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    • In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.

      On the edge of the Calixis Sector, within the frontier of the Periphery, conflict rages. The secessionist forces of the Severan Dominate, led by their traitor Duke Severus XIII, wage a desperate defence against the onslaught of an Ork war-host led by Warlord Ghenghiz Grimtoof. Dark Eldar raid human settlements and drag prisoners screaming into their labyrinthine sub-reality, unchecked and unconstrained by those who should be fighting against them. Agents of the Ruinous Powers move freely through this desolate region of space, carrying out insidious missions in the name of their eldritch Gods.

      This is the Spinward Front.

      And into this fray steps the forces of the Emperor.


      Drawn from a seemingly-infinite number of planets across known space, the soldiers of the Imperial Guard are the backbone of the Emperor's might. Against the varied and powerful enemies of the Imperium, many of which are often far stronger than an ordinary human soldier, they fight with combined tactics and overwhelming military firepower. They are the first and final line of defence, the spearhead of Imperial power, ever the first to be sent into combat and ever ready to fight to the last.

      You are one soldier in this gargantuan military structure, a Guardsman of the 232nd Elysian Drop Troops Regiment hailing from the verdant world of Elysia. Trained and drilled in the art of entering battle from the skies, you and your comrades specialise in surprise attacks and unconventional missions performed behind enemy lines. Once in the field, little support from command can be offered: your survival rests entirely upon skill, luck and the cohesion of your squad.

      And soon these skills will be put to the test as a new front on the battle for the devastated War World of Kulth opens up. Together with your squadmates, you shall take the fight to the enemies of the Emperor.

      “The enemy commanders think themselves safe from the Emperor's wrath behind kilometres of fortifications and legions of warriors. They did not account for us. Make your peace with the Emperor, men - we drop in two minutes.”
      - Colonel Johanna van Meer, Elysian 13th 'Helldivers' Drop Troops

    • Elysia is an isolated but civilised Imperial World out on the edges of a colonised spur of territory within the Segmentum Sector. As it is on the fringes of Imperium-controlled territory the untamed worlds, asteroid fields and barren moons that make up the nearby region are a notorious haven for pirates, rogues and slavers. It falls to the planetary defence forces of Elysia to police these dangerous elements lest they overrun the sector.

      As such, the soldiers of this planet are well-versed in ship-to-ship boarding, orbital assaults and other unconventional methods of warfare, as these are often the only effective methods of combating the foes they regularly face at home. Such skills mark them as invaluable assets for Imperial Guard generals across the galaxy, and the renowned 'Drop Troops' of Elysia are in high demand.

      The 232nd Regiment is a recently inaugurated force of volunteers that has only just arrived at the Spinward Front from their homeworld; though all have experience serving as part of their planetary defence force, none have yet seen combat as part of the Imperial Guard. Each of them has received intense training in grav-chute drops from high-orbit (or from Valykrie assault carriers) as well as in survival skills, and all of them are practised marksmen who know how to make full use of the Accatran Pattern Mark IV Lasgun (bullpup-style Lasgun with an integrated lamp pack) they are armed with in the field.

      Their ranks have been bolstered by veterans from a few of the other Elysian regiments operating in the Periphery. These veterans can be found acting as sergeants, officers and other leading figures.

      Though their reputation as one of the famed regiments from Elysia precedes them, the guardsmen of the 232nd have rather cold relations with regiments who do not hail from their home world. Drop troops are generally viewed by “ordinary” guardsmen as unorthodox at best or outright lunatics at worst; who the hell is willing to leap out of a perfectly good Valkyrie, after all?

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        The Severan Dominate is a secessionist Human empire under the personal control of Severus XIII, it was originally part of the Imperium and consisting of worlds Severus acquired in the Periphery Sub-Sector of the Calixis Sector. When the region began to plunge into chaos during the Spinward Front wars, Severus announced his annexation of the worlds under his influence into a private fiefdom, popularizing the move as a revolution against Imperial tyranny.

