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  1. The gods have grown tired. They are tired of always being on Olympus, of always watching the mortals. They 15 big Gods have left their thrones on Olympus and in the underworld, and gone to earth.
    They know who they are, they know what powers they have, but they have all accepted to not use those unless directly necessary.
    They are, in a way, playing a game with one another. Who can handle the world of the mortals the longest, without raging? Without using their powers.
    They all still belong to one another, they all still have their wives and husbands, their lovers and sisters and brothers. Yet they disguise themself as mortals. So for all a mortal knows, the couple walking there infront of them, seeming like a loving couple, could even be a goddess and a god who by todays means would be brother and sister.

    What careers have they taken?
    What looks do they hide themself behind?
    With whom do they live, and what do they use their time on?
    How will their relations change, as they might see one another in a different light?

    List of the Gods (open)

    Zeus, King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus; god of the sky, and thunder. -Taken

    Hera, Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage and family -Taken

    Poseidon, God of the seas, earthquakes, and tidal wave. -Taken

    Demeter, Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons -taken

    Athena Goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, defense, and strategic warfare -Taken

    Apollo God of light, knowledge, healing, plague and darkness, the arts, music, poetry, prophecy, archery, the sun, manly youth, and beauty. -open

    Artemis, Goddess of the hunt, virginity, childbirth, archery, the moon, and all animals -Taken

    Ares ,God of war, violence, and bloodshed -Taken

    Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty, and desire. -taken

    Hephaestus, Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; god of fire and the forge -Open

    , Messenger of the gods; god of commerce, thieves, and games -open

    Hestia, Goddess of the hearth and of the right ordering of domesticity and the family -Open

    God of wine, celebrations, and ecstasy -Open

    , God of the Underworld, dead and the riches under the Earth -Taken

    Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and a daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Also goddess of spring time -Taken @Nica

    character sheet (open)

    Human name:
    Age as human:
    Appearance: (Both description and realistic picture would be great)

    my character (open)

    Human name: Henriette McGreggory
    God: Hera
    Age as human: 27
    Appearance: Henriette is about 5'3" tall, with a fair bit of curves. Despite not being the thinest girl around, she isn't fat either. She has a quite pale skin, though it during the summers get a healthy glow. Her eyes are a dark brown, and the same is her hair.
    As expected of a woman, she has fairly sized hips and chest, and as she is a perfectionist within her own appearance, she never lets a chance leave her to show off her figure.
    She's usually with a thin layer of make-up, pluss she usually styles her hair. [​IMG]

    Personality: Henriette is what one could describe as a natural leader, though she tends to let others take controll instead. She is stubborn and proud, rarely backing down from something she believes in. Her work is her obsession, though as a female she is quite jealous and vindictive. It's rare to find her without the woman having perfectioned her appearance, which she is quite proud of.
    Occupation: Wedding planner
    Relationshipstatus: Married but complicated
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  2. Could I be Hades or Ares @.@
  3. Go ahead and chose one, or if you want to, and know you can keep up, chose both ;)
  4. Human Name:
    Stephanie Kane

    Persephone - Goddess of Spring & Queen of the Underworld

    Human Age:
    Twenty-Two Years Old

    While alongside her mother, the Goddess Demeter, the young and virgin Persephone is a glowing aura of golden purity. Her blonde hair is silken and glides against the winds, dancing in the breeze. She wears lace gowns of white, golden sandals and accessories. Her skin is porcelain, flawless, and the lightest shade of olive. In the company of her mother, free to roam beneath the rising and falling sun, Persephone is a vision of health and inner beauty that outshines the fauna in which she cares for. Persephone often wears a crown of flowers and vines that she crafts together for herself.

    When Persephone joins her husband in the Underworld, her appearance shifts dramatically. Her golden aura grows darker, including the shade of her hair which turns black as the shadows where she and her lover remain. Her skin becomes pale, white as the freshly fallen snow. She becomes a glorified corpse, remarkably still beautiful in such a condition. She wears a crown of thorns, black clothing and roams barefoot. Persephone has darker eyes and lips as well during this time.


    Outgoing, Friendly, Trusting, Naive, Easily Manipulated, Emotionally Vulnerable, Immature, Childish, Curious and Sympathetic and Old Fashioned.


    Relationship Status:
    Married - Hades
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  5. Will work on a CS soon. I might RP both.
  6. Hmmm. So since Hades is married to Persephone..that means they live and act like a married couple in the Mortal World?

    Same with Ares since he is normally the lover of Aphrodite...although that is just a lover and not really a couple .-.
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  7. ill be making mines shortly soon too
  8. Alright. I'm just gonna be Hades. Dun feel like being Ares.
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  9. Ill be Posiden
  10. Human Name:

    Richard Kane
    (Or Billings, I think they would be married o.o)


    Hades - Ruler of the Underworld

    Human Appearance:


    Hades in his human form has taken on the form of a man that stands at 6'1". He has a lean, muscular build to him with broad shoulders that he could fit anything he wore. His hair and facial hair is black, just like his 'heart' which isn't necessarily true. His eyes are a hazel color. (Not the best at descriptions >.>)

    Human Age:



    Deceptive, Mature, 'All-Knowing' or acts like it, Rude, Selfish and Crazy (At times)


    Coroner (Haha >.>)


    Married - Persephone

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  11. Well, it would make sense...unless they live at her Mothers house @.@ xD

    Or her Mother lives with them xD
  12. Yeah, it would be pretty hilarious. We should do that >.> Though I suppose if no one took her as a character...she would just be an NPC
  13. [​IMG]Human name: Christopher Graham
    God: Posiden
    Age as human: 23
    Appearance: Christopher is about 6'2 with sandy brown hair that he keeps a mid to short length. His body is clean of tattoo's although he does want one or two...maybe three whenever he actually decides to get one.
    Occupation: Works part time at a skate shop
    : Single?
    ( Ill edit later)
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  14. Unless she/he who plays Demeter asks to have Persephone living there too aometimes, Perse would most likely live fulltime with her husband. They are meant to try to be as alike the humans as possible :)

    Also, Aphrodite it the wife of Hepaestus in the myths and therefor would be living with him depending on what the rp'ers decide to go for that, otherwise she would most likely live alone.

    And i'll update the list with that hades and Poseidon has been taken a little bit later.
  15. Okay. :)
  16. Tehn the list with what gods are taken has been updated
  17. Just a small bump <.< I want more of th Gods to be taken before starting the rp.
  18. I'd like to reserve Aphrodite if she isn't taken already.
  19. Go ahead, she's not taken, but I can't edit the post at the moment.
  20. Alright then. I'll post tomorrow, going to bed now.
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