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  1. Pokemon Genesis

    "This is it! These trainers are down to ONE pokemon each. Reigning Champion Mara send out her ace, Aggron!" The crowd went ballistic as the young woman threw out a decorated orb, which opened and in a flash of light revealed a huge creature, 7 feet tall. It planted its feet into the stadium ground which crumbled beneath. The stadium lights shined and reflected off his metallic body armor. The girl who sent out the pokemon had been breathing heavily, tired from battle, but now she cracked a devious smile. Not to be outdone, the trainer across the stadium drew out his last Pokeball, kissed it, and threw it high into the air. A large purple dragon spawned from within and let out a terrible roar. The crowd cheered again, clearly this trainer had fans here too. "And of course, Rex sends out his Garchomp! In this clash of titans, who will prevail to become this year's Pokemon Champion?"

    Both trainers called out attacks simultaneously.

    "Aggron, use Iron tail!"
    "Garchomp, Flamethrower!"

    Flames poured from Garchomp's mouth, and Aggron had to halt its attack, absorbing the flames against its back. "Wow, Garchomp's blazing speed is too much for Aggron to handle! Could this be it for the reigning champ?"

    "Alright Garchomp, use Dragon Claw!"

    The dragon charged up, his claws glowing a bright blue, then launched forward at the Aggron unleashing its attack. "Yes! We got him good!"

    But when the dust settled, Aggron was blocking the claw with his massive arm, which was coated in even more metal. "Ah! Iron defense!"

    "Good, Aggron, retaliate with Dragon Tail!" The Aggron grabbed the enemy Garchomp on the arm, then swunng his tail around delivering a crushing blow. The ground went wild as the battle shifted in Aggron's favor.

    "That attack was SUPER EFFECTIVE! Garchomp has to be feeling that one now and- WOW sparing no time, Aggron is charging up a Blizzard attack, this one's 4X effective and will surely be the end for Garchomp if Rex doesn't do something quick."

    "It's NOT over! Garchomp, dodge it by going underground, use Dig!" Surely enough, Garchomp was able to dodge Aggron's blast of ice and snow by quickly digging underground. Rex laughed and threw his fist in the air. "It's over now, Dig is super effective against your Aggron!"

    But Mara stood there calm as ever with that devious smile, not phased at all by the quick turn. "Aggron! Use Earthquake!"

    Rex's eyes grew wide as he realized his mistake. "Garchomp! Get out of there!"

    But it was too late. Aggron Pounded on the ground with its huge legs, and the entire stadium shook. Garchomp burst from underground, but the pokemon had already fainted.

    "AND THAT'S IT! Mara wins! In an absolutely ridiculous turn of events, the momentum swung back and forth but the cool, calm, and collected Mara comes through in the end! Mara Steel is this years Pokemon Champion!!"

    Ben Valentine cut off the television on the wall. Today was finally the day he would set out on his own journey to become a Pokemon master. As a final preparation he watched last years Pokemon League final. He didn't need any more motivation, but the battle was one of the best in Pokemon League History, and if he ever wanted to become the champion himself he would likely have to battle Rex or Mara, maybe even both. That would be in the distant future, but he couldn't help but think of it. He grabbed his favorite brown jacket, and threw on his backpack, then his special necklace his uncle had given him. "Luna, it's time to go!" The Eevee at his side purred, stood up and stretched, and then in two quick jumps climbed up Ben's whole body and perched on his shoulder.
    He headed down the stairs of his empty house. His parents had already left for work at Silph Co., but they celebrated the night before. His mom left him some breakfast wrapped up, which he threw in his pack. The last, and maybe most important thing, was his brand new Pokedex, straight from Silph Co., sitting on the kitchen table. "Here we go Luna. The open air will be our home now!" And with that, he exited his home with no idea what was in store...

  2. 'It's a noble thing to do,' they said. 'It builds character,' they said. 'I did it when I was ten years old, you're seventeen now and it's about time you left for an adventure,' they said.

