Project Genesis - Episode Six: Peregrinus Laurifer

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For the first time in years, Sahar had no witty come back. She had no desire to kill or to show off.

“I wish…I wish I could live a life like that. People have all kinds of bad desires for me. They don’t treat me like I’m anything but a tool. If I could trade places with any of other countless girls in this Empire, I would so do it.”

Her red eyes continued to look at Zion. Sahar had never had a close bond to anyone in her life besides for Dr. Sherriden. Sure, there had been that one young man many years in the past but she was only eight then. Memories fade over time and those early years of sheltered life were a lonely flicker that she no longer wanted to remember. Trauma has a way of blocking out things people don’t want to deal with; leaving one with a series of events that may not be the truth of what actually happened, rather what one believes is the truth.

“However. That is something that will never come to pass. I am destined to be this world’s last prophet.” Sahar said.

Zion continued to look at her, “So what are your goals as Prophet?”

“For all my followers…. Rule One: Everyone will be happy. Rule Two: Everyone shall always have a chicken in their pot. Rule Three: Everyone shall be equal. Rule Four: There will be no more suffering.” Sahar recited.

“Cool! But how are you going to prevent suffering?”Zion asked.

“It shall be outlawed. I will make sure only sinners suffer at first. But soon even they will be welcomed into the nation.”

She then smiled, “Do you have any other games, Mr. Zion?”


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Metal skittering across wood had Yuri pressed against the wall. Across the doorway Anna did the same, neither made a sound as the shop area filled with footsteps.

"Here too, god where haven't they hit? Do you think our guys got out?" a voice came, adult male, slightly muffled.

"At least one didn't no one could bleed this much and survive." A second voice, closer, clearer.

"Kitchens been searched, I can see someones opened up the floor."

With a soft metal click the safety on Yuri's pistol came off and a second later someone came through the door.

"Stop right there." He said leveling his gun and the rebel raised his hand and turned around. "I thpugh you'd still be here Yuri, though what happened here?"

Yuri blinked then lowered his weapon. "It was like this when we got here, we were on a mission."

"You two working together again, I though you hated each other now, anyway Anna we have orders to get you back to HQ. Yuri you're coming with us. Something big is happening and It our job to make sure the crusader assholes don't make it through alive. Multiple strikes are planned but we're going after the big prize."

Lieutenant Carson grinned, "We need a sharpshooter and we found you. Now we don't have much time."

He led them back into the shop where five others waited with an old van outside and another rebel keeping watch on a moped.

"Freeman, you take Anna back to base on the vespa, rest of you back into the van."

They were not the first team to arrive. Using the same tactic as with the Tesla the guards outside the broadcasting office had been replaced and their van was waved into the underground parking. Once there they donned ski-masks and parked the van as Carson kept one eye on his watch.

"Remember our primary objective is to shut down the tv network so once the shit hit the fan the crusaders won't be able to rouse support and spread their lies. We believe this will also slow their response and provide a distraction. This building has into own backup generators so cutting the mains is not enough. Manson, Swarts, you know what you have t do."

Two of the rebels nodded and one patted a bag slung over one shoulder.

"Our secondary objection is to bring this place down and destroy any means of perpetuating crusader propaganda. The cast of Infinity and beyond are on set on the fourth floor, eliminating them will not only show the extent of our reach but also show we are not to be mocked. Yes Yuri?"

Yuri looked at the assembled group. "Those are civilians, silencing communications is one thing but.."

Carson raised a hand cutting Yuri off.

"That will be Fergo's and my job and since it involves the most risk Yuri will be covering us." The leader looked at him with cold eyes, "Don't forget what these people did, don't forget the Tesla, don't forget your vow."

Carlson's watch beeped once.


The van's door opened and five figures ran to wards the door into the stairwell. One opened it and the rest rushed through, two heading down, three up.

They burst out of the stairwell Carlson on point, his silenced pistol gripped in both hands.

"Through here." he said as various people in corporate casual attire stared, and died where they stood.

Backstage, Carlson signaled for silence, then pointed at Yuri, then at a ladder up to the walkway above the set. He gave Yuri 90 seconds to take position before he entered.

"CUT!!!! What the hell is this bullshit?" The director shouted standing and throwing own his script. "Rebel Number three, is it? You're early wait for your cue." he made a rude gesture at Carlson then spun around spraying blood as the ever heroic Altem screamed suspended below a fan supposedly hanging from a helicopter.

The real rebels unleashed a hail of lead at the stage crew, who taken by surprise never stood a chance.

The power died.

Yuri blinked in the darkness and below him muzzle flashes signaled more deaths. As the actor playing Altem climbed up the rope he hung from past the stalled fan.

The lights come on and Yuri stared down the length of his rifle into the eyes on the actor who seeing the rebel stared back falling to his knees barrel pointed at his forehead.

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Ada then glanced back and shook her head. The member of Infinity were all fools in her opinion.

“Pay attentions, all you assholes,” Ada started, “I only have room for one person in this airship. And I’m more than sure you fuckers know that your boss is coming with.”

“What?” One of the soldiers then said, “And we’re are we supposed to go? There’s over a hundred and fifty of us. Do you really expect us to go hide in the hills and act like partisans?”

“Yes, I do.” Ada snapped back, “That’s both of the foe’s biggest weaknesses. The Norfolkians have no full time bases in this region and the Crusaders haven‘t been up this way in over a decade. Besides, your guys‘ bases aren‘t that far away. Unless, sitting on the Tesla made all you soldiers a bunch of pussies.”

She did not wait for the man to respond. Ada glanced at Altair telling him it was time to leave. Placing her hands behind her back, she started walking forward towards the airship.

