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  1. Well, it's pretty much what the title is. It doesn't need a real title for you to know what this is. You can be anything, from a wizard to a talking animal to a dragon, so long as it's been made up before. Maximum of two characters.
    Name: Adelinde
    Title: Adelinde The Untitled
    Species: Dragon
    Gender: female
    Appearance: 75 feet tall, deep green scales with pale green eyes and wing membranes. Four legs, but can be bipedal and the front feet have thumbs. Her snout has lots of bumps and ridges.
    I soared above the city, watching as knights came out with their toothpicks and peashooters, and more humans took out trebuchets. What did they think they could do to me? Unless they had wizards on their side, they'd be losing some livestock. In fact, why bother fighting at all? I was only going to take a few goats today, maybe a princess, but if they annoyed me too much....
  2. Name: Aria Lavalle
    Title: Aria the untitled
    Species: Witch/Wizard whatever fits
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: noloty.jpg


    Aria was lying on her back just looking up at the sky. She was a wanderer, or drifter if you preferred, and finding a stream so close to town was a tiny blessing. After she got a quick drink she decided that this particular area would be a perfect place to settle for a bit. It was relaxing to not have to worry about the stressful life of a village. She often stayed on the outskirts of the villages she passed through, only ever going in for necessities. They were always demanding things of her, trying to tie her down to one place to make her stay and become theirs, a tool just for their use, just because she had some magical abilities. Aria scoffed.

    Aria sat up and wiped her brow, the sun was at its peak. I should build some type of shelter. Pointing to her rucksack that she had discarded near the streams edge she beckoned for the bag to come to her and watched as it glided through the airs towards her until it landed in her arms. It had taken her 2 years to perfect that,and now that she was 17 it seemed to come easier to her. Just as she was about to pull her lunch out of her bag the whole area around her darkened. It was as if the sun had just disappeared. She heard a commotion in the distance in the direction of the town and she sprang up from the ground. The sky darkening, people screaming, this just screamed dragon. She looked around for cover, somewhere to hide out. Dragons weren't exactly the nicest creatures out there, they liked to take things... especially things that did not belong to them, even people, and Aria did not know or want to find out what happened to those people.

    Aria could help the people but then she would be exposed and the dragon would try to kill her, and if she survived by some marvelous miracle she would have to move on to another place fast because all the villagers would be breathing down her neck for everything else. Been there done that. She saw a thick patch of trees and thistle on the other side of the clearing opposite the stream and made a break for it. Those trees could hide her until the dragon had already left with what or whoever was unfortunate enough to be taken and then she would be in the clear.
  3. athena.jpg

    Name: Tula
    Title:The Anointed
    Species: Human Paladin
    Appearance: A soldier of the Holy Church, she wears her hair cropped short like all soldiers. Her functional leather brigantine is supplemented with bits and pieces of heavy plate mail from the Church armories. The shield was a gift from her departed father, forged in the likeness of the Goddess to guard her in battle. It functions as her holy symbol.

    Tula burst out of a sound sleep at the sound of mounted knights galloping by. She sat up in bed with a wild expression, gazing out her window at the men traveling by with lances and heavy armor. She scrambled to her feet and started strapping on bits of armor. Faint screams of the word dragon reached her ears, and she stiffened for an instant in fear.

    Stepping into her boots and greaves, she tightened a final strap, shoved her crested helm onto her head, and dashed out the door, grabbing the rose-bronze sword and graven shield that always hung ready on either side of the entrance.

    As she stumbled out the door, she noticed a large shadow gliding past in the middle distance, and she took off sprinting toward it, heading for the nearest cover she could spot. That stand of trees should do nicely.

    Barreling into the wooded area at top speed, she ran straight into Aria and fell backward onto her butt with a heavy clank, yelling, "OOF."

    Straightening the helm which had fallen over her eyes, she spotted the strange woman and called out to her without getting up from her kneeling position.

