Random Slice of Life RP anybody?

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  1. I've thought it out of some random slice of life RP, not sure if anybody's interested in this setting~

    The main setting of the place is a small town situated around a small hill named Bukit Biru, where you can see the whole town at its summit. There's also a old (almost abandoned) bird-shaped playground at the top of that hill that is made of concrete & metal, where most childrens' of the 80s & 90s spent their childhood on. In the town center, there's a market & shopping centre just like the usual. There's a tidbits store & a school, which may possibly be one of the main focus of the story.

    So anyone?
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  2. Isn't the existence of magic rather incompatible with slice of life? Given that slice of life refers to an anime set in our world with no strange themes.

    Also, no offense but I can't really see this getting much interest, not because of the setting (though a little more detail would be nice), but because you've written about the existence of a "main character". No one wants to join an RP where the GM has actually openly declared that their character is more important than everyone else's.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, didn't realize that I emphasized the main character, so I edited my interest check, but ended up shortening the details. Seems that I've used the wrong genre for this too, as this is a bit inspired from South Park where there're parodies of real life infos O.o ...
  4. I do like the setting though. It feels quite nostalgic, somehow, but I think it needs a little more development. Perhaps some kind of underlying plot? The abandoned park seems to be a prominent feature, so some kind of objective involving that might be good. Slice of life RPs tend to fail if there's no particular plot to follow.
  5. I'm thinking of touching the topic of people demolishing old stuffs unnecessarily when its still usable o.o
  6. I'm not really sure what you mean by that. Do you have any expectation of how such a plot might span out? The group trying to get the park renovated or something instead of demolished perhaps?
  7. You mean like the building community is like this take out this old (but functional) old building to build the beginning of a mini-mall to bring in traffic to our small town (aka trying to put it on the map).

    And the 80s/90s kids are pretty against it?

    Am I following the idea correctly? Cuz if so it sounds awesome :D