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  1. Introduction
    [ Monday 5:00 AM - 5:30AM ]

    A chilling breeze passed through the city of Voluptas as the first signs of winter seemed apparant. The streets came back to life as countless citizens and students went out to carry their activites. The usual chatter of the city began to appear as the day progressed. Ships from Volptas' waterways brought new goods into the city's marketplaces. While the tranning grounds were occupied by the students who lived in the dormitories. They went to assembly in preperation another day to train in their abilities.

    Outside of the city the gates were heavily guarded. A line made up of immigrants strenched a few hundred meters from the gates. Guards checked the immigrant's card which indentified and allowed them into the city. Procuring such an item is difficult due to the Republic's policy of minizing the influx of immigrants into their cities. Many were rejected and drive away from the city by the guards. Those who were allowed were inspected by the guards who confiscated any money or weapons the immigrants had. Some of their items were returned. But others seemed to have "gone missing".

    A woman dressed in a cloak stood at the end of the line. She anixiously waited cluthing on her card. As she eventually reached the gates she handed in her card to the guards. " My name is Claire Evings. " she said to one of the guards. They accepted her card and inspected her. The guards did not find any items and finally let her into the city. She stood inside and laid back against the wall eating a small piece of bread. She looked outside the numerous houses and facilities around the city.

    " What a boring place." she said to herself as walked down the road. " They couldn't even find my real name.The young teen yawned softly and continued the walk and took off the hood of the cloak revealing her Iris hair. She threw the bread into the ground and took out a couple of knives. "This will be easy then."

    Character Roster

    Name : Cantalian Valois
    Class : Knife Thrower

    Current Health Points: 0 / 30
    Magic Points : 10/10
    Stamina: 1/15

    Name : Abscisum "Absci" Cogitationes
    Class : Bowman

    Current Health Points: 50/50
    Magic Points: 10/10
    Stamina: 20/20
    CP: 0

    Name : Willow Tela' Thiel
    Class: Dancer
    Current Health Points: 30/30
    Magic Points: 0/0
    Stamina: 25/25

    Name : Rexan Broadblade
    Class : Spearman
    Current Health Points: 39/40
    Magic Points: 10/10
    Stamina: 20/20


    Name: Toshiro Zanzen
    Class: Trickster
    Current Health Points: 18.320
    Magic Points: 55/55
    Stamina: 5/10

    Name: Trinket Littleheart
    Class: Assassin
    Current Health Points: 30/30
    Magic Points: 0/0
    Stamina: 20/20

    Name: Remi Thwaite
    Class: Earth Mage
    Current Health Points: 40/40
    Magic Points: 55/55
    Stamina: 10/10

    G: 100
    CP: 0

    Name: Aiko Yasha
    Class: Berserker
    Current Health Points: 24.19/40

    Rage Points: 0/0
    Stamina: 20/25
    G: 100
    CP: 0

    Name: Nicola Barzetti

    Class: Water Mage
    Current Health Points: 30/30
    Stamina: 10/10
    G: 100
    CP: 0


    Name: Amber Rose

    Class: Fire Mage

    Current Health Points: 40/40
    Stamina: 5/5
    G: 100
    CP: 0

    Battle Formula Version 1.1

    Damage Formula

    Base Power is the inital potency of the character's attack.
    Opp. Defense is the opponents' defense.
    Modifers either increase or decrease the potency of an attack.
    Attack affects the moves's strength. While Adj. stands for adjusted.

    (Base Power) - (Opp. Defense x .01 ) x .40 x Base Power)
    ( Attack x Modifer ) = Adj.Attack ( Adj.Attack x .01 x Base Power ) = Attack Bonus
    ( Attack Bonus + Base Power ) = Damage

    Dodge Chance Formula

    ( Base Speed x Modifer ) ( Defender's Speed - ( .75 x Opponent's Speed ) / Opponent's Speed = Dodge Chance

    * Just add a percentage sign at the end.*

    Guard Chance Forumla

    ( Base Speed + Base Defense or Base Magical Defense ) / 2 = Guard Chance x Modifers = Adj. Guard Chance
    ( Adj,Guard Chance - .75 Opponent's Speed ) = Guard Chance

    * Guard Chance is 100% is a bypass is not attempted. Subtract guard chance by 100 to find the Bypass chance *

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  2. Remi Thwaite
    The breeze that coursed through the city tugged at Remi's bangs as she sat cross-legged in the small, rooftop garden she'd found. Considering the building was only one story high it was hard to really call it rooftop, but Remi liked it just the same - for a place she'd only just discovered, anyway. A low slab wall encased the garden and a crude stone staircase led down into a backstreet. The plants here recoiled from the onset of winter, but there was greenery around from the more hardy shrubs, and that was comforting to Remi. The wind carried with it the sounds of the city, already shaking itself awake in the chilly morning air.

    Some might say Remi had been horribly lost when she'd discovered this quiet little place.

    She would say she'd been meandering through these streets, learning the scents, the sights, getting a sense of the people who lived here. She may had gotten lost now, but she would remember the streets that led her here, and she would remember the faces of the people she had seen, and what they'd been doing at the time. Always aware, Remi would not get lost down the same streets again. Though, she thought, she would perhaps make a habit of coming here. The leaves rustled quietly. Yes, Remi decided, this was ... nice. Peaceful.

    A deep, soothing breath. Her muscles relaxed. Her staff lay by her side, the only things she had except for the clothes on her back and the pouch around her waist, containing her identification and her change. She looked up at the wispy clouds above with a wistful expression. She'd wanted to train properly for some time now, and fate had handed her the oppurtunity. Remi would make the most of this oppurtunity while she was here.

