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  1. It's the year 1215, humanity has been slowly degrading and new experiments have begun to arise. Scientists have recently been doing research to combine human genetics along with animals in hopes to upgrade their military. These experiments have been kept from the general population in order to keep the idea from their enemies. As months pass, their test subjects have begun to finally accept the transferred DNA and began taking on traits and characteristics of the DNA they've been infused with, just as the original plan had wanted. But after months of further testing, cruel punishments, and horrible training, the subjects have had enough. A band of 4 had devised a plan to escape the facility they've been trapped in, using their new 'gifts' to help them. They escaped...but their happiness was soon distupted.

    Now that the experiments have escaped, the government needs to get them back. The subjects were placed on the news everywhere, being called monsters who would kill anyone that got in their way. The reports would tell civilians to contact the police or other government facilities if they should ever find or see one of the four that escaped. So now the hybrids have to run for their lives, or risk being captured.

    Axel did his level best not to shiver. He had accepted being cold blooded after being made that way for so long, however he wanted -- craved heat. He would give his left nut for a cigarette or a few bottles of liquor, in any case. As it stands, he would have to break into one of the convenience stores whenever they got into town at night. Axel blew a bubble and popped it quietly, ruthlessly but silently emaciated the roll of chewing gum in his mouth. He had managed to pilfer twenty five packs out of a store before, and even managed three bottles of good brandy along with nine packs of cigarettes.

    That had been three months ago.

    And dammit, he needed a smoke. The only thing that even lasted was the gum -- which lost its flavor after three consecutive minutes of chewing. God, people were cheap. For warmth, he had to remain close to one of the warm blooded hybrids, like Ferith or Rhiannon to keep some of his sanity intact. He couldn't wait for sunrise, really. Midday, at that. He'd soak up all the warmth and try to store as much of it as possible, so long as they don't run into any enemies. He'd lose his heat for the remainder of the day. It takes a while to build it up in the first place and fighting would deplete it without mercy.

    The dark haired half octopus yawned, his mostly human self resisting the urge to shift positions and lose the warm spot he managed to create for himself against Rhiannon; he was pretty much miserable, but he wasn't about to talk about it. Everyone else was feeling the same, so why bother? With a sigh, he settled in to rest, although he couldn't sleep. It was going to be a long night...

    And dammit all, he wanted a smoke

    placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it with his cheap lighter. It took him several flicks of his thumb before the flame appeared, and he grunted in frustration. After taking one long inhale, he placed his left hand behind his back. He had just left the outpost inside the town. He despised his orders. He hated it all, but he had no choice in the matter. His sister's life was dependent upon his paychecks.

    He pulled his trenchcoat over his uniform and fixed his Captain's cap before walking down the metal stairs onto the dirt ground. He glanced about, seeing the life around him, and then shook his scarred head. 'Humanity brought this upon themselves', he thought. 'Wars and experiments and pathetic ideologies led to this. Now I am sent to hunt down teenagers and young adults because of this nonsense. He stood in front of his company, a solemn look upon his face.

    "So it appears we are now hunters of those barely past the age of childhood," Vasili began begrudgingly. "As you well know, four Hybrids have escaped. It is plastered all over the news. Our duty is to hunt them down and to bring them back. Alive. And I do mean alive. When we do find these four souls, you will treat them kindly.You will not by any means harm them unless you have no other choice, and you will not under any circumstance kill them. They have suffered enough. If I catch any of you bastards disobeying these orders, I will make your lives a living Hell. Alright. You have your orders. Officers, separate into groups. Each group will contain five. In each group is one tracker, one medic, two infantry, and a support. Find them. Dismissed."

    Vasili walked to the outskirts of the town, smoking his cigarette and in deep thought. He was off duty now, and he needed time to think, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He decided a walk in nature would suit him well, and thus he began a casual walk within the forest outside of town. He knew this forest well, for he had played there often as a child and constantly went to enjoy the serenity of the area. Dousing his cigarette with his fingers, he stuck it in his trench coat pocket, not willing to litter on the forest grounds. The Captain gazed up at the stars as he walked, his rough, dry hands placed behind his back.

    Rhiannon leaned back against the wall staring out into the night. Silently and slowly she wrapped an arm around Axel. She knew that he was freezing, and she had extra heat to spare.

    Her eyes scanned the distance, watching for any sign of movement. It was cold, dark, they were all hungry, tired and thirtsty, and Rhiannon was going to take it upon herself to find something. Movement caught her out of the corner of her eye, it was the convience store a block down, the night shift was turning off the outdoor lights and starting their cleaning. A small place like that wouldnt have cameras, and would make the perfect opportunity. She took off her coat and put it around Axel's shoulders.

    'Stay, here, they are closing that shop down the street. Im going to go get us some stuff. Whaddya want from there?"

    Axel nearly sobbed at the loss of live heat, but sighed, relieved at the coat that was draped over him.