“Ada, wait up.” Altair then said, “I had to take care of some business with Asheron. I want to find Rhi, before we go to find Genesis.”

“No. She left on her own free will. If she didn’t want to stick around then you shouldn’t go chasing a skirt of a woman not interested. Besides, she’s a goddamn 00. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself.” Ada said.

“I’m the one that makes the commands here, remember that.” Altair said.

“Whatever. You want to go down to Semile? Well hurry your ass up. We have about a hour flight ahead of us.”

“Why that long? This machine can move faster than that.”

“Because, we’re in the middle of a war zone. I am not going to risk getting shot down by the Crusaders.”

“But my powers…I can use them to take care of anything those douche bags throw at us.”

“Get that look off your face.” Ada said as she opened the hatch of the airship.

“What look?” Altair responded.

“You’re trying to suppress your anger.” Ada said.

“Of course, I am!” Altair snapped.


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The High Priest Tobias was leaning forward in his chair, looking concerned at the doctors words. "What sort of issues seem to be the problem, Dr. Sherriden?"

"Nothing that the people or yourself need to be concerned with, Celebrate. Project Genesis' design was perfected and as long as Dr. Sherriden didn't fail the project, she is flawless." chimed in David Talbot. He cast an easy smile over at the doctor.

This was when Jerek entered the office. High Priest Tobias gestured a hand, signaling him to stand back and wait by there by the door but to remain in the room.

Amy was glaring directly at Talbot. "Quite easy for you to say, Dr. Talbot, considering your interactions with Sahar have been short and brief." Smoothing out her expression, she focused her attention back on the High Priest. "Sahar is a human being. A person. You can't perfect a human being. Her abilities are extraordinary for sure, but Sahar thinks and feels like any other young woman."

"A young woman that has an intense amount of both physical and mental power." Talbot interjected. "I believe it was your own reports that said Genesis needed to be contained or she might harm more of the project staff." He turned a wide grin to the high priest. "You'll have to excuse Dr. Sherriden, Celebrate. A lonely women tends to adopt things when she can't have children of her own. I've been concerned that she's been too close to the project."

"That project is teenage a girl and right this moment she is lost in a rioting city filled with misled masses, armed military, and dangerous rebels! Pardon me if I'm concerned about her safety and well being beyond her use for the company, you asshole!"

Dr. Talbot gave a wry expression, rising slowly from his seat and button up the front of his blazer. "Interesting that you would lose a child that you were responsible for; if you are so concerned about her welfare. I find it a bit suspicious that here you are safe and sound and Genesis is still missing."

"You sonofa-" Amy was on her feet, and ready to leap at Talbot with whatever instrument she could get her hands on. But it was the High Priest then lifted his hand and cleared his throat.

"That's enough. Please sit back down, Dr. Sherriden. Amy..." he said firm, but gently. Amy slowly returned to her seat, curling her hands tightly over the arms.

Talbot nodded his head to the High Priest. "I assure you Nova Corps is doing exactly what needs to be done about Project Genesis. If you will excuse me..." He turned to leave, passing Jerek without even a single hint that he knew he was there, or even cared. The door closed softly behind him.

Amy was seething. Infuriated. That man was throwing her under a bus to save his own neck. Or the company. Talking about Sahar like she was some sort of object that just needed to be picked up. She casted a glare at the closed door only to notice Jerek standing idly by. There was a look of surprise on her face as she rose to her feet.

"Jerek." she said in greeting, before heaving a heavy sigh and rubbing her face with frustration. Amy took in another breath, a steadying one. Talbot was going to gloss over everything like it didn't matter, but she had things to SAY. "Celebrate, Tobias, please. Sahar is not just some thing created by Nova Corps. She's been out and on her own too long, and I'm worried that she's not going to be in a good condition."

"What IS in her medication, Dr. Sherriden? This is important." Asked Tobias.

"I know it's important. I... Honestly, I am not sure what's in the medication. That ASSHOLE Talbot could have answered the question, but obviously he's too busy trying to cover his own ass to care. We've tried to ween her off the medication before on several occasions, but with each try she would become physically sick. Right this moment, her health could be rapidly declining. I am begging you, Tobias. Please let me find her before it's too late."

Summary: Jerek enters the room in time to hear Talbot insist to the High Priest that Genesis is fine and under control, while casting suspicion on Amy's relationship and motives with the project. Amy tries to explain the need to find Sahar ASAP.
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Television Broadcast/recording Building

The face looking at Yuri saw a far cry from the ballsy hero on the screen.

"Kill him!" Carlson shouted. "KILL HIM SO WE CAN GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!"

Yuri's breath shuddered, despite the knowledge it was a show he came to see the actor as the man he portrayed. The psychic leader of the infinity rebellion, 01, the freak on the tesla.

His face hardened, "I cannot forgive." he said through clenched teeth. "Those were good men, loyal men."

"What?" The actor asked confused and scared.

The shot was the only silenced round fired during the entire operation.

Carlson's watch beeped again and the lights went out, permanently this time as an explosion shook the entire building.

"We're out of here, torches."

Three beams cut thought he darkness illuminating the carnage, and they moved backstage, the others lighting Yuri's decent back down the ladder. And they moved moved as one back down the stairs.

"You ever hesitate again on my watch and you'll be shot as a traitor." Carlson snapped at Yuri as they neared the van. "The rest is up to team 2 we're heading back to base."



The twisting of fate has stolen his chances again.

One obstacle after another, then another, then another. It would seem that the task was given to him would be that of a fool’s errand…

Time again and again, he began to wonder why did he feel such an overwhelming urge to see this child…This woman… This ‘sister’ of his. Why did it matter that he had to return her back to the family?

I aLrEaDy GoOd eNoUgH!