    Well, the dormitories wouldn't find themselves. Remi slowly descended the stone staircase, staff in hand. She cast a long slow look up and down, observing the morning hubbub, and finally decided that it'd be in her best interest to ask for directions.
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  3. To one male figure, dressed in unusually smart clothing with a tall, polished top hat atop his head; neat, clean strands of soft black hair peeking out from the hat, the whole ordeal was simply exciting. Perhaps it was because he'd been travelling for months, spending almost all he'd taken, and that he was finally here. Or perhaps it was because he wasn't used to being around so many people at once. Either way, a pleasant yet slightly sinister smile formed on his lips as his deep purple tie swayed with the wind.

    The male delicately brushed a speck of dirt from his blazer, before taking the neatly folded card from his pocket. He'd been sure to come prepared for this trip; he hadn't travelled so far to simply be denied of access from the city.

    "Name?" The guard asked plainly as the well-dressed individual took a few steps forward, holding a walking cane neatly in his right hand whilst passing the card to the guard with the other. The well-dressed individual paused, knowing his family name was... perhaps somewhat infamous. His family line was disliked by some, but he followed a rule: 'A true gentleman never lies to hide his real self.'

    "Toshiro Zanzen. Pleased to be of service." The male, Toshiro, said. A polite smile formed on his lips as he removed his hat, bowing with a flourish, before neatly and perfectly tossing the top hat back atop his head. At the mention of the word 'Zanzen', most didn't know, but Toshiro thought he'd seen a few eyes shoot his way. After a pause, and after checking Toshiro for any illegal items, it wasn't long before he was let inside the city.

    The guards must have been bored today; they didn't even find his hidden stilettos, despite them being most likely legal. Nonetheless, Toshiro politely thanked the guards, before walking in with a rehearsed composure.

    "So... this is really it: Voluptas." Toshiro mumbled to himself, seemingly pleased with his surroundings as his walking cane tapped against the pavement. He hadn't been in many cities; the mansion he lived in was in a rural area at the Basking Plains. Finally, all of his travelling had come to something. He was here to make a name for himself, to make his father proud, and hopefully make the Zanzen family name more respected.


    Toshiro hadn't really prepared for one thing: directions. Toshiro was usually organised, but coming across a map of the city had been somewhat hard for him, for some reason or another. Asking for directions was rather old-school in his opinion, but it still did the trick.

    Scanning the crowds for someone of use, there was somebody that had Toshiro's attention. Somebody who seemed to... stand out to Toshiro; a cloak draped over the female figure. The female removed her hood, taking a few sharp knives in her hands as she threw a piece of bread to the ground.

    Hmm... her posture seems confident, and the cloak... I wonder what she has to hide. Regardless - it's none of my business. She seems to have an idea where she's going, unlike myself. With that thought, Toshiro approached the female, walking quickly, yet inconspicuously until he began to walk beside her. First impressions were key, in Toshiro's opinion, so he'd already made sure that every pocket, every button, and everything in general had been immaculately tweaked.

    Toshiro turned his head to the female, giving a friendly smile as he walked with a casual pace next to her.
    "Greetings." Toshiro began, his voice delicate and respectful. "I'm terribly sorry, but would you happen to know where new arrivals are meant to be going?" Toshiro asked with a polite tone, being sure to keep his distance and not be too imposing. He didn't want to have a poor first impression as a creepy stalker, or something along the lines of that.
    "This is my first time in Voluptas, personally. I plan to train here as a student, akin to you, unless I'm mistaken." He continued, scanning the area with his Saffron-Yellow eyes.
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  4. Voluptas. Rexan was enjoying every second of it. The smell, the noise, the sights, everything. Hauling his heavy backpack over his shoulders, Rexan had been here mere minutes and already he was eager to start studying. Standing up straight and surveying the area, Rexan tried to find some signposts for directions. A warm smell of freshly baked food drifted towards him from a nearby bakery, but Rexan was far more interested in the blacksmith's across the road. He stopped for a few moments to marvel at the extravagant weaponry, probably way out of his price range. But anyway, the time for marvelling would come later. Now he had to find out where he was going.

    Stepping on top of a few crates of goods to his right, Rexan looked out above the crowd. After a brief wait, he spotted two people talking to each other, most likely the extravagant clothing of the man making him noticeable. The other person was wearing a cloak, but looked female. Stepping down off the boxes, Rexan made his way towards the two. On approaching, he heard one of them asking about directions. With a quick smile to himself, Rexan stepped forwards, his heavy bag clattering around as he did. With a nod too both of them, he quickly added "Rexan Broadblade, I could do with some directions too." Examining both of the people in turn, Rexan was eager for the days to come.
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  5. Cantalian took a pause as she saw a tall, skinny man quickly walking towards her. She quickly put her hood seeing that the man was well-dressed. As the man arrived he obiviously kept his distance towards her. Cantalian quickly noticed this and produced a knife which she hid instead her cloak. ready to slit his throat if it was needed. "Hm, arrivals Why should I tell you something so vitally important like that? I don't even know your name." She said in a neutral tone. Cantalian moved back slightly to get a better angle onto him.

    Cantalian calmed down a bit after hearing the man's tone of speech. She still kept guarded, but it didn't seem neccsary to attack him. "Anyways, yes I do want to train as a student in this city." she said softly. "Why would a nobleman want to come here? That's very strange to say the least. Perhaps, life watching others suffer for your wealth is too boring for you." Cantalian laughed a bit. Knowing that she spent most of her life confinded into to her house.

    She looked towards the city and saw a couple of tall buildings, and further down the road. She saw a man handing out paper maps to other citizens. "It seems like that man might help us. Let's go there." Cantalian resumed her walk while keeping an eye on the man behind him, stilling holding one of the throwing knifes that her father gave. " Now that I've looked at it, this city might not be that bad."

