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  1. This thread is dedicated to the continuation of my forever lost projects. I also have a slew of new ideas that I will need everyone's help in making.

    This is because I'll almost literally be starting from scratch.

    It would be nice if people took over in some places - since I'm quite busy. I will, however, help them to the extent of my ability.


    I want to rework the system and restat characters and units! We've lost these stuff FOREEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEER! ;_;

    Luckily, there is a copy of the rules on the Iwaku Wikia. (http://iwaku.wikia.com/wiki/Greed_of_Asmodeus) The first things I'll change with the system are the following:

    - I will change it into a tabletop friendly game by concentrating on the regional battle and making it self-sufficient. (without the complete world map and stuff)
    - Logistics is now based solely on the agreements before the battle. This means that both sides will have an 'equal' number of logistics unless otherwise specified.
    - Character addons (additional equipment, blah blah blah) and how to make them.

    So basically, I need you guys to help me with the re-statting of units, and helping me out with the mechanics of the game.

    These are just a few of what I am planning. I'll try recreating the thread in the roleplay basics sections or Iwaku World (wherever.)


    I'm thinking of restarting the thread and having other artists help me with this. We'll start off with nominations first, and I am considering using the minor arcana as well. Hpwever, this is a big undertaking, (CAAAARDS EVERYWHERE) hence my request for other artists.

    Also, I want ideas on a general layout for the frame of the cards.

    ISSUE THREE - Iwaku Character Portraits

    I'm going to remake this thread. I've been training in pencil sketches for school, and would like to continue developing it.

    I'll make this thread right away.


    Alright, not exactly starting from scratch, but it is being neglected right now. I never wanted it to be a one-man project, guys. I also believe it would be good to record all our terms, histories and characters there.

    Think of it as our grand archive. (Especially because Diana's server isn't as trustworthy as I thought it would be ;_;)


    A visual novel is a japenese inspired game where you read dialogue and narration while still images are flashed on screen. This is the usual format for the ero game and the dating sim.

    I wanna make one because we have too many moeblobs. I'm actually, seriously considering it now, too.


    And now for my new ideas.


    I am no music writer.

    However, I can assign lyrics to existing tunes easily. I feel that Iwaku should have it's own themes, rather than us simply taking stuff from other literature. This is part of my grand plan to make it all the more unique.

    So any of you songwriters or budding composers out there, I'd like to hear from you. I believe it's about time we got our own BGM and theme.


    I've had my own ideas regarding the Iwaku Card game, but these ideas did not stick. I hear, however, that Piro and others are working to make one.

    My only advice: don't make it too magic the gathering like. Try thinking outside purely written effects.


    A Precursor to Paorou's animated flash gig. Some of you have surprisingly appropriate voices, and many of you don't. However, I will now always imagine your voices when reading your IW dialogue. ._.

    Also, have you guys ever read Asmo's roleplay posts out loud? You always go into this 'epic narrator mode' when you do.

    I have... so... many... times. o_o


    ... Aaaand that's about it. I wanna know who's interested with what in this thread.
  2. I can supply my voice, though noone here has ever heard it. I can't draw (much to my own frustration) but have a few friends who can supply music (they're all guitarists while i am a below average drummer ;-;)

    But I'm here and willing.
  3. I have a voice rated up their next to Porg's so I can do some voice acting if needed. As for drawing...I can do 3d artwork and that's about it. I have been working on the Wiki for my characters and will continue to do so as the time frees up for me.

  4. I will not help with any of this, as I do not approve.

  6. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    JUNE 29, 2016

    "What the hell?" Engel wondered as blaring klaxons and warning lights screamed through the medical wing, as well as the rest of Hushcobb.

    May looked up from where she was assisting Engel in injecting ectoplasm into one of the agents wounded by the Devilman. She pushed the robotic arm - loaded with a dart launcher - hanging from the ceiling to the side. An earpiece communicator in May's ear started rattling off a sitrep. "Dr. Engel! The subject in Inversion Cell Forty-Two just escaped! And she's released multiple other mid- and high-priority prisoners!"

