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  1. Pentagram

    A view of Trigon's skyline at night (District 17).

    Earth. Sephyria. Apex.

    The year is 2026, and these three worlds are just finishing brushing off the dust of a one-year-long, albeit devastating, war.
    The war was discovered, halfway through, to be engineered by a single young man going by the name of Ruin, who had supposedly died in an earlier war on the world of Sephyria. This earlier war had also been sparked by him, a nephalem, who had created Necromancy to aid him in his fight.
    Ruin now resides sealed away, lobotomised, in a tower with no windows, and the three worlds are beginning to make peace with one another.

    One of the symbols of this peace is the recently completed city known as Trigon. Built on top of the fracture that links the worlds, this city is divided into three parts, one residing in each world, and allowing passage between them.
    Trigon's purpose is simple: to educate mages, and to research the force known as magic.

    Magic, used as the sole weapon of the worlds Sephyria and Apex during the Rupture War, may finally be understood with the scientific methods and technology that Earth has created. People from all worlds come to marvel at the progress that has been made, with magical technology, shortened to magitech, commonplace in this revolutionary city, putting the technology almost a decade beyond any other place in the known universe.

    The residents, too, are remarkable. Of the 12 million people that live in Trigon, around 70% are under 18 years of age, and 85% are under 25, being taught how to properly harness their magical ability. 6% are researchers, studying the tiniest details of magic, trying to discern exactly how it works. Among the mages are the seven Level 9 Spellcasters, gods among insects. They each have found their own way to use spells that seems to deconstruct the very laws of both magic and physics themselves, exploiting it in ways never thought possible.

    But Trigon has an underworld, as all cities do. Shadows are stirring in the dark. And now, even the Level 9s may be powerless to stop them.​

    Game Masters: Random (that's me, did you notice?)
    Accepting New Characters: Yes, I welcome them! Players can have as many characters as they can manage.
    Posting Expectations: As long as you can keep up with the other players, that's fine.
    Rating: PG/R. Due to the existence of magic, any deaths could be anywhere between disintegration to being skinned alive by a sand tornado to just being impaled by glass spikes until you drop dead. And characters are allowed to say as they please, to add to the level of realism.
    Genre: Sort of fantasy and sci-fi, but not really Science Fantasy.
    Atmosphere/Mood: Most likely going to fall under Dramedy, knowing this forum, with some violence.
    Plot Flow: For the most part, Open World. After all, the most interesting plots are written by the players, are they not? However, if that's going nowhere, we can switch to Linear; I do have a few things up my sleeve.
    Timeline: It's 2026, so the technology is mildly futuristic. There are some unreliable jetpacks, no flying cars, there are holograms, and, as always, baby pandas exist. It is, however, two years after the end of the worst war ever recorded, so there is some tension.

    1. Obey dem Iwaku rules. Because, y'know, we're parasitically latching onto the website and draining its lifeblood, so we should at least do what it asks.
    2. Mention platypi in your SU. No actual significance to the game, just to prove you've read these.
    3. Please, please, please, pleeeeaaaaaase read the background and the magic mechanics. You don't have to do it immediately, but it really helps if you know how magic in this works before you start trying to reverse time and teleport around. And you need to pick a magic type for your character, so theat's important.
    4. For the love of multiple assorted pieces of liquorice, do your best to not hold up the other characters through inactivity and destructive behaviour. Everybody deserves to have fun. That's what this is for besides me mercilessly experimenting on all of you foolish webgoers right under your blind noses.
    5. I reserve the right to control and remove your character in case of extended absence. I can probably even advance the plot with it.
    6. Try to avoid stupid-short posts. Only writing a little bit is fine, especially if this moves fast, but give everybody something to work with.
    7. Note that these rules may be edited as we go. Just a warning.
    8. As GM, my word is final. This universe and plot has taken a long time to set up, and I can't let any Tom, Dick, or Asmodeus rip it to pieces whenever they feel like becoming the lord of hell.
    9. In-character you're allowed any kind of language. Explicit is also fine. Explicit narration, or detailed narration of explicit events, is not fine. You are, however, allowed to describe exactly how badly a character gets ripped to shreds as long as you do so in spoiler tags.
    10. While you're free to do it, please tell me before you make a spell or create an NPC. It makes it a lot easier to manage everything. Please. For me.
    Players (open)
    Sapphiric - Eoula
    Infinitude Cosmogenesis - Saranda Nnitra
    Urdnot Grunt - Aan Lystin
    Kylulu - Sasson Elsu
    Ferril - Caileron Mithraxos
    Ethereal - ??? - [Reserved as W.I.P]
    Rainjay - Calixte Zira Aerelen - [Reserved as W.I.P.]
    cojemo - Nakir Tinuval
    Bure - Balaena Filifar

    Character Template (open)
    Name: Normal name for Earthers; normal-ish, fantasy-like names for Sephyrians; literally anything for Apexites.
    See races.
    Magic Level:
    Maximum is 8 for player characters. Level 9s are NPCs that need to move in a certain way depending on how the players do. Due to the nature of Level 10s you can't really be one because there aren't any.
    Magic Colour: Remember, this always is the same as the character's eye colour if they're a spellcaster. But you can take any colour you like within your race's range, as long it's a single colour. No polkadots.
    Magic Type: See Magic for more details. Make sure to write what elements they know, too.
    IQ: Important, actually. An arcane's is often about 30% higher than a mundane's. Not the actual IQ, since that's unreliable, but the same basis: average IQ for a mundane Earth human is 100.
    Birthplace: Remember to make note of which world and where on that world they were born.
    Occupation: If any. Entirely optional.
    Appearance: This being what it is, as long as your character can do magic, go crazy with the hair and eyes. If they're a faerie... go even crazier! With everything!

    Goal in Life: Where are they going? Entirely optional, of course, but it's nice to have one.
    Fears: Completely optional again. The character may be so egotistic that they're afraid of nothing. Makes 'em more fun to break. Or high enough Level characters might fear nothing because they've already gone insane.
    General Personality: What they look like from the outside, their outer mask.
    Inner Personality: What they're really like inside.
    Secret: We all know this one. Optional, too, but it's encouraged.
    History: Their life before Trigon. Go nuts, as long as it's plausible. Which means no, you cannot be a princess.
    Spells: If they're a spellcaster, list all the spells they know. You're allowed to invent up to two when you start, just remember to list what they do and keep it within the elements that the character knows.

    Races (open)

    I assume you're well acquainted with them. Unlike the other worlds, humans from Earth are always mundane. No exceptions. I mean, come on, when was the last time you saw a human from Earth throw a fireball?

    Witch Hunters
    Named for the organisation that created them, Witch Hunters are people who were injected with a serum, made from a magically-created mineral called Akyrostone, at a young age. This caused their bodies to be altered, giving them strange hair and eye colours, and in return giving them weaker forms of Sakoulas. This allowed them to perform superhuman feats of strength, agility, endurance and dexterity, and so they were Earth's only reliable weapon against the other worlds in the Rupture War. They cannot, however, use magic, so frequently wield firearms instead for weapons. They are mostly employed as a police force of sorts for Trigon, keeping order.

    Sephyrian humans are biologically more advanced than those of the other two worlds, tending to have more stamina and intelligence by a small margin. They look largely similar to Earth's humans if they're mundane, but otherwise can have any combination of hair and eye colours. Due to inhabiting a colder world, they tend to have fair to pale skin.
    They have been known to use any colour magic with the exceptions of white, black, and metallic colours. In addition, they are commonly Level 4 mages, but can be any Level, with the rarity increasing twenty-fold as it spreads out. As such, there are currently only seven Level 9s in Trigon, and only three Level 10s have ever existed.

    High Elf
    High Elves are exactly what the name implies: a race of tall elves who sport ears so pointy that they can sometimes be in line with their shoulders. Unlike most other races, female High Elves will often keep their hair short while males tend to grow theirs, which is, most of the time, a shade of blond. They are superior, it seems, in most respects as compared to the other Sephyrian races.
    They have a slightly edgy relationship with the other races of Sephyria after numerous wars, but have grudgingly fit in with them.
    High Elves are always arcane, and always have gold- or bronze-coloured magic. They are born with Fire, Earth, Water, and Air magic, but need to train to split them up (with the combination being named "Eden" magic), and cannot learn Chaos, which can severe injure them, more so than the other elements. This led to the element being nicknamed "Elfsbane" for a time. They tend to be around Level 6 or 7, but exceptions exist.

    Chaotics, insultingly referred to as hellspawn, are a species with two faces, literally. While they often appear very similar to arcane Sephyrian humans, they will shapeshift into a horrifying demonic form if threatened, which varies wildly in appearance among them. They were theorised for a time to be "made of magic", and legend states that they are the children of the demon-goddess of Chaos, Tokatas. These beliefs stemmed from two facts: firstly, they require to use their own life force to cast magic, and cannot regenerate it on their own, meaning that they need to consume the souls of other living beings to stay alive. Secondly, they can only cast magic in Chaos. Solutions to the soul-consuming issue are being looked into in Trigon, but there has yet to be a reliable solution.
    Chaotics also have the unique ability to split their consciousness among their life force, creating clones of themselves (known as Rynei) to spread out and consume more souls. In addition, they can form "contracts" with another race, in which they become inanimate objects bound to their "ancilla", and slowly drain the ancilla's regenerating life force while adding their own power to the ancilla's, who automatically becomes an arcane if they aren't already.
    The first generation left for Apex four thousand years ago, however, they were recently brought back by the mage Ouránia 25 years ago to battle Ruin and his forces.
    A Chaotic's Level will vary vastly depending on the amount of life force they have consumed. However, those above Level 6 are referred to by other Chaotics as "Chaos Lords", and frequently have a title that makes little sense to anybody who isn't a Chaotic (e.g. The Lovable Drum, The Colon of Apologies).
    In addition to being able to cast magic in any colour on the spectrum, Chaotics have been known to rarely use silver-coloured magic, and there has been a total of one that has been able to cast in black.

    Dökkálfar (singular Dökkálfr) are a race created by Ruin to use as his soldiers 25 years ago, the first created as adults who were fully prepared to fight a war. After his initial defeat, they slowly made peace with the other races, and fought against Ruin after his return in 2024. Dökkálfar are split into two categories.
    Drow, or Dark Elves, look like indigo-skinned versions of their High Elf cousins, with a tendency to have white or silver hair (exceptions exist, obviously).
    Daemons, alternatively spelled as demons, are far more varied. Tending to look similar arcane humans (though with diffences depending on the type of daemon), daemons are defined by having very specific ways of regenerating Willpower. A naga, for example, will suck blood from their victim, and use the presence of that blood to attract part of their victim's soul, absorbing it.
    All humanoid-looking mythical beasts from Earth can be recognised as a type of daemon, with the exception of werewolves, vampires, and (obviously, given the presence of mages) witches.

    Dökkálfar tend to use shades of blue and purple for their magic, and show a particular aptness with close-range and melee-based magic. They have been known to be anywhere from Level 4 to Level 7.

    Half-Blood is the politically correct term for a crossbreed between the races. Chaotics, being unable to reproduce sexually, cannot have a Half-Blood to their name, but everybody else is fair game. They tend to have qualities from both races, but are sometimes infertile.
    These Half-Bloods are always half-High Elf, and half-human. They are always superior to both their parent races and have the following common qualities.