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  6. Toshiro rested both hands on his walking cane, examining the female in front of him as she spoke. She seemed quite reserved, and a little defensive... by the words she'd chosen in her flow of speech, she seemed to be quite sophisticated, also. Toshiro found this all rather interesting, considering he'd barely socialised with people in his few months of travelling.

    "Why would a nobleman want to come here? That's very strange to say the least. Perhaps, life watching others suffer for your wealth is too boring for you."
    Toshiro let out the quietest of chuckles, and tipped his top hat over his eyes slightly.
    "I suppose I once could have been classed as a nobleman. But... I instead chosen the path of travel, rather than an easy life. Wealth is not a thing I possess anymore." Toshiro admitted; he was down to a mere 100 coins after the expenses for his long journey. Toshiro knew he must have looked rather rich, with all the high-end attire he was wearing. The truth was that he was in fact quite poor, and simply made an effort to always keep his clothes spotless.
    Toshiro looked into the eyes of the female for a brief second, as if studying a book carefully.
    "Don't mistake me for being flirtatious, but you shouldn't hide such an elegant face behind a hood. Alas, I'm sure you have your reasons..." He often didn't compliment women out of romance or flirtatiousness, but out of politeness; Toshiro had been slapped hard across the cheek once because of a misunderstanding of this; hopefully the people in this area wouldn't be the same.

    Toshiro raised an eyebrow to the sound of a heavy bag cluttering about, and slowly turned his head to meet the dark green eyes of a male, most likely a similar age to he was. Upon the male's back was a heavy backpack, and Toshiro guessed by the medium leather armour of the individual that this man was probably a physical fighter.
    "Rexan Broadblade, I could do with some directions too."
    "Good day to you, Rexan. It seems you came at the correct time. I assume you're also hoping to be a student; quite a few seem to have poured into Voluptas today." Toshiro paused, and adjusted his tie slightly as he looked over Rexan. He seemed like a capable fighter; one that Toshiro knew he would most likely get pulverised by if he got on the wrong side of him. But he seemed friendly enough; perhaps Toshiro didn't even need to be concerned.
    "Oh! Where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Toshiro Zanzen, son of the deceased Akabachi Zanzen. Whether you're familiar with the Zanzen family name or not, you merely need to know that I'm one of the... magical... types." He said to Rexan and the female, still keeping his polite smile.

    "It seems like that man might help us. Let's go there."
    "Splendid idea." Toshiro said, and began to approach the man handing out maps. Gratefully thanking the man as he took one of the pieces of paper, Toshiro began to study the map carefully.
    "Now... let's see here... I assume we should introduce ourselves someplace if we wish to be students here. I believe I read somewhere that new students of Voluptas are given a white marking." Toshiro said as he began to study the map, wondering if the white marking would go with his current choice of clothing.
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  7. Morning. It was the best time of day in Willow's opinion. A hint of pink blush as the sun just barely scraped over the edges of the horizon. A horizon much more open and free than the sky-line she was used to. Morning came so much earlier here in Voluptas, and the lavender haired girl loved it. Even the way the birds chirped cheerfully, sleepily, was enough to bring a smile to her face. Just waking up to face the new day, and the trials that came with it. Maybe it was her optimism speaking, but the morning seemed especially bright. Just a hint of crispness in the air, waking her up with a hello, good morning refreshing breeze.

    Releasing a content smile, Willow rested her cheek on her arms. They were crossed over the window sill to serve as the perfect cushion for her chin as she watched the sun rise. It had barely risen a single fingers length over the horizon before she stood with a quick and lithe stretch. As much as she loved to watch the gods light rise over the hills, she couldn't wait any longer. Because today was the day it all began.

    Grinning from ear to ear, an expression that probably made her look silly to anyone watching, Willow turned from the window with a lighthearted spin. It took no time at all to finish packing her things in the small bag she'd brought along with her and finish combing out her hair. She forced herself to slow down and braid it in her normal fashion, but when it came time to leave her rented room her steps were quick.

    She flew past the front counter of the inn with a wave to the sleepy desk clerk. She'd payed for her last night the day before- today she'd move into her new dorm!

    "Good morning!" She received a lethargic wave in return, but she wasn't around to see it before she was outside and within reach of the suns first grasping rays. She barely slowed down for elderly man reaching for the door- merely spun around him with a laugh and continued on her way. Her feet felt as light as the air.

    Without hesitation, Willow moved on towards the scholarly buildings she could see in the distance. When she'd arrived in the city two days ago, she'd made sure to find the school before anything else. Now, she was glad she had. Voluptas was a maze of streets, side and main, that spanned in all directions. People were already beginning to bustle, as merchants started to open their stalls and the gates opened to let in weary travelers. Without thinking ahead, she would have been as lost as could be.

    Instead, she let excitement make her fly as she hurried towards her destination; and hopefully a brand new beginning.
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  8. "It seems that we're forming some kind of group. How unfortunate." she said whispered to herself. Seeing another student join them. Cantalian didn't plan on being stuck with a group. But it would be much safer to do so seeing the sheer vastness of Volptas. She turned her attention back to Toshiro and Rexan. " Why would you do that? " "Well there goes the assets I assumed he had on him." quickly took the map from Toshiro and began reading from it. She located the dormitories and other facilities within Voluptas. Cantalian placed the map in her map and looked at the two.

    "Alright I suppose we go to the dormitories at this point." she said, suddenly assuming the role of the leader. She resumed her walked along with the two now forming a group of three students. As they passed through the streets of Volptas, their destination became closer while more citizens also eyed the unusual students. A well-dressed man, a large towering figure, and a woman dressed in a cloak going through the city, certainly attracted much attention from the citizens. Cantalian ignored them, and focused on getting to the dormitories instead. Cantalian progressively got more nervous and unsettled seeing more shady figures look at her and the others. But kept she kept it to herself so that the others wouldn't notice it and see it as weakness. Image had to be kept, especially since she was forming the first impression of her peers. By now the group was a few meters away from the dormintory but Cantalian's suspision became too urgent.