        Beset on all sides by enemies, the Severan Dominate somehow continues to withstand them all if only tenuously. Thanks to Severus' many agents and orators, its populations still rally to the cause of their despotic master and willingly renounce the rule of the Imperium. Militarily, the Dominate maintains a small but capable army of mainly PDF troops and mercenaries.
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        WAAAGH! Grimtoof is the Ork WAAAGH! under the control of the Ork Warlord Ghenghiz Grimtoof which slammed into the Periphery Sub-sector of the Segmentum Obscurus' Calixis Sector in 814.M41. The massive Ork assault forced the Sub-sector Governor Duke Severus XIII to request aid from the Sector Governor Marius Hax, who mobilised the Calixis Sector's military reserves to meet the Greenskin invasion. Even as the forces of the Imperial Guard poured into what the Departmento Munitorum soon designated as the Spinward Front, Severus XIII used the chaos caused by the invasion to secede from the Imperium, creating the independent pocket empire in the Periphery known as the Severan Dominate. At present, a three-way war is under way in the Spinward Front between the forces of the Imperium, the Severan Dominate and the Ork WAAAGH!

        Several of those worlds the Warlord’s forces have captured have not been razed to ashes, nor their populations slaughtered for food or for sport. Rather, they have been taken largely intact and their populations have been enslaved in sprawling, forced labour camps and slave-foundries, forced at gunpoint to manufacture the crude arms and ammunition used by the barbarous Orks. This turn of events signals a failure on the part of the Imperium, for it means the Orks have been allowed to consolidate their gains to such an extent that their migration is becoming an occupation. Previous experience teaches that if the Orks are allowed to establish a new stellar empire, their inexorable pattern of strife and migration will make a new invasion inevitable.
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        Imperial Command has not officially confirmed the presence of the piratical and murderous Dark Eldar within the Spinward Front, but that has not stopped the troops from talking. Dark rumours persist about the methods that Duke Severus XIII resorted to in order to consolidate control of his would-be empire. Rumours of deals cut with an outcast faction of the Eldar's twisted cousins, known as the Children of Thorns.

        These stories have been given further credence by refugees and prisoners of the Severan Dominate, who speak of realspace raids conducted by a Dark Eldar Haemonculus Tevriel Vektesh, in particular out on the fringes of the Periphery. It is not known how many unfortunate people caught up in the war have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the dark recesses of the Eldar Webway, but one thing is clear; if there is truth to these stories, it is only a matter of time before the armies of the Imperium clash with the Dark Eldar.

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      Once upon a time, this planet was the lush seat of a would-be kingdom.

      Now it is a blasted, broken and desolate place, ripped apart by multiple invasions and bitter warfare.

      Though arguably the seat of power of the Severan Dominate, Kulth is now a hotly-contested War World beset by both Imperial Forces and the Ork hosts of the WAAAGH! Grimtoof. Dominate armies are heavily entrenched within their remaining territory, and reports by Imperium spies hidden amongst them shows an increase in activity there.

      The Severan Dominate has begun a mass-excavation by order of Duke Severus XIII himself. For what purpose, it is unclear, but its location in the mountains means it is difficult to hit with ranged artillery as well as heavily defended by existing rebel forces. The commanders of the Imperial Guard occupying Kulth have clearly deemed it serious enough to open up a new front aimed at piercing into Dominate territory in order to stop it.

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      • Have fun. This is the golden rule.
      • Don't be a dick.
      • You WON'T be rolling dice and stuff for this RP. It's freeform, dammit.
      • We're aiming for a 'Band of Brothers meets the grim darkness of the future' sort of feel; camaraderie, loyalty under fire, leaping out of aircraft and other assorted things.
      • Decisive posts that actively push the plot forward are great. Passive posts that only react to what has already transpired are a waste of fucking time.
      • I'm going to try and provide maps and other assorted resources to properly show the situations the squad finds itself in; players are going to need to work together to figure out smart ways to deal with these. Assuming they want their characters to survive, that is.
      • Though I'm totally open to different character ideas should you have them, bear in mind that there are some kinds of characters that are prohibited in this RP: check the 'Character Creation' tab for more details.
      • No, but seriously: have fun.
      • [​IMG]

        In Only War: To The Last, you play the role of an Elysian Drop Trooper fighting on a newly opened front of the battle for Kulth. You're not an inhumanly powerful Space Marine, you're not some special forces super-soldier; you're just an ordinary man or woman trained in an unconventional method of warfare, fighting alongside your comrades in arms in the name of the Emperor.

        When creating your character, there are a few important things to consider.

