life Philosophy: Great empires must look the part. Malfoso believes that history is shaped by style and if the correct tone is set then the rest will follow. This is a serious philosophy of social engineering for Malfoso and when it comes to the Floating Opera he has taken personal responsibility for its sensory delights.

    Personality: Fussy and neurotic. He busies himself with the little things, like the colour of one's shoes and how long the teabag stews in the cup. His voice is soft yet dextrous, and often employed to criticize the furnishings. When it comes to other people, he is tenacious in his desire to talk things through and understand why someone is acting the way they are acting. This neurosis at times makes him irritating, but there is no denying his loyalty. He is the perfect ally archetype, attentive and analytical to the point of obsession.

    Greatest Dream: To host a royal ball.
    Greatest Fear: That his violent father may not have died in the war like everyone believes.
    Preferred Area: Troubadour

    Prior History: Malfoso's father was a naval captain, decorated as a war hero in his first tour. His deeds won money and fame, the likes of which his family had never seen. Malfoso might have followed in his father's footsteps, were it not that he was stricken with epilepsy. So instead he grew up in the shadow of his mother, a ruthless climber of the social ladder who played at politics while her husband was away. Malfoso watched his mother in these years and learned from her the nuances of fashion and presentation. But with each spring came seasons of violence when his father, increasingly corrupted by the horrors of war, returned home to indulge his drunkenness and rage. The beatings left both Malfoso and his mother bitter, and in time they turned on one another. Perhaps they each contended to be the one his father took mercy on. Or perhaps the house was just too small for both their egos. A year after his father was declared lost at sea, Malfoso stormed out of the house following a quarrel with his mother. He has never returned home, and still has nightmares of his father washing up on the beach and opening once more those bloodshot eyes.

    Shadowy Skills:
    Contortionist: Able to fit into narrow, elongated spaces, thanks to his slender frame
    Soporifics: Adept at brewing sleeping draughts and infusions that dull the senses
    Cantrips: Able to cast the occasional mirror image, colour swirl, ghost sound or false shadow

    Troubadour Skills:
    Aromatherapist: A master of spices and perfumes for any occasion
    Chromatics: Expert in the dyeing, embroidery and makeup processes
    Percussionist: Trained in basic percussion instruments

    Prized Possession: His father's china tea set with giant octopus pattern
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  11. Very good! Malfoso is accepted and you are added to the roster.
  12. Alright then - time to get my sheet done! If any of it is unacceptable (things that don't fit the world/etc) - I'll totally change it. So no worries, just call me out.

    Edit: I'm probably going to flesh out the backstory a bit more later. It's way late for me and I'm already finding errors and things I should probably continue to explain.

    That said, I'm about to pass out on my keyboard - so it'll do for now. =P

    Stage Name: Phasmus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Reason to Join the Troupe:
    Phasmus is basically jumping at the chance to finally fit in, for once. On top of that, he's looking for his mother who has long since left him, and with no money to travel on his own, the troupe is the only way he sees to travel and earn his keep.

    Decidedly average in height and weight for his age. Phasmus is incredibly well-kept for someone who's grown up on the street - he realizes the importance of maintaining an appearance and makes sure he's bathed and his clothes are clean however he can. He has medium-length brown hair and a goatee and blue eyes. His face is fairly handsome with a prominent nose and brow and a strong jawline.

    Mask: Right here.

    General Style and Outward Persona:
    Generally quiet and reserved, Phasmus has learned to be incredibly analytical in social situations. He rarely makes himself the center of attention outside a performance.

    Life Philosophy: Trust means vulnerability. Phasmus doesn't trust easily, as he has only seen his trust lead to deception and lies. This isn't to say he doesn't trust anyone, but earning his trust is a task of its own.

    Personality:Phasmus has a hard time making friends due to initial distrust of people. He's very calculating and always has a plan for everything he does. He holds high respect for people he deems smarter or more skilled than him in anything, and generally tries to surround himself with those people. Once he's friendly with someone, though, he's a pretty friendly guy albeit snarky at times. It's worth noting, though, that being "friendly" and being "friends" with Phasmus are two different things. He struggles with himself because while he desperately wants people to talk to - every time he's placed his trust in another person, he's gotten stabbed in the back.

