One Piece: An Odyssey

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  1. It was a warm sunny day, the waves splashed against a small wooden boat with a white sail blown against the wind. A young man was lying down, his eyes closed and his arms resting behind his head keeping it propped up. His loud snores made it evident that he was asleep, that is until a wave splashed against the boat that caused a spray of sea water to hit his face. He jolted up in surprise and wiped the sea water off his face with his sleeve. "Well there goes my nap." The young man stood up and looked at the horizon, an island wasn't that too far off from where he was now. "Finally an island. I can finally restock." He looked at his rather meager stock of water and food that mainly consisted of canned goods and apples. It seemed like his starting point as a pirate wasn't as grand as he had hoped it would had been, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Cesare Roma is the name of this young man. As of now he had recently became a pirate only a week ago when he was urged by his late grandfather to follow his dreams. Some could say he was mad for chasing a fool's dream. Ciudad de Fantasia; the City of Dreams is his prize. A city that holds such great magic and wealth that was told to children as a bedtime story. His grandfather however said that the city truly does exist and told him to seek it out like many other men who are in search of the lost city. There had been recent findings in ruins that mention the city, not enough to confirm it's existence, but enough to drive many to hunt for it.

    Roma held the compass that his grandfather had left for him and looked at it. The needle pointed north, but then again it pretty much could've been broken. His grandfather said in the letter that it would help lead him to the city though he doubted it.
  2. A faint creak of the ship rocking back and forth with the waves of the ocean, sprays of water leaving a brisk, salty scent in the air. Shouts rose from members of the crew who barked out orders or ran about on the deck for the marines were preparing to set off. The ship currently docked at a small island to gather the last bit of supplies, while majority of them stood, gun in hand; security was strict and tight due the important cargo it carried.

    Standing before the captain's cabin were five individuals in chains lined up next to each other and all around them were marines ready with the order to shoot on sight if any hint of escape. Before the five stood the first mate who had a rather rough looking physique with an upper body of a buff bodybuilder, though had a slight pudgy stomach straining against his marine's uniform. His face had a mean look to it as a thin, scratchy beard covered his chin along with a hidden grin. The normally scowling eyes had a look of excitement in them for they were in the midst of transporting pirate prisoners and among them was one who had given them some chase before finally catching.

    In the man's thick hand, gripped a clipboard that held a sheet of paper containing the five's name.'Well now. Each of you fools or just unlucky to get yourself caught, course whether you'll be hanged or taken to impel down...well then we'll truly find out which of you is the unlucky one.'Throwing his head in a loud, bellowing laughter with an obvious hint of mocking it.'Now I'll call your names and best to respond less ya want a good roughing.'Smirking at the prisoners and one by one called their names as two of them gave a fearful quiet here, but the third would break down crying and begging to be let go.

    Prisoner: please! I didn't mean to...I never even wanted to be a pirate! I was forced to do or they would of killed me...PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!'The man cried, tears spilling down his face like a simpering coward.

    A look of disgust was evident on the vice captain before nodding to one of the nearby guards.

    Prisoner: I'm sorry..please let me go'He cried up at the guard reaching with shackled hands before receiving a blow the face by butt of the guard's gun and let the sniveling male crumple to the floor unconscious, head bleeding.

    Spitting onto the man with a snort.'Should of let them kill ya and kept your pride. Pathetic.'Shaking his head as they would leave him there as he held up the clipboard to move on.'Ah yes. Our special prisoner of the day....Doctor?'He called out and the moment he did so, the three other prisoner's face paled for there have been terrifying and cruel rumors of such a person spreading around lately, though no reply came at first.

    Still silence ensued that was shortly broken by the pop of a bubble and heads turned to the farthest right male in the line. Eyes widen in shock for with all the rumors of cruelty and death and yet the man looked like someone who didn't seem like he should be on that ship. The male seemed so young of around 20 or 10 while his skin was pale, which only seemed eerie with that wide grin on his face as black shades hid his hides and a few tufts of light brown hair resting between the covered eyes. He was wearing a simple shirt in a color of crimson and a sleeveless black hoodie jacket around it.

    A cough came from the vice captain as he squinted his eyes into a glare at the silent prisoner, ignoring the shocked expressions on the majority of the faces.'Again...Doctor?!'Calling out directly to the smiling male who still refused to reply. Even more that he seemed as if he wasn't paying attention to begin with and loud stamping footsteps as the marine officer stood before him.'Oi! you gonna reply? or do I have to get rough like the sniveling fella there?'Glaring down at the one who refused to answer.

    Another pop of a bubble blown from the gum he was chewing on when a shadow enveloped him and smiled up at the angry officer.'The doctor.'Was all he said as the vice captain raised a brow and tilted his head to aim his ear at him."I'm sorry..what was that?'He would receive yet another popping of a bubble as the male used a finger to push the excess of the gum back into his mouth.'Its not doctor..its *The* doctor. What's the point of adding The to the title if you won't even say it?'He spoke in a cool, casual tone as if he was someone out on a simple walk enjoying a nice sunny day.

    A scowl came from the marine and held up the clipboard in annoyance.'...The Doctor?'He said the in a mocking manner while spitting a bit in his face.

    Wiping the spittle from his face and glanced up cooly at the officer, giving another of his grin.'Present!'He chimed in while holding up a finger in a bit too eager way, which made it seem like he was messing with them."I'm especially looking forward for the punishment you receive after all that hiding and running of yours.'He smirked at the pale prisoner, though some wondered if the person really was a prisoner on the ship.

    A faint cough came from the doctor and raised a hand as if wanting to ask a question.'It's been a rather long day. May I have some water?'He said with that toothy grin of his and a growl came from the vie captain. Raising his bulky fist up, about to punch him, but just as it was inches from hitting his face."POLLY! That is enough!"The captain standing in the doorway of the captain cabin shouted."Remember your orders? Until we arrive to our destination, the doctor is to not be harmed..understand?"The captain made his way forward while the first officer turned and hung his head.'N-no captain...I didn't forget.'His hand balled up into a fist." get this man some water. Can't have him dying of thirst before getting there."Nodding up at the man.

    As all this happened, the doctor would watch with a look of amusement and snickered a little when hearing the first mate name was polly.'You heard your captain...polly. Go get me a glass of water.'He waved his right hand in a shooing manner, but as the officer was about to retort only to get a harsh look from the captain and simply gave a sigh before heading to the supply room.'Oh and polly?'At that Polly would begrudgingly look over his shoulder with a look of hate.'I like my water chilled if you please. That's a good man.'They would see the man grind his teeth to keep from letting out what he wanted to say and continued towards the supply room.