    1. Incredibly powerful, some have been known to achieve Level 10.
    2. Fully functional, with no disabilities or illnesses, physical or mental.
    3. Not evil.

    Pick two.

    Exactly the same as on Earth. Although they can be mages.
    They tend to be Sundancers, but exceptions, as always, exist.

    Wood Elf
    Wood Elves, sometimes just called Mid-Elves or even just Elves, appear to be a cross between High Elves and Apexite humans. They are highly agile and dexterous, as they live mostly in trees, so they have to jump from branch to branch to get around. As much as they like trees, however, they are, in fact, capable of walking, and will do so. They just jump between trees because it's faster, so it helps with hunting, as Apexites take the term "free-range" to its logical extreme when farming.
    They tend to be Forestdancers, but exceptions... Yeah, you get the idea.

    Faeries have the most bizarre appearance of any race (except, arguably, Chaotics). This is because they are directly derived from Chaotics, but merged with their demonic forms over time, as well as gained their own metabolism, due to figuring out how to crossbreed with other races. They can have exotic eye colours, exotic hair colours, exotic hair, exotic skin colours, exotic skin, wings, horns, exotic ears, exotic ear colours... You name it, and there will be a faerie out there with it.
    Due to their unclassifiable nature, creatures like werewolves and vampires are considered faeries by the other races (although faeries tend to have a major problem with vampires for some reason).
    They tend to be Skydancers.

    Sprites, also called nymphs, usually look like humans, but are actually closer related to faeries. They tend to be pale, but they have naturally tinted fingernails and bones, the latter being most noticeable on their teeth. They have naturally very dry skin, so they have become amphibious over the generations, and can hold their breath for hours at a time, as well as having poisonous blood. In Trigon, their difficulties have been acknowledged, and there are skin hydration agents in most cosmetic stores.
    They tend to be Riverdancers, since they live in bodies of water and everything.
    Magic (open)
    Magic comes in two forms, but first, let's clear up the terminology.
    Glossary (open)

    Mundane (n.): Somebody who cannot use magic due to not having a soul. Due to a lack of Sakoula, they don't tend to last much more than three seconds if they annoy an arcane.
    Arcane (n.): Somebody has a soul. However, if they lose it, they die instead of becoming a mundane.
    Mage (n.): Somebody who not only can, but does, use magic. Synonyms include wizard, witch, warlock, magician, sorceror, etc.
    Dancer (n.): A mage who uses Kinesism, or Dancing. Always Apexite. Can be used as a suffix.
    Spellcaster (n.): A mage who casts spells. Always Sephyrian.
    -Mancer (suffix): A spellcaster who uses the element described by the prefix.
    Singular (adj.): A Singular spellcaster can only use one element.
    Linear (adj.): As above, can use two. Most spellcasters are this in adulthood.
    Triangular (adj.): As above, can use three. Advanced spellcasters are this in adulthood.
    Tetragon (adj.): You get the idea. Can use four. Only a few spellcasters are this in adulthood, but some prodigies (such as the Level 9s) can reach this level by age 17.
    Pentagram (adj.): Can use five. Widely viewed as nigh-impossible to achieve.
    Oprostatis (n.): Another term for a Pentagram spellcaster. There have only been nine in the entire history of the worlds.
    Willpower (n.): The energy used for casting magic. There has yet to be an exact numeric system to measure it, but mages have been known to go for hours without exhausting their Willpower, depending on their Level.
    Sakoula (n.): Also known as a "soul field", it is a passive field emitted by arcanes that absorbs energy, theorised to be converting it into dark energy (this does not explain how they can use it to survive especially low temperatures or heal faster, however). This causes them to be nigh-invulnerable to mundane fatalities and highly resistant to magic. While it is possible to overwhelm the Sakoula, even a nuclear bomb is not going to cut it, and it may take minutes to hours of being bombarded with magic that would vaporise a mundane in an instant to even scratch a powerful mage. It can also be used for storing apparently an infinite amount of objects inside, to the point where you will never see an arcane with a bag.
    Praeteum (n.): A metal that can only be made by magic. Frequently used to make wands. Conducts very well and appears to "amplify" the energy going through it.
    Cold iron (n.): A nickname for praeteum that's been drained. It absorbs energy in this state, being very heavy, a good insulator, and mostly indestructible.
    Insignia (n.): An instance of a passive spell that waits for certain conditions before it casts itself. Found in the form of rune circles on a surface or balls of light made up of strings of runes, and it's invisible until it activates.

    Now that's out of the way, let's explain how magic functions.
    Dancers can master any of the four classical elements: Fire (Sundancers), Water (Riverdancers), Earth (Forestdancers), and Air (Skydancers). They are named this because they need to move their body to use their magic.
    This is a widely practised form of magic because it can be improved over time. That, and it is the only magic available to Apexites, but let's skip that part.
    At the beginning of the dance, Sundancers will ignite the air around them and Riverdancers will draw up water from underground, but this is only to give them resource to use if they don't have any. For this reason, Skydancers and Forestdancers, don't need any additional resource.
    Dancers cannot create their resource, they have to use what they have around them. However, they can use more or less anything pertaining to their element. Forestdancers may use the ground, or control trees, or choose to manipulate metal. Sundancers can control lava and the heat in the air. Skydancers may manipulate lightning during a storm. Riverdancers can condense their water into ice.
    The amount of destruction this type of magic is capable of causing is limited to the environment, but under the right conditions, a Dancer can be deadly. While they cannot overlap elements, they can use more than one type of Dance, albeit one at a time. Therefore, in a duel, they must choose the element in their repertoire to use for that battle, although most tend to have no more than two.
    Dancers range from Level 2 to Level 4, and because they aren't Spellcasters, they don't cast spells.

    Spellcasting is far more complex, but also far more expansive, than Dancing. As you've proabably gleaned from the character template, the users of this type of magic are also defined far more rigidly than Dancers.
    It is theorised that a spellcaster converts dark matter and dark energy into regular matter and energy, but nobody is 100% certain. A spellcaster does not need existing matter to use magic, but rather, they can create it, and take advantage of this to summon fireballs and such. However, it is not enough that a Pyromancer (fire spellcaster) wants to summon a fireball; they need to know how to do it. They figure out how using subconscious calculations known as spells. These subconscious calculations manifest as "rune circles" made out of light, which are always the same colour as the spellcaster's unique magic colour. The products of the spells are also this colour.
    Spellcasters need a tiny point to focus on when casting, and so those up to Level 7 tend to use wands, which are frequently made of praeteum, since it's easy to produce, but even things such as a relatively sharp pencil will do (albeit may be destroyed by the massive amount of energy magic produces).
    Spellcasters, at Singular level, can only create the element they know, so an Aeromancer will only be able to summon (ludicrously) strong gusts of wind, tornadoes, and such like. However, as they become more advanced, they can use more elements, and overlap them. For example, a Linear Aeromancer who also knows Pyromancy could combine the two to create a lighting bolt, or one that knows Hydromancy could make ice javelins.
    Spellcasters, as well as using the classical four, can also use the fifth element, Chaos. Chaos magic (or Akyromancy) involves manipulating parts of your own soul, as well as using raw kinetic energy, so Chaos users can summon "energy blasts" and explosions at will.
    It's very difficult for spellcasters to add elements to their arsenal, as it takes around five years to learn a new one for the average mage.
    Spellcasters can be potentially any Level. Their Level can increase, but it's so slow, it's painful.
    Element combination guide (updates over time, until then, use your imagination):
    Show Spoiler
    Fire + Air = Electricity
    Fire + Water = Acid
    Fire + Earth = Lava
    Air + Water = Ice
    Air + Earth = Dust/sand
    Earth + Water = Mud (surprisingly dangerous)
    Chaos + Air = Smoke/sound
    Chaos + Fire = Radiation/light
    Chaos + Earth = Crystal/coal
    Chaos + Water = Liquid poisons
    Fire + Air + Earth = Metal/glass
    Fire + Air + Water = Steam
    Fire + Earth + Water = Oil
    Air + Earth + Fire + Water = Life
    Chaos + Fire + Air + Earth + Water = Reality rewriting

    A Rough Guide to Levels
    Levels indicate a mage's power, which is vastly increased each Level. A recently created system that some mundane Earther scientists came up with, they're still trying to define the altogether blurry parameters.
    WARNING: As Levels increase, the more liable a mage is to be, or go, insane. For instance, six of the seven Level 9s are confirmed to be mentally ill or mad.
    Level 0
    = A rank used for mocking a mundane. Not actually a real Level, but describes Witch Hunters surprisingly well.
    Level 1 = Barely powerful enough to use magic in the first place. Can generate the energy used to lift 20kg per second. Not much hope for these guys.
    Level 2 = Novice mages. Can probably throw around a few fireballs before getting tired.
    Level 3 = Can generate enough energy to summon a small tornado with the destructive power of the bigger, naturally-occurring ones. Basically a walking rocket launcher.
    Level 4 = Powerful enough to disintegrate a mundane with a flick of their wrist at this point.
    Level 5 = Powerful enough to disintegrate a building with the flick of their wrist at this point.
    Level 6 = Strong enough to fire a lightning bolt with the destructive power of ten.
    Level 7 = Approaching demigod territory, could annihilate a town and consider it a fun afternoon.
    Level 8 = Could, theoretically speaking, destroy a country in a couple of hours. And then rebuild it.
    Level 9 = Welcome to the pantheon. If you don't instantly eradicate anybody weaker than you, you probably haven't noticed them yet, because you can more or less shoot down the sun.
    Level 10 = Congratulations! You're pretty much God!

    List of spells (open)

    • Pulse (Chaos) - The basic offensive spell for Akyromancers. True to the name, it fires a pulse of light that blows stuff up. Not very powerful, and it's pretty inefficient, but very accurate, even at long ranges, and easy to learn.

    • Fireball (Fire) - A classic among mages, this spell is the basic offensive spell for Pyromancers. Barely enough to scratch a decent mage, but ludicrously overpowered against a mundane. Like, seriously, somebody get a mop. Properties-wise, more or less identical to Pulse.

    • Geyser (Water) - Fireball, but made of water. Go figure.

    • Barrage (Earth) - A small, sharp rock is propelled at extreme velocity at something. Due to the nature of the rock, it shares the same properties as the other basic attack spells.

    • Windblast (Air) - Displaces the air molecules that come into contact with the centre of the insignia forwards at an extremely high speed. This makes for a weak, although extremely easy to use and highly precise blast of... well, wind. Has been criticised for using up far more Willpower than it needs to, despite it being a very small amount anyway. ...Wait a second.

    • Aegis (just pick one because who cares) - The de-facto defensive spell for duels, sets up a tiny magical shield that functions like a weightless, extremely effective suit of armour. It can be reconfigured with any elements that the caster can use, and will protect them against any element that is used to cast it. Highly efficient in terms of Willpower consumption and remarkably effective, it can and frequently is overwhelmed in battles between spellcasters, but this is so difficult to do that the mage with the upper hand can be judged accurately most of the time by simply looking at who has the most intact Aegis.

