Partners wanted ^.^ FxF/FxM partners and Anthro pa

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  1. Id really like to find a FxF plot i dont really have an idea for this im more looking for a partner with a plot idea or one whos willing to build one with me ^.^

    Im very inexperienced with Anthro characters but im very interested in trying it out i really like the idea and id very much like someone whos willing to help me build an idea for this ^.^ i do FxM pairings and FxF pairings and in super open to ideas so feel free to PM me with any interest and or questions =D
  2. Still looking ^.^ also if it helps im probably going to play a bunny character in the anthro settings
  3. Still looking and heres my bunny ^.^

    2016-04-03 06.00.39.png
    Just with more of this body type
  4. Still searching ^.^
  5. I would be interested in a FxF roleplay with you :)
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  6. Still searching ^.^ <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.