    "Stay here, they are closing that shop down the street. I'm going to get us some stuff. Whaddya want from there?"

    Axel looked at her quizzically. "I can help. We need a lot of supplies and twelve arms are better than two, don't you think?" Axel moved to rise. "And if anything, I doubt you'd come back with twenty three packs of cigs and a case of booze along with everything else like food and such."

    Rhiannon laughed a deep throaty laugh. It actually almost sounded like the tiger she was. It actally made her warm inside when he looked like that. "Alright, you can come too. Maybe they'll have extra coats in the back."

    She snuck down the street along the darkened walls of the half dessicated downtown district they were in. the guy working had his back to the door and even had on a walkman. lucky for them, he seemed younger and forgetful, and sure enough, he had placed the keys intothe door, and didnt lock it.
    Rhiannon pushed the door open silently and creped up behind the clerk. There was the butt of a shotgun sticking out from behind the counter. Slowly she grabbed it and smacked the butt against the clerks head. "and he's down for the count." she mocked as he hit the floor. There were some small hand-held shopping baskets, she grabbed one and handed a few to Axel. "Alright, get what you're getting.."

    Axel looked back at the young lad who had left the keys. Poor soul. So forgetful and naive. It may get the child killed one day. The half octopus followed Rhiannon into the store.

    "And he's down for the count," he heard her say when the clerk crumpled to the floor. He snorted at the tiger and accepted the basket, weaving through the aisles and gathering the things he needed. His braid unwound itself into individual clumps and wrapped themselves around items he thought they'd all need. Three of them were busy raking in packs of cigarettes, one sweeping spare lighters into the basket as well. Axel held the basket with one of the extra appendages while his hands worked on getting assorted snacks and the like for the others.

    Soon after he made a beeline for the coolers. He took a spare moment to swoon just a bit at the sight of the bottles of liquor they kept. The bottles clinked, the sounds like knives in the thick silence of the darkness. He winced at the sound, but moved quickly nonetheless. How they were going to travel with these things, he had no idea, but he was going to make it work. Being part octopus had its benefits, after all. With the basket and five 'arms' full, he looked around to see if Rhiannon was done.

    Rihannon was busy grabbing food items, frozen, not frozen, she didnt care at the moment, all of it was edible one way or the other. She wound her way through the isles grabbing some waters and other beverages of the non alchololic variety. She stood there in the store for a minute and twitched her nose, it was something she did when she was thinking, just this small twitch of back and forth. she spied some bandages and such and grabbed a few, nodding to Axel that they were done here. on the way out she saw a small rack holding hats, gloves, and scarves for winter. As she walked out behind Axel she grabbed a few, you never knew, and she knew Axel could use some of it.

    Axel unconsciously swept the area for any signs of human life, careful not to draw any attention. There was the occasional person here or there but they weren't paying any attention. At least not that he knew. All he knew was that they needed to get to the others and get the hell out of Dodge. Axel drew his hair close, careful not to let the bottles touch or let them scrape against the ground without having them come up like real octopus legs. Even at night, some people had uncanny eyesight and saw things like that.

    He led the way back to where Ferith stood watch, quietly setting the items down.

    Rihannon pulled up the rear, watching Axel to make sure he didnt lose anything and also turning her head from side to side scanning the area. Her nostrils were flared to pick up even the slightest scent. The only unfamiliar one was that of the cashier she had knocked unconscious. They made their way back up the block and around a corner just out of the wind. Rhiannon set her pickings down with Axels and grabbed a bottle of mountain dew and a pack of smokes out of the collected items. She packed the cigarettes, pulled out two, lit them, and handed one off to Axel. He had carried most of the pickings the least she could do was get out a smoke for him

    Axel looked at the object thrust under his nose. He raised an eyebrow but when he saw what it was, accepted it with an emphatic 'thank you' before taking a long, love-sick drag from the cancer stick. Who needed sex when there was nicotine to ingest? Sure, it sounded stupid, but it was like coming home, this smoke. His muscles relaxed and his hair wove itself back into the braid it was often kept in. He leaned back with his eyes closed in nicotine-induced bliss, lopsided grin formed around the cigarette.

    Axel felt a tiny sense of guilt at the back of his mind about the smoke, but dammit he needed it like he needed air itself.

    To an extent.

    "We picked up some personal stuff, of course," he said around the cancer stick, a puff of smoke escaping as he spoke. "We got food, too. Or close to it as possible. It's more like junk food, really. But it's something to toss inside an empty belly." He wasn't too thrilled about that kind of food. He couldn't wait until he was able to enjoy a hot meal again.

    He shifted, snagging a bottle of liquor and opening it. He removed the cigarette with one hand and took a well deserved swig from the bottle, feeling the pleasant burn in his throat before it went down, the warmth spreading throughout his body gradually. Sweet reprieve.

