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OOC Talk - An Iwaku Halloween

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Delnoir, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Christianity in Japan is actually a really fascinating subject.

    There's even a village in the north that claims that Jesus had a Japanese brother who died on the cross for him, and that Jesus went around preaching and then lived in Japan until he was 109.
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  2. Character Bios

    Well, the Horseman made a bit of a mistake it seems! He destroyed an irradiated candy factory that sat next to a faulty nuclear power plant sending irradiated candy corn throughout the land! Given the sugar shortage, you didn't hesitate to eat a piece when you found it even if Candy Corn tastes like crap! As a result, you've gotten a marvelous Halloween power to do whatever you want with! Well okay, not so much, most of you are going to go stop the Headless Horseman from screwing over Halloween any more. So let's have it!

    Name: Simple enough.
    Gender: Must I explain it?
    Appearance: I don't have a smartass remark for this so just roll with it.
    Powers: Here we are. The meat and potatoes. What's your power? Keep it Halloween themed!
    Background: Go ahead. Lay it on us. Just who is your character? Keep it short/short-medium in length. This is supposed to be something fun, not a character's life story!

    I'll be approving bios at various points. Have at it people!
  3. OOC Talk

    Alright. With this posted, all we have to do is wait for people and then I can get the IC thread up at some point this weekend.
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  5. Re: OOC Talk

    You're damn right adventure ahoy.
  6. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Jack Skellington Shade
    Gender: Male...by the sound of his voice.
    Appearance: Well...he's a skeleton. About 5'11 in height he's all bones and more bones with a top hat and a cane. The remnants of his tux halloween costume hang off his bony exterior and orange lights glow like lanterns in his eye sockets

    Powers: Jenga/Topple-Madness: Jack can fall apart and reassemble at will. His bones pull behind him obediently but in the end, they can be easily picked up or diverted. Jack may reconstruct his bony body in any way he wishes so long as his skull is included somewhere within the construction

    Cane control: Jack has impeccable control over his steel cane, wielding it with ease

    Top Hat Surprise: Connected to his laboratory, the hat churns out small Halloween prank toy inventions with surprising effects. Like spy bats made of rubber...or yo yo spiders.

    Background: Strolling out from his laboratory on All Hallow's eve, Jack foolishly denied every warning he'd ever heard about eating things off the ground and consumed a piece of irradiated candy. Immediately his skin fell off and before he could retrieve it, the Headless Horseman stole it and fed it to his horse...allowing the foul creature to absorb Jack's old powers of ooze transformation and epic blacksmithing. Fueled by rage and a terrible draft between his ribs, Jack is pursuing the Horseman to reclaim the horse...and his skin.

  7. Re: Character Bios

    Since I'm a total pirate, I'll be borrowing Porg's "Green Light" marker for bio approval.
  8. Re: Character Bios

    <b>Name:</b> Vay

    <b>Gender:</b> Male

    <b>Appearance:</b> A whispy trail of white mist that only forms into a kroot when staying still. And even then he is pale and almost transparent.

    <b>Powers:</b> Can pass through most objects that don't contain holiday candy.

    Can turn invisible as long as there are no cats around.

    He can turn solid enough to manipulate light objects, (no heavier than a bicycle)

    <b>Background</b> Vay was at the local wall-mart chugging down irradiated candy corns when he began to choke. Running in circles holding his throat he was unable to get out of the way when a piece of rubble fell from the rising castle and in a desperate attempt to find water separated from his body as it was pinned under the rubble. It is unknown if his body is still alive.

  9. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Lady Alrienne "Reni" Clarke and Marquess
    Gender: Female
    Reni is soft looking, though not plump. Rather, at five feet four inches in height, she projects an air of a woman from a time long past. Her wispy blond curls that fall midway down her back, combined with cornflower blue eyes, reflect her English heritage. Her delicate rosebud lips are pale pink and she dresses in light colors, often in the form of gently sweeping dresses.

    Marquess is the same height, with hair of stark white and lacking all curl or bounce, instead falling in a straight waterfall down to her hips. Her eyes are violet. Dressing in dark colors, she prefers button down shirts and trouser pants. Her most marked difference in appearance from Reni is in her unnatural strength, speed, and overly acute balance and hearing.

    Powers: When Reni ingests candy, she finds herself transformed into the inherently evil and lustful "Marquess". Marquess has several advantages physically, but Reni's mind does not well control the actions of Marquess and she finds it ever more difficult to rein her in. It requires eating candy to turn herself back, as well.

    Reni acquired some candy corn while she was on her college fall break, traveling in the United States. When she swallowed, she began to notice a change overtake her, splitting effectively her personality into dual parts, Reni becoming quite a pristine figure while the Marquess took on all the evil.

