Ok, so are you as sad as the Porg?

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  1. Belle

    "We are sorry to intrude." She said and Blair shook her head

    "it's fine Belle. You can stay as long as you'd like, and if not just know you are welcome back any time." Belles head tilted at Blairs words

    "Well we wouldn't want to spoil your evening." She chuckled softly
  2. Ray

    "You can join us if you'd like. I brought plenty of pizza."
  3. Belle

    She turned to John "What do you say? You hungry?"
  4. John

    "Sure, if you guys truly don't mind."
  5. Blair

    She smiled thinly "I don't mind. I'll go get some plates for us." She went into the kitchen to go get dinner set up.
  6. Ray

    He sat down and started eating.


    He started eating.
  7. XDDD Nice video.
  8. Demi

    "P-please don't let me be isolated," Helen says, "I can't bare to be alone in that room. A-and chores I can handle. I do them all the time. I'll be fine."

    I look at Helen as if she's lost her damn mind. "What kind of request is that? Of course I ain't gonna leave your ass isolated. Can't get rid of me that easily, Chipmunk." However, my grin dies a little when a thought hits me. Look at me, acting like I'm the only friend she's got. She practically walks around with a big ass group of abnormals everyday. I shrug a little, my face carefully neutral. "Besides, you got Penelope and the rest of them, don't ya? I doubt they're gonna leave you lonely anytime soon. Hell, they might form a mob and come after me once they find out what happened."

    I'm not worried about that...Okay. Fine. Maybe I'm a tinsy bit worried, but I'm sure I can handle myself. I've actually got an idea what their powers are now, so I wouldn't be going in blind this time. But still, let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    I shrug again before heading out of the kitchen and into the hall. "Fine by me." I flash her a small grin, my eyes twinkling. "Getting some more of that bomb ass Agatha Christie?" I ask playfully. I had caught sight of the author on that little book in her room when she grabbed the marshmallows. I'm surprised myself that I had remembered. I'm not the biggest reader around, but I dabble whenever I have downtime.
  9. (I sort of want deadshot to run into them)
  10. Itzlie
    I laughed at her joke
    "Yes take me with you..i can't believe this," I say as I looked around
    "U-um..i don't see anyone and there shouldn't me.." I say although I had a..weird feeling like we weren't alone.

    The guy Alexander comes back..he seems like he jumped into the lake. Although it seemed like he was drying off really quick. So she must have been right that he needed to cool down.
    "Thank you guys." He said seeming more calm.
    "Welcome." I say and nod then looked at her," Hey Winnie wanna go back inside?"

    "I see...alright then" I say. I wondered if the spirits he saw had anything to do about it.

    I sighed and shake my head
    "Believe me I have been tempted." I say with a grin.

    I head to the stairs going upstairs...
  11. I used to be fucking pro at Yu Gi Oh, man.

    But then my mom threw all my cards away because she's insane.

    Oh well.
  12. John

    He pointed at Blair in agreement. "Are you telling me you didn't enjoy that time in the snow in Moscow?"

    Ray just chuckled at the conversation.
  13. Carrie

    My heart pounds in my chest and I look back and forth between the hall. I hear the pitter patter of footsteps. Now is when I wish I kept Scott's fire arm on me. Only now do I remember is that it's in the vault in his room. Which was back upstairs. "Shit." I curse and suddenly feel a pain travel across the side of my leg. I notice some blood trickling down and my eyes widen "Itlize...s-shit...N-nows the time we run for our lives." I notice a small figure peeking their head out from the end of the hall.


    I am relieved to see the fire boy more calm.
    I raise my eyebrow at him "Sure. I mean, we might as well." I chuckle softly and rub the back of my head. "Just let me inhale my last free breath." I joke and dramatically take a breath in.


    I smile at her and suddenly take her hand in mine. For whatever reason I have fear reaping within me. I turn ahead and I see her again. The woman. She looks enraged "They are here, Andre Hector. They're heeeere." I blink and the next moment she's gone. It was like she was never even there. My breath catches on my throat.


    I grin "I really don't blame you Ri." I smile and shake my head "Again, I would too."
  14. Belle

    "Russia was hell!" She teased with a giggle "Although Moscow was a lot of fun. And it was very pretty when it snowed. Okay I'll give you that. And only that comrade."
  15. Mr-Mime was a beast in pokemon..NO MORE THAN 10 DAMAGE A TURN BITCH!!


    Who I also have somewhere..