    • Sephiric Edge (Chaos) - Forms a blade of Chaos 15ft/4m long. It has three levels of power: Alpha, which forms a basic weapon made of Chaos magic, with devastating power; Zeta, which is roughly twice as powerful, and can be fired faster than a bullet (and by definition, the speed of sound) and has a range of 350ft/105m; and Omega, which summons a colossal energy blade powerful enough to destroy a warded city block (and an entire unwarded city), but requires a lot of Willpower and a wand to use. However, it has a massive AoE of up to 1000ft/300m, even injuring those 100ft/30m away.

    • Destruda (Chaos) - Fires either one or multiple lightning-like tendrils with a range up to 500ft/150m, which can arc in any direction. Extremely powerful, and more likely than not to one-shot most mages of Level 3 and under, and can instantly break anything weaker than a Level 5 Aegis. Lethally accurate, but very difficult to learn, as well as consuming a lot of Willpower, especially when firing multiple shots.

    • Combustion (Air/Fire) - Takes advantage of fire's consumption of oxygen to cause carnage. It causes a fiery explosion anywhere within a 20ft/6m radius of the caster, and the resulting vacuum violently pulls objects towards the point of the detonation. Does enormous amounts of damage to the target area, but is surprisingly efficient in terms of Willpower use.

    • Banshee's Wail (Chaos/Air) - As implied by the name, this spell emits noise of destructive frequencies and volumes, and easily allows the caster to direct sonic booms at a target. It's incredibly powerful, and has a range of up to 100ft/30m, but consumes a moderate amount of Willpower to use.

    • Fragmentalize (Fire/Earth/Air) - Summons and fires a sphere of lava, which implodes. This causes the surrounding area to be drawn into the lava, incinerating it. The increase in pressure also causes the sphere to explode after three seconds, with enough force to easily part concrete and metal. The normal effective range is 150ft/45m, but it is one of the few spells that can be adjusted in its range and power by the caster, who can opt to use more or less Willpower than the spell usually requires.

    • Perforation (Fire/Earth/Air) - Creates a vortex of wind, fire and sand, which can be used as a drill. The drill can be launched at a target up to 100ft/30m away, and spins at a high enough speed for the sand to erode even metals to dust nigh-instantly. Interestingly, the spell also gathers sand that is already there, meaning the power is increased if the drill strikes a target which can be eroded down to sand. Like Fragmentalize, Perforation can also have its power and size adjusted with the usage of more or less Willpower, but not range, which due to the nature of the drill, is fixed.

    • Hellfire Explosion (Fire) - The caster ignites the air around them, raising it to 9900°F/5500°C. The rapidly expanding gases in the air carry the flames outwards by a maximum of 75ft/25m almost instantly, incinerating just about everything around them.

    • Hellfire Whip (Water) sarcasm mode disabled (Fire) - The caster creates a fireball in their hand, and can adjust the value of its presence in the second dimension, causing it to stretch into a tendril. When it does, it can stretch up to 100ft/30m, and it acts as a solid, because it is capable of converting its thermal energy into kinetic energy to strike or wrap around anything which it doesn't instantly incinerate (which besides arcanes and warded objects, doesn't seem to be a very crowded field).

    • Smokescreen (Chaos/Air) - Mostly harmless, the spell uses a combination of Air and Chaos to fill the area of a room (and with a little more effort, a whole battlefield) with a high carbon content. While an arcane's Sakoula will probably correct the air that they breathe in to make it usable for their body, a mundane could suffocate if left for long enough without clean air. It can be combined with other spells, however, and this can change up the properties of the gas, to interesting effect.

    • Flashfire (Chaos/Air/Fire) - Fundamentally the same as Smokescreen, this spell adds to the mix by also making the gas highly flammable, and any flame or fire magic could set it off, destroying the area that the gas fills.

    • Fairy Lights (Chaos/Air/Fire) - This spell creates a highly flammable but practically invisible gas, which is ionised in a plasma-esque fashion; with half the particles negatively charged and the other half positively charged, with the wattage very high. This causes an electromagnetic build up which keeps the gas attracted to itself, and it forms an invisible, intangible explosive sphere. When an uncharged object makes contact with the spheres, the wattage is high enough that the energy discharges onto it, and the spark detonates the sphere across an average of 6ft/2m. Normally, this isn't very powerful, but the sphere is large enough to fill doorways and hallways, and used efficiently, an area filled with enough well-placed Fairy Lights could be considered one of the most lethal death traps a Spellcaster could create.

    • Hephaestus's Bolt (Chaos/Air/Fire) - A powerful electricity-based spell, this fires a bolt of lightning at a target similar to Destruda. However, unlike Destruda, this spell is electrically charged, as well as giving of massive amounts of heat. This heat is boosted by the Chaos element to condense the superheated air and causes it to become plasma; the combination of this and a lightning bolt making it all the more powerful. However, it sacrifices a small amount of Destruda's raw destructive power and reduces the range to a mere 350ft/100m, which in total makes it about half as combat-effective, but this makes it far easier to learn and just that much more efficient with Willpower.

    • Lustre Devise (Air/Earth/Fire) - The caster summons a metal almost identical to a magnetic tungsten, and can create enough that the total weight of the product can be up to 200lb/80kg. However, it does not have to be one object as long as the total mass of the matter in the space that the objects are created in does not cause the spell to exceed the maximum weight when added to the metal. When it is created, a flame burns in front of it for approximately 7 milliseconds, hot enough to cause enough to summon to fire a 200lb object in a set direction at about 1.6 miles-per-second/2.6 kilometers-per-second until stopped by outside forces. Because of the nature of this spell, it is able to be used both offensively and defensively.

    • Lodestone Chain (Air/Earth/Fire) - The caster uses a sophisticatedly manipulated electromagnetic field to grasp onto something magnetic within 50ft/15m and control it as easily as if they had grasped it with a tendril. It can lift up to 550lbs/250kg of material, but only up to three objects at any given time, and the amount of Willpower expended is directly proportional to weight of the object(s) lifted.

    • Water Spout (Water) - The user releases a burst of highly pressurised water from under their own feet to launch them high into the air, as well as allowing them a limited degree of control without their feet on the ground. Not much offensive power, but certainly useful for making complex manoeuvres around a battlefield with ease.

    • Prison Sphere (Water) - Traps a target, whether it is an opponent or an object, in a ball of highly dense water to inhibit movement. The sphere can be manipulated, but the water depressurises over time, hence the Willpower requirement to keep it compressed increases quadratically the longer it is used.

    Note that the spells are meant to be created by the characters. This will be added to as time goes on and spells are made, but spells are artificial and made for specific situations, so it would only be harder to try to predict what you'll need.
    Trigon (open)

    Trigon is the name of the city that links the three worlds. It is shaped like a triangle, and each side resides in a different world. The northernmost side resides on Apex, the westernmost side lies on Earth, and the easternmost side lies on Sephyria. The city is an artificial island, built in the form of a megafloat sized approximately 11150 square miles, marking the multi-world record for largest floating structure, built using an astounding combination of magic and engineering. It is split into 26 districts, which are each numbered as such, although many have nicknames. Each district is also shaped like a triangle, as it makes them easier to define, as well as all taking up equal space in the city. There is also an empty gap in the center of the city with enough space to fit exactly four districts, but this area was taken out of the megafloat to reduce construction costs.
    Trigon's purpose is threefold, as the name and shape imply. Primarily, it is a social hub for the three worlds, where many from each can meet and visit one another, and so it is a very expensive but wholly worthwhile tourist destination. However, it is also a city of science, where breakthroughs are made almost every day in the fields of both technology and magology. The city is decades ahead of everywhere else in the worlds in terms of technology, which has been combined with magic to reach exponential amounts of new possibilities. Thirdly, the city contains the best educational facilities for mages. Many young mages make for Trigon every day, coming either alone or with their families to learn how to fully control their destructive talent and put it to good use.

    Due to the vast amount of students in Trigon, smoking in the street is illegal, and roads and highways aren't seen anywhere, with a magitech tram system getting everybody from A to B. In addition, due to the vast potential for mages, all students are registered in Trigon's network, with their name, age, school, magic type, Level, known spells and a photograph of them all being recorded on their file, among other things.
    Districts (open)
    Residential districts have primarily have apartments; shops of almost every type (except firearms, because why would a energy-spewing, physics-breaking apocalypse in human form need a gun?); and recreational facilities, like arcades, leisure centres, and parks.
    Laboratory districts, true to the name, primarily have research and scientific facilities, usually to test applications and the inner workings of magic.
    Industrial districts tend to have factories and warehouses to make and store equipment and goods for either shipping or use elsewhere in the city.
    Finally, educational districts mostly have schools, universities and academies, and always have a small amount of scientific facilities to analyse data taken from the schools.

    A district is 430 square miles, and despite its core purpose, you will more often than not find elements of other areas in a district. After all, even though you could take the tram, it would hardly be practical to travel 800 miles to school or work every day because you live two districts away.

    The districts are as follows:
    1. "Alpha District" - In the northwest corner of Trigon lies District 1. Many harbours and airports reside here and this will often be the first district visitors from Earth will set foot in.
    2. "Gearworks" - This area can be considered the industrial district: anything that is mass-produced has a factory here, and there are also "freezer warehouses" where large amounts of food are stored.
    3. "The Sandbox" - District 3 is currently being put to use as an experimental area to test new applications for magitech, which is also designed here. Most people that work here can be classed as "theoretical magologists". Most of the area is closed off, as it's both a workplace and a dangerous area, but some of the district is used for exhibitions.
    4. Laboratory area.
    5. Industrial area.
    6. Educational/residential area.
    7. Laboratory area.
    8. "Silicon City" - Most of the administration and scientific data passes through the vast computer network here. While there are a few labs, there are next to no living areas, and it's generally off-limits to students and mundane residents. Also famous here is the highly-protected, apartment-sized Arcasys (Arcane System), the first magitech supercomputer in existence, which is kept in a skyscraper nicknamed "The Computer Tower". Arcasys is used to automatically manage the entire city, from weather forecasts, to traffic control on the tram system, to storing the master copies of the data for every student in Trigon. While it has been publicly announced that there are redundancies in place to keep the city running if Arcasys was to ever crash, everybody knows that daily life would not run nearly as smoothly without the help of the supercomputer.
    9. Educational area.
    10. "Blind Alley" - Nicknamed for a satirical play on the phrase "blind eye", most of the crime in Trigon accumulates here, but contrary to the name, the Witch Hunt is making an active effort to try to get it back under control. However, this is proving difficult, as vandalism has made the district mostly rundown and beyond repair, including surveillance equipment. Being mostly blocked off from the general public, and a heavily guarded barricade with even more fortified gates surrounding the district are proving so-far to be a successful attempt to contain the malfeasance.
    11. Residential area.
    12. Industrial area.
    13. "Beta District" - Lying in the northeast corner of the city, this is the place that will first see new Sephyrian arrivals.
    14. Industrial area.
    15. Residential area.
    16. Laboratory area.
    17. "Ivory Study" - The district that is more or less the face of Trigon, this is the area where most of the experiments on magic are actually done, but this is also the place that the already-esteemed Birougé Academy of Magecraft was relocated to once construction was completed. According to rumours, two of the Level 9s attend the Higher Studies there. Because of the sheer amount of people who need to be here, apartment blocks have also been built here to accommodate them. This is also the location of the Witch Hunt Office No. 7301, where the Witch Hunters formerly known as Abbadon Squad were assigned.
    18. Laboratory area.
    19. Educational area.
    20. "Colour Palette" - Another of the residential areas in the city, this district is unique in its architecture, which is inspired by that of Paris.
    21. Residential area.
    22. "Dance Garden" - Named for the abundance of facilities that exclusively teach Dancing to mage students. As a result, it's mostly populated by Apexites, and there are a lot of parks, hence the "garden".
    23. "The Railyard" - Due to the enormity of Trigon, a high-speed above-ground magitech tram system has been established, which runs all through the city. This system converges in the residential area named District 23, and this simple fact gave it the nickname "The Railyard", probably because there isn't really much of interest else here.
    24. "Gamma District" - At the southernmost point of Trigon, the Gamma District can be found accepting Apexite incomers.

