Norindul and the City of Guilds

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  1. Chapter One
    ~The Guilds Festival

    "Brother, Why do we do this? For what reason do we allow ourselves to fight for these causes; for lords that don't know the first thing of honor or struggle?......I found something, I have found something that I want to protect; Nie, that I will protect, but I can't do that on a field filled of the blood of the guilty. I can't be a Pawn that follows a King of slaughter. I can't fight my brother because someone tells me to....There is a city, a place iv visited only once before, that offers freedom away from the politics of mad Kings and selfish lords...Walls that offer true protection for myself and those I care about, including my precious little gem. A place of Opportunity... a place to start fresh and serve our own means! Come... Brother.. let us leave this battle field. Let this be the only mission we have ever failed... and let Kings of fools remember it for ages to come.. for soon they will know us in another way... Soon.. they will know us as the Darkmoon mercenaries!"

    A slam reverberated the table under the might of a large fist, as Wolfsin cast a playful glare towards the beautiful Camrian. "You. garbage wench!." he shouted as he threw his own cards on the table and growled, but their was a an obvious playful gleam to his eyes in contrast to the cocky smile that she allowed to protrude. "I swear you are a damned mind reader sometimes... honestly you and Elite always win in these damned games of chance!" Of course from behind the peanut gallery had to add in their own two scents. The sudden poke of a bard resounded the dim looking tavern and Wolfsin responded with a similar glare.

    "Oh warrior, oh warrior strong under the moon, Give him a playing deck and ensure his doom!"

    The Comatose alight with powerful laughter, even Wolfsin couldn't contain himself at the cleverness of the damned bard Orin. "Alright alright.. I guess that is enough of that Bahahaha!" Wolfsin raised his flagon, a large hearty mug filled of the finest Northern mead, a sweet accenting flavor to the rough slosh that slid down his throat; an all too familiar poison that Wolfsin enjoyed on many an occasion. "So onto a bit of buisness then." Wolfsin tapped his mug on the table and met the Deep crimson eyes of the beauty before him, a sense of formal integrity to be found lost within infinite depths of Golden riches that only the moon could provide in Wolfsin's own eyes.

    "It has been a few weeks since you contacted us for a material gathering excavation, so I can only presume that, that is one of the many reasons outside the wonders of my company that you contacted me here today."


    "When you Strafe, you have to make sure that you move foot for foot, it might seem counter productive but it sets you up for further sword dancing, and allows for quick twists and truns, rather than being flat on your feet. A strong voice called over a group of fresh apprentices, as a man with a set of raven black hair and the deepest blue eyes watched over each of them. The back yard training ground to the Darkmoon mercenaries was a long stretch of land with a fighting pit, running ground, and plenty of man made obstacles to help in the training of apprentices. Baliel, the Captain had been one of the longest running captains to the guild for years, as a skilled Pole arm expert he had already gained quite a bit of renowned fame across Norindul and so he commanded a strong amount of respect from his pupils, a current set of 7 apprentices.

    "Alright, now that we have that understood a bit better. I want all of you to pair up. You will stand approximately 20 feet from each other at all times, and every minute of the battle you will wander to another team. Ambush if you will." Baliel moved to the side of the field and crossed his arms over his leather chest guard, like a watchful guardian he scanned the battle ground. "Now get to it!"

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  2. Comatose Keep - Tavern


    Camrian > Wolfsin, members of Comatose
    Comatose Keep, tavern
    Weather: Raining


    "It's only a game of chance if you don't know how to play, dog," a lazy smirk tightened Camrian's lips as from beneath their scarlet cover, her eyes studied Wolfsin's merry face. Around them, Comatose Keep bustled about with all the chipper chaos of a circus - the Darkmoon leader wore such cheerful celebrations well. Even with Orin poking fun at his pitiful losses Wolfsin laughed and chugged with the rest of them. Before long, a tall mug was tipping back to spill liquid fire down Camrian's throat. "Ahhh, its already raining outside, and business makes everything so dreary..." The redhead mused as she slumped over the tabletop. Her cheeks harbored an unusual blush today, no doubt a public declaration for the overwhelming amount of alcohol in her system. "Such a rainy day," sighs floated from her lips like wind through salty sails, and it took several moments for her piercing red gaze to detach from the fogged window and meet Wolfsin's own golden globes.

    "How right you are, my darling puppy!" Her siren's voice pitched up cheerfully in the moment, a stark contrast from the pouting melancholy she sported a moment before. "Today is the day, the first day in many days, and I expect to reap the benefits of our work for weeks to come!" Sly innocence sharpened the features of Camrian's face into one familiar look of amused anticipation - one Wolfsin knew well by this point, knew to expect trouble from - and before his maw parted to elicit a response Camrian slammed her sloshing mug down on the table before him. Fat drops of nectar splashed over its rim and left sizzling scorch marks on the wooden tabletop. "I have called you here, Lord Wolfsin Silvermoon, for a warriors challenge!"

    Camrian's voice pitched to reach all corners of the bustling tavern as she sprung from her stool, and if the ruckus of slamming cups hadn't turned heads, word of challenge certainly succeeded to. Before long familiar faces crowded around their table, and the voices of Comatose Keep rose in a chorus of crazed celebration.

    "WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!" a few chanted, joined by knowing chuckles and offhanded teases; "She's trying to kill him!" called one, "He'd be dumb to try it" agreed another. All to be drowned by a childish giggle from the Tuzi Witch, who spilled gracefully into Camrian's abandoned seat.

    "Ehehe, scared of singeing some fur, Wolfy~?"

    Two long, olive arms snaked around Wolfsin's neck from behind, exploring the wall of his chest with all the care and affection of a cobra. An ethereal laugh poured into his ear, announcing the curtain of red curls which spilled over his board shoulder as belonging to one such musical siren. She cooed playfully behind the prideful warrior.

    "Come, taste my liquid fire and we shall see if your warrior's spirit is strong enough to aid the glorious Comatose Keep!"

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  3. [​IMG]


    Included Characters: Girmer "The Great Sage", Multiple NPCs

    Current Location: Neivell Forest, Outskirts of Kalt.
    Weather: Light showers, Fog, Drastically Humid

    "No no no. You did it wrong! Look at the mess you are making!"

    Today was a dreary day...Drearier than many of the residents of the glittering Kalt city would expect. The light pitter patter of fat rain drops sounded throughout the Neivell forest, which laid on the outskirts of Kalt, just beyond the reach of Pathos and Kalindel. It was smaller, slightly more crowded than the elegance that radiated from the forest surrounding Elis'e'del. Neivell was calm...bathed in the humid blanket of Fog that seemed to slowly push up from the Reitan Gulf, hiding Kalt and the Neivell Forest in a dense....nearly suffocating mist.
    "I am not making a mess! I am following the recipe."

    "It is MY recipe and I say you are doing it wrong!"

    The loud coo of a neighboring song bird called over the slightly rustle of the bushes, or the light clicking of the crickets sounding their call...It was about mid afternoon, the sun's rays trying to push through the wall of grey that seemed keen on starving the plant life from it's enriching rays. There was a soft bellow, possibly a buck calling out to its mate, for it was Spring...Another year passing and another successful year of prosperity parading about the city of Kalt. Indeed, this was a true time for peace, the city growing fatter from the new citizens seeking to find their fortune...and their fame. Kalt, the city of diversity and wealth, trading central and also the central of something else....

    "I SAID I'M DOING IT RIGHT, OLD MAN! NOW BACK OFF!" A voice echoed through the forest, actually causing the peace and calm to ripple, sending swarms of insects, birds, and small mammals racing for shelter. The voice was that of a female, strong, yet in a high soprano. It was indeed youthful, despite the guttural, nearly primal bark that had erupted from its keeper. It was nearly shattering, vibrating the nearby trees to their very foundations, seeming to drown out any other noise that was their....It was coming from somewhere, hidden beyond the line of great trees, shrouded by the soggy canopy... Bushes rustled nearby, something just behind them making its move...then it stopped...Utter silence befalling the forest, that seemed to hold its breath for a moment...

    "Ah!" The bushes suddenly burst open in a dazzling spectacle of colors, a single figure clouded in a robe of white and red hitting the ground a few feet back. The figure had shrieked, the voice of what seemed to be nothing more than a female child erupting from the tiny frame....Indeed...the figure was small, possibly barely reaching a fourth of the large oak trees' height as they continued the shroud the small grove when she laid. She was on her side, having slid against the grass of a few feet, uprooting the small pink and blue wild flowers that had started to sprout there. She coughed, face shadowed by the floppy hood and the curve of her own arm as her head remained turned to the ground for a moment. She was dressed rather peculiarly: a short, red and white robe that flared out at the bottom, very much like a dress, stopping just below her small thighs, which was covering in thick, charcoal stockings. Upon her feet were short, brown leather boots and her hands were covered in a match pair of worker gloves. Just beside her was a staff, nearly 2 feet taller than her and crafted from the trunk of the great white oak, only found in the forests of Elis'e'del. The top of it was curved, holding a small, moon shaped gem surrounded by a six point star...The mark of this tiny person's people...the moon elves.

    There was another shake in the bushes, a loud, cackling voice calling out to the girl from the shadows. "I told you! You messed it up, again!" There was a rustle before a face appeared from between two saplings. He was old...face shrouded by the massive beard of white that ran all the way to the soggy ground. The skin was a dark tan, the tip top of this man's head completely bald...a Druid. Druids were rare and far between, especially in these parts, where the only large forest around was Neivell...The tended to move about, one Druid for every 100 miles...well at least this is what most thought happened. He was dressed in dark brown and forest green robes, his bare toes wiggling against the squishy grass as a smile trailed over his deep set face. He gave a small tsk, shaking his head in disapproval before he brought a hand up and slowly rubbed his bald head. He looked to the girl upon the ground, who gave a groan of light pain. "ick...All your time with those mercenaries are making you cocky, Zeiry. I don't even know why I agreed to teach you anything about potions and herbal healing...This is no place for a silly little mage."

    Zeiry...Indeed...the girl's name was Azeirath Innovindil Tweedle...and she was indeed a mage, but not just any mage. "The Great White Mage of Elis'e'del", apprentice of "The Great White Witch"; however, most would not see the girl as such...She was small, looking like nothing more than a simple child, playing dress up with homemade costumes...She was the real deal though. Creation Magic protegy, the best of the best....If she did not let her anger get the best of her.

    "Shut up, Baldie..." Zeiry mumbled softly, slowly pushing herself up until she was in a seated position, head turned down towards the ground as she gave another cough. She reached up then, yanking the floppy hood from atop her head to reveal the long, thick golden locks lightly speckled with the blanketed fog and sprinkling rain. Her face was that of a heart, freckles dotting her rosy cheeks in no real pattern. Her nose was scrunched up, as if she had smelt something foul as she brushed a glove through her hair. She sighed, eyes slowly sliding open to reveal 2 large orbs of liquid honey. Pretty? Yes she was, but if it was not for her stature - a meaner 4'6"-...and temper, she possibly would have been snatched up long ago...Well that is for another story.

