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  1. In a far off land where humans have already turned their rock structures into metal ones, they ride on huge things that move on black circles and they have adapted their speech, we still hide in the caves, very deep inside the Earth and try to find a Rider that should soar the sky on us, ready to protect himself and ourselves from a certain menace that has been stalking us since the time we came to exist. There are only 4 of us left and we have to find our Riders quickly, before he who has the power comes and finally destroy us. We are dragons, ready to protect our Rider when in need and ready to save the humans, no matter if they need our help...or not.

    I have been searching for them, searching for many centuries and have failed. But not now, oh, not this time. They, for some reason, have decided to come out from their hiding now. The last four dragons of the Middle Age. They no longer belong to this place, and while they still roam Earth, it is my duty to dispatch them and until that day comes, my soul will finally be able to rest. No dragon has ever survived my wrath when it falls upon it, and it shall be no different with these four. Though I must find them before they find their Riders, if they do that, my hands shall be full of innocent blood. The blood from a mortal that has done nothing but be the pet of one of those horrible beasts...though it might be already late for trying to prevent humans of finding them.


    Four different people are to unexpectedly meet the last four dragons on Earth. These four people do not know about the other, but they shall meet when the time comes and the dragons have to present each other who they have chosen as their Rider. Meanwhile, a hunter watches from distance everything that is happening, knowing he can not put a finger over the dragons whilst they have their Riders around them.


    Name: [Name of your character]
    Race: [Human or Dragon]
    Gender: [Explains itself]
    Age: [If your character is a dragon, its age should be, preferably, between 500 and 800 years]

    Profession: [If s/he does any sort of work]
    Abilities: [Human character: What is s/he good at? Can that help in any sort of way in this adventure?] [Dragon character: Flying abilities? Breathes fire or ice? Any abilities it can do with is tail or claws that no one else can?]
    Personality: [Grumpy, happy-go-lucky, irritable, depressed-looking, jaunty...how does s/he behave?]
    Bio: [Human character: short story of their life, where they grew up, what do they do now, any experience they had that could bring a good backstory into the roleplay] [Dragon character: how has life been with the other dragons, what they did when there were more of them before, anything you would like to add]

    Appearance: [Drawing, picture from the internet or a description of your character]

    -Roth Herrmann [Mexma]


    1.-Einarth [Tenchi-Roku]
    2.-Onixa [Sil]
    3.-Enfyra [Hirohashi]
    4.-Felle [Roboblu]


    1.-Xeri [Iliana]
    2.-Boone [Boone]
    3.-Kitty Rose [Vanya]
    4.-Elizabeth Greene [Layne]
  2. Name: Einarth

    Race: Dragon

    Gender: Male

    Age: 556

    Profession: Shadow Wing


    Fire Breathing: All drgons of land origin usually have it.

    Wind Child: Einarth was born with normal flight ability like that of others. But in addition his unique breed, and overtime training kicked in to let him master the wind. While being one of the fastest dragons of the world, he can still be challenged for his speed.

    Feral Shreek: einarth species of dragon hold special glands in their throat that allow them to shreek. The sound is a collaboration of sonic waves, focused into a powerful sonar that can disable a target's hearing, as well as it's related senses.

    Personality: Einarth is a silent, wise and couragious dragon. More or less, he always interferes in mortal affairs for the sake of right and wrong. Just as quick he is to save a life, he is swift to end it as well. He believes everything deserves fair judgement based on their crime. For if the crime is great enough, they shall recieve no mercy.

    To the naked eye, you'll learn nothing of Einarth. But if you unerstand how to view the world mutiple ways, you can open his mind. Einarth is a wiseman in learning, holding only so much to give the needing.

    History: After the dragon slaying crisis, Einarth has been holding his life in seclusion. Every now and then, he discovers a way to interrupt human affairs, while maintaining his cover. Back in old times, he was apart of a hunting pack of riders called "Sky Riders." The guarded the air for centuries at a time, only to meet an unfortunate end. So far the other dragons have been quite of his actions, while others mourn the loss of the others.

