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  1. On the top floor of the South building, at the end of the North hallway stands a music room that's never used. It looks plain and uniform on the outside, but the inside is anything but ordinary. Tables and chairs are spread across the room. A couch resides in the center with a coffee table and chairs on both sides. Leafy plants, famous paintings, and exquisite vases adorned the tables, and walls. Not a single instrument could be seen, but instead in their place were 7 attractive young males. These boys entertained and catered to the needs of the young girls who came to see them for the two hours after school, the time in which their club took place.
    The Host club.
    Host Club Room.jpg
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  2. Classroom 3'rd year
    The bell finally rang. It was almost soothing to Stella as the torturous wait till school ended was finally over. It was only their first day back but the classes always seemed to drag on, especially when she couldn't get her after school activity out of her mind. Stella stood abruptly and brushed her long vibrant blue hair out of her small face. She packed her things quickly, throwing them into her bag however they would fit. Scanning the room, she looked for the familiar face she had known since childhood. Spotting the familiar white hair among the crowd, she glided her way over, bounding with excitement. "Are you ready? Ooooh! I'm so excited." Stella gleamed bouncing as she stood. "I can't believe your finally going to come with me! You're going to love it. Who knows, maybe we'll even find a boy you actually like" Ending that statement with a wink, she watched Chi, her childhood friend, and noticed the confusion on her face. Suddenly she switched her attitude, giving the face of a sad and forgotten child. "You didn't forget did you? You promised if I didn't mention the host club all summer long, you would go with me the first day back" Stella pouted, looking like a small child.
    Stella spent most of her time at the club. Every bit of her after school hours were spent in the lovely room the Hosts' had claimed. It was her favourite place to go for many reasons. The sweets they served were delicious. They always had the best coffee and tea ready to be served at their guests convenience. The main reason Stella loved going though was simply to be fawned over by such lovely and flattering boys. No one could resist their charms. Well, except for Chi. Chi could even resist Stella most days.
    Stella was forced to look up a Chi, since she stood at only 5 feet, but this gave her an advantage. It enhanced her baby face when she tried to get her way. Slowly she shifted her gaze down to the floor and began to slide a foot along the ground in front of her while her hands shifted to hide behind her back. "It's okay" She said with a fake sniffle. "I know you have more important things to remember about than me" Stella let her hair fall around her face as she looked down. She faked another sniffle and waited for Chi's inevitable reaction.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Music Room, gold
    Harumi's smile broadened as the final bell rang, standing up and used her hand to straighten her slightly crumpled uniform. She scrunched her nose slightly, not really liking the uniform, the down part of this school; it was a princess cut yellow dress that reached her ankle. Where she would prefer to wear a kimono or a yukata, she was stuck with wearing this uniform untill she reached home and she definitely could not wait to return home. However, she was curious about something and she wanted to find out about it. One last detour before she went home.

    She made her way out of the classroom, her heels clicking everytime it made contact with the floor, waving her hands here and there at her classmates as she looked around, trying to spot a staircase. She was relatively new to the school, seeing as she was a freshman and she was not familiar with the school as of yet. She enrolled into this school for it was a tradition of the family from her father's side; they all were educated in Ouran from young. She however, broke the tradition slightly, only transferring into Ouran when she became a highschool student, the reason being she wanted to take a sneak peek at the infamous 'host club' where all the male in her family line had participated in. She was very curious about the life and what it's like, to be served by a host. She heard all the hosts were stunning and she wondered if they would be willing to try on the kimonos she designed.

    She made a beeline towards the stairs she had finally found, taking steps after steps up towards the top floor, where she believed, the club was held. She looked up and around at the signs in front of the classrooms, as she looked for the music room. Once she found it, she took a deep breath and her hands snaked out, taking a grip on the door handle. She turned it slightly and pushed, the door creaking as it swung back, revealing the inside.

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  4. The room was quiet as the Hosts waited, none of them said a word. They all just stood around the couch waiting. Andrew was nervous, he was one of the two new guys, recently recruited from the first years to carry on the tradition of the Host Club. For whatever reason they thought he would work well within the club, to bad he didn’t have the slightest idea of what he was doing. Before school started he had gone through training, learning how to talk to the girls, the proper way to pour tea or coffee, but he was still confused on what to do. In the end it didn’t really matter, he was just simply told by Tsukuyomi-san that do what felt natural. Andrews thoughts were then broken by the sound of someone opening the music rooms door, and suddenly the other hosts sprung to life.