    The Druid eyed her for a moment, eyes long since hidden by the bushy, silvers brows upon his forehead. He scoffed, sticking his arms into his massive sleeves as he only shook his head in disapproval, continuing his speech. "I will not. I told you only half of the Mezmer powder, and what did you do? You dumped the entire bott-"

    "I GET IT, GIRMER!" Zeiry barked, shooting a fiery glare towards the chuckling druid. Her temper was indeed something to behold; however, it was in her blood...The dwarves...Most would have never thought that someone like Zeiry: a Half High Elf, Half Dwarf mutt who pledged alligence to the Moon Elves, would even exist...yet here she was, flesh and blood...with the fiery temper to prove it.

    Girmer only smiled, stepping free of the bushes as he moved to Zeiry's side and watched her pry herself from the soggy floor. She had grass stains to prove her minor failure, as well as a large tear on the side of her stocking, exposing the peachy, blemish free skin just below it. Zeiry took notice of it, releasing a low curse as she went to dust herself off. Girmer only watched, his expression silly just as amused as before. "You would think that 'The Great White Mage' would at least have some knowledge about how precise a potion must be...You've had your head in those magic books too long, Zeiry. Maybe you should switch your focus."

    "That's why I come here. I don't just ride hours into this forest, look for you, and feed you just so that I can spend time with you, Girmer. I believe that learning about herbal healing and potion making will be beneficial in Darkmoon....especially since our little guild is growing rather quickly... I fear our 2 healers will not be able to keep up...." Zeiry sighed, small hand coming to brush through her soggy locks before she reached down and retrieved her staff. Girmer watched, releasing a small chuckle before he spoke. "One cannot simply expect to learn these things overnight. You might be a natural when it comes to Magic, Zeiry...but this is much more than that....becoming one with the nature all around you, feeling the mana flow through your veins, but refraining from using it...and most importantly...controlling your temper." He seemed to stress the last part of his sentence, hidden eyes giving a small gleam before he turned, moving back towards his bushes. "When do you have to head back?"

    Zeiry sighed once more, twirling her staff before letting it rest against a nearby tree. "Wolfsin and Elite will want me back soon. I sent word that I would be returning today, and knowing them...They must have calculated my arrival time." She reached up, stretching her small arms towards the open canopy, glancing up to watch the grey sky. "...It has been a few months sense my departure...I've actually missed Kalt...and Darkmoon." She brought her arms down, folding them behind her head as she followed behind Girmer, who had stepped over the threshold of the bushes and into the glowing Sage clearing. His home was just to the left, a large tree, hollowed out by the world itself and allowing the great Girmer to live within its confines. Just outside the home was a campfire of sorts, splattered with a strange, rainbow powder that Zeiry only glared at. She had placed her hood back upon her damp head, limping slightly as she moved over to a large rock just beside the camp. There was no fire, being that it was mid day...and raining; however, it still offered that same...homey comforts of sorts. There was a small stream just to her left, where Girmer bathed, drank, and washed any of his few sparse items. Tied to the tree just over it was Zeiry's white horse, who was greedily guzzling down the clear liquid. She had ran him hard, wanting to return back to her guild... This place seemed so different that the world found in Kalt. Girmer's place was in complete harmony with the forest, his powers having breathed life into this small grove... It seemed that even the sun was shining more here, the raindrops glittering like diamonds.

    Zeiry had always found herself loving this place and even now as she sat upon the large, brown stone, she could only smile, head turned up to the sky as she closed her eyes. Girmer moved into his home, rummaging around for a moment before returning with a platter of forest fruits and herbal tea. He got everything from the forest...well except for the few comforts that Zeiry sought to bring him anytime she visited. He moved to the girl's side, grumbling something about her uselessness as he wiped a layer of Mezmer powder from his other seat. He sat, picking up one of the small cups and offering it to Zeiry, who took it with little complaint...This was always a good place to stop between her journey from Elis'e'del...even if it was off of the beaten path. It was always nice to get a bit of rest.

    Girmer busied himself with one of the large, pink fruits, biting into and causing juice to spill onto his beard. He spoke through his eating, eying Zeiry once more. "How is that beastly giant Wolfsin and that stoic"

    Zeiry took a sip of her tea, not answer right away, but offering a nod of her head. "With the guild having moved tiers...we find ourselves gaining many new recruits....well...the ones who are not joining Comatose." She sighed, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as she stared at the fire pit. "We are growing...and I'm happy. Wolfsin has never been jollier...and Elite...maybe I even saw a slight grin crack his features." She grinned mischieviously at that, giggling softly at the thought of seeing someone as callous and serious as Elite actually smile. "We'll be the top dogs in no time..."

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  4. Location: Kalt Market Place.

    Eva was never overly fond of the rain, it was cold and it was wet, it caused her silk to stick to her skin and her skirts to gather weight and slosh heavily against her booted ankles with a dreadful sound that reminded her of tearing fabric for some reason she couldn't remember. It had the unfortunate side affect of making people more hurried and less polite as they bustled from corner to corner like frightened ants attempting to dodge the inevitable as was the want for most lifeforms. Due to this some of the sellers would close up early making it harder for her to find the things she desired. All this though was not enough to make her dislike the rain alone.

    The rain, simply put, knew too much. Lost in her thoughts she extended her slender fingers out from under the awning she took cover under, letting the chill of the droplets cool the back of her hand and watching as it formed intricate, almost jewel like droplets on the back of her velvet sleeve. Ever since she was a little girl she had told her every sorrow and secret to the rain, she had let the water cleanse her of those selfish thoughts and emotions and drain them away into the soil where she'd not have to face them again. Not until the next time it rained anyway, then every droplet hit her like an unfulfilled wish reminding her of what she had lost, what she had found and what she had never known.

    Every time it rained that regret -for it had no other name suitable- grew in size and while it passed with the clouds it would remain heavy and cloying like the silks she wore until it did. An almost inaudible sigh left from partially parted lips, she had only ventured from her web to gather a few things for her supplies, the weather had been cloudy but fine, she had felt sure she would miss the rain if she had hurried. Though not long after she had filled her wicker basket with the goods on her list than a merchant muttered their predictions and the sky had opened in reply. Thank Xanthrimus for small mercies though, it was a drizzle rather than rain at the time and she had heard no thunder as of yet. She would be utterly stranded if it grew heavier or the thunder came and she doubted many would notice she had left, let alone think to come find her in the rain.

    A small smile touched the edge of her said black lips as she turned over her hand for the drizzling drops, her life reflected in a myriad of hues and warped images, memories that swam to and fro as quickly as a person's vision could focus on them. Quite lost in her own thoughts and memories of times she'd rather forget she found herself stepping out from her cover and turning a small pirouette in the forming puddles on the road. With arms out stretched and basket against the crook of her arm her skirts would dance with her, flaring out like the petals of some black lily. With her head tilted back and her eyes lightly closed she let the chill of the rain wash over her, kissing away the hot, salty wetness that clumped her lashes and heated her cheekbones. The breeze toyed with the wet silk and stripped away those selfish thoughts and weak willed desires.

    Eva, formally, had never learned much in the ways of etiquette, it hardly mattered where she was before and where she was now few spent enough time with her to really care much about elocution and table manners. However long summers and intense boredom had lead her curious mind to wander, she taught herself manners and poise -though she had always had an eerie sort of grace about her- and how to embroider. She had tried singing but wasn't sure if her voice was meant to soothe or frighten and dancing was her largest hurdle. While she had never hidden her attempts at self-improvement she let none she knew watch her attempts to dance.

    There was an almost ghost like grace to her spins and she was quite apt at getting to the points of toes and flickering across puddles. She could no longer recall what voice it had been that had told her or when but the words had resonated deep in the black pit she called a heart and had lodged there like a thorn, echoing on days like this with every heartbeat until she gave into their demands. 'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain.' While she doubted whatever phantom had whispered that had meant quite so literally it felt rather liberating to her mind.

    Then it all stopped, she stopped spinning, her skirts catching up a moment later to wrap like the closed petals of a flower in a storm before unwinding with the same slow, almost grave, manner in which their wearer now regarded the streets. There had been a vibration, faint and gentle like a loose thread caught in a breeze but unmistakably a tug on the line. While the rain kept it overcast the brightness hidden behind the clouds in such a gentle rain still made it hard to focus fully, there was only one safe option then.

    Like a flickering gheist she took easy steps towards the markets edge, vaulting effortlessly from one crate up to the awning she'd sought shelter from before, deft inhuman skill let her swing up and over to the ledge of a window before effortlessly pulling herself up onto a roof and laying down quite flat against it. The wicker basket and its contents barely jarred from the movements that had taken a handful of seconds to get her from road to roof.

    There she waited, her body half coated in shadow and the overcast sky protecting her position. She heard him first, his bootfall's heavy and familiar ringing in her ears and she watched with all the quiet of the dead as he came into view. Mud splashed over his fine boots and hair sticking to his face, that face of his like the thunder she feared and even from here it was still frightening to behold. He looked around briefly. grumbled something to the small skinny creature beside him that flinched and whimpered something in return before both set off again, though at a much slower pace.

    Eva did not move, nor truly breathe until they were completely out of sight and then waited longer until their violent vibrations were mere ripples. Only then did she sit up from her spot on the roof and take a long and deep breath that filled her lungs until they threatened to burst, allowing it out slow and calmly until her chest ached faintly. Lifting her head she smiled faintly, "Oh little bird, when will you learn you can not surprise me?" The small scrawny humanoid behind her paused, its hands outstretched like claws and its wild hair covering its face but Eva could tell, even before she turned to look over her shoulder, that the little halfling was pouting. "No fair madam you always know when it's me!"
    "Of course, you walk so heavily I could feel you a mile away."
    The child looked aghast and Eva couldn't help but faintly chuckle, a hand covering her lips to keep it polite.
    "You got it, wonderful, show me?"
    "How do you know I have it?"
    "You wouldn't be here otherwise." There was a foreboding in her tone, a subtle hint of a threat that whispered of more to come. Eva stood in a singular motion and closed the gap between her and the child who barely reached her waist, cold, damp fingers reached and brushed the matted mess the child called hair from it's face, "After all, you know very well what happens to people who disappoint me, don't you?" The child shivered at her touch and nodded so violently it was a wonder her neck didn't break, gulping hard the tatty little girl bit at her lip.
    "It wasn't easy to get but I did get it, do you want it now?" Ever so respectful the child's tone had turned with a hint of the deep rooted fear that Eva had come to enjoy from her eyes and ears in the city. "Is it as I suspected?"
    "It is yes."
    "Do you have the proof for me?"
    "Yes I took it from the kitchen's while they were all sleeping."
    "You little sneak thief."
    "You told me too!"
    "Oh I know, you've done well." The child slipped a small leather bound book into the wicker basket and extracted a small hessian bag with the nimble fingers. "I made your favourite. I hope it is to your liking."
    "T-thank you need anything else? Or can I go home now?"
    "You can go home my dear, I'll send a messenger when I need you again."
    "My father hates spiders...he'll squash them."
    "Your father is too fat and slow to catch them, don't worry." Eva turned back to the roof, checking the streets below before easing herself to the edge again, when the flitting little voice of the child caught her attention.
    "Ma' it true you've killed children before?" It never ceased to amaze her what rumours would trickle into the streets, half truths and whispers, fear and loathing left over from a war she didn't know and a people she didn't remember. Of course it was partially due to such reputation that she had been able to extend her influence so quickly.
    "Children? No...I kill their parents. Much more meat on their bones." The child clearly didn't know whether to believe her or not, a nervous giggle leaving Sparrow as she fiddled with the little bag of home made sweets.
    "You day I will surprise you! You just wait and see if I don't!" The brave little demon -in spirit alone- pulled a face at the spider, tongue poked out and one eye pulled down before turning and running off, disappearing over the lip of the building and scrambling down the boxes she'd piled to get up there.

