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  1. Great. Morning - Ivan's very worst time of day.

    For him, night was the best time. For one thing, he managed to have silence, and nobody necessarily bothered him. It wasn't that he hated everyone, really... he did just genuinely prefer his own company, especially when vampires weren't his favourite sort of people. Not when he was practically forced into being Ambrose's guardian and protector as he slept.

    He didn't mind Ambrose, really. In fact, he rather liked the boy... to an extent, at least. All vampires had to be held back a little, and Ivan's general rule was to keep his emotions guarded and not get close to people.

    Currently stirring in his bed, with hazel eyes adjusting to the morning sun lightly sneaking in through his blinds, he made very little attempt to actually move. He was known for lounging about and sleeping most the day, and it got him into trouble, of course, even despite the fact he had only technically been around them and Ambrose for a short week. But already he had made his mark. Yawning lazily, wrapping his body around the duvet and staying cocooned amongst blankets and pillows, he did attempt to get back to sleep - an increasingly hard task when the family he worked for were stirring awake themselves.

    Sighing to himself, a sound heavy with exhaustion and slight annoyance, he had to drag himself from the comfort his bed had brought simply in order to get to his feet. Pulling his long hair up into a messy bun, he took all of twenty minutes to pull on his robes - golden and black, swirling designs covering the soft silk fabric, he did look like he belonged amongst the royals, even if he came from particularly lowly beginnings. Finally forcing himself out of his little room, he went immediately to search for Ambrose. The dark, dim corridors were something he had been particularly wary of when first arriving... though the darkness in the castle was something he was now used to. Absently admiring the portraits lining the walls, he finally arrived outside one of the many doors, petting his silky blonde hair down before a gentle tapping on the door sounded, his smooth, somewhat feminine voice sounding; "Sire? Are you awake yet...? I'm sure it's time for breakfast now, sire."
  2. The door opened, and Ambrose yanked Ivan into the room. "Keep quiet." Ambrose walked back over to a large window of his bedroom, and peered out of it. Ambrose wasn't even dressed yet, which left him completely naked. His father was in the middle of talking with some one, and it made Ambrose curious as to what it was. "He's got something with one of the other noble families, and I want to know what it is." Ambrose peered over his shoulder at Ivan smiling slightly. "Also good morning to you." Ambrose looked back down at the courtyard, watching intently before getting up and going in search of some of his clothing which was strewn out in front of the fireplace.
  3. Nervously fiddling with his dainty hands, staring anywhere but the naked vampire, he strolled gracefully to the window to peer out, his curiosity now at a high at Ambrose's revelation. Staring down at the conversation below, even his heightened, specific hearing being unable to pick up on the words being spoken. In fact, all he really could do was speculate on what the conversation was about.

    Clearing his throat, particularly when turning around and seeing the other still bare and having to hide suddenly red cheeks, he moved to begin making the bed. He wasn't his servant, or technically part of the staff, but he still felt he ought to tidy up after the rather untidy Ambrose. "I wonder what they're talking about," he wondered aloud, pink lips pursing as he quietly tutted at the messy covers. "...Do mind me speaking so bluntly, but... you live like a pig, sire. It's all dirty, and messy, and you're a Prince. You ought to take pride in your appearance, and your bedroom betrays that... hmph... perhaps your father is discussing ways in which to make you take lessons for cleanliness... Though I doubt you'd pass any tests..."
  4. Ambrose chuckled, and pulled his clothes on. "I'm only 298... I thought people my age were suppose to be messy." Ambrose looked towards the door when there was a knock on it. Walking over to it Ambrose pulled open the door, and then smiled when he was handed a large glass of blood. Ambrose took it, and then closed the door quickly taking a sip of it. "Mmmm... It's sweet" Ambrose licked his lips before heading back to the window. "It must be a pure female..." Ambrose sat down on the window sill, he leaned back and watched Ivan. "Eventually I will get you to stop cleaning my room."
  5. Cringing at the sight of blood being drank, given he wasn't quite used to it even at this stage into his employment amongst the vampires, he simply turned to tuck in the sheets in the bed, already a dab hand and an expert at doing so. Rolling those pretty eyes to himself at the comments about the blood, he simply chose to ignore it and only peered back at the latter of the comments, lips still pursed as he let his eyes scan across the devilishly handsome features of the old vampire. "I'll only stop cleaning when Hell freezes over and pigs fly. If I didn't clean, you'd be living in squalor, sire," he stated, his overall attitude not one would show a noble vampire... though Ivan tended to refuse to conform to what society would expect. He treated people like people, regardless of status and whatnot.

