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    [BCOLOR=#000080]Time to Bloom[/BCOLOR]​
    Pant. Pant. Pant.

    Invidar ran and ran, through the forest he wove and ducked beneath the foliage, but there dogs and scanners revealed him. Casting a light naked to Invidar's eyes, but clear as day to his pursuers. Invidar was forced to run again, running through the forest, searching for a moment of freedom. This run had been going on longer than the last, five hours at the least, but Invidar couldn't even feel his body. Not even at the start when they found him sleeping in the trees. Now, like before, the noise of the men shouting, dogs barking, and machinery buzzing began to fade. Invidar stepped out into an opening and faced a large hulking figure.

    Invidar couldn't help, but feel deja vu, he had been chased into this very place before and faced the same large creatures back. However, Invidar never confronted the beast and kept running past it, but now he stood his ground and drew the Blue Shark Lotus from his back. With a steady grip he held it in one hand and lined the barrel of the gun up on his off-hand, using it like a tri-pod to support the barrel. Invidar's eyes narrowed on the arched back of the tall black beast and with his last exhale before firing he'd quickly change aim and fire at the beast's head. As it slowly turned, a face of what could only have been a grimm's mask stared with angry eyes at Invidar.

    The grimm was unlike any the boy had ever heard of. It was tall and slender and had no problem standing on two feet, but had the legs of a goat and big black furry arms closer to the ears of a beagle than arms. It had a wolf's mandible and tail. It was truly a monstrosity, one that headed straight for Indivar and slammed one of its mighty hands down on top of him, but Invidar was quick to react and repelled the attack with an upward swing of his weapon and firing a shot into its armpit. The creature howled and cupped its hands together spinning its body causing a wind to suck the air from the boy's body. Incapacitated for a moment Invidar couldn't defend against the spinning hand coming at him and was thrown into a tree.

    The mark of the lotus was left on the tree and Invidar was given an idea when he looked up to the sky. He sat where he was watching as a massive demon loomed above him.

    The grimm struck its hand down on top of Invidar, but the boy was ingenious. He slugged the Blue Shark Lotus over his shoulder and snapped the tree. When the grimm struck down Invidar swung his tree like a bat and forced the humongous hand back. Maddened the grimm repeatedly slammed down on Invidar's last known position, but he had already moved. Inivdar now skipped along the ground until he was behind the grimm and then he used his weapon to shoot him up his spine.
    "Or die!"

    Invidar kept running up the grimm's back and upon reaching the top leapt up and transformed the B.S.L. into spear mode. As he came down he drove the tip of his weapon into the grimm and then transformed it into rifle mode, unloading a whole round into its head. The grimm's rampage halted as it began to rock. Invidar looked around and struggled to pull his blade as he could tell the mighty beast would fall. Invidar rocked back and forth trying to pull the his weapon free, but the grimm was starting to fall already and Invidar could only hang on as he was pulled down. With a loud slam Invidar fell off the beast and bounced into the nearby woods, unconscious, but reunited with his weapon.

    Invidar later woke in his apartment. Resting his head on his palm and his elbow on his knee. He groaned feeling his side as he rolled out of bed. He looked around and noted his clothes and the B.S.L. seeing nothing out of the ordinary he rolled back into bed and tried to go back to sleep, but then the whole room rang as his alarms went off. Annoyed he threw his sheet in the air and quickly dressed himself. Picking up his weapon he took out his B.S.L. and shot all the alarms as he walked out the door and headed to work.​
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  2. The First Shot

    A man in black lay still in the grass, unmoving as a corpse. Only the slight rise and fall of his chest betrayed signs of life. His mind constantly made adjustments, complex mathematic equations that would require a pencil, paper, and calculator for the average person to do. He did not have time for it, as his variables were ever changing. The main factor he was worried about was movement of the target, and movement of the planet beneath him. It could throw his aim off by an inch, which might have well been a foot. He would only have seconds to make this calculation, control his breathing, and make the shot. It would be an eternity.

    Finally, the target popped up, just off scope and moving away. He quickly moved to reacquire, revising his calculations every split second, acting on them, controlling his breathing. Then came the easy part. The sound was no louder than one working a metal brush over a piece of wood, a crackle of electricity, and the smell of ozone. Where the sound was lacking, the sight impressed. A blue contrail stretched from the end of the barrel to the target, gone as fast as it came. The target fell back in a cloud of sparks, nothing left of the projectile fired. ALISS produced hypervelocity collisions, the bullet so fast and with so much energy it destroyed itself upon contact, but imparted all it's kinetic energy onto the target. What had been a quarter inch thick steel target in the shape of a head was now a crumbling mass of charred metal. Had it been a squishy organic target, the results would have been much more devastating.

    Murmurs of approval came from behind him, a few muttered curses, a smattering of applause. That shot was their new record, five kilometers. A full click longer than the previous record. As Michael stood and gathered his weapon, people asked his name. They wanted to put it on the record board. He answered them with silence, leaving the range befuddled with what to do. He would go up on the wall as an unknown, with the absurd range. He would walk back to his interim home, unaware that one observer at the range did know his name, and had given him a place to hone his skills.


    The Spark

    "Don't worry, baby, this won't hurt," the voice from the darkness told her. It wasn't the experiments that hurt, it wasn't the beatings, it was the betrayal. The betrayal of someone she loved, someone she had grown to call daddy. The lies hurt the most. Why did he have to be a monster? Why did she have to be one?

    "But daddy, I don't want to," the little voice protested, thick with the fear that seemed to feed the monster as surely as Dust powered the world.

    "But honey, I didn't want mommy to die, but did that happen?" He asked cruelly, before pain bit into her arm. Then came the heat as her Semblance activated to protect her, gold flames turning dark, burning... burning, charring her skin-

    She woke screaming, like most nights. Ally crushed her flames, lest she burn the sheets more than she already had. Soot caked her bare skin and clothes, and her skin still tingled from the heat. The bedding was blackened, soot thick in the air. She was supposed to have a fire alarm, but she would trip it every time she had a nightmare like that. It had been years since she was a hostage of her father, but the scars and the nightmares plagued her. She could have, should have sought help, and it might or might not have helped. She was far too stubborn for it, thinking her problems to be uniquely hers, and unwilling to pawn them off. And what would happen if she did? Would she be subject to more testing?

    Ally shook her head, before dressing and leaving her tiny apartment. She was armed, since leaving her home without her weapon was worse than being naked. As she prowled the dark streets, her ears alerted her to a cry coming from an alley. A feminine one, and one familiar to her. The sound emanated from behind a sleazier and less than reputable bar she sometimes went to, since they were remiss about confirming her age. She stepped stealthily into the darkness, drawing her white weapon.