    She turned back to see a group of thugs holding wooden boards and pipes. Cantalian quickly took out her knives. "I'll handle all of three of them. Just stand back." she said with a tone of sharp arrogance. Cantalian stood firmly sharpening her knives and gave a slight smirk. While the Rexan and Toshiro stood back, either chosing to aid her or take the advice she had given.

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  9. Toshiro seemed lightly amused by the woman's surprise as to why he'd leave such a rich family. Whilst Toshiro liked being honest, he wasn't quite ready to spill his story to a stranger. Toshiro looked across, blinking a little in thought.
    "Perhaps life as a rich man was simply... too dull... for my liking." He said, wearing a plain smile. The real reason was that the Zanzen mansion had almost nothing left for him other than a cold mother after his father's death... but either way, that was a story for another time.

    "Alright, I suppose we go to the dormitories at this point."
    Toshiro, knowing that the woman had a brief idea of where she was going unlike he did, gave a respectful nod.
    "Very well. Lead on."

    Toshiro knew very well that eyes were looking curiously at him and the others as he followed the woman with Rexan, but he did little other than keep walking with his usual poise, his walking cane gently tapping against the pavement with each step. A pair of unknown, angry eyes shot towards Toshiro, and Toshiro replied to this with a carefree smile, before continuing to walk on. Voluptas was a lot larger than he'd anticipated, which no doubt meant that there were some more... shady areas to the town. Each second, the amount of angry glares towards Toshiro and the other two seemed to increase. Were they getting to a thug-ridden part of town? Was this woman trying to lead Toshiro and Rexan into some sort of thug lair? No... she didn't look like the type who'd do that sort of thing. Toshiro just hoped she was going the right way.

    Toshiro halted in his tracks when he noticed the woman turn around, and he curiously turned his head. The sight of the thugs seemed to amuse Toshiro, and he barely reacted to the situation as he placed both hands on his walking cane.
    "Oh no. A trio of fearsome warriors armed with the finest weaponry in all of Voluptas have come to mug me and my dearest friends of all our possessions. Will somebody save us?" Toshiro said in a mocking monotone. Slowly, Toshiro discreetly began to ready up some of his tricks. He doubted these people were magical, but his Hirudo spell still did a good job of assisting a battle.

    "I'll handle all of three of them. Just stand back."
    Toshiro turned his head to the woman, a somewhat serious look on his face. It seemed this woman had great confidence in her own ability... Toshiro examined her weapons of choice. The only reason she'd be carrying so many knives would be if she intended to throw them. So she was a ranger... interesting.
    "My dear... whilst I'm not doubting your abilities against a group of primates, I'd still prefer not to take any chances." Toshiro paused, looking at the thugs to size them up. "Here's a proposal: I'll offer some mere assistance. I'm quite intriguied to see what you can do with those knives." Toshiro says, getting into a defensive stance as he begins to size up the thugs. If one of them even tried with a ranged weapon, Toshiro knew he could easily use Furari to leave them scratching their heads, dumbfounded. This fight was going to be simple.

    1st Phase - Toshiro passes phase.
    2nd Phase - Toshiro passes phase.

    3rd Phase - Toshiro uses Guard!
    4th Phase - Toshiro confirms his choices.

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  10. Morning. It was the absolute worst part of the day in Aiko's opinion. The silver-haired warrior arrived in Voluptas the night before, and didn't get much sleep as a result. She was certainly excited about beginning her new life, but at the same time she couldn't help but be her usual, grumpy self. Especially at this ungodly hour. Aiko found it ridiculous that the sun rose this early here. Another reason Aiko was in a rather sour mood was that the inn she stayed at, in her opinion, sucked. That bed had bugs in it, she complained to herself, running her nails across her now very itchy skin. Forcing herself to abstain for the moment, Aiko rolled unsteadily off the bed and onto her feet. She walked over to the corner of the room where she had thrown all of her belongings the night before, and from her carrying sack Aiko retrieved another reason she hated mornings. In her hands was a simple glass flask which contained a thick, golden-brown liquid inside. Aiko uncorked the top and instantly recoiled from the harsh smell. She took a moment to steel herself, then turned the flask upside down.

    Aiko managed to get one good swig down before the insatiable urge to gag forced her to stop. With a taste that can only be described as the demonic love child of vinegar and cat urine, the young teen's daily dose of elixir was definitely a low point of her day. However, it was supposed to help control her current... condition. For now, Aiko would rather have the disgusting wake-up drink than a seizure.

    She resealed the flask and recollected the rest of her belongings: her clothing, some light armor, a recorder, and a wicked curved blade she attached to her hip. With that done, she set out for her next objective: a bath. The inn she stayed at unfortunately did not have indoor plumbing, which meant that the silver-haired girl would have to find a public bathhouse (or a river if it came down to that) in order to be remotely clean. Aiko set out at once.

    It was not fifteen minutes after leaving the inn and walking the chilly Voluptas streets when Aiko was virtually ran over by another girl. The warrior's first assumption was pickpocket, and she was ready to hit someone at this point. Absolutely furious, Aiko had a fistfull of the girl's pink ponytail and yanked on it before she could even react. She growled low and threateningly, "And where do you think you're going, thief?" Aiko roughly felt any of the girl's pockets she could immediately see, searching for anything she might have stolen. When the silver-haired girl found nothing, she found herself at an impasse. She still had a death grip on the stranger's hair, and this girl technically didn't break any laws. However, she wasn't keen on letting go just yet, she did almost tackle her after all. Aiko cleared her throat and decided to release her catch. "Watch your step. You might break something," Aiko warned, still glaring at the pink-haired girl.
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  11. Cantalian sighed seeing that Toshiro joined into the battle, despite him not trying to assist her directly. She faced her attention to the now enraged thugs who clamored their weapons towards Cantalian. She stood ready, combat and reveal all of her knife which counted to twenty-one. " How dare you interupt my travel? I will deal with you quickly."