  2. Ferith smiled slightly and nodded as he said personal stuff. She knew he had some strange, unrelenting addiction to those things, but again, she didn't mind. She nodded as he explained what they had grabbed, a tug of her own hunger pulling at her stomach.

    "Okay, sounds good." she said. She could practically eat whatever they had scavenged, just like her animal half. "I'm trusting you cleaned up any evidence?" she said as she looked through what they had brought, not really thinking they hadn't, but she felt that she needed to say something more.

    Her eyes focused on the bottle of alcohol, she thought for a moment, then shrugged, thinking it should be alright for a couple of drinks. "Sure." she said, taking the bottle in her hands and taking a few sips of the drink. The burning sensation she felt in her throat put her off a bit, shaking her head slightly before giving it back to him and twitching her ears. "Thanks, Axel." she said.

    "Not a prob," Axel replied with a small nod. He pondered her question of doing a clean job. "If you discount an unconscious clerk as evidence then it was all clean."

    Axel felt around in the dark for one of the baskets he brought out of the store and brought it to sit between him and Ferith. There was an assortment of cookies and chips, some fruits and a few canned goods. There weren't enough lighters to do much...but empty cans from the sodas would help a lot in heating things. Camping as a child taught him a lot about being resourceful. He just had to make sure they saved the cans.

    Noel's eyes snapped open as she smelled a familiar scent. She quickly sat up and scanned the area for the source of the smell. Within seconds she was able to find it and jumped to her feet. "Food!" She yelled as she ran towards the rest of the group. "What did you guys all get?" The young girl asked excitedly. It seemed like it had been ages since she had eaten what she called "human food". Just the thought of it made her grin widely.

    Axel chuckled at the enthusiasm. He backed away, leaving room for Noel to get through. He turned his back on the tiny circle they had formed, taking another drag of his cigarette. It was impolite to blow smoke in other persons' faces, after all. He may be half animal but he was by no means a barbarian.

    "A lot of stuff," he replied to the excited question. "Have at it."
    Ferith smiled at Noel, she had taking responsibility to the girl, a mothering type of sense came over her whenever the girl did something, it wasn't really something she could control, but she just felt like she should.

    "Come on. Eat something, Rihannon you should too." she said to the other woman, looking up at her.

    Ferith looked back down to the food, grabbing a bag of chips and opening them, trying to be a little quiet while opening the bag. She reached in the bag and pulled out a single chip, savoring the taste as she eat it. It had been quite some time since they had eaten anything that was like this. They had mostly relied on other animals and fish. She made a small sound of happiness, she had felt like she almost forgot how chips had tasted, though she usually wasn't this dramatic, she hadn't eaten something like this in such a long time.

    Ferith relaxed a little, stretching her leg out as she sat down on the ground, feeling a bit safer than she had for a while. Sighing happily, she looked at the group, she liked moments like these, even if they would only last just a few moments. She brushed a strand of her silver hair behind her shoulder, looking back down to the chip bag.

    "Just remember to leave some for later, who knows when we will be able to get this much food." she said to the group.

    Rhiannon stood at the edge of the group taking a drink of her soda and watching them open the food and eat. She smiled to herself, this group was her's, and she intended to help make sure that they got out of there safely. She turned her head and stared out back to the edges of the light waiting for something to pop out at her.

    At Ferith's comment she turned and walked back to the warmth of the group. "I will eat after all of you have had what you need." She smiled down at them, it was soft, yet stubborn. She meant what she said, she got it for them, all of them, and they were going to have some before she did.

    It was dark outside with only the streetlights casting a dull glow on the street.
    From his window-seat inside the cafe, Alin watched with a narrowed gaze the shadows outside, waiting for the faintest movements. He did not think the hybrids would be idiotic enough to venture into a town this heavily populated but he had heard they were in this area and they would need food.
    He sipped the bitter coffee again and strarted to spoon more sugar in, but not taking his eyes from outside once.
    "Weirdo," his sharp ears heard someone mutter. He turned around to galre at the person.
    Alin was intimidating enough on a noraml day but when he tried to be it was surprising he did not cause multitudes of heart attacks. His eyes did not find the culprit and he decided to let it go.
    Anyway, he wasn't surprised; he had on a long leather suit, gothic but warm and sitting on the chair beside him he had his twin katanas. They were carefully wrapped into a bundle with green linen but the ebony handles streaked with patterns of ivory showed clearly.
    Alin knew how to use them with a precise- deadly- skill. He had, however, no intention of using them.
    He continued to watch the shadows outside, waiting.
    "Okay." Noel said before quickly reaching into the pile and grabbing a bag of chips and a bottle of water. She then opened the bag as she sat on the ground between Ferith and Axel. Between bites of food she asked, "So where are we going next?"