    Andrew was so nervous he almost forgot to say welcome in unison as their first customer entered, it was a girl, unsurprisingly. Andrew put on a small smile as he waited his turn to introduce himself, and when it came his turn he bowed slightly. “Welcome to the the Host Club.” Since he was last he also got to ask the customer which host she would like. “And uh, since your our first guest, you can pick any of us I guess.” He thought he heard a snicker from one of the others. Great now you sound like an idiot he thought as he waited for the red haired customer to make her decision.
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  5. Sora smiled softly from his place at the back of the group. He had been a host before but even he could feel the nervousness of starting a new year. He didn't agree with the others when they tried to train the first years but kept his mouth shut, part of the Host Clubs charms was the differences between the hosts. He put his hand on Andrews shoulder and gave his a comforting squeeze and nodding at him, trying to communicate that he had done good. He dropped his hand a second later and folded them behind his back, his eyes on the young red haired girl in the doorway.
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  6. Ben grinned from his place near the front. The beginning of the year was always so much fun with all the new people coming to visit. The first years were also fun to watch since it meant that it was their first time flirting with girls. He looked at the girl in front of him, she was a freshman most likely, which meant that she would get who to she wanted to choose. After today appointments would start flying in and then business would be booming.
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  7. temp(8).png
    "N-no! Definitely not. I'm not going to do it!" Ren said quickly, his cheeks burning bright pink as he glared at the girl with the same shade of pink hair, seated on the opposite side of the table.

    Ayako could barely keep the smirk off her lips as she pulled a mock disappointed face, tilting her head a little to the side before saying innocently. "We made a bet and you lost! Come on, you know this was going to happen if you lost, so if you didn't want to do it, why did you agree making a bet in the first place? It'd be unfair if you didn't stay true to your word now. Besides, you'd look super, duper adorable~" she mused, her eyes filled with excitement.

    "D-definitely not!" Ren's exclaimed, his cheeks turning even redder as he gazed at her sulkily through his thick glasses, his golden eyes narrowed. He shook his head furiously, cringing as someone seated nearby shot them an irritated glance. They were in the library, after all... and should probably have kept it down.

    His pink haired friend pouted, resting her chin on her hand as she regarded him silently for a moment. "Meanie," she sniffed, looking genuinely disappointed. Her pink eyes were wide, and for a moment it almost looked as though she were about to cry.

    "Aya!" he exclaimed, knowing she was probably faking it. Nevertheless her expression was heartbreaking, and he could feel his chest tighten as guilt washed over him. She was right. They had made a bet, and he lost... so the only correct thing for him to do would oblige and do as she wanted. Even if Aya was faking it, she was one of the few friends he'd had for a really long time. He didn't really want to break a promise to her just because... he found it incredibly embarrassing. A deep sigh escaped him as he slowly felt himself beginning to give in.

    "Fiiiiiiiiine!" he said in exasperation, letting his forehead connect with the surface of the desk as he surrendered. The wide grin spreading across Aya's cheek in response was almost...terrifying.


    About half an hour later Ren excited his room, yet no one would have recognized him as Katsuragi Ren. The long locks of the blonde wig he was wearing fell loosely down his shoulders, brushing against the yellow school uniform for girls. His usual glasses had been replaced with contacts (which Ren rarely ever used as he considered them to be too much of a hassle), and to his usually bland face Ayako had now applied makeup, covering up any imperfections there might be while still being subtle. Indeed, Ren looked completely like the girl, and his burning face didn't exactly do anything to change the situation.

    "Awwwwwww! You're so cuuuuute!" Ayako squealed in excitement, just barely able to refrain from hugging him. Without further delay she grabbed his hand and dashed off towards the host club, clutching a notebook under her free arm. "This'll be soooo much fun, I promise!" the look could be compared to a child opening Christmas presents. Ren looked less happy, glaring daggers at his friend as she pulled him through half the school building, up the stairs until they reached the music room.

    Stupid bet! I'm never doing this again...ever...aaaaagh! What a nightmare!
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  8. Reizo was so nervous he wasn't sure what to do. He was relived when the introductions were done but now there first guest would choices there host. He wasn't sure what he would do but he was told by one of the others to do what felt natural. He wasn't sure yet what they meant but he just smiled at the girl and the others who were now entering waiting on who would be chosen. 'Just stay calm and smile you got this. Remember girls like sweets and there is other things you have in common with them so Reizo you'll be fine. Just relax' That's what he keep telling himself while he waited and it helped his nerves just a little.
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  9. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The final bell rang, signalling classes were over. Several students rushed to their clubs, eager to participate in extracurricular activities. On top of the South building, down the North corridor, various students gathered around a plain double doors. Most of the population consisted of girls, but a few boys merged with the giggling mass. Behind the doors was an empty music room. However, it was converted into the headquarters of the infamous Host Club. A young man lifted his wrist, checking his watch. His eyes widened slightly. "Places everyone!" Nanami declared. He walked across the room, taking a seat on a throne chair. He preferred a less flashy chair, but it belonged to a previous third year. Despite his charismatic nature, Nanami loathed being in the spotlight. However, he didn't have a choice. He slipped into his perfectly crafted mask, hiding his insecurities. It was his last year at Ouran Academy. There was no room for complaining. He grown attached to the Host Club. He wasn't looking forward to graduating. After everyone moved into position, the doors opened. A swirling vortex of rose petals hurdled towards the massive group, creating a dramatic atmosphere. A wide grin plastered on his face. He held out a white rose, his signature color. He tilted his head towards his right side, revealing the right side of his face.

