One Piece: A New Beginning

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    Are you prepared for a new adventure? One that you will remember for a lifetime? Then join us on a quest to find the hidden treasure of Gol D, Roger!

    Some context for everyone. Everyone LOVES context.

    Our story begins in the kingdom of Alabasta. The desert land is contrasted by the shimmering blue ocean that the port town of Nanohana borders. Now, an eerie ship is docked at Nanohana.

    Villagers speak rumors of a pirate captain looking for recruits here in Nanohana. The sun beats down on the city as it's ever-crowded streets bustle with people. Most wear white to stave off at least some of the suns heat, while merchants in colorful robes line streets in their shaded stands. Selling many items, predominantly things such as perfume, whose scent wafts through the air like the scent of a flower, as well as different foods and other goods.

    Meanwhile, in the restaurant Spice Bean...

    Vera looked around at the crowd. Her black hood and cape kept her identity hidden. Nobody who had entered the restaurant caught her eye as of yet. They were either all small time pirates, civilians, or men to boastful to have any place on her crew. Vera looked up at the ceiling and sighed.
    "Ugh, perhaps I am wasting my time here... yet something keeps telling me to stay... Fine, if nobody turns up by the end of today,I'll leave then, but I will wait until then. Barkeep, a glass of rum please."
    The bartender responded in kind and gave her her rum. Vera sipped it quietly as she continued to silently scan the crowd.

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  2. "Oh wow...." Lorelei stared up at the gothic and ominous ship docked. The curves, the details, even the wood all spoke of an elegance that the fishwoman craved to get her claws on. She had barely poked her head out of the water, too nervous of what the people would think. Many an island still hated her kind, for this reason or that. It would be a horrid idea to try and just go out there with her fins sticking out and her skin attracting attention. The woman dove underwater, lightly caressing the bottom of the ship. Oh what she wouldn't give to just be able to give this baby a checkup! Even a tiny one! However, fate seemed to doom her to the shadows. So, the fishwoman waited by the docks.

    The smell of spices called to the black haired woman. Her stomach growled, yelling at her to feed it with something other than just the raw fish she would snag as she swam through the oceans. She craved human food. She just needed to wait until... Ah ha! A merchant had set his wears, cloaks in all shapes and colors, down to argue with someone else on the dock. Seeing the perfect opportunity, Lorelei quickly snatched the bag while the man was busy. She dug through it, frowning at some choices before coming upon a simple brown one. It was large, made for someone far bigger than herself, but that meant it would hide her well. Taking it from the bag, she set it back before swimming toward a somewhat hidden part of the beach. Throwing on the cloak, Lorelei made sure to keep all of her features as hidden as possible before heading into the city.

    Smells and people wafted past her nose. The spices filled the air as shouting assaulted her ears. Everything was lively and crowded, though people tried their best to keep the sun off of their backs. Lorelei could already feel her skin start to dry up from the sun. She needed to find food, and quickly. Soon enough, a restaurant caught her eye. Dashing to get out of the sun, Lorelei entered the Spice Bean.
  3. Lassiter smiled as the young boy gave him a cheerful smile and a hug. The mother was also smiling, still trying to repay him in some way. They really didn't understand how easy it was for him. The daughter of the family had been sick, and he helped her. But of course any good doctor would. He knew how bad it could be to not be able to get proper medical help. He had seen it a few times growing up, people begging for help but unable to get it. This was of course back before he knew about medicine properly. Now he helped when he could, and even tried to cure the incurable diseases.

    Most never realized he was a doctor though. If anything he looked more like a pirate. Which he was. Easier to steal medicine for the poor than pay for it when neither could afford it. He had joined some no name pirate crew, but they were quickly caught by the marines and he sneaked away on a merchant's boat. They were glad to have someone who could fight. As well as take care of those with scurvy. You would think they would know how to deal with it by now, but nope. Some people were still complete morons.