The sudden disappearance of solitude made 02 stop dead in his tracks. A chill went down the back of his spine as his hand slightly quivered, his senses overwhelmed by fear. It was a fear in which he did not understand why he had, but it was there and clung to him like wet clothing.


02 found himself standing in the middle of some fort of ceremonial event, standing in the middle of sort parade. An eruption of sounds seem to appear from nowhere as 02 stood in their way, confused like an animal in the gaze of the headlights of a vehicle.

He… Was no where near this area… There was absolute silence where he was… The cold and sterile metalworks had now turned into annoyed and baffled humanfolk… The 00 that tried to stymie his path to Sahar was now an armed legion…

It seemed that it was a fact now… The girl… That Woman… That ‘sister’ of his… Has some influence over the voices in his head.

And it seems that the farther away she was from him… The less control he had over the others…


Before he could register it, his hand flew straight into the soldier’s face, gouging out his eyes with, but an ounce of effort. His fingers sank into the man’s flesh with ease, tearing clean through what was left of his face as he raked his fingers downwards.

Instantly, he could feel the mental pinpoint of dozen of mind, uniformly aiming for his chest.

FeEl GoOd To Be BaCk! kIlL tHeM! kIlL tHeM aLl!
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Surrealism, Surreal Horror (Think Tim Burton), Steampunk, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Spaghetti Westerns, Mercenaries, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Historical fantasies

In the dark years following the Infinity Rebellion, the Crusaders became more convinced in the mysticism of their faith. Each number meant something, each try meant that a new better form should be reached until the state of absolute perfection could be met.

Thus, seven had been created before her.

One is the symbol of beginnings, much like the first day of creation. It is new and noble but a far cry to the perfection of what is to come. 01 failed because he was a just dream in the wrong era….

Two urges us out of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals. Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls. 02 failed because his judgment was hindered by events in his past he could not bypass…

Three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. Three is also a time identifier as it represents Past, Present and Future. 03 has failed because she never had a chance in her fail to undertake the true creativity of life, for she was always a slave and stolen from her day of birth….

The symbolic meaning of number Four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. 04 has failed because he has yet to become grounded, his mind wanders, always questioning who he really is. …

The spiritual meaning of number Five draws our attention to the wonder of life, and beckons us to appreciate the perception of chaos all around us. Five has wild vibrations: primitive and erratic. 05 has not failed, for he is the causer of chaos around him with his boy like attitude of the world….

The number Six beckons us to administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation. Sadly, 06 remains amongst those who have failed. She does not understand the notion of forgiveness nor compassion since she, much like three has yet to experience life to its fullest. Maybe through Joseph, she can redeem herself….

The number Seven even deals with the activation of imagination and manifesting results in our lives through the use of conscious thought and awareness, often through impractical dreaming. 07 is still an impractical dreamer, still trying to save something that does not want to be saved….

The number eight represents continuation, repetition, and cycles. It is the closure of the cycle, it has drawn upon the issues of the past, present, and future in order to create balance and wealth for generations to come….

All but one of seven have failed, how will the Eighth and final 00, the Messiah come into play? The upcoming battle would be the start of the long road Sahar would have to travel…


Eros shivered a little, marveling still in how much had changed in less than a week for her. Her old life seemed to be a thing of the past, a memory as she floated his above the ground, Dayne's hand over her own with his breath on her neck.

Feeling disquieted, she tightened her grip a little, her slim fingers beneath his mechanical hand seemed out of place, a paradox of pale skin and icy metal. She clutched as though holding on for her life. Gustave did not worry her in the way that the world worried her, he was a straight speaking man, blunt and she could appreciate that. His manner might intimidate some, but she knew he could be trusted. She felt an wave of tense, impotent determination. Exactly what his words conveyed. Good man.

Eros had tried during their trip to read Dayne again, but the thick swirling of emotion from him befuddled her reading. He was too many places at once, something she respected more than Gustave, but understood less.

"Sometimes I wonder why there is war..." Eros mused gently, her eyes examining the outside surroundings. A little stronger, she flicked her eyes to the pair with a winsome smile, "What are we going to do now? Are we meeting with another politician?"


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Joseph looked to Rhiannon as she agreed to help rescue his family, and it was as if she had just turned water into wine, such was the grin that came over his face. "God bless you, Miss. I know you got no reasons to help an old fool like me. But..." He blinked the tears from his eyes. "Thank you."

For a moment Rhiannon wondered if it wasn't just Genesis who had the Messiah-impulse. Maybe all the Zeroes had this ability... the ability to inspire hope... to be the proclamation and the demonstration of something more than ordinary. She could see in Joseph Maldini the epiphany of man... downtrodden, a body hunched as if expecting the next blow, smiling at the little things because the big things were just too terrible to think on. This was Homo-Sapiens now, a herd-race moving and bleating to the wavelengths of misery.

And in these days and times, what should be the fate of the Homo-Eximus?


On the edge of Semile, in the heart of the old Cathedral District, the fate of one Homo-Eximus was already being written. As the parade-conductor was torn in half by 02, the crowd of cheering civilians scattered in terror. They fled into shops and stampeded into backstreets, leaving behind the parade of Nephilim soldiers who stood dumstruck by the gruesome murder. And then all at once the street was filled with the stacatto din of rifles being readied and orders being screamed.

But 02 was already among them. His hands were like blades, slipping in and out of solidity, demateriliasing as they plunged into faces and chests, then returning to violent and fatal mass. The soldiers were cleaved apart, the monster's hands vanishing inside them then ripping out like newborn parasites. Bullets flew wide, riddling the buildings and striking the fleeing civlians. Everything was chaos.