        Drop trooper squads are expected to be pretty autonomous once deployed, as it can often be difficult to resupply and support them on missions. As such, there are a variety of roles each member of the squad can fulfil in the field:
        • Heavy Weapons Specialist – Often the strongest and toughest members of the squad, these are the guys who bring the heavy weapons to bare against the enemy. Which heavy weapon they use often comes down to personal preference, though Elysian squads often utilise mortars and heavy bolters as part of two-man teams, or else pack flamers and missile launchers.
        • Medic – In combat, people are going to get hurt. It is the duty of the medic to ensure that their squad-mates remain in fighting condition, or else to stabilise severely-injured troops so that they can be evacuated. These troopers have received additional training in basic medicae and chymistry, and are equipped with specialised medicae equipment to aid their efforts in the field.
        • Vox-Tech – Out in the field, communication is vital. The squad's Vox-Tech is the guy who carries the Vox-Caster, a reliable radio wave communication device used to transmit over long distances, including to and from orbiting vessels. They can contact other squads in the area as well as call in for support, and as such can be seen as the squad's only lifeline to friendly forces.
        • Sharpshooter – Given that Elysian troops often utilise surprise attacks and ambushes, as well as their focus on marksmanship, it is no surprise that their squads often bring troopers who specialise in long-range shooting. These troopers are often equipped with a Long-Las Rifle, a specially modified version of the Lasgun constructed for added range and accuracy.
        • Demolitions Specialist – Sabotage behind enemy lines can cripple the opposition's ability to conduct a successful defence against the Imperium's onslaught, and there are fewer ways more effective to sabotage something than by blowing it up. Augmenting their loadout with explosive devices, demolition specialists can wreck havoc on enemy facilities.

        These are, of course, only suggested positions. If you have an idea for a role you would like your character to fill, give the GM a shout.

        There are some character types that won't be found in the squad, however:
        • Ogryn – Because seriously, how the fuck are you going to fit one on a Valkyrie, much less teach them to operate a Grav-Chute?
        • Ratlings – Though they're bloody good shots, they're not big enough to operate Grav-Chutes.
        • Commissars – The Commissars of the 232nd are fewer in number than in other regiments, and as such are attached to whole battalions rather than individual squads.
        • Sanctioned Psykers – A psyker's far more focused and specialised training means that they aren't found amongst the ranks of the 232nd.
        • Tech-Priest Enginseer – The squad doesn't have any vehicles or machinery that requires the attention of an Enginseer.
        • Sisters of Battle – DEAL WITH IT, KOORI.

        Elysian Drop Troopers have a standard loadout that each trooper is equipped with before being sent into the field. This loadout is:

        STANDARD LOADOUT (open)
        • Mark IV Accatran Pattern Lasgun - The standard weapon used by Drop Troops, a shortened bullpup lasgun.
        • Charge Cells, x5
        • Combat Knife
        • Elysian Flak Armour – Designed to be lighter and easier to manoeuvre in, Elysian-made flak armour is constructed of cast, lightweight synth-plast, which provides good protection without weighing the trooper down and allowing them to carry extra equipment. Standard-issue armour consists of chest and back plate, with attachment points for the trooper's respirator and grav-chute, and attached shoulder pads. Additional elbow and knee pads are worn by most troopers, providing extra protection on landing and in combat, though some veterans will disregard them after landing to save on weight.
        • Grav-Chute - Utilising an anti-gravitic suspensor field to counter the pull of gravity and slow the user's descent towards the ground, the Grav-Chute is the drop trooper's primary method of combat insertion. Two small jets on either side above the shoulders offer extra braking and manoeuvrability.
        • Type 5 Pressure Helmet - Elysian Drop Troops are equipped with these specially crafted helmets, which come with built-in respirators and breathing apparatuses intended for low-oxygen, high-altitude drops or for deployment in hostile environments like the vacuum of space or on worlds with toxic atmospheres.
        • Micro-bead - A Micro-bead or Comm-bead is a short-range radio wave communication device worn in the ear, good for communication out to about one kilometre (depending on weather conditions and intervening terrain). Each fits discretely in the ear.
        • Photo-Visor - These advanced lenses are designed to increase the amount of light waves hitting the retina of the eye, which enhances low-light vision to that point that even on the darkest nights its users can see almost as well as in full daylight.
        • Frag Grenades, x3
        • Smoke Grenades, x3
        • Mark IV Combat Backpack - This combat backpack is comprised of durable metal composites, containing the soldier's air supply and any other vital supplies like rations and water. This piece of equipment was designed to be used in conjunction with the Type 5 pressure helmets.
        • Uniform
        • Poor Weather Gear
        • Basic Toolkit
        • Mess Kit & Water Canteen
        • 4 weeks' Rations
        • Survival Suit - When working in harsh and extreme planetary weather conditions, survival suits are a must for Imperial Guard personnel. No matter if it is too hot or too cold, the suit can maintain proper body temperature and hydration via its excellent insulation capabilities. Using the differential between body temperature and outside temperature to drive thermoelectric power cells, the suit also has reclamation systems for turning sweat into drinking water. Most survival suits come complete with a hood, as well as goggles to protect the head and face. While it does not protect forever, for medium duration emergencies it can help sustain life until a rescue.
        • Blanket & Sleep Bag
        • Rechargeable Lamp Pack - Sturdy and reliable, glow-globes illuminate many an Imperial paveway and cathedral. Most portable ones are roughly the size of a clenched fist and can shine strong, yellowish light a dozen or so metres in width, lasting roughly five hours before their power pack needs recharging or replacing.
        • Grooming Kit
        • Dog Tags
        • Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - A standard-issue Imperial text that covers a vast variety of topics, from the principles and regulations of the Imperial Guard to issued arms, attire, apparatus and equipment, basic battlefield policy and Imperial Guard organisational structure, elementary battlefield medical instructions, as well as a detailed guide on the foes of the Imperium. No Guardsman should ever be found without possession of a copy of the Uplifting Primer for the punishment is severe.