    Stuff that isn't common knowledge (everything in here is optional reading) (open)
    The Level 9s (open)
    The following information is the only things that is known to the general public about the identity of the Level 9s.

    Each Level 9 has a signature spell that they use, which is very powerful and applicable to a wide variety of situations. Exact details are not available to the public at this time.

    Codename: The Shadowdancer/Number One
    Magic colour: Not applicable, presumed to be a shade of red from eye colour.
    Threat assessment: Number One is extremely dangerous, as expected of the most powerful Level 9. The full extent of their power is unknown and it seems impossible to create a contingency plan for them, which, unfortunately, is sorely needed, as One appears to harbour extreme homicidal tendencies. There has yet to be an effective discovered method of containing, subduing, restraining or even touching Number One.
    In case of encounter: You stand the hell still, chill the hell out, and hope to whatever gods you believe in that you aren't on Number One's list of things to screw up today. And then you drop everything and go the hell home if you're still alive when they leave.

    Codename: The Phantom/Number Two
    Magic colour: Amethyst
    Threat assessment: Number Two seems to pose no threat to Level 7s and under. However, Level 8s, especially younger ones, as well as other Level 9s, are in danger in the presence of Two. If you are threatened immediately by Number Two, consider yourself already dead.
    In case of encounter: If you encounter Number Two, take note of your Level. If it is 7 or below, simply act naturally and continue what you were doing. If it is not, quietly leave, as alerting Two to your presence and Level will get you killed. Note that locked doors and automated security systems seem to have no effect on Two, and they will be disregarded.

    Codename: The Huntress/Number Three
    Magic colour: Gold
    Threat assessment: The threat of the third-strongest Level 9 is actually the least significant. They appear to be perfectly mentally functional and have no sadistic inclinations. In fact, they are widely regarded to be entirely sane and they tend to refuse to hurt others unless they deem their actions morally questionable.
    In case of encounter: No special procedures required. However, if they are actively trying to harm you, it is highly recommended that you make for an area with no large objects, including vehicles, buildings or other structures.

    Codename: The Blinker/Number Four
    Magic colour: Persimmon
    Threat assessment: Number Four holds a similar threat level to Number Three, due to a lack of cognitive ability. However, this also makes Four very childish, and so more likely to kill.
    In case of encounter: Number Four, as long as they are kept happy, pose no threat to those around them. However, they are frequently unsupervised, as due to the nature of their signature spell, they are impossible to contain or place under surveillance and so are to be treated with care.

    Codename: The Gambler/Number Five
    Magic colour: Indigo
    Threat assessment: Due to the nature of their signature spell, both they and the environment around them are highly unpredictable. This also appears to have dulled their sense of reality, making them view lives as petty and insignificant things. However, their signature spell also counteracts this by making their abilities, both magical and non-magical, extremely unreliable, and something that works perfectly may not work at all the next.
    In case of encounter: As Number Five seems to frequently use their signature spell, as well as this spell constantly affecting the surroundings even when it is not being cast, those in the vicinity are advised to pay very close attention to the environment around them while they are still within 50 metres of Five.

    Codename: The Guardian/Number Six
    Magic colour: Persian green
    Threat assessment: Number Six appears to prefer solitude to being around other people, but they are commonly among others. They are usually not aggressive and may even come across as shy. However, they will shun any who attempt to violate this solitude proportionately to the severity of the violation. However, touching what they believe to be theirs seems to equate to a violent death. This also applies to trespassing, as the trespasser is "touching their floor".
    In case of encounter: Above all, do not touch them or anything belonging to them. The less you interact with them, the less likely you are to be harmed. Ideally, it is best to completely ignore Number Six and do as little as physically possible to not acknowledge their presence without touching them or their possessions.

    Codename: The Puppeteer/Number Seven
    Magic colour: Colombia blue
    Threat assessment: Number Seven, while the weakest of the Level 9s, is one of the most dangerous. Due to the nature of their signature spell, it is nigh-impossible to contain them or watch their more sensitive actions. However, as they do not seem to be as inclined to directly harm others as some of the other Level 9s, they are considered less of an immediate threat, although they do exhibit signs of paranoia.
    In case of encounter: There is nothing that can be done to stop Number Seven if they use their signature spell, as the only subjects that have demonstrated resistance are abnormally powerful Level 8s. It is theorised that the other Level 9s may have a level of immunity to their spell, but for obvious reasons, this cannot be tested. As such, simply treat Number Seven the same way you would treat any other person and hope that they do not decide to use magic.

    Religion (open)
    In addition to Earth religions, the other worlds have their own beliefs.

    Elementalists believe in five deities: Fotia (goddess of fire), Neros (god of water), Gi (goddess of earth), Areas (god of air), and Tokatas (demon-goddess of chaos). Tokatas was exiled to the lowest planes of reality for cursing the world with destruction and change, but as an act of retaliation, Tokatas created magic.
    Neoelementalists believe that Tokatas was actually the victim, and came to this plane of reality in the form of a human avatar named Ouránia. The major Sephyrian religion.
    This religion believes that Erisho Oktonia, the historical creator of spellcasting, ascended to godhood when he died. Until 40 years ago, this was the religion of the High Elves, which caused a few problems, to say the least.
    This was the major Apexite religion until the Rupture War. It is the belief that six particular beings (which have been proven to exist) known as the Infinites, are deity-like figures. It is currently suffering some decay recently as the Infinites in question outright admitted that they were simply powerful Sephyrian spellcasters.

    People/concepts/places of note (open)
    The self-proclaimed avatar of the goddess Tokatas, Ouránia currently sits at the head of the planet-wide United Republic of Sephyria. She is infamous for her general apathy towards situations that are less than dangerous, but fortunately she is only one seat on her senate. She appears to be human, but nobody knows for sure.

    V is the name used to describe the nephalem who currently sits as the High Crown for the Dökkálfar, sitting as their main representative on the United Republic. Very little is known about them, including how a nephalem managed to represent the Dökkálfar in the first place.

    The Rupture
    The Rupture is the term for the three-way tear in the fabric of the universe and the namesake of the Rupture War. Originating supposedly on Sephyria, it initially just linked it and Earth, but Apex was linked in 4000 years ago for reasons unexplained. Until Ruin tore it open to trigger the Rupture War, it was nigh-impossible to traverse, but it is also the reason that humans exist on all three worlds. It now serves as the gate between the three sections of Trigon, and has become a symbol of unity and peace over the three long years after the war.

    Ruin is an alias for the nephalem Auric Oktonia, but most only know him by the name he took rather than the one he was given. He posed a serious threat to all three worlds during his time outside. At age 14, he invented Necromancy and created the race named Dökkálfar. At 15, he gave the entire United Republic a runaround trying to catch him while he plotted to cripple them. At age 16, he did battle against the entire world of Sephyria, and it looked for a long time like he was going to win, until he was killed. At age 18, he revealed he had faked his death and exploited leylines in the Rupture to slow his aging for almost 25 years, even becoming a Level 10 during this time, as well as revealing that the entire Rupture War was the result of his manipulation of all three sides. At age 19, he was finally defeated at the hands of Number Three, and was lobotomised and locked away in a location that most people don't even know exists. He is known to be possibly the most intelligent sentient being to ever be born. Trivially, he was also one of the only two beings to use black-coloured magic. Not that that matters much, but y'know. His motives are still largely unknown, even now, but with him in this state, they shall likely never be revealed.

    New York Wastelands
    New York, as of 2024, is a pile of rubble. It was the major battleground for the first half of the Rupture War, and so now lies utterly desolated, and efforts to restore it are considered hopeless. However, the ruins of the city are constantly being patrolled for arcane materials left behind in the wreckage, as they can be used to generate huge amounts of energy.

    Abbadon Squad
    A group of twenty Witch Hunters and two mages, these people were specifically brought together, because of their talent and abilities, to fight in the Rupture War. Now disbanded, they are all assigned to the same branch of the Trigon Witch Hunt (Trigon's security enforcement, formally known as the Public Morals Committee) in District 17. They are widely viewed as the sole reason Earth lasted long enough for the worlds to unite against Ruin.

    It was a trend for a while for spellcasters to form Chaotic-esque contracts with arcane creatures and mundane humans, giving the familiar very specific magical abilities, but without any effect on the mage. It has since fallen out of favour, but a few mages still have them.

    Enchanting is the act of applying a passive insignia onto an object that alters its properties. Surprisingly, Apexites are better at this than Sephyrians. There are three types of enchantment.
    The first is a curse, which degrades and damages the object it is placed upon, usually through altering the half-life of protons in the object, but other effects include things like accelerating the rate of chemical reaction with gases in the air and such. Necromancy was possibly derived from these, but nobody knows for sure.
    The second is a ward, which is a protective charm that functions as an energy dampener. These are frequently cast over individual buildings and walls in arcane cities (such as Trigon) to prevent something like a misfired spell from destroying the whole block. However, they only work so well, and a particularly powerful magical attack cast by a strong enough mage can quite easily overload the ward and render it dysfunctional.
    The third is an ameliorate, which can function in two ways. A passive ameliorate will magnify energy that passes through it, multiplying it by a given amount, and it is frequently employed in the design of Witch Hunt firearms so they have any effect on arcanes (although even at 545 miles-per-second with a friction-warded bullet, a shot will have a mere 29.4% chance of actually opening a bleeding wound in a Level 5).
    The second type of ameliorate is an active ameliorate, which applies new energy (often of a different type) to an object. These can be frequently found in power plant as a new, zero-emission alternative to burning fuels, as well as being employed in the recently developed "no-charge devices"; a branch of Magitech in which batteries are unnecessary due to these. However, development is slow, as it is very easy to interfere with the electrical signals or overload the device with ameliorates.
    More will be added as more becomes relevant.

