Of Magic and Mayhem

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  1. There is a legend in the kingdom of Lutia in which Anthros and humans once lived peaceful livelihoods together, villages would contain no distinction between the two races. They lived in a united harmony, without danger or violence between either.

    But such tales are written in dusty old parchments, said to be fantastical relics and mythical lore. As far as any race is concerned, the different races had been at odds since the dawn of time.

    But if one were to believe the legends, it is said that two brothers Temrin and Shadowclaw, not of the same blood and consequently not of same race, caused the racial schism. What once was a close kinship turned to hatred between the two and fomented outward causing the races splitting into two sides, and the races have been apart since.

    Many would say the belief that the Leader of Humans and the Leader of Anthros once being close kin is blasphemy, and relegate this belief to more fairy tale. Despite this, there are a few unspoken believers who believe in the idea of harmony.


    Humans are a technological race, dealing with weaponary, machinery, and alchemy. They advance through intellect and ingenuity. Mankind benefits from rigorous military and strategy training, every person regardless of rank know at least some basic fighting skills.

    Anthros are a race of Animal-like creatures. They excel in magic and the natural abilities that they are gifted with. Anthros have no formal training and rely on instinct, their magic is practiced at their own pace and not all Anthros are incredibly skilled mages.

    Hybrids- I'm considering adding hybrids as a species. Two different types of anthro can mate, so the child would be a hybrid species. Then there are human/Anthro hybrids, those would likely be the rarest and would need to be concealed from civilization the most should one exist.

    Humans live in the northern half of Lutia, their villages reside on mountain and grassland ranges.
    Anthros live in the southern half of Lutia, where villages reside on grassland and forest ranges. The grasslands are what is the middleground between the two races.

    You are going to play as one of either species, or one of both, whatever suits you. In the end, will you reunite the two species and end a bitter rivalry, or spark a feud that could turn into an all out war?

    Now you are to create a bio,

    Species: (If Anthro, what kind?)
    Description/Personality: (Can include picture references)
    Weapons/Abilities: (Weapons if human, Magic/Natural ability if anthro)
    Bio/Backstory/Other: Optional

    You can add any information you like. I'm not going to dictate what magic, abilities, weapons your characters have as long as it's reasonable.

    For example:
    Cat Anthro- Nightvision=yes Sharp claws=yes climbing=yes speed=yes Flight=No. All this is pretty obvious.

    Magic: Telekinesis, Fire elemental, water elemental, earth elemental, air elemental, transportation, invisibility,
    Etc. these are only a few examples use your imagination, also, the magic must have some limits or it's god-modding.

    Weapons/Machinery- Catapults, slingshots, bows/arrows, swords, shields, spears, etc etc the obvious.

    Just be creative, but fair.

    Once accepted, go to http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/of-magic-and-mayhem.31210/ and make a post


    Extra notes:

    * The current king among humans is Lionel Augustus Vancouver, the king to be (who is currently 8 and therefore too young to rule), is Jason Aldritch Vancouver

    *In this story, Alchemy is a science used by the humans, it has some magical properties. However, the magic can only be used for practical uses and as defensive wards against magic attacks. Humans are unable to use magic otherwise.

    *Would anyone like to help me devise the history behind Temrin and Shadowclaw?
    Shadowclaw is a black lion Anthro who rose to power among Anthros, and Temrin rose to power among humans, though they ruled equally before the feud. I'd like to make a reason for their feud and develop the plot further. I can do it myself but would like some input if you have any.

    *Anthros rule through their elders, which is a system that came into effect when at one point the ruler of the Anthros died, leaving no heir. This forced the anthros to develop a new system to rule the forest half of Lutia. The humans still have their monarch to this day because no such complications arose.
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  2. Name: Annette "Ann" Claudius Vancouver
    Species: Human
    Age: 17

    Show Spoiler


    Annette is a studious and quiet girl, but also friendly to anyone. She mostly spends her time to herself reading

    Weapons/Abilities: Longsword

    Bio/Backstory/Other: Ann is a princess and heir to the throne. She is the next in line should her brother not get married or become deceased. She spends most of her time in the royal library of the Castle. Ann goes through rigorous training in the likelihood that she will be royalty one day.


