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  2. I'm a little interested, been playing with the idea of making a female character for once in my life, but I also see the discussion thread has been suffixed with closed. Is this the case? If not I'll consider this while I ponder what this new character should be.
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  3. @Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    Are you still accepting for this? The link says "Closed Sign-Ups," so I'm not sure what that means. If you are still accepting, I'd love to play as a Shiftborne that uses either Aural or Ephemeral magic.
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  4. I do apologize for not altering this forum, but the RP is closed. I've been a bit busy with the holidays (who'd a thunk it), and so I've not been on top of everything.

    That being said, if I have members that drop... which happens given RPer's mindsets. You'll be the first to know.

    Thank you for the interest, and I'm terribly sorry about that.

    *hangs head in shame*

    And if you like steampunk, you should check out an RP from a friend of mine.
    They're really needing female characters.

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  5. If a spot opens scream at me! Also, I'm not all that into steam punk but I'll take a gander anyway.
  6. Same-- if another place should open, please let me know. As for the other, I'm afraid I'm not great at writing for female characters, so I'll have to pass. Thank you, though, it does sound interesting and I wish them luck!
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