    NPCs (open)
    Affiliation Unknown (open)
    Elle (open)

    Name: Elle
    Gender: Female
    Race: Most likely to be human
    Age: 18
    Magic Level: 8
    Magic Colour: Ice blue
    Magic Type: Spellcaster (Pyromancer, Aeromancer, Geomancer)
    IQ: ???
    Birthplace: ???
    Occupation: ???
    Appearance: Elle has an average build, standing at 5'2"/158cm, with any curves she has (which is admittedly few) on her lower body. This means she is remarkably light on her feet, despite not looking nearly as fast as she is.
    She has ice blue eyes, which are surprisingly mild, as well as a short mop of byzantium-coloured hair. She is often seen wearing knee socks, which are always, without exception, out of place, as well as a sleeveless Earth tyrian hoodie with is big enough on her to pass as a dress, so most don't realise that she wears denim shorts underneath, also from Earth. There is not yet any sign as to the cause of this obsession with Earther clothing.

    Goal in Life: ???
    Fears: ???
    General Personality: Elle is quite sarcastic to most other people except those she considers good friends. She does, on the other hand, seem almost mentally ill, on the basis that she is distracted quite easily, goes on some very long and convoluted trains of thought, and likes to speak her mind. This all adds up to when she is asked about a course of action to counter a zombie apocalypse, will interrogate you on what you had for breakfast.
    Inner Personality: Elle is very analytical, astonishingly, but has a tendency to secretly panic under a lot of pressure. She's surprisingly sadistic in battle and likes to destroy her foes as thoroughly as possible, starting with poking holes in a strategy and then tearing down her foes' confidences in their abilities.
    Secret: ???
    History: Elle was apparently a soldier at some point.
    Lustre Devise
    (Air/Earth/Fire) - The caster summons a metal almost identical to a magnetic tungsten, and can create enough that the total weight of the product can be up to 200lb/80kg. However, it does not have to be one object as long as the total mass of the matter in the space that the objects are created in does not cause the spell to exceed the maximum weight when added to the metal. When it is created, a flame burns in front of it for approximately 7 milliseconds, hot enough to cause enough to summon to fire a 200lb object in a set direction at about 1.6 miles-per-second/2.6 kilometers-per-second until stopped by outside forces. Because of the nature of this spell, it is able to be used both offensively and defensively.

    Lodestone Chain (Air/Earth/Fire) - The caster uses a sophisticatedly manipulated electromagnetic field to grasp onto something magnetic within 50ft/15m and control it as easily as if they had grasped it with a tendril. It can lift up to 550lbs/250kg of material, but only up to three objects at any given time, and the amount of Willpower expended is directly proportional to weight of the object(s) lifted.

    She also can cast both Windblast and Aegis effectively.

    Green-eyed glasses man (open)

    Name: ??????????
    Gender: Male
    Race: Probably human
    Age: 17-20
    Magic Level: ???
    Magic Colour: ???
    Magic Type: ???
    IQ: ???
    Birthplace: ???
    Occupation: ???
    Appearance: ?????????? is very thin, with green eyes and flat but unkempt dark hair that is possibly a shade of purple. He has a pair of oval-framed glasses.

    For an unknown reason, he uses a crutch to walk. It is not known whether or not he needs it.
    Goal in Life: ???
    Fears: ???
    General Personality: He seems to be rather sadistic, if softly-spoken.
    Inner Personality: ???
    Secret: ???
    History: ???
    Spells: ???

    Abbadon Squad (Witch Hunt) (open)
    Blaze (open)

    Name: Blaze Thompson
    Gender: Female
    Race: Witch Hunter
    Age: 18
    Magic Level: 0
    Magic Colour: N/A
    Magic Type: N/A
    IQ: 114
    Birthplace: Chelsea, a district in the city of London, UK, Earth.
    Occupation: Witch Hunter (Abbadon-Alpha, formerly Assault-Class) - Platinum-Rank
    Appearance: Blaze has hazel-coloured hair tied into pigtails that reach her knees. A warning is given off by her scarlet eyes, and boy, does she live up to deserving them. She holds her chest high with her authoritative stance, but this has next to no effect since there's pretty much nothing there to puff out, and this, combined with the fact she is 1.36m/4'5" tall, makes her look younger than she actually is. On the other hand, she is proportioned similarly to average besides this, making her very nimble and surprisingly strong.
    Goal in Life: To be equal to or greater than others in every respect she can achieve.
    Fears: Disrespect, belittlement, being laughed at, or even underestimation will cause her to lose her shit.
    General Personality: Blaze is the crossest girl that England had to offer by a long shot. Though extremely talented, she does not tolerate any form of disrespect towards unless your name is Jett Reginier, and even then you're liable to anything between getting your head kicked in or outright shot at.
    She acts like a bad-tempered drill sergeant approximately all the time, and is even willing to hit someone before she gets properly angry with them. She acts cold at best and flaring with anger at worst, and is nothing short of terrifying if anyone dares mention her height. She is infamous for often releasing torrents of profanity on lengthy rants, riddled with morbidly graphic death threats and various degrees of angry sarcasm.
    Inner Personality: She actually has quite a kind heart and is very idealistic. She cherishes the few friends she has, because she knows that she can't act how she really feels without people warming to her, because she's convinced that if people aren't petrified of her, they'll laugh at her, which is what she hates more than anything else. She's leader of her squad and quite possibly the best Witch Hunter out there, and she wants you to know it and fear her.
    Secret: She's madly in love with Jett. Not that she won't pin you to the ceiling by your ears with knitting needles if you even imply that.
    History: Blaze was bullied from a young age due to her height. It wasn't too long before it got to her. But it also motivated her too. By the time she was half-way through middle school, she was the top in every subject, and was becoming increasingly able to intimidate her peers and even elders. It wasn't excessively long before she had the highest average grades in the whole country.

    So who better to invite to the first generation of Witch Hunters? She was called out of school at 14 to join the Witch Hunter and aced the entrance exam, and once she reached second year and was placed in a squad, she ranked Alpha from the very start. It was not too long before she was reached Platinum-Rank either. What troubled her was her partner, Jett. He was a Glass-Rank, lowest possible and at the bottom of the squad. She realised he was holding her back with little more than a lack of effort, and started pushing him, to no avail.

    It wasn't long before they were the first squad to be assigned an Aura Department, and they almost began to overshadow Blaze. She furiously began competing against them, using the authority she feared she'd lose to hinder them. But once the Rupture War broke out, she couldn't afford to do that. Over time, she began to see the Aura-Class Hunters and her partner as friends, and they were at the forefront of the battles once Ruin's influence was discovered, playing a major role in their world's survival, used as a kind of Delta Force. Blaze became legendary among the Witch Hunters for her abilities.

    Once the squad was disbanded, Blaze was the one who demanded that they be assigned to the same branch, which was a request accepted without hesitation, even if the two Aura-Class Hunters dropped out of the program. She continues to be a living legend in the Witch Hunt even today.

    Angry Blaze rant (Contains strong language) (open)
    Magic. Of course. Always fucking magic, isn't it? Anyone who hasn't got the fucking wizardry is always just kid gloves. Well, I make the kid gloves. From actual fucking kids. Okay, this is pissing me off, so get your knickers on here, because I don't need any fucking magic, you fucking stuck-up toffee pudding. Are we exploring personal boundaries here? 'Cause I took down fourteen of your fucking E.T. Harry Potters unarmed. I was fucking naked. How's that for your fucking magic, bitches? You wanna see a magic trick? I'll show you a fucking magic trick. Because you don't believe a fucking character sheet can scream, but it fucking will. There will be blood on this bio and it'll be yours too, mark my fucking words, you fucking toffee pudding!

    Jett (open)

    Name: Jett Reginier
    Gender: Male
    Race: Witch Hunter
    Age: 18
    Magic Level: 0
    Magic Colour: N/A
    Magic Type: N/A
    IQ: 108, 122 under stress
    Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, US, Earth
    Occupation: Witch Hunter (Abbadon-Beta, formerly Assault-Class) - Platinum-Rank
    Appearance: Jett is surprisingly tall, especially considering his partner. His hair is a dark shade of navy, coloured so it almost makes it look natural, and indigo-coloured eyes.

    Because of the serum that made him a Witch Hunter, he's quite lanky because of burning off obscene amounts of energy under stress, due to the state known as NHD: a so-far unique side effect of the serum, short for neural hyperactivity disorder. NHD means that when exposed to a certain amount of adrenaline, his body will begin to "overclock", meaning that his brain functions become dozens of times more efficient, his muscles default their maximum possible output through bypassing the biological blocks, and his reflexes in general become on par with a Level 3 arcane. This allows him to end most fights quickly, which is lucky: staying in NHD for too long takes energy away from things like digestion and his immune system, will cause his body to start to tear itself to shreds with the amount of force it uses, his muscles would even begin to liquefy and his blood pressure could very realistically go so high his arteries burst.

    Goal in Life: To find some way to be comfortable with settling down.
    Fears: Blaze (at least when she's pissed), literally tearing himself to bits, his squad/friends splitting for whatever reason.
    General Personality: Jett's default expression seems to be one of boredom, and he always puts in the minimum amount of effort to complete a task, or if it isn't serious enough, maybe not even bothering to complete it at all. He's a bit hypocritical, because he's too lazy to try hard or take on difficult situations, but hates the lack of challenge in life now that the war is over.

    He's very close to the definition of a snark generator, as he has a sarcastic comment for everything and anything, whether or not he chooses to voice it, usually the latter around Blaze for fear of setting her off on her own rant. By now, he's incredibly jaded towards inconvenience, and simply makes snide remarks at it as if that would make it go away.
    Inner Personality: Jett is actually quite arrogant. He doesn't try at simple tasks because he sees no point: he could plough through them like a hot knife through butter, so why should he have to prove it? He does, however, deeply care for Blaze, and will go to great lengths for her, although they have a love-hate relationship with each other. He likes to blame this on her having no social skills, but knows it's his fault too.
    Secret: Despite being a Witch Hunter, he actually has moral problems with his work. The only reason he stays is because he feels that he's too valuable to the team for it to function well enough without him.
    History: Jett doesn't talk particularly about his childhood. He seems to have some issue with his parents, though, since he got an apartment lived on his own as soon as he joined the Witch Hunt without permission.

    He was classed as a Glass-Rank in the entrance exam, but his talent in passing at all with a total lack of effort attracted the attention of the higher-ups, and the serum to be used on him was quietly modified to test the induction of NHD. After testing it, they found that it was incredibly effective, but too dangerous to induce in other Hunters, and the Cerebrum Project was shelved.

    Not long before the Aura department was set up, Jett had a run in with a member of a crime syndicate that had challenged the Witch Hunt, and after being saved by Blaze, she broke into his apartment and ended up living there after she refused to leave. The apartment became even more crowded once the Aura Department, with nowhere else to go, was also moved into it on order of the Witch Hunt's Overseer. Not that he particularly minded beyond them taking up his living space; unlike Blaze, he was very accepting of the new members.

    Jett was promoted to Platinum-Rank and raised to Abbadon-Beta exactly three weeks before the Rupture War broke out in recognition of the abilities he so rarely used, prior to the bringing down of the crime ring and the outwitting of their Mastermind. This gave him the authority needed for the squad to survive the first week of the War after New York was put under siege.

    He remains in that position in Trigon, and though no longer qualifies for Assault-Class, is still used in that position alongside his partner, Blaze. He's completely overshadowed by her, of course, but he doesn't care about getting recognised as long as he's still alive with her at the end of the day.

    Spells: Obviously none, but he has tried and nearly succeeded with NHD.