    It was a human female, caged against a wall by a much larger canine-type Fanus, she didn't really care. It was a target. Her Semblance lit her form up, casting a glow on the darkness. "You picked the wrong night," she growled, leveling the crossbow at the Fanus.

    The man in the crosshairs turned, territorially protecting his conquest. However, the defiance in his dark eyes melted away. "Just leave us alone!" He said in panic, knowing that if she decided to kill, he had no escape.

    She loved the fear, the feeling of helplessness this villain showed. She wanted to make him beg for his life, then beg to die. Ally blinked hard, banishing those thoughts as the human female took the chance to run, tattered clothes and all. Once she was out of sight, Ally fired. The nearly silent crossbow bolt working and loading another. The first bolt penetrated the Fanus's chest, then the next seven drove him back into the wall.

    With that justified murder, Ally strode away, back to her dingy and smoky home. When morning came, she turned on the news.

    "A body was found behind a local bar early this morning..."

    "I know," the blonde said to no one in particular.
  3. She stood alone atop the edge of a lone cliff, looking down at the forest below. It was dense, so much so that one wouldn't be able to see just how deep the forest was. Yet her mission directive was clear: Eliminate the Grimm threat within the forest. Reaching for the bow on her back, she snapped it in half causing the two parts to retract their metal blades. Facing the cliff, she jumped off, digging her scimitars onto the face of the cliff to control her descent. It wasn't a particularly steep cliff but a rather long one, which only showed just how deep this forest was.

    Trees taller than entire buildings surrounded her as she traversed the forest, her weapon now a bow again. It was loaded, ready to fire should the enemy appear. The forest was quiet, eerily so. She couldn't discern any sound of wildlife. No boar or deer, not even the common bird. Her ears didn't catch anything of the sort. This was certainly no ordinary forest and it unsettled her some. Was all the wildlife driven out by the Grimm? But they were never one to attack animals on sight. The only thing in this forest that was alive are the trees. She put a hand to a nearby tree's bark, feeling its vibrations and movements inside. Living things had a certain... feel to them. A unique movement she can feel within a living creature's body - whether it was the feeling of blood flowing through a body's veins or water being pumped through from a plant's roots or even something else she didn't know. She was no doctor, but understood life when she felt it.

    She could not feel signs of life from this tree.

    Or the next one, or the next one. Strange. She put a hand to the dirt, digging some up. It was dreadfully dry. It must have been for a very long time. Yet these trees were standing impossibly tall and there was grass on this dirt. There was no use trying to find her way through his forest by hearing signs of life. There wasn't any.

    She continued onward, feeling the subtle vibrations under her feet. If something was nearby, she would definitely feel it. There was nothing that indicated any other terrain close by either. She scanned the area again, trying to pick up anything, but with no success. There were no signs of a cave or a lake or anything else. The terrain was also consistently level throughout. Her navigation skills hadn't failed her yet. She was getting frustrated.

    But the feeling didn't last long. She picked up small movements. No footsteps. That was another strange thing. There were no footsteps in a ground as dry as this. The ominous slithering sound she heard next confirmed her suspicions. She drew back her arrow, flipping the chamber on her bow red, and fired into the depths of the forest. A muffled explosion followed a few seconds after and after judging the distance of the enemy, drew three more arrows. With a deep breath, she fired again resulting in three more explosions. Satisfied the Grimm was killed, she ran over to the site of the explosions and met the familiar sight of four dissipating black clouds. Four dead Grimm.

    The environment around her glowed green, flickering as the forest around her lost tangibility. As the trees regressed her surroundings were replaced by a large metal hall. At the top, an observation deck with various people operating the high tech simulator. Looking down at her was her instructor: Mr. James Steele.

    "You fared better than I thought," he said through the microphone. "Four King Taijitus and you did a clean kill on all of them."

    "You removed my senses. It was difficult to traverse in that forest you made. But it became an advantage when the enemy showed itself. The entire forest was still which made the enemy extremely loud in contrast, and therefore very easy to target," the girl replied neutrally.

    "As expected," he said almost dismissively. Not that she was offended. "The enemy did not see you."

    "That is my policy, sir. Never-"

    "Let the enemy see you if you can help it. Thank you, Miss Gray." The man chuckled. "That ends our training session for today. You are dismissed."

    Standing upright, Amber placed her right hand, balled into a fist, onto the insignia imprinted on her uniform's chest. The insignia of the Kingdom of Atlas. Steele then did the same.

    The crisp snap of a twig drew the girl back from her thoughts, her attention once again focused on her surroundings. A light breeze, that flowed through the forest path, carrying off the leaves too weak to stay on their branches off to parts unknown. Beams of sunlight pierced through the canopy, lighting up the worn dirt road she traversed across. Birds chirped and flora rustled, providing a gentle and natural rhythm to listen to or at least until it was disturbed by the slight, but periodical squeak given by the dry wheels of the cart she pulled. Turning back, she looked upon the object, wrapped into tarp and canvas, that required such a noisy cart in the first place. After four failures, this was to be the embodiment of her fighting spirit; the means in which she protected the weak and fought off the darkness. The outline alone was inelegant, much too large and bulky to be fashionable, and its applications were far too crude and cruel to be praised. Most might have been insulted to be given such a thing, but from her own flaws, she couldn't help but feel a sort of kinship with it.

    Another twig snap, this one much more pronounced and worthy of investigating, but it was far too late as a dark figure slammed into the cart, smashing the wooden frame and knocking the object into the air. Stepping back defensively, with the initial impact, she could only watch as the beowolf flung the broken remains of the cart and those squeaky wheels aside before given off a deep howl, bringing forth more of the grimm. Glancing to each side, she understood that they had quickly encircled her and there would be no fleeing from this.

    Not that she planned to in the first place.

    The First beowolf would be crushed as the contents of the cart landed upon the grimm, crushing it beneath its weight. The impact was enough to loosen the tarp and canvas, causing it slide down somewhat, resembling the dark glint of metal. Another beowolf lunged forth to accomplish what its fallen kin could not, prompting her to reach beneath the canvas, taking hold of an unseen handle. Swinging the massive object, the beowolf was struck and swatted aside, accompanied by the entirety of the covering.

    When swords were too fragile, guns too delicate, hammers too weak, and polearms just unsuitable, she had found solace in the heft of a tower shield.

    Several slots on the front of the shield opened and machine gun fire sprayed into the grimm who stubbornly stayed and scattering those smart enough to realize the danger. She turned and swung towards the area that was once behind her, the shield's edge catching two unfortunately beowolves, folding the first nearly in half and using it to pulverize its fellow before flinging both into the surrounding brush. With the full turn, she caught sight of another threat and drew back the shield defensively, intercepting another beowolf who slammed atop of it. Planting her furthest most foot into the ground, she threw her arms upward, tossing the grimm upwards into the air, only to slam the shield back down onto another beowolf who thought itself clever and tried in sneak in an attack as she did so.

