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  1. I'm rather curious as to what drives all the Iwaku members in their day-to-day lives...
    What is your conviction? What drives you, what makes you carry on even when life discourages you at every turn? In short, what makes you tick?

    My conviction is my friends. I refuse to let them get hurt, and for that reason, I keep going on through the tough times. As I've said before, we all play a large role in our friends' lives.
    And I intend to do my best to make their lives happier, even at the expense of my own. ^_^;
    I got a bit dramatic there, I apologize.
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  2. Drive? Well let's see. I think Iwaku is a big motivation factor for me. It gives me that feeling that I'm doing something and people will remember it. Sure it is kind of a selfish bit but I like to be remembered.

    Otherwise what drives me from day to day is the constant thought "Hey it can always be worse."
  3. For me its the thought of getting out and seeing the world. I dislike my job now, yes. But all in all I see myself as lucky to be here. And those times that I am not working I like to travel. Now if only I was able to find people to go with me it would make it better.

    While this descibes more my work and how it relates to my life I believe that work dominates the majority of my life.
  4. Okay, so let's say Iwaku didn't exist. Then what would happen? Would you become sluggish? Or would you attempt to find something else?

    So, your work dominates your life? Let's say you got fired from your job? How would that affect your desire to travel? Would Iwaku become the dominant factor in your life? What would happen to your desire to travel when the pay from your job stopped?
  5. And if you found something that takes that feeling away? Be it a girl, a friend, anything. How do you feel when you aren't angry, and what do you do at that point?
  6. And when the alcohol runs out and the inescapable hangover kicks in?
  7. So, at the end, nothing's changed. But now, you're raging perpetually becasue of the lack of alcohol, thus becoming quite anti-social. You anger people, and people stop hanging around you. There's nobody to rage to, or rage about, except for yourself. Then what?
    (Sorry if I sound depressing, but I'm quite intrigued and curious.)
  8. ... Drrrunk...?

    (And no, I'm not for real)
  9. If Iwaku didn't exist I'd still be an illiterate dork fish over on the Otakuboards.
  10. For me... It's the drive to fix any mistakes that I have made in my life, and to eventually learn what I am capable of, or what I was meant to do.

    So In hindsight... I don't know what makes me tick. I haven't figured it out yet.
  11. Ah. I just take it that Iwaku caught your eye and transformed you, then?
    Back then, how would you have responded to this question, had it included Otakuboards as a substitute?
  12. ...


    EDIT: And tits.
  13. So, to sum it up...
    What drives you through life is what I'm asking right now.
    You want to find out what makes you tick, right?

    Seiji: Same question as Tain. After the rage?
    EDIT: So you're a chest hunter?
  14. My drivers in RL is to repay animals.

    When I was little, I had many social problems. I was honest and naive as a child, and everyone took advantage of that... I owe them a lot. My dog, Rylie was always there for me, and every little mouse or hamster I owned was always the best relief when I had a bad day. All I had to do was hold them, and I'd be ok and be able to keep being sweet.

    I also feel like I have to repay my friends too for not screwing me over.
  15. Back when I was on Otakuboards I didn't have a life to drive. But if I had to chose it would have to be Magic the Gathering. That little card game brought everyone to the table each day including me and we all would have a fun game. Nothing like enjoying the day with friends, drinks, and a whole shit ton of cardboard.
  16. I see. That's quite a lot like me actually, except it was Yu-Gi-Oh driving what little social life I did have.
    So, you're trying to redeem yourself for your friends' sake, then? I'm counting animals as your friends, as well.

    And I suppose since I'm asking so many questions, I owe all of you an explanation for my conviction, as well. Yes?
  17. Yes, I'm trying to study to be a zoologist, but I'm also buffing up on my informal massage technique so that I can always calm someone down if they need it.

    Yeah, give us reasons.