    Cantalian uses Assualt!
    Cantalian uses Focus Fire!
    Cantalian passes phase.
    Cantalian confirms her choices.
    Cantalian inflicts 9.1 Damage!

    Thug A, B, C uses Assualt!
    Thug A, B, C uses Smash!

    Thug A, B, C passes phase.
    Thug A, B, C confirms their choices.

    Cantalian aimed her attacks at all three of thugs she faced. Each one of them was hit.

    Calculations + Stats:

    Cantalian's Moves [ HP =16.5 / 30 Sta. = 10/15]

    Cantalian uses Focus Fire! - cost 5 Sta.
    Base Power - 7 damage
    Opp. Defense - 7 x 0.1 = 0.7 , 7 - 0.7 = 6.3 damage
    Attack + Modifers = 8 + ( 8 x 0.2 ) = 9.6 x ( 9.6 x .5 ) = 14.4 Attack
    6.3 x 1.44 = 9.1~ Damage

    Thug's Moves [ HP = 10.9 / 20 ]

    Base Power - 3.5 damage
    Opp. Defense - 3.5 x 0.1 = 0.35 , 3.5 - .35 = 3.15 damage
    Attack + Modifers = 3 + ( 3 x 0.5 ) = 4.5 Attack
    4.5 x 3 = 13.5 Damage

    Cantalian had underestimated the strength of her opponent. Facing one would be an easy attack but with all three facing her it was different story. She had already almost half her health after the attack she faced. Pushing her towards the edge. Cantalian looked at Toshiro, but refused to ask for help still prideful of her abilities. The battle raged on, but Cantalian was unsure if she could keep going at this rate.
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  12. Trinket Littleheart: Resident Goofball Assassin


    Trinket Littleheart
    The boy with the messy blonde hair, jumping from building top, to building top was named Trinket Littleheart. Trink is what he goes by mostly. Trink was doing his daily exercise, he would jump around the buildings in Voluptas. Trink wanted to see how far he could get without hitting the ground. So far, so good. Trink loved surprising people, as they saw a shadow of a man passing them from above. They would stare and scream in fright, which just made him laugh while jumping. He sat down on one of the higher buildings in the city, he needed a break. "Wooo! That was amazing. I'm getting better at this." He grinned, sweat falling from his face.
    While Trink was sitting on the building, he noticed the guards had caught up to him. "I wonder when they'll give up. You'll never catch me!" The guards didn't like that Trink put himself and everyone else around him in danger, when he jumped over the buildings. He gave them a salute and started jumping again. Trink jumped around as if he was floating, the way he moved was amazing. The trained eye could see that Trink was a natural assassin, the way he moved and how the shadows danced with him made him stand out. The guards had him surrounded, or so they thought. "What to do, what to do? Oh yeah!" Trink had almost forgot the smoke bombs he "borrowed" from a stall. He had them in his bag. "Here's a present! Bombs Away!" Trink threw the bombs down on the guards. While they fought through the smoke, Trink was long gone.
    Trink had ended up on the other side of the city. He was in an alley, he looked around before walking out of it. "The coast is clear." He grinned and started to walk. While walking Trink noticed a girl, she was fighting some guys. The girl was with other people too, some (probably pompous) man and an another man. The uppity looking man had surprisingly jumped in to help the girl. Trink walked along side a building to get a closer look. He hopped on the window, he wanted to observe these people before he decided to jump in or not. A good assassin always waits before striking.

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  13. Toshiro continued to watch the battle, seemingly impressed with the girl's aim. She obviously wasn't new to the usage of throwing knives, and hit every target. Whilst it was a good opening attack, Toshiro winced a little as the thugs returned their attack. The poor woman had been smashed by all of the thugs at once by crude weaponry... that had to have hurt, and she seemed to be injured. Toshiro had a feeling she wouldn't respond well to sympathy, however, so he kept his mouth shut from asking if the young woman was okay, or needed help. But still: 'A true gentleman is always of assistance to the disadvantaged.' Another rule taught by his father; the girl was at a disadvantage, hence being a ranger three versus one in a close quarter situation like this.

    But... for real... did all three of them just gang up on a lady probably in her late teens? Toshiro knew these thugs were low, but not that low. Finally, Toshiro decided that he was going to step in, hoping the ranger wouldn't be too upset at him for it, but the risk of her being hospitalised wasn't one Toshiro was going to take. Toshiro knew he wasn't very tough, so he'd have to be careful unless he wished to take a visit to the infirmary, but he wasn't merely going to watch a lady get ganged up on by three tough men.

    "I don't doubt you... but I believe it's wrong to stand in the sidelines whilst you get hurt like that. Forgive me." Toshiro mumbled to the girl, getting out of his defensive stance and preparing an attack. Looking to the thugs, Toshiro gave a mocking smile as if studying gorillas at a zoo.

    "I doubt three armed fools will be able to even scratch me, evcn whilst I'm unarmed. Come, do your worst; dishonourable vermin." Toshiro taunted to the thugs, giving a sly smirk. They didn't know about his hidden stilettos; there was no point trying to channel Hirudo, as the thugs would easily be able to interrupt him.