    The captain shook his head followed with a sigh.'I'll warn you to stop antagonizing my men or even I won't be able to stop them..or myself.'Looking at the doctor with a berating gaze who would give a small shrug, causing the clinking of his chains."Just having a bit of fun on this dull trip is harm.'He gave a small chuckle, clearly not bothered by the fact he was a prisoner on a marine's ship as the captain was upon him their faces inches from each other.'Enjoy yourself while you can for it'll be the last. The moment we arrive I'll ensure they keep a cell at impel down nice and comfy for you.'The captain spoke in a strained tone, struggling to keep his cool.

    Most would normally be afraid or back down, but the doctor kept that cool smile.'Well, then I hope I get one with air conditioning..I prefer if it was cooled for me.'Nodding with a raised finger as if stating a point and blew a bubble in a playful tease.
  3. The small wooden sailboat had finally arrived at the port of the small island, drawing the attention of many people who saw it come into port. They wouldn't say it, but they knew how impractical it was to be sailing that dinky little thing across the deep blue sea where anything can happen. Roma hopped out of the boat and tied it up so it wouldn't go and sail away on its own. "Huh, that's some commotion going on that ship. I wonder what's going on there?" The young captain of one said as he watched the Marine ship not too far from him run around with people and marines guarding it with guns. In the end he just shrugged it off as something that didn't concern him and began to make his way to the markets to restock on supplies. He kept a list of what he needed, not what he would've wanted to have. Lord did he wish he had a bigger crew or at least one other crew member than himself. Then again it's not like he even had a ship for it, hell even a ship at all.

    It wasn't too long until he had gotten everything he needed, but he felt like sitting at a bar and get something to drink. And that was what he did. He went to the nearest tavern and sat down at its bar learning in on his elbows. "Give me your cheapest liquor quick."

    The bartender was a relatively elderly man who had long lost his real hair and replaced it with a tacky blonde wig that seemed to be off center. He arched a grey eyebrow and asked his customer, "Aren't you a bit too young to drink sir?"

    "Just shut up and give me something." The bartender didn't bother asking anymore and just shrugged, handing him some cheap drink before going off to his own business. Roma poured himself a glass of this amber liquid and downed it in a second, the drink burned his insides. He placed the glass down and sighed as he looked around at the crowd chatting away. It's been a whole week since he left home and boy did he miss it. He missed his mother and her cooking, his father, his bed, and his friends. Was going on this journey worth it at all? At the thought of this he downed more of that liquor that burned his insides and slammed the glass down loudly. No he would not have any second thoughts! If he gave up now then he would never be able to forgive himself.

    "Yeah I heard that the Marines got him. I'm surprised, I never thought that someone like him could be captured so easily considering that he is a mystery." Roma's eyes turned to a couple of men who were sitting in a booth not too far away from the counter. "You know the story; that guy just appeared out of thing air and became the underworld's miracle worker."

    The other man nodded and sipped his beer, pondering what his companion had said. "The Doctor is an elusive man. I've tried tracking his past down and ended up with nothing. I thought he was nothing more than a myth until I saw him with my own eyes." He shuddered at the memory as if he had met the devil himself. "I'm not sure if he's even human...that damn grin of his."

    His friend shrugged and leaned back in his seat, popping a pretzel into his mouth. He certainly didn't to care too much about the subject anymore. "Well whatever. There isn't much that can be done. He's going to Impel Down and that's that. It's a shame really. His skills as a doctor are quite impressive, not to mention that ability he has." The two men had agreed with each other and just continued to drink.

    The Doctor? By the sounds of it this man was something quite extraordinary. It didn't take much to convince Roma to try and get this man and he figured out just where he was. He soon arrived at the Marine ship, approaching it until he was stopped by two armed guards.

    "Halt! No civilians are not permitted to enter the area. Please move along and have a nice day!" One of them said while the other had kept a rifle aimed at the young man the entire time. These men weren't physically outstanding nor intimidating in any way. They just seemed like standard troopers that wouldn't be able to hold their own very well against a strong opponent.

    Roma rubbed the back of his head and sheepishly at the two men. "Actually I'm here to just give you both a salute and a thank you for your service. My father is a marine and I hope that one day I could be in the ranks of such honorable men." This was partly bullshit that danced on his tongue. Yes his father was a marine, but did he want to join them? Hell no. The Marines and the World Government is corrupted, he knew it very well.

    "Um well thank you sir. We appreciate those words." They saluted Roma and Roma in return saluted them.

    As he raised his hand, golden energy seemed to focus onto his palm and before they could do anything he shot two spheres of plasma into their faces, causing them to fall onto their backs crying in pain as hot plasma seared their face. Roma charged up the ramp where other marines began shooting at him though he turned into that golden plasma for a brief moment of time, letting the bullets go right through him. He leapt up at them and he swung his leg at one of their faces, smashing it in and then throwing another marine off the ship and into the water. An alarm had suddenly sounded throughout the ship and Roma kept driving his way through these marines.
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  4. Rolling onto his stomach, Hayden cursed as he awoke on a cold hard floor. Opening his eyes, he blinked away black spots from his vision as he pushed away from the floor, slowly forcing himself into a crouch as he attempted to make heads-or-tails of his surroundings. Gripping his forehead with one hand, he braced against the floor with another one as he sluggishly looked around and he was slowly able to deduce a few things.

    1, he was in jail.

    2, he was hungover as fuck.

    “Shit…” He cursed under his breath. Why hadn’t anyone found an Anti-Hangover Devil Fruit yet? He’d kill for one. Sure, he’d kill for less, but he’d actually have a reason for killing.

    “Ah, you’re awake.” A jovial voice said and Hayden cringed as the noise sent a jolt through his brain and he turned towards the bars as they noisily opened and he was met with a calm smile from an elderly man.

    He was soooo dead.

    Glaring weakly, Hayden clenched his jaw.

    “Who are you?” He questioned defensively, noticing that neither Sin nor Fenrir were on his person.

    “Ah. I’m the law around these parts, son.” The man explained, pointing to a bronze badge on his chest. “You got a little drunk last night, and as there were no rooms left due to the festival, I brought you here to rest. Either that or leave you out in the street, and who knows what would have happened.” The man laughed while extending Hayden a flask.

    Grabbing it gingerly, the suspicious mercenary sniffed it before taking a sip. Said sip turned into a guzzle as the mysterious liquid seemingly laid waste to his hangover and his brain and thoughts became ever so clearer.

    Okay, maybe he wouldn’t kill the old man.


    “What is this?” Hayden questioned as he removed the now empty flask from his lips while wiping his mouth, extending the empty container towards the old man who took it and tied it to his belt loop.

    “An old family remedy. I come from a long line of alcoholics,” the man paused and laughed, realizing how strange it sounded. “And none of them wanted to deal with hangovers, so they experimented with different recipes before finally created their ‘perfect’ anti-hangover concoction.” He explained and Hayden nodded while standing.