    Greatest Dream:
    Finding a place where he fits.

    Greatest Fear:
    He rarely finds himself afraid anymore.

    Preferred Area:

    Prior History:Phasmus never knew his father, nor did he care to. The man had left his mother long before he was born and she never spoke of him much. Until the age of 16, Phasmus lived poorly with his mother. She couldn't keep a job, nor could he. They learned to work the streets together. Phasmus would beg for money and while people would pass by averting their gazes his mother would empty their pockets as best she could. They got by for quite a while this way until eventually his mother was caught in the act. She was taken away shortly before his 17th birthday.

    As a result, Phasmus ended mixed up in the gangs within the dirtier parts of the city. Stealing, running and sometimes even murder became his life. Over time, he was toughened up to the street life. He no longer was afraid of people brandishing blades at him. No longer worried about finding a place to stay the night or that someone would kill him in his sleep. Over time, Phasmus dabbled into magic. He scrounged for books when he could find them, and soon enough he was able to host small street shows as a magician with what he'd learned. Suddenly with a new way to enrapture a crowd, his sleight of hand and pickpocketing skills grew tremendously.

    He made and lost many a friend in his time on the streets, especially during his time as a performer. Just about the only constant in his life was a desire to leave the city, upon hearing that the Ignatio airship was visiting Mimosa he wasted no time attempting to join them.

    Shadowy Skills:
    Illusionist: Phasmus is capable of creating fairly heavy hallucinations in people's minds.
    Acrobatics: He is fairly agile from his times running through the city.
    Thievery: Sometimes you've got to do some questionable things to survive - Phasmus is no stranger to reaching into someone else's pocket.

    Troubadour Skills:
    Magician: Always capable of entertaining people with simple tricks.
    Actor: He's had many a time to practice pretending he's someone that he isn't.
    Juggling: He's actually quite a competent juggler - having lots of time to practice alone.

    Prized Possession:
    A pocket knife given to him by his mother.
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  13. My turn I 'spose. What he said ^ If I need to change anything just let me know

    Stage Name: The Raven

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Reason to Join the Troupe: To get away from her family and to hide from her problems.


    She is very small and light person. Standing at 5'0" and weighing 110 pounds. She has long blonde hair, reaching to her waist, and blue eyes.


    General Style and Outward Persona:
    The Raven can seem very tense and standoffish. She's generally sarcastic and gruff. Performance wise, she's very graceful and mysterious. Swathing herself in feminine charm to draw an audience in.

    Life Philosophy: If you're unhappy with your lot in life, change it. If someone's in your way, move them. Only you can have power over your destiny.

    Personality: Generally speaking, The Raven is very sarcastic, sardonic, and sadistic. She enjoys playing tricks and watching others' distress. Usually she is standoffish and gruff, putting up millions of walls to protect the fragile thing known as her heart, which is already badly damaged. Instead of retreating, like normal abuse victims, she puts her pain into her anger and cruelty. However, don't be fooled, she's quite the softy once you get past everything. She's a very complex individual, her scars (both physical and emotional) running deep.
    Greatest Dream: To no longer need to wear a mask

    Greatest Fear: Being sent back to where she came from.

    Preferred Area: (Shadowy or Troubadour) Shadowy.

    Prior History: Prior to joining the troupe, The Raven's name was Tempest. She and her twin sister, Storm, were born to a loving yet mentally ill mother and a mysterious father. However, soon after the girls were born their mother went into extreme depression and killed herself. Their father could not handle the sudden tragedy and became a raging and cruel drunk. He blamed the girls for their mother's death and hardly spoke to them. When the girls became old enough to be attractive, their father, wanting to make a profit off of the girls he wish he never had, began selling them to local men, some even prominent business men and officials. While Tempest grew increasingly angry and resentful with her lot in life (often attempting to run away or harm a client), her sister Storm seemed to bask in the attention, even seeming to win back the favor of their father. Yet, for some unknown reason, Tempest received more and more clients, they seemed to like her fiery temper and hardheadedness. Storm was insanely jealous of her sister, thinking somehow she was uglier than Tempest. Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was when Storm, following their mother's lead, snapped when she found her sister crying one day. Cruelly, she taunted her sister, claiming she would fix it so no one would ever want to buy her time anymore and she took a breadknife and carved the trail of the tears on Tempest's face. Tempest ran away, seeking help to stop her bleeding and eventually decided to join the troupe. Living life behind a mask was welcomed to her, as she now wanted to hide her face for good.