    Toshiro | HP: 18.3/20 | SP: 7/10 | MP: 55/55
    1st Phase - Toshiro passes phase.
    2nd Phase - Toshiro passes phase.
    3rd Phase - Toshiro counters with Hidden Stilettos!
    4th Phase - Toshiro confirms his choices.

    Toshiro deals 6.75 damage!

    Thugs | HP: 4.15/20
    1st Phase - Thug A, B, C uses Assualt!
    2nd Phase - Thug A, B, C uses Smash!
    3rd Phase - Thug A, B, C passes phase.
    4th Phase - Thug A, B, C confirms their choices.

    Thugs A, B, C deals 2.7 damage!
    Toshiro activates Hidden Stilettos! (Guaranteed Critical Hit)
    Base Power = 5 damage
    Opp. Defense 5 x 0.1 = 0.5 , 5 - 0.5 = 4.5 damage
    Attack + Modifiers = 5 + 0 = 5 Attack
    .5 x 4.5 = 2.25, 2.25 + 4.5 = 6.75 damage

    Thugs countered by Toshiro! (0.2x damage)
    Base Power - 3.5 damage
    Opp. Defense - 3.5 x 0.1 = 0.35 , 3.5 - .35 = 3.15 damage
    Attack + Modifers = 3 + ( 3 x 0.5 ) = 4.5 Attack
    4.5 x 3 = 13.5 damage
    Attack countered! (0.2x damage), 13.5 x 0.2 = 2.7 damage

    The thugs were reckless to assault Toshiro, and this was an easily avoidable attack. Stepping to the side of the three's lazy attacks, Toshiro drawn his hidden stilettos from his sleeves, slashing and stabbing the thugs, before backpedalling. The attack was so unexpected, that it allowed Toshiro to catch the thugs off guard even more, even if he'd taken a few hits whilst performing his surprise attack.

    "Hmph. You got blood on my daggers." Toshiro muttered, wiping his stilettos with his handkerchief, before gently spinning the two stilettos. They were attached to two small string on the inside of his sleeves, which allowed him to catch people off guard. His eccentric appearance was partly a distraction to that fact.

    Whilst these thugs were indeed scum, Toshiro didn't really feel like it was worth killing anybody over. He looked to the female, his face remaining calm despite being slightly injured.
    "I believe it isn't a good idea to murder on our first day here. Let's hope the three morons aren't foolish enough to continue this battle... do what you must."
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  14. Turning slowly with a slight sigh, Rexan bent down and picked up a long, piece of metal piping that had fallen from a nearby rooftop. Swinging it over his shoulder, Rexan aimed it towards the three thugs that were approaching the group. Although, Rexan had underestimated the speed of his peers, the thugs engaging the two other students before being hastily beaten to near-death. Dropping the piping to the floor, Rexan smirked a little at the groaning thugs, one of which were barely standing. He drove a hearty kick into the man's knee for good measure, whatching him crumple to the floor before turning to his two companions. "Well, we sure made short work of them. Maybe not the best idea to kill them though, I'm with Toshiro on that."

    Looking down at the pipe on the floor, Rexan picked it up and fastened it onto his rucksack. "I might need that for later..." It really hadn't been a good idea to leave his spears at home. Wiping a little of the blood off his leg, Rexan breathed deeply. Another thug stumbled towards him, doing a weak lunge towards him with a board. Rexan hastily held up the pipe, the board snapping in two on the pipe. Nevertheless, it has still hurt his hand a little. (-1hp)
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  15. Remi Thwaite
    A shadow passed above. Remi flicked her gaze up, seeing the figure of a boy leaping above her between two of the roofs. He looked young, young enough to be a student, and she doubted that anyone other than a student would have the gall to upset the city guards so blatantly. A gaggle of them were running up and down the streets, trying to find him, to catch him and reprimand him. He seemed quite at home up there. Surely, someone who knew the rooftops so well would know his way around town, as well.

    It hardly seemed the most efficient course of action, but Remi was curious, and so she set off to follow him. Was this a customary exercise? It seemed so disruptive. Remi kept her eyes on the figure when she could, ducking between streets and alleyways. He used a smoke bomb on the guards and flitted away. Remi was some way away when it hit them, but even she couldn't see where he'd gone after that. Blast. She slowed to a halt and leaned against her staff. Now what?

    Her gaze flicked lazily across the street before her. Two girls collided with each other on the opposite side of the street.

    "And where do you think you're going, thief?"

    Thief? She thought, eyebrow raised. Remi looked the girl over and shook her head. She moved with the daintiness of a dancer. Besides, they'd just bumped into each other - Remi had seen everything.

    Remi approached the pair just as the taller one let the other go after frisking her. "She didn't rob you, if that is what worries you. I can attest to that. Do either of you know the way to the dorms?"
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  16. Cantalian felt humliated after Toshiro came to her aid.While Rexan had knocked down another thug also joining the battle. Her head ached after taking several hits from the thugs and her sight a was bit blurry. Regardless, Cantaliian could see that the thugs were in serious trouble. She took out three knives and threw them at the vicinty of the thugs and looked at Toshiro and Rexan. The thugs ran off frantically seeing that they had no chance of winning. " I didn't need your help. I've told you to stay away anyways." she said in her usual snarky tone. Cantalian placed her hand against her head. Cantalian's hand covered with some her blood which she shook off before using the fabric of the cloak to clean the rest of the mess. Cantalian obviously didn't come unsaved from the fight but she went on anyways.

    "We're almost there. Let's go already." she said to Toshiro and Rexan. Cantalian walked down to the enterance of dormitories. The enterance was a large and polished wooden door, the handles were made of luminous silver and ornately decored with the few hints of gold leaf. The sides were flanked by two guards each holding a spear in their arms. Cantalian yawned and gave them her pass and allowed them to check for any weapons she had. Cantalian hide her knives well so the guards did not notice odd, besides the blood running through her forehead. One of the guards was inclined to ask, but Cantalan made up a lie about falling down or somethng of that matter.

