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  1. English Trailer:

    Japanese Trailer:

    Four are named Caitlin, Pablo, Hoku and Ed.

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    I lost my old thread.

    Which game do you want now, seeing the legendaries?
    And what starter are you picking?
    What type do you think they are?


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  2. Heh, remember back when they used to be named after colours? XD

    As for the starters? The Owl is the only one whose design I like right now.
    Though it's going to be the 3rd Stages that make or break them for me.
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  3. Grass owl fucking dibs. Grass/flying best type. Also I want a fucking lion legendary in my life and I want it now.

    Maybe I'll be more nuanced later. Maybe.
  4. .. I always go water

    but LITTEN
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  5. There is finally more Grass/Flying types than Tropius. I can die in peace now.

    Also, great puns this time.
  6. The grass starter looks cute. The fire kitten is cool too, bound to be super popular, I think. And I... hope the water starter gets some cool evolutions. I think the water might end up being water/fighting, since the cat looks fire/dark and the owl is probably grass/flying?
  7. But flying doesn't fit into the equation, if they're going for the dual weakness :o
  8. Unless fire/rock cat.
  9. Hmm, it doesn't type against dark, but it is strong to flying. Maybe they decided neutral on that front was enough? Since flying is a tricky one. I don't know, just guessing.

    I could be wrong on the cat, too, yeah. Rock would work and that would be super awesome.
  10. You mean only generation 1? Sure I do.

    Gold, Silver and Crystal was way better. :p
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    I've been planning a high fantasy RP to start this summer -- which was going to feature a lion-themed sun deity. Now, given the timing of it all, everyone's going to think I got that idea from Pokemon Sun & Moon, which I did not. >:/

    *grumble grumble grumble*

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  12. Don't forget about Shaymin!
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  13. Rowlet may be my new spirit pokemon
  14. My hype is off the charts. I love the Pokemon, the legends, the art style, the region...

    ...the only thing I don't like is the female trainer's gawd awful fugly hat. What the hell is that? It looks like a freaking chicken head. lol. But thankfully there appears to be evidence of trainer customization so the first thing I'll do when I load up my new game file is get rid of that shit. =w= haha.
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  15. [​IMG]
    omg they're all so cute! For the first time ever I'm actually torn between all three!
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  16. I think there's already a thread about this. But the hype is so real! I agree with you, for the first time ever I actually like all three of them. lol. I may go with the grass starter though this time since I usually end up going with fire or water. ^_^
  17. I choose my starter based on looks, and Rowlet is the only one that really looks decent right now, as the others look sillier than Bibarel (I love Bidoof, but Bibarel is weird). We'll have to wait for the evolutions to get revealed, but I'm hoping Litten gets a cool evolution, because cats are A++ (although I do have to point out that with the Litleo line [lion], the Sun legendary [lion], and the fire starter [cat], we'll have 3 varieties of fiery felines [two steps closer to matching all the fiery canines {Vulpix line (fox), Growlithe line (dog), Houndour line (dog), and Fennekin line (fox)}).

    Popplio is amusingly close to "Polio", though I doubt Nintendo will let us name it that (if we can, feel free to endorse my idea to all your friends).

    As for legendaries, they look a bit sub-par compared to the others, but the ridiculous-looking vampire moon bat is amusing compared to the sun lion, so I'm 99% sold on Moon. (I found the boxart on bulbapedia, and I noticed both have some sort of thing over their eyes that looks like a helmet or something, while the eyes kinda remind me of holograms. As unlikely as it seems, I hope this will tie into the stories somehow [more space/alien-based pokemon, like Deoxys? [I know there are more Pokemon like that, but Deoxys is the most "alien-looking" so far].)

    The region looks nice, though small, so I wonder where all the towns and such will fit. From the information provided on bulbapedia and a google search, it appears Hala will not be following the plant-naming convention, although googling "Kukui" gives me results for a type of tree, so maybe Hala's an assistant? ([tinfoilhat]If Hala is, in fact, the professor, I bet he'll turn out to be a phony, and the villain in disguise.[tinfoilhat])

    Graphics appear to be less chibi-style than gen VI, which is refreshing, since each gen has been doing well with introducing new graphic features. (I can't lie, I was subconsciously expecting the graphics to be like those of X/Y/OR/AS, though Nintendo certainly proved me wrong! [I don't know why I was thinking that, though; gens 4 & 5 also shared a handheld, but had different graphics. I haven't really been following the Nintendo scene beyond snippets of news, so my expectations were probably lowered from the other game companies I follow.])

    I'm not one to care about or pay too much attention to skin tone, but a notable amount of NPCs shown have darker skin than our pasty example protagonists, which makes a lot more sense than lighter skin in the setting (based on Hawaii). While it's likely due to marketing or aesthetic reasons, I can't help but think the example protags use absurd amounts of sunscreen.

    Well, with the "Global" and European release dates of our lovely Gen 7 confirmed, it's time to theorize the Gen 4 remakes! But there's a time and a place for everything, so I'll refrain from biking indoors =w=.

    EDIT: All the starters are rather adorable, but the trailer made the water and fire types look kinda silly. Hopefully, we'll get better looks at them as they appear in the games, soon.
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  18. I feel the same way. owo Also, I think it's interesting to point out that Rowlet is a grass/flying type -- therefore making it one of the only starter Pokemon to be a dual-type in its first stage (with the only other first-stage dual-type starter being Bulbasaur, and that was a long-ass time ago). It kind of threw me off when I saw it in the trailer because, well, I know lots of starters gain a second type when they evolve -- that isn't exactly uncommon -- but starting off with one? That surprised me, and I initially thought Rowlet would be the first of its kind -- until I remembered that Bulbasaur is part poison-type, eheheh... ^^" Still! The point remains that this doesn't happen often, so it's kind of interesting to see. o.o

  19. Apparently Popplio comes from the Hawaiian word for the Hawaiian monk seal. And Popplio is known for making bubbles out of its snout or something so it's called 'pop' and 'lio' from the Hawaiian word o -o

    Also there's a new skin tone for the Asians =w= (because Chinese release)


  20. I'm so happy and excited. All I've wanted in Pokemon is a good owl and cat Pokemon, and considering these are both starters, there's a good chance they will be. <3 I'll especially be happy if Litten (how cute is that name, by the way?) ends up evolving into a dark type! I'm reserving judgement for Popplio until I see its evolutions. Right now it's my least favourite starter. I'm going to have one heck of a time choosing between Rowlet and Litten, I tell you what... I might have to just buy both games on launch day instead of waiting a while to buy the other version. Or I'll just scum it up with Pokebank and use both of them!

    Also, though I originally went into Gen 7 wanting to repeat what I did with Gen 6 and avoid all spoilers after the starter reveals, I'm going to have a really hard time with it this time... on one hand, I had so much fun with X and Y going into it essentially blind, but on the other hand, my hype for Sun and Moon is so strong I'm going to have such a hard time avoiding it. D: Willpower, Opal! Willpower!
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