    Panic welled within the surgeon at the news, even as she tried to recall Subject Forty-Two's identity. "Forty-Two...Hennessy? The psychic? Shit, if she's out, she could tear this entire place apart! What about the others?"

    May listened to her comm before reporting, "Confirmed escape of Subjects Seven and Thirty-Five."

    "The ghost and the shapeshifter," Engel recognized. She didn't know Zeroth too well and only remembered him from a cursory overview of his file and abilities upon joining Hushcobb. But Wyatt Pasternak, the ghost boy, was someone Engel was very familiar with. After all, his ectoplasmic makeup was the cornerstone for her own research in creating the ANGEL System.

    Engel realized that May was looking to her for instructions. She didn't notice that the mousier woman also had a bit of adoring longing in her gaze. Engel snapped into action. "May, get the patients to the fortified bunkers. Critical patients first. Make sure security is on the way to provide escort. I'll transfer all computer data to a protected system - " Even as she said the words, the surgeon had moved to a terminal and was busily typing away, " - and I'll provide cover for your exit."

    "Cover?" May inquired in confusion.

    There was a snap-hiss sound as Engel disengaged the ANGEL launcher from the ceiling-mounted robotic arm. Then she slapped it on her forearm, allowing the apparatus to seal shut around the limb like a gauntlet. There was a whir as a dart was loaded into place. With resolve, the surgeon said, "Get going."


    Engel made her way through the corridors outside of the medical wing, taking shots at the disorganized pockets of monsters leaking out of the Inversion Lock and rampaging throughout Hushcobb. It seemed that Erika Hennessy had been reading up on her Lovecraft; Engel was sniping down a group of three fishmen straight out of Innsmouth. The misshapen creatures, for all their scaly and malformed appearance, were humanoid enough to succumb to the effects of her ANGEL System's dart.

    Specifically, the fact that Engel had reversed the darts' settings. Instead of injecting a target with regenerative ectoplasm, they were now getting a dose of crippling neurological poison. The fishmen collapsed one after the other, completely paralyzed. The effects were temporary, but it would buy the other agents time to do some proper mopping up.

    Engel let out a breath as she leaned against the wall for cover and ejected a spent clip. In a fluid motion, she slammed in a fresh magazine of raw materials for her ANGEL System to produce more darts.

    She was quite a sight. Tall, blonde, and beautiful, still garbed in professional slacks, a white blouse now stained with sweat, and her lab coat. And over all of that was an abbreviated suit of armor that wasn't actually armor. A pair of dart launchers were mounted on her arms with gauntlets, with cables connecting it to a breastplate housing the main production center for the ectoplasm itself. The ANGEL System was never designed for personal defense and left the rest of her body unprotected.

    Engel left cover, turned the corner, and proceeded down another corridor, where she came upon a wounded agent. Two more fishmen were approaching the injured man for the kill...only to fall as they took a dart each. Engel switched a dial on her breastplate, setting the ANGEL System back to medical mode. She knelt by the downed agent.

    "Hold still. I'm here to help," she said reassuringly. She fired a regenerative dart into the man. "It'll take a minute for the effects to kick in, but you'll be fine. Are there any other wounded?" The agent groaned and pointed down the hallway. The surgeon nodded and sped down the hall.


    "Medical wing successfully evacuated, Doctor," May's voice came through clearly on Engel's earpiece communicator.

    The surgeon finished injecting the last injured agent and replied, "Thanks, May. How's containment going?"

    "Not good. Some of the monsters have already gotten into the town and no one's sure where Subjects Seven, Thirty-Five, or Forty-Two are specifically."

    Engel stepped into an elevator and keyed in for the village aboveground. There was bound to be more wounded there and she was determined to make sure her fellow agents made it out of this mess alive. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened; from the outside, it looked like Engel was stepping out of an old telephone booth on a street corner.

    And that was when she saw all hell breaking loose.