    Now a days in human life, he spends hs days watching from the shadows. When he see's any injustice brought over the land, he will not hesitate to strike; mostly during the night. He was spotted only once by a small girl in the night, a strange sense hummed from her mind. Since then rumors were spread about a creature called the "Shadow Wing." A persona he uses to his own advantage.

    Appearance: Einarth
  3. Character approved Tenchi Roku! ^.^

    Name: Roth Herrmann
    Race: Human (Immortal)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 745 years

    Profession: Skilled Hunter and Warrior
    Abilities: Skilled with traditonal longswords, familiar with the new-age guns and excellent jumper.
    Personality: Roth, being alive for already 7 centuries, acts as if he was born being only 45 years-old. He can get wuite grumpy over stuff he disapproves of and be a hot-head when annoyed. His normal behavior is that of an indifferent man towards everyone else, except maybe the creatures that aren't supposed to be living in the 21st century.
    Bio: Roth was born in the Middle Age, son of a wealthy and noble family that served the King. His father and uncle taught him how to defend himself from dragons and mages. His loathing for dragons increased when he was told by his in-laws that his fianceƩ had been captured and there was no hope of getting her back. He then recruited his most loyal men and set out to kill every dragon they could find. The dragon slaying crisis came to an end when the ones that were left fled and were never seen again. One day, when being alone on the woods, he was confronted by a mage. The latter reading the hate in his soul and cursing him to never be able to die unless it was by the hand of a Dragon...or when all of them were vanished from Earth. He was warned, though, that if he slayed Dragons with a Rider of their own his years would start showing and his soul would be always tormented. And so his quest to destroy every single one of them began, so he can finally rest in peace, knowing no dragon will harm another human, no matter if that was its intention or not.

    Appearance: Standing at 6'1'', Roth has short-cut gray hair that covers part of his light-brown eyes. He has pale skin and well-built, scarred arms, large feet and a strong jaw. His humongous hands are able to make the most delicate nets as well as throwing the most fierce-looking razors. His strong legs are his strong point, helping him jump the way cats do, delicate and graceful yet threatening. His left hand is scarred with the burning from an encounter with a dragon when he was on his search of the last four.​
  4. Name: Onixa
    Race: Dragon
    Age: 750
    Gender: F
    Abilities: Fly, Breathe Fire
    Personality: Quiet and mysterious, wise and helpful
    Bio: A normal dragon life. She is nocturnal by nature and hunts at night due to her black hide. She loves battle and looking intimidating. She often amuses herself by starring into lakes and blowing flames out of her nostrals.
  5. [Don't touch my spot. *hiss*]
  6. I'm interested. I don't know if I want one of the fabled Dragon spots or one of their Riders, though. I'll be thinking of a character.
  7. That's all right, Hiro. Everyone who decides to be a Rider: you can start asking the people that have Dragon characters if they would like to team-up with you to be the Rider of said Dragon. That or either you all would like to randomly team-up with someone. ^^
  8. Team up, you say...

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  9. Sounds good, Mexma ^^ I was actually going to ask how the team ups were determined.

    Looks like I'll already have a partner in crime Dragon riding.

  10. Xeri

    Race: Human

    Gender: Lady

    Age: 21

    Profession: No profession other than house work.

    Abilities: A natural archer with the ability to see things at great distance. Her 'sixth sense', in a way, is that she can feel and see presences that are near. Awareness, pretty much.

    Personality: Irritable, easily angered, sarcastic, and strangely curious. She hates admitting when she is confused or if someone treats her like she is an inferior.

    Bio: Xeri was raised by her grandfather and grandfather alone. She didn't have the typical 'what happened to my family' story that other children would have had. Her grandfather simply told her that when she was born, her mother did not make it through childbirth and his son, her father, simply had "better things to do." Xeri, hearing all of this information at the small age of 7, did not waver or show any emotion at the speech. Her Grandfather was all she knew and was all she planned to know. He wasn't strict, letting her go out and explore the woods and walk the streets and town on her own will. She never got into any trouble because simply, the people of the town felt bad for her. Poor little Xeri having to grow up with 'that man.'

