Pokemon: The Disappearance

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    You awoke as your senses slowly return to you. Something must have happened for the last thing you remember before darkness was that you were doing something. Helping out your parents, rushing to finish homework, playing video games, etc., but something happened. Then the darkness that had blinded you is replaced by light that slowly recedes. You think you must be in the ER. That is not the case. Instead, all around you are trees and creatures that you never seen before. On the horizon a city lies. However, something is amiss. It looks decayed. Dying. Then you feel something brushing up against your leg and looking down it's one of those creatures. Apparently it has already taken a likening to you, but what is it? And what is it capable of?

    So for those who read the intro you have a idea of what is going on. For those who don't, your character finds themselves on another world and they must get back(or not). In the distance a decayed city lies and characters have the option of going to it or not. Though, I would recommend it as you can meet up with other characters and also get information on what's going on. Also, your character is from earth.

    Now, this is a Pokemon story RP mixed with sandbox elements so you have freedom to change the story. Basic point is to figure a way to get home or you can stay and do whatever. Bewarned, the world you are in is a harsh one and people aren't always nice like in the games or anime. There is also a team called Eradicar who acts as the government and they seem to want you and the other characters for some odd reason.

    Iwaku Rules apply
    Godmodding/metagaming will not be tolerated
    Be nice in the OOC. I'll allow for friendly insults though!
    Only 1 pokemon in the start which is your starting pokemon. It will be a level 5 and preevolved, but can be any pokemon as long as it is isn't mythical/legendary

    How the battle system works:
    Unlike in the games pokemon can learn more than 4 moves and when battling an NPC send the GM a PM. The GM will give information such as trainer difficulty, pokemon, and possible wins. Or if it is a Pokemon then which one it is, difficulty, and moveset. Then the player's character can battle it, but the GM wants some losses and capturing Pokemon will be determined by the GM.

    The GM will control the Team grunts, Elite Four, champion, or any other major NPC.

    Team Eradicar
    The ruling government that seems especially interested in the PCs and will attempt to capture them. Also, since they are the gov people are going to assist them and they have control in almost all sections of the region. Their tech is advanced and there are different ranks to the 'Grunts' which will be explored as we go through. If you are captured by Eradicar you can always escape through your writing skills.*Wink*

    If you wish to apply for Team Eradicar then send a PM.






    Starting Pokemon(can be any as long as it is in pre-evolution stage and not a Legendary/mythic pokemon):

    Equipment(only small things like pocket knives and water bottles or lockets)

    Extra Stuff:

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  2. I will be joining, love pokemon. Have a cs up in a few.
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  3. Thanks for the interest matey!
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  4. I'll be joining as well!
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  5. Yay!
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  6. Ken Marble

    Ken Marble



    Ken grew up in a regular home, nothing really special. Ken is a fun guy, he loves to play games and he loves animals. Ken is the second oldest of 6 kids. His family is a big one but he loves them all. Everyone has that annoying brother/sister that gets on everyone's nerves and that's Ken. He loves playing pranks on people, like he did to his family. Ken was going to sleep, just like usual. Nothing special happened. When he woke up he was in a new world, he didn't know what was happening. He woke up with an animal(Buizel), what he thought was an animal next to him. Ken and Buizel are now trying to figure out what happened and why.

    Starting Pokemon:


    Water Bottle
    Back Pack

    Extra Stuff:

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  7. I'm not the best with histories but I think I did a good job. I hope.
  8. It's a fine app and therefore accepted!
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  9. Thank you^^. Can't wait to start.
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  10. Name: Jessabelle Starlena Price

    Age: 18

    Description (open)
    Jessie has long, wavy, thick brown hair that reaches just to her chest, which is always worn down rather than in a ponytail or bun. She has no widow's peak, and her hair is unusually(almost scarily) soft. She has steely blue-grey eyes that have fairly large irises, that are quite clearly always observing things. Her features are soft, but defined well enough, with her cheekbones fairly evident. Her skin has a soft, clean, and radiant glow to it; most assume this is from the light reflecting off of her lightly-colored skin. However, if one were to touch it, they would feel no roughness to it; only smoothness. Her lips are well-defined, and seem as though crafted with care to perfection. Her nose is fairly slim, but not freakishly so, and comes to a smooth 'point'. Her hands are slightly smaller than average; with slender fingers and slightly long fingernails. Her feet are size 8 1/2's, with average-ish toes. She has an average-sized chest at B-sized breasts. Her hips are defined slightly, and don't show much curve to her slender figure. She stands at 5'6" 1/2, and weighs about 126 lbs, most of her weight consisting of her well-built muscle tone that she has developed over the entirety of her life. She carries herself with great posture, standing straight and tall; professional-looking.

    Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario (open)

    History: In all honesty, Jess lived a fairly normal life. She went to private school- likely the most abnormal feat about her -and always finished her work on time with flying colors. She'd always been meticulous.. Taking care in making sure she added all the little details to everything she did; from drawings, to making characters for her stories, the said stories those characters were in, and showing her work on assignments.

    Luckily for her, life was good outside of school as well. She had a loving family of six; consisting of twin little brothers, her mother, an older brother, and her father. Sure, her family was a bit odd.. But they loved her, and she loved them, too.

    Jess was the type of socially awkward girl who, while a klutz who couldn't exactly hold her own in a fight(which, she always passed on despite, since she's always been a pacifist), was notably quite knowledgeable and intelligent. She excelled in intellectual activities, but was a complete weakling when it came to physical activities. To a point of being pretty pathetic, and picked on for her inability to keep muscle.

    After years of mockery for this feat, Jess began believing all the things she'd been called were true.. Weak, scrawny, pathetic, ugly, too skinny.. And, what she hated the most? Petite. Despite, she pushed on strong, doing her best to ignore the jabs of classmates and sticking to her timid self. And, luckily for her, she was off to college two years earlier than most, thanks to her great grades and intellect that had given her the go to skip a couple grades.

    However, this exciting college 'adventure' was cut short when tragedy struck.

    For years, the now-young-woman blamed herself for the incident. Thought it was her fault for not being there to save her brother, for being unable to take his place.. The few friends she had managed to make slowly dispersed as she spiraled down into a bottomless void of self-spite. But, using some biofeedback methods she'd studied for a long time, she managed to somewhat get back on her feet... With the help of moving to a new town, of course.

    That was two years ago.

    After the move, things were quick to change in Jess's life yet again. Now she's found herself in a whole new world with no knowledge of the place.

    Starting Pokemon: Vulpix

    A small, silver heart-shaped locket
    -A Deadpool baseball cap
    -A Punisher backpack
    -A simple black water bottle
    -A navy blue wristwatch
    -Pepper spray
    -A pair of aviators and some spare reading glasses
    -A half-finished pack of bubble gum
    -A pair of skullcandy crushers(headphones)
    -A pocket knife
    -"Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe" Vol 1
    -A black professional 200-page sketchbook
    -A full set of HB scaled sketch pencils
    -A single black sharpie
    -A gameboy advance, along with a ds and a variety of games for both handheld systems

    Personality: Jess is a fairly peppy and optimistic girl, once you get past her timid shell. She's quite softspoken in the office and around people she doesn't know, but is very loud and talkative when with someone she knows well. She hates fights, but will do whatever it takes to help keep the world safe.. Even if it means defying her more pacifist-like nature and giving a good fight. She lacks confidence, and is quite humble and modest, but will never hesitate to speak up for others and lend a helping hand. Frequently, she throws out wisecrack comments and dumb puns.. Especially when nervous or in a fight. She is extremely easy to embarrass. She's fairly timid and shy until spoken to, thanks to her fairly socially-awkward nature, is extremely easily flustered and embarrassed(her extreme self-awareness doesn't exactly help), and is lacking severely in self confidence. Despite this, she always put everything she's got into everything she does.

    -Extra Stuff-
    -Jessabelle has a variety of nicknames. Jessie, Jessa, Jess, J, Belle, etc.
    -She has a fairly prominent accent, thanks to her Welsh heritage
    -She loves kids
    -She's extremely ticklish
    -When she's lying, she has a tendency to lick her lips. And, when embarrassed, her voice gets higher
    -Her three siblings are her twin brothers, Nathaniel(deceased) and Tayte, and her older brother, Donovan
    -Theme song:
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  11. Ok, I didn't expect the mutant part and I would like to know what are her powers and how she got though.

    Also, are you guys ok allowing a mutated character? I'm fine with it as it adds a bit more to the Rp.
  12. Yeah, wait till Ken finds out rofl. He loves fun and pranks but a mutant. As long as she can't just go around using her powers to attack people or something out there.
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  13. Aye. At this point the app is good and is therefore accepted.
  14. I'm going to join. What if I play myself?
  15. While I wouldn't recommend it as this is the internet I'm not going to keep you from playing as yourself.
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  16. Oh, crap.

    Sorry, that part wasn't supposed to be there. XD I'll edit that out once I'm out of the doctor's office.

    I copy-pasted my cs from a different group and thought I edited that out, but I guess not. ^^;

    Sorry for the confusion!
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  17. Aye, it's ok. Such things happen.
  18. Crap, didn't read the new messages. XD

    Would you guys prefer if I edit it out or leave it? I really don't care either way, so I'll change it if you'd like.

    All it is if you want me to leave it is minor self-molecular manipulation(that almost always backfires) and empathy. So she wouldn't be going around destroying shit or anything. XD
  19. Your choice mate, though if people start complaining I'll have to ask you to remove it.
  20. I'll just edit it out to avoid that. :3
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