    "Well May," Engel said dryly, "I think I've found Hennessy...."
  7. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    June 30, 2016
    Inversion Lockup
    Hushcobb, Kansas

    The three were left for the most part alone, all in cells right next to each other. They were separated by a full level from the few monsters that were still in Lockup, presumably for their own protection. They were each treating their time in the prison differently. Zeroth paced angrily, growling and muttering to himself. Wyatt was discorporating and solidifying his body, trying to get a handle on his abilities. Erika...danced. She was in a good mood learning she tied with Crossfire.

    "Does this seem right to anyone?" Zeroth asked and turned to his fellow inmates. Erika was busy wiggling her hips to an MP3 she'd been allowed to have. Wyatt looked across the bars. "We get busted out, we have all the opportunity to escape and start over. Then we each somehow got talked into sticking our necks out for these people, and now we're back in prison. I mean...where did we get stupid?"

    "It wasn't stupid," Wyatt called out past the bars. "It was the right thing to do."

    "Fun, too," Erika added, not stopping her dance. "I'm gonna beat him next time."


    "I'm with Zeroth. Erika, don't do that again. Please," the teen pleaded.

    "Spoilsport." She stuck her tongue out at them before sliding her hands over her breasts and down to her hips. Wyatt blushed. Zeroth rolled his eyes.

    "I won't, though. Unless I do. I have no plans to. I have no plans at all." She winked at Zeroth. "Hear that? I'm totally free."

    He glared at her. "Child, I am 500 years old. I suggest you try for someone who doesn't know better."

    Erika pouted. "Aw. I've kinda got a thing for older men...yes, I know. You'd like any man. Hm? For women I think we have fewer candidates. Ruth might be willing to play."

    "Who do you talk to?" Wyatt asked. "When you do that. Is it like you have different people living in there?"

    Erika turned and started walking towards him. "What's that? Bitch, shut it so I can hear what Punchy wants...I don't think we can break his nose. Hm? I don't think we can break that, either, though it would be more fun to try, Slut.

    "Anyway, they're not different people. They're me. All me. One likes to fight, one likes to play, one wants to fuck, and the last is really annoying with all her 'responsibility' BS," she explained, leaning into the bars so one slid into her cleavage. "Guess which one is asking for you right now."


    June 30, 2016
    Hushcobb General Hospital

    The different sections of the secret base underneath the town were divided into sections and placed underneath their ground level counterparts. Therefore both Landel's and Engel's research facilities were underneath the hospital.

    Landel was too excited over the prospect of her initiative finally happening to consider the inevitable possibility that the two doctors were going to cross paths again.

    She rounded a corner and saw Annabelle walking towards her. She doubted she was looking for her, but immediately backtracked.

    "Eliza," she called after her. The researcher froze. "I'd like to talk to you."

    She drew in a deep breath and gave a fake smile. "I'd love to, but you have patients to see to, and then there's me and my research - "

    "None of my remaining patients are currently terminal," Engel shot back. "And your experiments aren't, either. This is about your initiative."

    She led Landel to a private room and immediately removed her veneer of professionalism. "I want to start by saying that was a really cheap shot what you said before the meeting started. You didn't know Hayato. Not like me and Ta - Crossfire. He may have been right about Hayato supporting the idea, but you don't get to use him to push your own agenda!"

    There was no retort. Instead Eliza hung her head in shame. "I know. That was wrong, and I'm sorry. I have been tracking what I believe is an escalation in supernatural activity, and I think the initiative is the only combat against whatever is coming." She dropped her head again when Engel snapped her hard glare her way. "It's no excuse, just an explanation. I was desperate to get you on my side. We do good work together, and I respect you and enjoy your company. And...desperation makes us do careless things. I'm sorry."

    Engel crossed her arms and let out an exasperated groan. "Damn it, Landel! I'm inclined to forgive you, but I don't know if it's sincerity or your psychology doctorate that's winning me over!"

    "Just because it's the smart thing to say doesn't mean it's not also the right thing to say," she said. "And I am sincere. I wouldn't want anyone using Ruth to sway me like that. I guess I put my head before my heart."