    She heard rumors about her grandfather being a strange and mysterious person in his prime. They said most people avoided his house because of so much gossip about what lay under the floorboards. The townspeople didn't understand how poor innocent Xeri, daughter of the beautiful Myanon, was kept under the care of her grandfather. Naturally, when the years passed and she began growing up, she would ask her grandfather about his life. Why did the people avoid him? Why did they say he had done bad things but wouldn't tell her? Why did he have that
    strange bow and arrow slung around the candelabra in the den?

    Xeri never got any of the answers. All she got was the bow and arrow and her grandfathers words. He said, "You don't have to see it to know its there. That's just a plus. You have eyes in the sky."

    Appearance: 5'4, shorter than your average 21 year old. Forest green eyes and a head of lush brown hair, usually tied in a pony tail by the red sash. She normally does not keep it down because she believes it throws off her shot. In all honesty, it heightens it. She also has a tattoo of a dragon on her left shoulder, an art that was done by herself on a normal night in her room.

  11. Name: Enfyra

    Race: Dragon

    Gender: Male


    Profession: Protector of the Eastern Expanse.

    Abilities: Fire Breath -- A common trait among Dragons, Enfyra's species is not exception.

    Ace flyer -- Most dragons can fly and among the remaining four breeds, Enfyra's are particularly skillful with mid-air maneuverability as well as top speed.

    Tipping the Scales
    -- An interesting feature of Enfyra's species is the ability to alter the angle of their scales and spines that stick out from their skin. Dragon's scales are harder than many metals and when laid down flat, they are smooth, are harmless to touch, and form a strong defense. They may, however, protrude outwards to discourage melee attackers or even enhance the dragon's own melee strikes. This positioning however exposes the Dragon's considerably softer, leathery skin underneathe to any form of counter attack that can fit between the gaps in the scales. The ability to lay their spines flat is useful for going streamlined or to accommodate their Rider.

    Personality: The great slaying event left him emotionally damaged after the loss of his mate and unhatched egg. He now has a short temper, easily riled up over anything related to the extinction of his kind. He is slow to trust and difficult to impress, but a true and loyal friend once that trust is gained.

    Biography: Enfyra was a young dragon when the slaying event happened, only having recently made a home for himself and his mate. Together they had an egg, nestled safely on the one volcanic peak of the Immolation Mountain range. Keeping the two of them well fed was his Mate's job, while guarding the nest and making sure the egg remained warm enough was his. Before news of the Slayer had even reached their home, his mate went off to hunt for a few days with a promise to return with enough meat to last the two of them for a good long while. He waited for nearly two weeks... reluctantly, he eventually accepted what this meant.

    Grief stricken and starving, Enfyra was forced to seek food for himself. He was gone for less than one day, being in a rush to return for his egg and all. Once he got back to the nest his egg had already been pilfered by scavengers. The loss of his family infuriated him and within days his entire mountain range was reduced to a smoldering pile of rock and ash. He has had very little interaction with the remaining Dragons since, only seeing any of them who had flown over his home.


    Enfyra's scales have a bright orange coloration with off-white trails along his chest and underbelly. He has several large spines lining his face, crown of the head and along his entire spine as well as around the joints on each of his four legs. His scales are razor sharp along the edges but are harmless while laying flat against his body. His eyes are ordinarily green but when breathing fire or enraged they glow orange. His wings are large, powerful and leathery. He is approximately 30 feet in length, half of that being his tail for balance while flying or walking, making him small enough to seek refuge in something like a large human barn if necessary.
  12. I'm new to this version of Iwaku and I apologize if I make any mistake in my bio. I checked through the posts to make sure this was still open and I'd like to be one of the dragon rides please.