    Eva was darkly amused, a small shake of her head and a quiet chuckle as she re-situated her goods to hide the papers she'd acquired. It was good she had gotten them, it had taken weeks of planning and she'd had to pull many strings to get everything to fall into place as naturally as one could hope for things like this. Sparrow was such an asset when she needed a child's innocence.
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  5. Darkmoon Training Grounds
    • Weather: Slight drizzle, cloudy, dreadfully humid
    • Doing?: Observing/pestering
    • Time: Roughly 10:00-11:00AM

    Piercing ice peered through the lush brush surrounding the outskirts of the training grounds, slits of ebony expanding and then shrinking as they adjusted themselves to the ever changing shades of light. They gazed at the ones on the field, but more so taking in the appearance of the captain at their head. At how...stupidly relaxed he was with his back turned towards the very same brush that a mischievous little fox now hid in. She puffed out a breath as she listened to the man's instructions. Trivial....simple really. Surely he could have come up with something a little more entertaining to watch through the leaves. She sighed, and reached up with a small hand to scratch behind a silver fox ear which, in turn, twitched with the sudden contact.

    She soon decided that she was bored of simply observing the underlings as they trained. She was more interested in seeing how alert the raven haired captain was when he was distracted by puppies. He looked focused, so intently distracted by his apprentices...surely he would remember his own training. The fox crouched down in the brush, her four tails swishing with anticipation behind her. As if on cue, an excited wind blew through the raining grounds, and caressed her tugging at her long damp hair, and clothing. It embraced her already small body and made it seem almost weightless. With it's help, she dashed near soundlessly from the brush, and across the wet ground moving like a swift breeze with the sound of raindrops to cover her fleet footsteps. She jumped on Baliel's back, her slender arms coming to wrap loosely around his neck, and in turn she nipped at his ear marking her victory over the too distracted captain who probably had a dumbfounded look upon his visage.

    "Hey charcoal head, you should pay more attention to your surroundings~"

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  6. Crystal Blackthorne

    Crystal went over the window and looked up in the sky. The icy grey sky restlessly grumbled. The thick blackened clouds were dragged down by the heavy rain which it held in its delicate frame. The clouds which struggled to withstand the burden of the weight which the rain held, soon gave in. The rain poured down over the city with a roar. The sound of emptiness was disrupted by the loud gregarious boom of thunder. The cold icy rain pierced her pale skin as she reached out of the window, trying to catch a drop of rain. The quality of darkness shifted in the sky but the rain kept pouring. The harsh rain obliterated the crystal reflection of the sky and turned it into an disorientated chaos. She eventually closed the window, her thoughts wandering around what dress will she finish today.
    "I'm sure my apprentice will forbid me to work today" she muttered to herself. Her apprentice is quite the worrywart. The apprentice forbid her to work whenever its raining, saying that she needs to rest. "Rest?" Crystal scoffed "only the dead people rest" she would always say. Thankfully, her apprentice is nowhere to be found. Meaning, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    She let her gaze wander around her room, looking for a cloth that needs attention. Rolls of soft silk and cloth are neatly stacked on a shelf and millions of colorful threads alluring her eyes. She's like a kid on a candy store. Oh how she love sewing! Finally, as her eyes wander around her magnificent work room, she stumbled upon a piece of clothing: threadbare, frayed at the cuffs, shabby, patched, too short in the arms and legs, holey, a couple of sizes too big, look like an older brother's hand-me-downs. This will do she thought.

    Her meticulous hands started to work. Pins held the garment in place, a thread made out of gold sewing its way into the cloth. She cut the garment in two, grabbed a couple of new fabrics and sewed them back together to create a magnificent dress, beads scattering around the floor.

    After a couple of minutes, she transformed the shabby cloth into a jaw-dropping dress, something simple yet elegant to the eyes. She let out a smile and yet, she still feel hollow inside. Maybe because I'm not yet satisfied with my time she asked. Crystal contemplate how she will spend the rest of the rainy day as if time is costly. Perhaps I'll count thread? Or maybe I'll actually finish up the orders Ugh. I can't seem to pull that out of me. A new dress? Yes, a new dress is a perfect rainy day time waster. That's what I'll do. I'll be productive and brag about it to my apprentice when she gets here. I'll do anything I can do and hide behind the walls of my room, curled up on my couch out of the rain. She'll scowl at me for wasting a perfectly good day for rest, and I'll thank the rainy day for giving me some solitude.

    With yet another smile on her face, she grabbed a new piece of cloth and once again, get back to work.​
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    It was the lulling sound of heavy rain that finally made Pascal shut her eyes and fall into a quiet slumber. However, the fact that she worked nonstop for the past sixteen hours in her shop was no doubt a contributing factor. The work flow had been heavy for the past couple of weeks and Pascal had been working diligently in finishing all of the orders on time. So there she was now sitting on a stool, torso resting on her high wooden desk with her head tilted sideways on top of her left arm while the right hand still held on to her quill. Before her lay several scrolls and books sprawled across the large corner desk that took up half of two walls. On top were hanging bookshelves filled with tomes, books, cylinder cases filled with rolled up maps and more scrolls and parchments. Underneath her a pair of bronze glasses were placed on top of a letter that was addressed to a client. Off to one side was an empty mug and on the other side was a rounded brass plate for a pair of melted candles that illuminated her peaceful face. Sleepily the elf adjusted her head just a bit and heaved a sigh through slightly parted lips. The candles were burned down to the wick by now and so had snuffed out. It didn't take too long for the candles to regenerate back to life, though. A magical symbol carved on the middle of both candles glowed blue for a quick moment and disappeared leaving behind a fresh pair of lighted candles to light her work space again. Not long after a high pitched whistling sound came from behind interrupting the scholar's sleep. Pascal awoke rather startled for she didn't remember falling asleep at all...that damn sleep must've snuck up on her. Immediately her eyes squinted at the clock in front of her that was used as one of the bookends. Realizing what time it was and that she had indeed completed all of her work orders Pascal had managed to relax. The energy that she had gotten just a while ago from waking up had quickly diminished. Yawning, she reached out with her arms above her and leaned side to side to stretch. Her eyes, one gold and the other dark violet, were gently rubbed before her glasses were put on and pushed them up with an index finger to set them into place. What had felt like hours of sleep was actually several minutes. Pascal slowly got up, lazily grabbed onto her mug, and dragged her body across the room where a fresh pot of tea was eagerly waiting for her. Cold wind rushed in through a window that was left ajar. Shivering, she closed it and locked it and then turned to her tea. She still felt tired but a mug of strong tea will have her up for a few more hours and then the workaholic will really need to get some sleep then. Long fingers grabbed onto a rag to lift up the tea pot in order to fill up her mug to the rim. She then added honey for sweetness and stirred counterclockwise with a teaspoon four just had to be four. Pascal blew on the hot liquid twice, took a small sip, gave a short nod of satisfaction, and took a bigger sip as she walked back towards her desk to proof read that letter she was working on earlier. It was instructions for a client that needed to open an impenetrable small box. Within this small box was a jewel the size of a walnut. Pascal had to dive into a skeleton infested crypt to retrieve the only thing in the world that could open that bloody box which was a rather ordinary rusted looking key with small carvings along its stem. To the ordinary eye this would look like scratches but they were actually letters of a name; the same name that was magically hidden in that box. She set down her hot mug and lifted up her letter to read out loud, cleared her throat, and spoke:

    "Leon Mallory, I have enclosed in this envelop short and simple instructions along with the key and a small pouch filled with crushed herbs. Read this three times before you start and read it again while you are doing it. Before you do anything start a fire big enough to heat a large cauldron and dump all of the contents from the pouch into the fire. The fire should turn green and grow twice in size. Don't worry, it doesn't burn flesh but curses... I'll explain in a short moment. Next, insert the key into the first keyhole and turn it counterclockwise. When you do this another keyhole will appear. Insert the key and turn it counterclockwise, again. The last keyhole should appear and you will turn the key clockwise. Do it in this order otherwise the other magic keyholes will not appear. When you open the box you will see the jewel. DO NOT GET SO HASTY AND GRAB IT. Get the gloves that I asked you to take to Camrian to enchant with the specific spell I gave you. Put on the gloves FIRST before you grab the crystal, this is important! If the crystal touches your skin you will be petrified. To break the petrification curse you will throw the crystal into the green fire and wait for it to absorb ALL of the fire. When it does this you should see the crystal pulse green from the inside and its outer color should change. The change in color means that the curse has been destroyed from within and it is safe to touch without the gloves. If you follow my instructions thoroughly you will get what you want. I shall expect half of my other payment very soon.


    Pascal read it twice more silently to herself to double check her instructions. She then neatly folded the letter inserted it into the envelope with the key and cloth pouch. Hot wax was poured onto the envelope and a large seal had closed it shut. Pascal's personal symbol and that of her guild Comatose Keep was stamped onto the wax.

    It was finally time to lock up and head to Comatose Keep. She put on her coat and cloak, grabbed her leather messenger bag with the envelope inside, and headed out towards the door. Before opening the door she whispered, "Apagario," and everything in the room shut off. Stepping out of the shop she lifted up the hood of her cloak (outfit, clicky) to keep the drizzling rain out. Luckily the heavy rain from the storm had stopped momentarily since the sky still looked like it was ready to let down some more showers. Pascal looked at the door and lifted both hands up and said, "Clausus." The sound of seven locks locking up one by one was heard. On the frame of the door were markings that glowed blue while the shop was magically being sealed. It would take an explosion that could destroy the entire city of Kalt to get through her shop.

    Pascal walked towards the back where the stall was and withing it her horse. Artos, a steel gray stallion built for speed gave her a welcoming snort. She gave him a pat and fed him an apple before saddling him up. The owner of the envelop was on the way to Comatose Keep and with Artos trotting across Kalt it shouldn't take that long for Pascal to get to her destinations.
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  8. ~Comatose Keep Drinking contest~

    The bolstering chorus of the peanut gallery only fed Wolfsin's drunken ego and he roared out with a hearty battle cry to attend their cheers. A playful sort of glance found its way across the table to notice that the Tuzi Witch had taken comfort in Camrian's own spot, but the room was spinning beyond that and Wolfsin was only brought back to his worldly set when the familiar touch of a warmth he'd come to know by heart. He could hardly turn fast enough as the serpent like form, an hourglass more beautiful than a jewel tended by kings wound itself around his massive frame. A soft whisper to the mundane was a chorus against his acute mind and Wolfsin shivered at the ghostly touch it spread across his body, as if the lips of a siren by name had just graced his ear. He'd nearly forgotten the challenge presented in the first place with recent intent having consumed him mind body and soul.

    Only the call of a boisterous chid caught his attention now and he turned to meet the shining eyes of a little boy, a young little artist with a particular talent in Fetching and Bowing. Wolfsin haggard by his drink took yet another swig from his pail and then turned to meet the crimson gaze of the temptress with an aggressive resound. "Alright then! Wolfsin Silvermoon accepts your challenge El'iah, fyra M'erazi's." He was sure he'd messed that up but somehow it'd still come out with the elegance of the race its language born from. That of the light toned and swift handed High Elves.