But the Cyborgs in the parade kept their discipline. They tracked 02 as he excavated the Nephilim ranks, their cannon attachments locking onto target. Five seconds passed before they got an opening, and in that time more than twenty recruits lay dead.

The gunner cyborgs fired, laying down semi-automatic fire and rocking 02's body with the thud of bullets. He was flung into the parked cars lining one side of the street, but barely another two seconds had passed before those same cars came flying back as projectiles. The cyborgs were dashed across the street by the impact and in their wake came 02, dripping blood and phlegm, his body swollen with adrenaline. He screamed as he launched another car and demolished the cyborgs.

The Zero broke into a charge but was knocked aside by a magnetic pulse. It sent him tumbling down the street and cracked his collarbone and shoulder. And as he landed the concrete was shaking with the footfalls of the approaching Throne-Mechs. There were three of them, moving in formation through the wounded ranks of Nephilim soldiers. Their pulse carbines split the air, gouging great chunks in the concrete and shopfronts.

02 rolled and lunged at the 12ft machines, dodging the gauntlet of magnetic shockwaves. He leapt and landed hard against the hull of the first mech, gripping between its armoured plates. His fingers phased inside and obliterated inch after inch of metal. He tore out circuits and pistons, scampering across the mech's body to avoid its swinging arms. Then finally he reached the head and ripped it clean off. And as it fell the other two mechs fired and caught each other in a crossfire, losing their arms in the process.

The Throne-Mechs reeled and 02 plunged back into the lines of Nephilim. The young soldiers had formed up by now and their lazer volleys scorched his flesh. He felt his ribs cracking under the force, his leg-muscles split open, his shoulders turning to boiling liquid... but still he kept coming. Sweeping his arms like waves, he sliced through the ranks of soldiers and turned all to a torrent of blood.

Then the world seemed to crack apart and everything went numb. He felt something slam into his back, then saw fire and rubble raining from the sky. He blinked, realising he was on his back in a smoking crater. His left arm was lying a few feet away from him, charred and severed.

But the adrenaline never stopped. His body just produced more and more. 02 sat up, pushing to his feet with his remaining arm. He stood in the crater and faced down the slow-advancing Merkabah tank, which was swivelling its turret for a second shot. And in the air behind it a squadron of HKs were descending into position.

This would be the bloodiest of checkmates...


"Not at all," said Dayne as he answered Eros's query. "Today, my dear, we are visiting far more slippery and devious individuals than politicians." He pointed through the window at the Cathedral District. "Priests."

Sitting back on the plush seats of his hover-car, Dayne spread his cybernetic arms along the couch. "A tour of the 79 churches of Semile to drum up support for the war effort. We need to be sure every cardinal is doing his part - preaching the good word and cajoling the citizens into joining the Nephilim Army."

"Public relations?"

Dayne smiled and flexed a robotic hand. "Pressing the flesh..." He leant his head back. "...kissing babies, the usual. Our next stop is the Church of St Meno, where the first High Priest was sworn in. It's the oldest church in..."

A shrill ring filled the car and startled Eros. The phone built into Colonel Gustave's armrest was ringing and flashing red. The Colonel picked it up and grunted an acknowledgment, and even on the opposite couch Eros could hear the panicky voice babbling on the other end of the line.

"Have you confirmed a gene-lock?" he snapped.

The voice continued waffling.

"One thing at a time!" barked Gustave, "When was the station hit?"

More babbling. Gustave put his hand over the phone and lifted his eyes to Dayne. "There's a Rogue Zero in the city. He's attacked one of the parades. A whole battlegroup is engaged."

Dayne's usually calm countenance faltered. "What? Where...?"

A plume of smoke rose from the Cathedral district up ahead... caused by the blast of the Merkabah Tank shooting 02. It was all the answer Dayne needed.

"The Brotherhood have hit one of our news stations," Gustave continued, "The cast of Infinity and Beyond are dead. The Zero could be a distraction."

Dayne came forward in his seat, scratching his hair and blowing on his fingers. It was the first time Eros had ever seen him hesitate. The minister looked again through the window, watching the sparks of gunfire and smoke in the streets of the Cathedral District. A couple of HK's zoomed over their flight lane and swooped in towards the Cathedral District.

"Sir?" prompted Gustave, his military gaze boring into Dayne.

The minister clasped his hands together, looked up, and saw the silent question in Gustave's eyes. Slowly, he nodded, and Gustave went back to the phone, dialling another extension.

"This is Colonel Gustave, Authorisation Zophiel-five-delta-nine-four-epsilon-two. Executive Order 20091 is approved. Password..."

Dayne and Gustave's eyes met, and Eros had a tingling sensation, a sense of something momentous about to happen...

Gustave spoke the password clearly and powerfully.

"Peregrinus Laurifer"

Hundreds of miles away, in the deepest vaults of NovaCorps Industries, four monsters stirred into life.

The Solomon Programme had been unleashed.

[SUMMARY: Joseph and Rhiannon are heading into Semile. Meanwhile, 02 goes berserk on the streets near the Church, attacking a whole battlegroup of the Nephilim Army. His actions force Dayne to initiate the mysterious Solomon Programme.]

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Their flight had been a relatively tense one. Ada decided to nag Altair on, since she knew he was a stubborn young man.

"You know…There‘s nothing wrong with your dreams. Give a man a dream that allows him to live in accord with his world, he will live in peace. But give a man a dream that puts him at odds, as yours does, one will live at odds. Given a dream in which a man views himself as the messiah of the world, they will act as the messiah of the world. And, given a dream where there’s a foe to be conquered, they will conquer, and one day, inevitably, their foe will lie bleeding to death at their feet."

“Ada, I don’t want a lesson in your religion. I’ve given up on your God. You know as well as I do that all this world is one big clusterfuck of the last dream.”

