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  1. Overview

    The Year is 2050

    Like today, the rich are few but the rest are many. Rich people stopped marrying each other because most times they would have been exposed to so many drugs in their lifetime that their bodies would have been damaged and they either wouldn't be able to produce children or if they did their children would not be able to function properly.

    So in 2043, The New Marriage System was put in place.

    All lower/working/poor class people will may not marry each other and instead they can only be married to upper class people (rich) or middle class people. and because there are so many lower class people; Polygamous marriages have been made legal all over the world.

    You play a lower class or middle class person who is married to one man. The rich and famous son of the President of the United World.

    The President of the United World is very much like the President of the United States, except instead of being in charged of good old America, he is in charge of the United Nations. And because by the year 2050, all nations have made peace with each other and joined the UN, the title of those in charge has changed from the General Assembly, to The President of the United World.

    Yes, in 2050 one man is in charge of everything. He literally holds the world in his palms. But this isn't about him. This is about his son;

    Victor Silver, the future President of the United World and the man who you will be marrying and making babies for.

    You play a spouse who is going about their everyday life when Victor arrives and chooses you to be one of his spouses.

    The Law

    All upper class persons may not marry other upper class persons.

    All lower class persons of the ages 18 and above, shall be married to an upper class person of the age 21 and above. The upper class person chooses the lower class person, not vice versa.

    Lower class persons may not marry other lower class persons.

    They may however, marry middle class persons.

    Middle class persons can be married to upper class persons. They must be picked however, not vice versa.

    Middle class persons may marry other middle class persons. But they may not marry multiple middle class persons.

    All lower class persons that are not married, must assume the role of the Permanent Working Class.

    The Permanent Working Class provides the means for everyone else to live comfortably.

    Only upper class married persons may be referred to as Husband/Wife. All married lower class or middle class persons chosen by upper class persons will be referred to as spouse(s).

    If any person breaks or refuses to conform to these laws, they will be given a fine the first time.

    The second time they will be imprisoned.

    The third time they will be executed.

    The Choosing

    The information of all lower class and upper class persons are place in an online database so that the upper class can learn about them at their leisure. The information can be viewed on the computer, laptop, tablet, cellphone etc. If the upper class person is deaf they will receive the information via Bluetooth.

    When an upper class person finds a lower/middle class person that they think are interesting, they contact the database admins and they are given advanced information on the potential spouse. (Advanced information includes: Location, Health Records, Accidental Dependents and Criminal History).

    The basic information in the initial database is; Name, Age, Biological Gender, Gender Identity, and Class.

    On the subject of health records, the information will only be in the database if the person made medical staff aware of the health issue.

    Upon being given the location of the potential spouse, the upper class person then travels to the location and retrieves their spouse.


    The purpose of a spouse is to make their husband/wife happy and also to provide offspring, if that is what their husband/wife demands.

    Spouses and their children live in houses on the property of their Husband/wife.

    Every week, a spouse will move into their Husband/Wife’s home to spend time with their Husband/Wife. After the week is up, they will return to their home and the next spouse will move in. The spouse will also take their children if they have any.


    Children of a Spouse and a Husband/Wife will be cared for by the spouses and when they reach the age of 12, they will go to The Mould a school that sculpts and moulds rich children into functioning members of society.

    The children will only return home on holiday breaks.*

    *United World Day (One month)

    *Christmas (21st-31st)

    *Thanksgiving (20th-27th)

    *Valentine’s Day (10th-14th)

    The children will graduate upon turning 21.

    Spouses may also have younger siblings that they wanted to have a better life. Or children that are products of accidents.*

    *Teen pregnancies.

    These children may not attend The Mould and instead they will attend public schools in the Middle Class district.

    Until the children (both accidents/siblings and upper children) will have tutors until they reach age 12).

    RP Rules
    - There is no character limit, but make sure you can handle all of them if you make multiple.
    - One paragraph (5-8) sentences per post)
    - No Godmodding/Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes/Debbie Downers/Donnie Downers.
    - No hyper sad/abuse backgrounds. [Parent abused kid cause their mother died/they got drunk/beat them everyday etc]
    - All spouses must be 18 +
    - I play the Husband.
    - Children do not play a main role, they're basically just there.
    - Younger siblings that are brought also do not play a main role. And they must be age 2 - 12.
    - I reserve the right to reject your character application if I do not think it will work in the rp.
    - I reserve the right to kick you out if you break the rules or cause unnecessary disruptions.
    - Since it's the future, everyone can carry babies to term and give birth to them.

    Character Sheets

    Appearance: (Real Pictures preferred)

    Children: (or younger sibling)

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  2. Spouses live on their Husband's/Wife's land, where they have their own house that are next to our surround their Husband's/Wife's mansion.

    This is Victor Silver's Mansion

    As a spouse you have your own house, but it is smaller than your Husband's house.