    Thus it made easy trip for him. Now he just wanted someone worth his effort, or rather his skills. He knew he was an amazing doctor, and he could fight too. That's why he didn't want to serve just anyone. They'd have to give him a reason. He had tried the just anyone bit and that nearly led to marine cells, and someone like him would have possibly went straight to impel down. For now though he would listen to the world of pirates, and get something nice to eat. He was hungry after all. Thus he entered the Spice Bean and ordered himself to eat, watching those around him. The only one's that truly caught his eyes were two different cloaked figures. Now why would they need those?
  4. "This is such a dishonor upon my families name," Takuto thought as he watched the plain space of water where his boat should have been last night. He sighed as slumped down to his knees knowing that it must be long gone by now at this point which meant that his trip around this world had come to an abrupt end after only 3 short years away from home. He couldn't just grab a ship to go back home towards Wano since it seemed as though no one wished to risk going there as he knew his people were extremely hostile towards outsiders. Deciding that there was nothing more he could do about the matter he got up and thought that walking around a bit would clear his head. After walking a ways he stopped after seeing something both amazing yet terrifying at the same time which was a behemoth of a vessel which seemed to belong to a pirate as he heard from the whispers of the townsfolk which made his spirits brighten instantly. He quickly began looking for this pirate captain hoping that he could find work aboard their ship and continue along with his journey.

    Finally he made his way to the bar known as the Spice Bean which was a rather odd name for a bar in his opinion, but regardless he went inside after hearing tell that this was place held the most travelers. He looked looked around trying to see if he could spot them out quickly.
  5. The Kingdom of Alabasta. Despite the vast and sometimes dangerous deserts, it was a land of prosperity and beauty. Something a particularly young redhead would have loved to enjoy if it wasn't for the fact she was here 'on business' with her mother off in Katorea, their Marine ship docked some ways away from Nanohana. It was here that Hitomi found herself shopping around for a myriad of things. Groaning as the young woman looked around, she rubbed a hand along her head as she spoke, "Geez mom.. Of all things you have me go do the 'shopping' instead of coming with you on business.. Yeah, real fun.. Doesn't look like I'll find much to get here so maybe I'll need to head on over to that one port town. the market stalls should be much more varied there.."

    And so, after a few hours had passed since then to the now present, Hitomi found herself amongst the port town of Nanohana. Having found much better luck with the food department, the young woman decided to pick through each stall, trying to find the best quality out of the bunch. In between it all, she'd eventually hear rumors and whispers of pirates in the area, as well as a ship rather obvious of it docked in the port. Curious, she figured she'd probably 'investigate' this while her mother was busy after she got something to eat. With her groceries in tow, which comically had drawn attention as the bags supposedly sprouted legs and followed her, it was easy that it got other peoples' attention.

    With that, people then knew she was a devil-fruit user, thought she didn't seem to care about that in the slightest as she entered a nearby building, the Spice Bean, while wearing an ordinary, unmarked Marine jacket over her shoulders, the sleeves empty as it was wrapped around her almost like a cape. Something only the higher ups were really 'allowed' to do, but she didn't care. Besides, she didn't carry any superior rank so why would it matter? For all she knew she was an Ensign or a Lieutenant and wouldn't care. She only cared that she was with her mother who'd teach her much of the world through her own life experiences. Some of which that may actually come into play in the near future unknowingly.

    As Hitomi took a seat, she waited for her order to be taken before she just got a drink for now, to stave off the heat and dehydration.
  6. To say that Alexei Stukov was mildly irritated was an understatement. The latest ship he had been working on, a crew of some dead beat pirates that had come across the coin to afford his services as a navigator (And little else, they were a rather depressing and detestable lot), had gone skipped out on half the payment. What he hadn't told them was the navigation charts were incomplete, and the only place they would end up is out in uncharted waters, out where there be monsters. Assuming any of the clowns could have read a map well enough to get themselves that far, he thought with a sad shake of his head. Things like this was why he got half his pay upfront from no names and those with no real credibility to their name. They talked big and acted big, but they had nothing backing them up. Oh, sure, the man remained polite and apparently gullible right up until they tried to make a move, and they found out why Stukov was still around and so many no name crews and amateur con artists were not. All a matter of cunning, a little bit of forethought and planning, and some out and out sabotage when the situation called for it. So while he was inwardly irritated, on the outside he was humming a little ditty as he wandered along the streets, contemplating where he was going to go next.

    Crews around here were mostly rookies or no names with goals way above their means for the time being. The few older, wiser heads among them usually played it straight with him, no questions asked. Which was a rare relief, he really didn't need to put some young pup back down to their level when they tried to assert authority in some menial or needlessly complicated way. He had little patience for those idiots anymore, and thanks to being a Devil Fruit user, he could filter out and be selective about who he chose to sign on with, when it was an option. If only one ship was hiring, he was up a creek without a paddle, but who wouldn't be in that situation? It was neither here nor there though, not in the grand scheme of things. He had a set of talents and abilities that he could use to buy himself passage and crew status aboard a variety of vessels, even if it was a tedious and rather boring way of life hopping from small time gig to small time gig. What he needed was a change of pace, something that would be more along his level of skill and talent. That would be a pleasant surprise on this island, to say the least, but one can always hope spring is eternal, as the saying goes.

