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  1. Back after the Crash, and whats the perfect role play for the situation ? Age of Androids.

    So, Anyone who was previously involved and would like to still participate please post your continued interest and I will re post the I.C thread (as close to the original as I can get it). Don't bother posting Character sheets until enough people show their continued or new interest.

    So until then, fellow Android hunters, farewell

    - October Knight


    Here is the basic plot again for any new comers who may want to join.

    The year is 2400ad. After a Major computer crash that left all major computers un-operational the world is in chaos. Along with the computers went the Androids, most of whom went homicidal against their human creators. Prior to the "Great Crash", as it is often times referred to by the survivors, Androids were in all walks of life including, but not limited to Public safety, customer service, the armed forces and government jobs. They were once a great help to the human race especially after the creation of the emotion simulation implant chips, but after the crash all hell broke loose and the slaughter began.
  2. I'm still in.
  3. me too i hope everyone comes back.
  4. I'm still in!!

    And I made a goddamn map too! XP I had to remember locations from memory because of the great crash! Does that mean we have to repost our characters when there's enough interest?

  5. Awesome...Looks pretty good. Yea I think we should re post the sheets, but wait till I say.
  6. Yeah, i may make Wolf alot different though. I lost my backup CDs, they got damaged...
  7. I might add a bit to mine as well. I hate to make her so weak. *plots and waits*
  8. NAME: Lilah Rihane Bayscott
    Age: 16yrs
    Gender: female
    Race: human
    Class: Civilian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Persona: Lilah as a very artistic mind and way of seeing the world. For the most part she is kind, welcoming and unafraid to meet new people or speak her mind if need be. She plays the silent and cold treatment to anyone whose associated with the creation, progression, and downfall of androids. Androids and the people who made them are the reason for her mothers death ( from what her father told her), and so she despises anyone associated with androids and doesn't seen them as a means to take over the jobs of all humans. She'd rather they were all destroyed and that humanity could focus on other humans to improve technology because she believes that's the only way that things are going to get better for mankind.
    Equipment/Weapons: Purse with pepper spray, credit/debit card, $15.73 in cash, anger management for dumbies, note book, color pencil case, pencils pens, and a pencil sharpener. She also carries around one of her father's army knives for disarming unconscious android and a pistol to begin destruction.
    Short Bio: Lilah believed she had the almost perfect life that others wanted. She had a older brother that lived out of state but kept in touch and up to date with his life. She had parents that supported her some extent on her art projects and means of living. She was attending one of the best schools in the city and it wasn't even a prep school with rich classy snobs that all owned brand new cars from their mommies and their daddies. Life was good until her mother was killed in a horrific car accident involving an android that had stolen a car and ran a red light slamming right into her moms car. Her mother was killed instantly but not due to the impact of the cars. The android lunged out of the front of the car and into her mothers. Pulling her mother out and throwing her a hundred feet her so into oncoming traffic.

    Thus grew Lilah's hatred to the android and humanoid race. Anyone involving the production of androids was an enemy to Lilah and her friends(most of them at least). Lilah lost friends because they told her that it wasn't the androids fault but it was an accident. Lilah wouldn't hear of such nonsense and all her current art projects were put on hold. She became distant to her father and stopped writing letters or emails to her brother. She stayed at home but left from time to time and didn't come back to later and sometimes the next day or two. She was working out and plan and finding anyone who would support her in the destruction of androids. She wanted them gone and have them pay for the death of her mother and all others who suffered similar and different fates due the androids. They were going down, every last one of them.
  9. Ok Ok.Well at work today I got to thinking we can just start from scratch as far as the Ic goes. I am going to change my character a bit as well....and of coarse my intro post will be quite a bit different..........sound good?

    Another note: please be patient with me.......Ill try my hardest to get it up in the next couple days but i just started a new job so things is a little slow...

    I think thats everyone: So we can go ahead and Post the new and improved Character sheets now. Ill probably post mine tonight.


    p.s. Thank you all for re joining!!! And thanks for the Map BM.