    After the whole process a small white mark with a crest placed onto was given to her. Cantalian placed her card in her selves and proceed onwards to the interior. The inside was packed with students of all levels. Some dressed even better than Toshiro, while others were less fortnuate than those thugs. to say the least. Small groups of students were spread across halls either trading, gambling, or just chatting about the state of the Republic, and rumors of a new military campaign to expand the borders once again. Which, would require another generaton of men and women to die for their country. Despite this, the reception was fairly positive. Most lower classes were kept blissfully ignorant about the casualities on the front and remained loyal to the republic. The higher classes weren't so eager to jump in however.

    Cantalian went to one of the desks and presented her card to one of the guards. See waited impaitently for her room and clothes to be given to her. "This is just wonderful to experience right?" she said sarcastically to herself. Her head still ached with pain, Cantalian could use a bandages or a health potion. But she did not have much money to buy such luxires for herself. She stood quiet wondering if Toshiro and Rexan were in.

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  17. "A wise decision. Perhaps that'll teach you a lesson!" Toshiro called to the fleeing thugs, straightening his top hat, tie, and wiping a speck of blood from his cheek. Toshiro swiftly hidden the stilettos inside his sleeves once more, thankful that the morons hadn't ripped any of his clothes. Stooping over, Toshiro re-acquired his walking cane from the ground, gently holding it in both hands. As for Rexan, he'd decided to take a pipe along with him. That must have meant he was proficent with polearms, but hadn't he bought a weapon with him? His movements seemed trained and he had quick reflexes nonetheless; Toshiro was excited to see what the young man could do with a real weapon. As predicted, the young lady wasn't happy - but at least Toshiro was able to see some of her abilities.

    Toshiro gave a quiet sigh, knowing the woman must have felt a little silly after being overconfident in her own abilities. Toshiro didn't really blame her; there were times when he was reckless, too. Whilst he wanted to imply that his assistance may have been crucial, that would have just upset her further.
    "I didn't need your help. I've told you to stay away anyways."
    "But of course. You'll have to forgive me, seeing a lady getting grouped up on fires me up somewhat. I'm sure you could have handled them. But please - consider seeing a medic or a healer when we arrive." Toshiro said pleasantly, aiming to appease. As the woman turned her back and began to press on almost instantly, Toshiro gave a chuckle, gesturing with his walking cane for Rexan to move ahead.
    "After you, my good man." He said politely.

    However, the real reason for this was because Toshiro had noticed something in the duration of the fight. He couldn't make it out properly, but he could have sworn there was a shadowy figure watching them atop a windowsill. Toshiro couldn't really make it out properly, and began to look a little closer.
    I must be just seeing things; the shadows are just playing tricks on me. Toshiro thought, and continued. The thug battle had been quite an... interesting... way to be introduced to Voluptas. At least Toshiro knew that the local thugs were weaker than pawns on a chessboard.

    Toshiro had to keep a quick pace to keep up with the female; he didn't even know her name yet, but judging by how she also wore a cloak, she probably wasn't comfortable with giving her real identity. The sights of Voluptas were stunning in some places, but other places seemed dark and unwelcoming.

    Suddenly, Toshiro paused at the sight of a trio of females; not an ordinary bunch, to say the least. Was one of them holding that girl's lavender hair? Whilst it wasn't any of his business, Toshiro hated to see such a delicate and beautifully made hairstyle yanked in such a fashion. As another lady stepped in, Toshiro picked out that they too could perhaps be looking for where to go.

    Realising he would lose the ranger if he keep staring, Toshiro acted quick, withdrawing the handkerchief within his pocket, and with a little help of some of his inherited Zanzen Cantrips, he formed the handerkerchief into the shape of an arrow with 'DORMS' imprinted on it, leaving a bright red rose laying beside it. Zanzen Cantrip: (-2 SP!)


    Toshiro smiled gently to himself, before breaking into a slow jog to catch up with the ranger once more. And there they were, the dormitories. Toshiro approached the guards, following the ranger's example and showing them his card with a bow.
    "This should suffice, I believe." Toshiro said, showing the guards the card. They slowly nodded, stepping aside after failing to find his hidden stilettos. Toshiro wasn't complaining, but the guards around here weren't very perceptive. He took the white marking, and smiled gently to himself. He knew exactly where to put this.

    Slowly, Toshiro attached the white crest to his top hat, and it seemed to go well with the black colour. This may have been only the humblest of beginnings, but at least now he could be at least slightly accepted within the community of Voluptas. Toshiro didn't take too much notice of all the figures within the dormitories; he wasn't used to so many people in an indoor area, and although he didn't show it, this made him feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. He could already see a few looks being shot his way, most likely from his appearance. Whether they were appreciative or disgusted looks, Toshiro did his best to ignore them.

    Approaching a desk, Toshiro headed towards the boys section of the dorms; he predicted Rexan would come here, also. As he waited for his clothing and such to be presented to him, Toshiro was deep in thought about the girl with the throwing knives. He hated to be nosey, but he was curious what she had to hide behind the cloak. Not only that, but was that shadowed figure in the window real? Would the trio of ladies understand his message, if they even needed it? Was the reason for Rexan not bringing a weapon because he was actually a secret magic user?

    Toshiro closed his eyes, and gave a quiet sigh. Perhaps he was just overthinking everything. Hopefully the clothes presented to him wouldn't be absolutely dreadful; he'd probably just be better off cleaning his current attire, anyway.
    "May I ask what path you serve, Rexan? If you don't mind me asking." Toshiro asked politely whilst he waited, seeing if his prediction would be correct or not.
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  18. She should have been paying attention to where she was going. But she'd been so excited! A new day, a new beginning- it was all too good to be true, and too exhilarating for cognizant thought. She'd just rounded the corner, eyes on the sky as she checked the time once more (it really hadn't moved far since the last time she checked a minute ago) when she collided with something small- but sturdy. "And where do you think you're going, thief?"