    Flicking his hair from his eyes, the shorter male admired his work, a hint of a smile appearing out of pride if anything, before making it disappear fast. "...If I had to guess, sire," he started with a hum to his tone, gracefully taking a seat on the newly made bed. "I assume your father is talking business. Why else would he meet with a fellow noble?"
  6. Ambrose looked over at Ivan. "Well it could be about arranged marriage. Anyways." Ambrose stood up finishing off his goblet of blood and heading for the door. "Come on, I want to go on an 'adventure'." Ambrose grinned, grabbed onto Ivan's arm and then dragged him out of the bedroom before he could do anymore cleaning. Ambrose then dragged Ivan outside into the garden, where large rose bushes sat.
  7. Ivan almost immediately scowled at the contact, given he was only really used to being the other's guardian - he didn't want to really hang out with him on any other basis, but there was really no other way for him to tell the other differently.

    He may usually snap at Ambrose, and treat him more like an equal, but he wasn't that stupid to refuse him, when he could either get in serious trouble for it, or get threatened again by the other's father. And if there as one thing he truly hated, it was to be belittled and treated like a nothing.

    "Ambrose..." He groaned, trailing after him as he peered around at the variation of roses, each shade easily taking his breath away, even if he refused to show is love for them. "I don't think we should be going on 'adventures', sire. I want my breakfast. A wolf has to eat, y'know?"
  8. "Well then let's go feed you, and then we can go on an 'adventure'." Ambrose lead Ivan towards the kitchen and popped his head in. "Hey! Can we get some food for this one over here?" Ambrose placed his hand on Ivan's head, and then ruffled his hair. "Give him whatever he wants." Ambrose grinned, and then went on a search for cookies, or some other type of sweet snack.
  9. "I do wish you'd piss off," Ivan grunted, the blonde pursing his lips as he peered around the kitchen curiously - normally, he would sneak food if he was peckish between meals, so actually being invited into the large kitchens by Ambrose himself was something of a luxury, and he intended to make the most of it.

    What he did have to endure was the odd glances and horrified mutters from the servants busily hurrying about organising the kitchen - they, after all, would never dream of disrespecting Ambrose like that. He was too important and their superior, to be treated with the utmost respect, not idle cussing and rolls of eyes.
  10. Ambrose found his snack, and then munched on it walking back over to Ivan. Ambrose looked over everyone, and then leaned against the door. Ambrose looked at Ivan again, and smiled slightly, he then stood back up walking out of the kitchen. "I'll be in the garden." He told Ivan as he disappeared. He wasn't going to bother Ivan while he ate.
  11. Eventually finding that the awkwardness grew too much as he attempted to eat his slice of raw bacon in the kitchen and realising that nobody really liked him (for the fact he was seen not to give Ambrose respect), the graceful boy swiftly exited to follow the vampire, pink lips pouting at the fact the other looked rather vibrant for just having woke, while the werewolf had dark rings under his eyes and felt like a living zombie.

