Persona: Sunset Over the Eastern Sea


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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Alt History, Anything really. It honestly depends on how I'm feeling. I am always up for a good, solid Cyberpunk RP. I'm also up for Crossover RPs.


"Syonan-to is a port city of about one million people located on Kyushu. It is the third largest port in Japan after Nagoya and Yokohama, and the capital of Maikura prefecture. Syonan-to is a beautiful city full of sights to see and places to be."

–Maikura Prefecture Tourism Guide


Syonan-to is a mysterious city. Originally founded as a small fishing village that did small domestic trade during the late Kamakura Period. However, it wasn't until 1647 when the Dutch set up a small trading post there as a runoff from Dejima that the city grew.

In 1945, following the setup of the American government as a temporary entity, the US Navy used it as a port to get supplies and resources into the southern part of the country without using Nagasaki.

It soon became the Japanese headquarters for Takumi-Wilson, an international British-Japanese conglomerate that now has operations in over 100 countries around the world.

However, in recent months, people around the city have been mysteriously disappearing. It's up to a small group of chosen people to figure out why, and how they can stop it from happening.

So, this is a Persona RP set in an original city with an original plot. This one is based on The Matter of Britain, the Matter of France, and Haruki Murakami works. It would follow the usual cast of ragtag teens who find out that the world is not as it seems, and must use their Personas to fight against the evil and corruption of the world.

I want the non-combat, social part to feel more like Persona 3 if that's possible, I guess? Idk, I'm kinda going for a Persona 3 vibe with a school club based on the Knights of the Round Table and Charlemagne's Paladins fighting villains from those legends.

Anyway, I hope this appeals to you all! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, and I'll be glad to answer!​
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Count me in. Also, nice tunes, gib more.
Would be sweet for some brainstorming. Here's hoping we can get some more people on board for this!
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I'd like to see how this goes. Love me some Persona. Even with the little information here, I hope you have ideas for how Personas, Social Links (Or if there is any) and Combat work. I like to think i'm well versed in the world, so ask if you need some ideas bounced around.
There's no way I can walk away after reading this, count me in.
A successful interest check if ever I saw one.
I'm so glad to see everyone's interest! I'll try to get the OoC and signups up soon and we can do some brainstorming!
Very excited, been wanting to play in a persona inspired campaign for a while now. Glad to have caught the train before it left the station. :)
Working on the OoC! Should have it tonight or tomorrow!

I hope you all have character ideas!
I'll start plotting one now, boss lady.
I have someone in mind.
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Almost done! Coming up with the locations
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Unfortunately due to some recent events, I sadly will have to withdraw my interest. Have fun guys!
Sorry! Had family come over today! Will get it up soon.

Really sorry
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