Pilgrim's Reach

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Draug noticed the second jeep lagging behind still, and then he saw the mistake of the driver as he tried to race up past the crest and got swamped in the sand. (See that's why tank drivers are tank drivers not jeep drivers.) He then noticed it following them again but speeding up to them slower than before. (Well atleast he's being careful.) Draug returned to his book then as he saw the weather station. (Well I'll have to get ready soon.) So Draug closed his book and put it away as he started getting his gear checked.

As they got close to the Weather Station draug loaded his weapons and kept the safeties on. "Gregor, where do you want me?" Draug asked Gregor the team leader. (I hope nothing goes wrong but as Murphy's law says; If anything can go wrong it will. I just hope Murphy doesn't show up.) Draug noticed the second jeep lagging behind a little again. (Oohkay? Note to self: do not let tank drivers drive jeeps.) Draug waited for gregors answer.

"So, sir. . . do we wait for the second jeep to get up here or continue onwards?"

"Fuck it. The radio's a piece of shit. They'll keep pace." Gregor answered gruffly, and placed his arms behind his head for the remainder of the drive in a nonchalant manner. It wasn't long before the two jeeps had reached the weather station, and when the real part of the surface mission began. "Well, we're here... Kill the engines, Sandy, and everyone get checked." Flinging the door open, the old soldier slid from the jeep, and landed heavily on booted feet. Turning to the group as they all piled out, he rested his rifle on his shoulder, and approached the door to the weather station.

Turning to Draug, Gregor motioned to him to circle around back with Moro, and then report anything out of the ordinary from the outside of the build, and then turned to Sabrina as a flash went off, and drew his thumb across his neck. "Don't do that again, girl. Flash like that can be seen for miles, and long before the jeeps are heard." Turning to the rest of the group, he reached into his pocket, and removed a small card that he held in between his fingers. "Once the other group circles around we'll sweep the inside. Y'all still feelin' alright?"

Wakefield kept his gloved hands clasped. "Your experience and capacity for subterfuge are not in question, Miss LaCroix. But the fact remains that you broke the law. Whether or not you regard Vladimir as your home is irrelevant. You have intruded upon the sovereign property of the Vladimir Collective and thus you are subject to its criminal justice procedures."

He paused to straighten the maps on the table, stacking and alligning them with the edge.

"It would be irresponsible and unaccountable of me to grant you any formal position on this crew. You have already demonstrated a willful disregard for policies, assaulted members of my staff and openly slandered both the mission leader and your home community. I consider you both a threat to this mission and a citizen of unsound principles."

He clasped his hands again. "However, if you demonstrate good behaviour, it is within my remit to alleviate the charges against you. Miss LaCroix, I will be confining you to quarters for the duration of this mission. You will receive a ration of food, clothing and entertainment vouchers. And on return to Vladimir Station I will ensure that your charges are lowered from industrial sabotage to illegal emigration."

The lights flickered again from the Sand Whale interference, shifting the shadows around Wakefield's statuesque face. "Are we agreed?"

As Draug and Moro set off on the perimeter sweep, Gabriel moved forward and came into a crouch. Putting his rifle to one side, he burrowed through the sand and swept it away from the remote interface box. The console was embedded in the rock about 20ft from the weather station's wall and built from durable and galvanised titanium. With a special key hanging from his neck, he unlocked the outer casing and began entering a series of command codes to access the device.

Slowly, the base's automated defenses were overridden. This included electrical fields designed to ward off Vargrs and Gargoyles, as well as hi-tech recording devices and flash alarms. As they fell the lights came on in the station, each level illuminating in dim emergency blue. And then, with a heavy clunk, the main door disengaged and cycled open, a dark corridor revealed that led into the heart of the facility.

"Handshake's a good'un," Gabriel reported as he stood up again and shoulder-slung his rifle. "We can access the Fault Log from the central core. But don't be surprised if some of the doors don't work or some of the systems malfunction. This is the first time in 5 years that they've been used."
Moro opened the door as soon as the jeep came to a stop. Shivers ran up his spine as his feet touched the ground. how long had it been? three years? He pushed the thought away.

Moro was not wearing the same suit as the others, his was made for security personel. The inner layer was essentialy an ABC suit, speacially designed to be as compact as possible, while giving the wearer as much maneuverability as possible. the outer layer looked similar to BDU's with ceramic plates contained in kevlar covering vital areas. ESF was printed on the back shoulders of the vest. He adjusted the helmet, it was similar to normal combat helmets, a mask hid his face, it looked similar to gas masks common to the world before the rain, except that it allowed the wearer full range of sight.

walking away from the jeep Moro scanned the area. he hated this place, it wasn't quite the same as the last time he had been outside, but it was close enough. He started walking towards the station. gregor wanted draug and himself to check around back. The ground crunched underneith his feat, it reminded him of the snow that fell before the rain, back when he was a kid. As he left sight of the others his throat tightened. he felt alone, even with Draug at his back. Nothing seemed to be out there. An occasional gust of wind would disturb the sand, but nothing else moved. That didn't mean shit though. Who knew what was waiting patiently out there?

Rounding the building without incident He walked back to the group. " all clear, doesn't mean there isn't anything out there though."
"Once the other group circles around we'll sweep the inside. Y'all still feelin' alright?"

Sandor did a once over of the outfit that Moro was wearing as he returned to the group at the front of the station.

"Sure, chief gives us the 'effin snowman suit but LT gets the swimsuit. Feel like I'm wearing blinders in this thing sir." Sandor griped as he knocked the side of his helmet twice with a gloved hand, wishing the bucket was off of his head so he could have full peripheral vision.

As the automated defenses shut down and the facility opened up Sandor brought his rifle up to the ready. He was half expecting someone o rsomething to come flying out of the building, yet nothing greeted them except a dark and barren corridor.

"So, how long do we have to work before the local wildlife realizes that the grid is down?" Sandor questioned as he looked around.
"You guys go on in, im gonna stay out here and see if i cant fix this radio." Faerich said over short burst transmission, as he went to the back of the jeep and got out a tool kit.
Standing straight with toolbox in hand Faerich scanned the desolate wasteland around him, "sure is quiet around here." he muttered under his breath, turning around Faerich walked back to the jeep and started working on the radio carefully.