    Cassiel Squad (Witch Hunt) (open)
    Damien (open)

    Name: Damien Adamsen
    Gender: Male
    Race: Witch Hunter
    Age: 17
    Magic Level: 0
    Magic Colour: N/A
    Magic Type: N/A
    IQ: 154
    Birthplace: Earth (specifically Yolo, California, United States of America)*
    Occupation: Witch Hunter (Cassiel-Alpha, formerly Strategic-Class) - Silver-Rank
    Appearance: Damien has very dark brown hair which will come off as black during even the best of times, set on edge by dark blue eyes so intense that it's difficult to tell where the iris stops and where the pupils start. He is of almost exactly average height, with a very slim build and a firm, straight stature.

    Goal in Life: To protect his teammates and everything they care about, even if he has to stand alone to do it.
    Fears: Falling out with his friends, grief, and has a phobia of large stacks of paper for some reason.
    General Personality: Damien is very calm and authoritative, with enough force behind his carefully chosen words to pressure almost anyone into submission. He has a tendency to use lateral thinking, sometimes even over common sense, which gives him both remarkable deductive skills and an irritating inclination to miss the blatantly obvious, as well as reading too deeply into things.
    Inner Personality: Although he tries to hide it, Damien will often feel lonely and isolated as a result of his position as team leader, because everyone seems to look at him as an authority figure rather than another of them. Inside, he is very conflicted because his lateral thinking also forces him to come up with a devil's advocate for his every opinion, and he is very unsure if there is even a truth in the world to begin with, which is why he came very close to siding with Ruin during the Rupture War.
    Secret: He has to go outside in the sun every so often or has gets nervous breakdowns.
    History: Damien was assigned to Strategic duties at 14, and placed Gamma (third highest ranking) in Cassiel Squad exactly seven months before the Rupture War. However, it was very quickly established that he was the most suited to lead in the team due to his tactical ability, and was almost instantly moved up to Alpha position (squad leader). He admired the achievements of Raphael Squad and Azazel Squad, both recognised as elite at the time, and initially sought to be like them, but was convinced by his team that "Cassiel is Cassiel, and we're damn well gonna be him" when the Rupture War broke out. Over time, he gained a reputation for his unique approaches to problems and his effectiveness shortly before his team was completely overshadowed by the rise of Abbadon, but he didn't resent them for it; instead seeing them as a target to hit and surpass.
    They never managed to before being officially disbanded, but they were one of the few squads that were effective enough on active duty to be all assigned to the same branch, which Damien views as a fulfilling success.
    *is a Witch Hunter*

    *Yes, it's a real place.
    Sasha (open)

    Name: Sasha Harman
    Gender: Female
    Race: Witch Hunter
    Age: 17
    Magic Level: 0
    Magic Colour: N/A
    Magic Type: N/A
    IQ: 114
    Birthplace: Earth (specifically Blackwater, Arizona, United States of America)
    Occupation: Witch Hunter (Cassiel-Omicron, formerly Assault-Class) - Iron-Rank
    Appearance: Sasha has short blonde-green hair, coupled with amber eyes, with an athletic build she's kept from her Assault training, and is a little taller than average. She tends to wear her uniform loosely, and refuses to do up her tie properly. Also, her shoes are slip-on, because she is very embarrassed by the fact that she has no idea how to tie laces.

    Goal in Life: To live to the end of her own story, and make sure that justice prevails by the time it's over.
    Fears: She is unnerved by anything related to interrogation or torture, and obviously, she's scared to death of the Level 9s. She is also frightened of danger, but refuses to show it.
    General Personality: Sasha is mildly sarcastic, but this doesn't dilute her hotheadedness in the slightest. Under stress, she tends to overlook people's feelings unless directly confronted with them, and doesn't hold empathy as her defining trait, thus isn't too perceptive about others. She does have a very strong sense of justice, however, and while she can be downright terrified of almost any problem, she can and will put up a façade of deadly fearlessness to protect the innocent and her friends.
    Inner Personality: Sasha is very easily scared and stressed out. She can panic at the tiniest issue and will begin to freak out inside if anyone so much as uses an aggressive tone. On the other hand, she feels that letting her squad lose faith in her is a failure on her part, and so she tries to pretend to be cool quite a lot. She is also willing to put almost any risk to her own life as secondary to saving those of her teammates, no matter how terrified, because she just doesn't take herself into account in situations like that. This makes her easily one of the bravest people in Cassiel Squad.
    Secret: She's silently held a small crush on Damien for quite a while.
    History: Sasha was assigned to the Assault Department of the Witch Hunt, in Xi position, but she was overtaken in the first week, moving down to Omicron. Horrified that she had seemingly let everyone down by being lowered in rank, she resolved that this would never happen again, and has since fought diligently to keep her spot, which she has. While ranked fifth lowest in the team, Sasha's efforts and bravery quickly earned the respect of everyone in the team, and they began to consider her one of the most valuable members despite her lack of authority.
    When the Rupture War broke out, she tried to leave the Witch Hunt a total of four times, worried for her family. While she was turned down every time, she did persuade the Witch Hunt to relocate her relatives to Holland, where she was promised that they would be safe.
    When Ruin was revealed to be behind the whole war, she was actually recorded as saying a quote that would describe the general opinion on him well enough to go down in history books.

    "I don't care what his motives are. Someone who kills hundreds of millions of innocent people with a lie is despicable enough to make Hitler look cute. That's why I'm not going stand here and let that bastard's heart keep beating."

    Doesn't do magic very often.

    So yeah, good luck and try not to vaporise yourself!
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  2. Name: Jac-ul-a (Jas uh-lu ah) // Eoula (E-ow-la) -- Commonly goes by her alias, Eoula.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Faerie
    Age: 35
    Magic Level:
    Magic Colour: Ruby (In my head, this is a shiny, dark red.)
    Magic Type: Dancing; Fire, Water, Air and most recently, Earth.
    IQ: 173
    Birthplace: Apex.
    Occupation: Professionally unemployed; wanderer.


    Eoula's eyes are a glittery red, seeming to sparkle and reflect light like a freshly polished gemstone. Her body is slim and equally proportioned. The Faerie's hair hair is layered, dry and matted-- with that said, it doesn't look indecent. She wheres an outfit made of furs and feathers which can set a rather tribal demeanor. The outfit is, at a base, a skin hugging fabric that runs from her neck to her elbows and mid-thighs; The furs provide warmth and the feathers are, basically, accessories. Her lips are more often then not, dressed in a gloss that imitates the shade of her eyes. From her mid-thigh down, her legs are bare to her ankles to toes, which are covered in fur dance shoes. Over her fur get-up, she wears a loose cloak that is complete with a hood; the cloak stops right above her hindquarters and is a lavender colour with a golden embroider.

    Goal in Life: Chaos and peace; Hero and catalyst.
    Fears: Emotional attachment, stability, Earth-Humans, un-aesthetic... things.
    General Personality: A calm and collected woman, who wants nothing more then to see the beauties of the physical, magical world.
    Inner Personality: An eccentric, emotionally bi-polar individual, who hates a boring current; she believes the world perpetually requires a scourge, and also a beacon of hope. A bit of a sado/masochist, she is willing to play both roles if it means that world is always in chaos and fighting for peace, only to never obtain it.
    Secret: Hates the dancing form of magic for its lack of power in comparison to Spellcasting. Has a bit of 'checkered-youth'. The best way to describe it, at one point in her life, people may have called her a 'whore' and they might not have been wrong.

    Show Spoiler
    Eoula is one of the few members of the Trigon's population that are older then twenty-five. In fact, shes ten years older then that (but if you asked, she'd say she's twenty-five). She was born in Apex, as most Faeries are, and lived there until the war ended and Trigon was constructed. As a young faerie, she found she differed from her brethren; for she did not have physical wings, but had the skeletal structure of one who should- the extra joints and vertebra. In her young mind she figured that she'd just gotten close to being lucky.

    She was born in the most southern part of Apex known as Jacer'iia (Jas-air-e-ah). It's a scorchingly humid forest where some, not many, faeries tended to pop up. As her family had believed that she'd been a he, she'd received a male name. Jac-ul-a. The name derived from there home and the name of her father. Being a female, however, she went more commonly as Eula (Yu-lah). The area (Jacer'iia) was a giant desert oasis, the vegetation in which absorbed light in the day, and emitted self-made bio-luminescence during the night. The rock formations were also a re-enforced variants of 'gemstones' on Earth, though no one in Jacer'iia knew that. They just figured that crystal is just like that diamond and emerald. This made the land a bit of a tourist spot, for its highly aesthetic appearance.

    At a young age (five) she'd began to learn how to use her power; the magic that came with dancing. Lucky for her, it was an art she was quite fond of. As soon as she first discovered how to integrate her first element into this dance. This is also where she learned why she had the wing joints; during her dance some part of her subconscious mind drew the flame to her joints and her wings finally manifested as a fiery mass. Somehow, despite the physical properties required for flight, she was still able to leave the ground, but it was difficult to dance and fly at the same time. This wasn't something she'd perfect until later in her life.

    Nothing really changed in her peaceful little life until she was seven, which was when she learned the style of dance that began her down the road of hydrokinesis. This was also when she began to dance for work, as well as play. A large basin of water and a couple of torches and she could put on quite the show. This was the primary reason she was kidnapped.

    She was taken to the closest city which resided right outside of the desert. Of course, she missed her family. She'd lived with her mother, father and grandmother but now... well, she was a logical child. She knew that she'd have never left home otherwise. The place she'd been taken too called her the 'Rubies of Jacer'iia' on account of her eyes. Which her... well, he called himself her new 'father' but she considered him her boss, said they'd gone to find jewels and came back with her. It was all for show though, they built her up for more income.

    A dancer she remained until she was sixteen, when she was fifteen, however she embraced her free spirit. This was when she mastered her hydrokinesis dance, and began learning aerokinesis. Also when she began being more exploring with her body, but that's not important. Once she was seventeen though, she left the bar of her own freewill. They let her leave, as more and more people began trying to emulate her art. She had no idea how rare it was for anyone dancer to be able to use three elements (four, she would learn in the future.). After she left the town she... did a lot of things she wasn't proud of and couldn't remember much of whatever it was she wasn't proud of.

    It was when she was thirty that this wild streak of her's finally ran it's course. She came to in the capital of Apex. It was like she'd went to sleep and just woke up the next morning, older, in a new place, with a bunch of strangers and it seemed her name had changed. Eula had evolved to Eoula. When she left, she felt like she was in a different world. The world buzzed around her and she felt as though her brain was processing information much to fast. In her brain, she'd been sent into the future and now her brain was playing catch up. She processed word of mouth like an addiction, and not by choice. It was driving her mad. For three years she went through this, and she'd heard rumors about the approaching war, and took it seriously enough to get away before everything went up in flames... well, all manner of elements. Magic, and what-not.

    The war evened out her madness; halfway through the year-long war she found out two things. Wars brought everyone together, in conflict. and then it ended. Suddenly everything was back to the way it was. All everybody ever did was talk-- they talked and all she could do was listen. The peace made comrades argue with each other and, in her head, she found the only true peace was during conflict. So she began to roam. She was going to roam until she could start another. When people died, they didn't talk about useless news. War was her peace.

