Prophesied Destruction

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  1. Two thousand five hundred and twenty seven years ago Hades fathered a demi-god son, a mortal woman knowing full well who the God was and taking his glory into her bed when he asked without hesitation. It was an honor to her, for the God she worshiped to want her to be the mother of his child instead of the Goddess who did not love him. Not one of the Gods knew that the child was born, healthy and silent as the grave and only three years later a daughter was born to the same woman. When rumors started to fly and the son of Apollo started having visions as his father did it was a sign that the worshipers weren't just making things up again and surely enough, when Zeus sent one of his sons to investigate, he found the woman with both of the children hiding in the bedroom of her home.

    She was a widow, her husband having been a sacrifice to one of the other Gods when they thought he had gone against the Gods and now, the woman stood in front of the small children, the brother holding his baby sister in his arms protectively, and refused to allow the demi-god to take them. Hades admired her courage and came to them before the Son of Zeus could strike a blow to the woman and take the children. 'No Zeus. You can have mine as much as I can have yours.' He said and a wave of power stopped the man in his tracks. 'If anyone so much as thinks of harming this woman, they may well end up a new toy for Cerberus'

    Sixteen years later, the two had been living in the Underworld, raised with death and torture like no other demi-god child, in places that which no one could touch. Apollo's visions had stopped for a great time and perhaps disaster had been averted but his son knew better after a time. Auria was going to destroy the world one day, sooner so if they left her on her current pathway through Hell. The son of Apollo was brought from his home to track down the children who would all one day play a part that the world wasn't ready for. Some would go to Chaos, others would fight him. It was a time soon coming and the Gods guided him as Apollo and Artemis came with him to find the five demi-gods that would change the course of the future.

    When the young man turned twenty-one they located the Children of Hades and made their way to the Underworld where Gods and Monsters fought for the children. The son of Apollo managed to make both of them slumber for two thousand years, taking from them what they would need to alter their paths. Auria's memories to take her desire to destroy. William; his heart so he may one day kill his own little sister. Before he finally retreated into his own slumber.

    All over the world, everywhere close to an entrance to the Underworld, monsters are gathering and growing restless, Gods and realizing that the two really are threats so many years later. Dylan and Apollo and both having visions again and the prophet has spoken the words no one wanted to hear.

    'On fires colder than winter mountains peek,
    With Death and laughter she shall seek,
    The terror and love of burning blood,
    As darkness falls from the skies above.'
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  8. Sounds like you should be making a son of Thanatos XD
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  10. So I put this up a week ago. If anyone has someone they think would be interested, then please send them our way. I'll be getting the OOC thread up very soon!
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