    The group had been staying in this same location from a little over two days and she was curious as to where they would be headed to next. Hopefully it wouldn't be to close to one of the major cities since she didn't really want to deal with the sickness the pollution in the air caused her to suffer.

    Rhiannon picked up a package of twinkies and sat down next to Noel.

    "Well, personally I think we should head south. It'll be warmer down there and there is more forested area. I'm not sure that staying near any of the cities would be a good idea."

    She opened the wraper and took out a small bite chewing thoughtfully as she looked around the group.

    Axel breathed in and puffed out a few clouds of smoke. Nicotine was flavored these days and he hadn't realized that grapefruit was so delicious. He had put himself in this bubble of contentment that no one could destroy. He had his smokes and he had his liquor. He had back up food.

    For now.

    He pushed the cancer stick to the right side of his mouth and took a swig of the whiskey he nabbed while the others attacked the food. He could always eat later. Heat was what he needed if they were going to make another long trip. It sucked not having a place they could call sanctuary. Living as a thief for hire on the wrong side of the law wasn't all that different from this, but at least he could have meshed into society without having to worry so much. All he had to look over his shoulder for were the police and random hit men out to collect the bounty on his head. Now he had even government officials and the army on his ass. Life sucked. He missed his brother, too. Well, the guy wasn't a blood brother but a brother to him nonetheless. He felt guilt at the back of his gut for the longest, knowing Jace would have been out of his mind with worry. The man may have been stoic and standoffish but he was a kind soul.

    A right bastard.

    Axel chuckled softly to himself at the memory. The last time they were supposed to meet was before a big job. A job to handle for one of the higher ups in the underworld. Axel never made it, having been nabbed right off the streets in broad daylight. Who stole in the middle of the day, much less kidnapped? The thought made him sneer at the air and roll his eyes at the stupidity. Even if the idea worked out in the end. He was a half octopus with a reptilian complex and poster man for what not to do to make oneself feel better -- or alive at least.

    He wondered what Jace was up to these days. He hadn't been able to catch up with the news and he couldn't afford to get in touch with any of his former contacts.

    Axel absently noted the presence of someone coming to plop down between him and Ferith. He listened with half an ear to what went on.

    "Okay," came Noel's voice. The tyke was alright for a kid. "So where are we going next?"

    He saw Rhiannon take a seat next to Noel, effectively taking up all the available space left between the four. He heard a package rustle and the scent of Twinkies hit his nose. The appendage wrinkled reflexively. Oh how he hated Twinkies. He couldn't stand them and wouldn't eat one to save his own life -- for the most part.

    "Well," Rhiannon answered. "Personally I think we should head south. It'll be warmer down there and there are more forested areas. I'm not sure that staying near any of the cities would be a good idea."

    There was a valid point.

    Head south, huh? Maybe he'd run across Jace whenever they ran low on supplies. Probably sneak into where the guy stays and snag a well deserved shower and a bath that would last twice as long... Axel's hair weaved itself back into a braid and it draped itself over his shoulder so he could look at it in the cigarette light. He chuckled mirthlessly. He did say he wanted to grow his hair. Here it was. All grown...and alive at that. The end snaked almost hypnotically in the air, its reddened ends swaying back and forth.

    Axel yawned.

    "South sounds pretty good," he said nearing the end of the yawn. Axel shifted so he could he could lay on his back next to the other three, grunting in relief. He could almost imagine the rock and rapidly chilling dirt as some horrible motel bed he'd give his only barely cirrhosis-plagued liver for -- alcohol did nearly nothing to him. The dark haired half octopus folded his arms behind his head, the half empty bottle's neck titled carelessly in his grip. He relaxed a bit and huffed out another wisp of cancer's breath. The cigarette was nearly done. He'd have to reach for another one later.

    "Hopefully there's be some lake nearby or something. Hell, maybe even a pond," he groused. He knew it was his inner octopus talking. He could do without a swim personally but every once in a while he'd need to go swimming. He was conditioned to do it back in the labs. Damn scientists. He punctuated his annoyance with a swig from the bottle that drained the glass completely. He heaved a sigh and used his hair to grope for another cigarette. If it was one thing he even liked his new ability for is so he can be extra lazy whenever he felt like it. Jace used to hound him about being lazy but Axel pulled his weight when push came to shove so it wasn't much of a big deal.

    Axel yawned, before popping his second smoke into his mouth and lighting it, taking a drag. "I take we're heading out come dawn, then."

    Rhiannon listened to the flow of conversation and looked over at Axel as he spoke. She nodded quietly and lay back on the ground. "Dawn sounds perfectly fine to me. Is that good with everyone else?"

    ]"Sounds good to me." Noel said with a grin on her face. The young hybrid was happy that she would still be able to stay in the woods a little longer. To her, the woods felt like home and whenever she was anywhere else she felt out of place.