    “Thanks.” He expressed his gratitude gruffly and the old man laughed quietly before shuffling out of the cell, stepping aside so Hayden could follow him. Popping his neck, the mercenary exited the small jail before looking around the lawman’s office, quickly spotting Fenrir and Sin stashed away in a corner.

    “Your gear is over there. Made sure to put it out of the way in case any of those rambunctious little brats decided to run through here. You’d be surprised by how many kids thing my office is a place to play.” The man laughed while taking a seat behind his desk and Hayden quickly gathered his weapons, strapping the small and inconspicuous disk that was Fenrir to the inside of his right wrist while clutching Sin with his left hand.

    “Thanks, Old Man.” Hayden stated before looking around awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

    “It was no trouble, boy. Now go on, git.” He shooed the mercenary out of his office playfully, leaning back in his seat to catch some sleep and Hayden made haste in exiting the office. As soon as he stepped outside, he recoiled as the sun seemed to beam down on him.

    ‘Fucking sun. Your time is coming too, asshole.’ He promised the shining circle, swearing to one day kill it so he’d never have to worry about another goddamn sun-glare. Wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, he glanced up and down the street where he saw the aftermath of the festival.
    There were streamers littering the ground and the remains of massive bonfires were still visible as children ran up and down the street in joy and the adults slowly picked themselves up, clearly hungover as some fell asleep in the street and on porches.

    Walking down the steps of the lawman’s office, Hayden huffed out a sigh as he made his way to the docks. Why did he come here again? Where the hell was here? Surprisingly, he couldn’t even remember what island he was on. He knew it was small, that much was certain. The very fact that everyone seemed to know everyone, and most of them stared at him in curiosity was more than enough to inform him he was on some podunk island that was probably out of the way of wherever he was headed.

    Finally reaches the docks, after asking for directions more times than he’d care to admit, he made his way towards the cargo ship he had been hired to protect. This wasn’t its destination, no, but the crew had decided to stop and get supplies, which then turned into them joining in on the festival.
    Ah, there we go. Now things are starting to come together.

    “Oi, Phan, f’nally up e’ se’.” The captain called out from the bow of the ship, leaning over the side as he gazed down at the hired protection.

    “When are you setting sail?” Hayden inquired before placing Sin’s sheath in his mouth, holding it in place as he climbed up the rungs which led to the deck of the vessel.

    “Jus’ wai’in’ on you, lad.” The captain grinned cheekily as he pushed away from the railing, turning towards his crew. “Get ready t’ set sail!” He commanded and all the deck hands began preparing for the rest of their voyage.

    “Where’s the cargo?” Hayden inquired and the captain jerked his chin towards what would normally be the captain’s cabin.

    “In the galley. Dip’endin’ on the wind, we’ll make it in… Oh, I’d say six hours.”

    “Midday, then?” Hayden inquired, wanting to get clarification on the matter.

    “Without a doubt.” The captain stated before taking the wheel and, in a matter of minutes, the cargo ship continued on their voyage. Cursing under his breath, Hayden found a place at the stern of the ship before leaning against the railing, folding his arms to his chest as he closed his eyes and let his mind wander.
    He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he ‘dozed off’, but he was immediately roused by the sound of shouting. Opening one eye, he immediately became aware of the startled crew hands who were seemingly unable to take orders from their captain.

    Stepping away from the railing, he looked around before seeing a ship heading straight towards them from starboard. And, like a massive bonfire in the dead of night, the pirate ship’s black flag flapped proudly in the wind and Hayden couldn’t fight the smirk which spread over his face.

    “How many hours ‘til we make landfall?” Hayden inquired and the captain gawked at him as if he was retarded.

    “Do the deadlights in ye head no’ work, lad?! Ther’s a pirate ship right on ‘r tail an’ ye wan’ to kno’ when we make landfall?”

    “Yes. Is that a problem?”

    “I’ll tell ye when we’re sharin’ rum in Davey Jones’s Locker.”

    “You can’t outrun them. Wind’s on their side.” Hayden pointed out and the captain groaned.

    “I know that!”

    “No need to be hostile.” Hayden smirked before returning his gaze on the approaching pirate ship and he clutched Sin, rubbing the sheath with his thumb.

    “They’re going to try and ram us.”

    “I KNOW!” The captain shouted and Hayden chuckled. Slowly, the cargo ship turned in the water, lining up perpendicular with the pirate ship that sailed right beside them and, immediately, several hooks were cast and they dug into the wood of the cargo vessel as the pirates strained their muscles to pull the ships close together.

    Remaining silent, Hayden observed quietly as your stereotypical pirate stepped onto the cargo ship with a few members of his crew.

    ‘God they stink.’ Hayden commented mentally, scrunging up his nose in disgust as the captain found it apt to open his big, fat mouth.

    “Ahoy, lads!” The pirate greeted with a mixture of golden and wooden teeth. “I’ll spare ye th’ introduction, because you know why we’re here!” The man shouted and Hayden’s mouth twitched.

    He sounded so stupid.

    “We’re just transporting sugar to a nearby city.” The cargo captain stated, seemingly losing his sea-farer vernacular.

    “Well then,” the pirate stepped forward. “We’ll be taking your sugar.” The captain grinned, knowing the cargo captain was bullshitting him.

    “I am not sugar. I am Lucia von Belium - daughter of his royal highness, Luka von Belium.”

    ‘That stupid cunt.’ Hayden cursed mentally as he turned towards the princess who walked out of the galley with an obnoxious pep in her step. He had to admit, she was a total would bang, but her attitude caused his stomach to twist into knots and he felt his urge to kill rise.

    “I take it you sea-faring brutes are here for me?” She questioned in an uppity tone and both Hayden and the cargo captain facepalmed.

    “Why yes, milady.” The pirate captain spoke in a sarcastic tone, curtsying while removing his hat before placing it back on his head. “I’m glad to see you’re willing to cooperate.”

    “So long as the lives of the men on this ship are unharmed, yes.” She huffed and Hayden shook his head before finally stepping forward, making his way in between Lucia and the pirate captain.

    “I’m afraid to say that is not an option.” Hayden spoke calmly, gripping Sin with his left hand while loosely placing his right hand on the handle of the blade. “Her father is paying top beri for her safe return, so I’m going to have to request that you gentlemen disembark.” The mercenary spoke calmly and the pirates laughed.

    “Well, well, well, look at what we have here boys! A good ol’ landlubber who thinks he can boss us around. Well, I’ll have you know, Captain Flint takes no orders from some scurvy land-dog who thinks he owns the sea!” The captain bellowed with a toothy grin, his eyes burning as five of his men rushed Hayden.

    Stepping back, Hayden crouched beneath the swing cutlass before dashing forward, slamming shoulder into one of the pirate’s solar plexus. Using the momentum from the strike, as the pirate fell away Hayden spun on his heel and slammed his Sin’s sheath in the side of another’s head.

