Rape Culture

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  1. Instead of going into a huge frenzy on my thoughts about this fallacy, I'll let some videos speak for themselves since they say my point very clearly.

    Yeah I know they're by the same person but I can't resist since I'm a fan of said person. Just like the wage gap, rape culture doesn't exist. Yeah there are issues with sexual assault and rape but fear-mongering is NOT the answer. Neither is spreading misinformation and false statistic from shitty and biased sites like Huffington Post or Buzzfeed. I won't even get started on trying to change the definition of rape and the whole Teach Men Not To Rape thing.

    What are your thoughts on rape culture?

    Be civil, leave your emotions at the door (logic triumphs and if you rage, you lose automatically and your opinion is null and void), and take something to PM if you're so bothered by different opinions and different mindsets. Or you could leave.
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  4. I don't see that happening anywhere near as much in the U.S. sadly :(
  5. My feelings and thoughts on the subject mirror this woman in the videos (and yours, it seems).
  6. I find that 1 in 53 number to be a bit misleading, just because there are plenty of woman who are assaulted and do not report the assault out of fear or embarrassment. With the number of date rape drugs there are out there, that increases the number a bit more because there are woman out there who genuinely do not know that they have been assaulted.

    The biggest issue with rape is that there is still victim shaming. It's not supposed to be an issue, but it is. The fact that schools punish girls who dress a certain way because it's 'distracting' to the male students is a prime example. If a boy can't control himself because a bit of skin is exposed, that is on him, not the girl. She's not telling him to look (Although we all know that males will look regardless of whether or not they're asked). Rather than focusing on the real issue, the focus is always on the victim. She was promiscuous. She led the guy on. She asked for it because she was drunk around him. That is complete bullshit.

    However, there is also another problem with sexual assaults, and that's the women who cry 'wolf'. You sleep with a guy and regret it. Own up to that shit, don't cry rape. The guy walks out on you once he's used you. That's not rape, that's stupidity. These women are the reason that genuine sexual assaults are often overlooked.

    The fact is, rape has existed since there have been men and women, and it is never going to go away. Rape isn't about sex, it's about power and control. Throw a mentally unstable man in a situation where he has no control over his life, add in the right circumstances where he meets a woman he deems helpless, and there is bound to be a rape (Don't jump on me, I did say mentally unstable!). It's happened since long before the internet made victims easily accessible, and it's going to happen long after all of us are dead. With women becoming more independent, ad gaining higher positions of power, it's going to eventually start to get worse. Why? Because there are men who still believe a woman's place is in the kitchen, barefoot and popping out kids one after another. (A bit ironic coming from a stay at home mom, I know. XD)

    What needs to happen is that women need to be taught not to fear rape. I know that's hard, but the minute that someone assaults them and they cower, they're giving that person the power and control they long for. Girls need to be taught to defend themselves from a young age. I have no problems at all admitting that I've taught my girls that the minute a boy whips out their stuff when it's not asked for to bite, punch, grab and twist, or do whatever in they can do to hurt the guy while screaming as loudly as they can in the process.

    The whole 'boys will be boys' mentality needs to disappear as well. A guy slapping a girl on the ass isn't funny, unless there's some sort of relationship where she's comfortable with it. It's not cute. It's not charming. It's chauvinistic and rude. Of course if you switched that and had the girl grabbing the guy by the junk, most men claim they wouldn't mind, but that's a totally different topic all together.

    What pisses me off the most is all of these male politicians and quack doctors going around saying that a woman's body defends itself against rape. That is complete and utter bullshit! There's no damn spikes that pop out to shred a guy's penis when a woman is raped. There's no poisonous venom produced by a woman's body to burn the guys junk. There is no defense at all other than fists, feet, and teeth, and often those are rendered unreliable by the attacker. I swear if I hear one more 'study' that claims a woman's body cannot become pregnant because of rape, or that there's some secret defense that suddenly springs into action whenever a woman is assaulted, I'm going to send that person an envelope full of glitter dicks.
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  7. To clarify... the "fucking nope" gif was not in reference to my views on the subject. It was in reference to the post overall as I see it getting heated fast with certain shit stirrers in this site. (Not referring to you.) Hopefully it will not. Please proceed .
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  8. You're missing factors. Schools have dress codes because they want students to look professional and to prepare them for the real world. They're not oppressive in any way so your first point is a tad sketchy. Rape is never the victim's fault of course and I hate victim shaming. With that being said however, you're forgetting something else. TELLING SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING THAT IS GONNA PROTECT THEM ISN'T VICTIM SHAMING!! They don't say that for victims of robbery though. I'm really getting sick and tired of people who have this "Society teaches don't get raped instead of teaching men not to rape" mentality.