    Putting the bag of chips on the ground, she stretched her arms above her head and yawned loudly. She then fell back onto the grass, put her hands under her head, and closed her eyes. "I'm gonna go back to sleep," she said tiredly, "Good night." Within moments she was fast asleep.

    "Two-seventy," the waitress said.
    Alin paid and thanked her, leaving the tip beside his empty mug, and left the cafe.
    The air outside was cold and bit at his hands and cheeks. He pulled his coat tighter around himself and reached into one of its many pockets for his map. On his map he had marked spots he had visited where he had thought the hybrids might be and where there had been reports of suspected sightings. He doubted they had been seen but it you could never be too careful, as his sister had told him over and over.
    He studied the map, noting that he had come from the north and it would probably be best to keep going that way.
    "South it is then," he muttered to himself, folding the map and putting it carefully back in his pocket.
    He started to walk down the street towards his car, lighting a cigarette as he did so. He only took a few quick puffs before he put it out, like he always did.
    His car waited for him where he had left it and and as he got in he patted the steering wheel. So far, this car hadn't let him down despite how roughly he usually treated his cars and sure enough when he put the key in the ignition it purred to life.
    "They better be heading damn south," he suddenly said, "I'm fed up with this searching and nagging from my sister. My feet need a rest."
    The rest of the journey was spent in silence broken only by his occassional humming along to the songs on the stereo.

    Rhiannon finished her cigarette and her food and moved closer to the group. It always made her feel safer if everyone was there. She lay down so that she was touching someone on all sides. If she could feel them, then they were safe and she would know if any of them moved or if anything moved around them. A small smile crossed her face as she thought of the south and the warmth. It must be because of the tiger in her, the warm jungle-like temperature of the south comforted her almost as much as the closeness of her friends did.

    Ferith listened to what the group had to say about where they should head next, nodding in agreement to the decision. "Yes, I think south would be best, but it might be more dangerous down there." she added, "There's more and more people, and less forests and hiding places. But I suppose we could attempt to hide in plain sight..." she trailed off, losing herself in her thoughts for a moment, "...but that should be last resort." she added nodding to herself as she took another bite of her chips.

    She didn't really like the idea of highly populated areas, but they didn't really have a choice at this point in time so she would have to put up with it. Her ears twitched to the sounds of the early morning. It was still dark, so they had at least another hour until the sun would peek over the horizon, which gave them a little more time to rest. She blinked, closing her eyes for a moment to catch herself up on some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day and she'd have to keep her senses up, which wasn't too hard of a thing to do, so there were a few upsides in being a hybrid.
    Axel listened as everyone settled in to rest, puffing out another ring of smoke. He let his eyes close, not fully intending to go to sleep, ears peeled as his hair unraveled to fall against the others. The morning was going to be an eventful one. The part octopus lounged lazily, puffing away the wee hours of the morning.

    Jace cursed silently as he pricked his finger with the needle he held in his hand. He was trying to mend one of the old pairs of finger-less gloves he owned. Well, his friend had owned them. It was the last thing of Axel's that he had left. The idiot had left it lying around before going on that solo job he never came back from.

    The dark haired Asian-looking man brought his injured thumb to his mouth to ease the tiny pain a bit before looking at the alarm clock at the bedside. It was two in the morning. It had taken almost three hours to get the thing fixed to the way it used to be. Being a thief and a fraud had its pros, but it also had its time-consuming cons. The man was like a brother to him, and it worried Jace half to death when the other didn't return. He filed missing person's report and even went looking himself. He had tuned up empty handed. It was just...unheard of. How could the man simply disappear? Mind, Axel was god at erasing his own tracks, but why would he... he was more loyal -- better than that. It was just only possible that something had happened to the idiot. Hopefully it wasn't so.

    Jace opened the top drawer of the night stand and placed the tattered glove into its wooden confines with a sigh. He had to get up early tomorrow and look for a job. Funds were going to start running low eventually and it was best not to get complacent.

    With that thought in mind, he turned off the lamp and crawled under the thin covers. Tomorrow, he thought, had better be good.

  3. Rhiannon tried to stay awake all night but was lulled to sleep by the comforting presence of the others. Morning came much faster than she felt it should have and she glared at the dawn wishing that it would settle back below the horizon for just a few more hours.

    She sat up and leaned back, still glaring at the sun as she lit another cigarette and looked over at Axel. "Why didnt you get any sleep? You need it too, whether or not you like it."
  4. Axel looked over at Rhiannon and shrugged. "Never really did sleep, but if I did, I'd go completely deaf."

    He sat up and stretched, the bones in his back cracking after staying still for so long. "It's an octopus fact that really sucks. The more exhausted I get, the less my hearing is. But I'd managed to train myself to go at least a week without it. Makes it much easier when it's time to watch out for the rest of you."