    Leaning back, he allowed a cutlass to skim his throat before he grabbed the owner’s wrist, halting their movements. Quickly kicking forward, he dislocated the pirate’s kneecap, getting a scream from the man before slamming his knee into the man’s face, sending a mass of shattered teeth down the man’s throat.

    Stepping forward, he quickly whipped around and blocked a cutlass with his sword’s sheath. Throwing a punch forward, he caused the man’s head to snap back before falling forward, placing a hand on the ground, before kicking behind him, landing a kick on another pirate’s face.

    Spinning on his palm, he dropped down low and swept both of them of their feet before flipping to his feet. Stepping forward, he headbutted the last pirate, causing him to practically crumble to the ground. Glancing over his shoulder, he allowed a grim smirk to pass over his face as he stared at the captain.

    “I hope you last longer than your men.” Hayden spoke before dashing towards Flint as the man raised his fingers and they morphed into gun barrels. Instantly, 10 bullets shot towards the mercenary and his eyes widened. Drawing his sword, in the blink of an eye, he slashed rapidly and deflected all of the bullets.

    “Devil Fruit User, huh?” Hayden inquired as he slammed his foot down and as slash of energy shot towards Flint and the captain was caught off guard. Jumping to the side, he narrowly avoided the slash-projectile and he narrowed his eyes at the mercenary.

    “Seems I’m not the only one.” Flint stated as he fired against and Hayden jumped to the side, allowing the bullets to pierce the floor board. Rushing the pirate, he jumped and ran on the edge of the railing before quickly rebounding off of it, spinning towards Flint as another blade of kinetic energy shot towards the man who, now prepared for it, side stepped the projectile as Hayden corrected his posture and landed in a crouch-slide.

    Going into a recovery roll, he faced Flint as he continued to slide across the recently washed deck until his heel hit the railing of the port side.

    “Seems luck isn’t on your side.” Flint stated as he raised a hand and the gun barrels seemed to merge, forming a singular cannon barrel. “These are my seas, lad.” He stated before firing and a massive cannon ball headed straight towards Hayden, slamming into the surface of the ship before exploding, sending wood splinters into the air as the force of the blast sent the mercenary into the sea.

    “Now, my lady,” the pirate turned towards Lucia. “if you’d come with-” He was cut off when a blade forced its way through his lung. Wheezing as blood trailed from his lips, he could feel himself shake her glanced over his shoulder to meet Hayden’s ever-so-calm gaze.


    “I’m not a Devil Fruit User.” Hayden explained as he gently twisted the sword, causing more blood to escape from the captain’s mouth. “It was your mistake in thinking that I was.” He stated before jerking the sword from Flint’s body as he slowly fell to his knees, holding a hand over the wound where the blade erupted from his chest in an attempt to stop the flowof blood.

    “I can’t-”

    “You can.” Hayden cut him off before deftly removing the man’s head from his shoulders, sheathing his sword in one clean motion. “Everyone can die.” He glanced towards the members of Flint’s crew who were still on the pirate ship.

    “Everyone.” He warned and, within minutes, the pirate ship was on its way with everything except their captain’s head which Hayden refused to part with. Juggling Flint’s head in his hand, he turned towards Lucia as the woman stared at him with a look of abject horror as he approached her.

    “You.” He stated with barely masked contempt. “You are a stupid cunt. You almost cost me my payday.” Hayden reprimanded and the woman huffed before slapping him.

    “You are a brut-” She was cut off as Hayden responded in kind, slapping her with Flint’s head. Staggering back, she felt tears well up in her eyes as she touched her now bloodstained cheek, staring at Hayden with a mixture of confusion and repulsion.

    “You… You slapped me with the head of a corpse!”

    “I get paid so long as I don’t lay a hand on you.” Hayden explained with a calm smile. “And, well, I didn’t lay a hand on you. You ignorant cunt.” The mercenary smirked while juggling Flint’s head with one hand, never breaking eye-contact with Lucia.

    “You’re not a princess on the high-seas, girl. Out here, you’re just another whore amongst many. Never forget that.” Hayden spoke calmly and she huffed.

    “You are a reprobate.” Lucia stated while staring at him as if she ate something revolting.

    “I try my best, hun.”
    “Well, this was unexpected.” Hayden stated as a group of soldiers pointed rifles at his face.

    “You assaulted our highness.” One of them said and Hayden instantly pegged him as the head honcho.

    “By assaulted, do you mean hit her with a head, or…?” He raised an eyebrow.

    “You are a fiend who deserves to be put down.” The captain snarled and Hayden shrugged.

    “Can’t argue with you there.” He agreed with a smirk on his face. “But I’d rather die on my own terms, and not because some little cunt got pissy.”
    “You…!” Before the captain could pull the trigger, Hayden went into action, quickly using Solis Break to dispatch the guards. Glancing over his shoulder, he smiled as their bodies slumped to the ground, partially dismembered. Yeah, there was nothing like the sight of butchered corpses.

    Just sent a tingle down his spine.

    Sheathing his sword, he hummed in amusement. Grinning, he ran towards the castle. After he delivered Lucia, she immediately decided to be a tattle-tale and tell how he ‘assaulted’ her, and then he was held up by her goon squad. But, fact of the matter is, he completed his job – get her from point a to point b safe.

    But, he didn’t get paid.

    And he didn’t roll like that.

    Quickly making his way to the castle, he slung his sword over his shoulder as he climbed up the side of the building quickly in a display of athletic ability before crawling in through a window. Glancing back and forth, he shrugged before running down a random hall.

    Several random halls, to be exact.

    Being sure to quickly and efficiently dispatch any guards that saw him.

    ‘Dead men tell no tales.’ He hummed in amusement as the body of another guard slumped to the floor and he approached a set of double ornate doors and he could hear the sounds of sobbing on the other side. Rolling his eyes, he kicked the door open before walking inside, causing the king to stand up in surprise.


    “You!” Lucia shouted with burning eyes and Hayden smiled.

    “Heya, princess. How you doin’?” He questioned with a calm smile and she glared.

    “Guards!” She shouted and Hayden blinked, glancing behind him before turning back towards the royal family.

    “Sorry to burst your bubble but I killed all of them.” He smiled. “Anywaaaaaay, I got you here, sooooooo…” He trailed off as he wiggled his eyebrows.

    “You are a reprehensible fiend! Your ilk is the worst,” The king stated, scowling at Hayden contemptuously. “accepting jobs such as these is one thing, but to behave with such barbarism is disgusting.” The king scowled and Hayden’s mouth twitched.

    “I just want to get paid and I’ll leave.” He shrugged, already having come to terms with his own actions and mentality.

    “We will give you nothing, you beast.” The queen stated, hugging her daughter close and Hayden rolled his eyes. Glancing around the room, he picked up a golden cup that was adorned with so many jewels it could have passed as a hipster crown.

    “I’ll take this for payment.”

