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  1. House’s leg hurt like a bitch, it were never a pleasant way to wake up. He murmured something unintelligent as he reached out for his orange vial. He popped two pills at once as he settled back into his comfortable bed. He wasn’t expected to be on time anyway. As the drugs calmed his leg he finally noticed the slight weight of another body in his bed. Damn, Wilson’s stag night must have ended in his favor.
    “I won’t pay you extra if you decided to stay the night on your own free will” House told the, what he believed were a hooker. He got a slight surprise when he saw a beautiful, bounded man in his bed. The man was naked except for the collar around his neck, and the blindfold around his eyes. He couldn’t be more than 25, probably younger.

    House couldn’t help but to stare. He was glad that the stranger couldn’t see his confused look. He had heard about slaves before, they weren’t really that common. He had even once cured the master of a slave, He almost felt for the slave when he saw how the master treated him, except he didn't care about anyone else but himself.
    Slaves didn’t have any legal rights, their masters could do whatever they pleased with a slave. It weren’t murder to kill one. How did he end up with a slave in his bed? Did he really invest money on a ‘sex toy’? No there must be something more to this guy, something his subconscious had picked up on.

    He finally took his cane and poked the younger man with his cane to get the blond’s attention. “Hey, princess, Wake up. I’m going to remove the blindfold. Who are you?”
    The younger man seemed terrified, maybe he shouldn't had poked him with his cane. He was a slave, maybe he had been beaten by one before.
  2. Robert Chase knew that he never should have left his home land of Australia, but he wouldn't have been able to get the job that he had wanted to get as a surgeon, so he went to America and had been stupid enough to ask someone for directions, only for them to kidnap him and forcing him into slave training. The training had been painful and tiring, but Chase quickly learned to follow the rules so that he wouldn't have to be beaten by the cane the master preferred to use on the slaves who stepped out of line, he was lucky enough to be bought the first night that he was put out for sale, and buy a man who was rather good looking too.

    His new master had been to drunk to take him last night, but that hadn't stopped the older man from touching him after he bound him to the bed and blindfolded. The tag on the collar around his neck said that his name was Chase and that he was owned by Gregory House and we're to return him to if he was lost.

    When he was just starting to wake up, he felt a cane poke him and he couldn't help but to flinch and tried to hold back a whimper as his blindfold was taken off to reveal his master standing there, Chase shook slightly as he looked up at House. "My name is Chase master, how would you like me to address you?" He asked as he nervously licked his lips and shifted slightly the best that he could tied down to the bed.
  3. House couldn't help but to recognize that name. Where had he heard that name before... Chase? Son of Rowan Chase? What was his name again, Robert Chase? That Robert Chase who had applied for the fellowship but never bothered to show his face during their appointment. He didn't hire anyone, until Cuddy forced him to hire Cameron and Foreman a year later.
    That was why he had bought the Australian, his drunken mind had recognize the blond as a doctor. Did he really bought a slave just to hire him? It sounded like something he would do...

    House ignored the question for the time being, that could wait until he knew his slave better. He decided to mess around with the blond. Beside maybe making another person miserable would help him with his hangover.
    "I think you have some explaining to do, you missed your appointment with almost two years. Give me one good reason to hire you. Or should I brig you back to the place you came from? Maybe it's for the best, your really later after all"

    He hoped the terrified slave would realize who he was. It was his way to calm him down, and tell him that everything were alright. Chase had been very lucky to end up with him, and judging form the evidence he hadn't taken him yet. Which was good because Chase wouldn't trust him if he had used him for sex the night before.
    "You got permission to speak freely" House tried. He had no idea how these things worked. But something told him he would like this.
  4. Chase gave his master a puzzled look as he spoke, not knowing what it was that he was talking about and thinking that the man had made some kind of mistake about who he was, he opened his mouth to say something, only for his to go wide when he suddenly realized just who his new owner was. "You're Dr. House?" He asked in suprise, only to become pale at the threat of being sent back, he had seen what happened to slaves who were sent back and it was not pretty, some were chained up naked and raped by whoever wanted to fuck the returned slave before being sold off again at a much cheaper price, but if you were lucky you would just be beaten nearly to death. "Please don't send me back! I'm sorry that I was late, I won't do it again, I finished top in all of my classes in med school, I'll do whatever you tell me to do, just please don't send me back there." Chase said as his breathing started to speed up and panic filled his body.