    He reached over with a clump of hair for a fresh bottle and uncorked it. Taking a swig, he looked up at the sky. "So it all begins today, eh? The journey to the land down south..."
  5. She almost stared at him in disbelief. "Well, you do remember that I'm a tiger and I have hearing good enough for both of us, right?" She smiled looking over at him. "And yeah, today is the day. I hope that everyone else wakes up in as bright a mood as you, or this trip is gonna suck more than it already does."
  6. Axel took a look around at the others who were asleep. "Noel would be the cheeriest of us all." He grimaced lightly. "Sometimes the kid is a little too happy. But it works out for us, right?" He let his gaze meet Rhiannon's for a brief moment before taking another drink, "But so long as my eyes don't turn into the wrong color then we should be alright. Mood-wise in any case."
  7. "Yeah, I would agree with you on that, Noel would be chipper." She laughed lightly as she finished the sentence and looked around at the group. Her eyes meeing Axel's for that moment. "Alright...well I guess I wil watch for color changing then."
  8. Axel nodded his silent thanks and took another drink before placing the cork back into the bottle. "If you're going to eat, it's best to do so now. I can carry Noel on my back...if she has to eat, she can eat along the way."

    He looked out in the distance. "If we can steal a car, I can hot wire the thing and we can take it there, then leave it."
  9. Rhiannon sighed and picked up a can of soda and a small package of food. "Alright, I'll eat, and I know that you gotta be hungry too. I love cigarettes and booze as well, but you're gonna be awfully crabby later on if you dont eat." She said calmly as she opened the package and began eating some chips. "Also, I might be able to switch out carrying Noel with you if you want, but if we're gonna steal a car, it had better be from one of the more populated areas, that way they would be less likely to find us. What do you think?"
  10. Axel thought about it, reaching over to grab a bag of cookies. "Well, that's right up my alley." he hummed, reaching into the bag of goodies and pulling out a package that was secured with a rubber band. He unfastened it and knotted the bag before braiding his hair and tying it off at the point where it stopped at the middle of his back. He glanced at the tiger before shifting to balance on the balls of his feet with a grunt. "I'll go into town, for an hour at the most. I'll snag a car and meet you back here. Get everything ready and we'll be smoking out."

    Axel stood and dusted himself off with his free hand, then popped a bite-sized cookie into his mouth. "You'll be alright with the kid?"
  11. With a yawn and a quick stretch Alin woke from his nap: the journey had been considerable and he'd been too tired to carry on.
    He had a mile or two to go yet and once again the car purred to life and started to crawl down the road, gathering speed as it went, soon passing by the other cars nearby. The dusty buildings came into view and Alin sighed in relief. His car was running low on fuel and needed filling up quick. He rolled into a gas station.
    As he paid the man behind the counter, he debated whether or not to ask him if he'd seen the hybrid kids. He decided against it. The man probably wouldn't know- why should he?- and if Alin did ask him it might arouse suspicions as to why this strange man was looking for a gang of runaways.
    Better that he just head on into town, lay low for a couple of days and wait for them to turn up. Sooner or later they'd brave the cities again. It was just a game of cat and mouse.
  12. She gave Axel a mischevious smile, "Of course I'll be alright with the kid, she's good. Just you be careful out there and I'm gonna be timing you. If you arent back in an hour, I'm going to take the kid to a safe spot and come look for you, okay? We cant lose you and you cant lose us, Axel, family remember?" She looked up at him from where she was sitting and her eyes spoke the truth, for her they were all family and she would be damned if she lost any of them. "So, dont worry, we'll be fine."
  13. Axel gave her a lopsided smirk. "Got it. Hang tight." And with that, he was off.

    On his way, he fished into his pocket for the half finished pack of cigarettes and lit up. The sun was nowhere near high enough to keep him warm. So smoking it was. Not like it wasn't normal to find a chain smoker roaming the streets for a morning chimney run.

    Green eyes flit to and from other faces and buildings, watching for authorities looking for them. Admittedly, he hated the picture they had of him. He looked like a strung out addict. Couldn't they have fed him some and let him fix his hair or something? It was the pits, his appearance. And to this day, he prided himself on it, no matter what.

    Jace always gave him a 'look' for his slight obsession. But Axel wasn't ugly, he was rather good-looking if he said so himself. Hell if he'd ruin such a good thing.

    Axel blew out a puff of smoke around the cigarette he held between his teeth.