    Name: Wane Moonscar

    Species: Cat Anthro

    Age: 21

    Show Spoiler


    Wane is narcissistic, flirtatious, and obnoxious. He's the kind of guy you'd want to slap across the face. (Finally got the picture drawn up! I hatebackgroundsihatebackground!IhateshadingIhateshadingaIhadte Ihateart)

    Weapons/Abilities: Telepathy/Mind control. Nightvision and speed.

    Bio/Backstory/Other: Wane was born and raised to hate humans. He has grown up to believe that they are to be despised and left alone. He believes this strongly and doesn't want anything to do with them as he has been taught.
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  3. Name: Carsonagan "Carson the Ghoul Caller" Haphaetus
    Species: Anthro Wolf
    Age: roughly 43
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Eyes are green, with a long scar running down the right side of his face, over his eye. Shady and mysterious, not much he says does not have deeper meaning, and that which doesn't was not spoken by him. Preferring to wander alone or amongst the dead, he is also seen as a kind of shaman.

    Weapons/Abilities: Wolf-like senses, claws, sharp teeth, uses magic to raise the dead. Using his magic, however, comes at a price. For every creature he brings back from the veil of death, his life is shortened by as log as they remain in the mortal plane. (If he brings back one person for a year, he lives one year less. Two for a year, two years less, etc., etc.)
  4. Nice Bio :D

    Go ahead and make a post if you want to introduce your character, though I'm hoping for a few more people to join before we start any more posts than that.
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  5. Name: Elena Heartwick
    Species: Human, mostly, and secretly a quarter eagle anthro (if that's okay?)
    Age: 20
    Description/Personality: Most of the time, she keeps her hood up to hide her not all that human eyes. While at a glance, they seem human enough, on closer inspection, they resemble an eagles more than they do a humans. Her nails are stronger than most peoples and look as if they are always painted black. and hiding beneath her multiple layers of clothes, are a set of brown eagle wings, not nearly large enough to fly with, just enough to cover her back. She stands taller than most human females at six foot. And her bones aren't as dense as a humans are, making her lighter than what she appears. She's always in layers and she dosn't show much skin.
    Show Spoiler

    She dosn't like large crowds of people and she refuses to let anyone touch her in fear of them accidentally discovering her wings beneath the layers of clothing she wears. Even though she avoids larrge crowds of people, if she sees someone who needs help, she'll usually lend a hand in her own way She was raised to despise anthros, and for the most part, she keep to that teaching, every now and then, however, a soft spot will show up. . She has a habit of lurking in high places.
    Weapons/Abilities: She specializes in archery, but she can use a backsword as well. Ability wise: eagle like vision and she's quick on her feet and very nimble because of the density of her bones.
    Her grandmother was raped by an eagle anthro once upon a time. Her mother was the product of that pairing. Her family has lived in isolation at a mountains top since her mothers birth. Even though her mother was raised in isolation, one day a lost hiker stumbled across them. At first, he was repulsed by her mother, but knowing that they couldn't let the man escape, her mother and grandmother managed to subdue the man and keep him captive for many years. Sometime within those years, Elena was born. The young Elena didn't have near as many characteristics of the avine anthro her mother did. The lost hiker, even though he was repulsed by her mother, adored Elena. He often called her his little angel. It was he who got her interested in hunting. He taught her to use the bow and the only sword he had with him. After he passed away, Elena kept the weapon he's trained her with and left the nest, so to speak.
    She spent two years wandering the mountain sides alone before she got up the courage to enter a human settlement bigger than a village. She kept her head down and sold off her services as a hunter, as another year passed, she picked up some reputation for being a spot on shot with her bow. Around her nineteenth birthday, the palace began to hire her for her skills. She began to act as a sort of bounty hunter for them. When she got enough money, she built herself a tree house a couple of miles out of the outskirts of the capital, just enough to have her own space around her.
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  6. That's great, silver. I'm okay with her being a quarter anthro.