    Movement behind herself prompted a quick look, only for panicked movement she swung around the shield and just barely caught a charging boarbatusk. Gritting her teeth, she pushed back against the boar-like grimm, her muscles enlarging and veins becoming more pronounced as she matched the beast's strength with her own. Her bearings regained, she pushed the bottom of the shield forward and once in position, swung upward, scooping the boarbatusk and throwing it behind her. Once in the air, a simple press of a button caused the top most edge of the shield to part, revealing several rockets that shot forth and caught up with the airborne pig. The explosion shook the nearby trees and scattered leaves and bits and pieces of the boarbatusk in every which direction.

    With all visible threats eliminated, the girl propped the shield against the trunk of a nearby tree and gave a short, content sigh. Then realization struck her and she glanced upward, nodding to herself before taking a few steps backward. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, she took one last step back before delivering a superkick to the face and chin of the descending beowolf from before, snapping its neck. Now that all were accounted for and taken care of, she collected her shield and continued down the path.

    There was no time to tarry, for Beacon awaited.
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  5. Ignited

    It's about eleven O'clock, a hour away from midnight, tomorrow's gift. The building were deathly quiet, fear of the underground gangs, only the still sound of silence covers the streets. At the end of a dark alley lies a door guarded by two men. The two have been drinking and smoking to pass the time, and making sure HE didn't show up.
    "Do you think we can take him on, I mean the guy is a psychopath!"
    "Don't worry about him, he's not even a problem. Even if he does we got guns, he won't even touch us!"
    "Well... I hope you're right by the way you got a light?"
    The guard pulls out a cigarette to calm his nerves. He remembers the rumors and stories about his way of doing "business". The other looks into his pockets searching for a lighter or matches.
    "Maybe I can help you there?"
    A voice echoed from the darkness of the alley, it was cynical and sarcastic. Footsteps grew louder as a figure stepped out of the shadows. The boy was fairly tall being 6' feet tall. His hair was down down to his sholders. It was fiery red which is ironic for what's going to happen soon.
    "I mean I'm not a smoker myself because smoking kills you."
    The two pulled out there guns but it was already too late. The two soon met there end with two flaming disk cutting them down. The boy bent the charred remains and picked up his weapons.
    "Psychopath, psh please I'm in need of mental help but I'm not insane!"
    Kasai was offended to be told that. He knocked on the door politely for a answer. No one came to the door for thirty seconds so he decided to kick it down. The steel door went flying threw the hall way hitting someone on the way down.
    "Sorry for the informal introduction I'm just looking for your boss, could I see him?"
    Every single man stood there in shock. What to do, run in fear avoiding death, or to fight the intruder?"
    "You're Kasai?! The boss wants you dead!"
    Everyone staring firing away with their guns trying to kill him. Kasai quickly avoid the rounds of shots coming his way and not stopping anytime soon.

    "You know this is fair! What like twelve guys to one?!"
    Kasai bursted into flames and threw his weapons again taking out the men one by one, while the building starts to become engulfed into fire. Soon enough the man either ran away or have died, leaving it just him and someone else.
    The mob boss had hide himself in his private room hoping to see another day. Unfortunately for him he's now trapped inside a burning building with a kid with some anger problems. Kasai broke his way into the room and gave him a look of death and destruction. He dispised this man, truly hated him, and now he's cornered.

    *Some time later*

    Kasai alarm wakes him up, he had been dreaming of that night for a while now. It was a few weeks later, he's trying to put the whole past issues and focus on the future.

  6. Rise

    A great clamour arose from a third story window somewhere in Mistral, late at night. This was a normal occurrence, as the war cries of children reenacting battles from generations ago often echoed through the halls. The building seemed like a beautiful Greek structure, but on closer inspection, it was damaged. As the children grew older, their battles became more elaborate and the house seemed to get a little smaller each time. But soon, there would be one less body and more room to fight in.
    "Raaaaarg!" A child, who was probably ten and had scars on his forehead from all the dumb things he had done in a decade, ran from one end of the house to another. His intended target was his elder brother who had recently become a teen and other mental issues. The younger held a plastic bat and the elder had a broomstick. As the younger closed in and the elder preparing to impale the other with the broomstick, he caught his foot on a trip wire that glowed green, and fell flat on his face. He was tearing up a bit while his brother laughed at his misfortune, and Nata stepped into the hallway and the trip wire phased away.
    "I thought I told you two to get to bed! I said I wasn't going to participate tonight because I have to get rest and be awake for my trip to beacon! Now off to bed or I i'll tell!" She said, taking charge as boss of her brothers. She wasn't fond of the "I will tell mom" tactic but it was the only thing that worked. The two moaned and headed off to bed. Nata gave the elder brother a light smack on the head as he passed. He gave her a grouchy look. The two stopped and gave each other a look before they reached their rooms.
    "Bacon?" Said the younger.
    "Bacon." Replied the elder. They looked back over their shoulders at Nata, who was fuming angrily at them from just outside of her room. They looked at each other, then nodded. They turned around, yelling and running down the hallway, hand-in-hand. Nata didn't have enough time to react, being very drowsy, and their locked hands hit her midsection and drug her with them to the end of the hallway. Her back hit the wall and she finally realized what had happened as the two boys sprinted down the stair well, laughing like hyenas.
    "You two are dead meat!" she growled. She chased them down a level and yanked her whip from her side. She had no intentions of harming them, just showing them what-for. She caught up to them quick, just in time to see them jump from an open window to the neighboring building's lower open window. Unlike Nata, the two of them were jump-crazy.
    She growled as she took her whip and wrapped it around a bar that was attached above the next window. The whip caught, and Nata double-pressed the button on the whip's handle. Tiny rockets and wheels emerged from her shoes and she secured her grip on her weapon. She crouched in the window, then let her weight drop and the whip do all the work. She flew into the open window and the whip unhooked, then her shoes activated and she flew at her brothers, full speed. They looked over their shoulders to see their sister, reaching around their waists and grabbing them. A shared, panicked look came across their faces as they saw a wall coming straight at them. The next moment, they made contact with something, which let out a puff of green leaves. It was soft and not a wall.
    Nata let out a sigh "guys, can we not take fights into other people's houses? I don't want to be kicked out of Beacon before I even get there!" she stepped back and let her semblance disappear, leaving her brother's to drop to the ground. They both looked at each other again, then gave Nata a violent bear hug.