    He had a job to do.
  14. Noel yawned loudly as she slowly opened her eyes and blinked a few times. “Good morning.” The young girl said as she stood up. She then looked around to see if anything had happened while she had been asleep. After a few seconds she noted that Axel was missing. “Where did Axel go?" She asked curiously.
  15. Rhi sat there in the early pre-dawn light and watched as Axel walked off. She would be insanely worried about him until he got back, but he didnt need to worry about that. She felt someone stirring next to her and looked over to see Noel starting to wake up.
    "Good morning to you too, sleep well?" She asked as Noel told her good morning. "Oh, Axel has gone to get us a car, its going to be a very long way, and it witll be almost too difficult to walk that far, so we need transportation. But, we will be going to look for him if he isnt back in an hour." She gave the girl an encouraging smile and tossed her a pre-wrapped muffin from the stash they had. "And you and I should probably find somewhere to pack all this up sothat it can travel with us easier." Rhi pointed to the piles of food and other items next to them.
  16. Ferith opened her eyes to the morning light, having dozed off sometime in the night. She looked to the others, seeing only Rhiannon and Noel sitting there talking to each other. Her senses perked, looking around for Axel, but only slightly relaxing as Rhi had mentioned him planning on stealing a car.

    She shifted, looking over to the older of the two "Stealing a vehicle? Let's hope he is at least careful. We really don't need anymore attention brought to us." she said, blinking at her. She knew it would be necessary, but she still didn't like the idea of more unwanted attention.

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  17. Rhi looked over at Ferith. "I hope he's careful too, but he does have some experience with this, soooo...I'm going to assume that he's alright. But if in an hour he isnt back, we will be looking for him. Because we dont really know if they will find us if they have him, and we shouldnt leave anyone behind." She gave her a reassuring smile and started to try to organize all the food and miscellaneous items they had.

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  18. [[lucky i spotted you, kittie....lurking in the shadows lol...]]

    Axel was almost in the center of the city then, near the business district just at the edge of the residential area. The town was finally coming alive, what with people either in a rush getting to work or others going for their morning exercises. Coming close to an apartment complex, someone had strode outside with a purpose. Axel saw that it was a man, tall, and dark haired. Anything otherwise was lost on him since the man seemed to be on a determined path, set on getting to where he was going early. They'd climbed into a sleek silver sedan that he was eyeing. He wasn't going to steal that one, of course. It was too gaudy and it drew stares. He'd always wanted a car like that. Well he did, and so did Jace; they shared the vehicle since they were never apart long enough to have separate cars.

    The denizen was in so much of a hurry, though, that something had dropped out of his coat. The silver sports car, license number 14632 he noted absently (a habit he'd never really gotten rid of) had pulled out by the time he'd gotten close enough to even see the dark lump that lay helpless on the pavement. It was wasting some of his time, but he couldn't just walk by it. Well, he could have, but the lump looked a little familiar to him.

    A bit too familiar.

    He walked toward it, squatting and standing in one fluid motion, the thing caught up in his long fingers. Turning it over, he realized it that it was a mended left hand biker glove. Tucking it into his pocket, he continued on, quickening his pace. If he spotted the car again before his hour was up, then he'd return it. If not, then on his way back, he'd leave it at the desk at the complex.

    Damn his good conscience and heart.

    With a deep breath, he puffed out a ring of smoke. A few minutes had gone by and he was officially in the business district.

    Time to play thief.

    Jace pulled out of his parking space without much time to linger around for too long. He had appointments to meet that morning. And to ensure his luck, he'd taken Axel's pair of lucky gloves behind him. They'd never failed either of them, really. It was just that the one time Axel didn't have them trailing behind him did something happen. That further led him to believe that those gloves were more than what they were.

    The dark haired man had spent the ten minute drive in silence, weaving in and out of the barely-there morning traffic. Before his first interview, he had to stop at the ATM for a spell. He made it a point not to carry any more than a hundred bucks on him at a time. Being a thief by trade, made one cautious, after all. It made one take in his surroundings more thoroughly on impulse, reflexively, and much more efficiently than any detective, or CIA agent. Well close to a CIA agent. Those people were good.

    Running from them was a task in and of itself.

    Nearing the bank, Jace barely let the car settle into park before removing the keys and jumping out of the car. To his dismay, however, he'd fallen short of his theif-like nature and hadn't scoped out the bank before he dared to park.

    There was a line.

    The dark haired man sighed and looked at his watch.

    Alright, he thought. I have time.

    And he did. The interview wasn't for another hour at least, but early starts like these made more sense. No one knew what would happen. Like that there line he happened to stumble upon.

    One of the bad things about this place was that banks were few and far between. That meant ATMs were, too, really, since banks were never too far off when one was around.

    The dark haired Asian resigned himself to the line, standing patiently as he waited for his turn inside the glass paneled room.

    Axel was beginning to get a little frustrated. It had been nearly thirty five minutes and not one inconspicuous car was in sight. Bored beyond belief and frustrated, he began to watch people and cars alike. He'd even managed to snag the wallet of a corporate businessman while he was making some appointment or the other on his phone. A thought had occurred to him, and he stopped near a small shop that sold a little of everything. He'd gotten a pair of license plates, and a drill.

    Stealing a car had to be pretty damn efficient, and he was a professional thief.

    He left the shop with a bag in his hand.

    Axel toyed with the thick leather object inside his coat pocket, eyes darting to and fro as usual, trying to spot something useful.