    These were just a few of many thoughts flowing through Reina's head at this moment, some thoughts more crass and unladylike than others. Right now, people were battling for fun, for training, maybe even for their lives. For Reina Rurencia however, her battle was with something much more dire.

    "Ahhh! What do you mean, CARD NOT APPROVED?!" The blonde girl angrily exclaimed at the poor saleswoman in front of her, her extravagant sausage curled hair that border lined in absurdity swinging to and fro. She had just arrived to this new region by air, and decided to try and buy some of the new fashions not available to her home region of Kalos. It wasn't too hard to find things that tickled her fancy, but it seems buying them had their own complications. "This is a PREMIUM CARD, I'll have you know." She continues to complain, puffing out her chest. "Do you KNOW who I am? I'm the noble daughter of --"

    "I'm sorry, ma'am," The saleswoman said, cutting her off. "It's not going through, maybe you should call your provider or family for your problem." She could feel the (supposedly) rich girl's glare, those eyes like daggers killing her over and over again in different fashions. "I-If you excuse me however, I have a line of actual paying customers to attend to."

    "I can't believe this! I'm NEVER coming back here again!" Reina shouted as she stormed out of the store. Something was really wrong about this whole ordeal, never has her card been denied, even in her most expensive shopping spree. The girl decided to give her parents a call, hoping for some relief.

    "Ahahaha, it was thanks to my journey while starting in poverty that helped me become the man I am today! I'm sure you'll do fine sweety."

    "B-But father, this isn't fair in the slightest! Didn't you start your journey with a Tyrantrum?! Those things should be extinct if not for science, and its fully evolved at that! All I have in comparison is whats practically a newly hatched pokemon!"

    "How about this then, with every badge you get, we'll increase your credit limit! Wahahaha! I'm not so bad now am I? Now then, don't give me a call until you have a badge to show me!"

    The phone clicked, the call being ended. She believed she had came loaded with money, but it seemed Reina's parents had other things in mind. All she had with her was pocket change compared to what she had in her card. While it was still enough for a normal person to live comfortably for a few months, it would only last a few days with Reina's tastes. Needing to cool her mind off, she paced around the main square, trying to figure out exactly what to do now.
  3. The Saffron city streets were busy as usual. Cars whirred by in too much of a hurry and people crowded the sidewalks as they headed in and out of the many shops. Ben was never really a fan of living in Saffron city, he preferred a quieter place with wide open spaces. Saffron's bustling city life made it difficult to see many wild Pokemon. As he weaved his way through the crowd he started talking to Eevee. "Alright. First things first- we need some Pokeballs! We'll need some more friends if we're going to want to take on all the gym leaders, right pal?" Eeevee responded with a chirp and an affirmative nod, so they headed to the pokemart.

    The pair exited the pokemart and stepped out into the main square. "Well, looks like we have enough money for some food at the next stop. We had better win some battles to earn some more!" He looked at Eevee with a laugh, but noticed Eevee's attention was focused elsewhere. Ben followed its eyes to a wild rattata sniffing along the ground looking for a crumb. "Luna. Don't. There's too many people around here to try and have a Ba-" he was cut off as the small pokemon lept from his shoulder and dashed after the Rattata, which had perked up and dashed away as well. "Luna! Come back here!" Ben chased after the pokemon, dodging people and their shopping bags along the way. Two people split for Ben to get through, but on the other side was an older woman with a walker. As an attempt to miss the elderly woman, Ben stepped to his right, sending him flying straight into a girl with curled blonde hair and sending them both to the ground. Eevee noticed the collision and abandoned chase on the Rattata, going back to check on her trainer.