    At least you're acknowledging what would happen if it was switched around. Women react differently to certain things. Catcalling for example. I've had guys shout "Nice boobs" at me and I shouted "Nice dick" back at them. But yet other women get all crazy when they get catcalled. As for slapping a girl on the ass, yeah it's pretty rude. Personally I'd rather have someone comment on my ass than slap it ;)
  9. True, but that's not always the case. But then again, I went to a tech school where the dress code was insane. However, if you look at the clothes for girls anymore, it's damn near impossible to find much that doesn't break dress codes. My daughter is a size 1 in women's, and finding her shorts that are suitable to wear to school that don't make her look like she's wearing mom clothes is damn near impossible. Fortunately she's tomboyish and doesn't mind wearing boy's shorts. Hell, finding clothes for my nine year old is becoming a chore. Really, who dresses their nine year old in booty shorts? I want my kids to remain innocent for as long as they can!
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  10. There are stores that specifically sell uniform clothes (at least where I live). Try looking there. Or try telling school officials about your issues finding proper clothing and they could help you. From the time I was in third grade, uniforms became mandatory. We had to wear white collared shirts and blue, black, or khaki slacks. If you were female, you could wear shorts, skirts, dresses, or skorts (skirt and shorts together) as long as they aren't too short and were the colors I mentioned. Boys had to have their shirts tucked and wear belts at all times.

    Holy shit your daughter is TALL O_O I'm a short munchkin so I don't have that problem XD
  11. They don't have to wear uniforms here. XD Back in Florida they did, and it was nice because it was sooo much easier to go shopping for them. I would honestly prefer it if schools went with uniforms. I think it's much easier to shop for, plus, there's less harassment about clothing if kids are all wearing the same thing.
  12. Ohhhhhhh you have a hard time finding clothes in general? O.o Ouch.

    Yes uniform clothes are much easier to shop for and they're cheaper too. Hell I still have some of mine (and can still wear them O_O)
  13. Thaaaaat's not how it goes though. Cause if that were true, boys wouldn't have been able to run around wearing the stupid shit they wear with their pants falling down and their undies showing, etc, etc. @____@ They never get busted for that. It's always girls that ended up in the offices for clothing offenses. Schools that enforce a dress code because they want kids to look professional will go with uniforms or a simple standard that is identical for boys and girls.

    My old high school now has the whole student body wearing polo shirts and khakis. o___o That's it. Which is an excellent way to go for Public Schools in poorassshitghetto neighborhoods cause you can get those anywhere.

    As for the actual topic, yes rape culture does exist. @____@ Rape has been a huge part of history. @Nydanna pretty much explained most of my feelings on that matter.

    It just boils down a few things!

    Girls need to take responsibility for their safety and be SMART about it. Rape is never going to stop happening anymore than MURDERS are going to stop happening. Be conscious of where you're going, who you're with, and don't make obvious stupid decisions. Don't get drunk at a party you don't know anybody, watch your drinks. Don't hookup with strangers. Stay out of Rapetown Oklahoma. It's not gonna protect you 100% (because if some psycho is after you, they're gonna go after you) but it does reduce the chances A LOT.

    And second, teach boys not to be little fucking shits about sex. >:[ That "Teach Boys Not to Rape" thing is NOT a joke, and I WISH it wasn't a necessary thing. But everywhere I turn, some asshole is blaming the girl for getting rape because she was flirting, because she was being vague, because she wanted it yesterday, because she's a slut, because she didn't fight back. And that's WRONG. And if you think Rapetown Oklahoma is just me cracking a joke - NO. IT'S A REAL PLACE. (well you know, it's not actually called rapetown) They actually have billboards up with slogans like "Real Cowboys Don't Rape" because the rape statistics are so high in that town. It's frightening.

    And if you handle those two major things, it will start trickling to our other rape issues like crazy bitch women that cry wolf, guys who get raped (because yes, yes they CAN get raped), and the other stuff. People are not properly educated on sex, consent, relationships, etc and this is a result of that. D:
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  14. Yes they do. I see it all the time where I live and it happened all the time when I was in middle school and high school. It's getting to the point where if boys are caught with sagging pants, they may get arrested and sent to jail. Your point is false. Boys DO get busted for breaking dress codes. You just don't see it where YOU live. Or you're ignoring evidence that clearly points to it. That IS how it goes.