        In addition, some of the squad specialists may be armed with additional weapons and/or equipment.


        NAME: (What is your character called? Do they have any nicknames yet?)
        RANK: (What rank does your character hold? Most, if not all, of the squad will be starting as Privates, but battlefield promotions do happen.)
        SPECIALITY: (What role does your character fill within the squad?)

        APPEARANCE: (Pics preferred, though no anime images if at all possible: it just doesn't fit the game.)

        PERSONALITY: (What sort of person is your character?)
        NOTEABLE SKILLS: (All of the characters are trained to a certain standard, but what is your character especially good at? This should fit into the role they play in the squad.)
        BACKGROUND: (What was life like for your character before they joined the Imperial Guard? Why did they volunteer for off-world service?)

        NOTEABLE EQUIPMENT: (In addition to the standard loadout, is there any other gear that your character is equipped with? This will likely fit into their squad role, though it can also include personal effects.)

        RELATIONSHIP WITH REST OF SQUAD: (What sort of relations does your character have with the other members of the squad? Do they have a best friend? A rival? Someone they butt heads with regularly? Feel free to leave this blank initially and update it as other characters come in.)


      • [​IMG]

        Watch this space.
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  2. NAME: Jeremia Kores
    RANK: Sergeant
    SPECIALITY: Squad Leader

    PERSONALITY: Pensive, thoughtful, perhaps even taciturn outside of combat, Sergeant Jeremia Kores comes across as something of a warrior-poet at times. Some may find his cool, professional demeanour reassuring, others may find his whole 'stoic' thing rather grating. Nonetheless, his experience serving as part of the Imperial Guard is something he is keen to impart upon and share with his squad; he's grown fond of the guardsmen under his command during training and their journey to the Spinward Front, and he hopes that he can get them through combat as intact as possible.
    • Sergeant Kores knows how to keep a cool head in stressful and dangerous situations.
    • A veteran of Elysia's forces, Kores has plenty of experience under his belt and can use this to keep himself and his squad out of harm's way.
    • Though he's quieter than some sergeants in the regiment, when it comes to commanding and getting others to listen Kores is excellent at making his presence and orders known.
    BACKGROUND: Military service is a tradition in Kores' family; his forebears and relatives have served as part of Elysia's forces all across the known galaxy, and he himself has been expected to live up to this legacy since birth. After a tour of service in his homeworld's planetary defence force, Jeremia quickly volunteered for off-world service in hopes of upholding his family's prestige.

    His first tour saw him serving out in the Jericho Reach, where he and his regiment fought against Tau forces on the Greyhell Front. The Elysians were regularly cut off from Imperial lines and suffered brutal losses, but Jeremia managed to pull through each mission (though often by the skin of his teeth).

