Pokemon: Battling into Your Heart (Lovely Blade/Jovian)

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  1. Appearance (open)

    It was his first gym battle, and my Eevee was looking a little rugged after only one fight with one more Pokemon to beat. I was afraid we weren't going to make it, and the gym leader was looking a little upset as he realized the state my Pokemon was in as well.

    "You shouldn't push your Pokemon too far before it's ready. If you want to concede I'll understand," he said after sending out his next Pokemon.

    I looked at Eevee, but he wasn't looking at me at all. Instead he braced himself and prepared for the next attack, be it his or his opponent's.

    "Thanks for the offer, but Eevee looks like he can handle himself," I replied with a grin. "Eevee, quick attack!"

    The battle was a close one, but somehow Eevee pulled through and we won! After congratulating me and giving me my badge, the gym leader let us go on our way. As I left the gym, I nearly ran right into a girl going inside.
  2. "Oh sorry! I should watch where I'm going. Hey is that a gym badge? Did you win that in here? Good job!" Mikayla congratulated him with a smile her eevee on her shoulder. "I'm gonna battle him too you should come watch. I would love to have a spectator at my first gym battle with eevee."
  3. He nodded and moved aside. "Thanks. I just managed to win with an Eevee myself," he commented with a grin. "I'm sure if I could do it, you can too." Following her in he touched his pokeball softly. "I'm Trey,by the way. And if you really don't mind a spectator I'd love to watch."
  4. She smiled walking into the gym. "I'm Mikayla nice to meet you Trey. Now come on lets see if I can really do this," She said walking into the battle area. The gym leader looked at her and nodded sending out his Pokemon. Mikayla sent Eevee to the battlefield and the battle began.
  5. Trey stood a couple feet behind her, wanting to be close to the fight but out of the way as well. He didn't want to be a distraction for trainer or pokemon by being too close. As soon as the battle started, he was drawn in to the fight. Pokemon battles were always interesting to see, whether it's your own or someone else's.
  6. Mikayla was gonna use Eevee to the best advantage she could. Eevee was very quick and agile. "Okay Eevee use Double Edge!" She said the command loudly and Eevee moved quickly and attacked the Herdier. The move landed sucessfully. "Now use Swift before he has a chance to recover!" Eevee nodded slightly and sent many gold stars flying straight at the opponent's Herdier. It fainted. "We won! Eevee we won!" She exclaimed happily grabbing her pokemon in her arms. She took her badge and went over to Trey. "I can't believe it we have been training those moves so hard and they finally paid off!"
  7. He grinned and shook his head. "Congratulations. You made that look totally easy compared to when I fought him," Trey said as he looked at the badge she was showing him, offering a hand to her Eevee for a pet. "How did you train your Eevee so well? If you don't mind, could you give me some pointers?"
  8. She smiled happily. "Thanks. Pointers? Well I usually give her motivation like treats or something but most of the time we just practice one particular strategy over and over until we get it just right," She explained. Eevee jumped onto her shoulder after being pet by Trey.
  9. He nodded and lead the way out of the gym, holding the door to the outside. "That makes the most sense, I guess. Maybe we can train together after a Pokemon Center trip? I know my Eevee needs the attention." Trey's grin was a little sheepish. "I've not had much experience with other Pokemon. We were mostly just battling a little outside of town just to get the hang of being partners before challenging the gym. I was surprised when we won to be honest."
  10. She followed him out. "Yea my Eevee could use some rest as well. We can train together if you like afterwards sure." She began walking to the Pokemon Center. "I've had my Eevee for a while now. I got her when I was younger so we are best friends though we just started training not to long ago."
  11. Trey stayed a little closer to her than was probably necessary for the mostly empty road. "I only met him about a little over a month ago. He'd been in a fight with some other pokemon and left there injured so I took him to the center. He was in some pretty bad shape. When he got better he decided to stick with me."
  12. "Oh I see. A bond like that is pretty strong you know?" She said not minding the closeness it was cold outside and the body heat helped keep her warmer. She handed her Eevee to Nurse Joy when they got to the center.
  13. Trey nodded and got out his Poke Ball with Eevee inside to hand over as well. "Yeah. We seem tight. I think he's a little wary still, even of me. But that's why I wanted to challenge the gym so early. He wanted to fight with other Pokemon and I wasn't as confident in my own ability as a trainer." He motioned to some seats to wait at before sitting and continuing. "Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever really become a trainer. I figured I'd have a Pokemon sometime, but I wasn't in a hurry since I didn't think I'd need one until I was ready to head to Castelia and work in one of the offices there." He grinned a little. "I had no big plans of battles and being one of those trainers aiming for the League, you know? And now I'm thinking maybe it won't be too bad if I at least thought about it."
  14. She got a water from the service desk in the center and sat down listening to him. She swallowed he gulp of water. "Hey I'm planning to challenge the league how about you journey with me and Eevee?" She said smiling.
  15. "Go with you?" Trey asked, incredulous for a moment. She was a better trainer than he was, for sure. He could learn a lot if he traveled alongside her and her Eevee. And since Eevee seemed anxious to be stronger, he was likely to want to go along too once he knew how much better she was as a trainer. "Why not? It'd be fun to travel with someone else, anyway. I'd like to learn from you too."
  16. "Great! I'm glad to have your company," She said. Nurse Joy came over with their pokeballs. "Thank you Nurse Joy," She said releasing Eevee. Eevee immediately jumped to her shoulder. "She prefers to stay outside."
  17. Trey nodded and looked at his Poke Ball before letting his Eevee out. He knelt down to talk to him, saying, "We're going to travel with these two for a while. They just got their first badge too, so they should be great partners don't you think?" Eevee nodded and jumped into Tree's chest, causing Trey to hug him before standing. "Seems like even Eevee is okay with traveling with you. And he seems to like your Eevee's idea of not being in a Poke Ball." He laughed as his Eevee rubbed his head against Trey's chin. "Should we head onward then?"
  18. "We shall," She said with a laugh. She flipped her pink her once before pulling it into a ponytail. "Say didn't you want to train?" She said remembering what he had said earlier.
  19. "Yeah, I did. We had a hard time facing that gym leader, so I figured we must not be strong enough yet," Trey answered a little sheepishly. Even Eevee seemed to look a little sheepish at the admission of having had trouble against the gym leader's Pokemon. "I thought we might also need to catch more Pokemon too, but I've never been confident about that either." He looked at his Eevee and pet its head. "What do you think?" he asked, obviously seeing Mikayla as the superior trainer.
  20. She laughed a little,"You don't give yourself enough credit. I'm sure your skills aren't as bad as you act like they are. I don't want you looking at me like some kind of mentor or teacher. I want you to think of me as just another trainer. Okay?" She walked out of the center. "Well since you haven't caught any other pokemon I would like you to meet my only other pokemon." She sent out a Pikachu. "Meet Pikachu he evolved a few days ago from Pichu. I was so happy."
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