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    • You're not a princess, or an evil queen or even a trusty steed. You're a background character. You might be the maid who tried her hardest to help Cinderella escape the wrath of her step family. Or you might be the stable boy who brushes the trusty steed. Or maybe your the trusty steed's twin but you weren't picked by the prince because you make that god awful sound. Either way, you aren't a main character but that doesn't mean your story isn't less important. And now you have the chance to tell it. Welcome to Once, where it's your turn to tell your tale.

      The Land of Fairy Tales, Once

      Once is a magical land where anything is possible--For those who are apart of the plan that is. Yes, you're hearing correctly. Only the ones who are in the plan are the ones who will have access to magic. The plan is a concept that only naturally magical beings know about and control. The Fairy Godmother, Maleficent, the Blue Fairy? They all know about the plan and make sure that whatever is written down in the plan is what comes to pass. Are they all comrades despite what fairy tales depict? Yes. They're all fairies after all! And fairies have a tendency to be insensitive and self centered creatures who would do anything to fuel their own amusement. Even if it means controlling the world around them to suit their entertainment needs.

      And they don't like plot twists.

      Fairies and Their Domains

      The Fairy Godmother's Domain

      The Fairy Godmother is the most powerful of all the fairies simply because so many people wish they had a fairy godmother, and fairies survive on wishes. The Fairy Godmother is known by no other name then, 'The Fairy Godmother' and likes to be addressed as such. She is the one in charge of the plan, therefore she always has it in her castle. The Fairy Godmother lives in a large villa at the edge of the Joyous Village, where she employs children, old women and various small animals.
      Maleficent's Domain

      Probably the most wishy washy of the fairies, Maleficent is the second strongest. She has the ability to take on other forms, and she feeds on negative wishes. She also had the tendency to play most of the antagonists in her stories because like most egotistical directors, she likes to insert herself in her own handy work. Maleficent resides in the ruins of an old castle in the darkest part of the woods, where she only employs reptiles, bats, dogs and unfortunate looking girls who tend to have the most negative wishes of all people.
      The Blue Fairy's Domain

      The Blue Fairy is the third strongest and the most vicious. She holds truthfulness to be the most important trait and severely punishes those who lie to her. She feeds on wishes of entitlement. She is also the one in charge of punishing those who introduce plot twists to their stories. The Blue Fairy resides in a quaint cottage in the heart of the farm lands, where she employs young men and boys. She is also in possession of a stable with a variety of equines ranging from noble steeds to clumsy asses.
      The Enchantress's Domain

      The Enchantress is the weakest fairy in terms of magic but the most intelligent and frightening. She enjoys mind games and delivering trick questions. She resides in the Royal Castle as the King's Esteemed Adviser, and therefore employs a combination of people. The Enchantress feeds on wishes of power and wealth. She also goes by the name of Circe, while in the presence of the Royals.

      The Land of Once

      There are four main parts of Once. There is the Joyous Village where the Fairy Godmother lives. This village is a colorful place where singing and dancing is not uncommon and the villagers are well aquainted with their neighbors. Excluding the Fairy Godmother who is seen as more of a celebrity and given a respective berth of privacy.
      Suggested Jobs
      Jewel craftsman
      Carpenter [0/1]
      Apothecary [0/1]
      Physician [0/1]
      Merchant [0/3]
      Watchman/Guard [0/5]
      Midwife [0/1]
      Priest [0/1]
      Apprentice whatever trade
      Village Fool/Idiot [0/1]
      Employee of the Fairy Godmother (be sure to look at what type of people she hires) [2/10]

      The second part is The Woods, where every ingredient for medicinal cures reside. The Woods is a dark place filled with predatory animals such as wolves and bears. It is easy to get lost in the woods so it is encouraged to enter the area with more than one person. However if you get lost you will most likely end up under the employ of Maleficent. Maleficent is often used as a story to scared mischievous children into being well behaved.
      Suggested Jobs
      Apothecary [0/1]
      Woodcutter [0/2]
      Lantern Maker/Seller/Both [0/1]
      Guide (for people who wish to venture into the woods) [0/2]
      Bandit [0/5]
      Hunter [0/4]
      Employee of Maleficent (be sure to look at what type of people she hires) [1/10]

      The third part is the Farms. The Farms is where the food comes from. The people living there are hard working and generally wary of outsiders. They tolerate the presence of The Blue Fairy, but they don't necessarily like her.
      Suggested Jobs
      Farmer [0/5]
      Farm Hands [1/3]
      Baker [0/1]
      Tailor/Seamstress [0/1]
      Well Watcher [0/1]
      Shepherd - [1/2]
      Watchman [0/5]
      Milk Maid [0/3]
      Chicken Gatherer [0/2]
      Employee of the Blue Fairy (be sure to look at what type of people she hires) [1/10]

      The last part, is the Royal Castle, where nobles and royalty reside. Of course there are peasants there as well, but they are usually there on merchant business or are employed by the Enchantress, who people admire as well as fear.
      Suggested Jobs
      Watchman/Guards [1/5]
      Merchant [0/3]

      Court Jester - Taken/ShatteredSecrets
      Royal Physician
      Royal Seamstress

      Seamstress Apprentice - Taken/Wonderful Thing
      Royal Midwife
      Page [0/5]
      Apprentice of whatever trade
      Stable Staff (stable hands, groomers etc) [0/7]
      Hound Handler
      Maids [1/5]
      Lady's in Waiting [0/5]
      Scullery Maid [0/5]
      Employee of the Enchantress/Circe [0/10

      And of course various animals.