Wrong.You chose to look at the world as good and evil or more so those that stand with you or against you.”

“Drop the subject matter, now. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why? Because you know I’m right?”

“No. Just focus on driving. I’m not in the mood to chat right now anyways.”

Ada then stuck her tongue out at Altair. However in doing so, she felt light head. Her vision slowly became blurry. She could feel her heart rate increasing.


Ada then screamed in pain.

“Ada?” Altair said. He the leapt up from his seat in the airship as his friend started howling in pain.

“Hahahaahahahahahaha. We live, even has we die. Always moving, never shall we rest until we find her. Yes…Hahahahah. It feels good to be back.” Ada cackled.

“Ada… Stop joking around. This is no time for games. Are you alright”

“Hahahaahahahahahaha. One is dying, so we are moving. We have been in contact with HER before. SHE is one and the same as HIM. We shall survive, even if HE does not. SHE NOW BELONGS TO US!"


Eros sat rigid almost in her seat, her hand falling away from Dayne to rest at her side. Her small mouth opened in a startled, horrified look. The explosions outside called to something primal in her memory and she shut her eyes along with her mouth, her gift in emotion flaring with her distress. Behind her eyelids, she could feel the oppressive waves of human reaction. There was panic, so much panic, coming from everywhere, feeling like a bombardment of her senses, even Dayne and Gustave were giving off small wafts of it. There was fear from below, sharp purple that stung her eyelids. Eyes still closed, she clarified though there was no need, "Someone is here, killing out civilians?"

Shutting down her deft reading of emotion, Eros again let it be pressed to the back of her mind, not allowing it to pick up on all the people in the city. It was a weakness, and she knew somewhere deep inside that she could cope with it if she wanted to, if she would let herself drink in the panic and fear.

Eros pressed her small form to Dayne, seeking refuge against him. "Are we going to do something? What are we going to do?"

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His purpose was to...guard? The interrogation of Amy Sherridan seemed anything but how Jerek envisioned. What he'd hoped to be a reunion flavored with questions had become a heated confrontation. Adjusting his weight from foot to foot, the soldier tried not to make eye contact with the distraught doctor.


The word was a reminder of what most viewed him as...a metahuman, an 00...just an organic weapon with thought. Although he wouldn't verbally support her, Jerek tried to speak with his eyes when she spoke up against the classification, but she was snapping at Talbot and his unworded prodding went unnoticed. Silently digesting the information, Jerek evaluated the situation. Genesis was somewhere outside the Crusader control and apparently she was in need of medication. The situation was pertinent enough to warrant a search, but Simile could not afford the publicity of a Savior manhunt.

Staring at his shoes, Jerek wondered how Dayne was handling the information. Never before had Jerek questioned the power of the meticulous organizer, but the government was in more disarray then it had been during the Infinity Rebellion. With his people at war with the Norfolkians at the borders, the riots and violence within the city, and the unwanted development of Sahar's disappearance...everything was at its weakest.

Intoning a silent prayer, the soldier offered up the inadequacy of his worry...his weakness, and asked for strength for the coming days. There would be blood, assuredly, and more deaths then Jerek wanted to be a part of. He tried to remind himself that their souls would be cared for. But regardless, seeing Dr, Sheridan reminded him more then ever what the importance of human life truly meant.

She afforded him a word...only a word. His name. How much emotion he tried to convey in that single instance of meeting. It was a moment, but the desire to speak to know her again. It was almost overwhelming.

If it hadn't been for the intervention of another individual entering the office, Jerek may have spoken to her...or done the unthinkable and asked the High Priest and the doctor to leave...just to be with her once more.

"Pardon the interruption High Priest, I have a message for Commander Jerek." The tone was the slap of syllables sharpened with training. Turning in one swift swivel, Jerek saluted with habit, already knowing the man with enough authority to interrupt such a delicate meeting.

"Major Portent," Jerek said with a frown, "We are engaging in conversation, can you wait a few moments?"

The soldier shook his head, glancing at the individuals in the room before leaning toward Jerek conspiratorially. Confused, Jerek leaned toward the seasoned soldier, wondering with the beginnings of worry what would be so important as to merit screening from the occupants of the office.

"Sir, Executive Order 20091 has been are needed."

The blood froze in his veins, a cold weight settling deep in his stomach. While he'd seen the cursory details of the order, the true intention and content of the mandate was unknown...even to him. If the order had been enacted, it would have Dayne's backing...and in such dire times, it could only be some sort of maneuver or powerful weapon. Perhaps a bomb against the Norfolk nation?

Regardless, there would be time to speak with Amy later. Nodding to the soldier, Jerek gave a short bow.

"Apologies High Priest, Dr. Talbot, Amy...this matter requires my immediate attention."

Bowing out of the room, he marched down the starched hallways and out into the comfortless sun. Immediately his hand fished for his phone, dialing the number Dayne had given him in case of emergencies...a sort of direct line. Jerek needed to know what this project was about...who it would effect. It seemed the heavens had not heard him today, and Jerek could almost feel the loss of life in the dark horizon.

He needed to know...God help him, he could not command his men with his mind in doubt.

Warmaster Death

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Musical Score: Hard to See - Five Finger Death Punch



Heinrich squeesed his eyes together, blinking away the redness.
the stench of blood filled his nose, and he felt some sort of crust all over the lower half of his face, and as his senses fully returned, the Soldier nearly gagged on the taste of blood that filled his mouth, the feeling of it, caked and dried all over his mouth and chin making his scowl look even more intimidating.

though blurred vision he saw what looked like two Norfolkian soldiers bending down over one of Heinrichs men.

with a groan of pain and hiss of hydrolics, Heinrich pushed himself into a sitting position as one of the two soldiers moved over to him, the blurriness had faded somewhat, and Heinrich Recognised the man as one of stieners men.
"found evidence of a traitor, had to confirm" he croaked as the soldier hauled him to his feet
"found out who it is, need to get this information to command" he managed before a severe fit of coughing had him doubled over, his lungs and throat burning, his augmented arms moving to clasp his chest, but finding bandages over his fatigues.