    Immediately, when he came near an ATM, his eyes brightened. A ways up the block ,he spotted a fairly beat up old car that seemed usable. If any parts were missing, he could make a quick trip to the junkyard if time permitted. Spitting out the way past done cigarette, his steps gained determination as he headed toward his target. Before he got there, however, as he looked around for the potential owner, a set of numbers caught his attention. It was the sports car from earlier.

    He palmed the glove in his pocket.

    Not wanting to miss the opportunity to give it back, he went over to the beat up car. Picking the lock with a stray end of hardened hair, he opened the door and slid in. Wasting no time whatsoever, he raided the glove compartment for a pen and paper. Almost too conveniently, a roll of Scotch tape was there, too. He scribbled a quick message and taped it onto the glove. He left the car and closed the door, needing to feign nonchalance.

    He walked quickly to the end of the block, stalled for ten seconds exactly, watching his intended mode of transportation warily. Turning back, he gripped the glove in his hand and stopped near the sports car. Quickly, he taped the glove to it and went back to the old sedan.

    He slid behind the wheel without much wasted time and hot wired the ignition.

    Jace had gotten a bit...bored, so to speak, with waiting on the line at the ATM. Absently letting his eyes roam the main street through the glass wall, he saw as a nondescript man walk past with a plastic bag in hand. Many of them did that, and he knew that it wasn't the last human to walk by the building. But there was something awfully...familiar about him. It was like watching a ghost, he realized. The walk was the same; his posture; his relaxation. It was awfully reminiscent of Axel.

    Jace's brows furrowed. It couldn't be.

    What he wasn't expecting minutes later, however, was for the man to come back and stop by his car. Well, a lot of people stopped to stare at it, but that wasn't the point. The Axel-actor stood there for a few moments, hands working at it. What was the guy trying to do? He couldn't even begin to try to steal the car or pick its lock; Jace and Axel had taken the thing apart and rigged it too hard for some common thief to steal.

    When the man had left, however, a familiar glove was sticking to the roof of the car, hanging over the window just a bit.

    An all too familiar glove.

    Instinctively, Jace's hand reached into his pocket and sure enough, only one glove rested in the dark space.

    Line be damned, he left outside to catch the person. But the man had gotten into a car and drove by. Jace didn't fail to catch the plate number. 44433

    Footsteps, hurried and hard, bounded behind him.

    "STOP! THIEF!" the indignant cry came from a man who was just at the ATM.

    While the others looked on, Jace merely went to retrieve the glove that his car door. There was a note attached to it. Peeling both away, he read the note.

    He couldn't contain the hard thump of his heart when he recognized the only kind of chicken scratch some people called writing that he could read.

    'Be more careful, man'

    It was Axel's handwriting.

    Axel whooped for joy as he made his way through the building traffic. There was no doubt that the owner would have phone the police. However, he was smarter than the average thief. He took the car to a rather crowded alley and got out with his supplies, setting to work immediately.

    Changing plates was a rather quick job for him, having to do it so many times when he was affluent in the art of grand theft auto at a decidedly young age.

    Done, he stood and got back into the car. His hour was nearly up and he and his friends had a town to skip.

    He was late by five minutes, what with taking back roads and avoiding the squad cars, but he'd made it.

    He'd made it.

    Axel came to a stop near their hiding place with a grin on his face. He hadn't stolen a car in forever. While it was wrong on so many different levels, he couldn't help but just feel accomplished.

    Getting out, he approached their hiding spot, quite sure that no one had followed.

    [[Whoa, damn! o.o]]
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  19. Rhi had packed everything up and sat down to light a cigarette. She knew how long it took her to smoke, so they helped her keep time. Ten cigarettes went by, an hour, and no Axel. She stood up and started pacing. "Alright, it's been an hour, how do you guys want to go about finding him..." she let off there as her head perked to one side. She heard the sound of an engine roar coming closer to their hiding spot. While she knew Axel had gone to get a car, she immediately went into panic mode and started motioning everyone to the side into the shadows and away from view.

    She would go find Axel as soon as she figured out what was going on. Her head peeked around a corner slightly as she saw a car pull up and for a second her breath stopped. Then, Axel stepped out of the car and she breathed a sigh of relief.
  20. Axel slowed as he neared their hiding spot, blinking with furrowed eyebrows. He knew that Rhiannon would come looking if he wasn't back in an hour. It had only been five minutes and he was sure he'd spot her on his way back. There was just now way that he couldn't.

    "Rhi?" he called out cautiously, hair coiled slightly at the end of the braid it was thrown into in case he had to defend himself. It wasn't exactly possible since he knew that the girls were more than able to protect themselves and the child, but a lot could happen in an hour and five, after all.

    He knew that from experience.

    "Kid? Ferith?"

    A pool of dread settled into the small of his back.