      Vaguely based on Ashes and Bramble and Into the Woods
    • To ClarifyYou are a background character living your life as...a maid, trusty steed unfortunate twin, stable boy, village fool etc. You do not have magic, however you could work in the domain of a fairy as their assistant or personal maid. Do this at your own risk however. Remember that fairies will do anything for their own entertainment. They won't go as far as to kill you, but making you smell like month old cheese, turning your skin blue or cutting your hair while blindfolded is not off the menu.

      In Addition to the AboveYour choices affect other people! So if you spill goat's milk on a page of the plan and end up smudging some minor thing that Cinderella was supposed to do, then the plan changes, therefore someone might get an opportunity to do something or someone might get severely punished for not doing something. Who knows?
      Also! The plan is a large leather bound book in the possession of the Fairy Godmother.


      001. Be Nice and Respectful to your fellow players as well as the GM. If you have a problem with a player or with me, private message me please and we'll discuss it.

      002. No Special Snowflakes, Mary Sues, Gary Stus etc. The only special snowflakes and perfect characters are the characters in the plan. Also, please try to give your character suitable names that are medieval-ish.

      003. The GM's word is law. Refer to Rules 001 if you have a problem.

      004. If you read the rules, tell me what rule number I skipped at the end of your CS.

      006. This is a multi paragraph role play so at least two paragraphs (5 sentences max.) per post is required. Tense is third person, past tense.


      008. Character amount is 7, not including secondary characters.

      009. Secondary characters should not have major, constantly recurring roles.

      010. Have fun!!!
    • Character Sheet
      (Try to make it pretty! And remove everything in parentheses)
      (Real Image/Gif)
      Name | Gender | Age | Where you live | SO

      Personality (5 sentences min.)

      Biography (10 sentences min.)
      Job (If you have one. If so include the job title and your employer if possible)
      Health Ailments (If any)
      Theme Song (Optional)


      Secondary Characters
      (Real Image/Gif)
      Relationship to Primary Character

      Joyous Village Citizens

      Alexander the Blacksmith played by Brea

      The Farms Citizens

      Elizabeth the Baker played by Brea

      Inhabitants of the Woods

      Katherine the Bandit played by Brea
      Malle the Huntress played by Wonderful Thing

      Citizens of the Royal Castle

      Peter the Stable Boy played by Brea
      Rose the Royal Seamstress Assistant played by Wonderful Thing
      Nameless the Hound played by Wonderful Thing
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  2. This has peaked my interest. I'm in.
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  3. Yaaaay, glad to have you!
  4. Where do I put my character when they are finished?
  5. Here is fine. ^^
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  6. Into this, working on char for other rp but will come back and read everything^^
  7. Yaaay! :D Looking forward to seeing your characters as always. :3
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  8. @Wonderful Thing Of course I'll be joining! Just a quick request for clarification:

    008. Character amount is 7, not including secondary characters.

    009. Secondary characters should not have major, constantly recurring roles.

    So, are secondary characters more like characters that we use to move the plot along? For example, a family member to our main character or something. That's kind of what I assumed, but I just want to double check so there is no confusions.
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  9. I'm interested
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  10. Hmmm, quite interesting. I think I will be joining as well.
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  11. That is correct. :D
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  12. Okay, I'm making it a goal to only make one character. If I try to make two, someone slap me with a frying pan. @Brea already knows where one is and she knows whats up so just ask her.

    (I'm seriously thinking about making two! GAH CURSE ME AND WANTING THINGS TO BE EVEN)
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  13. Awesome! Then, I'd like to make the following reservations:
    1. Stable Boy - Male - 19 - The Farms - Face Claim Hunter Parrish
    2. Maid - Female - 17 - Royal Castle - Face Claim Holland Roden
    3. Blacksmith (or maybe watchman? Haven't completely decided...) - Male - 18 - Joyous Village - Face Claim Dylan Everett
    4. Baker - Female - 16 - Joyous Villiage - Face Claim Eliza Taylor
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  14. Shhhhh it's okay.... just make twooooo
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  15. *walks back and forth and spins in a circle* Yes, yes I probably will end up making two. (we'll see how everything is going in other rp's)
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  16. Alrightie, looking forward to seeing them and your plethora of gifs. :D
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  17. I dont know why I do this to myself but okay here we go!

    I would like to reserve a

    Stable boy [Shepard if Stable boy is a no go] (can I do that? If not I want to reserve some type of guy on the farm) - Farm - Face Claim: Logan Lerman
    Farm girl - The Farms - Face Claim: Meghan Ory
    Seamstress - Joyous village - Face Claim: Alexandra Daddario
    Guard/watchman? - Royal Castle - Face Claim: Colton Haynes

    whoops went over board (sorry...NOT SORRY)
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  18. Coolio and yay for more characters~!!
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