    "So it is, and so it stands the hero treads a trail of fire, a song finds his ear, but forget he not the pyre. The mistress of blissful sleep and licking flame. The liquid fire hath she tame. Poor white wolf, ye child of north. you stand now in presence of our mistress of warmth. Heed your pride, might you hide, but Gods be merciful she'll only burn your hide."

    The whole crowd grew alight with laughter at the pointed jesters words, a minstrels song that told of Wolfsin's demise, even Wolfsin couldn't maintain composure with how brilliant the Minstrel was. "Clearly you have us outclassed in the artistic talents of the patrons of your attention." Wolfsin laughed again but his face grew stern with the slightest hint for a playful grin. "Alright you've named your challenge.. so lets make this interesting, name your stakes, but lets be a tad fair, let us name our own punishments." The grin grew wider, a bit more devious which attested to something wolfsin was known for. Even in his drunken mess of a mind he was still a brilliant strategist, and so everything was thought out one to three steps ahead. "If You win I will sing for you." He said it bluntly leaving her no room to question his honesty, but waited all the same for her to name her own stakes for the loss she was "about to suffer."​
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  9. The Gates of Kalt

    The sound of paw-pads meeting earth was all that could be heard for the longest while, but eventually, as a great city peaked over the horizon, the sounds of city life met the dark, tufted ears of a feline strolling casually down the side of a trade road. Vaeranel Ylandir's slit eyes scanned her surroundings, her senses much more capable in her cat form. No risks presented themselves but a small songbird caught her eye. Was she hungry? It was hard to tell if the urge to consume the bird was her feline instinct to hunt or her elven-self urging its needs forward into the mind of the caracal.

    Vaer was a were-cat. She was also an elf. She was also a druid. She was many things, but she decided at that time that one thing she was not, was hungry. So she returned her attention to the road before her and suppressed her urge to hunt and give chase. As she neared the city she felt it might be best to resume her elf-form, though her comfort lied in the agile, sensory gifted feline form she held now. She came to a stop on the road, flicking her tail back and forth in agitation as she thought about her options.

    "Elven." She thought to herself at last and the caracal took off running towards a nearby growth of bushes where she might shift back in peace, away from prying eyes who might not take so kindly to druidic magics or the werecat race.

    Stepping out from the bush, she smoothed out her deep, green tunic and rustled her long, auburn hair before stepping forward and returning to the roadway. As always, it took a short while to get used to her dulled senses and bipedal movement, but before long, those clumsy two feet brought her to the gates of a great city: Kalt.

    The guards were friendly enough, asking few questions but certainly not holding back their stares from her unique, furry elf ears. This was a mutated gene she received from being the spawn of a werecat and a high-elf. It made her stand out, sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. She assumed the slack security was due to the masses of outsiders travelling to the city for the festival that was to take place in just a few days time. This was why Vaer was here; she had left her home to travel and expand her knowledge and to culture herself, hesitantly at first, but as she traveled she found beauty and bliss in the outside world away from her quiet, ranch-land cottage deep in the woods. She had heard many great things about this city and the guilds that ruled it. She hoped her experiences her would further her intellectual and cultural depth.

    With a deep breath, she pushed forward into the streets of the unknown city, the sound of her dark-brown leather, knee-high boots quickly drowned out by the crowd and the mass of footsteps. Where to start?
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  10. GM POST:

    Mysterious Jester @Soulserenity20

    "Curious curious indeed." An almost daunting, phantom like voice seemed to rouse from the shadows surrounding the newest comer to the great city, but before long its bearer appeared. An almost sinister smile remained almost plastered on the mans porcelain features, His hair was elegant,a deep raven color with feathers tied into braids, and an elegant pony tail of hair that stretched down the length of his back. His eyes were unseen where a half mask covered him.

    The man approached the lady Vaer and before he got within a breath he dipped his body into a low formal bow. "Welcome to the city of wonder, the kingdom of Guilds. My name is different upon each tongue that whispers it, but one is more known by titles than trivial things as names. You may call me Phantom. I am the Guild master to the Cities' greatest entertainment guild; Silent Masquerade." he approached a bit further then, not in any way intimidating or threatening but to boast his next question. "Tell me fair lady of grand origin, where do you hail from? and what fortunes does one seek in the land of fortune?"

    Darkness Rises @Aka~Kitsune

    Darkness swelled in the arched out room, a dome that filled of the darker brand of arcane magic, and at its center stood an almost zombie like man with pale silver hair. Blood and spittle fell from his mouth as he drug a dagger along his flesh and let that blood also fall over a pentagram made from salts and other ritual formula. others in deep black cloaks watched on longingly, this was what some might consider to be the precipice of the dark arts. Suddenly a booming voice called out from the center, though it was distorted in evil undertones, and the grime of one who might have eaten tar for years. Arktus... the great Archon of Darkness as he was called was a free man from the normal limitations of spells, but in exchange he'd taken a darker path for his insolence, though this wasn't the first anyone had seen of the consequences involving the dark arts, especially not within this guild.

    "Nadia!" Arktus called out and snapped his gaze in the girls direction. She wasn't hard to place, not in the least, a beautiful red head that were he given the chance he would do unspeakable things to. Though her brother was another story, that man was one that Arktus... had mixed feelings for. Fear, and admiration.

    "They will come soon... the Demons will attempt to claim what is theirs, we must deny them. This specific spell takes things farther than some would dare to tread... protect me Nadia!"

    it wasn't Nadia that approached first however, but the boy Aiden, his arms hidden in his sleeves as he waited in the center of the circle. Nadia approached from the side; a familiar seductively sinister smirk formed of her lips, and she drew her two blades.

    The chanting began around them from all corners of the room and the swell moved faster before a longing set of howling and groaning moaning ripped the cryptic peace of the guild house asunder. Winged creatures set free from the blackened tornado and launched themselves upon Arktus, joining them was a much larger force. Scaled from head to toe, long measures of horns and a spiked tail. The beast looked akin to a Dragon and a Gargoyle crossed, but Arktus eyes widened at the sight, a sudden fear brimming in even his eyes as the spell stopped all at once. The Smaller demons remained... but Just as a colossal sized burning whip came down that sought to engulf the entire room in the flames of hell, the monster vanished and Arktus fell to his knees... broken by spell failure. Seven of the winged Imps remained now... but Arktus could not face them.

    Charcoal head and Silver Fox @Azzy

    The man twitched almost grabbing the lithe fox, but thinking better of it. he knew what it took to become an Amaris Knight of the Darkmoon, but to have been literally assassinated so easily he was sweating from the encounter alone. Never mind the fact of who it was. If there was one girl in the Darkmoon that he could find as a fantasy it was the silver Fox. "For fucks sake Fox!' Baliel growled out but by now some of the apprentices had about fallen to the ground in laughter. Most of them knew the Fox for her titles, and the name she'd made for herself, after all as it were the Right to hold her title wasn't just given, you earned it and it was also a one shot deal anymore. Even Baliel understood that, and that He of all people was outclassed here.

    "Alright, now that you've made me look like a complete idiot in front of my students, what do you want?" There was a coy sort of charm to his smile as he let her hang around him and simply slumped down into the grass while watching the rest of them. His eyes fell over them one at a time, but he didn't stay down for long as a soft whisper met his ear.

    "Boy Baliel... you sure got excited by just that..."

    Baliel looked back, but the look on the foxes face told him nothing of what he'd just heard. "Stop taunting me Fox." he growled before removing her from his back. And stepping away. he wasn't sure if he'd heard her right, but the problem he'd been called on was a lot worse now, and he found himself looking back to the Fox almost expecting her to say something more. "Whatever.. i don't have time for games.. Soon I join the brotherhood.."

    The City of Kalt was abuzz. Everyone prepared in someway, for the week to come was the week long festival of the Guilding Rites. A showcase for each guild to try and drag in new comers en-mass. it was the busiest time for the city and Darkmoon hoped to really make their difference this year.. but with the top tier guilds attending as well, the competition was bound to be fierce.
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  11. The Gates of Kalt

    Vaeranel whirled around, her mana-wielding hand summoning up a barely noticable tenril of a green vine that wove in and out of her fingers: an instinctual defensive action. She narrowed her eyes as she listened to the unusual raven-haired character introduce himself with a lavish bow. Raising one of her brows, she dismissed the druidic mana from her hand and leaned back on her heels, folding her arms and listening to the character before her.

    "One of the great guilds of Kalt, eh? Well I'm honored to have met a guildmaster in my first few minutes in the city. Are the guilds really so present then?" He questioned her then and she offered him a cheeky smile as she responded.

    "If you know not from whence I dawn, how can you offer the title of grand origins? I dawn from that which dawns us all: the wilds. The location of which does not matter, for it is all connected and just the same. I ventured here out of curiousity, I suppose. The great festivites likely draw the eyes and hearts of many from all sorts of origins." She tilted her head slightly, brushing a tendril of auburn hair back out of her face.

    "Do you greet all new guest in such a manner?" She gestured to the crowds of newcomers around her, rushing past into the depths of the great city. "I think you're missing a fair few, if I can offer an opinion."
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  12. Phantom @Soulserenity20

    A moment passed between the two, a quaint lingering silence that held them in position for the moment, but it didn't last. A snarky laugh passed the mysterious jesters lips and he let it ring out. "Bravo indeed, you are a minstrel of words yourself as it may." Phantom paused again to peer around them at the other passerby's but none kept his attention for more than a second. Eventually his gaze wandered back to her and he studied her from behind his mask. "To answer your question, I might pose another question. What is it that makes origin?" The girls answers were just playful enough that he'd found amusement enough to continue this play.

    "You see. What I presume to be great is also unique, and in that way your origin is what i find to be unique. Elves you see are fanatical creatures. They aren't so kindred as their lore could suggest, and they have the pride of kings with the judgement of Gods. So for you to be of such a rebellious combination of blood line, you might say that youve gaine dmy interest today. it is but an honest answer, but surely not the one you expected. As for the guilds of Kalt, this city is run by a council comprised of the guild leaders of the 100 guilds of Kalt, so you might say we are the dictating force that keeps this place in tact." Phantom paused then removed his mask as he revealed an almost porcelain face, pure, and flawless by human standards. "I too am of... considerable blood origins." This his smile was conveniently more showy. Sharp fangs extended and his eyes were a crimson red color, ears pointed yet not quite as pointed as they may normally of been. "Kalt is a place where judgement is hard to find. However I can't promise that you wont get inquisitive looks while here deary. This is a place of curiosities and wonders after all." The Pale Phantom smirked and winked to the girl, a playful gesture as he started down a path. "Come if you'd like we can walk and talk, unless of course you have agendas of your own id not keep you from a schedule."
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  13. [​IMG]


    Matching pairs of blending orange and red orbs stared seemingly mindlessly to the mass of darkness that was demonic in its very essence, the origins of both sets remaining side by side as their shoulders touched, the smaller figure leaning its weight upon the other but it seemed not to phase them. They were entranced, both for different reasons, and it was visible by even the tiniest motions they made. Aiden, the taller figure would widen his eyes occasionally, his own fiery orbs consumed in that malicious glimmer of lust, of that very power before him, that would twist and warp his expression to one of greed and desire, a twisted sense of affection to the power that would soon burn malevolently at the air before him.