    "Oh- I'm- ah!" Her apology died on her lips as a hand fisted in her hair, yanking her head back. Tears immediately sprung to her eyes, and her hands went back to her hair to try and relieve the tug on her scalp. She bent back with a surprising amount of flexibility and balance, though it left her virtually helpless as the other girl forcibly searched her.

    She didn't appear to have much- indeed she wasn't wearing clothing capable of hiding much. Between the near skin tight suit and the sheer flowing fabric, the only thing she had to hide much of anything was the small bag over her shoulder. A search of that revealed a coin purse (with not much coin left) a few spare pieces of clothing, and two sharpened and spiked rings.

    As soon as the girl released her, Willow crouched with both hands on the back of her head. Her eyes were clenched shut to try and help stave off the pain, and her lips were pursed with furious concentration. Don't cry now, Willow. It's okay. Blinking, she stood slowly to get a look at her, er, companion. Her fierce glare did nothing to quell her tremulous doubts.

    "Watch your step. You might break something,"

    "Oh!" Willow clapped her hands to her mouth, startled into silence as another girl stepped forwards to defend her. Oh no! "No, no! It was all a misunderstanding, that's all. I'm so sorry! I'll be more careful from now on."

    She spouted her apology earnestly, her hands now clasped together in front of her in an action that might come off as pleading, if not for the worried look on her face. Oh, she hoped she hadn't hurt the girl!

    "I was actually just going to the dorms now myself. I can show you the way- I mean, that is, if you were heading there..."
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  19. Aiko rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. Nearly assaulting a harmless dancer seemed to have attracted another woman to the scene, and this one was as tall as Aiko herself. The silver-haired girl's left hand casually went to her hip as the newcomer approached, her thumb beginning to slowly push on the crossguard of her sword. Even after Aiko determined that she was not a real threat, her hand remained where it was. A reliable weapon was one of the few things the warrior found comforting nowadays.

    "She didn't rob you, if that is what worries you. I can attest to that. Do either of you know the way to the dorms?" The taller girl asked. Aiko couldn't tell if she was being hostile to her or not.

    "I was actually just going to the dorms now myself. I can show you the way- I mean, that is, if you were heading there..." The dancer answered, after attempting to defuse the earlier situation completely.

    "Then we shouldn't be wasting time out here," Aiko grumbled, turning to make her way to the dormitories. She made sure to take a moment to stomp on the obnoxious arrow and rose some prick had left for them. The silver-haired warrior made a mental note to find and punch him later.

    Aiko stormed her way to the dormitory, not bothering to check if her acquaintances were following or not. She showed her card to the guards at the door, received a white star marking, and walked inside without any words being exchanged. It struck her as odd when the guards showed no interest in someone who was clearly armed and very dangerous. Oh well, she had bigger fish to fry, like getting a room and a bath and about seventeen meals. She placed the white rank marking on the front of her mask, after finding no better place to put it. She approached the girls' desk and waited to be served. In the meantime, she couldn't help but notice a cloaked girl with a fresh, bleeding wound on her head. Someone clearly doesn't know how to fight, Aiko chuckled to herself, peeling her eyes away.
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  20. Remi Thwaite
    Remi wasn’t a lithe thing, a little on the curvaceous side as she was. Her every movement seemed not heavy but deliberate, and while she was general quiet she had a certain… presence to her, a steadfastness, like a pillar of rock in a storm and just as impassive. She was unsurprised the girl kept a hand on her weapon. Remi didn’t mind in the least, not really thinking anything of it. She doubted the other girl was looking for a fight, and Remi certainly had no interest in one. Had she drawn her sword, Remi’s first instinct would have been to leave. The morning was dragging on and she’d wasted enough time chasing the wild goose from earlier. Getting into a battle would just be unnecessary and troublesome.

    Remi leaned forward on her staff and peered down at the pink-haired girl, who looked on the verge of tears. Well, that was surprising – had it really hurt that much? “No visible wounds.” Remi stated, tilting her head in a way more reminiscent of a curious bird then a human. “I do not think you will require medical treatment.” Perhaps emotional consolation was what she required? She looked at the other tall girl expectantly. Unfortunate. The delicate girl would find no solace with this one, and Remi herself was not the most homely of individuals.

    "No, no! It was all a misunderstanding, that's all. I'm so sorry! I'll be more careful from now on." Remi’s expression softened. Poor thing was a little jumpy. She’d seemed quite content before this incident, too.

    ”It was no one’s fault. Perhaps fate had a hand in it.” Remi said absently, watching a handkerchief flitter down and form the shape of an arrow before them. She hadn’t seen the creator of the cantrip, and for a moment mistakenly believed it might be the hotheaded girl answering her question.

    "Then we shouldn't be wasting time out here," and the hankerchief was crushed underfoot. No to that theory, then. Remi leaned down and salvaged the rose, her expression blank. It seemed such an unnecessary waste of resources to add such a thing to some self-explanatory instructions. Why be so flashy?

    She nodded her head in agreement. ”You are quite correct,” she replied, handing the Dancer the rose and following the hot-headed one down the path. For some reason, she almost enjoyed walking in the wake of her thunderously angry footsteps.

    Remi went through the motions of handing in her card, receiving her white mark and entering the hall. She didn’t seem to mind the endless throng of students on all sides, it didn’t bother her at all. Remi glanced towards the dancer, curious to see if she had recovered from her initial ordeal.
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