Of Diamond and Dust, Till Eternity do us Apart

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  1. In a parallel world similar to ours, two kingdoms set their horizons towards one another to form an unbreakable alliance bound by marriage. It was time, after long years of prophecies, for a new empire to rise with the sun and moon in harmony.

    T H E
    K I N G D O M
    O F
    S O L

    Other Names: Kingdom of the Blessed Victories and Land of the Springs and Bees'

    Direct Royal Family:
    King Aristophanes of Sol
    Queen Adelin of the Highlands
    Prince Iskander of Sol
    Princess Damaris of Sol
    Princess Dana of Sol

    Siblings of King Aristophanes:
    Prince Andreas
    Prince Caspian
    Princess Acacia (Married)
    Princess Lydia (Married)
    Princess Minerva (Crazy)

    Characteristics of the Kingdom:

    *Economical State*


    Size: 230,000 square miles (Size of Romania)
    Civilization: 89,400 square miles (38%)
    Wilderness: 140,600 square miles (61%)

    Population Density: 70 people per square mile
    Total Population: 16,100,000 people

    Rural Population: 15,456,000 people (96%)
    Urban Population: 322,000 people (2%)
    Isolated Population: 322,000 people (2%)


    Power Houses of the Kingdom:
    Also known as the council, these are the most influential houses of nobles in the Kingdom of Sol.

    ~House of Hazeldine~
    ~ House of Wolfhert~
    ~House of Azeem~
    ~House of Kurshel~

    The Kingdom of Sol is known for its patience and strong military power. They have won numerous wars and are feared by kingdoms surrounding them. With meticulous funds, it now stands as the most advanced and powerful military power with an abundance of active soldiers. The numerous victories won by the Kingdom of Sol gave it's title as the Kingdom of Blessed Victories.

    Total Number of Active Soldiers: 4 025 000 (25% of Population)


    ~Festival of Spring~
    This celebration highlights the end of the cold season and rainy weather to welcome back the bees' and the coming of spring. It is a week long and very colorful and joyful. Music and the smell of food fill the great city's street.

    ~White Flowers Festival~
    A celebration lasting three days to highlight love as the white flowers of the Kingdom of Sol bloom. A festival highly anticipated by youngsters coming to maturity. It is one of the most romantic of all festival.

    ~The Day of the Souls~
    As any culture, one day is dedicated for the deceased. It is celebrated annually at the end of Spring. It is celebrated with a lot of warm food and prayers to the deceased.

    T H E
    E M P I R E
    O F
    O P U L E N T I A

    Other Names: The Tyrant Traders, Land of Purple Mist

    Direct Royal Family:
    Emperor Faridun Khatri
    Empress Amvi Khatri
    Princess Shiva Khatri-Oldest
    Prince Bansi Khatri-Second Oldest & Heir
    Princess Raga Khatri-Third Oldest
    Princess Lajita Khatri-Fourth Oldest
    Prince Daksh Khatri-Fifth Oldest
    Prince Harish Khatri-Middle Child
    Princess Naya Khatri-Fifth Youngest
    Prince Dhanu Khatri-Fourth Youngest
    Prince Amit Khatri-Third Youngest
    Princess Ghena Khatri-Second youngest
    Princess Amra Khatri-youngest

    Siblings of Emperor Faridun
    Imperial Advisor Chandranath Khatri
    Imperial Advisor Mahadev Khatri
    The rest of his thirteen siblings are dead.

    Characteristics of the Empire:

    *Economical State*


    Size: 88,745 square miles
    Civilization: 80,757.95 square miles (91%)
    Wilderness: 16,861.55 square miles (19%)

    Population Density: 267 people per square mile
    Total Population: 64,100,000 people

    Rural Population: 2,884,500 people (4.5%)
    Urban Population: 60,895,000 people (95%)
    Isolated Population: 320,500 people (.5%)

    Despite its great economic success, Opulentia has a weak military power. The only reason they haven't been conquered by more powerful kingdoms is due to their influence in the international trade market and how many different kingdoms have crippling debts owed to them. However, they are still lacking. For this reason, they wish to ally themselves with the kingdom of Sol through marriage so they might have that advantage of a better military might.

    Total Number of Active Soldiers: 5,128,000 (8% of Population)


    ~Independence Day~
    This is the day in the middle of spring when Emperor Dhanu Khatri won independence for Opulentia from its tyrannical oppressors, the kingdom of Cassida. Afterwards, Emperor Devitri Khatri established himself as supreme ruler of the land and started its great rise as one of the most successful trade nations. Most celebrate this with feasts and dancing, sometimes festivals being held in honor of Emperor Dhanu Khatri and his successors.

    ~Holy Day~
    This is the day of the longest day in summer where the residents of Opulentia worship their gods and goddesses for the great wealth and bountiful resources they have given. Usually, the day is celebrated with visits to important temples and giving offerings of bread, fruits, and gold all to give back some of the wealth they may have received.

    ~Remembrance Day~
    On the first day of winter, the people visit the graves of loved ones and the temple of their death goddess, Shiva, to pray for safe passage and eternal rest for their loved ones. The living fast for the day and shut down all businesses and jobs so they can spend time praying for their loved ones.

    This holiday is specifically for women. This is when women dress in white to celebrate femininity and purity, characteristics that all women strive for in Opulentia. Often women will prepare dances for their households and private ones for their husbands. Woman are treated as precious on this day with others serving them before they return to their subservient roles and go back to serving their husbands and the men of their family once again. Often this is the only day women receive proper respect for the work they do as they often are shunned in everyday society, especially those who seek to do more than serving their family and helping their husbands.

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