Ok, so are you as sad as the Porg?



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Ok now I'm just wondering here...

My uh.. well my friend got me hooked into it this year at uni..

I think it was something to do with the childhood thrill of opening boosters.. uh..


Ok fine! look I play Yu-Gi-Oh ok!?

It's a good game I swear.. ._.

I was just wondering if anyone else does/has... >> << >> ..?
Nope I am more a casual observer of the game as I tend to play Magic the Gathering.

However, I think Weavel might have played or still plays sometimes the game.
I still like to play the card game... o___o Love the original YuGiOh.
I still enjoy Yu gi oh. Please don't talk about Yu gi oh DX. That's just ... *shudders*

I had so many cards but a lot of them got stolen. <_< I still like collecting the cards, although I never find the time to play or anyone to play the game with me.
My cousin has a lot of those cards. I think if he sold them right now for what they're actually worth he'd be set for his next four years of college cause he has so damn many of the apparently valuable ones according to himself. Plus he has pokemon cards too still.

I like it though. . . in the sense that without it we wouldn't have Yu Gi Oh the Abridged Series.

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Damn I've never laughed so much.
XDDD Nice video.
Gotta love the abridged series!

My childhood memories of opening pokemon boosters is what got me into YuGiOh >>

I like the lore of magic.. but my few frun ins with the game have resulted in me deciding i don't really like the mechanics too much...



Who is just a total badass.
Digimon REPRESENT. Ya'lls is BITCHES compared to my...MEGA LEVEL MARINE ANGEMON.

I used to collect Pokemon cards too for a little bit, but liked Digimon more. Man, I miss opening booster packs.

I'm a fan of the trifecta of Poke/Digi/Yugi.

....And I loved dabbling in Magic....

Never good at any of it, but it was fun
I used to be fucking pro at Yu Gi Oh, man.

But then my mom threw all my cards away because she's insane.

Oh well.
The Digimon World games were fun..

I avoided most of the card games besides Magic the Gathering.

Haven't played Magic in about 3 years, anyway..
MTG was here, Yu Gi Oh is a loser.

I miss Pokemon TCG, coz I had cards that were actually useful and not just flashy.

Aerodactly in play, CAN'T EVOLVE YOUR NOW, BITCH!

And then my scyther, electabuzz and mewtwo bullies their jigglypuffs and squirtles.
40k was here.

all other CCGs are smalltime.
Mr-Mime was a beast in pokemon..NO MORE THAN 10 DAMAGE A TURN BITCH!!


Who I also have somewhere..

>> << >>

Magic is weird.. it seems to be the card game played by people who don't want to think of themselves as playing card games... seems to be the realm f D&Ders and the like..
I tried to get into it once upon a time but never had anyone to play with.. and nowadays having tried all three I really liked Pokemon as a kid but stopped around the Gym Leader sets (Though I hate the 3D route they seem to have gone down and I believe the game is quite different nowadays) I can't say I like the game mechanics of Magic too much.. I personally prefer YuGiOh more as a game..

Though Magic is without a doubt prettier and has really cool lore behind it.
Have to post this. . . cause Duke Devlin demands it.

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*Can't express how much I love the Abridged Series*
I have all my cards when I collected them in high school. Never really won that often because everyone else hand fancy smancy cards while I think the only pieces of cardboard I bought was all three of those derps that form Gate Guardian.
Yeah it is a real shift from Yu Gi Oh to Magic. Mostly because Magic is a resource based card game and YGO is a field based card game. (Don't have any other idea how to describe it.) Anyway yeah you'll probably get bored of magic real quick if all you have are blue players to play against. Counter this, no you can't do that, and now I mill your deck for 100. Playing against them needs experience but otherwise if you and a friend go out and buy one of the newer VS packs both decks inside are very balanced against each other and you should have a blast playing those. Plus they could kind of be a start to your own type of deck.

As far as yu gi oh went when I did play it I wanted to do what I do in Magic either monster/trap destruction or complete control. (I.E. Jinzo + 3 Ground Collapse and Magic Jammers) The other kind of deck I would have loved to make was an Exodia one with tons and tons of draw spells.
Funny thing with YuGiOh.. It used to be very slow.. (I played one of the older games for a small while on the gameboy colour i think.. O.o) But I also spent a while this year playing with only old cards cos they were the only ones I could play with.

But really.. the game is so very much faster nowadays.. you used to be summoning one monster a turn, now you get people getting though about 7+ i some of the really potent decks (the ones I tend not to play cos they just win far too easily and I like to enjoy playing rather than just winning) But yeah, my experience of magic is just it's a little too slow for me I guess.. I never feel like I can do much in a turn when I play..

Maybe it is just the decks ive played, I mean I cant say ive got a lot of experience ^^;