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  1. If you haven't seen the anime show Ouran High School Host Club, this will make no sense.

    If you have, hooray! This is going to take place when the entire club has been modified so Tamaki and Kyoya may stay after they leave. This is two years after the original entrance of Haruhi. The entire club is a group now, a family, per say.

    What has happened, is a new girl has come in. She's in the exact position Haruhi was in, accepted into the rich school for her talents- as a guitar player. Acoustic. She's wandering down the halls, dressed like a guy, short black hair, bright blue eyes, when she stumbles into the rooms. The members startle her and she trips- falling- and getting knocked unconscious.

    The following positions must be filled:
    Tamaki Suoh [​IMG]

    The Hitachiin twins- Hikaru and Kaoru [​IMG] ----- GarthNixZozo

    Haruhi Fujioka [​IMG] ----- Akira

    Mori Kyoya Ootori ----- Falcon (I just saw these pictures did not show up...sorry!!!)

    Hunny [​IMG] -----Chi From The Accel World

    My character is the new one. She is from America, and her name is Michi Karukia.
    [​IMG] Black hair, blue eyes. This is Michi when she dresses as a guy.
    As a girl. [​IMG]
    Michi is challenging, competitive, but introverted.

    What might happen? That is for us to decide!
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  2. Gdtjmtjagdm!
    How dare you make of spew random gibberish in my excitement! XD

    I would very much like to play is the Hitachin brothers, if the spot has not already been filled.
  3. It has not X) Yay!!! That is Awesome THANK YOU for the interest!
  4. Anytime! If you need me to play any other characters as well, just give a holler. Oh, and please tell me when the RP starts XD
  5. Hey just curious but wouldn't this fit better in Realistic?
  6. GarthNixZozo- Okay, will do, and of course I'll let you know X)

    Nightstealer- this is a fanfiction roleplay of a fantasy show that's realistic..but not. So, I put it here.
  7. But Ouran High School Host Club isn't fantasy
  8. Okay..my mistake. I'll fix it.
  9. I wanna play haruhi~!
  10. I'm willing to play both Kyouya and Mori :)

    I'd also like to point out that as Ouran University is attached to the same campus as the rest of the school you don't even technically need to play with the years. Just say they come over for club activities after class. It is what Mori and Hani did after they graduated :)

    Oh, before I say anything else have you finished reading the Manga? because I might accidentally give away spoilers, but if you haven't I'll try to temper myself.
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  11. Oh my gosh, yes, the manga! That will make two of us then having to be careful. I forgot that so much wasn't mentioned in the anime o_o Like how- *smothers self with pillow*
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  12. You're talking to someone who has half the volumes sitting on her book shelf and the other half on order. 8D
    but, yes - I'll try to behave myself and not spoil anything.

    Though we could . . . he he, depending on what the other's have read I may have to send you that idea via PM, but then it would be a very Kyouya thing to do . . .
    Oh this is going to be so much fun!

    Great RP idea Jae!
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  13. Make it tres = u=
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  14. Haha! Maybe we won't have to behave, so long as Jae has read the manga. Oh gosh *bouncing in place* It may have been over a year since I read them, but I am still just so gosh darn excited!
    Plus, it gives me a reason to read it all over again =.=b
  15. Honestly, I have not read it, but you can say anything you want about it. Spoilers don't bother me, 'cause by the time I get around to actually reading whatever it is, I've forgotten the spoiler..o.o
    But yeah, you're free to do/say what you want, as long as you don't stray too far from who the characters are.
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  16. Just Tamaki and honey left!
    Oh, and
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    really I call him honey but what ever
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  18. Yes you can, and call him either, I call him honey too, but I was corrected a bunch..lol. idc either way=Chi From The Accel World
  19. Ha ha, I usually say Hani, (Mori will say Mitsukuni) and I spell Kyouya as Kyouya I don't think it really matters though because we all know who the characters are. Though I will probably spell the name however the person playing that character spells the name :)

    I'd also like to point out that Tamaki is supposed to be the "king" but he's the last character needing to be claimed. :lol:
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