Quietly Into The Night


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The first attack was in Holland, November 21st, 2012.

The next day, the birds vanished from the sky.

On day three, the second attack was made.

They used our DNA against us, the whole
ecosystem reprogrammed at a genetic level.

Spores fell upon the city and we turned on
one another, murdering and destroying.

Animals grew to predatory size and hunted
in packs, while men and women tore each
other apart. Even the trees turned toxic
and bacteria became pandemic virus.

Then the oil was hit.

The Middle East was vapourised in systematic
strikes, the saucer ships materialising in every
Arab sky.

Pakistan, Korea and Syria
managed to fire off some
nukes before the end,
but this only worsened
the damage.

In seven hours the fossil
fuels were choked.

On day five the tsunamis struck,
as synchronised seismic events
parted the oceans.

Japan, London, Paris, the
Mediterranean, the Eastern
Seaboard - all gone.

And then they came, in force,
in their living machines.

Our world was lost.

This is the story of the survivors, who tried to rebuild their world.
This is an RP about survival, desperation and rebuilding lives. It is not a shoot 'em up and the aliens will be mostly unseen. The emphasis is on moral dilemma, emotional drama and realistic consequences.

My group will be on a convoy fleeing the city.

Diana's group will be at Gentry, an isolated farming community that has survived the worst of the invasion.

These two groups are about to meet.

[b]What you did before:[/b] 
[b]What you do now:[/b]

Please don't ramble on about your background, personality and equipment. That's what the IC is for.

Name: Jason Holby

Appearance: Caucasian, average build and underfed.

What you did before: Truck driver, making deliveries over the Maine and Canadian borders.

What you do now: Convoy leader, on account of his truck and his knowledge of the roads.

Name: Avery Ludvigsen

Appearance: Auburn hair, green eyes, fair skin, strong body from working.

What you did before: Avery worked on her father's farm, in charge of the animals.

What you do now: She continues to work on her father's farm. Helping to provide meat and fresh food for the people of Gentry.

Name: Mei Xing Sun (Just goes by Mei)

Appearance: Chinese-American, short black hair, brown eyes

What you did before: Medical Nurse for some run-of-the-mill hospital

What you do now: Works to keep the convoy healthy and occasionally acts as a voice of reason.

Name: Haruka Eiden

Appearance: Five feet tall, red-brown hair, brown eyes, athletic

What you did before: College Student; third year, Electrical Engineering

What you do now:
Convoy Technician, works to keep generally any machine working properly and at optimum efficiency.

Robert Ludvigsen

What you did before: Run a farm, hunting, fishing, partake in local politics.

What you do now: Run a farm, help the town to keep the enviorment safe from the rumoured aliens and town folks turning on each other, dugnad.

Sylvia Ludvigsen

What you did before: Worked on her dad's farm, active member of the local gun-club, hunting.

What you do now: Works on her dad's farm, guard-patrolling the farm, hunting.


Farren Harley

What you did before: Ran a dinner/ truck stop in Gentry

What you do now:
Provides the people of Gentry with fresh food and water if they no longer have nesseities in their own homes. Also is the last supply of gas available in the city.

(Asmo, if you need more men hit me up, I can throw a male character togehter if you need one)
I urge anyone who plans to be a resident of Gentry to plot character-relations with fellow "Gentries". It's a small town, so everybody should have some relationship with each other.
Well trosty, if you are will my character could work with your characters on preserving anything they hunt and grow. I was planning on having the dinner being more or less flipped so that she could do more preserving so that food lasts. Also, I assume that some things in the dinner might not work anymore after the aliens came, like gas lines for the stove and such.
Name: Jennifer Moss
Appearance: About 5'4 in height with long straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. Of some Latina heritage.
What you did before: Wife, mother of two. Domestic Goddess of her home in Gentry
What you do now: Town loon
That sounds like a great link-up! Diana and I plotted that there could be different kinds of organized "aid-stations" set up in the town-market/centre that would be working to help the inhabitants get by in this time of need.

As for now only a soup-kitchen ran by the Ludvigsen family was suggested. For Farren to play a major role in the hands-on work with this(looks to me) as something ideal for a person of her occupation, when it comes to handling rations of food handed out and the serving itself.


Also, this opens for Sylvia to deliver food from the farm directly to Farren's dinner for storage.

Erm...am I being to direct and descriptive with my plottings?
Not at all, actually I think I'm missing a little bit. It might have been how I read it or the fact that I'm currently taking pain killers for my stupid back and it's making my mind fuzzy. So what you are saying is that Farren would be like the soup kitchen that you and Diana had planned earlier? She would be the one to hand out food to people as well as store any of the food that is grown or hunted for the city? She would basically turned her busincess into a help shelter? I said truck stop since most have a lot of stuff, like a place to sleep or public showers so if people lost their homes completely them they can stay there as well. I hope I read that right, like a said I'm currently on pain killers so my brain is taking things weirdly. >.<
Name: James Harrison

Appearance: 5'10", somewhat well-built

What you did before: Recent university graduate, degree in International Relations

What you do now: Acts as a cook for the convoy
[size=+1]Name:[/size] Noel Lowe
[size=+1]Appearance:[/size] Tall, athletically built, a tad on the malnourished side
[size=+1]What You Did Before:[/size] High-School Student, occasional troublemaker
[size=+1]What You Do Now:[/size] Sister defending, driving in the convoy

[size=+1]Name:[/size] Katie Lowe
[size=+1]Appearance:[/size] Small, pale, also somewhat malnourished
[size=+1]What You Did Before:[/size] Schoolkid, dreamer, writer, photographer
[size=+1]What You Do Now:[/size] Documenting the last days of the human race, sticking with her big brother
Name: Lucas Polonsky


What you did before: Army mechanic, ran away when the attacks on the cities began.

What you do now: Convoy mechanic, driver.
Name: Maricela 'Mars' Ortega

6 and a half months pregnant

What you did before:
High school drop out moonlighting as a punk rock drummer supporting her alcoholic father

What you do now:
Finding ways to make herself useful so she can stay in the convoy. Dealing with that whole lactation thing.