    Several years of combat later, the newly-appointed Sergeant Kores was pulled from the Jericho Reach and sent back home to Elysia, one of the many veterans assigned to the newly formed 232nd Regiment. Having seen his squad through training, he now joins them in travelling to a new theatre of war: the Spinward Front.

    • Combat Shotgun, 'VERITAS' etched onto the barrel
    • Red-dot Laser Sight, attached to his Lasgun
    • Deck of cards

    Terrick Vesperin - He's got a good trigger-finger on him, but the man's too jovial: he doesn't seem to appreciate the severity of the conflict he's in. Hell of a card player, though.
    Greis Carthex - Kores respects the Corporal's skill and piety, but is disturbed by his preponderance for life and death. When the chips are down and the bullets are flying, however, he's glad to know that if something should happen to him Carthex is on hand to step in.
    Ishmael Straun - A quiet one, but worth listening to when he has something to say. The man shows promise, should he manage to survive long enough.
    Peter Baeur - Even amidst a newly-formed regiment, Peter is about as green as they come. The sergeant hopes he can beat some know-how into him before his inexperience gets him killed.
    Janna Aiar - Girl's got a problem with authority, and she isn't afraid to express it. That temperament means she's a solid Vox Operator, but it could well land her in serious bother one of these days.
    Xander Aperion - Too nervous and caught up in the opinions of his squad-mates. That should pass after a few engagements, though, assuming he doesn't get blown to pieces.
    Dominic Kross - Kid's got guts, volunteering to be on point. Kores just hopes he's got brains, too, because otherwise he's gonna be the first to go.
    Ollanas Deimos - More than anyone else in the squad, Ollanas needs to loosen up and connect with her comrades. And she needs to keep that fucking still hidden better, lest one of the COs spots it.
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  3. NAME: Terrick Vesperin

    RANK: Private First Class

    SPECIALITY: Heavy Weapons Specialist


    PERSONALITY: Jovial and always smiling, Terrick seems to never have a care or worry in the world. He says often he doesn't fear death, citing that it's up to the hands of Lady Luck herself-- and of course the Emperor, blessed be He-- if he dies or not. He is fond of gambling, and will go out of his way to ask his fellow squad-mates the odds, whether it be for kicks or for the live-or-die.

    NOTEABLE SKILLS: Cross-trained in multiple heavy weapons platforms including Plasma, Melta, Missile Launchers, RPGs and other Grenade Launchers. Terrick shows aptitude for being able to maintain the accuracy and endurance required for sustained rapid-fire weapons: Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolters, Pintle-mounted Bolters and Stubbers, or the special-issue Heavy Stubber he's often seen wielding. He is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, and a rated Marksman with his Las-rifle.


    NOTEABLE EQUIPMENT: Along with his standard equipment loadout, Terrick also has carries: a Tarot deck, playing cards, throwing die, flask; harness-braced Special-issue Heavy Stubber with 5x drums of 150 rounds of ammunition.

    RELATIONSHIP WITH REST OF SQUAD: He has no special feelings towards anyone, but is friendly and more than quick to make friendships, if just to start playing cards with. "5-to-1 we make it out alive!"
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    I'll work on something for this.



    Full metal jacket style dodged active duty in the PDF by joining the press corps. Wrote up propaganda for recruitment fliers, and heroic tales to be told to boost moral while knowing jack about combat.

    Porked an officer's girl and was press-ganged into "volunteering" for active duty. Not tries to continue their journalism as part of the imperial guard.
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  5. Something that isn't Space Marines...I love you

    I hope I can join.

  6. Is that Jason Statham?

    Grumpy...Are you playing Jason Statham?
  7. NAME: Greis Carthex (nickname Grazer)

    RANK: Corporal
    SPECIALITY: Medic and Chaplain

    PERSONALITY: An undertaker in a uniform, morbidly obsessed with the life and death of his comrades. He has outlived a good many soldiers in his regiment, and as anaesthetic to the horrors of war he presides over the stitching and ditching of his squad mates. Versed in Imperial lore, High Gothic and the rites of bionic prosthesis, he gives one the sense that they are talking to a butcher rather than a friend. While the sergeant ponders, the corporal preaches. He is the loud cynic and the grizzled know-it-all.

    NOTABLE SKILLS: Battlefield triage and field surgery, from cradle to grave.