    The other figure was smaller, but not by much, showed a different perspective to her entranced gaze. Irises that were devoid of any difference to her brothers stared over at Arktus, head cocked lightly to the side as vibrant red spilled across the shoulder of his cloak that was dyed in the darkest black she had seen. It was dulled interest that had her attention of the man who appeared as if faced death, watching each muscle as it moved in response to the path of a dagger across pale skin, her gaze longingly remaining on the blood that soon stained the salts used for this very ceremony. It was instantaneous the reaction from them both, a grin that settled upon each of their lips soon began to tease its way up their cheeks till the very smile was distorted into vision of corruption.

    Nadia, the girl, peered up at her brother as his shoulders shook with barely concealed laughter that soon wracked his frame and she idly wondered if this rare moment of his, a moment of joy, would actually keep him entertained. However, her thoughts were soon ended when the almost echoing voice of Arktus broke her silence and she spoke with a hushed tone that lingered faintly with traces of excitement. Yes, she had to protect him and the clear path of that very request was riddled with violence and gore that would soon be the consequence of something…anything, meeting her blade head on.

    “Of course, Arktus.”

    However, before Nadia could move herself from the position against the wall, Aidan had moved first with deadly precision, to the center of the circle where their guild master awaited, his hands clenched until his knuckles turned an unearthly shade of white that was hidden by the sleeves of his robes. Even for him the proceedings that were soon were to transpire were alluring, raising his pulse till the sound consumed his mind but did not stray his gaze from where his interest would be. A test! This, if a failure, would be perfect to practice his specialised field, a type of magic that quenched his need to show his power by stripping away the one thing he believed innately once, that could not be taken. A will. His form, stood poised and ready, trembled with glee as the hauntingly deep chants began, Nadia walking with predatory steps to her side of the circle, blades drawn.

    Then the chaos began. The darkness that drove, even these people mad, began to shift and move with each syllable chanted, serpent like in its movements that grew at an increasing pace. It stifled the air, leaving it cold and lifeless that with each intake it became almost painful and the dread that accompanied it was nothing less as it left nothing but a lingering feeling of despair. However, the people here were already tainted, corrupted and enticed by the dark magic that grew present, erupting occasionally to release lower demons before continuing on its path. These people were already mad in their own ways. A grin slipped onto painted red lips as Nadia bore ivory teeth to the demons that remained after the flames left nothing but the occasional cackle, her fingers flexing upon the hilt of her beloved blades as she could not help but coo in joy, almost mothering, at these ill-fated creatures. “You are all so cute~” The blades were, by now, each readjusted. “But…Well, this is unfortunate…”

    “Nadia…Get on with it. Take out as many as you can while I finish something, I want to test something new.”

    “Okay! ~ Got it. ~”

    Aidan had peered over at the imps with barely veiled disgust, the minor demons causing a shudder to shift his form slightly before he peered to his twin, gaze narrowed. She would take care of the pesks, quite violently in all honesty, though he was hoping she did not finish them all as all new spells needed practice. Wondering vaguely why she even chose to practice the summoning of such mindless beasts, even if hers were of a higher class, he turned back over towards their guild master for a moment before looking back and pulling his arms from the heavy sleeves, grin growing. “At least I can practice upon you scum.” His voice had lowered considerably, a glint to his eyes as he begun to murmur.

    As the oldest twin began to start his magic, being something new he took time to start, Nadia had already turned her smooth smile and shadowed eyes to the imps closest to her as the blades were brought up, ready. She took a few, deliberately slow, steps away from the circle as she looked between them for a moment as they took to the other members in the room, only to huff dramatically when her first target had been chosen. Her grin began to mar her features as she silently adjusted her weight to check that the third blade was still safely strapped to her waist before she took off after the first.

    It was instantaneous upon stepping within range of the demonic beast, her ankle having turned slightly to halt her movement as her arm was brought back down from where it was previously raised across her chest. She attacked.
    The slash carved deep into the obsidian flesh and it was not long till the torn flesh caused a horrendous shriek to piece the room as blood spilled from the wound. It turned, motions quick and without though and brought up a clawed hand to strike down upon Nadia but was intercepted by the blade within her left hand. It hit the inside of the creatures clawed limbs, inflicting a minor cut as the attack was knocked aside. With a further twist to her once normal expression, she used the creatures twisted form to force the blade in her opposing hand into its torso.

    The dark metal shimmered with its new veil of red, the resistance of the creatures inside causing her to momentarily pause before pushing further. The whole time she was practically grinning with awe as its inhumane screams attracted its kind back to it before it was silenced. With a soft but far from stable cackle, Nadia released her grip momentarily to twist her grip so that once released, the blade would be held almost as if a sword. She shook, eyes widened as voices continued to blur her mindset, whispering sweet details of what she could do next...Shifting back slightly, adjusting her grip in response, Nadia reached up and struck her leg against the lifeless demon's chest, forcing it back till her blade came free.

    For a few seconds she stared at the corpse with a hue of red beginning to encase her pale cheeks in a light blush, her eyes were lit with a fiery tint as they watched the final spasm of its muscles, the faint gasps before it would stop. Just stopped. Her head cocked before she was forced to turn her head, eyes settling on the next imp as it screeched in almost a battle cry. It's wings were spread as it had taken to the air before it shot towards her, claws spread and jaws open to try and snap at her form in its hope of killing her, painfully.

    Nadia adjusted her form as her fingers traced down to her thigh where a strap of leather sat neatly, holding upon it a row of silver knives, both thin but sturdy. How many times had she ordered her weapons to be crafted out of rare metals? Summoning demons often led to battle and so her weapons accommodated that fact. Her gaze was far from humane now as her pupils had seemed to vanish within molten pools that with a snap of the wrist had narrowed hazardously. Three knives. Bringing up her other blade she quickly clamped her teeth upon the hilt to allow freedom for her hand as she quickly went to throwing the smaller blades towards the approaching beast, letting the knives pierce the flesh of its wings and shoulder, enough to bring it down to the ground.

    It groaned and stumbled as it slowly dragged itself up, or at least attempted to, as its clawed fingers tried to remove the deeply set weapons that broke the frail flesh of its wings. "...Hehe~" Nadia had stepped over with long strides that revealed, in the dim lights, the amount of blood that had begun to cover once untainted skin. She loomed over the seemingly weeping beast, its occasional cry of protest at its failed attempt to remove her knives. "I clipped a demon's wing!~" Blade back in her hand, Nadia shrugged gently before switching their positions within her grip once more, raising them above the beast's form before bringing them down upon the junction's between its shoulder and jaw, either side of its skull.

    It cried out.

    As the female twin watched the sight of the withering and unheard but wordless cries, the other had finished his chant and raised his hand before him. Tendrils of void like black had slithered across his skin by now, tracing patterns that were far from mortal sight upon it skin before the magic, the energy, had spread and coiled into the air before attaching itself to the remaining four imps, void one as it had already begun to approach the clearly madness ridden Nadia. With slithering movements it coiled around their necks, the domination magics touch gentle and barely noticeable before it had wrapped around the creatures small minds. It did not take long before Aidan dropped his hand, the hood of his cloak falling back to reveal wild, untamed red locks and a sinister but almost playful grin.

    "It worked." He whispered before waving his hand dismissively again, the magic surged in response to his motion and the will was removed from them, leaving them husks of what they were before. They were dolls, moving to the new strings that now tied them to Aidan himself. However, not for long. "Kill yourselves." With another two words, the new actions imprinted to their minds, the beasts had turned upon one another and began to aim for each others jugulars, pairing up as they spent the next few minutes slaughtering one another.

    With six dead, Aidan studied the room before turning to his sister who had began to dismember the last of the imp's corpse. Her blade was dug deep within it socket, each second pushed further as its curved shape was hacking at the eyeball present within the broken bone. The screams were no more as they were all deceased, even if Nadia had yet to realize. He huffed, leaning his head back before peering back over to their guild master with a much calmer expression, his mood having shifted back to his usual stoic one as the passion vanished. Was he okay? Shaking his head, Aidan slowly removed the dark cloak, tossing it over his shoulder before adjusting his white button up shirt. Aidan wore nothing impressive, a waste of time he would claim, so he adorned a while shirt and black pants that were tucked into a pair of brown boots. Heading over to Nadia he reached down, tapping her shoulder.

    "Nadia...Didn't Arktus tell you to protect him? Should you not check if he is okay?"

    Red orbs snapped over to his own, blinking owlishly as the disfigurement stopped at her blade tearing up at the side of the creatures jaw. It was innocent, her expression, as if she had not just killed three creatures simple for the satisfaction, for the rush and the adrenalin that came with her bursts of sadism. Nadia stared, silent for a few minutes before she climbed of the creatures chest where she was seated, pulling the blade out, as she sheathed it at her sides once more. "Right!" She was back to normal, a large but gentle grin upon her lips as she hurried over to the guild master. Aidan shook his head at his sister's simplicity before grabbing the closest body, beginning to pile the seven corpses.

    Nadia wore her usual clothes, the brown top that went just over her chest with the sleeves reaching down to her elbows, over her cleavage was a strap running from each of her shoulders, the collar stood up slightly around her neck, protecting it almost. Her mid drift on show, Nadia adorned a pair of brown pants that had a two bands upon her thighs, holding up her previously used silver blades. Reaching her lower legs, the two silver coloured armor pants shined despite the drying crimson upon them, a silver spike upon its ornate design. Lastly was the pair of brown heeled boots to which the armor extended mostly too, a similar design upon the gantlets on both of her arms.

    However, her appearance itself was sullied by the mass of red that coated her from the wounds where she dug deep into the imp's flesh. It fell from her skin almost as if tears, as if the scar over her eye had reopened, as if she wept for what she did. Yet, she smiled all the same with her usual softness while she crouched down before Arktus, her expression becoming one of apprehension.

    "Guild master Arktus, are you okay?"
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  14. [​IMG]

    Shialya Develoira
    Location: Inside Darkmoon guild hall, her quarters.
    Current Activity: Reading

    Shialya yawned as she sit against her bed, knees tucked into her chest as her eyes trailed back and forth along the pages. The rain just outside soothed her mind, making it easy to read and nearly lull her to sleep each time she'd end up leaning her head back against her sheets. Her tiredness was a mystery to her and much unwelcome. She merely wished to read her story, not fall into a sleep unneeded. Maybe she didn't get as well a rest as she thought. But her dreams were sweet and she enjoyed it enough.

    She smiled, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as her finger moved along the page, trying to find the place she'd just lost. Just as if on queue, another distraction to keep her from her current choice of entertainment, a shrill bark could be heard beside her. Turning her head, she found herself smiling at the fox that poked out of the bag the lay on her bed. She giggled as the small vixen crawled out and nuzzled its head into her fiery hair.

    "Enjoy your rest?" she asks the fox in the soft voice she not often used around others, reaching up to pet her soft fur. She hopped off the bed, trotting in front of the tiny elf and sitting down in front of her. She chocked her tiny head to the side, ears poking upward.

    "Are you begging, dearest? What did I tell you about reading? You can't do it. Don't beg for my book." she said with a soft chuckle.
    The fox shook her head viciously as if responding with an aggressive 'No!' Before trotting closer and mulching on the corner of the book.

    "Hey!" she giggled, pushing the canine away. "I already have enough chew marks on my books. Aren't you the hunter gatherer here, darling?"