    "Welcome," they chorused simultaneously.

    Nanami spotted a few of his regulars. After the introductions, Nanami led his customers towards his section. He sat down on a large couch. Two girls flanked his sides, peering at him curiously. A fleeting chuckle rumbled through his chest. He leaned forward, picking up a small notepad. He retrieved a purple gel pen and flipped the notepad open. "Welcome to a new year, miladies. I see some new faces. I'm honored to be your Host for the afternoon," he began. He clicked his pen. "Do I have any requests for today?" he inquired politely. A girl sitting on a love seat opposite of his couch raised her hand.

    "I-I would l-love a story about an Elf princess," she announced shyly.

    His expression softened a bit. A gentle smile painted his lips. Based from her appearance, she was a first year. She was cute. "Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. How about the forbidden love between a Princess and a Captain of her guard?" Nanami suggested.

    The girl blushed. "T-that would be lovely," she agreed. A small smile adorned her face.

    Nanami jotted down the idea on his notepad. It was his request book. After he wrote down the requests, he transferred them on his tablet. He personally adored writing for his customers. His passion earned him his title; Lyrical Host. "Would you like to be the star, Miss?" Nanami offered.

    "K-Katagiri, Kiyoko, Tsukuyomi-san," she introduced. She nodded her head in response. "I-I would love that," she admitted.

    His smile widened. "I shall have your story complete before the end of the week Katagiri-san," Nanami promised.

    Her blush darkened. "T-thank you," she replied.

    Nanami averted his attention towards his remainder customers. Ten minutes later, he finished recording requests. After he placed his notepad down, Nanami served his group tea. He chatted with the girls politely, flirting shamelessly. It was part of his mask; allure. He spent three years perfecting his techniques. Some students had the audacity of accusing the Host Club to be full of players. It was true to an extent, but Nanami viewed it as entertainment. None of the Host Club were involved with their customers romantically. His definition of player involved a host forming a sexual relationship between two or more customers. Since that was strictly forbidden, Nanami ignored the ignorant students. His main objective was pleasing his customers. Happiness was their first priority. Nanami was in the middle of refilling his cup when,

    "Tsukuyomi-san, my friend would love to hear you sing. She was wondering if you could play the piano while singing," a girl informed.

    He blinked. A warm smile carved into his expression, softening his features. "I would love to. Does she have a request?" Nanami replied.

    The girl shook her head. "You can pick," she answered.

    Nanami rose from his seat. "Alright," he confirmed. Nanami excused himself politely before sauntering across the room, heading towards a grand piano in a far corner. Suddenly, he collided with a young girl. A gasp escaped his lips. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist, preventing her from falling. He peered into a pair of beautiful golden eyes. An apologetic expression adorned his face. After he stood up straight, Nanami removed his arms. "I sincerely apologize. It was rude of me to bump into you," he declared smoothly. He bowed to her respectively. "I would be honored if you could join me. I would like to repay my clumsiness with a song. If you're interested in fiction, I'll include a personalized story. My work is free of charge," Nanami offered. He held out a hand for her. Unbeknownst to her, Nanami was aware of her status. He recognized those golden irises. He remembered observing his surroundings when he was in charge of escorting first year Host members to the music room. During his scanning, he noticed a boy in the background. What captured his attention was those eyes. Nanami recalled how gorgeous they were upon first glance. A part of him wondered why this young boy was dressed as a girl. However, he remained silent. It wasn't his place to comment.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Ren was standing a bit to the side of the growing crowd, trying to keep his distance from everyone and everything. Not only was he sulking because he certainly didn't want to be there, but he could feel his heart flutter in his chest like a trapped bird. His palms were slick with sweat, and his breath wasn't coming out quite as it should. Ren hated crowds, and there quite one gathering here. Most of them were squealing girls acting like crazy cosplayers at a convention, but there were a few boys as well. This made Ren wonder why Ayako had made him dress up like a girl. Then again, if he had come as himself people would think that he preferred male company over female one. As he already was an otaku, he didn't need such incorrect rumors about him going around as well. Perhaps Ayako had just meant to look out for him... no, she definitely just wanted to see me in a dress, that damn perverted troll.

    The blonde first year wasn't paying much attention to the rest of what was going on, hoping he would remain unnoticed until Ayako allowed him to leave. He was feeling more than just a little nervous, and knew that if anyone even tried speaking to him right then, he'd without doubt embarrass himself even further. I just want to go home and read my manga...

    "Come on, go talk to one of them!" Aya prompted cheerfully, her eyes sparkling as she gave him a light shove in the direction of the hos club members.

    "Aaaagh!" Ren stumbled a few steps forward, unwillingly, nearly tripping over his own feet though he did manage to regain his balance just in time... only to moments later feel someone collide with him.