    Spells: *Dancer*

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  3. Could a reserve a spot here? I'm a little tight for time right now, and skimming over everything (which I WILL read over), it looks very, very good. I can make a CS in the morning.

    Also, platypi come from my home country. Who knew. :P
  4. I will make my cs soon.
  5. @Sapphiric
    There's a little in there I need to point out wouldn't work in terms of the magic. First, since she's a Dancer, her magic is limited to what she can perceive and has around her, making her a Level 4 at best. And because she isn't a Spellcaster, well, she can't cast spells. Dancing is basically a refined form of pyrokinesis/hydrokinesis/whateverkinesis, so they improvise rather than using already-prepared methods.
    I know magic is a little complicated in this, so I can understand the slip-ups.
    Apart from that, Eoula's looking excellent so far! I've placed you down in a reserved spot.

    @Cerillia Caledfwich Sure! Reserved and I'm looking forward to reading your entry.

    @Urdnot Grunt I shall await in anticipation! You have a reserved spot.
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  6. Name: Saranda Nnitra
    Gender: Female
    Race: Drow
    Age: 27
    Magic Level: 6
    Magic Colour: Violet
    Magic Type: Akryomancy
    IQ: 147
    Birthplace: Sephyria
    Occupation: Former Blacksmith, Former Hunter (though still has hopes for hunting something, anything which piques her interest.)


    Current day Saranda.

    Saranda before arriving at Trigon.

    Her eyes are a piercing, softly glowing silver, which, when accompanied by violet skin, makes a terrible presence to behold. When in a city, she usually wears clothes presentable enough, though out in the wild, she prefers to be in her hunting gear; ease of movement and use is the priority out there.
    She is said to have a mystic air about her, something which just sat right with her presence. She is considered confident, but this is proven through her speech and mannerisms, as part of her life growing up was living with a rich friend, long after her parents had died. She was taught a proper education in that time, and seems to be very dignified. This does not seem to apply to her when she is hunting, however, as she turns into some form of beast. Unleashing the beast is not in the best interest of everyone around her...

    Goal in Life: To hunt the largest beast she can; anything bigger than a reasonably sized building is a good start.
    Fears: Dying alone, losing her mind. She generally despises those who've already lost their minds, commenting that they could've done more to prevent such a thing from happening.
    General Personality: Outgoing and generally nice, unless met with adversary, in which case she'll not hesitate to change her demeanour where possible. She largely suits the situation around her, but being generally nice is still applied here.
    Inner Personality: A soft hearted individual who has issues with people getting too close, and with authority in general. She is still optimistic, but seems to lose her tact once her inner personality is known. Not afraid to speak her mind, in short.
    Secret: She misses being able to be close to people.
    History: Saranda was born into a hunting family who had an extraordinary magical aptitude, which caused her to be the most powerful in the family. This was highly effective on the hunt, being able to fell beasts who were larger than buildings, at time, though this soon became boring to her, hence why she took up blacksmithing with her uncle. The weapons they created were usually very detailed and very decorative, though they were hardly useful in combat, save for the times she was using items to try and expand how well she could use her Sephiric Edge, a literal weapon born of the chaos element which could be highly destructive.
    For five whole years, every day in those years, she would train this weapon, only taking breaks in between to keep her knowledge of her own two spells there.
    Then came the time when her parent died, an event which affected her greatly. Thanks to her aptitude, she was able to be taken under the wing of her best friend's father, who was also a magician of the chaos element. It was here where she learned something which would travel with her to the day the Ruin War occurred.
    The way to lessen or even abolish the need to fight; Diplomacy.
    Her ways with words seem to be remarkable, and while she had the magical punch to back it up, she was a very diplomatic person, who wished for a better life from what she had come from.
    Now within Trigon, her quest for knowledge takes her around the place; wishing to find her way with words. Still, the undying urge to hunt was within her blood, it was never going to leave her. One day, she wished to hunt a beast as tall as the sky... If such a thing even existed.


    Sephiric Edge
    Range: Alpha; Point blank to 18ft, Zeta; Point Blank to 350ft, Omega; 250-1000ft.
    Power: Alpha; 15GJ, Zeta; 25GJ, Omega; 60GJ.
    Element: Chaos
    By pressing the index, middle and ring fingers together, Saranda is able to form an orb upon the end of her middle finger, which grows into a blade of 15ft. This blade has three stages of power, all of which are extremely potent to those in range.
    Alpha - physical type weapon, basic melee energy blade made of the chaos element. This is the most commonly used of the three.
    Zeta - physical type weapon which can be fired as a projectile, melee energy blade which can be 'released' from where it resides, projectile travels faster than a bullet and explodes with a ten metre radius. This is generally used in hit and run situations.
    Omega - blast type weapon which can lay waste to a whole city block, a giant energy blade which comes down upon the area before amassing the chaos element to expand upwards, even those caught within 100ft of the blast will be thrown back and damaged considerably. This usually is used as a last resort, and requires a wand to activate completely. An uncompleted Omega Sephiric Edge may have more raw power, but it will often be over a very large area, thus thinning out it's damage dealing potential. Using a lot of willpower can recreate the effect of having a wand, but it is hard to control exactly where it will land.

    Range: point blank to 500ft.
    Power: 70GJ
    Element: Chaos
    This is Saranda's signature spell.
    Saranda can cast this spell through her forearms, which makes her especially dangerous even when she is restrained. They can arc at any angle, even through herself (though this is unheard of) and effectively gives her a range of 500ft at any given moment. They're almost instantaneous and travel as fast as lightning. Almost certain to shatter lower levelled Aegis magics, and likely to pierce through those unfortunate to be on the receiving end.
    Multiple blasts which arc akin to lightning, yet cause massive singular damage to whatever it hits. Highly accurate and very fast casting speed; though it takes a lot of concentration and Willpower to extend use beyond a few shots at a time. Singular shots tend to be much more accurate, as firing many will often disperse and spread the bolts out. Very small AoE; needs to hit the target to be effective.
    Unlike lightning, this magic cannot electrify anything, as it is closer to a very fast moving tendril than a lightning bolt.
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  7. @Cerillia Caledfwich
    That magic sounds a lot like Akyromancy/Chaos magic, so mark the Magic Type as "Akyromancer" or something like that.
    Oh, but two things. First, to quote the race description, "Dökkálfar tend to use shades of blue and purple for their magic". Drifting off into similar areas of the spectrum is fine, but (and I probably should've elaborated here, sorry) only extremely powerful Chaotics can use silver-coloured magic.
    Secondly, due to the sheer effectiveness of a Sakoula, anything that is just enough to start to break the foundations of a building and break apart the human body is Level 2 territory, and is ridiculously underpowered on anyone arcane. To put it into numbers, 3 gigajoules (enough to vaporise a mundane) will only lower a Level 5 to about 95% capacity. A Level 6 could easily destroy a real-world city in less than three hours, if alone, and could one-shot most warded structures.

    Magic in Pentagram does operate within the laws of physics and it has a lot of over-complex rules to make it actually work because of that. I really apologise for how complicated it is, but there's really very little I can do about it without detracting from the suspension of disbelief.

    Other than that, Saranda is perfectly built up and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of her CS!

    ...Wait a second she's a hunter
    Trigon is a manmade island what does she even hunt
  8. Ah! That's easily fixed, really. I was planning on adding a few stronger spells, but didn't exactly know just how powerful they really would be, plus it said only two spells.
    I'll change her eye colour to violet; almost matches her skin, though it glows.

    Perhaps Sphere could be fired faster, travel faster and, if applicable, build up in power with successive hits, for example. I'm happy with it's size, it doesn't have to be large to be effective. I only listed it as such considering it's size, but seeing as it's ridiculously underpowered, I'll either change how much damage it does per hit or add some kind of effect, I'm thinking of a mild rippling effect which passes through the first one hit and strikes those behind, if there's anyone there.
    I could make Blast a lot larger, and devastating in raw power in terms of direct hits. It's more of a reflective magic, to push away most projectiles and anything caught within the fray, though the direct hit is the epicentre of its explosive power, so it'd make sense that it would thoroughly wind someone at the very least.

    I probably shouldn't be suggesting things at this hour (in short, I should've been asleep hours ago), but I'm going to anyways. Maybe it would be better to PM you as well, I wouldn't want to clog your post up with this stuff.
  9. If it helps, those three gigajoules I spoke of is about the energy put into the five basic attack spells. Well, they're actually 2 GJ, but that's easily enough to instantly kill a mundane. Hell, that's enough energy to power a small country. A Fireball is therefore roughly two million degrees Fahrenheit, one million degrees Celsius.

    That's barely enough to give an arcane a blister.

    And it's alright, this will hopefully cover anything anyone else will need answering, so feel free to ask any questions here.
  10. Alrighty, noted. I'll make these changes after I've slept, the major ones to the spells themselves.

    Have a good day.
  11. Duly noted. Goodnight.

    I'll add what you have at the moment to the list.
  12. Name: Abraxus
    Gender: Male
    Race: Chaotic Human
    Age: Older than you can imagine, younger than you think.
    Magic Level: Level Four
    Magic Colour:
    ▸ Abraxus's magic color is blue, but his eyes have changed color due to his contracts with Arcane Creatures.
    Magic Type:
    ▸ Chaos. His magic consists of only working with familiars, he had other abilities but gave them up.
    IQ: Abraxus's intelligence quota is about two-hundred and forty which is slightly above average for his race.
    Birthplace: Sephyria
    Occupation: It is a secret.
    Appearance: Abraxus

    Goal in Life:
    ▸ "Vengence. Against whom shouldn't matter to you, but be sure to know, if you get in my way you are dead."
    ▸ "Of course I have fears, what man could lie and say he doesn't. I, however, do not wave them around. It is not in my benefit to tell you."
    Secret: "Why are you demanding so much private information from me."
    ▸ Abraxus's father was a human and his mother a Chaotic, though he never personally got to know his dad. He grew up in a Chaotic-run region of Sephyria called Chek. There he lived with little contact from other races and due to his blood, he was an embarrassment to all but his mother, who protected him dearly from threats. Due to his mother's reputation people began to leave Abraxus alone and soon befriended him. That ended the day that he and friends found his mother dead in the house, it was the day that he became the man he was. After participating lightly in the war, Abraxus was sent to Trigon to work as a Chaotic representative, but after two years of what he considered boring and useless work he quit the job. Now he is found as a wanderer who goes to all the planets. It is very apparent that he is looking for something and someone, but nobody is sure of who.
    ▸ All Abraxus can do is summon three familiars. The first, Karis the Myshtino, is a healer, the second, Eos who is a Griffin, is a means of transportation, and finally, Xerxes who is a Hellspawn (unlike the Chaotic), is a monster who loves the taste of blood and death.

    If I can get your permisson, I would like to be exempt from filling out personality, I feel like it boxes character development and it is hard for me to play a character if I fill out the section.
  13. This is a little different, and there's a small amount of details that make little sense in the Pentagram verse. Sorry, I should have covered all of this.

