PSA Of the Day: If it doesn't say "Debate", don't try to Debate!

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  1. We are doing Public Service Announcements all January long and today's PSA is a fun problem that comes up all the time. Every few months we're having to slap people around with a reminder.

    If that thread isn't marked as DEBATE - don't turn it in to one.

    People love sharing their opinions and point of views on topics. We like to encourage this, because it's a great way to learn things and get to know each other. But most people do NOT like to be questioned, corrected, belittled, forced to defend themselves or hassled when they're sharing their opinions. They just want to chat and be heard.

    We have two handy prefixes so you can easily tell the difference between a Discussion topic, where people just want to casually talk about something and a Debate topic where people are actively looking for a back and forth debate on morality, philosophy, and opinions.

    It's very important to NOT turn a Discussion topic in to a Debate. This is disrespectful to the thread starter and other members. It ALWAYS ends with people getting yelled at and the topic getting closed. In extreme circumstances it can end with people getting banned. NOT because we don't welcome debates, but because you're being careless and irritating the crap out of people in a place where you shouldn't be debating.


    - Don't take the bait. People love making statements to get people responding. They will question you directly, misconstrue your statements, make troll comments, or play devil's advocate. Ignore it. Things can't become a debate if you don't respond.

    - Don't respond to people you don't like or that regularly piss you off. We know that some of you can't help yourselves and you just HAVE to dress down those members you hate - BUT JUST DON'T. This is as disruptive and bad as those people you fuss about.

    - If you REALLY REALLY want to debate that subject - start a new topic! You're totally allowed to AND because the topic is marked as Debate people know exactly what they are getting in to. As long as everyone is civil, you can debate until your penises fall off.

    - Is a thread getting out of hand and someone hasn't stepped in yet to mediate? Alert the staff! Sometimes we do miss things. Shining light on potential problem threads lets us know when something might blow up and we can simmer it down before it does. This saves a thread from getting closed, and saves dummies from ending up in trouble.

    With your cooperation, we can keep the general topics area fun and free of annoyances! :D
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  2. I feel like this needs to be permanently posted as a sticky in General Chatting. :lol:
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  3. I don't have this measure of when to stop. Does this mean I can debate forever?
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  4. Just wow.
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  5. I think @fatalrendezous has just figure out why women are always right. I'm sorry to all you married men, except I'm not.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Reminder for the kids: "logic" and "emotion" are not actually opposites of one another lolololol k
  7. Hey hey. A debate isn't a fight. An argument is a fight.
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  8. That's why I like saying the word discussion or dialogue instead of debate. Even though saying "Let's have a dialogue" sounds a little mafiaish.
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  9. XD Ya but when I say debate (in the informal social sense; becuase you can do formal debateing as well); I mean a lively discussion with opposing views. I did a rant on this recently in a thread then posted it to my blog. >.>

    Me and my friend's call them debates to differentiate between low key discussoons which are relaxing; and debates which can be either draining or invigorating depending on the person. That way somone knows a debate is coming and can say they don't want to do that right now.
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  10. No, Lysander. Fuck you. You meant it in the negative sense, and now you're just trying to cover your ass. You coward.
  11. @Asmodeus:
    So... <3 <3 <3 Asmo! Hope you have a great day! Thank's for helping show us how somone would act if they were trying to create an argument. ^_^
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  12. Sorry guys. I don't know who let him in here.
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  13. >:[

    I'll be avenged.
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  14. Yup... got my revenge.... I think. >__>
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  15. We have an announcements forum?

    I second this, though perhaps adding it to the FAQ instead might be less clutterful.
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  16. So...I'm pretty sure Asmo did that thread out of spite against me. So I'm to blame. *somehow feels proud & ashamed at the same time*

    ...That also might be very arrogant of me. *gets really introspective*
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  17. So.... Science versus religion, anyone?
  18. Do it. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  19. Who reads the FAQ thread? Definitely not the people who would do it anyway.
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