    "Ow..." escaped his lips as he fell backwards, making impact with the hard polished floor beneath him. "What the-" his glaring golden eyes snapped up at the culprit, meeting a pair of stunning purple ones. For just a split second, he could feel his heart skip a beat. Whatever he had been about to say evaporated in his mouth, leaving him completely speechless and startled for a brief moment- long enough to give the host time for speech. He could hear a soft giggle coming from Aya before she just... mysteriously faded into the crowds and disappeared, almost like a ghost.

    I'll kill that-

    "I sincerely apologize. It was rude of me to bump into you. I would be honored if you could join me. I would like to repay my clumsiness with a song. If you're interested in fiction, I'll include a personalized story. My work is free of charge."

    All eyes were on him- them... or at least so it felt. Ren could feel his stomach knot and his cheeks burn as he struggled hard to regain his composure and stop shaking. He hated all this attention. He loathed this entire situation. "I-I-I-No-yes-I-I-m-mean...." Ren could barely get a sound out at all, never mind a complete sentence. Almost feeling like crying (though he didn't), Ren quickly hid his face in his palms, his cheeks feeling hot against the skin of his hands. He was blushing furiously, much to his dismay.

    He didn't want to seem rude, even if he was unhappy with the situation... but this all was just too much for him to handle at the time. He had never been very productive in crowds, and had no ability of handling them whatsoever. Perhaps that was why he'd become such a recluse over the course of the years, and chosen to indulge himself in fiction rather than actually going out there and confronting people...
  11. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    His eyes widened slightly. Nanami suspected she would be shy, but he didn't anticipate this level of anxiety. A small frown marred his lips. If this girl loathed crowds, what was she doing here? He noticed some customers were staring at him, including his group. A charismatic smile plastered on his face. "Don't fret, milady. Come with me-" Nanami stepped forward, placing a hand on the small of her back. He escorted her towards his grand piano. Fortunately, it was off in the corner, away from the massive crowd. Nanami preferred the distance. After he arrived, Nanami took a seat on the piano bench. He beckoned for Ren to sit. "We should be fine here. I had the piano moved away from the crowd for a reason," Nanami began. He picked up a few musical score sheets and shuffled through the stack, selecting a song. A part of him hoped his customers wouldn't be too jealous. He detested petty jealousy, but Nanami couldn't break his mask. If a girl acted out of line, he handled the situation politely. The last thing he needed was tarnishing his family's reputation. His father would punish him severely if that happened. He suppressed the urge to shiver. It was his last year of freedom. Here, he could express himself. "I am rather curious about your appearance. It's not too often we get customers that crossdress," Nanami commented lightly. Since they were a safe distance away from the hord of girls, Nanami believed it was an appropriate time to mention his discovery. He couldn't deny his curiosity. He wasn't disgusted, however. Not one bit. A few minutes later, Nanami selected a song. Once he stored the additional sheets, Nanami opened the lid. His fingers instinctively stroked the sleek keys. His second favorite instrument was the piano. He positioned his hands accordingly.

    "Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you wish to leave, I'll escort you out of the room after this song," Nanami informed politely. His fingers danced along the keys, producing a relaxing melody. A gentle smile painted his lips. He was fond of this song. He opened his lips and began to sing. His voice traveled along the air, entrancing nearby customers. His group of customers gushed at his performance, praising their favorite host. He ignored his surroundings, losing himself in his music. He channeled his emotions through every note, creating a beautiful harmony. Moments later, he executed the last notes, concluding his song. Nanami opened his eyes, peering at the crowd. Most of the customers clapped, pleased with his performance. He rose from the bench, bowing politely. Nanami turned, facing Ren. A fleeting chuckle rumbled through his chest. "I would love to compose a story for you. I believed I caused you enough trouble," Nanami insisted.

    "He's adorable," a voice whispered inside his mind.

    "Very attractive," it hissed.

    Nanami maintained his mask. He ignored his conscious. He spent three years hiding his orientation. He couldn't afford a single boy ruining his efforts. He was heterosexual. He liked girls. He didn't have a specific type, but it was definitely female. His father was thinking about an arrange marriage. He hoped his father didn't make a final decision. He didn't want a loveless marriage. Unfortunately, his desires could never be heard. Unbeknownst to the Host Club, Nanami was terrified of voicing his opinions. He couldn't stand up against his father. He was a coward. Nanami worked very hard hiding his insecurities and weaknesses. He couldn't bring himself to trust the Host Club completely.

    "Denial will get you nowhere," it sneered.

    Nanami offered a hand. "I'm still willing to escort you out of the Club if you wish," he informed.
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  12. "Don't fret, milady. Come with me-"

    Ren could feel a hand gently being placed on his back, causing him to cringe slightly in surprise. Wearily he removed his hands from his face, gazing up at the host with purple eyes for a moment in silence as he weighed his options. Going with him meant people would keep staring at him, but at least he'd get away from them...a little. If he tried bolting now he'd not only seem incredibly rude; chances were he'd also embarrass himself immensely.