    What's a Chaotic Human? Chaotics reproduce magically, so half-Chaotics just aren't around. You're free to make them a Chaotic, though.
    Thaaaat's not a number...
    Magic is biological. He'd still have them. He doesn't have to use them, but...
    The brain only has enough connections for an IQ of 200. For an arcane with a magical brain that means 235, tops. Something like 150 can be considered "above average" for an arcane.
    A Level 4 would only really be able to share power with one Familiar, a Level 7 could maybe have two. Maybe. While it's a good idea, Abraxus can't really have fought in the war without Aegis and an offensive spell or two; he'd get slightly ripped to bits by the magical artillery and such.

    But yes, I know what you mean. Go ahead and skip the personality, that's absolutely fine. And while your character concept is excellent, it's also one of the few that is enough to make any Chaotic look at it and go "...Ti?" because in context, it just doesn't work all that well. I admire your idea, but a "Familiar Master" is more suited to conventional fantasy than something like this.
  14. Dont forget me and Lulu bud lol

    Name: Cailenon Mithraxos
    Gender: Male
    Race: Drow
    Age: 25 (When he was created he was at the maturity level of a young man, and thus he is now closer to a 40 or so year old High Elf than a 25 year old)
    Magic Level: 7
    Magic Color: Cail's magic is amethyst, as are his eyes. A surprisingly gentle color considering the fierce reputation he earned during the
    Magic Type: Spellcasting, Aeromancer, Akyromancer and Pyromancer
    IQ: 175
    Birthplace: Sytheria
    Occupation: Researcher. Studies the nature of contracts between arcane animals and similar such creatures, and their mage masters.
    Appearance: During the Ruin wars Cail was an exceptionally savage warrior, in the first war under Ruin's banner, and in the second under that of his own people as they fought their former master for their own freedom. He gained many scars from that time, and has never been one to be shy about the showing of them. Thanks to his upbringing in the middle of a war and the image he cultivated during said wars Cail tends to look like an uncouth barbarian, his many tattoos, trophies, and scars always on display. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.
    Show Spoiler

    Fears: Loosing his autonomy. During the Ruin war Cail followed his creator without thought, committing horrible acts in the name of a man who, for all intents and purposes, was a god to the Dokkalfar. He will never make the mistake of following without question again...
    General Personality: Cail comes off as aloof and even slightly dangerous most of the time. His sense of dark humor, use of biting sarcasm, and general disregard for most social graces and hierarchy make many wonder how he could possibly have become a researcher on Trigon. But for the most part this dark and mistrustful attitude is only directed towards men and women of power and status. To those weaker or less fortunate than himself Cail can be a saint, enjoying time spent with children and animals, lending a helping hand where needed, doing small acts of kindness, none of which will heal the stains on his heart and soul...
    Inner Personality: Dokkalfar, a weapon born and bred by a madman for his own personal war against an entire world. A war that Cailenon fought from the first moment of his birth right up until the time his master was, supposedly, slain. He committed acts that no conscientious creature could have done without their heart rending in twain, yet as a living weapon Cail knew no better. It was only after many years of acclimation that he realized the horror of the things that he had done, and those actions have been eating away at him for years. Only during the later half of the Rupture War, when the races banded together to fight against Ruin, did Cail find some sort of solace.
    Secret: Formerly a Ruinite, worshiping the man who created Cail's entire race. After his 'death' Cail lost faith, and when Ruin returned Cail and many of his brethren were far beyond believing the man to be their god. More like a deadbeat father no longer worthy of respect.
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    Cailenon Mithraxos, code-named the Banshee during the Ruin war for his signature spell, was a leader in the armies of the Dokkalfar. Under the banner of Ruin he and his brethren marched across Sytheria spreading destruction and chaos in their wake. As a mage and commander of warriors Cail was well developed and versed... but as a living, breathing creature with thoughts and feelings of his own he had yet to mature. For he was born, fully grown and with knowledge of death and the dealing of it, early during the beginning of Ruin's campaign against his entire world, and never went through the phase of growing up through which other races have to pass.

    Of the Ruin war there is little to tell. Cail fought, killed, and destroyed with impunity under the commands of his creator-god, and did so without emotion or remorse. Of the impressive deeds he has done he would rather not speak, for though they may have been impressive most were the cause of horror and pain for many an innocent. To even recant such tale's has been far beyond Cail's capacity and likely always will be, so particular details of his involvement in the war are to be considered sketchy at best... However, it is known that after the supposed death of Ruin Cail and his forces were one of the first of the Dokkalfar armies to sue for peace with the other inhabitants of Sytheria.

    With his master gone and defeated Cail, whose very being had been dedicated to serving the man who had created him, was left lost. Adrift in a world of hostility and fear and for the first time, feeling the true brunt of those emotions. Without a master to guide his hands, to direct the course of his mind and heart, there was little that the Drow warrior could do. As more Dokkalfar began to find peace with the races they had been born to battle, communities of the outcast's began to form, it was into these communities that Cailenon faded. A little over two decades passed, the Dokkalfar and the Drow in particular, slowly integrated into the normal society of Sytheria, and in that time Cailenon found... himself. The things that he had done, atrocities he had committed, were faced with a truth that he had before been new to the mystery called life to understand.

    The world could be good, a bright path that could be seen and followed by anyone. He atoned where he could, but could never quite assuage his guilt. In fact, as the years progressed he found himself, his mind and emotions maturing, such that the mild prickles he had felt before only grew. It was in the Rupture wars that he thought he might remove the debt he felt towards all the people of Sytheria... And when the Dokkalfar joined the other races to fight Cail marched among the ranks.

    During that war he fought far more... conscientiously than he ever had before. Prisoners were treated well and with a certain amount of respect, he went out of his way to protect innocents as much as possible, and avoided senseless battles when he could manage it. Partway through however, it was discovered that Ruin, the creator and former master of Cail's entire race, was not only alive but had orchestrated the entire war. The Dokkalfar were not pleased with this turn of events, they had made a place for themselves at long last and through much effort, and Ruin would have done just as his name implied. Throughout the remainder of the war Cail allowed the training and ferocity he had learned fighting under Ruin against the powerful mages own forces, and distinguished himself anew. Both as a mage and a commander.

    When Ruin was defeated at long last and with certainty, Cail retired from the military and dedicated himself to rebuilding after the war. And when word came down of the integrated city to be built using magic and technology Cail felt the need to join in the endeavor. Now, with the city complete and thriving Cail has switched his focus to studying magical bonds, and most notably how they can be broken. Never again will Ruin or anyone else hold sway over him or his people if Cail had anything to say about it...

    From the moment of his birth
    Spells (open)

    Banshee's Wail
    Range: Point blank to about 100 feet.
    Power: A
    An aeromantic spell focused on sound waves. Sound is the displacement of air molecules due to the release and transfusion of energy... Through aeromancy Cail has learned to amplify this displacement, creating sound waves at absolutely destructive volumes and frequencies. He can create a directed sonic boom with ease, and the destructive power of such and attack is quite surprising to most. To an unprotected mundane it has enough power to blow them apart at close ranges, and even other Arcane's find it a difficult ability to handle considering its less than normal avenue of attack

    Range: Point blank to 20 feet.
    Power: A
    Combustion is a mix of Aeromancy and Pyromancy, that causes a small area to explode in flame and then violently draw surrounding objects towards the origin point. Using aeromancy the air molecules are sped up to exceptional speeds and, with a small spark of pyromantic fire, explodes with exceptional force. The void left by the vaporized air molecules creates a sudden vacuum that quickly draws in the surrounding air, even picking up objects and slinging them forcefully towards the central point.

    Range: Depends on the power put into the spell. Can fill a room with ease, can cover an entire battlefield with a little extra effort.
    Power: F
    Smokescreen is a mix of Aeromancy and Akyromancy that uses chaos infused air particles to create a cloud of smoke in the area of effect. Its relatively harmless to arcanes and only dangerous to mundanes if they are caught in a small room with it and suffocate from lack of clean air. If combined with other magic however, it can become much more potent.

    Range: Same as smokescreen
    Power: B
    Flashfire is a more advanced and battle oriented perversion of the spell smokescreen. Through the weaves of Aeromancy and Akyromancy the mage weaves tendrils off Pyromancy, turning a seemingly harmless cloud of smoke into an inferno waiting for the tiniest spark to set it off.

    Fairy Lights (Chaos,Air,Fire)
    Range: Each ball explodes in a two meter radius.
    Power: C (Individually) A (when used in the right situation)
    The spell Fairy Lights uses air, chaos, and fire to trap a volatile gaseous concoction into a near invisible floating ball. When contact is made the mixture catches fire and explodes. A single ball is not likely to do much damage to a seasoned mage, but very rarely will one find them such. Fairy Lights are a trap spell, cast in large number and left in enclosed spaces such as tunnels and hallways they can be absolutely devastating when triggered. The more there are, the larger and more fiery the results.

    Hephaestus' Bolt (Air+Fire=Lightning+Chaos)
    Range: Effective and deathly accurate up to 100ft
    Power: A+
    A simple lightning bolt spell (Air and Fire) given a bit of extra umph with the use of chaos. Just like a normal thunderbolt it smashes into its target with exceptional force, but due to the extra kinetic power of the chaos infused at its creation it becomes increasingly powerful and accurate. It is almost as powerful as a Akyromancers destruda, but take up less willpower, has much lower range, and is easier to learn. Assuming one is a skilled trimage or greater that is.

    Cail can also use the basic Fireball and pulse spells along with, of course, the Aegis, with ease.
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  15. Wow. This follows the lore exactly. There's absolutely nothing to correct here.

    The only thing I'd say is that Aeromancy is the creation of air molecules. Moving them is Skydancing, so creating sound would require more kinetic energy, making sound-based spells in the domain of Chaos as well as Air, but that's fine; there's no reason Cail can't be an Akyromancer too, as a former soldier.
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  16. Huh... I figured I would have something messed up somewhere as I read through the whole lore section in one go lol. Not a good idea in retrospect now that I realize how much of it there actually is.

    And wouldn't that put hem at three different types of magic? I don't mind just making sure that that's actually okay for Cail.
  17. Yes, a lot of mages with military history would be Triangular. Most are Linear, but Triangular is favoured in war because of the amount of possibilities it opens up. It's fine to be any tier of power as long as you can justify it.
  18. Psh, I read all that, I don't know why I disregarded it when writing earlier. Alright; so, I understand they pull from they're enviroment, but could they combine elements at there disposal? Like, since my character has pyro and hydrokinesis, could she mix that for Aciduskinesis? Of course, in an environment where both are readily available.
  19. @Sapphiric
    Combining elements as a Dancer is difficult. Have you ever tried to do tango and ballet simultaneously? Hard as hell. However, all the Linear combinations and some of the Triangular ones can be achieved by simply using one of the Dances that corresponds to them, so mixing elements is actually easier for them. "Aciduskinesis", as you so eloquently put it, would only be possible in an environment with acid at the ready, though.

    Having said that, there's no reason she can't just carry some around.
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  20. @Random

    Alright then, I think I understand. I'll finish my CS now, thanks! Also, do you have any ideas on the plot? I assumed something to do with Ruin.

    Edit: Also, may I 'create' a certain place in Apex for my characters history? I've reread the OP a few times and I'm not finding much info on the geography (or maybe I'm blind) and I don't want it to clash with your vision :x
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