    "Ow." Ben exclaimed as he sat up rubbing his head. "I'm so sorry, I didn't even see you there. Are you alright?" Luna wondered too, so she walked up to the girl's face a sniffed her to make sure she was safe to be spoken to.
  4. The girl continued her pace around the square, still unsure of what to do. Well, I can't just return back home after all the pain they took to even get me over here. I also can't just fly home with the money I have either, so maybe the best way to actually come home is going to be with battles.Well, there's always th-


    Suddenly in the middle of her walk around, a boy smacked into her. With a small twist she went from landing on her butt to instead eating the ground face first, making an audible thud with her landing. "Ack!" She exclaimed, her voice muffled by the ground. She lifted her chest off the ground, scanning the area around her for the culprit. Her face was greeted with an Eevee staring right in front of her, sniffing her face right in front of her. She gave a warm smile, "Well aren't you the third cutest thing I've seen all day." She was close to petting the cute little puffball of a pokemon, but she soon remembered what had just happened. Hearing a voice spout out apologies for the bumping, she turned her head around and stared at the boy. What were first wide inquisitive eyes quickly narrowed into the finest daggers known to man. "You! What were-" Reina then realized how unbecoming she must look yelling at someone while she herself was dirty and on the floor. "Wait a moment." She jumped up to her feet, facing away from the boy as she wiped away any dust on her clothes before twirling back to face the culprit. "Where was I- oh yes! You! What were you thinking?! Watch where you're going" She pointed towards the old lady he had dodged before coincidentally. "You could have ran into someone who could have been seriously hurt, like that old lady, or a child!" She began to lecture, taking out her frustration from earlier on the boy. She continued to chide about all the damage he could have caused, none of it mattering in the slightest.

    Giving a large sigh, she looked down to the ground as she finished her unnecessarily long speech. "ANYWAYS, the least I could do is also tell you I'm alright."
  5. Ben blinked at the girl, who was now scolding her about how dangerous it was to be running through a crowded area. Who did she think she was? He grew up in this city and by the looks of how lost she was this was her first time. If anyone knew not to be running in the crowded streets it was him! The girl was clearly a stranger to the big city- her fine clothing and good posture gave away her family fortune right from the start, and Ben didn't have much patience for the spoiled type, no matter how pretty they were.

    "Hey listen princess," he said sarcastically as he stood up and brushed the dirt off his hands, "I said I was sorry." Luna stepped away from the girl and assumed her position perched on Ben's shoulder. "And I don't know what you're on but Luna is at least the second cutest thing you've seen today, now that you've seen me." Luna gave playful but painful bite nibble on his cheek "Ow! Okay, okay. Number one cutest thing." Ben reached up and rubbed Luna behind the ear, and the pokemon quickly started purring. "Anyways I'm glad you're not hurt but I've got to get going. I'm going to become the newest Pokemon master by sticking around here my whole life. Your higness" He gave an exaggerated bow before turning to leave.
  6. She perked up at the boy's last words. That meant he probably knew where he was going, unlike her. He probably knew the whole continent, unlike her. He eve probably knows where the first gym is, unlike her! She grabbed his sleeve to stop him. "Wait!" There wasn't any way she was going to let this chance go to waste. "I-I also plan on becoming the next big thing in this world. Why don't we go together?"She got in front of the boy and gave out a hand regally. "I'd give my name around this part, but I'm pretty sure it is the man's job to do so first, no?" She said slightly condescendingly, still unable to completely let go of her ego in this time of need.

    "Oh, and yes, Luna is the third cutest thing I've seen all day. I've looked at a mirror so I'm number one. And I already looked at--" Suddenly a red light shot out behind her, as if it was waiting for this que to make her appearance. As the light began to take form, a Mawile appeared in between the duo in a triumphant pose. "Ah, there she is! My darling Mawile, the closest second place to my beauty that exists, ohoho!" She laughed as she praised herself. "Ah but, you're somewhere in the lower top ten, don't worry." She had scene some cuties walk around, and that cashier lady was quite a catch when her mouth wasn't rejecting her card.
  7. The girl stuck her hand out and refused to state her name first. Ben almost couldn't believe how proper the girl was trying to be, and all of a sudden very pushy. A minute ago she was scolding him for not being careful, but now she was basically telling him they were traveling together now? There was something else going on, and Ben was determined to find out. "I don't know anything about the proper greeting, I skipped out on cotillion, princess." He reached out and shook her hand, which was incredibly soft compared to his. "Benjamin Valentine, but you can call me Ben. This here is Luna, you two have already met of course." As the pokemon took its form in the light, Ben lost all his interest in the girl.