    As such, he got up, carefully straightening the skirt of his dress as it had gone into slight disorder when he tripped. Lacking the ability to speak at the moment, he simply remained silent as he let the other male escort him, his hands shaking slightly as he kept his gaze locked to the polished floor. Once they had moved away from the girls and were by the piano, Ren could feel himself calm down slightly. Just slightly. For some reason his heart continued pounding so hard, he was sure he could even hear it.

    "I am rather curious about your appearance. It's not too often we get customers that crossdress."

    Ren froze, startled. Was his disguise really that obvious? He knew that when he was younger, many would often mistake him for a girl. Now, however, he was starting to doubt Ayako's judgment. He could feel panic rise within him. What if somebody else recognized him as well? What if rumors started spreading about that not only did he visit the host club which most likely made him homosexual, but he was also a cross dresser. He could already imagine his fathers face if he got word of his, a shiver going down his spine. It wasn't that his father wasn't kind, because Ren thought of his old doting man very fondly. There were a few things, however, that his father had a hard time dealing with... and sexuality was one of them.

    The blonde teenager kept his gaze fixed on floor, "I lost a bet," he admitted sheepishly, lifting his gaze to meet Nanami's as he smiled a little. Even if he was worried about anyone finding out, now when it seemed his secret had been revealed he saw no point in hiding it. It would just make things worse, or so Ren believed.

    "Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you wish to leave, I'll escort you out of the room after this song,"

    He did as he was told and shut his eyes, taking a deep breath. He did wish to leave, more than anything else... and he was glad the host was so pleasant and understanding. Then again, it was his job to be pleasant and understanding. "T-thank you..." he said softly, his voice barely above a whisper.

    As Nanami began to play and sing Ren's eyes widened, slight surprise crossing his features. It was beautiful beyond words. Ren knew the basics of playing the piano, as it had been mandatory for him to learn it... but he had never been able to make it sound as entrancing as this. Indeed, the purple eyed host's musical skills were far above his own. In just that fleeting moment where he sat and simply listened to the music sounding through the room, it was almost as though an angel had been-

    That's pretty damn cheesy. Why are my thoughts so cheesy?! It's probably the music, it makes me feel all happy and sad at the same time... he thought to himself, though uttered no word until Nanami was done. Even if he didn't dare utter a word about it, how much he appreciated the music was written all across Ren's features.

    "I would love to compose a story for you. I believed I caused you enough trouble."

    "Eh?" Ren tilted his head to the side, curiosity sparked at the mention of a story. "So you are a writer of fiction as well?" he asked, almost all hints of shyness melting away. Now they were edging closer to his territory of interest, after all. He smiled softly. "I'd love to hear a story. It's always fun to see what other people write. We could maybe exchange something we've written at some point!"

    "I'm still willing to escort you out of the Club if you wish."

    Ren blinked, Nanami's offer reminding him where and in what sort of situation he was. Right, he was at the host club... in the disguise of a girl. No matter how curious Ren was about this host, and how pleasant he found him- this situation was embarrassing. Besides, he'd hate to inconvenience the purple eyed host any further, or cause jealousy amongst the girls. It wasn't like there was any chance of him to want this kind of attention of a guy, after all. And yet, without even knowing why, Ren hesitated with his answer...
  13. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "So you are a writer of fiction as well?"

    Nanami blinked. A look of bewilderment adorned his face. He wasn't the only one? Despite attending Ouran Academy for three years, Nanami never connected with anyone. A few customers claimed to be writers, but he never bonded with those girls. They were only interested in his appearance and talents, not personality. He was too cautious forming attachments. His heart filled with curiosity. He wanted to view his work. It was rare finding a boy sharing his passion.

    "I'd love to hear a story. It's always fun to see what other people write. We could maybe exchange something we've written at some point!"

    Nanami regained his composure. A warm smile painted his lips. A fleeting chortle elicited from his throat. His amethyst irises reflected amusement. This boy was passionate. He admired that quality. "I would be honored. It's always lovely meeting another writer," Nanami answered honestly. He scanned his surroundings. A few customers were staring in his direction, including his group. It would be rude if he kept them waiting. Despite his interest in the mystery boy, his responsibilities came first. Nanami was tempted to give him a form of contact, but it would project the wrong image. The majority of the female population was rather daft. He doubted they would discover the boy's true gender. As a result, they would see a host giving his number to a girl. Host Club members were strictly forbidden from providing personal contact information to female customers. Since the male population was low, the rule was lifted towards boys. As far as he knew, every Host Club member preferred women. Since he refrained from growing close, Nanami wasn't aware of his colleagues' true orientation.

    "If you change your mind, I can escort you to my group. I don't have a large crowd today. Our first priority is a customer's happiness," Nanami offered. He was unsure of the boy's decision. Nanami deduced he wasn't fond of large crowds, but why was he hesitating? If he really wanted to leave, wouldn't he accept right away instead of stalling? A voice in the back of his mind jeered at him.