    Shadowy Skills: (Make up 3)
    Thievery pick pocketing, small quick steals are her specialty. She's very small and lithe, able to get in and out with what she needs quickly.
    Womanly charm Her past taught her many things, including how to bat her eyes just right to make you hand over what she wants.
    Trickery She's very good at using any and all means to get someone to do what she wants.

    Troubadour Skills: (Make up 3)
    Singing She's always had a lovely and haunting voice, able to conjure an image in your mind with just a single note
    Small illusions such as smoke bombs and sparks
    Interpretive Dance Not only can she tell a story with her voice, but also with her body. Evoking images of grace, beauty, and mystery is her specialty. Often times she'll combine her illusions into her dance to give it just the added pop it needs.

    Prized Possession:
    Her mask she does not like to be seen without it. She wants no one to see her scars. And a small bird amulet that was her mother's long long ago
  14. I'm happy to say that you are both accepted :)!
  15. Stage Name



    Reason to Join the Troupe
    Lyrah never wanted to leave home
    unfortunately Amarantha had other plans.


    General Style and Outward Persona
    Looking at Lyrah is like looking upon a distorted reflection pool. One moment it would seem she has withdrawn deep within herself. Seeming to be delicate and small. A hidden piece swathed in earthy tone.
    Then the next she is jagged; a rippling whirlpool of darkness and a fericness that was not there before. She looms larger than life. Shadowing herself in hues of grey and black.

    Life Philosophy
    'The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small truth has words which are clear; the great truth has great silence.'

    Lyrah is a simple, sweet woman. There is a softness in her eyes that make her seem more almost frail. Quiet and shy; she tends to shrink away from large crowds.

    Amarantha on the other hand is vivid with a mischievous look to her. A wicked almost cold smile. Her emotions are ever changing as the wind and as unbridled as the river.

    Greatest Dream
    To distinguish who is the true persona; to become whole.

    Greatest Fear
    Being lost within the other.

    Preferred Area

    Prior History
    To be a living doll.
    That was Lyrah's fate after being born to two parents high up in society. She was the only child sired from Krous and Lidia Bard. From the moment of her first infantile mewling she was prepared for a life in the light. Unlike other children, Lyrah was not allowed to go play. Instead she was to take lessons and abstain from anything that may draw negative attention to her family. Alternatively she found herself lost in the world brought to her in stories. Often caught daydreaming during her lessons. It was then in the dusk's of childhood that Amarantha had appeared. She took Lyrah's place when having to deal with the crowds; basking in the glory and attention. But unlike her shadowy self she was destructive. Often breaking things and leaving Lyrah to take the fall. As the child grew taller she slowly gained control over her other self and pushed her to the back of her mind. She was compliant with her life. It was simple enough but Amarantha was not to be silenced. In the dead of night she awoke in Lyrah's bed and stole off into the night. Searching for a place to start her own life.

    Shadowy Skills
    Toxicologist: Knows almost every toxin known to man and how to use it.
    Ghost: Melds in with the shadows; seemingly invisible.
    Balance: Years of dance lessons and posture teachers have left her with an uncanny sense of balance.

    Troubadour Skills

    Tightrope walker: Using her unfailing sense of balance she can cross thin wire at any height with ease.
    Daredevil: A thrill seeker with seemingly no sense of self preservation.
    Fire Performance: Putting use to her hard earned skills of dance and her devil-may-care attitude she twirls around the stage with lit torches.

    Prized Possession
    A small journal she's had since she was a youth.
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  16. Amarantha is accepted!

    I'll think a bit more about what I want to do while you all get settled. You can chat, ask questions or even make suggestions freely here :)!
  17. Sooo many daddy issues.
  18. They will have something to one up each others complaining about, at least! X3
  19. That's what I immediately thought after making my CS haha. But I like my character too much to change her now
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