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  1. So I'm new the the roleplay scene but I have been writing myself for about eleven years now. I took a quick glance of the website and have a pretty decent idea on how the roleplays get started and how they run. I started up this account because I had two roleplay ideas that I've been dying to try out. Although I feel as though it would be more thrilling for me if I play it out with another person; and that is what brought me here ^^


    These are the roleplay ideas I have came up with so far, Please let me know what you think and if any of them interest you.

    1. Creature x Human
    I have a HUGE obsession for werewolves and vampires and I will not hesitate that I found twilight to be such a disgrace on the vampire side. Although I do love her idea of a werewolf imprinting on a human.

    So I wanted to do a roleplay based off of the "imprinting" idea.

    I would play the human female and the creature could be a werewolf or vampire. If we do vampire I prefer to keep it old school such as how the vampires were in "interview with a vampire" or "queen of the damned" So most of the roleplay if using a vampire would be done at night.

    If we do a werewolf the setting can take place anytime during the day, that doesn't bother me. You can describe his transformation anyway you would like but I do ask that in his human appearance he looks more like a brute. Very Tall, very muscular to fit the part.

    And this roleplay would basically be a romance story between the two of them. I wanted to start the roleplay off with him noticing her somewhere and he starts to follow her. Can't explain why he's following her and it gets to the point where he follows her home one night and she feels him through the shadows and calls him out on it, or maybe she gets in a car accident or is about to get attacked he saves her. She starts running from him cause she doesn't know why he's following her etc. This one like I said I just want a romance story, that ties in with imprinting. It's a rough idea so i'm open to ideas and suggestions.

    2. A brute and his slave
    So this idea is also a rough idea, but I wanted it to take place in like a Game of Thrones setting. It doesn't have to be related to Game of Thrones in any way. I just like the setting. The plot behind this roleplay is this...

    A prince that rules keeps his soldiers in the palace with him and each solider is assigned a slave who is to keep her solder happy in any means that he ask. Only way to free yourself as a slave and from his presence is to leave the castle in his body bag. The slaves have to fulfill all his needs including sexual desires and their one rule is to never kiss their owner on the lips. Only time a slave is able to do this action is if the soldier proposes and marries her. Removing her from the slave life. Slaves are not aloud to be tossed around from one solder to another which is why if a soldier gets tired of you. They take your life.

    The soldiers are so powerful and brutal that there is only fifty of them at a time. Forty three of them are married the rest are not.

    Your character would be the leader of all of them. He's the most nastiest and violent, and goes through slaves like we go through rolpelays. My character is his new female slave that catches him off guard by her beauty, her wits, and her strength. I have a lot of detail and ideas for this one that we can go over in PM if any one is interested. ​
    And yeah... that's a quick run down on the ideas I had. Again I'm new here so any questions that you have feel free to ask. I didn't want to post any rules yet only because I wanted to see if anyone would be interested with the ideas. We can go over everything in more detail. These are roleplays that I really want to last for as long as possible so if these roleplays don't interest you. Or if you don't think you would be able to roleplay for a decent period of time please do not respond.
  2. Hey there!

    If you're looking for just one partner, this would probably fare better in the Seeking One on One Partners threads. c:

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you lol. I thought so I wasn't sure of this was just were people just posted ideas. Still new and figuring things out.
  4. No worries-- hopefully you'll get more responses in that section. c:

    Welcome and best wishes!
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