    "But we don't want you to go, Nata!"
    "Yeah Nata! It's not fair that you can't stay home!"
    "Sorry, but rules are rules. Anyway, it'd be a pain in the butt to return home every day from Beacon! It'd be impossible! When I get home I'd have to turn around and return again! It would be meaningless!" Nata said, hugging them both back. She smiled, then squeezed the two extremely hard. They all laughed, and the group hug ended when a "chkungk" of a door unlocking and opening echoed through the hall. Their neighbors heard them. They had been found! The three ran down and out of the window, scaling the building to reach the street. They broke into their own house and scrambled upstairs to bed before their parents would suspect a thing.
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  7. Start!
    "Ah! That was delicious!"

    Tama sat in the "Fred's Soup and Bread", satisfied with his meal. Actually, Tama was satisfied with all three and impressed with himself. He managed to drink eight large glasses of soda, two bowls of soup, and a couple rolls of bread. Finished with his food he pulled out the hook blade that dangled from his side and tossed it around. The blade was no bigger than a butcher's knife, but was designed like a talon. It was then that the store chimed. Tama, being naturally curious, turned to see who came in. Three guys carrying their weapons on their backs; a swordsman, a gunner and a halberd bearer. It sounded like a set-up to a bad joke. A really bad joke. Tama grabbed his bowl and tossed it at the man carrying a gun, the remnants of Tama's soup stuck to his clothing and the soup dripped slowly from the bowl onto his shoulder. His friends cracked a friendly smile that turned evil as they turned to Tama. At, this point Tama was standing and the shop owner was ready to call authorities. The one carrying a blade was going to speak, but Tama cut him off by holding his gauntlet up and turning his face away.

    "You guys really get on my nerves. Something in my gut just doesn't sit right about you." Spinning his blade around he caught it with its tip facing down and then threw his massive gauntlet in front of him. "So, stay down if you don't mind."

    In a break neck sprint Tama initiated the fight without even the slightest hint as to whom the men were, but his gut told him they were bad. Without a second thought Tama scratched at the trio, but they all saw it coming and leapt out of the way and out the store to open ground. Tama simply walked out with his hand on his hip and flipping his blade. The man with the gun seemed to teleport back and fired a shot at Tama that was deflected with a quick slice of the "Crow Talon." His friends took out their weapons and stood ready for Tama to attack meanwhile the gunner kept shooting and Tama sat there blocking each bullet.

    "You coming at me or what?" The two men gritted their teeth before charging at Tama. The sword came first and Tama sidestepped only to be caught off-guard by the halberd. Quickly he brought up his gauntlet and caught the airborne target by her stomach. "This is why they call it the point-blank fist."

    Tama threw the woman into her sword-weilding partner simultaneously bouncing the gunner's attack back at him and rendering him unable to fight. "Honestly, you can't be trying at this point."

    "Shut up-"

    Tama suddenly slugged the swordsman across the face and then backhanded him. With a palm jab, Tama would plant his hand on his chest and fire off multiple explosive rounds leaving a singe mark on his clothing. His partner suffered a beating from Tama's semblance. "Well, that was easy... I wonder..." Tama stepped over the two in front of him. The shopkeeper had called authorities, but Tama was long gone and with that hat of his he'd be safe from identification. All that was left were the groaning men and woman in the middle of the street.
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    Chapter 1: Welcome to Beacon
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  8. Snapcount

    A string of damns ran through his head as he navigated the terminal. He had cleared security, with the White Fang threat these days, one could never be too cautious. However, surveillance and counter detection were low on his priorities list. He should have been here an hour ago, but the service had seen fit to take its sweet time processing his ticket to Beacon. No sooner had he made his record shot than an invitation to the prestigious school arrived with his name on it. Like a bolt of lightning from blue skies, he had been thunderstruck. He had wondered who had seen, and identified him.

    Taking a loaded and powerful weapon with him hadn't helped much either. He understood the security concerns, even if most of the students did not. Now, he moved through the crowd like water. He pushed through the ones he could, avoided those he could not. A barely mumbled apology followed each encounter, brief as it was.

    Of course, he protected ALISS carefully. The scope was a most delicate instrument. Originally designed for direct-fire artillery batteries, he had modified the velocity calculations to compensate for a weapon that fired its projectile somewhere in the range of Mach nine. Part scope, part rangefinder, part ballistic computer, all delicate and prone to damage when subjected to harsh treatment.

    When he reached the gate, finally, he noted with a little bit of displeasure that he would have to carry his bags. His duffle was small enough, they reasoned, and they didn't want to turn away some diva and her thirty piece luggage kit. So, the sniper stood in line, near the back, waiting to board.


    This Is Why I Hate Mornings

    She really shouldn't have gone out last night. Part of it had been her "friends" sending her off to Beacon. Part of it was her not wanting to go, and deciding to tie one on and forget about the world, at least for a few hours. At least nobody was dead from last night. But her alarm clock was. Upon blaring its alarm, an angry fist had come down hard enough to silence it... for probably ever. It wasn't like she would return there ever again.

    With her jackhammer headache, the gauntlet of security, and the fact every light seemed turned up to eleven through her sunglasses all lead to one fact: Someone said the wrong thing, someone stepped on her foot, someone bumped into her, there would be bodies. Plural. Burnt to a crisp. Hangovers really appealed to her darker side, she supposed, since it put her on a hair trigger. She saw one of those overpriced, hip coffee shops and made a deviation from her path. Life would be more bearable with coffee.

    When she got to the counter, she politely asked the Fanus girl with shrapnel all over her face for the strongest thing they could make. It was something that took them aback.

    "Black coffee?" How barbaric.

    "Did I stutter?" She asked, an edge to her voice. The implied violence in her voice shocked the barista into submission, going about to make the strongest cup that had ever come from their shop. She wasn't even sure what to charge for it. Ally solved that problem by slapping down more than enough money, taking the finished cup without a word.

    Maybe now I won't snap and murder somebody now, she thought, knowing that grabbing coffee had delayed her a couple minutes. She got to the gate and was the last on onboard, her bags stored below, except for her personal weapon.
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  9. The airship touched down on the docking bay. Amber checked her watch. Ten minutes early. Punctuality is an important trait in a soldier after all. She was silent during the entire flight. Thoughts of why her parents sent her here reeled through her mind. They were thoughts she did not want to entertain yet in the silence of the flight there was little else to do. As an archer and a soldier she had an immense level of focus. It just so happened that focus worked against her well being this time. If her parents wanted her to be a Huntress so bad then why send her to Beacon? At the very least they could have enrolled her in Atlas' own academy. Ironwood was the headmaster there! But no. They decided to ship her over to a whole other kingdom.

    No. There had to be a reason they sent her here. She had never questioned a superior's decision, that most definitely included her parents. They had never put her in harm's way and there was no reason to think they would now. If she was sent here, there was something of value to be taken out of it. Right now, though, Amber is having trouble on what that value might be.