    "You want him to stay. You want to know more about the boy with those gorgeous golden eyes. You selfish, selfish little coward," it sneered.

    Nanami ignored the voice. A small, polite smile adorned his face. He waited patiently for Ren to answer. His hand remained outstretched. He buried his desires deeply in the crevices of his mind. "You don't like men. You're heterosexual," he thought. Nanami continued reciting that mantra inside his head. If a student accused him of being homosexual, Nanami denied it furiously. He couldn't tarnish his perfect reputation with his queer sexuality. Nanami attempted changing his orientation by dating a few girls, but none of his relationships lasted. All of his past experiences lacked passion. He couldn't express himself, let alone trust his significant other. Most of his relationships were broken since the girl wanted sex. Despite his chivalrous nature, Nanami was a normal, hormonal teenager. He couldn't deny occasional sexual desires. Unfortunately, he couldn't get it up with a girl. Nanami smoothly countered his problem with the excuse of not engaging in inappropriate relations with potential business partners. Additionally, Nanami wasn't interested in intercourse unless it involved a person he truly loved. He wasn't the type that preferred casual interactions. He wasn't a player.
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  14. "I would be honored. It's always lovely meeting another writer."

    The grin adorning Ren's face was broad and genuine. He always loved meeting people with the same interests as himself- it usually took the awkwardness and nervosity out of social situations. Even if his main interests were anime and manga, and his dream was becoming a mangaka, writing was still a large part of that. Besides, it was something he was actually quite good at- even if he thought his drawing skills surpassed his writing (which they certainly did not). Ren loved both hearing and telling stories, so this was an option he could impossibly pass on. He decided that he enjoyed the company of his handsome third year.

    He didn't know how he would meet with Manami yet, since he didn't have any way of contacting him. Visiting the host club was more or less out of question, because of the possible consequences... and, of course, the crowds. He didn't really want to keep cross dressing either, though... maybe that was a small sacrifice when he could possibly gain a friend in exchange. However, Ren wasn't really the drinking tea and socializing kind of person. Even if he enjoyed the company of this one guy, he would still feel uncomfortable around the others. He couldn't really see how they'd get the time to properly read each others stories in this kind of environment, either. Then again, maybe it wouldn't be too terrible for him to visit just once in a while. His mother would certainly have approved, seeing as it meant he'd get to practice his social skills.

    Then it hit him. He leaned closer to Manami in hopes of avoiding anyone overhearing what he was about to say next. "I know this might sound totally weird and I might be speaking out of line here, b-but..." he hesitated, "if you ever have a little spare time and feel like it, you're more than welcome to the otaku club. I'm usually there in the afternoon, and it's quiet because we're only three (give or take) members," he whispered before quickly adding, "I-I can totally understand if you don't want to, though!", with burning cheeks he quickly averted his gaze, "forget what I said..." he mumbled in embarrassment, clenching his fist. He really was afraid of messing up in public, and it was very clear judging from his actions.

    "If you change your mind, I can escort you to my group. I don't have a large crowd today. Our first priority is a customer's happiness."

    Ren grimaced as he considered this, trying to figure out what to do. The girls scared him, the thought of socializing was terrifying and he was embarrassed of his way of dress. Well, not as much as before but still enough to feel uncomfortable. Yet for some reason he still didn't really feel like he wanted to leave quite yet. It was as though he was searching for an excuse... no needed an excuse to stay. On the other hand he didn't wish to be an inconvenience, and he didn't want to steal all the attention either.

    Taking a deep breath, he gazed up at Manami shyly, his golden orbs reflecting his inner conflict. "I lost the bet so I'm not allowed to leave until Aya says so," he stated, and although it was an excuse it was also to an extent, true, "but... if it'd be too much of a hassle I'm sure she'd understand. I'm not good with these things anyway," he stated the obvious sheepishly, nervously fidgeting with the sleeve of his dress.

  15. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "...you're more than welcome to the otaku club. I'm usually there in the afternoon, and it's quiet because we're only three (give or take) members."

    His eyes widened slightly. His amethyst irises reflected surprise. Nanami never met an otaku before. His father loathed anything that didn't fit his perfect image. None of the students he interacted with showed interest in anime. Most people viewed otakus as filth. It wasn't an accepted hobby in Japan, given it's nature. However, Nanami was different. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he was fond of anime. His little brother, an eight year old, introduced him to anime. He became addicted almost immediately. Unfortunately, both siblings were forced to hide their passion. The last thing Nanami wanted was his precious brother being punished by their father. He couldn't bare the thought of Shizuku being slapped for his ‵insolent behavior′. Nanami was fascinated with the artwork. He incorporated it into his style. As a varied Artist, Nanami possessed different fields of expertise. He covered up his shock with a charismatic smile. "I'll make sure to stop by some time. It's rare finding people with those type of interests," Nanami answered truthfully.