    It was a small comfort to him to know that his owner was someone that he had wanted to work for, better than some stranger who he knew nothing about, at least he knew a little bit about Gregory House. "Please, I swear that I'll be good, just don't send me back, you might as well kill me if you are going to send me back there." He said seriously with a frown on his face.
  5. "Calm down wombat, first thing you need to know is that I won't send you back. Second, I couldn't care less if you are in time or not. Work smart, no hard. Third, you can call me House, master or all mighty god, what ever pleases you, but I must say the last one has a good catch in it. I'll free you know, and get you something decant to wear. I need to get to work. I don't trust you here so you coming with me. Maybe you can do something good" House said as sarcastic as ever. He wanted an excuse to take Chase with him for work to test him out. He had been interested in the young Aussie, and was a bit excited for the interview, even if he never admit it.

    He had been a bit disappointed when the blond didn't show, and a week later he had gotten a call from Rowan Chase, telling him to hire his son. House told the senior Dr.Chase that Dr.Chase junior hadn't bothered to show up. Dr.Chase weren't pleased with the answer. That was the last he heard about the Chase's. He had just thought of Robert Chase as a spoiled yacht loving brat.

    "Who said I would let you work? You're a slave, everything you do is on me. And worst of all, your British so I can't trust you at all. One of your mistakes is on me. You could coast me my career" House said, wanting the slave to tell him that he believed in himself as a doctor. He was even pissing him of by call him British to test him. He wouldn't hire someone with a low self esteem.
  6. The young man was slightly shocked at the fact that he was being told that he could call his master by his last name and was understandably untrusting of being told that he could do such a thing. "I think that I'll stick with master for now." He said as he shifted slightly and sat up slowly once he was freed, rubbing his wrists and ankles to help the blood flow back into the limbs. "Thank you for uncuffing me." He said before he slowly moved to get off the bed, only to stop when he remembered that he hadn't been told that he could get up just yet.

    When House called him British and insulted his ability as a doctor, it made Chase frown and growl in anger. "I'm Australian and a Damn good doctor too! I know what I'm doing, I don't need someone to watch over what I do while doing a job like that!" Chase snapped at the older man without thinking, only for his eyes to go wide when he realized just who he was talking to, he gulped softly as his eyes darted over to the cane thar House was holding and waited to be punished for what he had just said.
  7. "Australia's population contains almost only of british convicts, you're British" House tsked in disapproval. He had a smug smile on his face when looked at Chase. House was the type of guy who liked to mess with everyone. He didn't seem to care about Chase's little outburst, he never once comment it, or struck him with the cane. He was thinking about how scared Chase looked of his cane as he was choosing some clothes for the smaller man. Everything would looked too big. He finally found something deep inside his wardrobe that might fit. It was a pair of jeans, and a green shirt with pink blue dots. He had really no idea who he had kept this one, he had no matching ties. He just chose a random tie, that was blue with black strips. It would look like a joke, but it was the best thing until they got the time to shop for Chase.

    "Get dressed. I'll get you something to eat, then I'm going to take a quick bath before we'll get going. I'm expecting you to make me breakfast from now one" House said. He hadn't planed to take a bath this morning, but waking up with a bound pretty blond get anyone in the need of a cold shower. Even if slaves existed for pleasing their master, he still didn't want to use Chase like that.
    "And don't touch my stuff, or I might have to punish you for it" House weren't really serious, but he weren't thinking about how serious Chase took it. He just didn't like others touching his things.

    He made Chase some scrabbled eggs and bacon, a toast, a cup of coffee and a glass juice.
    "Aren't you going to eat it? Or doesn't it fit your fancy tongue?" He didn't care about the answer, he left the room to take that cold bath. What he didn't know was that he hadn't allowed Chase at his table, which meant that Chase would eat from the floor. It was things House didn't know.
  8. "That was a long time ago, we don't have anything to do with England anymore besides trading." Chase said with a smile huff of annoyance before he slowly slipped out of bed once it seemed like he wasn't going to be punished for talking out of turn. He got dressed in the clothes that House had set out for him, it had been a long time since he had been allowed to wear really clothes, and it felt nice to be so covered again. He had been looking at some of the pill bottles that was sitting on the bedside table and quickly pulled his hand away as if it had been burned when he had nearly touched the bottle to see what it was.