    "A... Mawile?? That's incredible! I've never seen one in person before!" He examined the small pokemon, it was cute but also fearsome. He reached into the side pocket of his backpack, revealing his Pokedex, and got a reading on the mawile.

    Mawile’s huge jaws are actually steel horns that have been transformed. Its docile-looking face serves to lull its foe into letting down its guard. When the foe least expects it, Mawile chomps it with its gaping jaws.

    "That... Is so cool..." He turned to the girl, choosing to ignore her 'top ten' comment. "Alright, we can travel together. But you've got to tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from exactly?"
  8. The girl nodded to Ben's praise of her pokemon, Mawile deserved it after all. "Of course she is incredible, Benjamin, she is top of her class after all. I'll have you know..." She began to drivel on about her pedigree as the boy was more interested in his pokedex. Her trail of words stopped when asked for her name. "Ah yes, my name!" She brought a hand to her chest as she puffed it up as well. "I'm Reina of course. Reina Rurencia of the Kalos region, pleasure to make your acquaintance." Now that she thought about it, she didn't have much else going for her other than the fact she was a rich girl. Only sport she had ever done was a year of lacrosse, she hardly even knows much about pokemon battling other than the very basics, she doesn't even know how many badges one needs.

    "Well now that formalities are out of the way Benjamin, I say its high time we start this journey! To the north we go!" She loudly exclaimed, pointing her finger west. "Let's grab all seven badges!" She had done the math, she was going to need seven of those shiny little things if she wanted to afford an airplane ticket back to Kalos, she only hoped that there were at least seven gyms.
  9. Ben's expression went from curiosity to disbelief and slight annoyance. "Reina Rurencia, all the way from Kalos? They must not teach the children how to listen well in Kalos. I said call me Benjamin." What the girl said next though, made Ben exchange a glance with Luna, followed by a fit of laughter. For a brief moment earlier in the conversation, Ben thought Reina might be playing dumb to fool him into falling for some kind of scam. Now though, it was clear she truly didn't know what she was doing.

    "you're... serious... aren't you?" He managed to get out in between laughs. "Oh man, this is going to be more work than I initially thought." He grabbed her arm and pointed it South. "First off, we're going south, to Vermillion City." He pulled out a map from his pack and handed it to her. "You're here in Saffron, if you didn't know, which I expect you may not have. Also, you do know it's eight badges right? You need eight gym badges to enter the Pokemon League. If you're going to be the next big thing in this world like you say, that's what you'll have to do." He grabbed her hand and started pulling her through the crowd. "The city exit is this way. You've got a lot to learn."
  10. The rich girl tried her best to save face. "Ah, of course that's south! I just wanted to make sure YOU knew where you were going." Being given the map, however, helped her catch her bearings. Sure, an island Kanto couldn't compare to the size of a continent like Kalos, but it was big nonetheless. Hearing that there were eight badges quelled a bit of her worries, she only needed seven to leave this place. Her dreams of making it big were actually more related in clothing than pokemon battling, but first she would need to get home.

    Suddenly, her hand was grabbed and she found herself being pulled by Benjamin. She was about to go off on his brutish actions of dragging a proper lady around like a caveman, but she let it slide for now, grabbing onto her Mawile's hand as they made their way towards the exiting gates. While she didn't have time to buy things, she at least was already given a small care package before her trip, containing a few of the essentials for a budding pokemon trainer.
  11. After a short walk through the city, the two trainers ended up at the city exit. It was small but nice brick building with wide open double doors and a sidewalk going straight through to the other side. Inside, a guide wished them a nice trip and told them to return soon. Once the two reached the other side, it was like they had entered a portal to another world. The side walk was replaced by a dirt path, and the tall buildings were replaced by trees. A wooden sign beside read "ROUTE 6 - TO VERMILLIN CITY".