    She gave a sarcastic smirk. "Now that I believe."

    It would be difficult to find very many flaws in the young, attractive researcher, but that was her most famous one. She had a moral compass - and a very reliable one - but the pursuit of knowledge or an advantage over the supernatural enemies of Hushcobb did tend to make her overstep her boundaries from time to time.

    "So you said there was an escalation going on?" Engel asked. "Have you told the Director?"

    "Ferrara isn't convinced. My data isn't exactly solid," Landel replied. She pulled from her folder a few makeshift graphs. She had shown them during her pitch, but no one had gotten a close look. "The frequency of our missions has gone up. I have a theory about the collective consciousness of humanity being inherently responsible, but that conversation could take hours, and like I said I don't have much to back it up with.

    "The point is from time to time the danger in those missions has spiked, as well. If this becomes a growing trend I fear Hushcobb's current techniques won't be enough." A few of her graphs showed the spikes in Hushcobb's threat classifications, and it almost looked like the spikes were climbing.

    "Hence the initiative," Engel concluded. Eliza nodded. "Okay, Eliza. You might have a reason to be desperate, after all. I think we might be able to work something out with Wyatt and Zeroth. And I'm sure Ruth and Crossfire would be perfect for accompanying this experimental task force. But Erika? Please tell me you aren't really considering her."

    "I am," she replied coolly.

    "You can't trust her."

    "Actually, I think she's one of the only ones I can trust," Landel told her. "She doesn't know how to lie. And I'll keep an earpiece on her if I must. I can be her Fifth Voice. The original Erika and I can work together to keep the others from doing anything too disastrous."

    Engel rubbed her eyes, took a deep breath and then said, "I can't have this conversation without all the pieces. Just what exactly is wrong with Erika's mind?"

    "It's broken." Landel stood up and got one of those little paper cups that sometimes came in a walk-in clinic and got herself a drink from the sink. This much exposition was going to dry her throat. "Our rogue agent - alias The Controller - stole several patents for successful mind control techniques tested by the CIA. That's common knowledge here."

    Engel nodded. "And he took Erika to try and turn her into a psychic weapon, someone who could put large numbers of people under his control in a few minutes. As I understand, we're all very grateful it didn't work."

    "Almost all of us." Landel agreed. "I wasn't exaggerating when I said Erika was a genius. She skipped two grades and was on her way towards a PhD in half the time it would take a normal student when she was taken. During the mind break she must have realized she couldn't get out of the mental torture unscathed, but also that she couldn't leave herself in a state he could use. So she split her consciousness into four pieces, each a core aspect of her personality."

    "Which one is the Erika we know? The one in control most of the time?" she asked.

    "There isn't one in control. The Erika that's on the surface is pure impulse. Her personality, her actions are dictated by the other four, who are always giving her ideas," she went on. "Her attitude is influenced by the attitudes of her other personalities."

    "So she's her own puppet," Engel deadpanned. She sat down. "This isn't helping your case. What are the personalities?"

    "Well she gives them different names. One she calls Slut Me. I think you can guess what she's like. All of Erika's sexuality refined into a personality that thinks of nothing else. She's passionate, sultry, and has no boundaries.

    "Then there's Baby Me, or Baby Doll, as she calls her," Landel continued. "She embodies Erika's childhood. I think she wanted to preserve her innocence. She's curious, playful, loves games and trying new things. Erika has been exhibiting strange cravings, the sort of thing usually associated with pregnancy. She just wants to try new foods. This morning she asked for salmon and waffles for breakfast."

    Engel tried to hold back her revulsion at the thought of salmon and waffles. "Ugh. Well, at least I know which side of her to thank for last night. Crossfire had me come up with a game for her."

    "Sounds like you appealed to two personalities," she said. "Her third personality has a lot of names: Punchy, Renegade, Rocky. This is her rebellion. She put a lot of energy into fighting the Controller. Now she has a side of herself that fights everything. Not specifically violent, just thrives on conflict."

    "So why didn't she argue with me?" she asked.