    -October Knight


    Appearance: (Pictures ok as well)
    Short Bio:
  10. Astorath sat the plate with the omelette before her. Between the folds of the egg white omelette were tomatoes and other fresh produce. On the side of the omelette was the sliced avocado.
  11. Okay, I've decided to make my character totally different from the one I had before... October, let me know if this character is ok. And no probs! It was fun making the map!

    Name: Penny 'Pluto' Cox
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Humanoid
    Class: Civilian
    Before Operation

    After Operation to 75% of her body

    Persona: Pluto used to be open and friendly before the great crash but since then, has grown weary and distrustful due to her hybrid make up. She is naturally timid and gentle, and shies away from violence. She is frightened that one day, her mechanical body won't obey her any longer and that she will become one of the mindless, murderous rogue androids that are roaming the land.
    Equipment/Weapons: Small shoulder bag with supplies containing water, scraps of food, two flares, a torch and a reading book.
    Short Bio: At the tender age of 17, Pluto and her then boyfriend had gotten involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, leaving Pluto without her left leg and arms as well as severing all movement below her shoulders and her boyfriend a six foot deep grave.

    For three long years, she lay without movement in her hospital bed where she was taken care of by her mother (her father had left them when she was a young child). A few months after her 20th birthday, Pluto was offered the chance to become a test subject for ExoCo, mechatronic and highly advanced engineering company that specialised in biomechanics. With nothing to lose, she accepted and, from then on, became the first person on the entire globe to have her entire skeleton fitted with ExoCo's new nano-technology, as well as new mechanical limbs which allowed her to regain much of the movement she had lost through the accident and more.

    The operation took thirteen months to perform and on her 22nd birthday, Pluto felt what it was like to walk and move again after five long years. However, the joy didn't last as long as it should have, for the following year, the Great Crash occurred which sent the entire world into oblivion and ExoCo into bankruptcy. Pluto was forced into hiding with her mother after being ridiculed and assaulted for being part machine. The year went on and slowly, civilisation crumbled and all that was left was a shadow of glory that was the human race that once ruled the world. People were maimed and murdered by rogue androids, including Pluto's mother who met an unfortunate end while trying to protect her only daughter. Will the world ever be the same again? Will Pluto's mechanical half turn her into the mindless murdering androids humanity once controlled?
  12. So, I want to thank all of my Co-GMs for all the help and advice they gave me along the way for this game. Having you guys to help definitely improved my own performance.

    I want to give a special shout out to @Josh M who stepped up to not only give a stellar performance that probably beats even his long-remembered Cosmo performance, but to also be very proactive with ideas and suggestions for the game. He was extremely passionate for this. You know the drill with your grammar, Josh, and how you're not always the most coherent, but I know you try your best. Just keep writing and keep improving.

    As for this game... wow, uh, I had a planning PM open for it a year before it even went up. Even though a good majority of the early ideas ended up used in the final product, the game didn't turn out exactly as I had expected. That's far from a bad thing, though. It was meant to not only be a spiritual successor to Monokuma Rising, but a direct successor to School Daze. Unfortunately both games happened so long ago that I doubt anyone but myself got any of the references or callbacks to either of those games, but hey, at least I made them. You'll recall some NPCs in School Daze who ended up appearing here (Such as Diana/Jude/Byakuya/Bailey/Simon/Klim).

    The murder mysteries were fun to plot out, though I am definitely burned out on them for a while. The next game we have kills, please don't make me a traitor as I probably will give you kills like "so, uh, he bashes the guy over the head, yeah."

    All in all, it was a giant ride and I'm thankful for the players for engaging with my ideas. (Special thanks to @Yun Lee for being such a huge part of the trials). I hope everyone had fun and didn't get too confused with those trials.

    @Verite You'll get your damn Makoto x Kyoko soon.
  13. Posted! Yay! So exciting!