    "...but...if it'd be too much of a hassle I'm sure she'd understand. I'm not good with these things anyway."

    His grin widened. "It won't be a problem at all, milady," Nanami declared. It dawned on him he didn't know Ren's name. However, he couldn't ask in a place like this. He made a mental note to learn his name before the Host Club ended. He grasped Ren's hand. "You don't have to speak. Happiness is our first priority. I'll make sure to make it as comfortable as you like," he promised. Nanami couldn't help but feel those words were rehearsed. Despite his obvious interest, Nanami maintained his mask. He couldn't afford growing an attachment! "I'm not interested in him. I'm just curious. He's kind. I can tell by those eyes," he thought fiercly. Nanami ignored the tiny voice inside his mind, which begged to differ. He escorted Ren towards his table. He presented his group a polite smile. It wasn't as genuine as before. He sat down on his couch, pulling Ren next to him. Fortunately, one girl left, leaving a vacant spot on his right side. He believed it would be better if the anxious boy was sitting next to him.

    "I apologize for my delay m'dears. Did you all enjoy my song?" Nanami inquired.

    "It was lovely Tsukuyomi-san! You're amazing as always!" a second year gushed.

    A chuckle rumbled through his chest. "Thank you Miyamura-san. I'm glad that my song touched your hearts," Nanami replied.

    "Whose she?" a girl asked, pointing at Ren.

    Nanami patted Ren's knee. "A guest. My clumsiness caused me to bump into her on my way to the piano. It would of been rude of me to ignore her so I invited her over here. I hope that's not too much trouble?" he remarked.

    His customers shook their head, masking their jealousy. It was rare for Nanami to show special attention. "No! You're so kind Tsukuyomi-san. She's welcomed here," they chorused.

    He nodded his head in response. "That's good to hear," Nanami admitted. He leaned forward, pouring himself a cup of tea. He offered it to Ren. "Would you like a cup of tea milady?" Nanami questioned. He peered into his brilliant golden eyes. Nanami wondered why the mysterious boy hid his eyes behind large glasses. Did he think they were hideous? His curiosity piqued. He had so many questions, but none of them could be answered; not here at least.
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  16. 1.gif

    "I'll make sure to stop by some time. It's rare finding people with those type of interests."

    It was almost as though Ren's eyes sparkled as those words slipped past Minami's lips, causing not only relief, but also further happiness to wash over the blonde nerd. He knew there had been danger in expressing his interest in anime and manga by admitting that he was part of the otaku club, so he had definitely not expected this sort of response. Just the thought of that his newfound...sort of friend might drop in to say hallo and exchange stories with him at some point made Ren feel all warm and fussy inside. In a good way. It made him especially excited since currently the only one he could talk about his interests with was Ayako, and heir taste generally differed a lot. Sure, they did have a few series that the both of them liked, but Ren wasn't really into most of the things Ayako read, and visa versa. Overcome by happiness, was unable to keep that broad smile from his lips.

    "It won't be a problem at all, milady. You don't have to speak. Happiness is our first priority. I'll make sure to make it as comfortable as you like."

    Ren had the feeling that this was what he told almost every costumer, though brushed it off rather quickly as he was still feeling bubbly from the sort of promise Minami had made. One might even go as far as to say that he was feeling a little dizzy from all this. This is going way better than I imagined it would, he thought to himself happily before frowning a little, or worse, depending on how you look at it. I mean, it almost feels like I've accepted wearing a dress and I'm smiling like an idiot in love... as this thought crossed his mind, his eyes widened momentarily and his thin hand flew up to his cheek, which once again was flushing softly. Then he frowned and very subtly shook his head. No, that's definitely not the case. We've just met! So I could impossibly have a crush on him...p-plus, he's a guy! There is no way I'm gay. I'm definitely, definitely not gay. This isn't some stupid BL story where boys just randomly fall in love with each other. My plan is to marry someone super adorable like Shana or Taiga, become a mankaka and take the world by storm with my amazing stories and drawing skills. A guy doesn't fit into that plan! It's not realistic!

    So then why do I feel so happy about him agreeing to visit the otaku club? And why am I so glad that I'm allowed to stay, despite the fact that I should be taking every opportunity to get out of here?

    Ren let Minami escort him to his group without further ado, slightly relieved as there turned out to be a spot free on the right side of the host. He would have disliked sitting next to complete strangers... although, in truth Minami was just as much a stranger as they were. Nevertheless they had managed to connect somehow, and this fact made Ren feel at least slightly more confident.

    "Whose she?"

    Ren was pulled from his thoughts as one of the girls said something, pointing at him. He could feel himself nervously shrink back slightly, having the feeling that there was more than just curiosity behind her question. If only they realized that there was nothing to be jealous of- that Ren was actually a guy. Not that he would ever have been stupid enough to announce it, but right at that moment it felt rather tempting just to get rid of that feeling their looks gave him. He didn't believe they were bad people, not at all... but Ren did at least have a faint idea of how the emotions humans usually worked. Very faint, but nevertheless a hunch.