    Since then, Reni has stockpiled candy for her uses.

  10. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Colie & King Weavel
    Gender: A female loli and a Plastic Pedothing, we'll assume he's like a GI JOE and just call him a male.


    Death by Chocolate~: More or less a simple distraction spell used by Colie in case the foe appears too powerful for her or Weavel to handle on their own. A large landslide of chocolate candies appear from the sky and splat on the enemy.

    Scary Face!: King Weavel is scary no matter what time of year it is. If his hulk like powers weren't enough, he has learned how to open his demonic looking eyes and mouth revealing something that would make even the most manly of men wet themselves.

    Background: There's not much to know. They are Iwaku's meme crew and they just seem to show up when there's weird stuff happening.

  11. Re: Character Bios

    Why not I'll try my hand at this. Do you really have to ask what I'm playing as.

    Name: Piroko & Pirogeth

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Powers: Multiple Entity: Piroko, Pirogeth is a physical body that has been doubled over in its “soul” count. Due to the irradiated candy that Pirogeth had enjoyed a small gateway was opened in Pirogeth’s mind allowing another “soul” to enter the body. Constant bickering can be heard between the two.

    Vampirism: Piroko can regenerate lost limbs, fly in the air with the help of his wings, and even control the creatures of the night, bats. His intense understanding of his new found power leads him to seek the stronger to become better.

    Taste In Blood: While Piroko can be quite the vampire he still needs things to survive and that for him is blood. If he has to drink it why not some of the better blood he can find. Preferably he steals from young maidens.

    Limitations (Piroko): While Piroko is around he can only exist in the moonlight. Any other light would otherwise kill him. Thus he keeps to the shade as much as possible. His blood is also a need and must be filled every night otherwise both Piroko and Pirogeth die.

    Limitations (Pirogeth): Although Pirogeth does hold the soul of a vampire within him, he himself is not bound to the vampire’s limitations but neither has the power. In the day he is completely open to attack.

    Background: As said before Piroko was spawned from a mishap with irradiated candy. Ever since then Pirogeth has been at war for total control over his body. Although it sounds serious the battles can actually be quite comedic and funny to watch.

    During the day Pirogeth takes over, an average and meager lot. His mind power is the only way to go about the day. His social relations with others are not that of a popular person but he gets noticed while Piroko is around.

    Piroko, the menace of seduction who seems to just want his share of blood. During the night he is constantly trying to coax a meal out of a young lady. His taste in blood has really earned Pirogeth some finger pointing from others and it has only been a day or two after the incident!

  12. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Marlene Hughes


    Marlene is the average girl who blends into the crowd. She's about average height, five foot five, medium build with a light brown complexion and dark brown eyes. She wears eyeglasses instead of contacts and wears her long black hair in a ponytail. Her outfits are warm and comfortable: jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

    The candy granted Marlene the ability to control her shadow in a number of ways. The shadow is an extension of herself and is weak against artificial light. If it's damaged while she's controlling it, she takes the damage, too. It also cannot stand to be very far from Marlene and needs physical contact with her when tangible every few minutes or they both begin to weaken.

    Tangibility: Basically the only way Marlene can control her shadow is if it's tangible. It takes one of two forms: your intangible average shadow and a solid black thing that looks like a black cat with dark brown eyes.

    Dimension: The black cat can shift into three sizes: the size of a mouse (smallest), the size of a normal house cat (the size it takes most often), and the size of a horse (largest). It can fit through most holes when the size of a mouse while in its largest form, it has strength exceeding your average tiger. In all three forms, it is quick and can jump high (actual height of jumps varies).

    A shy, geeky senior in high school, Marlene was desperate for sugar when she came across a piece of candy corn. She hadn't eaten anything all day, too busy stressing out over a big project to think about food.

    Unfortunately she had no idea that candy corn was irradiated. Not only did it give her quite the stomachache but it had the strangest effect on her shadow!

  13. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Noodles
    Gender: Female
    Show Spoiler

    Was once human, but now a weredog.
    -Sense of Smell-
    Noodles has an incredible sense of smell, like most other dogs. This enables her to find and locate hard to find items or people. Her nose is able to differentiate between millions of different kinds of smells.

    She can run free and wild as fast as any other dog but since she has no opposable thumbs, is easily trapped within spaces with doors and doorknobs, and the like.

    Noodles can speak with her own voice (thankfully), though the sound is often tainted by whimpering noises.

    Her bark is a lot softer than her bite. She is able to nip and tear with her jaws and teeth if she clenches her jaw hard enough.
    Background:Noodles was out in the backyard when her pet dog when several candy corn pieces fell from the sky. She thought it was strange and bent down closer to look at the brightly coloured candy. Picking one up, she sniffed it and was about to pop it into her mouth (just for fun) when her dog leapt up and tried to wrestle the piece off her.