    Ben took in a deep breath of fresh air and threw his arms out to his sides, soaking in the warmth of the sun. "Oh man, there's no telling how many wild pokemon are out here. It shouldn't be more than a day or two walk to Vermillion City, but if we want to challenge the gym leader there, we'll have to get stronger. Isn't that right, Luna?"

    "Vee Vee!" she called in affirmation. "So, Reina, what kind of pokemon are you hoping to catch?"
  12. The change of scenery was astonishing to Reina, to think there could be such a different world in just a short walk shows how well the nature was preserved in this region. It had also just dawned on her, whether she really wanted to or not, her pokemon adventure officially started right here, in a land she doesn't know about to go who knows where. These thoughts in themselves made her give out a sigh in contrast to her energetic guide.

    "What kind of pokemon you say?" She ponders for a moment, thinking about what kind would suit her the best. "Well that should be obvious Benjamin! I only want pokemon that are as regal as I am! Ohohoho!" She states loudly, laughing with a hand to her mouth. "Maw maw maw!" Her Mawile copied her every move, even doing a rich girl laugh of her own in unison with her trainer. All her life, Reina decided cute pokemon are the best choice, what is the point of something strong if it's hideous?

    "Now then, onwards Mawile and Luna!" She exclaimed, fist into the air as she started down the path. She was determined to get a cute pokemon now, even if she had to stay here for days. That said, she had no idea what kind of pokemon even lived in this route.
  13. Ben rolled his eyes a bit at the the flamboyant girl and her matching pokemon. They certainly were a pair to behold, but seeing Mawile and knowing its fierce battling side made him wonder if Reina had a fierce side of her own. This side of her was scary enough, and he shuddered thinking about it.

    "Hideous? All Pokemon have their place in the world, and all Pokemon have a place on a team. Looks have nothing to do with battling ability. If that were the case, Luna here wouldn't be much of a fighter." Ben laughed, while Luna growled and tried to appear tough, to no avail. "And how many times do I have to tell you? I don't like being called benja-" He was interrupted by Luna standing up on his shoulders, ears perked up to the sky and nose twitching.

    "What is it Luna?" The Eevee jumped off Ben's shoulder and assumed an fighting position on all four legs in the middle of the pathway. Suddenly, a strange yellow pokemon waddled out from tall grass beside the path. "A Pokemon!" Ben took out his Pokedex and aimed it at the wild Pokemon, which was startled by the presence of the travelers and aimed its leaf-arms at the aggressive Eevee.

    BellsproutBellsprout's thin and flexible body lets it bend and sway to avoid any attack, however strong it may be. From its mouth, this Pokémon spits a corrosive fluid that melts even iron.
  14. Before Reina could even get a response in, the boy and his Eevee seemed to have found themselves there own little trouble. "My my, that Bellsprout sure wants to test your strength out it seems." She stated as she walked away from the three, dragging her Mawile with her. While she didn't have pokedex encyclopedic knowledge, she was pressured to learn about almost all of them by parents and her private tutors. "It would be too unfair for me to fight it with my type advantage anyways." She leaned against a tree, covering herself from the sun. "Now then Bejamin, show me what you can do!" Her Mawile followed behind her. "Maw maw!"

    The Bellsprout, already threatened by Luna, started a show of force. It began to spew out different forms of powder at the space between it and the Eevee. It wasn't trying to hit the Eevee as much as it was trying to goad it into running into the powder to attack it.
  15. "The bellsprout wants a fight huh?" Ben had a smile from ear to ear. He through this right hand into a fist and pointed out with his left. "You heard the girl, let's show her what we can do Luna!" The Eevee held its ground as the Grass-type spewed various powders across the path.

    "Luna, use sand-attack!" Eevee turned her back to the bellsprout and began kicking her back legs. She was kicking up sand and dust, clouding the Bellsprout and blowing the powders away. "Now Luna, use tackle!" The small Pokemon charged forward at a remarkable speed and threw its body at the bellsprout, which managed to see through the sand and shift its body at the last moment to absorb most of the hit.
  16. "Oho! Good tackle!" Reina cheered, thinking the Bellsprout got hurt much more than it actually did. Her Mawile however looked onwards more seriously than her trainer, attempting to learn how each of them fought.