    "Annabelle, you weren't a threat to her. There wasn't a challenge. Containing the most disastrous breakout in Hushcobb history? That's a challenge. Add in a game and the original Erika's responsibility and that guaranteed her cooperation," Eliza told her. She smiled. "It's a constant debate in her head. A democracy. Majority rules."

    "So three wanted to get involved, and that was enough to get Erika to actually help." Engel thought about that. If they could just figure out how to manipulate these personalities to want what they wanted..."This might be possible. Still a big gamble."

    "I know." Landel tossed the cup away. "But this job is always a gamble."
  8. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    The trio reconvened at the edge of the village, where they had a view of a rocky formation of hills in the distance. "We spoke with the elder and the other villagers while you were out," Annabelle said. "Local legends says that the Arancol dwells in the caves beneath those hills. Those who go in, never come out; they become food for the Arancol's offspring."

    "This bastard's kept an entire populace in the Dark Ages and worse," Hayato summarized grimly. "Hushcobb mandate demands we take this guy out." He adjusted his backpack, laden with flashlights, lamps, and extra batteries. "At least now we've got weapons that can actually hurt him."

    "Don't get too overconfident, Hayato," Taka advised softly, thinking back to a certain Fae in a certain forest many years ago. "The Arancol is no fool and he's dangerous."

    The trio marched across the badlands for hours, eventually arriving at the mouth of the cave. The sweltering heat gave way to an unnatural chill as soon as they left the beating sun for the nearly oppressive darkness within. Flashlights burned, illuminating their way. Skittering and low growls echoed around them as they maneuvered through the winding tunnel, heading ever deeper into the heart of the earth.

    "We're not alone," Taka murmured.

    "Yeah, no shit, Aniki," Hayato grumbled, a flashlight in one hand and Anna's hand in the other.

    The young surgeon wielded a pistol in her free hand, the barrel shifting to and fro as she tracked the slightest twitch of movement in the shadows. "I really hope that's just a trick of the light," she murmured, though she didn't really believe her own words.

    Droplets of drool from overhead made them turn the beams of their flashlights to the ceiling. Two spider-like creatures with shining mandibles and humanoid torsos clung to the rock above, growling hungrily.

    "What the hell are those?" Anna cried, opening fire. The spider-creatures scattered and dropped to the ground, skittering toward them.

    Hayato drew his sword while Taka brought his pistols to bear. The brothers moved in sync, cutting and shooting in tandem, beating back the two spider-creatures. They retaliated by spraying web-like material at the brothers. Taka rolled away while Hayato was netted and anchored to the ground. The spiders advanced on the trapped young ninja.

    A pistol roared, forcing the spider-creatures away from their prey. "Get the hell away from him!" Anna growled. Taka leaped to his brother's side and, using a knife, cut the younger Tennou free.

    "We're not exactly killing them, Aniki," the freed Hayato noted, swiping his sword back and forth, leaving long cuts along the monsters' flesh.

    "I noticed. They're tougher than they look," Taka agreed. By positioning alone, the spider-creatures had cut the trio off from escaping out of the cave entrance. "Anna! Back further into the cave! Fall back!"
  9. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    "Love, we haven't exactly been doing so hot thus far," Engel said and put a hand on his shoulder. Taka nodded his ascent to that. As missions go, this wasn't going well. Both Engel and Taka must have burned through half their total ammunition already, and only succeeded in killing one Fae. "Kind of wished we had stained glass bullets, since he doesn't seem to like glass."

    "We can talk to Landel and Crippling after we get back, have R&D work it up," Taka replied as he switched clips. "For now we try ecto rounds."

    "The Arancol's not a ghost."

    "He acts like one," he replied tersely. "Maybe these'll scratch his non-physical form."

    Taka spared a glance at the dark pit they were headed towards. This was it. Time to fuck up a Fae.