Heinrich and co are sledge and flakjacket.

Heinrich tells sledge he needs to pass the name of a traitor onto command.

Arsenal XA4

"What'd he say about a traitor?" Flak Jacket shouted to Sledge, moving over to Heinrich.

"Ask him." the bigger man replied. Flak Jacket pulled the handset from his radio and made a call.

"This is Iron Raptor Sqwaker to any friendlies that can pick up the transmission. I have critical intel, repeat, critical intel to pass on." the radioman said into the encrypted radio.

"Iron Raptro Sqwaker this is USS Albany. We recieve you Lima Charlie." the intel sub off the coast replied. "What is this intel?" Flak Jacket held the handset to Heinrich.

"Start chattin' pal... Then we'll see about NJP later."



"You hear the radio chatter?" Willis asked of Steiner as Lonestar stripped another Custodian for a uniform that would fit his oversize frame. Unfortunately Yankees don't make uniforms fitting men Lonestar's size.

Six foot nine and two hundred and fifteen pounds with ten percent body fat.

"Something's really going down." the sixty gunner replied.

"Fuck it... Ah cain't find a uniform that fits me." Lonestar spat, throwing a shirt away. Steiner looked at the bodies.

"Smear blood on yourself and we'll pass you off as a casualty then steal an ambulance." the chief replied. Lonestar wasted no time in discarding his BDU jacket and taking a knife to one of the bodies he stripped. He smeared blood on his chest, face, arms... Everywhere that would make it look like he'd been shot and been sprayed with blood from others. The three men made it topside, keeping to the shadows.

"Listen..." Steiner said to Willis. "Ambulance approaching..." Willis stepped out, leaving his M-203 and the C-4 Setem had discarded. They had found it before getting to the uniforms Lonestar had told them about.

Willis stepped into the street, waving his hands, the ambulance screeching to a halt.

"What in the hell! I could have killed you!" the driver shouted, jumping down.

"I got a man down..." Willis said to the paramedic. "He's in bad shape... Fucking rebels ambushed us!"

"Alright, where is he?" Willis led the paramedics to Lonestar and Steiner.

"Give me some room!" one of the EMTs shouted, muscling Steiner out of the way.

"So what happened?" the driver asked.

"We were vectored in to-" Willis was cut off as Steiner drove the hooked end of his crowbar into the back of the man's skull. The other EMT turned and was about to scream when Lonestar reached up and wrapped his hands around the man's throat. He squeezed, putting the man on his back. The man kicked, trying to pry the Texan's big hands from around his throat. Lonestar continued to squeeze, crushing the man's larynx. He finally stopped moving.

"This guy looks to be your size." Steiner said, pulling his crowbar from the driver's dome.

"Hang on... Ah gotta scalp this one." Willis turned away, sickened by the trophy gathering.

"You get used to it after the first few times." Steiner confided to Willis. Twenty minutes later they were on the way, following the radio's directions, Lonestar dressed like an EMT.


-Flak Jacket hands Heinrich the radio to speak with the USS Albany.
-Steiner, Willis, and Lonestar get disguises, kill some EMTs, and get wheels.


Zion was the first to hear the sounds of battle but he also realized that if Sahar knew there was a fight going on, she'd get injured somehow. It wasn't that he didn't believe in her powers. But there were usually more in play when it came to fights than just a single being's abilities alone.

Zion grinned. "Sweet, more games! Too bad we don't have a pair of dice and a cup. Then we can play Yahtzee or something." He'd never played it before but the Old Man often mentioned it and he had the directions for it somewhere. Or ..." He started rummaging around in his pockets and pulled out a chess board, a tennis racket, and one chewed up baseball.

Sahar watched him pull objects out of his coat. His pockets must have been deep indeed! "Please don't tell me you chewed up that ball."

Zion flashed a sheepish grin. "Heh heh ..." He tucked the baseball back into his pocket. He'd honestly thought it would be something worth tasting. "Erm, let's see, what else I've got." He pulled out an empty ant farm, a ball of rainbow colored yarn and spent a few minutes batting that ball of yarn back and forth. There was something fun about playing around with it. It might have something to do with the fact that watching a cat do it had made it seem fun to begin with.

Sahar couldn't help but take note of all the things he pulled out. "Where do you find all this stuff?"

"Oh, all over the place. It's amazing what people will just leave and discard nowadays. Waste not, want not, right?"

"I see. So you're a dumpster diver?"

Zion had to think for a moment. "Nope. I just walk around and pick up these neat stuff that I pass by. Of course, sometimes it's weird because people will just hand things to me."

"Probably because you're tall and have white hair. That's not exactly an everyday thing, now is it?"

"Um ... I never thought of that. I just thought they had too many of the stuff they gave me. You know, how people will sometimes have several rubber duckies and they don't need the other six so they just give it away."

"I have no idea what a rubber ducky is."

"Oh! Um ... Let's see." Zion finally put the rainbow-colored ball of yarn away and pulled something else out of his pockets. "This. This is a rubbery ducky." He squeezed the small yellow duck, causing it to squeak.

Sahar tilted her head at it. "What's the purpose of it?"

"Erm ... Not a clue." He made it squeak again and put it back. "Isn't it cute though?"

"I guess. It's kinda scary looking."