    “You will do no such thing.” The king stated as he stepped forward. “Barbarians such as you are beyond reproach. You were hired to do a simple job, yet you chose to strike my daughter in a display of a crude and unacceptable behavior. People such as yourself have no place in a civilized society and you are no better than those brutish pirates which traverse the sea.” The king stated resolutely and Hayden gagged while dropping the cup to the floor.

    “You’re a talker. I don’t like talkers.” He said while turning on his heel to face the door. Flicking his wrist, he allowed Fenrir to slide into his hand before he gripped it, the glaive activating upon contact. As soon as the blades spread out, Hayden had already thrown it towards the door frame. Hitting the threshold, Fenrir rebounded off of the frame before ricocheting throughout the room.

    Holding his hand out to the side, Hayden smirked as he caught the glaive. Spinning on his heel, Hayden smiled at the corpses of the royal family.

    “Hm? Oh? What’s that? You realize that because I completely the job I deserve to be paid? Oh, you’re so generous.” He smiled as he skipped over to the corpses, looting them of anything he deemed valuable. “Well, I’d love to stay for tea, but I must be going. Sorry~” He winked before grabbing a random candle and tossing it on the bed. Whistling, he walked out of the room as everything was gradually consumed by flames.

    Returning to the harbor, he played stupid as the citizens freaked out about the palace burning.

    “What’s going on?” He inquired to the harbor master and the man shook his head slowly.

    “Royal Castle is in flames… The guards were found dismembered.” The man fought back tears. “The family is thought dead…” He coughed, trying to maintain his composure as Hayden pulled him into a hug and stroked the back of his head.

    “Shhhh. It’s Okay. It’ll be Okay.” He consoled neigh-emotionlessly, doing his best to not laugh.

    Sniffing, the harbor master nodded before breaking the hug and Hayden did his best to look sad.

    “Um, where’s the next city?” He inquired with a raised eyebrow and the harbor master choked back a sob, trying to remember his job.

    “Not far. Maybe a night’s voyage.” He replied and Hayden nodded.

    “Well, I suppose I should take my leave. Stay strong.” He waved at the man with a sad smile and the harbor master nodded.

    ‘God this is hilarious.’ Hayden commented mentally, snickering quietly. ‘Humans. So, so stupid.’
  5. A faint cough escaped The doctor's lips as he stood there with a bored expression, no longer amused with teasing the marines, though still got a bit of laugh at the vice captain's name which was Polly.'So..that drink?'He inquired to the captain who was sitting atop a bundle of ropes with arms folded."Tch, Polly hurry up with that water already!"Calling out in annoyance, sick to his gut at having to treat such a prisoner."A man said to appear out of nowhere one day four years ago.....rumors of the strange doctor pulling off miracles said to be impossible and mixed with them were his cruel deeds."On the captain spoke of the story of the doctor, which of course caught his attention as The doctor always enjoyed stories."An enigma who was said to be impossible to find unless he wanted himself found. People think he an angel from the heavens here to free us from our sufferings."The doctor couldn't help but cover his mouth with muffled laughter at that, making the captain scowl in anger to silence him while drumming his fingers against his knees."Others say this so called miracle doctor is a demon in disguise rising from the deepest pits of hell to trick and deceive. Secretly using those you supposedly cured for your own sick deeds."Glaring daggers at the prisoner before him with that small toothy grin still evident on his face.

    Flapping from the captain suddenly standing up and throwing out his arm causing his captain's cloak to flap about from it."Enough of this mockery and this so called *The doctor*"He spoke the supposed man's title in contempt."Out with it! Your name..though how there's no information on you is far beyond me."It was strange that there was no information or record of this man for there only a very select few who could pull off something of that magnitude and highly doubted someone this young would have such connections.

    How many times had someone asked him that? or had lost their tempers in angry curiosity? So many that he had lost count, but never did he get bored of it; always finding it amusing at how much a mystery drew one's attention.'My name? I could very well tell you, but then...that would take away the fun of the mystery no?'Raising a brow as the way he talked always seemed to have a hint of teasing in it.'Besides, there's no reason to tell you, though if I ever get that water from polly and its nicely chilled then I might think about telling you.'Giving a slight shrug of his slim shoulders and could see the captain's face turn red with rage.

    The captain shook with rage and opened his mouth to say something when the loud stamping of Polly making his way to them with his bloated belly bouncing with each step.'S-sorry captain.'He was panting a little and sweat dripping down his bearded face.'Took some time to get the water chilled.'His head bobbed from nodding and held up the glass only for the captain to swipe it from the man's hand.

    Drops of water spilled down the cold glass, held to the prisoner."your water."He said through forced teeth before The Doctor took it gingerly from the captain, feeling the coolness against his fingers.'Ah thanks. My throat is deadly parched.'A small nod to the two then slowly raised it to his lips, but moments before he could take a sip; a marine officer ran up in a state of panic, bumping against his arm in the process. This caused the glass to slip from his hand to fall to the wooden floorboards, shattering, only to be muffled by the loud shouts now echoing in the air.

    Everyone could now hear the screams and sounds of fighting taking place further down the ship near the boarding deck.'What in blazes is going on!'Gun shots left the air reeking of smoldering ash and the cling of swords being swung as marine officers fought and yelled out intruder.'What in the name of....? WHAT DAFT FOOLS DEAR ATTACKS A MARINE'S SHIP!'The captain bellowed, now in a state of pure rage.'....You! did you know about this? Planned this.'Grabbing hold of The Doctor's shirt and gripped it tightly as he thought this could explain why the man was all calm and casual even though he was a prisoner on this ship.

    All that was going on was ignored at the moment for The Doctor was peering down at the broken glass of water with a frown and smacked his dry lips together.*I really was quite thirsty.*Thinking to himself with a sigh before having his shirt grabbed and face lifted up to the sight of the captain's sweating red face.'Hm? oh this?'Pointing his thumb in the direction of all the commotion.'I honestly have nothing to do with this nor had any idea this was gonna happen.'Even though what he said was true, that faint teasing in his voice always made it hard for most to believe anything he said while he pondered the different possibilities of the intruder attacking this ship as there many different reasons for happening.

    Scoffing, the captain released his grip on the man's shirt.'Polly, you're the stand here and guard this prisoner with your life!'He barked at the vice captain who had a dumb-founded look on his face."W-wha...the others? what about the others?"He spluttered out in his confusion only to get pushed aside by the captain.'Ignore them! I doubt anyone cares about those useless idiots. Only The Doctor is of any worth to any who attacks.'With that, the captain set off below deck to wait for whoever attacked while Polly gave a salute before grabbing the massive mace resting against the wall besides the cabin's door."On my life..I'll ensure you never take a single step from this spot."Smirking at the small male while clutching the heavy mace with both hands, though doubted any intruder could possibly beat the captain.

