PENNYBLOOD (a Steampunk adventure)

Umm...Ummm...Door closed on? the table could fall in a different direction...o.o
How about ... door closed on just as table was kicked? It probably doesn't matter one way or another but I'm odd that way.
So Maxine gets hit by a table as she closes the door?

So, anyways, Asmo, I am officially withdrawing from your game. This isn't the right RP for Arthuria and I find it sad this isn't the steampunk RP I thought it would be. I wish you the best of luck with it.
Okay, headcount. Who's still up for this?
I'm still in!

The question is: can we write ourselves out of this elegant loop of what-the-fuckery?
Okay, posted. Let's keep it rolling while I hunt for extra players.
I'll make a post but I'm not sure I can do a great deal considering that Lars and Quincy are both involved in the scene. I'll try to make as big of a dent as I can though!
*nudges Torsty's corpse* Yeah... I wouldn't count on Lars. I think you need to step up and be the well-hung hero here, Harpy.

EDIT: Oh, you already have. *strokes Harpy's penis*
*Slaps Asmo's hand away from her penis*

Penis is for the ladies only Asmo...
Name: Cassia Levanda

Occupation: Unknown

Notable Skills: Known for an "eagle eye" back at her school, Cassia has excellent vision and accuracy. She's quick to think on her feet and has impressive intellect among her friends. She was also known to have ways of manipulating people in cunning ways. Her hobby was using her father's old throwing knives and hurling them towards the tree in their home property, hitting the same mark every time. She has a charming air about her and seems to get along with people quite easily. She doesn't seem to make enemies often, but there is the occasional classmate that is jealous of her popularity. Her parents often lose track of her, since she is also light on her feet. It was almost as if she was floating on the surface. She does seem to be very resolved, however. If you were to ask anyone of her friends about her home life, they would know very little to nothing about what was going on in her private life. They only knew her interests that she showed and she hardly spoke of the Vampires, making it seem as she has adapted to the ways of the current lifestyle, though she is strongly against it.

Residence: As Cassia is a young woman of the age of sixteen, her parents have agreed to send her off to the Vampires to become one of their slaves. Being strongly against their methods, Cassia was furious with her parents. Her parents said they needed the extra money and that her beauty would take her to places. Appalled by this, Cassia at a quick dinner that night and fled her household with extra food, water, and her father's knives for reassurance. Despite what the town was saying about a killer by the name of Jack the Ripper, she decided to flee to a house in South London where she heard there was a woman there who helps the unfortunate.

Status: Cassia is a very charming young lady, but very mysterious as well. She seems to draw people in like a moth to a flame, though she rarely let's information about herself leak into the public. She is a fair fighter, but wouldn't consider herself as the best. Her weapons reassure her on her trip down further South of London, hoping to get some lodging. She's slightly terrified of this Jack the Ripper character and hopes to not have a run in with him.

Current Goal: Find a place to live and to hide from the Vampires as much as possible.
*drags Grumpy and Tegan in and puts each in a headlock, forcing them to look at HollyMoon*


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