    Go ahead and make a post whenever
  7. Name: Micah Lapic
    Species: Wolf Anthro
    Age: 31

    While intelligent and friendly, Micah also has a quick temper and it doesn't take much to get her mad. Most prominent than that though is her burning curiosity. She absorbs knowledge as she comes across it, figuring that any information is good information. This inquisitive, outgoing nature has its negatives, though. She doesn't always think before she acts, and probably wouldn't before mouthing off to a much more dangerous wolf, or even stealing across a border to take a peek at something she's curious about.

    Weapons/Abilities: Due to her small frame, she's very fast and agile. The normal wolf abilities, seeing better in the dark, those sort of things. She can control and manipulate a variety of planlife, but it takes a toll on her energy depending on what she's controlling and for how long she controls it.​
  8. Why does the name say Micah Lapic, but the description below the picture say Enya?
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. Her name was originally Enya, and I decided to change it, and forgot to edit the rest.
  10. Accepted! Go ahead and make a post for Micah
  11. I'm going to lurk for a while; gotta see which roleplays I'm in have actually died before I take on more ^^
  12. [MENTION=4590]Koene[/MENTION] Yeah, I know the feeling, take your time I guess :P
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  13. Name: Leo Smith​
    Species: Human​
    Age: 24​
    Height: 6'2​
    Weigth: 190lbs​
    Brown hair, Blue eyes, Tanned skin​
    Leo is an outgoing young man, confident in himself and in his capabilities but knows his limits.​
    From a young age he knew how to stay grounded and humble, always trying to learn as much as possible.​
    Leo's Dagger, his finest work so far. ( Created by Leo )​
    Leo's Bow, the most flexible wood and the best string in town he believes. ( Created by Leo )​
    Bio/Backstory/Other: Leo is an only child who was raised by his father, James Smith. He was raised in a very hard environment where he had to learn at a young age how to earn his living. His father has taught him the art of Blacksmithing and has been working since then on making all kinds of trinkets and armors and weapons for the city. He has a strong connection to nature and always takes walks in the planes and rests under few trees, feeling the warmth of sunsets.​
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  14. Accepted Dezek, and I'm glad you made a human, this'll be interesting. Make a post when ready.

    [MENTION=4460]Silver[/MENTION] [MENTION=5206]Ellie[/MENTION] [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION] You guys can make a post now, if you're still in this.
  15. Thank you very much WolfNight, I am new to Iwaku and this is will be my first Role Playing Experience...
    My english isn't my first language, however, I will do my best. I am open to constructive criticism as well.
    Have fun everyone! Cheers.
  16. Hmm...I guess I'll be open to a few mistakes given the circumstances,

    just be sure to be very detailed when you write so we have something to play off of, if you have previous writing experience it should not be too hard,

    and welcome to Iwaku ^_^ I hope you'll learn the gist of roleplaying soon enough
  17. You did well Dezek, it was a good post :)

    Anyways, there seems to be a time skip, when the Anthros receive the message that's in the future after Ann transports the parchment via alchemy. Just so it's clear

    Edit: The post I just made has fixed it so there shouldn't be a time difference anymore
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  18. Name: Lamar Salvatore
    Species: (If Anthro, what kind?) White Tiger Anthro/Human (50/50)
    Age: 24
    Description: (Can include picture references)
    [​IMG] He has stripes that are on his hips and thighs and on his face and neck and around his forearms and ribs.
    Personality: Territorial, Hot headed, Confident, Sociable, doesn't particularly like or trust humans
    Weapons/Abilities: (Weapons if human, Magic/Natural ability if anthro) Claws,Teeth, Heightened Instinct, Strength, Can sense/smell emotions, Telepathy( with someone he has bonded with.)
    Bio/Backstory/Other: Optional His mother was human and his father was an anthro, they happened to fall in love, they were star crossed lovers. So they eloped together into the in between territory, where his mothers family eventually found and killed them leaving the baby to die in their destroyed house.There his fathers family found him and took him back into anthro territory to raise him after he came of age, he moved out of his grandfather home and started his own life.
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  20. Alright, thanks for the heads up :)
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