    The doors opened with a hiss and the few people loitering in the courtyard took notice of the airship which was clearly not from Vale. Even on a day such as this, it was an unusual sight. Amber stepped out, fixing her clothes while ignoring the looks she had gotten. Everything about her screamed 'Atlas' from the rigid posture to her own attire: a dark gray coat over a lighter gray shirt and trousers. Over her shoulder, her bag containing just the necessities for dorm living. And of course, Firehawk.

    She turned around once more at the sound of the airship lifting off. Her stern expression shifting into a slight frown for a moment before changing back. She was on her own now.

    The onlookers have gone back to their own business. Talking and socializing. It's strange. She never once considered herself a civilian, yet now here she was. Mingling as if she were one of them. She never felt lonely or left out before. In Atlas, more or less everyone acted like her. Or at the very least their actions showed their loyalty to the kingdom. But this, this was completely different. There were no like minded people here. For the first time she felt an uncomfortable feeling in her gut.
  10. Breakdown

    Nata was sprinting down a dirty back road. She hadn't started on foot, but the vehicle she was taking broke down. Now, she wasn't too far from the school, but far enough that if she didn't keep sprinting she would miss the airships to Beacon. Five minutes was her estimation.
    Nata had her overstuffed bags situated on her back, in a way that no normal human being would ever think to carry them. She was breathing heavy and her hair was unbrushed, all of the things going on made her look like she hadn't slept in days.
    But hey, at least she had her...
    "My coffee! Gaaaaah!" she exclaimed as she skidded to a halt and started to turn around. She stopped after five steps. Was it really worth it though? She was about to be late to Beacon. She shook her head and turned once more to continue, defeated.
    "Wait!" Yelled a voice from around the bend. The driver of the vehicle ran up to her, holding her coffee. "You left this. You will need it." They said. It surprised Nata that the driver wasn't as out of breath as she was.
    She smiled. "Thank you!" She grabbed the coffee then ran, the heat emitting from the coffee cup was enough to keep her running. She ran through different roads, the sight of Beacon being her only map. She didn't get turned around, and finally made it to the start of her school career. Or at least half a year of schooling to be a huntress.
    Nata merged into the crowd, which was a tad different than her home country's ways, but easy enough to figure out. She saw which group of students got on the airships to Beacon, following them carefully.
    "Glad I got here when I did. A minute later and there would be no one here to follow. Heh, I doubt the ships would Still be boarding!" she said cheerfully to herself.

    She checked that she still had everything. Pamalo? Check. Head? Check. Clothes? Check. Books? Check. Toothbrush...? I can buy a new one. Now if I can just get on the airships and reorganize everything. I swear my bags are going to fall apart at any second! Anyway, my rockets are fueled up, correct... Wait, I COULD HAVE USED THESE TO GET HERE FASTER. MAN!
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  11. A small jingle diverted her attention, prompting her hand to stray to the empty gun holster at her side. Reaching in, she pulled out her phone and took notice of the alarm going off. Ten minutes until departure. Glancing to the broken forms of the beowolves around her, then to the path ahead of her, she could only estimate that it might take...ten minutes to get there.

    "So much for that short cut..."

    With that massive shield slung across her back, she began a mad dash down the road. Even after taking a short cut, she was still in risk of missing the airships, all because she had to indulge herself for but a few moments against those grimm. No matter, she would just have to focus on keeping a steady pace and she might get there just on time. Just as long as...
    The deep growls and howls alerted her that something was following her and was quickly catching up.


    As annoying as it would be, she chose to focus on the path ahead and ignore what was behind her. That would have be the wise choice, but the shriek of claw on metal told her that she wasn't fast enough to outrun it. Several more slashes scraped across her shield destroyed what reluctance she had to confront whatever persisted behind her. Pushing herself a bit more to pick up the pace and gain some ground, she planted her left foot down before launching herself in the air with a side flip. Finally able to get a glimpse of what was behind her, she found that it wasn't just one more beowolf, but a large pack of them.

    "...I guess they don't call this beowolf forest for nothing."

    Still, she found herself in a situation where she hadn't the time to deal with them, but had to. Perhaps a riskier method would have to be employed. As she reached the peak of her flip and began to descent back down, she once more brandished her shield and aimed the bottom edge where she estimated she would land and fired several grenades. Positioning the shield beneath her, she planted her feet against it and braced for impact. The explosions were enough to take care of the beowolves, but more importantly they launched her upward, through the treetops and into the sky. Steadying herself like one did with a surfboard, she did her best to aim her descent towards the docking bays.

    Now if she could only stick the landing once she got there...
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  12. Tama was walking down the road watching as police zoomed by. Medical vehicles turned down corners, firefighters coming to the aid of a warehouse, it would seem there were a lot of busy people out lately. It's why Tama loved the city, despite his tragic past and faunus nature, Tama always bore a cheerful smile. And as the wind blew through the tails of his jacket Tama grasped his hat and pulled it off throwing it into the air. Taking a foot he stomped on the ground a thrust his fist into the air. His idiotic smile shined as he ignored the beeping in his pocket.

    Beep. Beep.

    "I am Tama Anaru! I will become the best fighter there is! Just you wait!"

    Everyone walking by gave a glance as they passed Tama, but he didn't mind. Tama only caught his hat and fixed it on his head. Staring off into the sun, he felt like one of the characters he read about in comics, he was going to become a man known for his smile.

    "Just you watch me. I will."

    Beep. Beep.

    Tama stomped on the ground, but stopped, now thinking about how ridiculous he looked. He threw his hand into his pocket to see what was beeping. He pulled out a watch and brought it to eye level.

    Beep. Beep.

    "Why are you- No! No! No! This is not good!"

    Tama was quick to break into a sprint, but quick to stop when he saw a man on a ladder. Grabbing onto its side Tama knocked on the wood as he flipped off and rolled. Shouting sorry as he continued down the road. His hat threatened to fall off multiple times, but he kept catching it before it slipped. When the streets started to become to curvy Tama took his race against time to higher ground. On the roofs Tama also felt at ease, there he thought there was no possible way to go under a ladder, for a cat to cross his path, or for him to possibly break glass. So, he thought. A black cat up ahead was crossing over the sea of wires and just about to cross Tama's path. The boy was seriously frightened and skid to a stop simultaneously turning around and grabbing air, but his semblance catching the cat.

    "Special Move! Tama Switch!"

    Tama simply pivoted putting the cat behind him so it didn't cross his path. His race continued, until he came across an all glass roof.

    "Oh, come on!"