    Chase followed House to his kitchen and watched him cooking, he knew how to cook from even before he had been kidnapped, but being taught how to cook was also something that the slaves were taught before being sold. When his food was ready, he shifted slightly from one foot to the other before he looked at his master with a small frown on his face as the older man left the kitchen, so he simply knelt down on the floor to wait for his master to come back and let him have his food.

    A loud growl came from Chase stomach, but the blond Australian kept himself still and refused to move a muscle until he was told that he that he could, he just hoped that he would be allowed to eat before they left. He wondered if House even knew how to take care of a slave or if he was his first, his master seemed like the kind of man who would have had more than one slave at a time.
  9. House really needed that cold bath, there had been some bad thoughts about taking Chase in the bed. He didn't liked when he were aroused, it made him stupid, and stupid people made mistakes. He didn't have the time to stay too long in the bathtube even if he wanted too. He just needed the cold bath to calm his nerves down a bit. He didn't stay long enough for the cold water to become pleasant. He would have taken a shower, but standing with his leg hurt more than it was worth. Besides, he wernt sure if he could get up if he fall. He hated his leg.

    He was in a bad mood when he left the bathroom, the vicodin didn't work their magic. He wanted to show that whole damn bottle down his throat, but he knew better. It would definitely kill him, and he saw suicide as a stupid way out. He even looked grumpy as he limped inside the kitchen. Getting dressed were a hell, getting his throbbing leg down a tight hole were never high up on his 'pleasant things to do' list. He managed to put on a pair of trousers, a T-shirt and one of his shirts. It looked casual, not like he was a doctor. His grumpiness disappeared when he saw Chase on the ground, and the food at the table. He had just taken for granted that the blond would understand that he should sit down at the table and eat the food.
    "what are you doing on the ground? didn't i say I would make food for you?" House asked as he stepped to the stove to get the rest of the food that he saved for after his shower. He didn't mind eating cold food and his slave had seemed hungry.
  10. Chase was starting to get a bit restless as he waited for House to come back, but once he heard him coming back he made sure to stop moving and lightly tapped at his thighs. He couldn't help but to roll his eyes slightly at his master's words as he tilted his head to the side a bit. "I'm not allowed to sit at the table unless you say that I can, I didn't think that I would have been the only slave that you've ever owned." Chase said as he shifted slightly before lightly licking his lips before he gave a small sigh. "I can tell you all the rules that I'm supposed to follow if you like, or we could just stick with the tell you what I'm supposed to do when it comes up." He added as he ran the fingers of one hand through his soft blond hair.
  11. Holier sighed, Chase was now more trouble then he was worth. He pointed at the chair to be extra clear with what he wanted.
    "Sit down" he said as he placed himself in front of the younger man so they could watch watch other when they ate.

    "We really need to make something clear here. I like bossing others around and basically make them slave under me, but I need to people around me to think for them self. You're allowed to do anything you want, unless I've giving you a specific order not to. Hell you're allowed to think what you want. I never meant to buy a slave, the only reason I'm not sending you back because I had my thoughts about hiring you before. So act like a god damn doctor" he knew he sounded harsh and heartless. It weren't exactly true, he wouldn't have sent Chase back if he weren't a doctor, but it was better to have him believe that he didn't care.
    "So now are you going to eat your food?"
  12. Once he was told that he was allowed to sit at the table, Chase got up to his feet and moved over to sit in the chair he was told to sit in, pulling his plate closer out of habit. He had to many meals taken from him during his slave training by other slaves because he didn't guard it well enough. He sat and listened closely to what House had to say, a small frown crossing his face at his master's words but slowly gave a nod of his head. "It's not going to be as easy as you seem to think it is, I spent two years being trained to be a slave, it's not exactly training that I can just forget about even if you are ordering me to do so." Chase said with a frown on his face as he studied the older man for a moment.

