PENNYBLOOD (a Steampunk adventure)

Lars can come along too! I had done that to bring him out originally, so feel free to write him taking the job 83
Excellent! Thanks.

As I was working on my reply, I had to make a call, and some idiot came and took the computer I was using(With the Iwaku-window visible) and now it's all gone. >=|

Oh well..

HATERS GONNA HATE, I remember what I wrote.
*comes to apologise again*

Sorry about the double post, but Tegan was too lame, talentless and uninspired to set up the opera house.
I was caught watching that Gabriel movie you suggested. It was shit, by the way.

Okay, since Grumpy is otherwise engaged, I shall have not George...


*peers over the balustrade at Tegan* >:3
You can go ahead and reply to Asmo's post, Harpy. Just saying so that nobody will wait for me to post a reactionary post to.......door-knocking.
*leaps in through the ceiling and dropkicks Asmo off the balcony*

Always expect the unexpected, bitch.

*disappears in a whirl of revision notes and overdue library books*
Alright Trosty, I'll post 83
Again, sorry sorry sorry for the long post. Sorry. Just had to introduce the villain.

On a side note, you may have noticed how I'm doing my characters:

Doctor Pennyblood = The Invisible Man + Sherlock Holmes

Louchard = Dracula + Dorian Gray

The Judge = Phantom of the Opera + Judge Turpin

It might be a tactic for you all to consider when developing your own characters. ;)
I'm here Tegan! *waves at from a distance*
Let's figure out what else to do before Asmo lets our characters rot and us die of boredom.

Arthuria can always blow something up in the house or spot a dead body.
Hmmm... how about she breaks something like dish? Then we can bring her into the group.
This was an ideal moment for FUCKING TORSTY to hear the sound and go investigate.

But instead, I will have to unleash the Plot Monster.
*herds the plot monster back to it's basement*
Oh look, more character exposition. Come on Grumpy, let's go kill some whores.
*klaxons sound and shutters lower over the OOC*


Please choose the correct timeline:

A) The Steam-Monster came through the door and got a table kicked at it.
B) The door was closed on the Steam-Monster.