    Tama stopped and walked back. Coming to the edge of the building he examined his surroundings and that is when Tama saw her, the girl flying through the sky. He needed that ride. With a running start and aid from his weapon Tama would shoot himself over the glass skylight and run onto catch a fire vehicle extending its ladder. The girl was still coming, but Tama would have to jump soon as they began to notice him on top of the ladder. He stood up with his back to the crowd below.

    "Listen up citizens of Vale. You'll be seeing me a lot more often now. Get used to it!"

    Tama then took a leap off the ladder catching the falling female Aegis.

    "Just dropping by?"

    Tama was on the front of her shield looking over at her.


    Now, Invidar got up and dressed on time. He went through his daily routine. Polished his weapon and loaded it and then with a few minutes to spare cooked something to eat. When he finished eating he walked with just enough time to make the airships. His hood stayed up and his hands sat deep in his pockets. The shark was covered by a black leather bag. A toothpick was in Invidar's mouth and he just watched as the short amount of students filed into the airships.

    How boring a first day, it's already strange enough getting that letter, but everyone is so comfortable with one another... it's weird.
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  13. saved
    The line Nata stood in did not seem to be going anywhere, as if it was the wrong line. She stepped out of the line to assess her situation. Most everyone around had luggage, but they all seemed much taller than her. She, at first, assumed that she was just short. But after some thought, she went to the nearest pole, which held a banner. Scrambling to the top, she began to see that there were more lines than the one she was in. It seemed that the new student line was on the far side of the docking port.
    "Just my luck." Nata sighed, rolling her eyes. She sat on the pole for a bit, somewhat tired from scaling the height and not wanting to get down for Beacon. She shuffled to face away from the docks, the direction she had came. She contemplated leaving, breaking her promise to her family. But she couldn't. She should at least keep her promises.

    Something caught Nata's eye. A slight shine in the sky. It wasn't a bird or an airship, and it didn't have wings. It was square, and seemed to be holding... people?
    She stood, balancing on the pole carefully. The projectile was headed to the ground. And from what it seemed, would land directly in the middle of the crowd. It had a bit yet, but people weren't seeing it. The people on the object wouldn't be too good either. Nata doubted that they really intended on flying into the crowd anyway.
    Carefully, Nata scaled down the pole. She had to get to the center of the crowd and string a net between other light poles and trees beside the pathway. She left her stuff by the pole, minus Pamalu, and pushed her way through the crowd.
    "Excuse me! Please move!" she yelled aloud. Some of the crowd did thin out for her, but she still had issues getting to the center. She settled for near the center.
    Carefully, Nata pointed in which direction the ribs needed to go and indicated that the center was right above her. It was a draining process for that big of a net to be constructed, but it got done. As the projectile hit, it was still a good distance above the heads of the other students. The netting bounced a bit, but settled out. Some of the students were startled to see what had unfolded.
    "Are you two alright up there?" she called up to Tama and Aegis.

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  14. She was more surprised by how well her plan had worked than anything. It didn't seem like it was physically impossible, kinda like beating someone to death with his own skull, but here she was. The thought of landing didn't cross her mind until she saw the city, and more importantly, the crowded streets rising up to meet her. Landing as she was. standing on her shield, would probably smashed someone into mash potatoes, which obviously meant she would have to rely on her legs for this. Her semblance would lessen the impact, so all she had to do was-- The shield jerked and threatened to begin flipping as something, no, someone, landed on it before her. For a moment, it seemed like the shield would even out and they might have been lucky.

    Then it tipped forth, dropping them towards terra firma. Once again, her thoughts strayed from the logical path of her own safety, but she could only wonder how to keep that random guy and the people below from harm. Suddenly, they came to a sudden stop. It took a moment to figure out what happened, but she eventually realized that someone had thrown up a net and caught them...or something like that.

    "I guess there's no fall damage..."
  15. "Is this how you always get around?!"

    Tama tried to shout above the winds blowing in his face. His giant hand clung to the top of the shield while his other kept his hat glued to his head. He could feel himself constantly slipping off the shield's end, sometimes a foot coming loose and dangling. Fearing where they would land he pulled himself up and looked over the top of the shield once more, it tipped as he did so. All he could see were a bunch of heads and him coming in fast. Soon, his weight would tip the shield.


    This was Tama's only response as he fell. He didn't scream, he didn't try flailing to flip over, he didn't use his blade to spin around a pole or wire. Tama was going to try his luck. As he watched the shield and his body gain distance he gave a wink to Aegis and a big smile. He pulled his hat down over his face and made a position as if he were asleep falling through the air. It'd only be a few more feet before Tama hit.

    "Guess today's not my lucky day."

    Tama began to move about to make a last minute attempt to save himself, but he was stopped. He could feel wires struggling from his weight. Tama sat up and looked behind him to see a girl had saved him. He waved and opened his mouth to speak, but then Aegis landed and the net flung Tama. He was thrown a couple feet up, but landed gracefully on the pavement, sitting in a squat, a few feet away. He slowly rose up without his hat and waved to Nata.

    "Thanks for the save!"

    When Tama reached for his hat to give his name he found that it was not there and freaked out.

    "My hat!"

    It was still falling up above, but he of course couldn't see this. He looked everywhere, scanning Aegis' shield and herself, the net and Nata. It was only until he saw its shadow cast of the head of his that he looked up and it landed on his face.


    Still looking up he slowly picked it off his face and placed it on his head.


    The lines were starting to finish boarding. Tama slumped as he walked with his head back, seeming to refuse to return it to its normal position.

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  16. Sudden
    "Well, I'm glad you're okay! Nata called after to Tama. She was impressed by how casual he was treating the situation.

    She waved to him and saw that the boarding lines had gone down significantly. It caught her off guard, and she panicked, worried that she was going to miss the airships. She almost ran off, but she reminded herself that there was still another person up in the netting she had created. Nata was somewhat doubtful that Aegis would be able to get down from there, from her own experience with the nets.

    "uhm, do you need help down? If I just took it away, you would fall!" she asked, offering a hand up to Aegis, who was still suspended in the air by the net. Nata could make the net go away, but that would cause gravity to take its course.

    "I could hold that if you need." Nata said, pointing to her shield. She wasn't sure how strong and heavy the shield was, nor was she aware it was a bank vault door! But she didn't want anyone else to miss the airships to Beacon either. She had standards on how to treat people like any other person. When it came to strangers, she would follow the golden rule until the person proved who they were.
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    Chaos theory said things fall apart, chaos theory said everything is random, everything is atrophy and unknown and there is no way you will ever control it or understand it. That it's all just guessing, you can't even count the possibilities you can never know, you can never prepare, you can never do anything about it. crap just happened. It happened ferociously and unstoppably, all physics and beyond the physics, rapidly changing numbers and beyond the numbers...who knows.

    Chaos theory would be pondered for thousands of years.