    When he was asking if he was going to eat or not, Chase picked up his fork and started to eat. "I can be a doctor, I won't let the fact that I'm a slave get in the way of anything else that you want me to do." He said as he drank his cold coffee, a small moan slipping from his lips at the taste, he hadn't had coffee in nearly two years and hadn't known that he had missed it so much.
  13. House made a mental note, Chase liked coffee. It was good to know in the future. He couldn't help but he feel pleased when the blond man seemed to enjoy the beverage. Maybe he could feed him coffee once more just to see it again.

    He didn't notice that his mind had wandered off track until he realized that Chase was finished. He himself was halfway trough his own meal. He looked at the slave for a while, not at all liking the thinness of him. He wanted to feed him up, and get him to look like a healthy looking little Australian again. He sighed as he pushed the rest of his meal in front of Chase.
    "Eat it up" he ordered. He watched the Aussie for a while, thinking about what he would say next.
    "Tell me about what a slave does, unless being incapable to think for them self. What are your rules?" House asked as he drank his own coffee.
    "What do you expect from me?"
  14. Chase sat back once he was finished with his food, only for his eyes to widen when House pushed his food over to him and he quickly pulled it over to him and started to eat it. He looked up at the question that he was given and he lightly licked his lips as he shifted in his seat. "We can think for ourselves, it's just greatly discouraged by beatings." He said as he ate some more of the food he was given.

    "Slaves aren't supposed to be the ones setting the rules, we had set rules at the training facility, but we're taught that we would be given different rules by out owners. The old rules were to speak only if spoken to, not to touch ourselves or others, to follow commands, to behave, not to fight out trainers, and if we step out of line we would be beaten or whipped." He said before he drank some more of his coffee. "As a slave I can do whatever it is that you want me to do so long as it is within my abilities to do it, like I'm not very good at making sweets, so I can't make something super complicated unless you don't mind a few failed attempts." Chase said before he finished off House's breakfast before getting up carefully and picked up the dirty dishes, he placed them in the sink to wash once they got back home.

    "As long as you don't send me back or kill me, I'll be pretty happy." Chase said when he was asked what he expected of House, it was a little hard for him to answer since he didn't know much about the older man other than him being a doctor.
  15. House listen to every word Chase said, the Aussie had a fear of him killing him. He really hoped he would understand that he would never do it.
    The older man was pleased when Chase took the plates without him having to order it. He was the kind of master who wouldn't always tell his slave what to do, he wanted the slave to know and act by himself.
    He knew he should do something to reward Chase when he did things right. Positive reinforcement, as Cuddy had nagged him about. Apparently he never praised his minions enough when they on a rare location actually did right.

    "Good Wombat" House said as he stroked Chase's hair gently as if he was petting him. Chase's hair was soft, the previous owners had cleaned him up before the sold him. House's hand was strong and firm, but the pet was gentle and almost caring. His fingers were cradling the soft hair, he weren't pulling, everything felt pleasing.

    "Come on, let's get going" House said and took back his hand. He took a grip of his cane and limped out the apartment in a way that told Chase to hurry up. They were walking down the stairs to House's car*.

    "Let's discuss some rules. You can call me what ever you like at home, but at work you will be referring to me as Dr.House or just House. Even though you are pretty down on your knees, I don't want you to be bowing to me at work. At work I'm your boss, not your master. I hope you will learn how to separate our life inside the hospital form outside" House ranted, hoping Chase would be able to follow the instructions. Maybe not right away, but hopefully somewhere in the future.

    It was a warm summer, he didn't need to give his new slave a jacket.
    "After work we will need to go and get you some decent clothes. Even though in some primal level I do like you dressed in my clothes, you're a doctor. You should dress like one"

    * he got a car here for some reason. He haven't bought the motorbike yet x)
  16. Chase's eyes widened when House put his hand on his head, but he relaxed and gave a happy little sigh at the feeling, he wanted to complain about the nickname, but he was enjoying being pet far to much. He didn't flinch this time when House picked up his cane and he followed after House out of the apartment now that he saw that the man needed the cane. "Just let me know if you want me to do something specifically and I'll make sure to do it, like what days you prefer to have done so I can make sure that I can get it done."