    After a short struggle, she hastily popped it into her mouth (without realising that a tiny piece of dog hair had caught onto the sticky outside). Of course, the candy was radioactive and transformed her into a dog not too different from her own pet. In the distance, she heard the maniacal laughter of the headless horseman and vowed to hunt him down and get him to transform her back! Woe is she, to be stuck as a dog and to have other neighbourhood pets sniff her behind!

  14. Re: Character Bios

    Doctor Rugsy


    Powers: Plot Exposition. (Rugsy has a recurring tendency to stare into the distance and sum up everything that's happened so far). He's also part-rug.

    Background: Rugsy was originally Doctor Rugsenstein, the most highly qualified and prominent Dentist in Iwaku. He treated the first wave of patients brought in after the Mutant Candycorn epidemic. He was working on a cure for the mutations when the Headless Horseman blew up his surgery, killing everyone inside. The only thing that crawled from the burning wreckage was Rugsy... a strange... 12ft tall... rug-based... alien thing... that wanted revenge... or something.... yeah...

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  15. Re: Character Bios

    Doctor Fluffy



    Doctor Fluffy has an army of moe catgirls that kidnap children every Halloween so she can operate on their teeth. She is basically a crazy lady who loves to watch people suffer. She uses her charms, sexiness, hypnotizing kitty eyes of cuteness and candy bribes to attract her victims as does her little army.

    She is mean, grouchy, hates kids and hates candy. So, she takes the hatred out on silly people that require dental assistance! You could say she is a minion of the headless horseman because, well, she is evil in this story and idolizes him. No one knows why she's turn into the way she is. Rumour has it that she experienced a most unfortunate divorce, which turned her into a sour puss.

  16. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Tyler Crane
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Powers: The Gummy Army: TC controls an army of gummy candies.
    Background: TC is a mad scientist, while enjoying his last bag of gummy bears, he accidently swallowed an irradiated piece of candy corn he was studying. He suddenly had no more appetite for the gummy candy.

    The candy then become animated and rearranged his lab to create all sorts of gummy creatures, though all still bite sized.

  17. Re: Character Bios

    If you've got a green light tag you're good to go.

    Kitti, I'm a tad foggy on your powers. Is split personalities it or do each of them have something unique to them?
  18. Re: Character Bios

    Name: Jeanie "The Jester" Jeevas

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Lethal Laughter: Can look at a foe and giggle, causing the foe to break out into uncontrollable laughter and not be able to stop for several hours.

    Insane Acrobatics: Has the acrobatic skill and flexibility of a contortionist in Cirque Du Solel.

    Background: Was working at a kid's birthday party as a clown when candy corn came raining down from the sky. Without a parent to tell her not to eat candy from an unknown source, she picked several pieces off of the floor and ate them.

    She now believes she is a superhero, prefers to be called "The Jester", and will giggle at anyone that calls her otherwise.

  19. Re: Character Bios



    helmet looks like this:


    Powers: He has the ability to walk and drive around without a head. He also wields a motorcycling helmet which he uses like a bowling ball, a basket ball, or an oversized baseball. His primary method of combat however, is his motorcycling skills and his latino accent.

    Since he is a wandering spirit, he cannot be killed, only banished or sealed away by esoteric rituals. However, as he is a vengeful spirit (one class above your ordinary bear) most standard rituals will only hold temporarily. (Like, a few minutes or so.)

    However, he is weak against little girls because they are full of YOUTH and UNMANLY. This weakens this spirit of an old man. (However, wimpy boys and homosexuals only enrage him, despite possessing said qualities.)

    If he gets his head back, it is said he will become a beautiful swan that will fly off towards his crystal palace in the moon above the clouds.

    Background: He was an old man leisurely driving down the highway nacional one day, when his head was lopped off by the Headless Horseman. it is said, he aimlessly searched for his head for 3 days and 3 nights, and only found his helmet 3 meters down the highway.

    It was only then that he died in a fit of rage.

    His CORAZON fueled by the righteous fury of vengeance, his ALMA was reborn, possessing the helmet and the Motorcycle. He began driving north towards the land of freedom and blonde bimbos (America) to find the Headless Horseman and take pics steal back his head.

    After overcoming the combined might of the border patrol, he has found his way to this town... deprived of candies and sweets. it was a sign to him, that tonight would be a night of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, and not the childish, womanly HALLOWEENIE of the GRINGOS.

    It is tonight, then, that the spirits of his PADRINO and his MAMA would be vindicated as he rids this world of the DIABLO that is the Headless Horseman.

    He was about to paint the PUEBLO with CRIMSON.

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