"Maybe that's why they were trying to get rid of it so badly.

"I'd agree with you there."

"How about um ... a card game?" He started digging through his pockets again.

Sahar sighed and crossed her arms. "We just played one of those. I wanna find new dolls to toss around."

Zion blinked. "We did? You like playing with dolls a lot."

Sahar smiled. "Of course, I do. I am a girl after all."

"Well, the Old Man always did say it'd be wrong of me to stereotype just because someone was a girl or something to that effect."

"Smart man, smart man."


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As the Van left the underground parking the guards seemed to melt away, then five minuets later there was a crackling sound as dozens of charges placed throughout the basement and lower floor detonated in sequence and the building dissipated in a cloud of dust never to be seen intact again.

In the van everyone was quiet except Carlson.

"Well done men, well done another flawless operation." he beamed as he pulled off his ski mask and reloaded his pistol tucking it away.

"You all deserve some R&R when he get back... except you Yuri, you're wanted for debriefing. Whatever operation you were on when we picked you up."

He climbed over into the front passenger seat and began talking to the driver leaving the others to their thoughts.

When did it come to this? Killing civilians just to silence them. CIVILIANS, wasn't this against what they believed, what they were fighting for.

"Hey, whats eating you?" the rebel next to Yuri asked slapping his shoulder.

Yuri turned his unshaven face to look into the eyes of the young man beside him. Keen enthusiastic eyes looked back. Full of hope and belief as well as the euphoria brought on by a smooth operation with no casualties. Yuri had no right and no will to destroy the young rebel's happiness with his jaded views.

"Its nothing.... ehh fatigue maybe... I can't remember the last time I slept.. must have been before the Tesla..." he trailed off as he realized the truth in his words. "Yes thats it I'm just tired."

"Well this will help you sleep." Another said pulling a bottle from under the driver's seat.

"No... I have to go to speak to the hi-ups when we get back remember, you go ahead though."

He drifted out of the conversation as the others began discussing the operation and the war between Semile and Norfolk... None of it seemed as important as it used to... First kidnapping a little girl then killing dozens of civilians. Was it worth it, what were they fighting for if they did the same things that they criticized the other rebel groups for doing, were they just that, another group of terrorists? Did they even know why they were fighting?

We are fighting for truth, freedom, the rights of man.

No, we are fighting for revenge and are no longer worthy of victory.

We deserve to die. The vision of Sahar flashed in front of the blackness inside his eyelids.

Judgment has come and we have been deemed unworthy of existence.

"You dolls are no fun." her voice floated through his head.

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Dante grinned. His plan was working so far. The People's Front attacked one of the TV stations. The one Yuri was involved with was just one is a series of attacks city wide. His goal was simple, to make the people of Semile scared.

"Sir," One of the partisans said, "We are prepared to enter the Church. What shall we do about the civilians still inside?"

"Let them burn down with the temple. Remember, we'll write the histories after our rebellion is won." Dante said.

He didn't give a shit about their plights. He was going to kill them all off anyways. They were mindless slaves, unlike his select few.

The partisan then saluted his commander. Each of them carried a large suitcase carrying several thermal detonators inside. The men entered, as the priests continued their fire and brim stone speeches against the godless hordes outside of the walls.

Dante then started laughing. All the occupants then glared at him, including the priest that had question Sahar earlier.

“Sorry to ruin your fun. But then again…I don’t give a shit. Boys, you know what to do.”

The partisans then tossed the brief cases into the air and shot at them using rifles they pulled out from under their coats.

An explosion then occurred, killing everyone but Dante. He then grinned, his arms were in the air, suggesting he had used some kind of kinetic force shield.

There was blood over the walls and floor, signs of a struggle were all over the room. The lifeless, disfigured bodies of the mass and rebels were lying in the middle of the room, in a pool of red blood.

“Something’s wrong.” Sahar said. Both of the 00s felt the Church shake as the bombs went off. “As the Messiah, I have to find out who’s attacking my Empire this early!”

Sahar then shot up and bolted down the stares to see corpses all over the place and a single man in a leather trench coat grinning at his job well done.

Sahar didn't feel anything. She just stared at them and nodded in agreement as a voice in her head ordered, "Emotions are a burden, Sahar. You're not allowed to feel sympathy."

Dante was now standing in the direct path of the young woman; all of her memories of him were full of hatred. He had been the one that had decided to kidnap her and Sherriden in the first place. This black haired pretty boy was just another reason why her life was in the mess that it was.

Dante had no idea who this woman was. Sure, she had white hair like the young teen he had kidnapped a few days earlier but to him Semile was full of weirdoes in the first place.

“My, my. We have a survivor, it seems.” Dante said.

“You monster, who are you and why are infringing on the domain of the Messiah?” She said while gritting her teeth together.

“Messiah? Sahar?” He said.

“The one and only.” She said.

“My, my. You and I are indeed beings beyond what the human mind can handle.”

“Don’t compare us. You’re nothing more than a sadist.” Sahar said.

“You and I have a lot more in common than you think Miss Messiah. We are both influencers of men.”

Sahar’s eyes then narrowed at this comment.

“Did you ever wonder why I was able to raise a second rebellion in the first place? Well, to make a long story short, I found 01‘s stunts during the Infinity Rebellion rather amusing. The 00s, aren‘t the only creations of Nova Corps…Nor the only ones with powers. Yes, dearie. I am one of the forgotten Altered!”

Sahar had enough. She then charged at the monster. The white haired teenager swung at Dante but missed as he jumped back. Her facial expression showed increased anger as more wrinkles came about on her.

Dante began to circle her. He planned on seeing how devastating she actually was compared to the other mutant freaks he had run into.

So he would toy with her. Dante wanted to fight her and see her at her fullest if possible.