    Sitting down in the car, Chase made sure to buckle up before he turned to pay attention to House again. "I can do that, I'll make sure to call you House." He said as he put that information off to the side for now, he couldn't help but to smile and give a nod of his head, he was happy to be able to wear real clothes again. "You don't dress to much like a doctor." Chase said before flinching slightly, but he still looked comfortable in his seat.
  17. His slave seemed comfortable, it pleased him. House felt a warm feeling spread through him, it made his non-existing heart beat harder. He wouldn't deny being attracted to the pretty Aussie but it was wrong on so many levels. The younger doctor was young enough to be his own son. He would soon be his employee. Chase were his slave, he couldn't say no to his master. It always felt like he was going to rape the blond. House were many bad things, but rapist weren't one of them.

    "I thought pretty little slaves rode in the trunk?" House said as he pointed back at the trunk. He didn't mind company up at the front. He was glad that Chase was at least trying to not act like he was less worth.
    "You did the right choice" He added when he remembered that Chase would take him seriously. He hoped the young man would soon pick up on his sarcastic nature. He had no idea how he could help Chase with his confidence. If anything he would break it. It was times like this he was glad that Cuddy had forced him to hire Cameron. Finally something her soft side could help with.

    It weren't really a long drive to work. They could have walked and still arrived at the hospital in less than a half hour, but it was probably the leg that ghosted. Everybody wondered what happened to House's leg, no one dared to ask since they didn't want a pissed House after them.

    He got out of the car after he had parked at his spot. He hoped Chase understood that he should get out. House looked behind his back a little discreetly, not wanting to show that he cared a little.
    "Hurry up, I don't have the whole day" he needed to make up for the little care he had just shown.

    They took the lift up, everyone was ignoring them. Someone might greet them with a 'Dr.House' but no one seemed to care much about the slave behind House. No one even saw the collar, which meant that no one was treating him badly or telling him to step out of the lift so a more important person could have his spot. There was one nurse that even greeted him good morning with a warm smile.

    House thought it took an eternity before they finally arrived at his floor. They had only been in the building for 2 minutes and a nurse was already in love with Chase's pretty hair, this was just perfect. He opened the glass door, his ducklings was already looking at him. It looked like the African American had something to say but became silent when he saw the blond man behind his boss.
    The two employees gave House a confused look, they clearly wanted an explanation.

    "Minions this is my Slave, slave these are your litter mates. The scary black man is Foreman, yes you should fear him, his a criminal. The emotional female is Cameron, she's just here because of gender ration... Yeah and she's pretty. Play nice" House said, no one seemed offended by the sexist or racist comment, it was clearly normal for House. He was about to leave the shocked group to talk with Cuddy when Cameron said something.

    "House, you can't be serious! This is crazy. You can't hire a slave" she said, as she gave Chase an apologetic look. She didn't mean to offend him.

    "There isn't a law about it" House humored her. He seemed to have fun. "Anyway his name is Chase, Robert Chase. He has a doctor license, his a cardiologist and a specialist in intensive care. Show him around, and keep him away from nurses, they seem to love his hair" he had read the blond's file, and still remembered it. The kid was an intensivist, he really wanted the fellowship with House since any hospital kill for an intensivist. And now Chase was his.

    Cameron was looking at House with a shocked look on her face when her boss exited the room.
    "I think he's serious... I'm Allison Cameron, I'm a qualified specialist in Immunology" She presented herself. She gave Foreman a look that told him that he should do the same.
  18. Chase looked over to his master at House's comment before he gave a shrug of his shoulders, a small smile on his lips as he looked back out of the window. "I like the view better in the front seat." He said with a soft chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair to make sure that there were no knots in it. It was true that some people made their slaves travel in the trunk of their cars, some people let theirs travel in the back seat, Chase had been playing a dangerous game by sitting in the front seat without being told that he could, but it had paid off and he was glad that he had made the right choice.

    Once they got to the hospital, Chase took a moment to make sure that his collar was hidden by his shirt before he got out of the car and followed his master. "I'm coming." He said as he hurried over, moving to walk only a couple of steps behind House as they walked together into the hospital.