    At least they did their best to cover up whatever feelings they might have with polite smiles and friendly words. Empty or not, it was better than whatever else could have been said or happened. Ren had experienced a lot of bullying in his younger days, and even in middle school he'd received a fair share of it. Not that he would ever complain about it. The reason for most of it had simply been because he was himself, and Ren was proud of who he was and what he liked.

    He offered a slight smile and waved at them shyly in response to their words.

    "Would you like a cup of tea milady?"

    Ren generally preferred coffee, but didn't mind a nice cup of tea from time to time. The whole setup was making him feel nervous, as everything seemed so formal. Nevertheless he did his best to act as normal as he possibly could manage. "S-sure... if I may," he said softly, evading whatever gazes tried to meet his. Acting normal didn't go very well...
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  17. [​IMG]

    Chi, violet
    Chi was just walking with Stella with a sigh she was bored and she just wanted to go home and play some video games. but plans changed once she heard Stella say "Are you ready? Ooooh! I'm so excited. I can't believe your finally going to come with me! You're going to love it. Who knows, maybe we'll even find a boy you actually like" Ending that statement she wink at Chi. Chi was completely lost on what she said 'where are we going?' she though. "You didn't forget did you? You promised if I didn't mention the host club all summer long, you would go with me the first day back" Ohhhh Shoot! "haha what do you mean forgot I remembered l-lets just get going i can't wait to see this club" she said with a fake laugh and smile. she was not excited.

  18. Sora smiled and moved back to the window seat, he loved the music that filtered threw the room and a genuine smile on his face. "E-excuse me, Sora-sempai?" Sara looked up, several young lady's stood before him. "Please just call me Sora. What can I do for you?" He smiled at them and took the hand of the lady she that had spoken, he lay it at the crook of his elbow and lead her to a area of the room with a few empty sofa's. He lowers her gently to the pillow and she is fallowed by the other lady's. "We just wanted to talk with you." Sora chuckled at thee red tint in there cheeks. "Words hold a strange power to trap another's soul, of course you already had my heart the moment I lay eyes on your beauty." He poured them tea and listened as they spoke of there day, nodding and chuckling quietly here and there.
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  19. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "S-Sure...if I may."

    He was adorable. Nanami couldn't deny that fact. After Ren accepted his cup, Nanami poured another for himself. He preferred tea over coffee. He wasn't fond of coffee, especially instant. Despite his aristocratic status, Nanami didn't belittle commoners. He found them fascinating. What was the point of ridiculing commoners? He didn't understand his father's behavior towards the middle class. He refused to adapt. Nanami conversed with his customers smoothly, flirting shamelessly. He managed to avert their attention from Ren. Nanami didn't want his acquaintance to feel uncomfortable.

    "She's adorable. Isn't she Mei?" a third year gushed, pointing at Ren.

    "I know Kou! Aww, she's blushing!" a second year crooned.

    Both girls noticed Ren after Nanami returned. Albeit, they felt a flash of jealousy, they couldn't deny the truth; she was cute. Her flustered behavior was amusing. The group of girls giggled in response, silently agreeing with each other. One brave girl spoke,

    "What's your name?" she inquired, referring to Ren.

    A small frown marred his lips. This wasn't good. Nanami didn't want his special guest to feel anxious. He leaned forward, placing his cup on top of his tray. "Now, now, don't scare her ladies," he warned. He retrieved his acoustic guitar from the left side of his couch. It was propped up on a stand. "How about another song? I would be honored to touch your hearts once more," he added with a wink. He swung the strap across his shoulders and positioned his guitar accordingly.
    The girls immediately directed their attention towards Nanami. "Yes!" they chorused.

    A chuckle rumbled through his chest. "Your happiness is my first priority," he replied. He closed his eyes and started playing. However, Nanami didn't sing. A beautiful melody projected from his instrument.
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  20. Damn Tsukuyomi-sans good Andrew thought as he listened to the third year strum softly on the acoustic guitar. Andrew had heard the rumors of Tsukiyomi's prowess with music, but he never expected him to be this good. I wonder how he learned to play so well, and how many instruments does he… "Cornetti-san?" Suddenly his concentration was broken by one of his customers. “Are you alright?” “Oh yeah, sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night, was a little nervous about today. “ he said. Andrew wasn't lying to them about that, he was up late trying to calm his nerves. “Awww.” his two customers gushed. He assumed they were regulars, they certainly sounded like it. They were probably just trying out the new hosts, seeing as how they knew more about this than he did. “Um, either one of you want more tea?” the girls just giggled and held out their cups.

    As he was pouring the girls tea his mind began to wander again I wonder how Sawa-san is doing. The childlike first year was the only other new member, so at least we are in a similar situation. Andrew stole a glance at the host, he seemed nervous but doing well. Turning back to the girls, Andrew smiled slightly. I guess i'm starting to enjoy myself.
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