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  1. My honest suggestion for the sentinels is for one to put themselves at some risk to bring a traitor to light. It'll be easier in general from there.
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  2. Imma just toss in a quick evidence compilation + just generally poking people to vote thing I guess x.x we'll see how it goes from there.
  3. "Yes." Lyra smile and started concentrating very hard.

    Harmony sat up and look at her with a smile.
  4. Astaroth smiled and held Melissa close, patting her head.
  5. "What's so special about a soul weapon daddy?" Melissa ask in a hush tone.

    Lyra concentrate really hard before her flame burst out and start to take the shape of a dark Excalibur, similar to one Lucifer use to weild.

    Harmony's eyes light up eagerly, "Its beautiful Lyra."
  6. Astaroth frowned at Harmony before smiling at Lyra. "It's stunning, sweetie. As for Alexander's family, they usually develop early. Well, they develop early, physically. Too straightforward though."
  7. "Basically the equivalent of humans on steroids, only worst." Harmony murmur and look back at Lyra, "It is breathtaking Lyra. Proof of you being Lucifer's heir." She hug Lyra tightly, "Oh, my beautiful girl."

    Lyra let the sword disappear and held onto Harmony, "Father will be proud won't he?"
  8. "Your father has always been proud of you. The sword will only mean you can demand more of his attention and he'll pay less attention to trying to kill or turn that useless son of his." Harmony gently coax Lyra.

    Lyra frown, "I hate him.."

    Melissa stare at Astorath, "Can we go now?"
  9. "Harmony, Melissa and I will be going out."
  10. "We'll talk later." Astaroth scooped Melissa up into his arms.
  11. Melissa hug Astorath tightly, "Where are we going?"
  12. "Up to you."
  13. "In Hell?"
  14. Replying to a comment on YouTUbe about how to pronounce GIF. I personally don't care how anyone pronounces it, I just don't like being told how I say it is wrong.
  15. Lol, I don't know. For me it's jif though. XP
  16. "Yeah. I like that place."
  17. the conversation has either stopped or is waiting for tomorrow
  18. Lol, they'll get bored. Eventually.
  19. Nice save, yun