    Fixing his shirt, curious of the intruder's intention, but either way he already had a plan of escape and really wanted to just use this marine's ship to get a ride for a while. Hearing Polly's declaration and looked up at the man's dumb face.'Interesting proposition. Lets see how that goes then shall we?"He smiled while rubbing at his shackled wrist.
  6. Left and right so many marines were being beaten aside by the intruder, many of them didn't even get a chance to even attack and ended up getting a face full of searing hot plasma. They didn't even know who this guy was or why he was even attacking the ship. The only thing they could even think of being a possible reason would be to get a prisoner, but what relation do they have? Most of these men came from pirate crews that were known well enough and no one from their crews were reported to even have these kind of powers. At some point if they catch this guy they'll get their answers...if they can catch him. Roma kept on beating their faces in before they could even get the chance to attack. One guy even had his head rammed high up through a wall, leaving his overweight body dangling by his neck. "Come on we've got to get this son of a bitch!" One of the marines yelled as Roma continued to beat the living day lights out of them.

    Roma gave another Marine a good old knuckle sandwich to the face, sending him flying off before landing in the water. As fun as it was beating the snot out of them he wanted to find The Doctor as fast as possible before reinforcements get called in. This he could handle, but if another boat or two arrived then he may have trouble keeping up with the fighting. God if his father saw this he would have a fucking heart attack. His own son attacking the marines? The military force that he worked for? It would bring great shame to him if he knew that was going on.

    "OKAY WHERE IS THAT FOOL THATS ATTACKING MY SHIP?!" The captain bursted through the door roaring loudly that he could be heard all over. He saw Roma kicking one of his men in the throat and then blasting a plasma bolt in a man's face, causing that man to fall onto his back and cry in pain. With an oversized sword he made his way towards Roma to kill him, but then fate decided to be a bitch to this man. The fat marine who's head was stuck in the wall fell down and hit the marine captain hard enough to hit the floor and knock him clean out.

    Roma just stared at the man wondering what just happened. "Weird." He ran off and ended up running down some stairs where he assumed where the prisoner's were being kept. There were a horde of marines charging at him down the hallway and Roma just kept running towards them. His body emitted golden plasma and then it enveloped his body, making him seem like a miniature star. "Bull Rush!" He rammed through the horde of marines, slamming them through the ground as many of them screamed in pain of their flesh being burned. He kept slamming doors open, seeing if he could kept finding The Doctor. Most of the time it was just a bunch of marines that pointed their rifles at him. Finally he kicked open the right door, well what he assumed was the right door since he saw a man with black shades in cuffs.

    Polly turned around shocked that the intruder had made his way down to the brig, but he couldn't chicken out now. "You shall not-!" Before he could even finish what he was going to say a fist of golden plasma punched him in the face and then send him flying across the room where his head was lodged through a wall.

    "Okay I've went through a lot of guys to get here? Are you The Doctor?" The young man asked the young man his age in sunglasses.
  7. The shouts and screams gradually grew closer along with the temperature rising which seemed odd; causing the large man to sweat rather profusely, but still gripped his massive mace.'Well, doesn't look like your men are handling it well huh?'The doctor chimed in and received a harsh glare from Polly, a clear sign to shut up and simply shrugged, while the other four prisoners were cowardly hiding back with hopes that someone might actually be coming to save them all.

    Using a pinkie to clean out an ear when a strange glow illuminated through the crack of the door before it was kicked open followed by a man who was glowing, like literally glowing. If not for the shades, the doctor would of been blinded and moments later heard Polly shout a warning to the intruder before being cut short. The doctor simply stepped aside to avoid being flattened by the man's rather large posterior then glanced over at the haggard man who was breathless from all the fighting.'Ah that's a good question my good man, but let me ask one thing before I answer.'Wiping a bead of sweat from his eyebrow and grinned at the man.'Are you here to help me? or kill me?'Raising a brow while shouts came from the hallways that told them the marines were getting closer with every passing second.
  8. Roma couldn't had been more exhausted; his breathing was heavy and his sweat dripped down to the floor. The glowing around his body had faded away just so he could conserve whatever plasma he had stored up in his body. He listened to The Doctor's question and with a cocky grin he said to him, "I'm here to take you into my crew The Doctor." He pointed his hand at the cuffs that bound The Doctor and shot a bolt of plasma at it, breaking it with ease so that this man was now free. "Now come on let's go. I've went through a lot to get my way through this damn ship and I'm not leaving here empty handed." His eyes spoke with such determination; he wouldn't take no for an answer, not by a long shot. He'd convince him by force if he had to.

    "Wait what about us? Aren't you going to free us as well?!" One of the few other prisoners shouted desperately. They were still huddled together in fear. It was a rather pathetic sight to see that many of these pirates were just complete yellow bellies that hoped that someone would come and rescue them.

    Silence filled the room for a solid minute as Roma looked at them with a a blank stare. "Nope. Don't feel like it."
    Dejection filled the prisoners' faces as they were shut down by this upstart pirate. Roma turned back at The Doctor with an expectant gaze. "You better make your choice now. The marines are going to get here soon if we dawdle any further."
  9. He studied the stranger in a curious fashion who was exhausted from fighting his way through the ships as the man spoke of having him join his crew. A few seconds later he was free of the shackles and rubbed at his wrist, which were red from the metal digging into them.'A pirate huh? Interesting.'Muttering more to himself while the others begged to be saved as well only to be rejected outright simply cause the man didn't feel like helping them. When the stranger asked again what his decision was and simply held a finger in way of telling him to wait one moment and walked his way to the table near the back that held the prisoners items.'Quite the fortunate day indeed. Getting caught by the marines then saved by some unknown pirate wishing to recruit me.'Amused by all of this as he pulled out two pouches from the large sack and tied them to his belt.

    The man's determination was certainly strong, but didn't care about that at all; more at his coldness towards the other prisoners to just leave them without any remorse or hesitation showed the man wasn't controlled by the emotions of goodwill.'Let us escape this ship and I'll think about it.'Patting the odd man on the chest then walked passed him to the doorway while Roma would strangely feel the exhaustion ebb away as if his body no longer felt tired.' coming? You are my savior aren't you?'He chuckled while placing his hands in his pockets.
  10. What in the world? His exhaustion just suddenly went a way at just the mere touch from The Doctor. Just what sort of abilities did this man truly possess? This kinda of ability had to be the work of some devil fruit, but he never heard of a fruit that could take away someone's fatigue, at least none that he knew of. He was about to ask him, but that would have to be saved for a more appropriate time when they weren't being hounded by the fucking marines. "I'm looking forward to your answer Doctor." He walked out of the doorway and saw that a mass of marines were coming after him and now after the released prisoner. Raising his hand up, his hand shot a volley of plasma bolts, football sized spheres of plasma that hit their targets without a hitch. The marines that were hit by the attack fell to the ground crying in pain as their flesh burned, the scent of burning flesh could even be smelled in the corridor. With his other hand four lances of plasma were formed along his finger tips and with a quick swipe of his hand they were flung at some marines, piercing right through them. The marines that were hit by the attacks fell to the ground dead, the plasma faded away to show that they pierced right through fatal places, heck one of them went through one of their heads.