    Using it's great flexibility, the Bellsprout absorbed most of the damage by moving along with the tackle, leaving itself prone, but also right under the Eevee. It then showcased exactly why it's flexibility was a force to be reckoned with, using it's vines to grab Luna's fur and used a wrap attack, wrapping the Eevee while squeezing tightly. While it kept Luna from running to far, it also made it much easier for the Bellsprout to get hit.
  17. Ben grunted as the Bellsprout wrapped around Eevee, preventing it's escape. The grass Pokemon had an advantage in attack power, but Eevee's advantage was in speed- an advantage taken away by the wrap. "We've gotta get away from it, try to wiggle away Luna!"

    Luna squirmed, but it was no use. The bellsprout's grip was too strong, and the attack was doing too much damage. Ben was slightly panicked and clenching his fists tightly. This was his first real battle and he was already in a tight spot- against a wild Pokemon, no less. No. I'm not going to start my journey like this! If the attack is too strong... Of course!

    Luna, use growl!" The Eevee heard the command and let out an echoing growl. The bellsprout grimaced at the loud noise, and its grip loosened just enough.
    "Now Luna, get away and use tackle again!" She did just that, squirming free and running a circle before charging the Bellsprout and landing a direct hit!
  18. The Bellsprout landed flat on it's face, unable to dodge due to having it in it's grip. The force of the tackle caused the vines to completely separate itself from the Eevee, freeing the speedy pokemon. Now fully knowing how strong Luna was, the Bellsprout began to haphazardly shoot out its vines and began whipping the area between it and the Eevee in a show of force to make it run away. If all else fails, then it would be best to just run away itself!

    "Oho! Is this the it's special attack? The last resort?! Watch out Benjamin!" Reina commented out loudly to herself, not completely understanding the situation. Her Mawile gave out a small sigh, for once not syncing up with her, still focused on the what seemed to be soon ending match in front of her.
  19. "Yes! Alright Luna, one more tackle should do it!" The Eevee was agile, and the bellsprout flailing too wildly to get a good hit. Ben noted the sand attack from earlier was a good strategy, as now it seemed in this weakened state the Bellsprout would be no match. Luna charged full speed ahead, dodging a vine on each side before pounding her shoulder into the bellsprout one final time. The bellsprout wobbled around for a moment, obviously doing all it could to stay upright.

    "Here goes. Pokeball, go!" Ben opened his jacket, and clipped on the inside were six pokeballs, all of them empty and in their small form. He withdrew the second ball, expanded it to its full size and hurled it at the grass Pokemon. In a flash of light, the Pokemon was absorbed into the ball. For a moment, it was still... But then it shook... Then a second shake... And then a third! The pokeball clicked and stopped shaking.

    "WOOHOO!" Ben yelled in excitement, running up to Luna and the pokeball and sliding beside them on his knees. Luna jumped into his open arms and he squeezed her tightly. "We did it, Luna! We caught our first Pokemon! A bellsprout to join the team!"
  20. Reina watched intently as they finished their final bout, entrapped by the strong emotions that came out when battling occurred. How would she be, the girl wondered, her battle experience was always confined to a fencing-like style of fighting, where the first strike would win a point. This on the other hand was a full out battle, both of them going all out regardless of how much or hard they got hit. Before she knew it however, the fight was done, with Ben now getting another pokemon added to his collection. Her Mawile nodded her head with a smile, happy with the outcome.

    "Aha, good show Benjamin!" She called out, clapping her hands softly like a princess would, her Mawile being more joyous in its clapping. That Bellsprout certainly was a tough fighter, Reina wondered if she could do the same thing when it finally came to her turn to try to catch something. Well, that would be something she finds out soon enough, like it or not she was determined to get back home and battling was going to be her best shot. She walked up to the pair, her Mawile following behind. "Um, how is your Eevee doing? I hope that cute little girl isn't too roughed up."
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