    You can do that and at the same time NOT TREAT MEN LIKE CRIMINALS IN THE PROCESS. Teaching men not to rape is stupid because they KNOW rape is wrong. They just DON'T CARE. It's like teaching people not to kill or steal. Completely pointless. Teaching people about consent and sex is fine but the whole "Teach Men Not To Rape" IS A JOKE. Why? Because it assumes all men are rapists. News flash: They aren't. While you're at it, how about teaching girls not to be lying bitches and ruin men's lives with false accusations?
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  15. Nope. No it doesn't. Just because there are ISSUES doesn't mean we have a rape culture. Just like the wage gap, rape culture doesn't exist. Did you watch the videos I posted?
  16. Rape culture does exist. Just go on Facebook or Youtube's comment section. You'll feel violated without fail.
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  18. Now that I can agree with. Don't forget about Tumblr!
  19. I dunno. Do people also think the government is out to personally get them?

    It's a nice fantasy that people create to make themselves feel more important than they actually are. No different than the people who believe that all Muslims are terrorists out to get white suburbia, or that blacks are all thieves who will indoctrinate your children into gang culture through rap music. If you really want to get an accurate measurement of what a culture thinks of rape, just look to its laws and artistic expressions. Art reflects a culture's feelings, and law reflects a culture's values.

    In the western world, rape is a crime considered so heinous, that while you can have convicted serial murderers be portrayed in a forgiving light via media, I've never heard of a single male rapist character being considered anything less than supremely evil. It's actually a trope, and has been for decades--if not centuries outright--that if you want to portray a villain as being beyond salvation, that you simply have them rape a woman or a child. In law, it ranks among some of the worst of the indictable (severe) offenses. It should speak volumes that the one type of crime that got its own TV spin-off from Law and Order was all about sexual violence, and that it opens with "In the Criminal Justice System, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous..." Child Pedophiles rank among the highest prisoner-to-prisoner mortality rate in prisons. Even other prisoners who have committed horrible crimes tend to think lowly of rapists.

    That "1 in 4" figure has no logical, citationable source, and the number changes on an arbitrary basis. The Criminal Justice System has already done a report on this, it's one of the rarest crimes to appear. Even if you account for the fact that only about 20% of people report the crime, and then assume that every single report of the crime is accurate and not a vindictive lie, the rate becomes about 3%. That's still nowhere near 25%.

    Speaking of vindictive lies, another piece of vile stupidity that needs to go away: That we should always believe in the victim.

    I'm not sure people understand what a "victim" is in the eyes of the judicial system. The victim can be either the accused or the accuser: A person accused of rape can have their entire career destroyed and their personal reputation tarnished beyond repair. Therefore, the entire process of gathering information, asking questions, interrogating both parties, et cetera? That's part of the process of determining who the victim is. So when idiots screech "believe the victim", that's exactly what the justice system is doing. It's just trying to figure out who the victim is first, so as to avoid another bout of the Salem Witch Trials.

    And I can actually say this with some certainty, because for the career I'm getting into in the near future, I actually do have to understand some measure of criminal law. Not a lot of it, but some.

    Fashion is not an indicator of rape culture. It's silly to even bring that up. If you want to bring up gendered clothing, that's a fine topic of discussion (because WHY THE FUCK DO WOMEN'S PANTS NOT HAVE POCKETS THIS IS FUCKING STUPID POCKETS ARE THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD RARRFEAWEFAWEFJAWIEFOJAWEFAIWEFOJ~) but it really has nothing to do with rape culture.

    If you want an example of rape culture, it exists in the middle east right now and it's enslaving thousands of women to be breeding fuck toys for ISIL, and/or murdering them for trying to get an education. If you sincerely believe in a rape culture that exists in the west, I urge you to look at the middle east and ask yourself that question again. Because in order to believe in the "1 in 4" figure, you first have to believe that we can rape millions of people (mostly women) and then somehow cover that up, when thousands of women being raped on the other side of the world is an immediately noticeable and terrifying phenomena.

    Is it fair that women are more likely to be raped than men? No. Is it fair that men are six times more likely to suffer assaults, have jail times 40% longer than their female counterparts for equal crimes, and account for over 90% of workplace fatalities? No. Is life fair? No. You're born with a set of circumstances you have to live with, because life goes on in complete indifference, no matter how much you may hate it. Is it worth addressing and trying to improve? Yes. Is it worth doing so by spreading fear mongering, bullshit statistics, and abandoning core principles of the judicial system like "innocent before proven guilty?" No.

    If you can't understand why, then I envy your ignorance of history, and the millions who died over hundreds of years to buy you a society in which you could have the choice to profess a lack of belief in the system.
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  20. And the winner is.......