    "Please! You! You have to help me, my brothers will die fighting this horrible thing!" Her fierce grimace gradually softened to sadness as tears streamed from the corners of her squinted eyes.
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  4. Aria was so close... so close. All she had to do was get into the tree and wait it out... but no fate totally said otherwise. She was preparing to get out of sight when a fully armored being came crashing into her. She fell backwards from the force and caught herself on her elbows. She got up rubbing her back and looked at the stranger. It was a lady warrior, and by the looks of her attire she was a paladin. Aria took a step back and was about to disappear into the woods when the woman began to cry.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Please! You! You have to help me, my brothers will die fighting this horrible thing!" Aria stopped in her tracks and turned to face the woman. Her heart clenched as she watched tears pour down the Paladins face.[/BCOLOR] She could just leave and save herself the trouble. She had barely escaped her last run in with a dragon. But then she remembered the night they came for her mother as she ran through the village screaming and begging for someone to help but her cries fell on deaf ears. She remembered how she felt when they dragged her mother away, it was horrible,no one should go through that. This woman was crying and asking for her help. Everything screamed at her to just run away but she couldn't, it felt as if she were frozen. But how could the woman know, Aria had never used her skills in front of anyone. She narrowed her eyes.

    "How can I be of any help, I am only a mere wanderer, you are a great Paladin, surely you do not need my help." Maybe it was because she was the first person the woman had seen,which was really unlikely but nevertheless She moved towards the woman anyway, after all she couldn't turn away now,that would be too cruel, Aria sighed, she was now involved. "I will be killed or worse I will survive only to be hunted by your villagesmen." She stuck her hand out to lift the woman off the floor.
  5. athena.jpg

    Tula's face burst into a grateful smile when she realized what the woman meant.

    "Thank you!" she cried, accepting the help to lift herself up. She immediately began running toward the dragon without ever letting go of Aria's hand.

    Looking back over her shoulder, she asked, "What do you mean you'll be hunted?"
  6. noloty.jpg

    Aria let herself be pulled towards the village but she remained tense. She was not used to people touching her, after being on her own for a while. As they got closer the noise grew louder. "You must know something of my abilities if you sought out my help. People only wish to have power, and when they know what I can do they will seek me out, and if I do not agree to go into service they will hunt me down like a pack of hell hounds, confine me and use my ability as they please, it has happened before. And as for the dragon it is a massive creature, slightly larger than average, with my current level of magic I can only hold it or merely slow it down for a short amount of time, enough for you to find your brothers and devise a plan or escape, but it will have surely made off with something or someone by then." Aria tried to steady her breathing and wondered how she was going to get out alive this time. She kind of understood it taking animals, it wanted food... but did that mean that it ate humans too,why else would it take people.

    She shook her head. She had to focus.
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Trick
    Title: The Trickster
    Species: Elf Rogue
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (Picture above except he has two daggers on his sides)

    "DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!" The crowd shouted while Trick, and his opponent were having a drinking contest in a shady bar. The man, Trick was up against, was a big burly man, who is regularly a champion at these types of games. As they kept downing alcohol, Trick did not look drunk in the slightest. As they kept drinking eventually the big burly man passed out, thus Trick winning the game. "Bring the coins in you lightweights!" Trick said in a cocky tone. After a few dirty looks from the man's friends, Trick went to go sit at the bar, and talk to the bartender. As Trick appeared the bartender whispered "There I did as you asked. I made your drink non alcoholic, while he had actual ale. Can you please get rid of the debt now?" The bartender said in a worried, and hushed tone. Trick starts laughing, "You wish!" Trick said hysterically. Trick than puts on a smiling yet serious face, and looks the bartender straight in the eye, and says with a scary tone. "I would stop asking that question if I were you. Unless you want people to hear about those nasty favors I did for you." The bartender than starts wiping tables with a worried look on his face, pretending they did not talk. "That's what I thought." Trick said in a sassy tone.