    But, for right now, Stukov needed a drink. And the nearest place to find himself a drink was the Spice Bean. He hadn't heard bad things about it, so he figured it was worth a shot. Or two, if the service was decent and the merchandise drinkable. So he walked in calmly, blood red coat flowing behind him as he strode into the establishment like he always had belonged there. Act the part, and people were usually content to believe it. Openly wearing his rapier probably helped the kind of folk that caused problems for the meek or soft of word from bothering him, and after ordering a rather simple rum (since most bars rarely carried his own preferences and he had long since given up asking), he found a table that had a view of all entryways and exits and drank, keeping an eye for interesting characters and the like. After all, who knows what kind of trouble might walk in and just drop down onto one's lap?
  7. The caravan slowly came to a halt under the midday sun. Amidst the clamor of vendors unloading their goods and drivers unhitching their beasts a lone figure hopped down from the back of a wagon and sniffed the air curiously. Walking to the front of the wagon the portly man gave the driver a handful of gold coins and after a mutual nod of farewell the foreigner wandered into the crowded streets. It was not Borsh's first time abroad, but it had been a long time since he had visited Alabasta and it clearly showed as sweat occasionally dripped from his large mustache. "Well shitnuggens...I don't recall this place being this blasted hot last time.." As he muttered to himself, Borsh looked around for a cool place to grab a drink. Spotting a bar named the Spiced Bean, Borsh shrugged and walked inside.

    Sighing in relief as he escaped the harsh desert sun, Borsh immediately made his way over to the bar. "OI! BARKEEP! I need me some grog and water!" Even though he was short, Borsh could out shout a foghorn if needed and he never hesitated to use his loud voice to make sure he got what he needed. After receiving his drinks Borsh gulped down the water then idly began sipping from his mug of grog. After asking a nearby patron if there were any ships looking for crew, Borsh was informed that the only ship which had enough reputation was a mysterious pirate ship that had recently docked nearby. Thanking the man for the information, Borsh took a few moments to plan out how he would meet a representative of the ship. Deciding on the easiest and bluntest course of action, Borsh chugged the rest of his drink and stood on his chair before loudly bellowing into the crowded bar. "OI! ANY OF YOU LOT PART OF THE PIRATE SHIP THAT'S DOCKED HERE?! IF SO I WANNA TALK TO YOUR CAPTAIN!" Nodding to himself and ignoring the bewildered stares of the other customers, Borsh ordered another mug of grog from the bartender and waited.
  8. Ivan sat at one of the many tables of the restaurant, his eyes glued to a sheet of paper that had a variety of notes about the aftermath of his job. While his eyes skimmed from the top to the bottom there was a sense of agitation and dismay that gave any man that special combination of squinted eyes and a heavy frown. Despite the exemplary work the crew has a variety of issues involving image and overall health. With the presence of something that isn't necessarily human we've come under agreement to make drastic action even though we have taken his contributions into heart and mind. . . The rest was gibberish to Ivan and as a result he simply skimmed towards the final paragraph, which had the words he did not want to find. . . . The crewman Ivan Freeman will be paid as promised in the contract, but he will no longer partake in the fares of the company anymore. We are completely aware this means termination, but are confident he will thrive in the new world. To mister Freeman we wish you the best of luck, and hope perhaps you can see us as an investment opportunity rather than an employer down the road.

    "Thrive?! Who the hell would even hire a talking rat?!" The fox blurted out, falling silent as his gaze shot around the room to try and pick out if anyone actually heard his complaining. When he felt it was safe he let out a heavy sigh and rested his chin on the wooden wiped down table, his world feeling like it was going to crumble any minute. He needed something to distract him today, perhaps a drink? No, that would take all of his money if he wasn't careful, then a voice broke through the usual din of the restaurant, one that belonged to a customer that was standing on a nearby chair.
    Such an outburst gave Ivan a startle, but it sure did present an opportune show that might unfold before him. As a result he simply turned his seat to face the man that got all the bad looks of the day, his bushy tail swaying left to right while he quietly observed the results of this man's inquiry.
  9. @Everyone