    Roma charged towards them and when they tried to shoot him he turned into plasma by reflex, letting the bullets pass right through him. He rammed his knee into a marine's ribs, a loud crack could be heard from the brutal blow and then he quickly transitioned into punching the guy in the liver, making him cough up hi own blood from the intense blow. He just kept beating the crap out of the marines who just got in his way rather than thinking of running away from them.
  11. Letting the man who just freed him take the lead and fell back some thinking it was best to keep some distance between the two as he had to fight through the marines to clear the way. Intrigued at the sight of the heated plasma that left those struck falling to the ground to burn in pain as the air reeked of burning flesh.*A devil fruit user hm? Interesting.*Unsure of what the fruit ability was exactly, but had to do with heated plasma, but didn't have the feel or burning power of magma, though of course the man could be using a weak version of the plasma to prevent such a thing.

    Seems he was right in falling back some with the man directly attacking the marines without restraint, but even more so the fact the bullets would go right through his body and would of hit him had he not dodged with his quick reflexes.'Oh! I might of forgotten to mention that the whole taking away your fatigue is only temporary and will return along with any extra fatigue..which could very well hit you all at once. So you know.'Chiming in now before it wore off and he lost the ability to move his body due to pushing his body too far as The doctor jumped over the marines either dead or struggling in pain. Looking up, he saw a marine that was about to jump down onto Roma with an ambush; when the faint whirring of something small struck the man in the head and knocked him aside as he couldn't let his so called savior to be taken out just yet and clutched the metal yo-yo in his hand, ready to fling it at any that struck at the stranger's blind-spots.
  12. He was in the middle of breaking a marine's nose when The Doctor decided to inform him of that very important detail about removing the fatigue from his body. That would've been much more helpful to know before hand to prevent him from charging at the Marines without any form of restraint. "Wait what?! Just when the hell does it fucking wear off?!" Shouting at The Doctor for keeping such information away from him in the first place. God dammit then they would have to work really fast or else he was going to end up as a prisoner like the man he just freed. Now that would just be ironic. Still he had to wonder just what sort of ability did this man have? He is able to remove exhaustion with just a touch for a temporary time, but that couldn't be just it. There had to be more to this ability that what meets the eye. Obviously this was some sort of Devil Fruit power, no one can remove exhaustion just with a touch. What fruit he ate was the question and where did he come into possession of it? This man is such a mysterious figure.

    A marine had tried to jump down onto Roma in an attempt to ambush him. That marine's sword was coming so close down on him and only when Roma noticed it would've been too late. Then a whirring sound and a small round object hit the marine's head knocking him out cold. A yo-you...? He turned back and saw it was the work of The Doctor who was watching his rescuer's back to make sure he would survive this ordeal. "Thanks, I owe you one." He grinned at him widely giving him a thumbs up. The two of them would fight their way up onto the deck of the ship. Freedom was just so close, they can make it. Then they heard a loud roar, a roar of an angry beast,

    "LIKE HELL YOU'RE GETTING OFF THIS SHIP ALIVE!!!!!" The captain of the ship had finally awakened and dear lord was he mad. His face was as red as a beet and he seemed to be actually steaming from his head like a hot potato. The man charged at the two of them with that massive sword in hand, swinging it down upon them, but the two of them dodged the attack. The sword had missed, but it pierced the floor boards. He tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. "God dammit!"

    Using this chance Roma charged at the captain covering his body with golden plasma that made him literally shine. "Eat shit!" He rammed his entire body against the captain, smashing him through the railing and fell in the water with a big splash. He turned to The Doctor and yelled, "Let's get out of here!" The two of them ended up escaping the ship, running farther away from the ship until they were a safe enough distance.
  13. Seeing the man fight with such reckless abandon as if thinking the lack of fatigue was permanent until he informed him of the fact that it was indeed for a limited time. Soon hearing Roma asking when it would wear off and simply chuckled a little to himself as the man never really gave him the chance to explain.'Oh I estimate it around..say five minutes? give or take?'He shrugged as he still didn't know every thing about the devil fruit he was, frankly, extremely lucky to have gotten his hands on and a special one at that, which some could consider was on the level of the ope ope no mi in some aspects.

    After waves of marines, the two finally broke forth onto the brig only to be met by a steaming captain that was shouting at the top of his lungs like a maddened beast. His grin widened at seeing the man literally steaming in rage before having to dash to the right to avoid being cut by the man's massive sword and rolled into a crouch with yo-yo gripped in his hand, preparing to use it.

    What happened next made it pointless to take any action as the stranger charged at the captain while turning his body into a golden plasma and knocked the captain clean through the ship's railing. A loud scream soon followed by the splash of his impact into the ocean.'This day just keeps getting better and better.'Snickering a bit to himself while pocketing the yo-yo back in one of the two pouches, when the man called out to him that they needed to go as marines were flooding out onto the deck and would have them surrounded if they stuck around any longer.'Right-o! off we go!'With hands in his jacket's pocket before leaping onto the railings and crouched before leaping off onto the island besides him.

    From behind Polly had forced his way through till he stood at the railings swinging his massive mace like an imbecile.'DAMN YOUUUUUUU! I SWEAR BY EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN TO THE VERY STRETCHES OF THIS EARTH AND TAKE YOU DOWN EVEN AT THE COST OF MY LI-'In monologing, had not noticed the mace slip from his hand due to the sweat and landed smack dab on his head as his large body fell to the wooden floorboard with such force that the entire ship shook violently in the water.