    The fox frowned, ears lowering. Shialya sighed, glancing out the wet window onto the dreary day outside. She looked back over to the fox, smiling sweetly.
    "Aren't you just spoiled? Very well, Xena. I'll go with you. "

    She stood, gathering all her things into her back, slinging it over her shoulders and leaning down for Xena to hop inside.

    Shialya smiled down at the fox as she poked her head back into the bag. She left her room, closing the door silently so she wouldn't bother anybody around.
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  15. [​IMG]

    The light drizzle descending from the darkened heavens above quickly turned into a tempest terrifying enough to send people into the comforting warmth of the indoors. Innocent citizens feeling safe under their throws and sitting lazily by the dancing embers with in their hearths. While a vast majority of Kalt had finished up work earlier, there are always those few whose work is never done. A slight incursion with the weather wasn't going to get in their way anytime soon. In the distance, past the lumbering trees of the Neivell Forest in which Ziery and her teacher resides there is a great roaring louder than that of the crack of thunder. It echoed through out the wood's atmosphere, nearly causing critters to scurry out in fright. As the creature approaches faster, the echoing beats of leathery wings begin to make itself apparent to the two mages. It wasn't until the beast breached the point where the sky and the tree's touch that the body of a great dragon graces their presence. The pouring rain against his hide caused its golden scales to glisten, a crack of lightening causing it to shine brightly. Strapped to the dragon's nimble looking frame was a large slab of stone decorated with the scriptures of an ancient language long forgotten. Though the day was bleak and hazy due to the weather the dragon's keen sense of smell detected the scents of two familiar people. Instantly recognizing Ziery and the White Mage this male dragon bellows out a low guttural growl, a hello from the clouds above. He angled his wings, causing him to circle the two as if unsure whether to land and offer a ride back to the city. He pushed into their minds offering.

    "Friends! Why are you still out in this awful storm? If you wish I can fly you back to the city."

    His voice rings out with a gentle hum as he pushes his own thoughts into theirs. Suddenly there was a intense bright light near by as lightening viciously descended upon the earth. Following suit a horribly loud rolling of thunder that even caused him to waver in his flight. He let out worried hiss, as the lightning was beginning to get awfully close not only to him but his caravan near by. His employees could get hurt if they did not return to the city quickly. He was responsible for them and the artifacts they found, and as such felt horrible he had waited until today to travel home from their dig. There was another flash of lightening above his caravan, but no thunder rolled. Instead the lightening was redirected away from their earth and back into the clouds.

    "Ah it seem's Vishnik is putting himself to use! I must pay him a few coins extra. I'm sorry Ziery it seems my crew will need my assistance. Please make it back to the city safely you two!"

    With a low growl he says farewell before straightening out his wings and flying off towards the east where his caravan resides. As he comes closer to arriving he catches a glimpse of another dragon flying in these harsh conditions. He pays no mind as he must attend to his crew first. Gliding lower to the crew he ensures that everyone is alright and together. No one seems to be needing of immediate attention, and the artifacts were being handled with create care despite the rough conditions. He let out a pleased, low roar to his crew and they all cheered along with him. Pushing forward they continued to fight against the harsh storm with out slowing down. Another crack of lightening descended in Navyrll's direction, but he had sensed it prior and quickly dodged to the side. His heart jumped realizing that it could hit his caravan, but his worries were immediately put to rest when the lightening was drawn into the metallic staff of Vishnik. The loosely dressed, dark skinned, tattooed from head to toe, and braided haired man muttering an unintelligible chant thrusted his staff upward channeling the energy he just received outward from himself and into the sky.

    "Vishnik! You are a life saver, keep up the good work and thank you!"

    "Ahaha! It is my pleasure, maybe you'll treat me to dinner as a follow up to that thank you!"

    The two laughed cheerfully, but before they could engage in conversation a soothing voice rang out with in every man of the caravan's head. Turning to face the individual who invaded the sanctity of their minds Navyrll finds a most beautiful sight. A shimmering maiden made of silvery pale skin and golden accents. Her feathered wings dampened by the pouring rain, yet still beating effortlessly in the air as she swerved slowly into the caravan's view. He met her icy blue hues with his own, and immediately greeted the fellow dragons. Upon the dragons gorgeous neck was a lone woman adorned in nothing but the color white.

    "My rider and friend Asa is worried of your position in the storm, but after seeing such a stunning display I can only assume that you are having no troubles."

    "Ah, how chivalrous of the both of you. We are all perfectly fine here. Isn't that right men!?"


    In response to their leader's confident outburst the men and women of the caravan began to cheer. Soon enough they began to merrily sing hearty songs and tunes as they drudged onward through the beaten path. The female dragon bowed her head understanding their words and quickly said their good byes. As the Dragon rushes forward, the rider turns to face them all and waves a good bye. Leaving behind the merry tunes these two are quickly on their way. After a long period of silence, the music finally drowned out by the pounding rain and thunder, the two finally began to converse with each other quietly. The knight on the dragons back would speak and the dragon would respond their her telepathically.

    "They seemed nice."

    "Yes they do, perhaps fate will be kindly and allow us to meet those nice individuals again."

    "That would be....nice."

    "I can see the front gates of Kalt, shall I land at the entrance?"

    "Yes please Verebera, Pywll is meeting me there."

    "Alright, just call whenever you need me love, and please watch your temper. Have fun!"

    The white knight fell silent at the dragon's comment as the approached the towering gates of the City of Guilds. Verebera let out a soft roar greeting those at the front gate before dropping their load right next to a wooden cart at the entrance. Then circling once for an easier landing she gently descending to the wet pavement below. Once the rider hoists herself over her dragons side and firmly on the ground, the beautiful creature of feathers and gold immediately waddles away to take shelter under some near by trees. She would remain there until the weather cleared up. If the storm got even worse she would probably find some room in a horse's stall near by. The white knight waved good bye to her companion before turning to face the guards whom saluted the woman and welcomed her home. They mentioned that the elven mage was waiting on the other side for her, and that they'd assist her in bringing in her cargo. However the chivalrous knight wasn't going to leave them to handle the load herself, so she assisted them in hurling the massive, and very heavy ruck sack into the wagon. She then mounted the horse attached to the wagon and with that the armored woman pressed onward silently. Passing under the gate gave her a brief moment with out the pounding rain, and she immediately recognized Pywll by his distinct mage's staff and robes on the otherside. Looking closely the mysterious knight noticed how incredibly grumpy he looked. Possibly due to her late arrival and the fact he was probably soaked from the rain. However, upon seeing her his hardened expression quickly brightened and he raised a hand to say hello.

    "Ah, Asa! Glad you could finally make it." His voice was smooth, yet stern. A voice fitting for his age and demeanor. The knight Asa removed her white helmet, finally revealing her pleasantly beautiful features as most people had for her age. Her pale pink lips curled up into a soft smile as she nodded at him, her typical hello. She dismounted the painted horse and lead it by the reigns as she approached the elder. Her icy blue eyes held a sort of friendly glint to them, and her walk oozed with confidence as the two began to head in the direction of her guild. During the walk Pywll did most of the conversing as Asa listened carefully to his clear words. He was discussing some news that has happened recently, and then inquired if the reaking bag in the wagon was for a quest she had picked up at the Darkmoon Mercenaries. She simply nodded in response, and to further explain she sheepishly took out a sheet of paper from her over-body bag and handed it to him to read.

    "You slayed the giant that was destroying the crop fields to the south? You don't even look beat up from it, that's amazing."

    The woman's pale cheeks flushed from the praise and she immediately snatched the paper from his hands and stuffed it into her bag.

    "Oh, I always forget you get so embarrassed to praise easily."

    To which she punched him in the shoulder, probably harder then she meant to. Though all the blonde haired elven man did was laugh full heartedly over her antics. They have known each other for some time now, and it showed. They were friends, one of the few this white haired knight had. The continued their conversation for a short time before finally arriving to the Darkmoon Mercenaries guild to deliver the head of the giant and collect her reward of 250,000 gold. Exiting the guild she and pywll quickly departed the area and rushed to the market which was obviously not very lively for the day.

    "This is a problem wouldn't you say. We should....light up the place if you catch my drift." Pywll chuckled as he nudged her with his elbow, a sort of mischief in his gaze.

    Asa nodded in agreeance and watched in awe as her friend lifted up his staff high above his head and with a clear, firm shout. A burst of energy shoots upward from him and into the sky above, and the clouds above begin to distort and warp as a shield expands outward from them and covers the entire market like a giant umbrella. The shield would light up and twinkle like the stars whenever the rain descended upon the other side. Noticing that the thudding sound of rain against their window panes had ceased, the shop and stall owners began to step outside and stare in awe. Asa turned to Pywll and applauded the man's work with a cheeky grin gracing her features. Though the man gave her a look, as if they were not done just yet.

    "It's a bit dim still don't you think. If only we had some natural light to illuminate the streets."

    Asa looked at him with a very confused look on her face before her eyebrows raised after a quick realization. He wanted her to use her shared ability with her dragon Verebera to lighten up the place as if the sun was out. An easy task for some, but she wasn't a mage who could so easily cast a spell. She didn't have a staff to channel the magic's flow with either, and typically used her arrows for such tasks. She looked to her left hip at her rapier and then to Pywll with a questioning look in her features. The elven man simply chuckled, and ensured her that she could do it with her sword. He ushered her to try pretending her rapier was like his staff, or her arrows. Asa, with a confident fire in her eyes, quickly stepped into a strong, centered position. Calming her nerves with a deep intake of oxygen she shut out her surroundings and focused her attention on her breathing. Deep, long intake of oxygen and breath. Soon her breathing slows and she imagines what the sun's rays are like, how it moves and behaves. How it feels on her face every morning. It's beauty when rising and setting. Everything around her grows silent as her digits curl around the rapier's hilt firmly, and the sound of her unsheathing sword rings in her ears as she points it forward. A warm glow begins to ripple outward from the metallic surface of the rapier and a set of words come forth with in Asa's cleared mind. Pointing the rapier to the sky she verbalizes them in a soft whisper only Pywll can hear with his pointed ears of cartilage and flesh.

    "Lumios Sol."

    A bright light, at least for those that were with in spitting distance, rockets up to the shield above, and upon impact it hops across the shield like skipping stones against pristine water before bursting into rays of light that descends to the civilians below. There is a brief moment of quietness that settles between those that have lined the streets outside as they bask in the artificial white sunlight in awe. Then like a wave, the people uproar into an applaud as everyone's faces brighten and quickly begin to open up their shops. The streets start to become lively again as business ensues for the day. Every so often people would step up to Pywll and Asa to thank them for brightening their day today. Asa, being her humble self, simply dismissed such praise with a sheepish smile and the shake of the head. Then both her and Pywll continued with their errands at the market, the smile never leaving her pretty face while the thunder still rolled in the distance.

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  16. [​IMG]

    • Current Location: Kalt Outskirts; Western Wall Entrance, near the main market
    • Weather: Increasing showers, Dense Fog with Drastic Humidity
    • Current Activity- Newly Arrived
    • Charaters used: Barnaby, Bathazaar, Elois, random NPCs

    The weather was indeed something to behold. Only moments before it had been nothing more than light, sprinkling showers gently blanketing the land in a thin layer of due, but much like the suffocating fog, the rain was indeed increasing. Now with the thunder and lightening raging and rattling the blackening skies, one could say that the great Xanthrimius was indeed throwing a tantrum of sorts. Was it some sort of protest, or some sort of rambunctious celebration to welcome the beginning[​IMG] of Spring? No one could really say, but it was rather apparent that the poor life inhabiting Neivell forest was becoming water-logged by the Heavens' endless tyrant. Of course, the weather would have to break at some point; however, for any persons unlucky enough to be trapped outside with little to no shelter, this was indeed an unpleasant experience...that was unless you were someone who liked the rain.