"Don't piss me off!" She ordered.

"Seems you're ticked off already." Dante smirked, and with that, Sahar screamed out in rage.

“Angered, yes. Blind with rage no!” Sahar mocked back.

Sahar pounded at the ground, creating two massive webs of cracks around her.
Dante then struck down on her again with the rod, causing it to bend. He repeated once more but then hit the ground as Sahar managed to send him crashing to the ground. A massive cloud of ash then rose in the air.

"Excellent." He said.

She charged at him but he followed her every movement and caused Sahar to go running into the side of an apartment building. Dante stepped back as the dust didn’t help much at all with his sight. Dante then jumped back to his feet.

Sensing her coming in through the heavy cloud of dust, Dante ran to her side and gave a kick with a massive force behind it, causing Sahar to nearly clear out that side of the building. The damage caused a cave in from part of the roof, sending rubble to rain down on them. She was now buried under rubble.

“Sorry, hun. Victory is mine. Nova Corps should have stuck to using super soldiers.” Dante taunted. He then placed his hands in his trench coat pocket. All in all, he had scored a decent victory.

Dante then started walking, he didn’t sense much of anything at the moment moving at all. However, soon he was struck down by what felt like an arrow to the gut.

“No one! Hurts my best friend!” Zion then glared at Dante…


The Cathedral seemed larger on the inside as Setem walked its halls. He had no idea where the bodies would lead him but he just kept on following his instincts and the trail of blood that lay before him. It was sickening to the point of almost throwing up. He had total respect for human life and never had he seen something so destructive, even when he was a body guard. While in one of the side hallways there was a large explosion. The building’s structure rocked and the ceiling started to cave in. Setem tried to leap out of the way but found no safety as the large rocks barricaded him into a death trap. The rest of the ceiling now fell knocking Setem unconscious.

”He’s gone into shock. Get that thing over here!” The voices amassed in number the only distinguishable difference was that of man and woman.
“His vitals are still dropping.”
“We cannot lose him, not after all of our work.” The voices raced all around the room trying to sustain someone. The darkness had not given way. “Give me more power! Save this man!”
“Ready sir!” A painful arcing spike could be felt. That pain destroyed the darkness and gave way to a fuzzy picture around him.
“All vitals are stabilizing, however, there is immense damage to his memory.”
“Put him in cryostasis, we’ll check on him in a month.” It was then the other memories came back, the ones of him coming out of his cryogenic state. Quickly they passed by almost too fast to get a clear view.

A water pipe had broken, probably used for a bathroom in the Cathedral. The ground was flooded at least two inches. It all started to vanish under the rocks as an intense force blasted away the rubble. It was launched down the hall and nearly smashed open a wall. Setem had freed himself of his rocky entombment. It was then he heard voices coming from the main hall.

“No one! Hurts my best friend!”

[SUMMARY: Setem examines the Cathedral and gets caught in the aftermath of the explosion. He remembers another vague memory on an operating table and from this he learns that he had lost most his memory. Directly after waking his curiosity shifts to the voices coming from the main hall and Zion’s declaration.]


Dante turned. He smirked. Another white-haired stranger, and this one a male who looked like he had no place on the battlefield. "And who are you?"

"Her friend," Zion replied, crossing his arms in front of him. He was still glaring at Dante and bent his knees.

Dante snorted. "Are you going to beat the crap out of me, too? Like your lost little friend."

Zion smirked. "Nope. I'm going to kick you around until I can fish her out." He planted his feet against the slanted rocks behind him and suddenly charged forward. There was a flash of steel as he approached. Dante put his arm out to clothesline him but Zion ducked and slipped right under. He got up and pulled his arm back, the sharp edge of the knife flying for Dante's body.

Dante glanced over his shoulder and turned and the two became a blur of kicks, punches, elbowing, kicking and even biting (on Zion's part).

"You're going to regret ever messing with her," Zion promised, sending Dante flying back with a roundhouse kick.

Dante skidded backwards but stopped, looking down at his chest. Heh, it didn't even hurt all that much. He looked up at Zion smirking. "And don't tell me, you've got a whole army who's going to help you."

"No, I got karma on my side. You should be more careful about how many people you kill and how you treat them." Zion was staring at Dante but he was more interested in the rubble behind him. He wanted to start digging for her but he couldn't do that when there was an ample chance of Dante hindering him. He didn't care about his general safety but there was the risk of Sahar being mad at him for "doing something stupid."

[Summary: Zion and Dante trade banter. Zion wants to dig for Sahar and protect her but can't as Dante is right there and likely to make things more difficult. He holds Dante off ... but for how long."


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Yuri's doze was interrupted by a rough shake. The van had stopped and everyone had gone silent. A pointed arm indicated a Red cloth handing from a window with a black V painted on it and Carlson was flitting though a book of codes.

"The church.." he said finally "St' Meno. My god we're actually doing it."

The ancient vehicle jerked forwards and did a u-turn while in the back faces were once again hidden under ski-masks. No one tried to stop them, the city was in panic, apparently an attack on a military column heading for Norfolk along with dozens of bombings all over the city had worked to disorientate and tie down the police and they passed though several unmanned checkpoints as they made strait for the outer cathedral district.

They were made bold, or perhaps foolish... openly displaying their status as rebels.

Carlson tied a red flag to the muzzle of an M16 and waved it out the window.... and soon another vehicle joined them also flying the color of rebellion... of bloody hope. The two ground exchanged shouts at them sped down the street towards the large building and then skidded to a stop and the two teams flooded out and as one burst through the main Doors and in the blink of an eye Zion had a dozen barrels aimed at his back.

"Station teams 2 and 4 awaiting orders Dante Sir......."
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