    Name: Boone
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21

    Profession: Free Lance Writer
    Abilities: Diplomacy, Leadership, Communication, Boxing, and Grappling.
    Personality: Reserved, loner characteristics but won't hesitate to protect the ones close to her. Dominant A personality. Likes to be on top of things so she can determine a plan of action after seeing the situation from every point of view.
    Bio: Boone's childhood was an interesting one. She was a military brat that was used to being uprooted and moved around from place to place. Luckily that tied in well with her great sense of adventure, however it hindered her friend making abilities and turned her into a gruff and reserved woman. Her father wasn't around as much as he could have been due to his long and drawn out deployments and Boone's mother was a mess all in herself. Thus Boone learned very quickly to take care of herself.
    Now, as a 21 year old writer Boone finds herself feeling stuck and wanting more out of her life. It's rather difficult for a recluse to have any kind of fulfillment in their life if they never make friends.

    Appearance: Red/Brown hair that dips down just below the shoulders in the back and just below the collar bone in the back. Mildly tanned skin and toned body structure achieved from activities such as daily running and lifting. Boone is rather short, about 5'2". Her face is rounded with almond shaped eyes and freckles scattered across her upper cheeks and down the bridge of her petite nose. ​
  13. Nothing to worry about, my dear Boone. ^.^ This roleplay accepts anyone, be it Iwaku veterans or newbies! Approved!
  14. Thank you, Mexma. It's much appreciated. I've been away for a few years now and am just looking to jump back in.
  15. I are not approved.... *sadface*
  16. =pats your shoulder= Of course you are, Iliana! Along with Hirohashi that is. :3
  17. Name:Kitty Rose
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Profession: Astronomer/Herbalist
    Abilities: She's proficient at herbal healing and using the stars for direction and knowledge.
    Personality: Silent type during the day probably due to being sleepy. At night she's far more active and aware.
    Bio:Kitty was born to parents who could not easily provide for her,let alone themselves. The lack of money though did not stop them from having close family ties. Kitty grew up an odd child, very early on her parents discovered her love of the night. The babe would never sleep at night, and was always asleep during the day. To her parents, this oddity did not matter, they loved her all the more for it in-fact. As Kitty grew, she learned about herbs and their uses in both cooking and healing, and she discovered a love of the night sky. As a child of the night, the stars were her constant companions, her father would often stay up with her and teach her about the positions and names of the stars. When she reached the age to hold a job, Kitty worked in a herbal pharmacy, using her pay to supplement that of her parents.
  18. -saves last human spot-

    I'll get my CS up in a few!
  19. Name: Elizabeth Greene

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Profession: She works as a storyteller/Bard on a traveling Renaissance Faire circuit.

    Abilities: Very good memory, the ability to make others smile at the worst of times, and high skill with throwing knives

    Personality: Very easygoing and tends to be optimistic and lighthearted. She can't hold a grudge for very long, despite trying multiple times. Several people have told her that she's more adorable than intimating when angry. Childish antics at times, easily amused, and full of wonder when presented with something new and fascinating. Tends to prefer an even balance of plans and spontaneity.

    Bio: Elizabeth was born to a pair of people that should never have been together. Her mother was the strict sort, ignoring any sort of fairy tale and waving off dreams as useless. On the other hand, her father would sneak giant tomes of stories into Beth's room and read well into the night. Stories of goblins and princesses, dragons and knights. It stuck with her for the rest of her life. Her parents divorced when she was nine, and she ran off to live with her father. They moved constantly to follow the construction jobs, and she was homeschooled. Her passion for a long time was painting, and she would fill their hotel rooms with painting after painting of dragons and medieval festivals.

    When she was seventeen, her entire world was rocked. For the first time, she stumbled upon a Ren Faire. She was addicted instantly and ran away from her father to join. For four years now, she has traveled with the workers and seen the world. She tells stories to children and can drink most of the men under the table. Bryce, one of the other members, taught her how to throw knives when she first joined. Now that she has managed to outdo him in the skill, she has moved on to trying her hand at swordplay. Unfortunately, that isn't as easy.

    Elizabeth (open)
  20. Vanya and Layney: Both approved! There is only a spot left, which is one for a Dragon. Call your friends!