    Eventually a towns person came in screaming, "Run a dragon is attacking!" Everyone bolted out of the bar. I could perhaps get a piece of that dragon's scales. It would make me the richest man here!. Trick thought to himself. He quickly grabbed his daggers, and decided to find this dragon at any cost. After a walk he came across where the dragon is. It was one of the scariest things Trick has witnessed. He had second thoughts about this plan, but he was no quitter, he was going to get a scale. He than decided to look around the area hiding from sight. He than sees two women hiding, and conversing. Trick than fixes his hair, and stealthy makes his way to the women talking. "Hello ladies. May I assist you in taking down this dragon?" He said in a charming voice, hoping to get their approval.
  8. Tula boggled at the revelation. "You're a wizard?!" She truly had thought of her as just the first person she ran into.

    "Listen, I'll make sure none of that happens. I swear it." She gripped the mage's hand tightly through her leather glove.

    "But we have to work together and kill that dragon! ..Or at least drive it off. Winter is coming, and we cannot afford to lose any more animals.

    And I wont let my people be carried off for food by some wretched monster!" She yelled self-righteously.

    Turning to look at the elven rogue, she added, "Yes! By all the gods if you can hold a blade then yes, come with us! Innocent lives hang in the balance!"
  9. I made tight circles. I swooped near a tower in the castle, making to grab someone, but thought better of it. Maybe I'll just destroy the whole city.... I thought. No, it'll only benefit me once. This won't be worth it for the livestock either.... Then an idea struck me. I'd take control over the whole thing! I landed in front of a castle, blasted fire into the air, and bellowed, "I DEMAND TO SEE YOUR KING!"
  10. Aria mentally cursed at herself. How in the heck did she just giveaway that she was a wizard like that. The Paladin did not even know until she confirmed it. Shoot. How could she ensure her safety, Paladins were well respected but did their influence carry that far. She did not know if she should put all her faith in this woman, but at the moment she had no other choice. She could always just help with the dragon and when it was over silently slip away before anyone could notice, or the theory of whether she would be safe from he village people could be tested. Yes that's what she would do. Everyone would win.

    " We can not kill that dragon, not unless you have a sword forged of dragon's scale or claw just laying around, the only thing that can pierce a dragons hide is another dragon, or it's scales, and I suspect that you have neither."Aria took in the smiling Elven Rouge and scowled almost noticeably. She'd had some bad encounters with Rogue Elves, Every time she came across one she was left with a lot less than she started with. Maybe it was because she was too naive,and trusting, and did not have a bone in her body to ignore a request for help. And it didn't help one bit that they were all so freaking attractive, with their stupid smug grins, and ridiculously charming attitudes, her scowl deepened and she looked at the Paladin in disbelief when she accepted his help. Did she not know anything about Rogue Elven. She turned to face the Rogue.

    "What do you get out of helping us?" Why am I sitting here debating this when there is a dragon flying just above our heads? We have no time for this. Like she said innocent lives are at stake. If he had already received permission from the Paladin who was she to refuse. She would just deal with it until she could slip away, he had nothing to do with her. She faced the Paladin again "I can restrain it a bit with my magic, and then it will come after me and I can lead it away from the village, and that will give you enough time to find your brother or do you have a better plan?" She tried her best to keep any anger out of her voice as she spoke to the Rogue again. She shouldn't judge one person based off of her experience with others but she couldn't help it. "You have anything to add?"
  11. "Do it," Tula answered, gazing grimly at the dragon. she lowered the visor of her helm with a metallic chink.

    "And then I'll kill it. You may be right that I can't breach it's hide, but every monster has eyes."

    Without waiting for a response, she hefted her sword over her shoulder and started running toward the dragon. She yelled and waved her arms to get it to lower it's scaly head into striking range.