    Can you tell a smile from a veil? They were indistinguishable here, they were a permanent fixture of this powerful empire. As much a fixture as the invisible walls, or beckoning, threatening howl, a bell from a tower, the summons. Year after year, these would remain until they crumbled, and Skoll's veil would remain as well. Only time could erode it.

    A figure stood statuesque on this hot patch of land, looking at where so many before him had once walked. Skoll didn't have plans about growing old. It wasn't something he was interested in. He stood now as though he were waiting for something to be drawn to him, by fate, by chance, by aggression or any other motive. Maybe he did understand chaos theory. Maybe he knew how things tended to unravel.

    Yes, yes he did understand.

    Skoll wasn't afraid of anything anymore.

    When the monsters stepped out from under the bed, he would give them a smile. A well-worn, psychotic smile. A tired smile. And he would narrow his bright blue eyes. Taking a breath in through his nostrils...inhaling the scents of those around him as those bright blue orbs of his slowly came into focus...white walls...white walls and white lights surrounded him...closing him in...containing him for now. His gaze drew upwards...his eyes wandering over a the one sided glass he knew was there...he always knew. He could hear the machinery running behind it...as well as the heartbeats running the machinery...Skoll reached up and pressed his hand into his own chest, attempting to feel his own heart...but like always, he felt nothing...not a beat...not even a pulse. Almost as if he was a dead creature...brought into the world by a dead power...his purpose in life being only to kill.

    It was a...simple purpose. Having no desire to do anything more was a kind of freedom...knowing you never had to worry about getting a job...protecting someone close...chasing dreams and running from nightmares. These were things Skoll would never have...free will, individuality...hope...these were words that possessed no meaning. To the white haired boy they were just...words...empty and void of feeling.

    "Is he ready?" A voice rang from behind the glass...Skoll's canine like ears perked forward, tilting his head curiously at the...unfamiliar sound of a woman. He could scent her...the smell of hand sanitizer easily stung his nostrils enough to make his eye twitch.

    "Yes ma'am...we believe so. His vitals are normal, and he just completed his final test..." A man replied...he could identify the voice easily...a man named...Josh. Josh was always nice...despite his occupation, he always treated Skoll like he was more than just a dog...

    "Excellent...how was his performance?" The woman chimed, forcing Skoll to stare at the glass and merely tilt his head as if he could see through it...he could pinpoint her location in the other room. "And...is that...blood?" She added, disgust clear in her tone. Skoll's tail flicked to the left...his gaze averting to the floor for a moment as he lifted his hands...he had almost forgotten. What he did just moments before had...escaped him...his hands were stained with crimson fluid...he could feel his hair clinging to his face as blood trickled down his face...dripping from his chin and pooling on the floor beneath him.

    Slowly...Skoll looked over his shoulder...and quickly he saw that the white room with white walls...was not so white after all...for behind him was a red room...with red walls. Those blue eyes of his wandered to the floor to see the mangled and dismembered bodies scattered across the room as if they were toys...he had forgotten...he finished his final training session...which mostly consisted of twenty warriors from across the world...grimm thrown into the mix for good measure...and all thrown into this large training room. And in the middle of the battle Skoll had blacked out...unable to register the last two hours of his life...he simply came back into consciousness...at the entrance...staring at the one sided glass.

    "Um, yes. He uh...has been standing there for about two hours staring at us through the glass Ma'am...i think he had a blood rage again...he's been doing better with it, but sometimes he gets a little out of control so we just...wait till he calms down..." Josh explained. "We might need to get him a new change of cloths since...his are ruined." The man joked. Skoll could sense the irritation from whoever was on the other end of the glass. And with a few footsteps Skoll's eyes followed the sound through the wall as the click clack of high heels neared the door on the side.

    "Open it." The womans voice demanded. And within a few seconds, the steel framed door that looked to be a solit foot thick slid sideways...revealing a well dressed woman in a black dress standing before him...slowly, she walked into the training room...her violet eyes falling upon his as she looked him up and down...Skoll simply stood quietly and narrowed his eyes...growling lowly at the woman as the began to circle him as if she were inspecting him like a vulture. "My baby boy..." She began, slowly making her way to his front as she leaned forward and cupped her warm hands on both sides of his face...the blood staining him getting onto her as she leaned in and stared him in the eyes...

    Skoll...naturally, lowered his ears and tucked his tail between his legs from this action...he recognized this woman now...she was...there the day he opened his eyes for the first time.

    "My how you've grown...it's been far to long." She mused, tilting his head upwards. Pulling his mouth open and inspecting the inside. "Mmm, elongated fangs...strong jaws...you're maturing nicely 13." She muttered, suddenly closing his mouth and rubbing noses with him. "My pride and joy...i have...exciting news for you." She whispered to him, sliding her fingers through his blood stained hair as she smiled warmly at him...Skoll's big eyes focused on her, a slow purr escaping him from her words. "It is time...for you to finally get out there...and show me what you're made of...no more controlled environments. Now...you get to hunt." She cooed to him warmly as if he were some kind of pup...Skoll's tail began to slowly sway at this news...he had only been on the outside a few times in his life...and being given the opportunity to go out on his own was...truly exciting. Especially considering his spent most of his life in a cage.

    "How the hell is she getting that close to him? Everytime we try we have to chain him up or he'll bite our hands!" A voice hissed from behind the glass. Skoll ignored this and focused on the woman as she continued to caress his hair...purring loudly and leaning in to sniff her before licking her cheek affectionately.

    "You mean you don't know? Thats Cornelia Lockheart...she runs the corporation. In a way, you could say that she created him...she headed up the research, conception, and was the first one to be near him when he was born...soooooo...you could say she is like his mom...i believe she imprinted on him so naturally he just...recognizes that and consents because of his conditioning." Josh explained.

    "She...imprinted him? What the hell?" The other asked in distaste. Skoll's gaze shot back to the glass before narrowing his eyes...Cornelia slowly let go of Skoll's head and kissed his forehead before turning around and walking back towards the door...her hands stained with blood as well as a fraction of her face...she calmly walked back through the door and looked over her shoulder at Skoll with a smirk.

    "Come my son...we have much to discuss." She beckoned...Skoll tilted his head and blinked...slowly walking towards the door and following after his 'mother' closely. And as they walked by the scientist who all seemed to back away and cower when Skoll got close, he looked over them curiously...and just as they were going to exit the area, he heard the whisper...the faintest of whispers from behind him.

