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  1. I'm feelin' the Nostalgia. Below are the intros to some that came to mind. Please add yours and your comments as well!

    The Adventures of Pete and Pete
    -It was a very surreal take on American suburban life. Like, really surreal. Yet strangely accurate. I especially liked the one where Older Pete was mesmerized by a cartoon of a clock in the corner pages of his textbook and totally lost track of time in class and started to spaz out in order to pass the exam that was going to happen the next class period.
    -Also Archie: The Strongest the WORLD!
    -Also Ellen. Holy shit, Ellen. She's the reason why I started diggin' brunettes. She was all cutely fugly, and then hit puberty and got smokin'.

    King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
    -Oh man, how I wish this show hadn't gotten cancelled and actually had an ending.
    -By itself, its kind of a generic action show with the gimmick of having 12-13 magic knights made up of time-displaced high school players taking the place of the actual Knights of the Round Table (yes, its about as weird as it sounds).

    Batman: The Animated Series
    -Right, like you didn't think I wasn't gonna put this one up.
    -Note the intro has no credits. This is the only show I can think of that had the balls to assume the entire audience knew exactly who Batman was and didn't require opening titles. Hell, this intro pretty much shows everything you need to know about the Timmverse/Diniverse/DCAU Batman.
    -Most epically? THIS was the show that launched the rest of the DCAU. Just thinking about how it evolved from an actual PRIME TIME cartoon gets me an extra 1.5 inches of hard.

    -One of my original introductions to anime. And it actually wasn't even a real anime. It was apparently a mish-mash of two or three shows produced with an original storyline for US audiences or something.
    -At any rate, transforming mecha, space opera storyline, awesome animation for its time, and an orchestral opening. My young, young mind? BLOWN!
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  2. Arguably the best DC cartoon. A big part of my childhood, and one of the shows that got me into writing at a young age. A really awesome show for reasons I'm too lazy to state, but if you watched the know :D
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  3. I loved this show as a kid, and just hearing it is incredibly nostalgic for me. I think every kid in my neighborhood grew up loving Transformers (and being somewhat displeased by the movies, for obvious reasons). It was fun, weird, had its moments. It was also back when OP was pretty chill and fun, and not completely serious as he is now. I miss that OP.
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  4. Code Lyoko was my shit back in the day. Easily one of my favorite cartoons, and the best show they put on cartoon network.

    There are other shows, but I don't feel gushing about them.
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  5. Very arguably....

    I say Batman:TAS has it beat by miles, same for batman beyond.

    That said I still love this intro. Still can't believe they got GUITAR WOLF to be part ofit.
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  6. omg I think I love you.

    Code Lyoko, as terrible as the dubs could be at times, still warm my heart. I actually stumbled upon it when my family were at vacation in france. I was ill and had to stay at the hotel. They marathoned the first season, so I ended up watching it all in French having no fucking idea what was going on but loving it.
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  7. Yeah, Batman: TAS is fair. Not sure about Beyond, never really got into it. And Guitar Wolf is awesome! :D
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  8. I never got why the werewolves in the show could only live a decade. Silly big dog lifespans.

    Arguably the best DC show. The blonde's cute.

    "Maximize!" they would shout, and I'll look down and think, "My penis :c"

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  9. Drake and Josh was pretty good.

  10. CCS!
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  11. Corny as hell. But this is from when Jetix was a thing.

    ... I'm crying a bit.
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  12. I'd have to echo Beast Wars and Beyblade especially, but for some others.

    I seriously need to watch Digimon again.
    Or at least find a Digimon game to play.

    Yes I know Mighty Morphing Power Rangers came first.
    But Lightspeed Rescue was something I enjoyed that much more.

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  13. If there's one television program that really got me going as a kid, it's the following:

    This, Sailor Moon and Tekkaman Blade were the first anime I'd ever seen.
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    Here is the other opening

    If you never watched. DO yourself a favor and watch it. IT's really fucking good.
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  15. Still one of my favorite cartoons.
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  16. YEEEEEEEES Digimon Tamers was a huge part of my childhood. I still have the whole series on DVD. O.o
  17. Someone remind me to take up video linking with the admins. These threads lock up my phone and tablet something nasty. Have to restart them because they crash.

    My nostalgia is with Roughnecks: Starship Troopers.
    An animation based on the Heinlein novel and loosely affiliated with the live action movie. Completely cgi. Cancelled before it could end. So happy I've got the dvd box set though.

    Also if anyone else hasn't posted it yet: Reboot.
  18. Godzilla: The Series was an American Godzilla cartoon that continued the 1998 American Godzilla movie and its basically the epitome of my childhood. I like it even better now than I did back then though, its aged really well for me :D


  19. And one of the few, few idols I had aside from Trini Kwan and the Basco Brothers
  20. I'm about to show my age here, but here we go.

    Old school stuff.

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