    BACKGROUND: Grazer hails from a family of void-born butchers who served for different generations in the shipping lanes around Elysia, feeding trader crews, PDF frigates and even the odd diplomat. After pirate raids, slaver deals and ship-to-ship combat left him the eldest male in his family, many looked to Grazer to carry on the traditions of his craft. But the rumour goes that he suffered a religious experience. He saw something, in the depths of space, and on that day put down his butcher knives and took up the Lasgun. His family were scattered to other menial fates, and Grazer volunteered for off-world service. It seems he has changed his obsession to a different kind of meat.

    NOTEABLE EQUIPMENT: Lho-Stick (cigar), bionic eye with magnification tech, and a custom-made Combat Knife reconditioned for butchery.

    The Sarge is aaaaaaalright.
    Ishmael is a snarky, tight lipped son of a bitch and I don't trust him.
    Peter needs to get some blood under his damn baby nails.
    Janna is a damn fine woman and she can work my vox link any day.
    Xander needs to grow a pair and stop trying to please everyone.
    Dominic is aaaaaaalright.
    Ollanas is either milquetoast or an uppity bitch. She needs to take a leaf from Janna's book.
    Terrick is aaaaaaaalright.
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  9. No we are nor Kores' Roughnecks. No starship troopers references allowed here. >=(
  10. From a person who plays the Fantasy Flight RPG games...I must request a spot here. I also always play Elysian in our pen and paper Rpgs.. I must..
  11. You sound like Koori, all "Y U NO ALLOW SISTAHS OF BATTLE?"
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  13. What are your posting expectations, Grumpastumps? Can I be as fucking slow and unreliable as you are?
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  16. *Gives Asmo the Valkyrie on the way out*

    • NAME: Ishmael Straun
      RANK: Private
      SPECIALITY: Weapons Specialist (Melta)


      PERSONALITY: Ishmael is a quiet man prone to contemplative silences that often serve to hide the humour he uses leading the less 'clever' people to take what he says literally. He's engaging enough with his friends and comrades but is rarely the one to start a conversation merely to join it. Somewhat of a deep thinker many take his lack of rash action as a suggestion that he's less brave instead of simply considering the situation properly.

      As such Ishmael will always have an opinion on the situation and appropriate strategy needed in his own experience and training.

      Ishmael is an average rifleman with some aptitude for CQC. However he has extensive specialists training in the use meltaguns and tends to prefer them citing his history without much elaboration.

      Ishmael, prior to Guard Conscription, was a firefighter on Elysia in the capital city trained expertly in the art of putting out blazes before they could spread and threaten more habs, a duty he did well for nigh on ten years while also serving in the PDF Reserves using the weekends with the PDF to demonstrate his devotion to the Emperor.

      Due to his history with firefighting he was already trained to handle specialist gear and his PDF sergeants saw no harm in putting him through the paces with special weapons though Ishmael was quick to pass on the plasma gunnery course having seen what plasma burns did to several other of the PDF recruits.

      And so when the time for tithing new regiments to the Administratum came due it so happened that Ishmael had the unfortunate distinction of being well trained enough to qualify for the first round of conscriptions, leaving Ishmael only the time to bid farewell to his family, a large family consisting of eleven siblings, both parents, thirty nieces and nephews as well as his own wife and three children.

      And still Ishmael didn't complain for he would be doing his duty to protect them in a way greater than ever before. And as they say. Duty is its own reward.

      In addition to the standard Elysian Kit Ishmael carries an Elysian Pattern Meltagun.
      1 Copy of the Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer with a damaged spine an an Ork slugga round three quarters of the way through.
      A small datapad loaded with picts of family
      A lock of hair
      3 small bundles of lint
      A dozen sachets of a reddish sauce "to take the sting out of combat rations"

      RELATIONSHIP WITH REST OF SQUAD: TBA When the "Squad" is full.

    • It's a hell of a day. The skies are falling and here we are riding in a flying coffin down to teach the enemies what it means to cross the Emperor's chosen. They chose their fates when they crossed us, they're already dead and we're just here to remind em of that fact.

      It's surprising how loud it is really. I used to think that a good hab-fire was loud, the crackling of the flames, the screams of some poor soul caught in it. But now the memories of it are so quiet, nothing compared to a battlefield fire. The roaring, the concussive booms as more shells land or unexploded munitions cook off in the fires of a burning vehicle. The screams of a crew being boiled alive in their tanks or run under by molten rockcrete as I slag a bunker they're hiding in with my melta.

