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  1. Luke ran with his twin sister Anne as fast as they could. Their parents had been part of some sort of group that had gotten them killed and now they were on the run!

    Luke was tall, lean and skinny 18 year old with dark, curly long hair with strangely bright green eyes and wore a dark shirt with tight Jeans, hard boots and a long jacket that flew behind him as he ran. Anne was just the but with long, waist length hair and bright blue eyes, she was as tall and lean as her twin but had a rather different sense in style with bright pink trainers, bright bink shirt and a purple t-shirt.

    Luke pulled Anne long faster "come on" he yelled "they'll get us" he didn't know what his mum and dad had been apart of but he wasn't going to let them get his sister too. Anne ran as fast as she could "I'm trying! I'm not a track star like you" she yelled back
  2. Big Gus stood in front of his dwelling on the hill with arms crossed. Tattoos littered his naked arms. He wore a black tank-top, blue jeans, and leather boots. Gus had a crew cut and goatee. A shiny beretta was conveniently tucked into his waist.

    Two streets down bellow Big Gus witnessed two individuals fleeing on foot from a group of thugs wearing suits. Gus didn't know who the thugs were, but they definitely were not from the neighborhood. Whistling loudly, Big Gus got the attention of another man inside the house. "We got some 'cowboys' in the neighborhood boys! It's time to saddle up!!!"

    Jogging over to his motorcycle, Big Gus started his engine....
  3. Luke panted as he ran, he yelled out as he fell to the floor "Anne run!" He yelled for his twin to flee but the girl looked so scared and confused but when she saw how close the men were getting she carried on running. Luke tried to get back to his feet but winced and hissed in pain as he realized his ankle was most lightly sprained
  4. They had escaped. No. They were escaping.

    El knew the nuance. By heart, if not perfectly. After all, without the knowledge on this precise difference, she would still had been in the middle on a mount of corpses, trained like a dog to be become exactly what she is as of today: a Tracker, a being close to an assassin but not quite; just a mere military dog used to conduct find-and-kill missions on easy targets.

    And this time, even if targets were easy, they were quite fast.

    This was the most enraging scene of this act. Atop of her drugs and chemicals-boosted capacities, El was supposed to be enable to counter anyone of a regular caliber. Yet, for these particular people, her flair was missing. Gone ashore. Which conflicted her more than anything else. Hence, the soldier could solely follow directives that were being screamed through her ear's communication device. And also, to run. To run endlessly, searching for these damned who accomplished whatever enraged her bosses-- no, creators. No question were asked. She only had to carry on the mission.

    In the end, it was Huit who gave El the signal. One of the legion had found the pair and were rapidly gaining superiority over the situation. The boy seemed hurt, they said. However, no mercy was needed. As soon said as done, El moved to the area of the happening, following the steady game of tag from the reports her superior would care to to give. She had now people to eliminate.
  5. "Huu~uh," Gus rumbled. There would be no waiting for his comrades. Binding his arm and biting his lip, the human administered the drug. The needle pierced his flesh and waves of excitement trembled up and down his body. DRIVE was a special formula designed to lets human brain process at the same speed as that of a micro-processor.

    Big Gus let out two dog like snarls after administration of DRIVE, before revving his engine and rolling away. A cloud of smoke followed him into second gear as he speed through the alley. Seconds later the turbo-engines of his "boys" could be heard behind. Dipping through the cracks of the neighborhood, the men on cycles were on route to cut off the assailants. Everyone could hear the motorcylces.

    "So ye~ah wanna be a cowboy" Big Gus laughed to himself with blood shot eyes. DRIVE had overtaken him.
  6. Anne continue to run ahead, tears streaming down her face and she looked behind her at her wounded brother on the floor and god she felt guilty. Luke might have told her to fun but she never normally listened to him and now he was going to die alone.
    Luke tried once again to get to his feet and this time managed it but he couldn't walk faster then a slow limp "what the helkl is going on?! Why is this happening?!" He screamed at no one, what the hell had his parents gotten in to?!
  7. Big Gus made a sharp right turn down the catfish's belly. Hitting the fourth gear, he squeezed on by like a bullet. The heavy engines of the motorcycles made it difficult to hear, but Gus heard the woman scream anyways because of the DRIVE. Hitting the breaks and using body leverage, Gus drifted out of the cut and shot forward like a slingshot out of hell. Directly ahead were the three thugs.

    Gus' mind snapped. A wave of aggression sprawled down his spine like a bolt of electricity. The rider's veins bulged from his neck and his eyes were blank of any virtue... no, pure joy and excitement filled their eyes; their thirst for blood made the biker salivate like a rabid dog. With his mind going a million miles per hour, Gus drew his baretta.

    "BLOOD!!!" Gus opened fire.
  8. Luke put his head down and hide his face in his arms as he waited for the thugs to catch up to him. The teen didn't even look up when he heard what sounded like a motorbike since he was sure I'd just be more of the people chasing him.
    Anne watched as some guy flew past her on a bike, she didn't know who's side he was on but god she hoped it was her and her twins because he didn't seem like the kind you'd want to get on to the bad side of
  9. A hundred different things happened at the same exact time. The DRIVE coursing through their veins made it all possible. Gus unloaded a clip directly at the three thugs. As the gun pushed, his brain was able to calculate compensation simultaneously. Bullet's struck bodies, but had little effect. Immediately, Gus knew that his opponents had Nano-injections and had to switch tactics. Ditching the useless weapon, the biker flipped through his brain for the rules of war when direct force was not an option.