    While the man blabbed on like a barking moron, the doctor was watching over his shoulder, snickering the entire time the man went on about hunting him.'Polly certainly sounds like a fun fellow don't you think?'Peering ahead at the man while wiping some dust from his cheek and followed after, curious of why this unknown man went to such trouble to rescue him.
  14. Soon they soon stopped running as soon as they were just a safe distance from the marine ship. At this point the marines were probably tending to the wounded and seeing who was killed in the attack so they probably had decided to let them go for now. They stopped right in front of other ships and a small wooden sailboat that was tied there. Roma wiped a bit of his forehead with his sleeve and laughed in loud hardy manner. "Now that was something! Well I take it that introductions are in order!" He put his large hand out for a handshake. "My name is Cesare Roma, I've just started on my life of piracy as captain of my own crew..." A sigh escaped from him and he rubbed the back of his head, smiling a bit sheepishly in embarrassment. "You see I'm just the captain of myself. There isn't anyone else in my crew, but when I heard that you were some miracle doctor I knew that I had to get you to join me!" His conviction was so strong that it seemed to radiate from him as brightly as the plasma he uses. He went through so much to get this guy out of the Marines' hold just to get him to recruit him.
  15. Coldness, little bits of coldness kept on hitting his face. He felt it at his feet, on his back and throughout his entire body. But yet, he could not move. Rebooting. A female voice spoke in his head as multiple loading bars and screens came up from the blackness which he saw. Finally, the main loading bar reached 100 and vanished. Welcome back, my son. This time it was the voice of an older man with a hoarse and deep voice. Roy opened his eyes, looking up at the white sky with small flakes of snow falling and hitting his body. He lifted his upper half of the body to look around, seeing bits of metal and other remnants of what it seems like an explosion. There were other pieces of material on fire and pieces of bodies also on fire. None really mattered to him though, instead he looked down at himself and his clothing. He wore a black torn up cloak which also showed signs of it being burnt. He noticed a tag on it, ripping it out of the clothes and looking at it. "YOR-00X1" He said to himself, reading what it said. He tossed it to the side, watching as the snow soon covered it along with the rest of the remnants of whatever happened. He had no recollection of what happened nor could he think of anything before waking up just now. All he knew was what was uploaded in his mind. "Yuseth Oranus Roboto" He once again said to himself, the name flowing out of his tongue as if it felt like it was his name. "That is my name now" He walked around the area, rummaging through the remains and pulling out whatever materials he could. He made a large sled of various pieces of cloth and clothing he found. Yuseth managed to form it with what he could find under the snow, various stems of different plants. He put the majority of the metal on it and the rest of what he could carry over his shoulder and looked around with an emotionless look. He walked over to a fire coming from a limb and picked it up. He examined it for a second before shrugging and walking away with a quick pace. He had to find somewhere secluded away from the snow.
  16. They ran for several minutes before they finally came to a stop in front of a small sailboat and stood there looking completely fine, not even showing signs of being out breath after all that running. He chuckled while dusting off his shirt.'You're telling me. Being caught by marines and now saved by a random stranger out of the blue.'Giving that slight eerie grin of his as the man named Roma held out a hand for shaking.'Cesare Roma Eh?'The man started to radiate with such determination that it was sickening, but he fought back the urge to gag and gripped his hand.'You already know, but call me The Doctor. Again *The* Doctor...can't tell you how many times people just call me doctor which hardly sounds sophisticated or interesting.'Shaking his hand as Roma could see now just how skinny and pale he was. This only made it seem odd that such a weak looking person could be considered such a danger that the marines had made him an important prisoner.'Oh, by the way. The effect should be wearing off right'Holding up a finger from his free hand to indicate his point and it was then that all the exhaustion and fatigue would hit his body at once.
  17. "The Doctor huh? Well I guess that's how I'll be addressing you from now on." He said retracted his arm after the hand shale and folded his arms as he really got a good look at him. This guy looked sickly; as thin as a stick and white as a sheet of paper...and yet he could feel something terrifying from him. Underneath this calm exterior was a monster. Not a monster in the sense of power, but in the sense that he would do so many horrible acts. He didn't know why he felt this though in the future he would come to understand just what kind of man that The Doctor was. He looked at the finger that the pale man held up and then felt a wave of the most intense exhaustion hit his body, forcing himself to hold onto the railing by his side just so he wouldn't pass out. It took as much power as it did to not pass out from all of that exhaustion. However he wouldn't let himself be beaten down by mere weariness right now. His pride wouldn't allow it to happen.
  18. He rubbed at his chin as he watched Roma hold onto the railings, clutching it for dear life while struggling to keep from passing out. That certainly was interesting since most would normally pass out instantly or be unable to move at all; this man certainly had a strong determination and will that was for certain, yet before him was a man who couldn't defend himself. How easy it would be to kill this man and take his ship to move on, putting all this behind him. This thought played in his mind and for a very brief moment, a sort of maddened grin formed on his face before fading away and watched him fight against the exhaustion.

    Shaking his head after a minute of thinking, deciding that he did owe the man for helping him escape so he deserved to live..for now at the least. Besides, he doubted he could steer a boat by himself since he never really bothered to learn such a thing.'Well, though you don't have much to be considered a crew at the moment. I suppose I could give the pirate life a chance...would be fun to try it out.'He chuckled holding out his hand, knowing he held the man's life in his hand this day and hoped this choice would be a good one in the long haul.'Shall we set sail...captain.'Giving a wide happy grin with his waiting hand to help him up into the ship.
  19. As if that exhaustion was just a mere flash Roma seemed to be full of energy again at the news that he had just gained his first crew member, one of many he allies he would gain later in the future. It was just one small step to reach his dream, but it was a step nonetheless. "I'm looking forward to working with you, The Doctor." Rather than leading him to a large magnificent ship he lead The Doctor to a sailboat that at least had a cabin large enough for a couple of people to live in and avoid any rain and things like that. "Well this vessel ain't much, but it''s better than nothing. At some point I'm planning on getting an actual ship." He untied the boat as soon as the doctor entered and opened the sail, letting the wind catch it. As of now their journey is underway.
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  20. Running as fast as he possibly could, Hayden navigated through the lush forest as he attempted to keep up with his prey. It was a rare beast - one so rare it would net him 50,000 Beri if he was able to capture it dead. 200,000 Beri if he captured it alive. Chuckling, he vaulted over a fallen tree as he continued to run, the adrenaline in his veins burning like napalm as he pushed his body to its limits, running as fast as he could.

    Where had that little shit scurried off to? By now he should have caught up with it but it managed, to his annoyance, elude him.

    "Doosh Doosh~"

    He skid to a halt when he heard the creature and his eyes narrowed.

    Where was it?

    And then, like a freight train, the creature rammed into him at full speed and sent him flying through the jungle.


    2 Days Later

    "Nope, fuck that bullshit. I quit. Motherfucking nope." He cursed as he walked back to the town pub with random bruises marring his appearance. "That was some fuckin' bull-bull." He muttered as he pushed entered the establishment, glaring at anyone who so much as glanced in his general direction.

    "Oh, Hayden. You're back." The pubmaster greeted with a nod as the mercenary slid onto a bar stool. "While you were off gallivanting in the woods, some shit went down you may be interested in." He black guy stated while polishing a glass, sliding forward a newspaper with one hand which Hayden began to lazily read.

    Blah, blah, blah.


    Blah, blah, blah.


    Blah, blah, blah.


    Blah, blah, blah.


    Blah, blah-

    "Holy shit, that's a nice bounty." Hayden commented, his eyes finally landing on the only thing of interest. "Cesare Roma, huh?"

    "May be something worth looking into." The pubmaster stated and Hayden smirked as he slid off the stool, rolling up the paper before stuffing it into his back pocket.

    "Looks like I found me a new target."
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