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    Long ago, a small faction of self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" dubbed The Eclipse overthrew Solis Corp., a mercantile monolith that was getting its big start in Sundown City. Best that it was cut short, or at least its corrupt leadership. It was getting in way over its head, and someone needed to cut the head off this snake before it became a hydra: too big to handle. You see, back in those days, Sundown's nightlife was the best you've ever seen. Some bigwig drunk on power decided to get his best mages to cloak the city in permanent night, and capitalize on the increased traffic. Problem was, he tried to regulate it with the institution of Nightlife Licenses. These were basically ID cards that said "yep, this one's not a deadbeat, let 'em enjoy themselves". To the casual observer they just meant free shows and cheap booze, but to a wary eye they were a means of controlling freedom. That's how The Eclipse was formed. One forceful takeover later, and now the leader of this rebel organization was sitting pretty at the head of the most powerful corporation in Sundown. 'Course, you might be thinking "He totally went mad with power", but that totally ain't the truth. See, this guy - I've forgotten his name, pardon - kept his morals and values despite now being the leader of one big slice of heaven. In fact, he eventually expanded Solis Corp. to new horizons, staking claims all across the globe. As a corporation, they dealt in most everything you could name. Grocery stores, bowling alleys, sex shops, arms and ammunition, magical oddities, and of course nightclubs and taverns. Under any other head this kind of coverage would be considered a monopoly, but the CEO knew how to lead his people. You don't lead a successful rebellion against one of this world's most powerful companies without more than a little charisma and a solid head on your shoulders.

    Wasn't all daisies and rainbows, though. Everything has an expiration date, and humans are no exception. The former Eclipse leader died off from natural causes, and his kid took up the mantle. Problem with this was the kid didn't nearly have the charm or leadership skill as his old man, and eventually the corporation tanked. In a move of desperation, he called on the worldly connections his father made for him and decided to implement the old standby of Solis Corp.: Cover it all in nighttime. This wasn't just a one-city deal, though. This kid had plans for the entire world to be covered in the night sky. Didn't instate the licensing again, though. Smart move on his part, else a rebirth of The Eclipse might've shown up and taken him out next. Kid eventually learned how to run a company through this trial by fire, and Solis Corp. had never been more lucrative. Everyone who had a job either affiliated with Solis Corp. or dealt with them through deliveries and such. That kid eventually became a man, married, had some kids, and the cycle continued. Each one learning more and more through their father's advice and guidance.

    Which brings us to today. Still always nighttime, but we've all grown accustomed to it. Time ticks on, and we look to the moon's rising and setting for our "day and night" cycles. Food's still fresh, drinks are still strong, and everything's peaceful. Well, every now and then you'll get the gangs fighting for turf, but that's always been part of city life. Tech's a lot better than it was back then. We've even got sapient AI now. Just judging by personality and mannerisms alone, you can barely tell an android from a human. 'Course, they can't reproduce, but biology's just something we haven't been able to recreate yet. Then there's bozos like me, busted up tin cans with wires for brains. I'm supposed to have died already, but I didn't much like the sound of that so I got my consciousness transferred. Back then it was a pretty major ordeal, but nowadays anyone can go into a Transferrence Salon and get immortalized, provided they have the moolah. 'Course, they lose all the perfect oddities that make 'em human, but that's a sacrifice they gotta be willing to make. I was willing to make that sacrifice, and now here I am - slinging exposition to anyone who asks.

    Sorry, I've been ramblin' for too long. What about you? What brings you here?



    After you upload the image, click on "Edit Character" (or the pencil icon) above the image. Once you're done, post in this thread tagging me and optionally with a link to the profile. I'll comment whether your character is accepted or not, and then add a profile pin below this note accordingly.

    • Make note of what race/species your character is in the Gender section.
    • List everything your character is good or bad at in the Strengths and Weaknesses sections, even if it would make more sense for them to go in the Talents or Inabilities sections.
    • List and describe any sort of supernatural or magical powers your character has in the Talents section.
    • In the Inabilities section, list any drawbacks or negative effects your character's powers have on them.
    • Add any sort of extra notes like Theme music or extra image references in the Character Biography section at the bottom.
    • OPTIONAL SECTIONS: Fears, Talents (powers), Inner Personality



    That's you, eh? Name's Wallace, nice to meet'cha. This here's Sundown City, the de-facto capital of Solis Corp. Whole lotta busy goin' down in there, but there's more to see in this world of ours. Hitch a ride on a translocator and discover the world! Oh, and before I forget - Welcome to the Nightlife.[/img][/center]
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  2. Pardon my dust. It's been a long-ass time since I captained an RP so I'm not really in tune with my artistic side at the moment.

    This'll be a bit more slice of lifey than plot-driven, but I'm not ruling it out. If you're curious or recognize the name, that's because I ran the previous Nightlife RP, that sadly died in its infancy. I'm going to try and keep this sucker afloat, though, since I've been itching for some roleplaying lately.

    1. Use your common sense.
    2. Have fun.
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  3. What's up! I'm pretty interested in this RP. ♥ However, I actually dunno how to sign up this cool new way you've invented, can I get like a tutorial or something? Thanks!
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  4. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure it out myself, but basically what you do is you upload an image to the link provided on the PROFILE banner, then after it uploads you click the "Edit Character" button (the pencil icon) above the image.

    I'll also have my character fully completed in a bit, so there should be some sort of reference in a few minutes.
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  5. Oh! I see, I see, had to give it time to sort itself out... I'll take a shot at it, seems like pretty fun advennnturreee.
  6. Hello! I was wondering if I could join this? (I understand how to make the character and stuff, asking first is just a habit of mine ^^)
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  7. Most certainly!
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  8. @Solistor Daisy is finally finished! if you wanna y'know, review her. do ur gm thang. ( ๑ = ω = ๑ )ノ彡☆
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