    "HEY! Great Worm! Face me, and I shall introduce you to the King of Heaven!"
  12. Trick looked at Aria with a charming smile. "What do I get out of helping? Milady, a drop of that dragon's blood is worth more than any rare flower. Also who wouldn't want to sleep with a handsome, rich, dragon slaying elf?" Trick said in a cocky tone. Trick noticed the slight hatred in Aria's tone, but it only caused him to fix his hair more, and look straight into her eyes with his beautiful deep green eyes. He wanted to be on her good side, so he could use her for later purposes. Once hearing the plan Trick thought to himself for a little. How do I get a drop of its blood, or a scale? He thought for a second, but after a second Aria asked another question snapping him out of his trance. "Well we could blind it by cutting it's eyes, and than it will have to rely on smell. So I could run out of the town with you, and we can trick it by diverting paths." Trick added with confidence. He than got close to Aria, and kissed her hand. "Also I just wanted to add that you are beautiful milady." He said in a soothing voice.

    Trick than saw the paladin run to get the dragon's attention. "Game time milady! Don't hurt yourself." Trick said with a charming wink. Trick than pulled out his daggers, and climbed to the top of the tree. He than proceeded to wait for the time to strike from the shadows.
  13. Aria's eyes narrowed when the Rogue's smile seemed to intensify. Of course, dragons blood. She should have figured, a pint of that stuff alone could support this whole village for years. She should have anticipated that was what he was after. She scoffed. What did it matter anyway she would never have to see him again after this.

    Aria took a step back when the Rogue stepped towards her and took her hand. She wanted to use her magic and send him flying, but that would be a total waste of her energy, like earlier when she could have walked to get her bag. He bent down and kissed her hand. "Also I just wanted to add that you are beautiful milady." Aria snatched her hand out of his and began to back up. That's always how they tried to get you. Captivate you with smooth talk and then bam your screwed. She wasn't going to fall for it this time.

    As he ran away from her she glared in his direction and just yelled after him. "Yeah well just stick to the plan and worry about your self!" She darted after the Paladin. Once she was running the same pace she yelled over the noise. "I can only distract it for so long. You have to find an opening and launch an attack at it's eyes. Do not get in the range of it's mouth we do not know if it is a fire breather!"

    Aria stopped running and stood up straight. This would take a tremendous amount of her magic, this dragon was enormous. She would have to rest and lick her wounds after she got into the forest. She took a deep breath and gathered up her magic. When she felt it compressed in her palms, her hands began to shake as she aimed them at the soaring beast. She let go of her magic and like an arrow it shot at the dragon. It would not kill it of course, only slow it down. She felt a taut pull as if there was a rope between the dragon and her.

    Aria kept her palms open and rooted her feet in the ground. "Do it now!" She did not know how long it would last and the dragon would certainly come after her now it knew she was a wizard. She could feel the magic draining from her and she felt a bead of sweat drip down her face. She had to try harder. She pushed more of her magic through the bond.
  14. An elf was in a tree, I had to squint to see the little worm. Something else called me a worm. I didn't like this. A short spurt of flame came from my mouth and hit the base of the tree, igniting it. I looked down my nose at the one who insulted me, my head still high. I felt myself glued in place. Damn it, a witch. I roared in frustration. I wouldn't hurt anyone if they didn't hurt me. "Stop it, worms!" sparks flew from my nostrils out of anger, but weren't enough to damage anyone. What should I say? Their ruler is too frightened to come and speak to me... I guess this place is pretty much mine. "I am taking control of this place! I ask for livestock and jewels every month, in return I'll aid you in battle." I made it short and simple, before anyone could attack.
  15. Trick was waiting for the right time to strike the dragon in the eye. Although to his surprise the dragon saw him first, and it rudely shot fire at the trunk of the tree he was on. Trick was very alerted, and started swinging across a few branches with his amazing dexterity, and speed. Before the tree was totally enveloped in flame, he was able to tumble on top of a building. Trick than sighed deeply, and fixed his hair. "Man I know I was flaming, but you did not have to be so rude about it." He said with a snicker. Trick ignored whatever the dragon said, he wanted that blood. Trick than made his way quickly to the front of the castle where the dragon was, hoping the witch could hold him for a little longer.
  16. The elf leapt out of the tree, as I knew he would. With surprising agility, he leapt from branch to branch, coming to rest on a building, then came towards me. I shot a flaming warning to the sky, snorted, showering everything with sparks. "Your weapons are less than toothpicks to me, so back off!" I shifted my front feet angrily, then managed to pull one up a few feet, but that was all.
  17. Aria was struggling. The dragon was putting up a fight and she was straining to remain in control. It had managed to lift one foot. She pushed her magic even harder. Why cant I ever just mind my own buisness. This is really bad. It felt as if she had been doing this for hours. Her arms were shaking as her magic flooded through the bond. She had never in her life used this much magic all at once.