    Spousal Houses look something like this;

    Of course it can be any color you want.

    Along with the houses there is;

    A spa

    A community pool;


    A gym;
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  3. The Husband

    Name: Victor Silver
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Class: Upper class
    Personality: Victor is an all around good guy, however when he is under stress he becomes snappish and mean spirited. He apologizes afterwards, but it leads you to think, there must have been some truth in his words right?
    When interacting with his spouses, Victor tries his best to make them all happy and if they need space he provides them with it.
    Bio: As the future President of the World, Victor was exposed to many people and cultures as a child. He was schooled in a wide variety of subjects, but his excessive schooling left him with little time to play and be a regular kid. However since most of the children he was exposed to, also had an important role to take on in the future, he didn't really know what he was missing.
    When The New Marriage System was put in place, Victor began looking forward to when he would be able to choose his spouses and create one big happy family.
    Children: WIP!

    The Spouses

    Name: Luna Gillian
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Class: Middle class

    Name: Aero Daniels
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Class: Lower class

    Name: Endre Kovach
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lower class

    Name: Cai Schwartz
    Age: 25
    Gender: Intersex - Female
    Class: Lower class

    Name: Andrew Kazumi Silver (nee Yamato)
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Class: Lower class


    Name: Matthew "Mattie" Yamato
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Sibling: Andrew Yamato


    Name: Nathaniel Kazuya Silver
    Age: 7
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Victor Silver - Father
    Andrew Yamato - "Mother"
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  4. Yay here I am .3.

    Name: Luna Gillian
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Class: Middle
    Personality: Luna is a kind and gentle person, she enjoys rather simple things like walking on a warm sunny day or watching puppies play in a pet store. Her mind seems younger than her body, with her eagerness to please and her innocent outlook on life, makes people wonder if she lives in some sort of perfect world while the rest are working their fingers to the bone. She has room in her heart for many, she loves others sometimes without reason, and forgives rather too quickly. However, despite her loving nature, Luna has no compassion for those under status, simply saying if one is tired of their status they should leave somewhere else and start over. She will show pity and kindness to the upper classes or classes equal with hers, for hypocritical reasons.

    Bio: Having been born in the middle class, her whole life has been rather comforting. Her parents, although envious of their higher class bosses, were also kind and happy due to not being lower class. Luna received a bit better than the basics due to having relatives in higher places, from a game console every year, to a new dress to wear every season, she was a rather overjoyed middle class young woman. Yet nothing prepared her for the news of the son of the President was looking for a spouse. Of course her parents were eager to present her to this man, hoping he'd accept, prepping her for a life as a spouse and a lover, a world she had never stepped foot in.
    Children: (none I don't think xD)
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  5. Hang on, let me think this through.
    Is being a husband okay?
  6. @Lorchenne
    You can play a male spouse.

    I forgot to add that to, but only rich people get to be called Husband or Wife. Everyone else is called a spouse.

    @Luna Gillian

    Whenever I make the CS outlines I always forget the appearance part. >.<
    So sorry, but could you add an appearance? (real pictures preferred.)
  7. Sure haha I had a picture ready but was like "Should I add it or would that be rude?" So no problem there .3.
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  8. @Luna Gillian

    Err, do you mind changing that picture to that of a real person? I don't really like anime appearances...
  9. Okay I'll see what I can find
  10. Awesome, thanks. ^^
  11. Name: Aero Daniels

    Age: 22

    Gender: female

    Class: Lower class

    Personality: She is emotional, sensitive, dedicated, adaptable, nice, compassionate, romantic, straightforward and adventurous

    Bio: Many of the working class was always bitter and mean towards those of higher living. Since the lover class can only marry up in class status people try their hardest to get their kids married. Not Aero’s father, he wanted her to wait and develop as well as she could. Aero grew up well rounded or at least she tried, livings in lower class areas were dangerous. So she tried to learn to adapt and didn't mind being straight forward with her feeling or thoughts.


    - If I need to change anything let me know :D -
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  12. So basically, spouses can have their own dependents and support them?
  13. @Lorchenne

    Yes, as long as the dependent is their child from a teenage pregnancy or they are a younger sibling between the ages of 2 - 12. And when either child/sibling becomes 5 they will be sent to school.
  14. Minor dependents only. Okay. I'm gonna process a character. Give me a few hours.
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  15. I'm here! I'm here!

    give me a few hours to formulate stuff

    edit: I saw something about MPreg...may I have a male spouse who gave your guy a kid? if that's a no, I'll edit my spouse. :)
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  16. I'm not done asking, sorry. :(
    Um what about trans/IS spouses? Are they allowed?
  17. ...that's not same with MPreg right?
  18. mpreg is MALE pregnancy.
    trans people and IS may or may not want to be categorized as male, you know. the word used in the bio is "gender" so I'm asking about the freedom of the characters to decide their gender identity.

    if it's alright, I'll have an IS.
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