    Vera watched as multiple people entered the restaurant. A cloaked figure, interesting, she could swear she caught a glimpse of red skin under the hood. A male with white hair, he seemed to carry himself rather well. A black haired male carrying two swords, very interesting. A red haired girl followed by... her bags with legs...? Oh... a devil fruit user, likely the Flower-Flower fruit if she remembered correctly, very good. A blonde haired male in a blood red jacket, hmm..perhaps. Then, a rather short male entered, he seemed the... loud type. In fact, before she could notice the Zoan eater nearby, he was shouting about her looking for a crew and her ship. Surprised by this, Vera pulled down her mask, a depiction of the Kuchisake-Onna [Or Slit-Mouthed Woman for the less Japanese inclined] and turned to face the man. She grabbed him by the arm and ran outside the restaurant and into a nearby alleyway. She looked at him a moment with her mask on then spoke.
    "Okay... two things. 1. Why do you want to find the pirate captain, and 2. Could you have made yourself any more obvious?!"
    Vera focused on the man's response, paying little attention to any who may have followed them.
  10. The orange skinned woman flinched at the man's sudden loud voice. He was looking for the owner of the pirate ship. Wait, pirate ship? The loud man couldn't have meant the beauty she had been ogling earlier that day, could he? Now the fishwoman was curious. Though her stomach won out. Ordering something she could eat quickly, she made sure to try and hide as much of her skin as she could while she paid for her meal. Some type of drumstick was handed to her, along with a mug of some kind of cool drink. Lorelei could care less what it was. The tigershark fishwoman was interested. Maybe, possibly, she could try and stow away on the ship and give it a good look over without others noticing. Or, maybe she could even join the crew that owned such a ship. She nearly wanted to laugh. Yeah, right. Like that was possible.

    Grabbing the second of her drumsticks after finishing the first, Lorelei downed her drink and hurried after the woman who dragged the loud man outside of the Spice Bean. She tried to hide herself as best as she could. It would do her no good to get caught now. She just wanted to know if the woman was truly the owner of the gothic ship. That was all. Internally, she knew she was lying as she quietly munched away on her food. However, it didn't hurt to just listen in, did it?
  11. Lassiter nearly choked on his drink as the man loudly asked for the pirate captain of some ship. What. An. Idiot. If anyone in the establishment was anti-pirate (which he sure quite a few were) then they could easily call some marines and then they could be screwed over. Honestly no respect for fellow criminals. He would have taught the man to keep his mouth shut from possibly single handedly luring marines there, if not for a few things. The first-he wouldn't be so rude as to cause a scene in there. The second-one of the cloaked figures dragged him out, and then the other followed. So he put down the money for his food and followed as well. He was not only curious about the cloaked figures, but he could also make sure the man never spoke again being he would be outside.

    And in his following game he happened to find one of his cloaked figures, spying on the loud man and the other cloaked figure. "Now what are we doing here. Spying on a few others are we? That's quite the naughty thing to do," he said to her, noticing from up close that her skin was red.
  12. Like Ivan predicted, a show developed as the man was taken out by a masked individual in a rather quick fashion. He wasn't the very nosey type, but seeing how one person then another went out the door sparked a bit of curiosity in the fox. He thought for a long moment then took up his coin purse to go check on the commotion. If the masked person was trying to not bring up attention she got it anyways.

    The fox didn't really have difficulty pointing out the two sneaky individuals and once he spotted them he began trailing behind at a distance, tossing and catching the pouch full of coins to help pass the time. Unlike approaching and talking Ivan kept his distance, his eyes not focused on the masked lady and the loud mouth, but on the uninvited eyes and ears that decided to tag along. Are they all together? No that can't be it they're too separated..
  13. Blinking in a stupor, the marine girl had taken a few moments to even register what was going on. Did someone really just openly make an outburst about pirates? Be as it may this town was likely mixed with all matters of people, even for the kingdom of Alabasta, she was amazed at how daring - or stupid, this man seemed to be. The matter at hand however did pique her interest. She was no high-ranking officer in the least, but maybe it could be something that could make her mother proud of her. Though, she wasn't exactly hiding her own presence either, having worn the white jacket most Marines wear in pride anyways. Sighing to herself, she groaned after and got up after finishing her drink. At this point, she didn't have much choice but to carry on and see what was to happen. Her curiosity was getting the better of her and as a Marine she couldn't exactly let it slide without knowing who was who at least.