    The male and female... Before his ultra-mind could even finish, Gus' allies where already one step ahead of him. Giving him a firing line of cover, Gus revved his turbo-engine forward. The moment he passed Anne/Luke's position, he braked and slammed his foot on the floor to flip around. Doing so he burned out his tires so bad that it created a huge nasty cloud of smoke.

    Offering the gesture of an open hand to the female, Gus barked, "Come on!" He only had maybe a second or two to escape with them though, for his comrades covering fire would not give them much time.
  10. Gabriel stood watching this scene unfold below him. A young pair of kids were running from what seemed to be assassins when a group of bikers stepped between them. The bikers guns had little effect on the pursuers and Gabriel chuckled to himself. When he noticed that the biker's firing line would not hold, he decided to take action.

    In one hand he held an SMG, the other a a specially made, very strong alloy sword. His reflexes were superhuman as he dropped behind the pursuers, unloading the entire clip of the SMG. He dropped the gun and threw two smoke grenades between the groups.

    "You and me, we're going to dance now, yeah?" He said aloud as stepped closer to the three, sword in hand.
  11. Anne froze at the sightof the guy on the bike "my brother! I can't leave him behind!" She said shakily, Luke was still struggling to get up from where he was caught in between the two groups and now the new stranger. Luke tried to claw himself away "bloody hell" he gasped softly and shook his head at his sister "just go!"
  12. Gabriel pointed at the biker "take the girl and leave. I'll follow shortly with her brother, yeah?" He said calmly. He gripped his sword in both hands and turned to face the pursuers. "You three will leave now. You will tell your boss that these runners are under the protection of The Angel of Death. And you will not continue this pursuit, yeah?" He quickly stepped between the pursuers and the boy.

    Gabriel's hair was long and black, tied back in a ponytail. His face was clean shaven and pale. He had light blue eyes and a pointed nose. He was covered completely in black except for his face, with various pieces of equipment, including spare ammunition for his SMG, the sheath for his sword, and a few extra smoke grenades. Gabriel looked down at the teen. "You're going to get up and stay behind me, yeah?" he said in a demanding tone.
  13. The woman would not abandon her brother, much to the biker's dismay. Gus mind was flying, but before he was required to make another combat decision another variable entered the equation. The man wore all black and carried with him an SMG, grenades, and a sabre. Gus heard the man out and decided to agree, "Fine-- we up catfish's belly!" If the man was really on the biker's side, he would know what he meant by catfish's belly (a path through the allies that lead straight to the bikers head quarters)

    Holding out his hand to Anne, Gus waited for her to climb on behind him, "Hold on tight!"
  14. Luke nodded "o..ok" he muttered and forced himself up on to his legs, putting all his weight on to his good foot as he managed to get behind the new guy.
    Anne looked at her brother one more time before getting on to the bike behind the biker guy and grabbed on to him and nodded "don't worry" he said shakily "I have no intention to let go"
  15. With that Gabriel stepped forward and with a single slash cut the leg off one thug. He then spun, taking the arm of a second, and with another step had decapitated the third.

    He set off one last some grenade, grabbed the young boy, and took off running. "You are involved in dangerous company, runner." He said, moving quickly. He took a winding path instead of the road, making sure they were not being followed.
  16. The lad frowned when the man spoke "what company? Whats going on? Our parents were the ones involved! Something about messing with DNA, and splitting it in two" Luke had NO idea what the hell was going on but he did know he had to keep his sister and himself safe so they could get somewhere safe and work out what to do
  17. With that Gabriel stopped and dropped the boy. He unsheathed his sword and held it at the boy's throat. "Your parents did this?!" Gabriel's normally calm demeanor had broken. "Your parents made me who I am!" He shouted. "They took us, and what they did to us..." his voice trailed. He put his sword away and turned around.

    "Your parents left with government secrets, but you didn't know. That's why you're still alive. Now that you've seen me, they will kill you." He said. "You understand you'll never be able to enter a government city again, yeah?"
  18. The lad fell to the floor and tried to crawl away from the nutter "I don't know what the hell you're talking about man! The only thing I know about the work my parents did was energy drinks they'd bring home and let me and my sister have every morning and every night"
  19. Driving up the cut and swinging through many different streets, Big Gus made sure that none were following them. Slowly the DRIVE drug was beginning to pass. Within thirty minutes the side effects would occur, but the bikers didn't care. There were more drugs and more treatments to make sure they survived. Finally, the group swung into Catfish's Belly. Kicking it into fifth gear he hit almost 200 mph before slowing down and turning into the biker's base of operations.

    Driving all the bikes into the garage, Gus turned off his motor, "Al, make sure the machines work... Smitty, we need some VIRUAL set up pronto,"

    Turning to Anne, the tattooed man smiled and introduced himself, "I am Gus, or Big Gus. We here run these here streets, but who are you and what was up with them boys chasing you?"
  20. "Energy drinks?" Gabriel questioned. He pulled a small device from one of his pockets. "Come here" he said "this device will tell me many things about you."

    He reached out his hand. "You have nothing to fear from me for now, I am Gabriel, the Angel of Death."
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