    The trip down wasn't any more pleasant than what they'd already been through. As they went it seemed to get colder and - though it didn't seem possible - darker. They each turned their LED shoulder mounted lights to maximum, but even still they couldn't see more than a few feet in front of their faces. It was a matter of some annoyance for Engel, seeing Taka still wearing those damned shades in this pitch black. When they finally reached the bottom of the winding stone path they came across...well, they weren't sure. Everything was so dark it just looked like black. Taka's senses made him stop and turn, aiming down with the flashlight. Lying there was a man. His hair was white and his face was contorted in horror like the Arancol's victims. His clothes were baggy, tattered, and covered in dust. The body was leathery, with the skin clinging to the very bones. But the eyes were milky white, without the scarred irises of the dead. It was so cold, Taka could see something from the body he wasn't expecting: breath.

    "He's alive." Engel rushed over and dropped to her knees, examining his pulse and checking his body for responses. The poor man just stared ahead. "Nonresponsive. And his heartbeat's going like crazy, at least 150 bpm."

    "More over here," Hayato announced. He had found another body, this one a woman. She was much the same as the man, though the stomach had a strange bump sticking out of it at least 6 inches in diameter. Green tracks traveled up her arms and legs like veins stuffed with chlorophyll. Looking back at the man, Taka noticed his hands were dark green.

    Engel stepped back, but whipped around in a flash as she stumbled upon more bodies. One was another woman, this one looking like a pregnant skeleton.

    "What the fuck is this?" Hayato demanded in a hushed whisper.

    Taka looked them over. Each one seemed to have some green on them. But it didn't look added on. Fae blood? That was notoriously green. But he had that in his system, too, and he knew it didn't change the color of his blood. Maybe it was the concentration. These people were husks. They had less blood to go around...

    Engel reached the conclusion first. "I think this is some kind of...breeding room. This is where the monsters came from."

    "Shit..." Hayato breathed. "So he just...possesses these guys and makes them do the nasty with him inside them? I'd say the bastard can go fuck himself, but I guess he does that on a regular basis, huh?"

    "Not only that," Taka added, "but these are meta-humans. Anomalies with natural born powers. They're not all Arab, either."

    "Might have some wayward travelers here," Annabelle concluded. "Do you think the Arancol wanted us to see this? Like it would scare us more?"

    Taka looked at the deceptive shadows, seeming to breathe around them. They were enveloped in darkness. He pointed his light where the door should be, but there was just rock.

    "Probably," he said. "Why don't we ask him? He's all around us right now."
  10. I'm sad that fewer people than I thought had enthusiasm for these. -_-
  11. I am willing to work on any and all of these, as a voice actor, think tank, researcher, beta tester, developer, pretty much any and all aspects, so long as I don't have to draw anything...It's the one thing I can't do...

    Of particular interest: Iwaku TCG, Iwaku Theme, voice acting
  12. Oo0oh Everything looks so cool !

    >_< I ignored wiki because I couldn't figure out what to write XD or HOW to write it :3

    I CAN LEND MY VOICE -_- Teehee

    Reading posts with dramatic emphasis sounds fun. It'll be like storytelling. =]

    If I have ideas, I'll let you knowww yup yup
  13. i can do voice and draw color drawings in if ya want paorou.

    and since i play 40k on tabletop, the thought of Asmo's greed intrigues and interests me, so if i can help with that lemme know
  14. For those interested in Asmo's Greed, I made replacement threads in Roleplay Basics.

    For those interested in Iwaku theme and TCG, I am not sure where to put up such threads. In art, perhaps?
  16. Entertainment might work. Or we could make a new Forum or Sub-Forum to house all the various projects.
  17. I regret to say that while I am enthusiastic, I draw like I've drunk several cups of coffee, and my voice sounds like a cat dressed in sandpaper scraped across a chalkboard attached to an amplifier set on maximum distortion. Put short, I stink at art and voice acting. Moreover, you're a considerably better writer than me, making that talent also worthless. If I joined your team, I would hamper progress and destroy projects through my very presence. Please don't accept me into your reconstruction organization.
  18. Pao-sama, we need Pal as a voice actor. At the very least he can voice the comedic relief.
  19. Audio Drama!

    I'm out of practice, but I still like doing voices.
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