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  1. Lately, I've been experiencing this itch to play an elder scrolls game role-playey style (that is, I'll eliminate as much of my meta-gamey tendencies as possible), but I can't seem to decide whether I'll play Oblivion (modded, with the biggest mods being Better Cities and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul) or Skyrim (modded, with the biggest mod being Requiem), especially when it comes to technical efficiency (my computer ain't that good, so I'm not sure how their modded versions would affect me, especially Oblivion, which I haven't really played much) and quality of stories. And though suggestions for other sandbox roleplaying games is welcome, I'd rather stick with something familiar at the moment, hence these two games (although I am also quite familiar with Baldur's Gate (and the other D&D Bioware games), which is quite sandbox-y but really doesn't have the kind of feel I'm looking for at the moment, and Morrowind, which may work if not for the fact that I'm already trudging through it (but in a completely different way); rather not be redundant with my current gaming experiences). And so, which version do you think I should play through (I reiterate, though: I shall be playing both of them heavily modded), and why?

    Edit: Prefix fail [sadface]
  2. I think that if you haven't played through Skyrim as a stealth-archer, you should go do that right now. ^^ I tried that play style and now there's no going back.
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  3. I've already done that in almost every play-through, though, so it's kinda getting old. I've played Skyrim a poop load of times, btw, way more so than Oblivion, and it's my experiences in it that is really convincing me to do the playthough with Skyrim instead of Oblivion; I somewhat wanna try something newer, though, so I'm kinda leaning on Oblivion, too. Och, you're just confusing me even more! :P
  4. Sorry! D: If you want to try something new, maybe you should decide what playstyle you want to use, then pick a game based on its opportunities for that style?
    Personally I've always kind of wanted to make a character in Oblivion, max out the unarmed skill, and use fists as my primary weapon... but I've never had the patience. :c There are a ton of fun challenges like that, though, to spice things up a bit.
  5. I say, since you're already playing the best one, go with Oblivion. The mods are more fun. I like Skyrim don't get me wrong (500 hours couldn't be hate). But I find it to be a bit lack luster in story. Besides if you have the shivering Isles for Oblivion stuff can get REAL fun >:-D


    *quells his internal raging fanboy*

    Whilst I do love me some Skyrim, I think that it was a bit light in its RPG mechanics. It's a cut down, simplified Elder Scrolls game in a lot of ways, and whilst that's not a bad thing for some it's kind of a downer on folks who like their games a bit more crunchy.

    So I'll suggest Oblivion.

    Thiugh seriously, you should play Morrowind instead.
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  7. Grumpy, are you infected with corprus or something? :P

    And what I meant by "in a completely different way" there is more a fusion of role-playing and meta-gaming, since Morrowind is punishing. If I really role-played in it (with my current character, that is), I would die every twelve minutes.
    But yes, Morrowind is the best. Just out of the scope of this thing.
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  8. Reading comprehension is for pussies.

    Since you mentioned Baldur's Gate (best CRPG ever), have you tried 'Planescape: Torment'? If not, it might fit the bill for what you're looking for in a game. You can play through the entire thing without ever winning or engaging in combat, if you so choose.

    And also, Planescape is just an awesome D&D setting.
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  9. If you're playing Skyrim without Vilja you're playing Skyrim wrong.

    But yeah, Morrowind, it hasn't aged well, but it ate more than a few years of my life away.

    Then Oblivion happened...

    And then Skyrim made it mainstream..

    We don't talk about ESO.
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  10. The lack of an Elder Scrolls RP is also pretty lame.
  11. Mmmmm. I agree with Grumpy, you should play Morrowind.

    But, since this is about Oblivion and Skyrim and I found Skyrim a bit dry and super repetitive. Go with Oblivion >.>
  12. +Points for maximum immersion mods.
  13. Morrowind is for people unable to cope without overpowered characters. I say the less you have to work with ingame wise the better.

    Which is why I say Oblivion, as it is a lot more work to do overpowering types.

    Skyrim on the other hand is way too bloody easy. I mean once you hit level thirty or so with a proper build nothing in the game can kill you no matter what setting you play on. And by level fifty with the right perks and gear set up there isn't a single quest line you can't do.
  14. Becoming overpowered is completely irrelevant with any sort of system where the world levels with you.

    Also, in Morrowind, you become immune to disease, immortality, and not to mention you're wielding weapons that are used to destroy parts of a god.
    Oblivion: You're the he-MARTIN SAVED THE DAY! "Hero of Kvatch".
    Skyrim: You defeated Ald-WORST VILLAIN EVER!

    Miraak was better.
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  15. Relevant:
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  16. Yes but not all systems are set up equally. I dare you tell me Skyrim and Morrowind get harder the higher you level up. Skyrim enemies simply get higher health bars and become slightly more aggressive. Its artificially imposed difficultly and its not imposed well as they are not any harder to beat then before. As for Morrowind, it had an okay story ruined by early access to good gear. Then the gear only got better, all for the worse.

    Then again all three had god awful AI. Is it so much to ask human enemies understand how an ambush and straight up attacks work.
  17. Have you tried the 30 days mod for oblivion? It's a zombie Apocalypse mod. Sure, zombies are easy to kill....but if you leave them alone long enough and walk into a hoard of them....
  18. So I guess I'm going for Oblivion. Now all I have to think about is my mod list, which I most likely will be taking from youtubers.
  19. I personally like Oblivion better. The story line (to me) is much better, and the quests are more fun and interesting. Now, don't get me wrong, Skyrim is amazing. I just prefer Oblivion.
  20. Mods fix most of it.
    Also, Skyrim has no real dangerous enemies. Maybe some humans that can put you into a kill animation, or a dragon eating you. (Lost it when that happened the first time.)

    Dark Brotherhood felt alot better too, didn't it?
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