      War is almost noise made manifest. The truest noise the righteous can bring to our enemies.

      The Emperor Protects.

      But having a loaded melta doesn't hurt either.

    • Koan bought it today. Heavy stubber round straight through the throat, took him half a minute to die as he fought to hold the hole shut as if to hold all his bits in, I was just five metres from him when it happened, buried in a foxhole as suppressing fire from an enemy position kept us kissing dirt until a fire mission from a Vulture was called in to suppress the pillbox and blew it to bits with Punisher cannons.

      I cheered. Even through the tears of losing a good mate like Koan I felt the joy and righteousness of the enemies demise. We were cycled back after that you know, we had taken too many casualties and a couple understrength squads were just shoved together.

      They seem like good men and women, they have the same haunted look I guess we did. You can only see so many mates get blown apart like so much confetti before the wind, we've got 3 days R&R before we'll be going out again.

      Duty is its own reward. The Emperor Protects.

    • Well we're still alive and kicking, though I did burn myself on the shroud to the Melta after taking out an enemy 'Russ, now here I am kicking it back in a trench for a few minutes before the next offensive. Hopefully the damned Valk comes to pick us up before the next assault, I feel much better attacking from the air instead of cowering in a bloody hole dug in the ground.

      The Emperor Protects.
      The Guard prosecutes.
  17. Peter Baeur, #00CCFF
    Name: Peter Baeur
    Rank: Private First Class
    Specialty: Sharpshooter

    Personality: Peter is a young soldier, he is still naive about the reality of the situation he is in and it is refreshing. He has a positive outlook on his life, expecting to live for many long, battle-hardened years with the drop troops. He has grown accustomed to the squad he has been placed in and has learned how to appreciate the variety of opinions and ideals that come with it. His temper is non-existent, boiling blood doesn't flow easily in him and he can't just get upset over small things like others. This 'anger' issue also deals with his 'fight-or-flight' response and when times seem grim, he wants to run instead of sticking with his squad-mates and toughing it out or dying. He is a coward, it is why he likes being at a distance picking the enemy off with a rifle.

    Notable Skills:

    Peter makes every shot count, normally hitting 9/10 shots.

    (More to possibly come? Mind is blank)

    Background: Peter had nothing special in his life. His family didn't have the honor of ancestor upon ancestor serving the Emperor or great businessmen, or anything. They were just standard civilians of the glorious Imperium of Man that had nothing special and Peter wanted to make up for that. He wanted to give his life for the Emperor and joining the Elysian Guard. He volunteered to join the 232nd Regiment that was heading to the Spinward Front.

    Like every Elysian, he has spent one tour of duty on Elysia itself before being allowed to conduct further training on Grav-Chutes and how to drop on distant worlds and conduct battle there. He has just finished training when he volunteered for the 232nd Regiment, hoping to impress his family and make, even a small, name for himself.

    Notable Equipment:
    1. Mark IVe Accatran Pattern Modified Sniper Lasgun
    2. Chest Plate has 'HEADHUNTER' engraved on it
    3. LHO-Sticks (Cigarettes basically)
    Relationship with Squad:
    Sergeant Kores - The Sgt. is just doing his job and Peter can respect and understand that. The Imperial Guard isn't a fucking playground and he isn't being cruel to Peter, just trying to lessen the chance of dying 1% so it is down to 99%.
    Corporeal Garthex - He finds 'Grazer' to be an asshole, plain and simple. Hopefully he can count on him in the field.
    Private Vesperin - Finds his attitude on situations different than most. Can't complain and doesn't really mind him.
    Private Straun - Glad to have someone that is using a heavy weapon so they weren't always going to be fucked.
    Private Aiar - She is tough, though she slightly intimidates him. She doesn't seem to care what the CO's think.
    Private Aperion - Feels like the guy doesn't like him.
    Private Kross - In his opinion, the guy is fucking insane with being a CQC. Especially the shit they might go up against.
    Private Deimos - She's a damn drunk! Maybe that would take his edge off, he would have to give it a try.

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  18. Any chance you won't start till January 9th?

    Can you drag your feet till then, Grumpadumps?
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  19. I'd like to have a full squad of ten guardsmen, including Kores, so we're probably gonna be thumb-twiddling till around then.

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