Ouran High School Host Club RP

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  1. Tamaki is working on things getting ready for the club's day.

    Hikaru and Kaoru are helping him and watching the clock sense Honey, Mori, Kyoya, and Haruhi haden't arrived to the club from class yet. Kaoru looks to Hikaru noticing he's being kind of quiet and looks to be deep in thought.
  2. Haruhi was hanging out with her sister, Suki Suki was part of a twin set. Haruhi sighed and got into the door, " Suki, stay out!! Guys only right now." She said guys weirdly.She turned and saw them. "Where is the others?"
  3. Kaoru turns to see Haruhi entering and hearing her question he says "They probably won't be too much longer Haruhi. Now come on in and help us get everything set up."

    Honey and Mori arrive just afterwards to the club and Honey says. "Sorry we're late. Chika called me at the last minute and told me he was going to go over and help out at the elementary school this afternoon."

    Kyoya comes in shortly after that waving to Suki as he enters the door and greets Haruhi right afterwards and then the others.
  4. Haruhi smiled a little, " Oh okay." She saw her younger sister try to follow Honey. " Suki, can you make sure Aiko stays out, and stops stalking up. " She sighed and went to sit down.

    Aiko looked up and frowned. She liked Honey. " Oh okay..."
  5. Kaoru looks around and then says "Hey aren't we missing a few things? Considering the amount of stuff we ordered for today's events we seem a bit short. It's like one delivery service got the right address but the other one didn't." He points to the wall where the things were put after they were delivered to the room.
  6. Haruhi gulped and looked down, she blinked and thought. She heard her sister's voice, What was wrong with her little sister. Aiko was around Honey's age. Aiko had a ox full of cookies, chocolate chip. Then the other box was sugar cookies. Haruhi jumped when she felt Aiko go to her. " Haruhi... ere is for your club.. Me and Suki got them.. "
    Haruhi grabbed the boxes, she saw the looks. " What? She is delivering cookies, do you not want sugar cookies or chocolate cookies?" She grinned. She then hugged her sister. " Alright, hun.. well don't you have Piano lessons?" Aiko, " onni chan!!! " She ran out the room. Haruhi smiled and looked at the guys. " Cookies?"
  7. Kyoya "Just place them over on the refreshments table with the other appitizers Haruhi." He then looked over to the wall where everything was supposed to be put after it was delivered and then looks at the list of all the items ordered and then back where the delivered items are at and says "Yeah Kaoru seems you're correct. We seem to be missing about a quarter of the items we ordered. Come to think of it this isn't the first time either. I think it may be the 5th time. Honey noticed about 2 times when we were missing stuff. Tamaki when he was actually paying attention to the inventory noticed 1 time it happened. And the Mori noticed the 4th time it happened that some of our stuff was missing. We had to improvise each of those times and I kept telling the deliverers from that company that we were missing stuff we ordered from them and they always said they delivered the items. I even called the head manager the 3rd and 4th time it happened and he told me the files in their computers even stated that the items were delivered."
  8. Haruhi was the one who accidentally broke them.. Only because she had to put them up. She blinked and went over to put them on the table and opened the box. She looked at the group, before fixing her hair. She blinked a little and shrugged. she gulped. She always had to put them up,and when everyone was gone. She blinked and looked down she bit her lower lip. " Did they say where they were delivered? I mean maybe they got them wrong.." She tilted her head looking at them. Realizing that way she tilted her head, she fixed her way of tilting it to the cool guys way.
  9. Kyoya "Well that's a good theory. And Tamaki was the one who always placed the orders to that particular company so I could very well see him make that mistake if he wasn't careful. But I always paid for the orders he placed so I always told Tamaki to tell them Ootori and Suoh at Ouran Academy school Host club as the address in which I told him to say Academy in the address because of that mishapp where that guy mistook you for his daughter that one time because you looked like her and the guy had gotten the wrong school. So sense Tamaki and I are at the high school, unless there's another Ootori and Suoh that goes to one of the other Ouran academy schools, whether it be the Ouran Academy middle school where Honey's younger brother Chika goes, or the Ouran Academy elementary school, unless there are two other students with mine and tamaki's last names, then I don't know how the deliverers could have mistaken the address."
  10. As Haruhi heard them speaking. She looked at him, she just didn't want to add the money. " that isn't possible is it." She asked. She looked up at them and smiled. She suddenly got nervous she was always the good girl, never lies. She looked down and walked to a couch and then shrugged. She gulped. " What are we going to do then? We don't have enough stuff for today, do we?" Looking at the males. She gulped, " Besides, that guy I think was literally drunk if he thought I was a girl.."She knew they didn't know.. not yet. Should she tell them? the physical exams were coming up soon..
  11. Hikaru "Yeah. I mean it could be possible. Heh." He then quickly starts to go about his business again.

    Tamaki looks to Kyoya and says "Well I know someone who obviously looks nervous."
  12. Haruhi," tamaki.." She said softly. She looked at him. " Now now.. you don't want to be on my bad side. "

    ( what if they want her to be the girl, since tamaki and her have a thing and she can the assistant manager, but really she won't have say so in things, but hang out with Tamaki at meetings. )
  13. Tamaki looks to Haruhi and says in his head ~ "Why do I always get this sensation around Haruhi? I mean of course I never asked but Haruhi just seems different from the rest of my friends here." ~ He gulps and says "No. I don't want to be on your bad side Haruhi. I'm not trying to be. Heh." He backs up a couple of steps smiling innocently.

    Hikaru thinks to himself rolling his eyes "And he says I'm nervous. Whenever Haruhi looks at him like that it's like Tamaki acts like he's about to colapse." Hikaru sighs and takes some things over to the closet that were from yesterday's events.
  14. Haruhi smiled softly and tilted her head and then said, " Hmm.." She looked at him and said, "You can't play innocent.." She saw Hikaru go towards the closet. " Wait~ I can do that... all of you just.. go... get some.. refreshments.." She blinked softly. She didn't want them to know that she accidentally broke all those things.. That it was her fault. She took the box carefully looking at Hikaru.
  15. Hikaru "Um okay then. You can do it if you want." He rubs the back of his head and then walks over to the window that's nearby and just looks outside still keeping silent a bit.
  16. Haruhi sighed and opened it, She heard the other twin on her shoulder speaking. She gulped. Setting the box down. She gulped and closed her eyes she didn't know what to do, She quickly closed the door. Did he see the broken things??
  17. Kaoru says at a sort of a soft voice so no one else can hear "Um..Wow Haruhi..What happened?" He blinks his eyes a couple of times. Kaoru had seen what was broken just then but he was more focused of how Hikaru was currently acting to pay much of mind to it.
  18. Haruhi blinked and siad, " Um.. I..." She looked down and said softly too, " I hate being a clutz.." She looking at him softly. She got nervous with Tamaki looked at her. Haruhi smiled a little and then looked at Kaoru.
  19. Kaoru "I see." Kaoru looks over to the other guys and sees Tamaki looking in their direction to Haruhi. Kaoru then looks back to Haruhi and says "Don't worry about the stuff okay. I've got it covered." He then looks over to Hikaru who's in a daze looking out the window and says with a concerned tone "I just wish I knew what's been up with my brother. He's been acting weird ever sense we got here."
  20. Haruhi smiled a little, she was relieved. She nodded. ' thanks" Sh hugged him and then looked at Tamaki and went to him. " Why do you have to watch me every single second?" She asked softly. She blinked a little, knowing how he liked her. hmm.. how do she get everyone here except Tamaki? She thought she didn't know.. She then blinked softly.