    The dragon continued to make demands and claim ownership of the village and it had blown fire at the tree the Rogue disappeared up. Aria tried hard to keep the smirk off her face... she really did. He was ok, she had seen him make his escape through the trees and she went back to focusing on the dragon. Worry about yourself El- she could not continue that thought as she was hit with an intense feeling of dizzyness. She staggered back a bit and brought her hand up to the side of her face where she felt wetness drip from her ear. She brought her hand before her eyes and saw blood. Well this can not be good.But I have to hold on for a little longer the Paladin needs this. If I stop now someone will surely die.

    she tried to get the dragons attention. That was part of the plan right? Lead it to the trees away from the village. Then they would split up. She hoped the Rogue was following the plan. But for the dragon to follow her she would have to stop the bond so that it could move. Maybe she could use tgat time to recharge a bit. Her magic still on the dragon she yelled to it. " Hey dragon! Beast! Over here. Leave these people be. Come for me I am challenging you. why do You attack weak defenseless people you over grown beast, that is cowardice."

    Aria began to steadily back up away from the village. She had hoped that she had angered the dragon enough, or had intrigued it enough to follow her. Blood still running down her face, she stopped the flow of magic. If the dragon followed her she would have to run, and run fast to make it to the clearing outside of the village, where hopefully the elf wolud be but if the dragon did not follow her that meant she would have to resume holding it until someone could kill it, scare if off, or until she fell unconcious from overusing her magic. Aria was breathing heavy as she waited for the dragon to acknowledge her, waiting to see if she would need to start restraining it again. She felt tired.
  18. "Coward, am I? I attack weak defenseless people, do I? I haven't harmed anyone. I do not accept your challenge, for I am Adelinde, a very disdainful dragon." I suddenly felt the spell being lifted. I lashed out my tail and knocked over a knight, who got up and backed away. "I would say you're the cowards, putting me under a spell so I can't move, but it's been lifted." I lifted a foot victoriously. I spread my wings, stretched them, and closed them again. Boy, I'm in a real mess now. If the witch, wherever they are, could be her, she's bleeding, puts another spell on me, who knows what'll happen?
  19. Aria suddenly got an idea. Perhaps she should have thought about this before they had decided to attack. The dragon could clearly speak, so maybe they should have tried to talk to it. Maybe they could negotiate with it. She held up her hands at the ready to use her power again if necessary.

    "Drago- Adelinde, may I call you that, as you have called yourself. We seek to negotiate with you. We ask that you kindly remove yourself from the village into the clearing as to remove the chaos. I have companions that can help.

    Aria felt that that was as diplomatic as she could have ever sounded. She was breathing heavily and had to stop to catch her breath. If the dragon declined the Paladin or the Rogue would likely kill her. They could go to the clearing and just the three of them talk it out. If not she would probably end up with a sword in her eye. If that could be avoided why not. It would be such a shame if the elf did not get his scale... she smiled.

    "If you refuse we will be forced to take further defensive actions."
  20. "No, I am Great And Powerful Dragon to you. But what's in it for me?"
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