    >> << >>

    Magic is weird.. it seems to be the card game played by people who don't want to think of themselves as playing card games... seems to be the realm f D&Ders and the like..
    I tried to get into it once upon a time but never had anyone to play with.. and nowadays having tried all three I really liked Pokemon as a kid but stopped around the Gym Leader sets (Though I hate the 3D route they seem to have gone down and I believe the game is quite different nowadays) I can't say I like the game mechanics of Magic too much.. I personally prefer YuGiOh more as a game..

    Though Magic is without a doubt prettier and has really cool lore behind it.
  16. Demi

    A cough rattles my chest and I have to gag as blood coats the back of my mouth. I can't spit it out--I don't want Helen to see it. Oh God, poor Helen. She's so fucking brave and amazing, stronger than anyone I've ever met in my entire life. My entire body is trembling but I know it isn't from pain. My nerves are so beyond fucked up that feeling shit isn't a thing right now. No, I'm shaking out of pure...pure emotion. Pride. Fear. Endearment.

    I'm not giving up, Helen. Not as long as you keep going too.

    I watch as she tries to deck him in the jaw. It's not the strongest punch, but it's enough to knock him off balance. He starts tilting backwards...

    In and instant, the bone cocoon around my arm condenses into a giant pike and I jab up--



    If psycho solider was still human, I'm pretty sure my forearm would've skewered a lung. However, there's no gore, no terrible sight of tissue and organs. Just shattered porcelain sticking from my exposed fingers like splinters and the thin rivulets of crimson running down my shoulder. He's got his weight on me, his back piling onto my front.

    "G-got you...fucker..." I wheeze.

    He doesn't respond at first. Hell, he doesn't move. However, when he finally starts jerking his head to side, trying to look at me, I know he's in a world of pain. I don't give him the chance to recuperate. I raise my other arm and punch the shit out of his ear, forming a shallow dent in his skull. Close enough, he should hear us loud and fucking clear now.

    "O-order it...Chip...munk..."

    Ah fuck. I think I'm starting to reach my end...

    My visions getting dark, but I can't pass out. Not yet. I...I-I need to hear Helen say it, to really make sure this fucker is out of our hair.
  17. Helen

    It hurts me to see Demi looking like she is in so much pain. But there is something else bubbling within me. Pride. She got up to help me out, even after how much she has suffered. I'm going to get her help. I owe Demi my life

    "Go. The Fuck. To Sleep." I command him, keeping my voice calm "Don't wake up, until I say so." I command once more, lips trembling at how tranquil my voice comes out. Once I give the command I feel more tears streak down my face. Can it please be over? I look to Demi and I see how horribly she looks. She's so bloody.

    "C-cookie...s-stay awake...p-please. I-i am going to get y-you help. J-just stay a-awake. O-oh G-god. D-don't feel p-pain. P-please..." I beg, swallowing as to keep myself composed. After all this I want to curl into a corner and commence sobbing.
  18. Bearskin

    I watch the woman leave and I scoff. Weak stomach I assume if he is truly planing on hurting me. Which I doubt he is. He does tell me he doesn't have it in him to shoot me and I grin.

    Pain spreads through my collar bone as he aims for my clavicle. I resist the urge to swear, but rather then letting the pain get to me, I widen my grin "Oh. How utterly painful. Still won't talk. You are going to have to draw a lot more blood." I will not state why I am here, considering this provides as perfect distraction.
  19. Yeah it is a real shift from Yu Gi Oh to Magic. Mostly because Magic is a resource based card game and YGO is a field based card game. (Don't have any other idea how to describe it.) Anyway yeah you'll probably get bored of magic real quick if all you have are blue players to play against. Counter this, no you can't do that, and now I mill your deck for 100. Playing against them needs experience but otherwise if you and a friend go out and buy one of the newer VS packs both decks inside are very balanced against each other and you should have a blast playing those. Plus they could kind of be a start to your own type of deck.

    As far as yu gi oh went when I did play it I wanted to do what I do in Magic either monster/trap destruction or complete control. (I.E. Jinzo + 3 Ground Collapse and Magic Jammers) The other kind of deck I would have loved to make was an Exodia one with tons and tons of draw spells.
  20. Funny thing with YuGiOh.. It used to be very slow.. (I played one of the older games for a small while on the gameboy colour i think.. O.o) But I also spent a while this year playing with only old cards cos they were the only ones I could play with.

    But really.. the game is so very much faster nowadays.. you used to be summoning one monster a turn, now you get people getting though about 7+ i some of the really potent decks (the ones I tend not to play cos they just win far too easily and I like to enjoy playing rather than just winning) But yeah, my experience of magic is just it's a little too slow for me I guess.. I never feel like I can do much in a turn when I play..

    Maybe it is just the decks ive played, I mean I cant say ive got a lot of experience ^^;