    "Raaaahk!" The sing-song[​IMG] caw sounded on the path towards Kalt's Western entrance, causing the few sparse guards unlucky enough to be on duty in such weather to glance up in the sound's direction. It was a Raven, painting a small path of sky with its blue black feathers as it danced around in the air. Its speed was indeed something to marvel at, giant wings spanned out as it shot up towards the sky, only to fold back in as the Raven twisted and shot back down towards the ground, causing a few loos feathers to break free from its large form. It cawed once more, a merry song lightening the guards' hearts who watched throughally engrossed by the Raven's movements. It was as if it was bidding them hello, its marble black eyes glistening with an ever present hint of mischief as it flew forward and landed for a moment, perching itself on one of the gate pillars. It's head cocked to the side, intelligent stare grazing over the men as if it was momentarily judging the humans...Ahh humans...Indeed they were strange, nearly foreign to this creature of nature. This essence of wild at its finest. The Raven would watch them for a moment, cooing (as if laughing) at their fascinated points and stares. It would watch their fleshy fleshy limbs, shielded by their ever shiny armor. Clumsy creatures, humans were to this strange Raven, who watched them with a nearly bemused stare.

    "Oi, Neal." One of the guards spoke up, elbowing the other just beside him. "Did ya'know that a Raven's feather can bring wealth and prosperity to you an' ya family?" The Raven cocked its head once more, af if it could fully understand the humans that spoke. What odd accents humans had...rather sloppy language, with loud slurring voices, lacking any sense of creativity and music...They were rather droll, caught in a strange monotone as their it "primal" noises filled the air...The Raven cared not for such language, but the story was indeed something fascinating. The Raven hobbled forward slightly, wings giving a small flap before curling once more into the curve of its feathery sides. "Who told'ya that load of shit, Marcus?" The other human spoke up with sudden annoyance. The Raven was finding himself rather content in watching the humans behave the way they did. They were entertaining creatures, developing minds that they believed to contain more intelligence than that of any other creature in the animal kingdom...Aposable thumbs would make you believe anything.

    The Raven hobbled closer before flying upward, releasing another loud caw before plucking one of the helmets from the loud guards head. The human released a surprised scream in return, yelling something along the lines of "THE BASTARD STOLE ME HELMET!!" The Raven listened to their calls of protest disappearing into the thick fog as it headed back in the direction it had originated from.

    "Where is that pesky buzzard?. I believe we would have had better luck finding our way if I would ahve sent you instead, Elois." It seemed that the Fog's presence had increased drastically in the last few moments, every now and then being lit up by the boistrous lightening and dared to strike down from the Heavens upon the tiny, water-logged Earth below. To anyone walking the trade paths, it would be nearly impossible to see, vision clogged by the blanket of droll grey.

    I believe that I would have been killrd if you had been dumb enough to send me out on my own. There are many more hunters around once we reach the more...densely populated areas. You remember what happened near Kalindel, do you not? There seened to be a lonely figure making his way down this rain soaked path, his long lithe form moving with the grace and cockiness of a prancing peacock...Well, if one had been blessed to look as he did, many would prance in the same fashion. He was tall, nearly 6 feet or more as his lean legs tread carelessly through the thick mud, his dark brown leather boots already coated in it. The first thing that anyone would notice once they beheld him was his clothing. He was dressed in an array of colorful cloths, clinging to his lithe form from the heavy rain. To start, he was wearing a rather large, glittering helmet of sorts...maybe closer to a headpiece because of its gracious elegance. It started with a Skull, possibly that of a wolf or hound of sorts, that was dressed and lined in silver and gold trimmings. In its empty eye sockets rested two large, pink gardanias, which despite the heavy rain, neither wilted or broke in any way. The Glittering skull was set atop a Gold and Silver helm of sorts, covering most of the man's head and extending down just over his ears. Hanging from either side of the Helm were long, multi-colored feathers, seeming to partially glow despite the apparent lack of sunlight around them. Hanging from either side of his temples were two large red ribbons, falling to his collarbone and wrapping around the two large silver hoops that clinked uselessly against the silver buckles on his shoulder.

    As for the rest of his clothing, The man was decking is a light, Lilac tunic, darkened to a simply purple by the multitude of rain that had fallen upon him. A jacket of dark brown was wore over it, hanging down and coming to a halt just above his waist, the Tunic coming down to about his thigh. His brown leather pants were tucked into his calf high brown boots, edged in the same Gold and silver that decorated his helm. Upon his left shoulder was a pad of thick fur, possibly wolf, and a multitude of multi-colored feathers. It was straped down to him by a number of buckles, coming down and wrapping around just under his left pit. Upon his right shoulder was a Gold and Silver shoulder piece, coming down to wrap around his right Bicep and covering the right top section of his toned chest. Around his waist was a simple brown belt, holding an array of random object for travel, but peaking from beneath his lilac tunic was clother of orange, pink, and blue which only added more to the over all flamboyance of his appearance.

    His head had been turned down for a moment, eyes shielded by the shadow cast by his large helm; however, he looked up finally, his large, almond eyes of swirling colors blinking before his head turned right, Chestnut locks clinging to his long, elegant neck. He cast those eyes on the creature walking beside him: a dark brown Doe, whose large eyes remained planted on him, a bit of frustration crossing her face. Were you even listening to me, Barnaby? She spoke, but not with her mouth. No, she spoke with her heart, words flowing directly into the young man's head. The young man smiled, his nearly perfect face only displaying more elegance and beauty as his gleaming white teeth glittered from between his naturally rosy lips. "It's difficult to not listen to you, Elois. You are constantly in my head."

    Barnaby found himself coming to a halt in the road, the elegant sound of a dragon's call ringing in his ears. He looked to the sky, white pupils narrowing slightly as the rain splattered about his blemishless face. He was unable to seen anything in the dense fog; however, he could feel the forest around him jittering with excitement, telling him about the area around him...There were others nearby. "I believe we are almost there. Bathazaar should be back any mom-"

    "Rahhhk!" The Raven's call filled the air once more as the black bird pushed through the dense fog, circling around the two travelers and dropping the metal helm within him grasp before coming to rest upon Barnaby's right shoulder. Barnaby visibly shifted, the great bird's weight causing him to slump slightly before he turned and lightly stroked the Raven's feathers. "Bathazaar, placing yourself in devious acts once more?" He gave a small chuckle, eyeing the metal helmet with mild interest. Bathazaar cooed in response, leaning against Barnaby's pets before giving a light flap of his wings. It's not my fault that humans are such silly creatures. The Mischevious Raven lept up then, coming to rest just on Elois' head as he flapped his wings once more. You are about an hour outside the Western Gate. There are guards outside, but it seemed that the city is open and welcoming to strangers. The raven gave another caw before flying up and circling about them once more. Barnaby watched for a moment, asking curiously. "Did you manage to catch the name of this city, yet? How large is it?"

    I think it is called Salt...yes Salt...and it is very big. Now hurry up so we can get out of this rain!

    Barnaby only nodded an followed, his excitment seeming to grow in an instant, as his pace quickened on the path. "Salt....what an odd name for a city..."

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  17. Daedalus Arteria
    Location: The streets of Kalt

    Why of all days does it have to rain? It was true, the rain from the heavens drenched the lone figure’s clothes, his face glistening with the lights from the nearby buildings. By now, the majority of the city’s inhabitants are inside to avoid the weather until it blew over. But for him, he had just arrived in the city, so he had no idea on a place where he could stay. He had been wandering the city for a short while now and while he was getting used to the city itself, he still hadn’t found an inn. A series of wrong turns? Most likely the case. At this rate, I need to find a hidden alleyway to order Gaspar to find a damned inn! Don’t want to call that blasted idiot, after the mess he made last time. A few more minutes had passed and there was still no inn to be found. The figure decided to find a nearby alley, which wasn’t too difficult to find. Once he had settled far enough from the main street that no one was able to see him, he pulled the glove off his left hand.

    “Looks like a drowned rat has lost his way,” came a voice from further in the alleyway. The figure just turned his head towards the source, where a few thieves appeared from the darkness, an array of daggers, dirks and knives drawn. “You need help finding a place to get out of this weather? Well, we can provide you an escorted service for… a fee.” The rest of the thieves laughed for a little bit, thinking that the lone man had come to a predicament. “Of course, when we get you there, you won’t be able to pay for the room, but we surely can lend you some money with an interest rate. What do ya say, chum?”

    The lone figure, at first, said nothing, just staring at the group with a blank expression. Then, he started chuckling, barely audible to the thieves. “Funny thing you should ask me that…” he replied, his right hand reaching around to where his dagger was, unsheathing the blade once he grabbed the handle. “I was about to ask you if you needed money for your own funerals, perhaps a group burial?”

    “Hey, can’t you see that you are outnumbered! You have got some nerve in rejecting our kind off…”

    “Enough!” snapped the lone figure. The curiously unusual blade was pointing towards the group. However, instead of recklessly charging towards them, he turned the blade onto the palm of his ungloved hand, marred by the numerous scars. Blood intermingled with the waterlogged ground, dripping from his own hand. He reached for a pouch and pulled out an equally unusual black crystal from it. It was big enough to hold in his hand, but not enough for his fingers to touch each other. “Now then, you will face the reckoning from the Feared Mage!” As the group of men started to walk towards the lone figure, he began to chant in an unusual tongue. Dark flames started to erupt from his bloodied hand and from the ground, collecting around the area where the mage’s blood flowed. The thieves suddenly stopped, realizing that they were up against a mage. Some of them started to charge, ready to cut the man down before he could cast his spell. However, they would never reach the mage. Alive.

    As the bodies of the charging men collapsed, seemingly ripped in half, the others watched in horror as a being of nightmare came from the ground. The dark, blood red skin wasn’t the only unusual thing that this muscular, seemingly feminine being had that made it stand out from the crowd; the sharp talons, razor sharp in appearance like cutlasses on the ends of four arms; wicked teeth, looked seemingly easy to rip into the flesh of most things; and jet black eyes, unnatural as they gazed at the cowering men. The lone turned to the newly summoned being. “Rekhyt, if you know what is good for your useless self, you will take these men and give no quarter.” The tone in his voice was harsh towards the demon, who then focused on the thieves. “However, I want that one alive.” He pointed to the once-cocksure thief, his eyes wide in terror on what he had just seen. The demon hissed and charged, giving a shriek as it had done so. The thieves began to run. For the one that the mage had pointed out, he suddenly witnessed a giant serpent charging at them from the other end of the alley. Screaming in fear, he turned and began running back towards the demon, rather risking his own life at its hands rather than the giant serpent. What he didn’t know, however, was that the giant was an illusion in his mind, allowing him to get separated from the rest of his group.