    "Sire?" He quietly huffed, approaching the vampire with the same doll-like pout. "...Hmph... you're too perfect for it being this early. Is that a vampire thing?"
  12. "In all reality, I don't really need sleep, but I like it anyways, the feeling is nice." Ambrose turned, and smiled at Ivan. He licked his lips and then sat down on a bench. "You look like death, do you need like something to wake you up?" Ambrose pulled his legs up into a criss cross, and reached behind him picking up a rose, and sniffing it.
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  13. "Don't be ridiculous," he snapped in a huff, moving to sit daintily beside him, far more graceful than the other evidently was. "...You mentioned arranged marriage earlier. That could be a good thing for you. You're hardly young, sire, no offence. You may benefit finally having a wife and producing offspring."​
  14. Ambrose huffed, and looked over at Ivan. "A wife me? Have you met me? I wouldn't be able to stand offspring. There is only one thing I want..." Ambrose watched as one of the guards passed by, his eyes trailing down to the guard's rear end. Ambrose then sighed and looked away over his shoulder. "Some things just aren't accepted."
  15. "Again, sire, I'm afraid you won't have a choice in the matter. It's stupid and dumb, but what your father says, goes. Like, no offence, but I never wanted to be your dumb guardian or whatever, but he forced me, and hence, here I am," Ivan yawned, playing with his long blonde hair, the honey-coloured locks complimenting his pale, gentle features, and so engrossed by it, he failed to see the glances his practical master was giving the men that passed.

    Even if he did see, he couldn't really blame the other. The men were all rather handsome: tall, buff and with smiles that made Ivan giddy, Ivan often fantasised over the men now and then, and while he didn't realise Ambrose felt inclined to men in that way, he couldn't blame any man having a glance at the guards. It was emasculating - Ivan sometimes got mistaken for a girl. His hair was a major part of why, but his short stature and petite, slim body didn't help things either. When he spoke, even his voice was soft and gentle - even if he wasn't gentle often given his species.

    Coughing into his fist, he moved to sit on the bench, admiring the roses fondly. "Don't complain, Ambrose. I'd be happy to marry. It's so overdue. All I want is a nice... partner to be with."​
  16. Ambrose looked over at Ivan. "I'm sure that you don't even notice half the stuff that goes on around here." Ambrose shifted in his seat, and watched Ivan before standing up. "I bet you don't even notice some of the looks you get." Ambrose muttered before stretching his back, and then walking towards the entrance of the castle. "Come on, I got things I want to do."
  17. "I'd quite like to sleep," the blonde grunted, rubbing his eyes tiredly as he trailed after his master. Like hell would he ever be an obliging, reliable person - he was an individual, and he was ready to just flip Ambrose off and go to bed. But he did like the vampire in his own way, and was willing to see what he wanted him to do before going off and sleeping as he usually did on most days.

    "Ambrose," he groaned, grabbing his hand tightly to get the far taller man to slow down, his long strides troubling for the werewolf as he panted at the hurried jog he had to make, shooting him a glare for it. "Don't be so fast, goodness. You vampires are all so selfish. I have short legs, slow down, gosh..."​
  18. Ambrose simply chuckled, and then pressed Ivan against him by the shoulder. "Come on, it won't be so bad, I'll buy you a little treat." Ambrose grinned, and then lead Ivan into the village. Ambrose had a habit for buying Ivan things, but Ambrose did have a reason for since he happened to like the werewolf, even if he was a werewolf.
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  19. "I want a huge chocolate muffin and some hot chocolate," he finally sighed, rubbing his temple as he eased into the other for warmth, even if the vampire was cold by premise. Given the werewolf was forever made to stay in shape, to be able to defend Ambrose should he ever fall into trouble, a little treat in form of chocolate -his weakness- would be delightful, especially if he himself didn't have to fork out and pay for it.

    "Your father would kill me if he realised you're buying me sugary things," he yawned, his big, blue eyes peering up at him challengingly. "You're going to be going against what he wishes, you rebel. Feeling brave, are you~?"​
  20. Ambrose smiled. "Ah, fuck my father, there is only certain people that matter in my life." Ambrose watched a couple of men pass by, both of them were looking in their direction, and Ambrose instantly got protective of Ivan. Ambrose pushed closer to Ivan, and lead him into a small sweets shop where he quickly bought the two of them things that they would want. Ambrose walked over to the table, and sat down pushing Ivan's stuff towards him. "Here eat, drink, relax..." Ambrose looked out the window at the men again, and Ambrose picked up his mug of tea, and brought it up to his face.
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