    FYI, October, I placed my character near yours but it's entirely up to you if you'd like Lance to interact with Pluto :)
  14. Yea I saw that, good post BTW. Well Lance is going to Sector 1 in search of food, Maybe Pluto would like to travel with him for a bit maybe Lance could offer her some protection ? Thats up to you.

    Another thing. Lance has a deep hatred for Androids so perhaps forming a relationship with Pluto would be a good thing for him as she is half and half, so to speak.

    So I guess In my next post Ill have lance stop for gas or something and discover Pluto outside the store she was leaving at the end of your post, is that cool?
  15. I'll get the info on the Klactons and the squad up asap
  16. Ok, October - I'll work towards that :) It would be an interesting thing to explore!!
  17. The Klacton

    An extremely secretive race that inhabits a small region of remote space. Not much is known about them and interplanetary law gives them their right to self-government. Not overtly hostile and with no interest in trade with other races not much is known about their level of technology other that what was learned during minor border dispute with Earth ten years ago and a small number of other battles where they would side with one party or another and then scavenge from the battlefield and leave. Their ships are fast and seem to be equipped with some sort of stealth technology, while not heavily armed they have the disturbing habit of appearing they they are neither expected nor wanted and are often spotted far from Klacton space though the Klacton always deny this.

    On the ground they have tho opposite doctrine. Their warriors stand up to 2 meters tall and it is unknown if they ever stop growing throughout their lives. Roughly humanoid these reptilian creatures have large powerful shoulders and broad flat heads. Their scales are a light green or gray and their yellow eyes have slit pupils. They communicate to each other in a low hissing that appears to be a tonal based language though some have been able to learn the languages of some of the other race, and most officers appear to be fluent in the trade language. In combat they wear heave armour and value heavy infantry with vehicles either providing transport or heavy fire support. Their armour consists of a helmet, sealed or open depending on the atmosphere, heavy chest plate extending to protect the stomach and camouflaged pants, jacket and heavy boots that seem to be made of a light metal alloy.

    Their main infantry weapon a rifle that fires photon streams similar to a razor at a rapid rate. Under the barrel is a powered saw made from an unknown carbon composite that has been observed to cut through the toughest armour like paper. The whine of the electric motor powering these blades has become feared by everyone that has faced the business end of a klacton rifle in melee combat. Other weapons include a plasma cannon that is rested on the shoulder for firing plasma burst over a long range, it is mainly used against vehicles or dug in positions.

    The strike carrier "Karak sia" translated as “Scorched Earth”:

    The prototype for an entire class of strike carriers the Scorched Earth has been under construction for a little under 3 years. Her name is a reference to the triple mounted into-surface guns to provide fire-support for troops on the ground. They can be configured for pinpoint strikes that will reduce a small area into a big crater or a wide area spread that can supply a continued bombardment over a large area. Currently she has a minimal crew and is undergoing field testing.

    NAME:Commander Kralvok:
    Age: 38 (human years)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Klacton
    Class: Commander/soldier
    Appearance: 2 meters tall and with gray scales and vivid yellow eyes, he has a wits scar below his right eye.
    Persona: An understanding sort Kralvok is considered an eccentric commander favoring speed ans pinpoint strikes over massed raids, it has been often said he should be a fleet admiral rather that an infantry commander. Despite his unusual tactics he is highly regarded by the men under him not only for his command style but because he always leads from the ground rather than from orbit. The only thing known to anger him is insubordination, at all other times even in combat he remains calm.
    Equipment/Weapons: Standard infantry kit with assault rifle. Troop carrier.
    Short Bio: Born into the army he excelled in cadet training any was granted early entry into the war academy and fast-tracked into the officer program. For unknown reasons he was also given training in front-line combat under the most brutal trainer in Klacton history, Commander Ichor. Being amongst ten survivors out of a class of thirty he was given his first assignment in the Preegal conflict against human forces. It was there that he gained a respect for the humans and their androids and there the seeds for his idea for his current mission where planted.
  18. Sodato is making a picture for the strike carrier so i'll post the when its done^^
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