    "Kind of a crazy bitch if you ask me..."...Skoll stopped in his tracks...his pupils dilating tightly in fury as he swung his head around...his cold dead gaze landing on Josh who was cracking jokes towards another scientist. Skoll snarled, and dashing to Josh faster than the human eye could track, Skoll grabbed Josh by the back of the neck and lunged him forward...slamming his head through the one sided glass 'hard'. The bone shattering impact causing the HIGHLY durable glass to shatter as if it were a china plate...Josh's head going straight through and his neck getting hooked in the sharp thorns of glass as his body quickly went limp and twitched...blood staining the glass and computer system he was standing at...Skoll scoffed, letting go of the man and looking at all the scientist who had backed themselves into a corner out of fear...the blood stained homunculus glared at each of them...before going back to his mother, who stood in the doorway chuckling deviously.

    "Thats my boy...come. Let us discuss you're new mission...the white fang are expecting you."
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  18. Criminal Intent
    It was criminal. The discrimination of the Faunus people was dastardly. Why did this go on for years on end? No one could understand why except scientists and the people who do the discriminating. Most humans would say it was because of the Faunus Rights Revolution and the events that happened before hand, when the Faunus were supposedly "dangerous" back then.

    The White Fang came after the war to turn the tide on discrimination they were peaceful at first, but then they went criminal after a while. Taking what they wanted when they wanted, destroying what they thought should be destroyed when the time was right, and hiring any Faunus willing to join in on their acts.

    Tlilpotonqui was not looking for a peaceful means of finding his peace for the rest of his people. The only way of finding peace for the Faunus was by taking it. Tlilpotonqui was looking around inside a Vale military base, searching for some components while data was being downloaded via wireless connection to a hidden USB. He was trying to search through a whole field of different freight crates, looking for the right number. "125...126...127...Ah, 128" Tlilpotonqui whispered in the silence.

    Slowly opening the crate, it was found that inside the crate was a component that Tlilpotonqui had needed. "There it is, the main piece that I need for the setup" he stated silently. Not knowing though, there was also a wireless silent alarm on the inside of the crate. His ears twitched slightly, feeling as if something was wrong. So he pulled his bag from his back and place the component gently inside the bag, and then strapped it onto his back, tightening it around his torso. Then Tlilpotonqui had heard robotic footsteps coming near him from around the area, "Pshh, the military and their robot."

    Tlilpotonqui had begun to dart out of the area, spotting the robots immediately as he had left. They stood still and hip fired amounts of ammunition, white dust ammunition by the looks of it. As they fired, Tlilpotonqui used his wings as a shield for his entire body. When he got close enough he pulled Eon and Orion from his waist belt at the back, and the robots had switched to bladed weapons. This was not the smart idea, though the robots had never faced a bird Faunus like him before.

    Tlilpotonqui had bent forward and flattened his wings out, spinning whilst he moved, cutting the robots in half. He then took the sawed-off rifles and began shooting away, as if it were nothing almost. "That's one group down, any next one would just be in the way" Tlilpotonqui stated, as he was close to the fence of the base. It wouldn't take long then, because then he could escape back to his hideout. Then he was face to face with someone, and by the looks of it, they were a hunter of some sort, but they seemed too young to be a hunter.

    "Hey, the military will want their stuff back. In all honesty, I don't really care, but I would like it if you gave whatever ya took back, or else we are going to have some problems" The young teenage girl had called out. Tlilpotonqui wasn't really looking to pick a fight with a child, so he shrugged it off. Then there was nothing, the dream went away, more like a memory. "Damn military and their little tricks up their sleeves, thankfully I didn't kill the kid then" he told himself. It was only a memory, of his first actual heist of something from the military. Maybe after he got some more experience he might get better at them...​
  19. Flashes

    He was finally allowed to board the massive airship, near the end of the line. It ensured he would get a poor seat, or even have to stand, but that was no great consequence. As he walked towards the large, idling craft, he froze. Images of another walk out to another airship like this... This one painted black, but a white marking stood out. A cog inside of a circle, with something in the center of it. A small group was making a hasty effort to cover it.

    He must have been younger, since he was much shorter in this image. Ahead of him in a perfect line was a group of similar people, all dwarfed by the armed soldiers in armor. They filed onto the aircraft under the eyes and guns, plus someone more. At the hatch stood a woman, tall and pale, with white hair that reached her shoulders. Cold blue eyes interrogated them like cuts of meat at a butchery.

    Whoever this was, they didn't sit right with hi-

    "Dude, didn't your mother ever teach you not to stand in the middle of a walkway?" a voice demanded as it's olive skinned owner passed by him with a look of annoyance.

    Shaking his head to clear the images from his mind, he made his way onboard, snagging a seat near the front and beside a window, guaranteeing a level of privacy. Unfortunately, the seat next to his was empty for the moment. Michael set his duffle on the deck in front of him and balanced ALISS against the window, the long barrel pointed up to the sky.

    He was no longer in control of his fate. It was up to the pilots now, and that grated deeply on his nerves. With nothing to do and needing something to divert his mind from the feeling of helplessness, he pulled his weapon close and ejected the five loaded rounds. He took them off the en bloc clip and inspected them, before starting to clean them. Cleaner bullets flew straighter, he reasoned.

    Burning in the Skies

    With her hangover and murderous rage held at bay by the strong drink in her hand, already half gone, Ally made her way to the airship. When a loud crash resounded behind her, amplified tenfold, she winced and looked back in extreme annoyance. How she loved that she had to go through security and all that good old invasive crap when others could just make a ton of noise and land on a massive individual with a shield. She grunted in annoyance, then went on her way.

    She downed the last of her coffee on the walk out, tossing it in a convenient trash bin right before someone came out of the airship to vomit. She chuckled darkly as she entered the craft. To her dismay, it was standing room only. So she took up a spot against a bulkhead and relaxed, waiting for takeoff.

    She looked at the passengers she could see, listening to the mostly inane conversations and sizing each one up. Who was a threat, who was not. She noticed a fire suppression system on the ceiling, and in blatant defiance started flicking her fingers together. They lit, and burned for a second before she stifled the flames.

    She would do this over, and over, again throughout the flight.
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  20. Technological Professor
    A woman was walking towards the elevator that lead to the headmaster's office, being told that Ozpin would not be headmaster this year, the woman knew she would have to meet a new headmaster instead of the one she was supposed to meet. It was strange to her, but it didn't make a difference to her calculations anyways. Everyone that she walked past had heard the small iridescent noises that came with the woman's movements. They could tell right away that she was not human. That was the thing though she was an android, and Khloe didn't mind, in a way she kind of enjoyed it. There were times though that it had annoyed her, since she couldn't feel what humans or Faunus feel, especially what they call aura. No matter though, she still rocked with her photon gun blades, they ran on different variations of dust batteries to be capable of doing what they do.

    Moving her jacket around while she walked, Khloe had finally made it to the elevator. She pressed button waiting for the elevator to come down to her level. In just a few moments the elevator bell dinged as it opened. "Well, that was rather quick"
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