    When they got inside, Chase had to make sure that he kept his head up and tried not to go into submissive mode with all the people that crossed their path. He had a small talk with a nurse who seemed to love his hair, he followed after House when he left the elevator and looked around the floor that they were on, he thought that he was doing a rather good job at making sure that no one could tell that he was a slave, no one had seen his collar, he hadn't called House master, and he was making eye contact with people.

    When House announced that Chase was his slave as he introduced him to the others, it made him wonder why he bother to have him hide the fact that he was a slave. A frown crossed his face though when Cameron said that he couldn't be hired because he was a slave, slaves could hold down jobs but their pays just went to their masters, it was what a lot of businesses did, buy slaves and use them as their workers.

    "I wasn't always a slave, I was kidnapped a few years ago when I had actually been on my way here to interview for this fellowship." Chase explained when he saw the shocked look on Cameron's face and rolled his eyes slightly, he didn't like how everyone seemed to think that slaves were all born into this life and that none of them had any sort of education.

    "Eric Foreman, I'm a Neurologist." Said the other man as he sat himself down and opened the newspaper, he didn't really care what House did so long as it didn't interfere with his job and House's new little pet didn't get in the way of his work.
  19. Cameron couldn't believe what we heard. The man beside him had been kidnapped, just like in the CSI show on television, and then gotten sold to some old creep. Not that she saw House, who she obviously had a crush on, as a old creep but it was how she was sure the younger man saw him. How could Foreman not seem to care about this at all?
    Then a sick thought hit her. House was cruel to just about everyone (though she thought he had a soft side) how would he treat a slave? She didn't like the image she got in her head at all.

    Her doctor instinct kicked in, and she was already looking through Chase's body after bruises that would confirm her theories. She felt a wave of sickness when she noticed the rope burns around Chase's wrists. She didn't want to believe her dreamy House could do such a thing. It never once crossed her mind that maybe Chase liked that kind of things, or that it wasn't even House who had done it.
    "What is he using you for? Has he hurt you further?" She asked as he grabbed the younger man's arm to get a better look. She felt so sorry for the younger man.


    House just marched inside Cuddy's office as the woman was talking on the phone with someone.
    "I want to hire a slave" he said, knowing how much like him it sounded like. He wanted her to do what ever she was doing for the moment later.

    "Apparently I was drunk and bought a slave last night, and since they have a no return policy I thought to myself, why not hire the kid?" House said as he waited for an answer.
    "Would it help if I told you that he is the guy you was forcing me to interview a few years ago, Rowan's kid?"
  20. Chase couldn't help but to flinch when the woman grabbed his arms and he jerked back slightly, not use to strangers touching him without asking to. "He doesn't use me for anything, he just bought me yesterday, that's why the rope marks are still so fresh. He hasn't hurt me, I haven't done anything to deserve punishment yet." Chase explained, after all, he was sure that if he did step out of line with House, that he would be punished, Chase would just have to find his boundaries.

    "You need to stop watching so much TV Cameron, the kid walked into the room of his own free will, no limp or anything, besides there is nothing that you could do if he was hurt. House could fire you and have you arrested if you treated Chase without his consent." Foreman said without bothering to look up from the newspaper.


    Cuddy looked up at House when he walked into her office while she was on the phone. "I'll have to call you back." She said before she hung up and glared at the man across from her. "A slave? Just what master would be stupid enough to let you anywhere near their slave?" She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and sat back in her seat.

    "You bought a slave? I really doubt that they will be the kind of slave that would be of any help around here then." Cuddy said as she rolled her eyes, she had seen some of the hookers that House 'snuck' into his office, there was no way that his slave could be much different. "You mean Robert Chase? Have you let his father know that he is still alive?" She asked with wide shocked eyes before she slowly gave a nod of her head, she had been hoping that the young Chase would show up two years ago to become part of House's fellowship and had been rather disappointed when he never showed. "Well, since he is qualified, I suppose that he can be part of your fellowship, so long as other people don't know that he is a slave, they might be less willing to let him help them if they know." She said as she rubbed at the bridge of her nose.
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