    Along with that, her mother's stories were coming back to her, one in particular of her own mother's adventures. Surely though, she was nowhere near a scenario that would play like that, as interesting as it might have been. This was much more unclear, no objective to obtain, no particular person to protect. There was no knowing what was to happen if she got tangled up in the mess, but she could not turn a blind eye from it either for many reasons. Leaving the Spice Bean, she looked around for a quick moment before finding a relatively empty wagon and a rider along with it. Approaching the man, who looked about middle-aged if not more, he was definitely a native to Alabasta. She gave a rather disarming smile along with her good looks to get his attention - all the while her bags that had followed her had stopped by and around her feet before his attention had completely reached her, "Hello there, sir.. Do you think you could help me with something? I'd be ever so thankful if you did, it'd only take a minute of your time and I'd gladly compensate for the trouble." Her tone was innocent and alluring, one that easily caught the man's attention rather fully, seeming to have brushed off whatever else was on his mind as he put a small book down - likely an agenda to follow. "Aye? What could an old man like me do for a young woman such as yourself? I'm planning on finishing up my route here to start bringing supplies to the next town over for their next batch. What is it you need missy?"

    Smiling still, she gave off a gentle giggle to follow up the charade, "I was wondering, since that is the case I was hoping you wouldn't mind if you did me a favor.. All I ask is that you could drop off these things for me at the nearest hotel. Tell them that a young red-headed lady would like to make some reservations for the day and had her things dropped off in advance.. If you could do that for me, that would be most appreciated." The man grinned and laughed to himself a bit, taking note of the coat she was wearing in hindsight. Shaking his head, his spirits sure was raised but he was amused by something else, "Alright alright, you've convinced me girl. Go on and load those up, I'll do that for ye'. The closest one is just five buildings down to the left over there. That's where I'll leave 'em." "Thank you kindly. If you were younger I'd offer you a kiss, but here.. This should be enough, no?" As she spoke, she slipped a small pouch over to the man which as he felt its weight and peered inside, he shook his head and waved a hand off, "This is more than enough missy, are you sure?" "Of course.. I told you I'd make it worth your time." With that, the man laughed as her things were loaded onto the wagon, "True, you're right with that.. I guess I ought to thank you miss.. Good luck with whatever business you must attend to then. Don't get into too much trouble now."

    "Of course I won't.. Thank you again, have a pleasant day mister." With that, she waved him off as he carried along, soon leaving her to her business as she turned around, ~Now then.. With those settled, let's see.. They all headed over in the other direction so.. Let's try this.~ As she approached the Spice Bean again, she went down another alley to the side before looking around to see if anyone was looking. When the coast was clear, she focused as she used her devil fruit to make a 'ladder' of hands along the wall. Using that, she carried herself along to the top of the roof and crouched down. Whatever she was going to do, she had to keep a low profile. Making her way along the rooftops she had available, she continued until she could spot any sign of the others she took note of leaving, mostly the stout old man who had made that outburst earlier and the woman that dragged him off. Surely that was a curiosity enough to find something about on. It wouldn't take the redhead long to find traces of their whereabouts, being one of the few that eventually sat in wait to eavesdrop it seems.
  14. Takuto was sitting at the bar enjoying a tea he had ordered with the little money he kept on him. Just as he was about to drink some he burned his tounge after some man startled him while shouting about the captain of that strange ship outside. While recovering from his new burn he spotted multiple people flee outside the tavern which sent of a lightbulb in his head that mabye those guys were a part of that strange ship's crew. He quickly paid and thanked the man for the tea before running off after this group. He found them after a short while of running around aimlessly he found them. He waited around a corner preferring to listen in that way instead of interrupting their conversation, but as soon as they finished he planned upon introducing himself in hopes of meeting that captain.

    "Looks like I won't be going home so early after all," he whispered silently to himself. He saw another person waiting out as well that looked rather strange as they had hair all over their body. Takuto decided to wave at him wanting to strike up a conversation in the meantime while he was waiting on the others to finish.
  15. Alexei kept his expression neutral at the yelling and sudden exodus of people out of the establishment. Well, that was not what one would define as subtle, he thought with a smirk. He half wished it was that easy to find work, run into a bar, scream at the top of your lungs and get dragged off by some important looking person in a mask. Well, either it was work, or he was getting worked over in a most displeasing manner. No skin off his back, either way, but curiosity and a lack of work compelled him to do something. But he didn't need to be obvious about it, like the other ones who had first took off. As the interested parties slipped out or out right ran out after them, Alexei decided it would be a good time to make his move. Leaving payment for his drink as he walked by the counter, he went out towards the back vice the front as the others had, feigning a lack of interest. It was then a simple matter of shifting into a smoke cloud once out of sight and filtering out along with other natural sources of smoke produced by those drinking within the establishment, and reformed up on the rooftop of the Spice Bean, spotting the little group of wannabe spies and eavesdroppers well enough from his vantage. And the masked woman and the one she grabbed stood out in the alley, if one looked from the right angle.