    Minutes pass and the screams of dying men had gone, their torn up bodies lain strewn across the alleyway, blood smeared on every surface. The demon, completely covered in its victims, waited while the mage forced the now-wimpering thief against the wall, the crystal and dagger now tucked away. “If you had mind your own god damn business, none of this would have happened! However, seeing as how you ruined the chance of me summoning a lesser demon, your useless physical hide will now suffer the consequences. If you can tell me where the nearest tavern or inn is, I may spare your worthless life.” Without a hitch, the man instantly began babbling instructions to a tavern that was home to one of the guilds. A few seconds passed as the mage recited the instructions to get to the tavern. “Rekhyt, destroy this meatsack. Leave no trace of what occurred here. Once done, you are released to your pathetic realm.” The man screamed in terror as the demon grabbed hold of his shoulders, talons piercing the shoulder. The mage simply walked away, not witnessing what was going to happen while putting on his glove again.


    Tens of minutes later, he arrived at the tavern that the now-dead thief had said. The placard Comatose Keep was nailed to the door. The mage simply walked into the tavern, seeing the usual jovial atmosphere that the tavern had inside. Many people were drinking inside in what appeared to be a drinking contest. Fatigued by the encounter moments before, he walked up to the person behind the bar, assuming that they are the owner of the establishment. “I would like to order a room for a couple of nights.”
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  18. Comatose Keep - Tavern


    Camrian & Mao > Wolfsin, Rao, members of Comatose
    Comatose Keep, tavern
    Weather: Raining


    The serpent's arms withdrew from Wolfsin's massive frame like an enchanted tide whose whims followed the receding moon. She paid no mind to the subtle bumps along his neck, nor the husky dissonance neath his words on account of her presence. In her stupor Camrian had no sharp gaze to notice the consequences of her subtle flirtations; all that translated was the counter-challenge, the wager. "Punishments," she echoed from the tabletop upon which she neatly deposited herself. "Ahh, mustn't we forge the wager first? Brios!" Her voice hiked to reach the farthest corners of Comatose Keep. A lanky male scrambled forward in riposte, all knees and elbows, wielding his trusted 'pyrus to script the terms of their challenge.

    "To taste Liquid Fire is to entreat the Devil's kiss," words spilled from burgundy lips as if she were recalling a prophecy from the oldest of tomes; and perhaps they had been, considering the amount of time her nose spent buried in books. As she dictated the challenge her scribe noted each word carefully, yet her gaze never wandered in the boy's direction - choosing to pierce the wolf's instead. " lap her forbidden shore is to implore the Grave. Should ye who chars neath the scantest torch indulge Kolagora's bosom, so shall ye find yourself whimpering a gasp of copper smoke, or be you not living a'tall."

    And so the wager had been noted - if he could drink the serpent's milk and endure its inevitable burn without so much as uttering the smallest protest, he would be the first to win Lady Comatose' deadly challenge. A daunting task she expected no man to win, but a challenge all the same. As for prizes and punishments however...

    "Song for Song!" Piped up the Tuzi Witch, who by this time had propped her bare legs upon the table and was now coddling a rather ugly creature against her bare chest. "What a wonderful wager! Don't you think so, Rao?" She implored her pet gleefully, pointedly dodging the dagger-laced glare Camrian cast her way.

    "Too slight a prize for such an impossible challenge," Camrian dismissed the idea with expert nonchalance to hide how truly uncomfortable the idea of singing in public made her feel. Running a nimble hand through her long tresses, she glanced between Wolfsin and her restless guildmates, a composed smirk carved between her dimpled cheeks. "Any other suggestions?"

    "New armor! His current gear looks like horse sh-"

    "A jewel!" "Two jewels!"

    "I bet Wolf is overdue for a woman's touch,"

    "or some hot se-"


    The playful hilarity in her smile betrayed Camrian's authoritative tone, which called for an end to their babbling. Drawing the moment out, she leaned toward him atop the table, head tilting in consideration. After a few moments Camrian snatched up the mug and tipped it back to splash a small mouthful down her throat. Whatever beads lingered on her lip or down her chin were snatched up by a darting tongue, and she offered the cup to Wolfsin with a musing laughter. "If the wolf succeeds, I will pet his snowy mane 'till he has found satisfaction. Or if your desire lies elsewhere, then name my sacrifice and I will judge its worth against this daunting task."


    Skylan > Daedalus (@Mercinus3)

    "Oi! 3 mugs of mead and a shot of Fire Water for a brave traveler!" Amidst the shouting and celebrations, a man with sky-blue hair listed off incoming orders to his raven-haired co-worker behind the bar. There had been a surge in random orders of their coveted beverage since this whole challenge started, and with such an influx of customers Rian and Skylan found themselves overrun with drinks to serve and money to exchange.

    "Idiots. How many a fool will knock our drink back to prove their foolish bravery? Its a waste, serving Kolagara's breath to people who gain no benefit," the raven-haired man, Skylan, grumbled from his station as three mugs were laid out and swiftly filled with mead. Rian's twisted, inhuman smirk parted with light laughter at his friend's irritation.

    "Come now, you whine like a wet bitch; what's a little extra work in the grand scheme of things?"

    "Funny you say that, yet you wring your hands on a cloth to avoid your own responsibilities..." by now Skylan was merely grumbling to himself, loosing wayward sighs as the blue-haired little gnat buzzed around and poked fun at his work ethic. He dished orders out swiftly and with little conversation to delay their departure, spending only the time to collect payments before sending each drunken customer on their merry way. People drifted to and fro like waves upon the bar, and with them the noise swelled and softened, lulling Skylan into a cycle of rhythmic action. Between the tide of customers a firm voice called Skylan's attention forward. He took care in setting the freshly cleaned glasses on their shelf before meeting the unfamiliar gaze of, who he assumed to be a traveler.

    "A couple, eh?" The male with unnaturally burning, firelit eyes inclined his head curiously toward Daedalus. "I presume food and drink will need be supplied, yes? Any creatures that need a private stall?" Awaiting them man's responses, Skylan drew up an order form and scrawled out the details of his stay. "What means have you for payment? Generally we charge 5 silver coins a night; if you prefer another method or resource of payment, I will call upon one of our guild leaders to negotiate. They're a friendly bunch, and rather generous if your situation... appeals." Thinly veiled amusement tugged at the coy features of the barkeep's otherwise stone face. Clearly there was more to Comatose than what he let on, though Skylan presumed if this man stuck around long enough, he'd learn rather quickly.

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  19. The Gates of Kalt

    Breaking out into a smile, the druid decided she approved of the unusual gentleman. "Answering a question with a question, in fine taste I suppose. Well, there is no origin to origin, I wouldn't think. It is itself and of itself, no more, no less. What a question to ask!" She chuckled lightly, the man was a connoseur or words it seemed. As he mentioned her race and continued on to note her mixed lineage, her face hardened slightly. She waited to see if she was about to be judged, as was so common of her appearance and heritage. He seemed to be more intrigued by what she was than appalled, though she had yet to decide if she perferred the latter over the former. Intrigue could be insulting, for it was often fuelled by a deep-rooted digust. However, all her instincts were telling her this unusual character was sincere, if not anything else.

    Shrugging off his inquiries about her race and instead turned them onto his own lineage. "You seem to portray a knowing of my bloodlines, perhaps it's onyl fair to focus in on your own as well. You appear fairly human, but I know just as well as any other in Norindul that assuming one is human is a foolish assumption indeed. Perhaps your uniquities lie within the story of the union that brought forth your birth? There are many a curious bloodline in may a different manners."

    As he spoke he turned and began stepping backwards through the crowd as he beckoned her forward with an offer of company. Of course she had no plans, that was the point of her trip, afterall. Nodding, she smiled and followed after him with perfect agility across the cobbled stone streets, weaving through the crowds until she reached his side once more. She looked up when she felt a light disturbance strike one of her furry ears. "Ah, it seems the skies are offering new life to the city, what a beautiful entrance to a festive time." She smiled and waited for the rains she loved so dearly.

    "So what's the first thing a newcomer should do in a city as great as Kalt? Besides stumbling across a guildmaster and playing a game of words and wit?"
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  20. Comatose Keep Drinking Contest~
    Wolfsin @Key Tuzi @Mercinus3 Anyone else in Comatose

    The Keep had become a life house and most of them had his number in mind to pass to the reaper. "Wonderful support..." He grumbled under his breath and took one more slosh from his mead before sliding it away from him on the table. His eyes locked with the garnet gems across the table from him, the combination of a burning passionate fire bound in invisible chains. Neither would forfeit their position in the real battle that waved between them unseen to the masses. Wolfsin smirked and idled his fingers next to the drink, a burning torch to ignite his throat like engulfing wildfire. He had no doubt that he would fail here, and what was the point in fighting a depth-less battle?

    "Alright... here goes." Wolfsin announced through an over exasperated sigh, before lifting the mug of the firebrand. A waft of the fiery liquid nearly knocked him on his ass but he made no acknowledgement of it; only peering from over the cask into the ruby eyes of his challenger, even she couldn't see his playful smirk hidden behind the mug but his eyes told her of every mischievous thought he could have ever had all wrapped and stored in a gold inlay basket with a beautiful bow, but would see see past the looking glass and find the truth he bared?

    Wolfsin tipped the cask and closed his eyes, as part of the liquid singed his upper lip, but just as the crowd fell from their seats in anticipation, whilst the faintest squeak of a mouse might have been heard in the vacant silence; Wolfsin slammed the cask down his eyes once again finding hers across the table, the words that slipped from his lips surprised all of them.

    "You have won. I submit."

    Closest to him, almost cheeks touching his, the little white haired witch seemed the most enthused by his choice, though from across the table Camrian seemed both confused and amused by her Wolf's self-defeat. Wolfsin didn't say anything more only slid the drink across the table and pushed up from the table. Everyone watched him, even the Dwarven minstrel felt it inappropriate for once to jest of his defeat.

    Wolfsin stepped before the fire and brimstone, in a carved pit. The light illuminated his features, and gave him an ominous shadow that lingered about his form, and cloaked him. The Bustle of whispers encroached his silence, but the Wolf closed his eyes and waited, as a low hiss caught all of their tongues and silenced them. The only being in the Audience was fully watching him now. The only one he cared to watch him. Wolfsin took another soft breath in to himself and then a sound that was inhuman to this warrior resounded the halls of the Comatose keep.
    Wolfsin's Singing Voice~
    Show Spoiler

    "Ohhh, upon a shore lived man his eyes were wise and bold, But in this land of war and grief his legend turn to stone. A song is sung of Kings and queens, but not of normal people. The flags arise to rally peace but all they bring is pain. O ride your mount and topple grain, the grassy moors are roaring, a call that none shall ever hear for no one cares to listen. Be us young, or old and wise; the truth is still the same. There's only one place, with peace and past that coexist eternally. Marble walls will guard us all and let us live o'r own." Wolfsin opened his eyes for the first time and looked across the room to his true audience a smile played on his features and his finished his song. "We dream of days and growing old with love and child and home. The kings will roam and raise their flags and knock upon our door, but when they come Ill be the one that reminds them of.. the old man.. on a shore."

    Wolfsin finally reopened his eyes and lowered his head with a slight bow before stepping down and rejoining Camrian at her table. He didn't say anything just sat down, and slowly the place got louder again as the stun from his performance faded. It hadn't been a song of his own, but one he'd and many of them had heard a few times. Near cautiously he searched Camrian's expression and re-handled his mead taking one more swig. At least he told himself that each time he drink.
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