    He was careful to not reveal himself though, any movements were slow and, if need be, in smoke form while he watched and listened. The smoke did differ from the natural kind when spotted by itself, so he had to be careful in that regard. Depending on the situation and how it played out, he would have to see about getting work lined up. Play up the devil fruit aspect of his life, some skill with navigation, and he could probably get a foot in the door. Long enough to get hired and underway, and that was what counted, alongside a nice amount of pay. But, worse came to worse, he would simply have to find work elsewhere and settle for an interesting side diversion that came from these two individuals and their rather grand reactions to one another so far.
  16. Before Borsh could even sit back down he found himself being dragged outside and into an alley. Looking up at the woman who was questioning him he grinned cheekily and chuckled. "Why else would I be obvious? Because it gets results the fastest. Either someone from the crew introduces themselves or the marines show up. If the marines show up then I introduce my hammer to their skulls until I get the info I need". Noticing a rustling of movement, Borsh discreetly glanced around and noticed several suspicious looking individuals lurking nearby. "And it seems that we have a few peepers as well. So if you are a lass from that pirate ship then I suggest questioning them first instead of little ol me." Borsh gave the mysterious woman a wink before leaning back against the alley wall and idly drumming his fingers on the head of his hammer attached to his belt.
  17. "I wouldn't define myself on the same level as these other few," Lassiter stepped out, motioning towards the rest. "I just thought I'd have a little fun with our orange skin cloaked friend here. However my true intention out here is you," he drew his sword towards Borsh. "Your loud mouth will get anyone with even the slightest bounty on them in trouble. And I would like to make sure that I don't have to worry about marines again. I've had more than enough of them thank you very much." Even though the loud man was his target, he still glanced over at the two cloaked figures, realizing one wore a mask. They were truly piquing his curiosity more and more. Orange skin, and a mask, hidden under cloaks. Fun. However he could lose his fun if he fought. So he put his sword away. "However I have bigger interests then sowing up your mouth, mainly what's under the mask? And what's under your cloak?" he asked the two females.
  18. @Everyone
    Vera listened to the man's explanation. While it may not be the best reasoning, if he is willing to so outrightly challenge the marines, he had her respect in that sense. Suddenly the man with white hair appeared, so he had followed them. She was about to draw her weapon when he sheathed his and asked about her. Vera let out a small laugh then spoke again
    "You know, normally the reason people wear masks and cloaks is to NOT cause a scene. Oh well, I suppose if your going to pursue me."
    and with that Vera threw off her mask and cloak. Now revealed was her full figure. She was much taller than before as she had been hunched over, she wore a long, black dress that looked like it had been ripped intentionally at the bottom. Her face was very fair and her bust...well it was nothing to laugh at.
    "My name is Vera. "Demon Queen" Vera. And that.."
    She pointed in the direction of the ship
    "Is my ship."
  19. Borsh rolled his eyes as the white haired man stepped out and started insulting him right off the bat. "Well laddie, if you are so worried about your bounty why dont you piss off and cool your head in the drink. I spent 10 years locked up in Marine Headquarters, so I aint afraid of a few little pissant marine whelps." With a snort Borsh turned to Vera and extended a calloused hand. "The name is Borsh Clampken miss Vera, and I would be right honored if I could join your crew. I can fix anything you give to me and make any mechanism a thing of beauty. Give me a spot on your ship and I will give that proud vessel cannons that will strike fear into any enemy". Borsh proudly puffed out his chest and gave a cocky grin to the swordsman standing nearby.
  20. Lassiter watched the woman with pure curiosity kind of interest. She had no issues revealing herself, yet went through the trouble of hiding herself. It was strange to him to do such things. Though she did certainly have an interesting ship, at least appearance wise. Not that that kind of thing mattered much to him. It was about skill and power, and the ability to not get arrested. Which was why as the man boasted about spending time in a prison, he laughed. "You seriously think being so weak and unskilled as to get caught by the marines is something to be proud of? It's absolutely pathetic. A truly great pirate does not get caught. And the off chance that they do, then they are so great the marines feel it necessary to execute them because they know that they could never hold them in a prison," he said to Borsh before looking at Vera. "Demon Queen Vera was it? Never heard of you," he told her with a smile. And now was the time to gauge reactions.